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Player: Auston Matthews - Maple Leafs

Prompt: You and Auston fight after the leafs are eliminated from the playoffs.

Mentions: Mitch Marner & Matt Martin

Warnings: Arguments, Fighting, Slight Cursing. 

Preview:  “How could you?” Auston suddenly asked out of the blue. It was the first time he spoke since getting home. 

Characters: 5500 words. 

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You found yourself sitting on your bed cross-legged, your work sprawled around you blocking you in, ironically how you felt. The echoes of the game announcers found its way to you coming back from a commercial break. It was game six of the playoffs and sadly you were stuck at home drowning in your work. 

 Man did you wish you were standing on your feet with the rest of the girls as the third period played out. Instead, you were forced to stay home to finish your work for Monday. You had put it off all weekend, making sure Auston was staying focused and positive. Most importantly eating right. Man, was that boy a lot of work and now with the playoffs that was the case even more. But you did love the boy, with everything in your small being. You had followed him here from Arizona, putting you behind in school but you didn’t care. You would follow Auston anywhere. 

The period soon ended in a tie and OT was about to start. At this point, you were wondering why you stayed home at all. You were completely focused on the game, jumping a bit every time the caps even got close to the goal. And then it happened. You felt your heart drop into your stomach as the red goal light flashed. You watched as Freddie fell to the ice and the caps celebrated their win. And just like that, the Leafs were eliminated. Your eyes darted to the screen searching for number 34. You watched as the team slowly shook hands with the caps and then saluted the crowd. It was one hell of a season. 

You cleared the bed, hoping to finish the work before class. You wanted everything ready for Auston when he got home. You weren’t sure how he was going to be after a loss like this. You had been through season losses but this was different, the Leafs were eliminated, the hockey season was officially over and you were not sure how Auston was taking it. 

You took out some food and had everything ready by the time you heard the front door open.

 Instead of one familiar voice, you heard three. They were discussing something hockey related but Matts was quiet, which couldn’t be good. You walked out in your sweats and found Auston, Mitch, and Matt had thrown themselves on the couch still talking over the game. 

 “Enough game talk, let’s talk about something else” you tried, changing the subject. 

 They all turned to you, but Auston did not look happy. It was uncharacteristic of him but you put it off from the loss. Mitch and Matt greeted you and took your cue to change the subject talking about the movie you watched on the last movie night. 

 You giggled as Mitch tried to impersonate the main character, Matts throwing a throw pillow at his head. 

 “How could you?” Auston suddenly asked out of the blue. It was the first time he spoke since getting home. 

 You looked at him confused. “Laugh at Mitch?  I do it all the time Hun, He is a funny guy.”

 “That's not what I meant Y/N.” Auston hardly ever used your full name.

 You were now genuinely confused and a little concerned. “Then what?” you asked sitting up in the arm chair. 

 “You know Y/N, this was important to me and you chose to stay home. I just don’t understand how you could think that was okay. One of the biggest games of my career and you chose to just sit out. I’m glad you can pick and choose when are supportive in this relationship. “ 

 You looked at him dumbfounded and honestly could not believe you were hearing this. “Excuse me? You really cannot be serious right now Matts. You said it was okay yourself!“ 

 Auston scoffed and shook his head. "You should not have asked in the first place. You should have wanted to come and you didn’t. I needed you there! And now it’s over! You can’t take that back now, can you! This is my dream Y/N. How could you be so selfish? I’m just so upset with you right now I can’t even…” he trailed off.

 Auston’s voice had gotten louder as he continued. Auston never had raised his voice at you before, frightening you but also making the anger in you boil over. He stood over the arm chair now and you rose to your feet while a concerned Mitch and Matt watched on, unable to move. 

 “Can’t what Auston? You must be fucking joking me right now. I choose when to be supportive? I went to every single home game this season for god’s sake! Even that one where I could hardly see straight I was so sick! I moved out here, even with being behind a semester in school. I didn’t care, I could have cared less, to be honest, because I was with you following YOUR dream. I have never had any problem giving you my full support and even putting MY dreams on the back burner. You know why?” You poked his chest. “It made you happy! And I love seeing you happy. I worked my ass off all weekend to support you and I was so behind on my school work I had to catch up or I would have failed and been put behind for another goddamn semester. So sorry for being so goddamn selfish and thinking of me for once because it’s obvious I am the only one in this relationship who does.” you stared him down for a second before turning to leave. 

