how to choose a gaming chair

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Guest: Kudou Haruka (MM’15)

From ryu_uchida@H!O:

- she gets 30,000 yen as allowance monthly

- has no idea how much she has earned in total from mm as it’s her mom who handles all that

- is conscious about the length of her nose

- thinks that she’s the cutest in mm now that sayu has graduated  

- admits to being a total crybaby (easily cries when watching movies/reading manga; also spoke in detail about that musical chairs game)

- talked again about being able to see ghosts

- has a poster of herself in her room (something that surprises other mm members)

- poll in recently published hp mag had 17 hp members choosing duu as the one they’d like to be their boyfriend

- conversely, duu chose Yajima Maimi but sayashi would be good too

- a tad worried that hp members are starting to see her more and more as a boy

finally, something duu said about iikubo when she was a 2nd year middle school student (coming from a listener):

“unexpectedly stupid, but maybe this is not unexpected or at all surprising. she’s five years older than me but im better at studying, kanji, etc.”

apparently it was the first time that iikubo heard this. but they all had good fun with it and duu apologized profusely. she explained that she was a bit conceited at the time because of her pride as the only kenshusei among the 10ki.