 Auston went to open his mouth to respond but Matt’s firm hand found his shoulder, prompting him to stop. 

 You turned to Auston, holding back the tears brimming your eyes. “You are not putting this on me, Auston.” You grabbed your keys and walked out the doors, ignoring Mitch’s desperate calls. He had seen you two have petty arguments but those never lasted long.  

 You got in your car unsure where you were going, the tears now overflowing onto your cheeks. You just started to drive. 


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(Y/n) and the boys had just gotten back from a rather long hunt and a drink was needed for all of them. As the impala pulled up inside of the bunkers garage, (y/n) was already half way out of the back seats door and making her wat into the kitchen.
Dean raised an eyebrow at her behavior glancing at his brother who for some reason he thought would have the answers to his non spoken problem, only to get a strug from Sam as he replied “We all had a long day and a bad hunt.” Dean just struged and got out of the impala carefully closing the door as him and Sam made their way inside of the bunker, not before Dean had said his ‘goodnight’ to ‘baby’ of course.
Inside of the kitchen sat both Cas and (Y/n) who were both nusing beers. While Cas healed Sam who sat at the table Dean went to get him and his brother some beers.
Dean made his way back into the room and handed Sam a beer who said a soft ‘thank you’ while Dean sat down next to him. Getting straight to work Cas placed his two fingers on deans forehead and healed his cuts and bruises from the hunt.
“So-” Cas began his deep voice cutting through the silence around the table “How did the hunt go?” An annoyed grunt was sounded from across the table side in which the (h/c) haired hunter sat with ber now finished beer. “Oh how I hate witches, I mean why couldn’t she summon a gaint gummy bear on me. But nope the bitch summoned a creepy ass tree on me that just threw me around like a rag doll.” Sam glance up from his lap top that was seated in front of him along with Dean who was staring into his beer bottle. Dean chuckled at his friends behavior.
“Are you drunk?”
“Are you short?!” (Y/n) responded back.
Sam chuckled which earned a bitch face from his brother. “I think thats enough beers, sweetheart.” Dean leaned over the table and went to grab his friends beer but she was quicker then him and pushed back in her seat falling down onto the floor while her empty bottle rolled a few distance away from her.
“Are you alright?” Cas asked the drunk (h/c) haired hunter. (Y/n) whined and rolled over onto her stomach and spreaded her arms and legs out onto the ground. “I’m fine guys!” her voice shurred out. She turned her head toward the two hunters and angel her (h/c) hair fell down onto her face covering her eyes a little. “I’m just giving the floor a hug I mean were always hurting it by stepping on it, I really think we need to just be friendly with it.”
Dean laughed quietly to himself “So now we know (n/n) is a hippie drunk. Cas who was already on his knees helping (y/n) up smiled softly at his drunk friend. “Yes we do happen to step on it a lot but I’m sure it will forgive us.”
Suddenly the (h/c) haired female had an idea, “Let’s play truth or dare guys!” She yelled out surprising Cas which caused him to let go of her and she stumbled a bit before grabbing a near by chair and sitting in it. “Nope sorry princess but it’s bed time for you.” Dean spoke a groan was geared from the female as she pleaded to ber friend “Please just one round.” She held up one finger to show how many rounds she wanted to play that night “And then I’ll go start to bed, scouts honor.” Dean sighed knowing he would regret agreeing toward the drunk female. “Fine.”
Show where along the game, the four friends ended up choosing dare which caused them all to have to drink a full bottle of liquor.
“You’re bossy and short.” Sam complained to Dean who was to busy flirting with a piece of pie which he had taken out to eat but his drunken mind confused the pie with a hot female and he just started flirting with her. Cas was in the corner of the room petting a baby duck which he was dared to get and he kept on telling it what soft fur it had but the duck didn’t mind the attention. And (Y/n) Oh well she was crying and petting the floor telling it sorry for being mean all those times she and the boys walked on it to hard.
Just then Crowley popped in. “What in the bloody hell is going on here?!.”

Pills & Flowers (ian x mickey fic)

milkovicked this ended up being way longer than i intended, but here you go. based on this prompt:

“ian asks mickey if he will go pick up his meds and mickey agrees and then ends up deciding that he’s gonna go all out and get ian chocolates and flowers and shit because he sees a flower stand on the way back to the house and there is flustered embarrassment when the flower person asks about his girlfriend and he has to explain who they’re for and same thing with the chocolates and obviously ian loves that mickey wanted to be spontaneous like that (i’m sorry i really want fluff okay lovey fluff)”

If anyone wants to shoot me a prompt for an ianxmickey one shot, head over to my ask box :)


“Have you taken your meds yet?” Mickey says, almost out of habitat this point, as he walks over to grab his mug of cold coffee from the kitchencounter.

“I will, I will.” Ian responds, waving him off, preoccupied with playing peek-a-boo with a delighted Yev.

“Nah, man, the doctor said you had to take them every day, come on.” Mickey reaches to open the cabinet where they kept the little orange bottles.

“Fuck the doctor.” Ian mumbles quietly, but Mickey hears it anyway, and sighs.

He walks over to the table, where Ian’s sitting, facing the squealing baby.

It’s shit. Mickey hates all of it. Mickey hates how the pills make Ian feel like he’s not self-sufficient, like he’s sick or crazy or messed up. Like he can’t take care of himself. And looking at how Ian’s staring blankly at the table right now makes him want to flush the pills down the toilet. He wants to just make Ian feel better and the most aggravating part is that he doesn’t know how to do that.

It used to be different. Ian was always clear on what he needed, on what he wanted from Mickey. It was just that Mickey was too scared, too defensive, to give it to him.

But now that Mickey’s let that all go, now that he wants to give Ian everything he can, he has no idea what it is Ian needs, and it makes him want to punch a fucking hole in the wall. Not knowing how else to communicate this to Ian, Mickey hesitantly lets a hand fall on Ian’s shoulder and squeezes it gently.

“Hey, come on.” Mickey says, his voice softer now, as he sets the bottles on the table. “I know it sucks. A lot fucking sucks right now.”

Ian turns to look up at Mickey and gives him a little smile.

“Okay.” He says, simply, and starts opening his pill bottles.

“What?” Mickey stares at him, his eyebrows shooting upwards. “What, it was that fucking easy this whole time?”

Ian laughs, easily, and it actually makes the knot in Mickey’s stomach unclench a little. “I know I’m being a pain in the ass about the whole med thing. I know I have to take them; I just hate it. I hate that I have to be medicated just to feel normal.”

Mickey takes a seat next to Ian, pausing for a second to wipe some drool off of Yevgeny’s chin.

He’s about to respond—not that he knows what he’s even going to say—when Ian empties the second bottle into his open palm.

Only one red pill falls into Ian’s large, freckled hand.

“What the fuck?” Mickey exclaims and grabs the orange bottle to look at the date. He groans. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

Ian looks at him, the expression on his face somewhat amused.

“We forget to refill them again?” he asks, already knowing the answer.
“Yeah,” Mickey nods, cussing himself out inside. If Lip knew he forgot again, he’d give him that whole speech about how Ian should be staying at home “with his family” again. “I’ll just call the pharmacy, I don’t think you need to get another prescription.”

He fucking hopes Ian doesn’t need another prescription because it would take at least a week before they could get an appointment with that fucking doctor—the one who seems to have a permanent stick in his ass—and Mickey knows that after a week without his meds, Ian would not be doing well.

So Mickey leaves the room, with a kiss to the top of Yev’s head and another squeeze to Ian’s shoulder.

As he leaves, he sees Ian shrug and swallow the last pill. At least he’s good for today.

When he returns, it’s with a relieved grin.

“Good news: no need for a new prescription. Should be ready in twenty minutes. You can just grab ‘em and be back for lunch.” Mickey says, easily falling back into his seat.

“Great.” Ian nods, with a smile, but something’s not right. Not there.

Mickey sighs heavily and leans forward.

“Okay, out with it. What’s wrong?” he demands.

“What? Nothing,” Ian lies. Mickey raises his eyebrows, because, seriously? Is Ian really going to try and lie when it’s just so obvious? The way his voice goes up, the way he gets all twitchy, Ian has more tells than a rookie at a poker game on 12th Avenue.

“Spit it out.” Mickey waits, crossing his arms.

Ian sighs and averts his eyes away from Mickey’s face, instead choosing to focus on how Yev is avidly playing with a set of keys in his high-chair.

“I don’t know. It’s just…that old geezer who works down at the pharmacy always gives me these looks like…I don’t know.” He repeats, wringing his hands uncomfortably.

Mickey thinks he knows what’s going on.

Ian’s ashamed of needing the pills, of having to go there and sign his name and basically admit that he can’t function without those chemicals.

“Okay, I’ll go.” He says, simply, already getting up.

“What? No, Mickey, it’s fine, I can—” Ian rises as well, trying to stop Mickey, who’s already got his shoes on.

Mickey smiles a little to himself and then shrugs at Ian, to indicate it’s no big deal, whatever.

“Nah, man, I promised I’d bring Yev over to see Svet anyway—she’s been bitching about it for god knows how long—so it’s on my way. I’ll be back in about an hour, yeah?”

It’s not exactly on the way, but it’s close enough, and it’s not like it would make a big difference anyway.

To Mickey’s complete surprise, Ian plants his lips on Mickey’s cheek and murmurs, “thanks”, when he pulls away.

“Yeah, whatever.” Mickey shrugs again, trying not to let Ian see the blush that’s creeping up his face. Instead he focuses on Yevgeny, and getting him into his shoes and sweater.

“Here, let me.” Ian says, plucking Yev out of Mickey’s arms. “You’ll need to have the prescription number, otherwise they won’t let you get them, ‘cause they’re not under your name.”

“Oh, right, yeah.” Mickey nods and goes off to grab the now empty orange bottles on the table. Once he’s copied the number off of them into his phone, he’s about to go and grab Yev to leave, but he pauses at the doorway, and watches Ian interact with his young son.

“And you’re gonna get to go see your mommy and you can tell her how much fun you had with your daddy. Right, Yev?” the baby squeals happily as Ian fits his pudgy arms through the sleeves of the sweater. “Yeah, that’s right!”

Mickey can’t help a smile sneak onto his face as he watches this scene unfold in front of him. But then Ian looks over at him and smiles, and says to Yevgeny, “looks like your daddy’s ready to go!”

“Yeah, yeah, alright, come here.” Mickey says, picking up Yev and settling him into stroller. He turns to Ian to say, “back soon,” and is rewarded with Ian’s hand ruffling up his hair. He scowls at him like he’s pissed, but Ian just grins because he knows he isn’t.

Mickey finally leaves, and begins heading over to the local pharmacy they’ve been using. Originally, Ian wanted to use the piece of shit place down the street, where Mickey used to do deals in the bathroom when he was fifteen, but Fiona was adamantly against it. When Mickey surprisingly sided with his sister, Ian agreed to get his prescriptions sent to the CVS down by where Sheila Jackson used to live.

So that’s where Mickey goes now, and he walks in looking like quite the sight, with a sleeveless flannel shirt sticking to his back thanks to the merciless weather of Chicago in July and knuckles reading FUCK U-UP as his fists clench around the stroller.

An old lady with a lilac parka and a walking stick shoots him a look that is half-terrified and half-judgmental and Mickey grinds his teeth together. Who the fuck does this old bitch think she is, seriously?

When she doesn’t take her eyes off of him, he unclenches his jaw and shoots a sharp, “Can I fucking help you?” at her. Her eyes widen and she quickly scurries away—well, as quickly as old women can move.

Mickey smirks to himself and approaches the counter.

“How may I help you?” the elderly man behind the counter asks in a monotone.
“Uh, yeah, I’m picking up a prescription for Ian Gallagher?” Mickey says, uncomfortably. He doesn’t really know how this shit works—Ian’s always picked up his own meds, though usually with Fiona or Lip or someone with him.

The man scrutinizes him from behind his glasses and Mickey shifts from foot to foot, awkwardly.

“You’re not Ian Gallagher.” He says, and Mickey automatically wants to retort that that’s none of his fucking business, but he restrains himself.

“Yeah, I’m just picking it up.” Mickey really wants to just get the fucking pills and get the hell out of here, and he’s starting to see why Ian hates coming here.

“Do you have the prescription number?” the old man asks, still looking at Mickey skeptically.

“Yeah.” Mickey says, and pulls out his phone to recite the number at him. After this, the man rolls away on his chair to retrieve the prescription. With another glare, the elderly man hands over the small paper bag and has Mickey sign for it, and then Mickey turns away to go.

“Jesus, what is it with these fucking geezers?” Mickey mumbles to himself under his breath.

He’s quicker to get over to Kev’s house, because he doesn’t want to linger. He just wants to drop off the kid and get the hell out of there before a Gallagher spots him.

After four insistent knocks on his former business partner’s door though, his patience is wearing thin.

“Hey, open the fucking door!” He yells. “Or I’m leaving the kid on the fucking front porch!”

He’s about to slam his fist on the door again when it swings open. Kev’s there, looking flustered and out of breath.

“Oh, uh, Mickey! Good to see you, man! What are you—?”

“Save it, man.” Mickey shoots and pushes the stroller inside. “I don’t care that you’re banging my wife.”

“I—what?” Kev sputters, but Mickey ignores him, because Svetlana’s just come into the room.

“I drop him off Wednesday.” She says, simply—no bullshit, no small talk.

“Not at fucking midnight this time either.” Mickey warns, but when Svetlana nods instead of retorting, he sighs and says, “thanks.”

This seems to surprise her, but she nods again and leans forward to take Yev out of the stroller.

Mickey turns to leave and Kev follows him to the door.
“Uh, leaving already? Why don’t we, uh—?”

“Seriously, dude.” Mickey faces him once he’s outside. “It’s not me you have to answer to.”

And with that he leaves, the paper bag still clutched tightly in his left hand. He’s glad he got out of there quickly, but he thinks it too soon, because as his luck would have it, he hears a familiar voice calling, “Hey! Mickey!”

He doesn’t bother to cover his groan as he turns around again.

“Jesus fucking Christ, weren’t you supposed to be back at school?” he says, because God, will he ever get rid of Lip Gallagher?

“Chill the fuck out, I was just picking up my mail.” Lip responds.

“Right, well, if that’s all, then I’ll just be on my—”

Before Mickey can walk away, Lip cuts him off.

“Are those Ian’s?”

Mickey feels a primal growl rising in his throat.

“Yeah.” He says, almost like a challenge, like a ‘so what if they are?’

“You picked them up?” he asks.

“Well, since I’m the one fucking carrying them, I’m gonna say yeah, I did.” Mickey scowls at him.

To his surprise, Lip grins. “Alright, alright, just kinda threw me off. Catch you later.”

And then he turns away from Mickey and walks away. Mickey looks after him for a minute, wondering what the fuck kind of interaction that was, but then shakes it off and starts heading home.

He cuts across the park to make his trip shorter—not that you could really call that piece of shit a park. He remembers coming here with Mandy when they were younger, just to get out of the house, to get away from the stench of whiskey and the echoing yells coming from their parents’ bedroom, but it’s not like the park was much better. Sure, some kids would be there. But it was mostly drunk homeless men sleeping on the benches, and wafer-thin cokewhores sucking guys off behind the swings.

It’s pretty much the way Mickey remembers it. There’s a bearded man rambling on about communism to thin air, and a girl with yellow teeth and a wasp’s nest for hair approaches him, but he quickly waves her off.

“Hey, um, would you wanna buy this Star Dust?” a female voice asks, almost nervously, and Mickey spares half a glance at the small brunette before shaking her off and continuing to walk.

“Nah, I’m off the stuff. And you’re gonna need to be way less obvious if you don’t want your ass thrown behind bars.”

“What?” the girl asks, and Mickey actually stops to look at her. She’s skinny, but not heroin-skinny, and her cheeks are full and rosy, and from the look in her big brown eyes, she really has no idea what Mickey’s talking about.

Then he looks down at what she has in her hands and a grin spreads over his face. Flowers. They’re flowers.

“This is what you meant?” he asks, pointing to the white roses in her arms. She nods, unsurely.

And then Mickey starts to laugh. Because what are the odds that he stumbles across some naïve girl trying to sell flowers in this part of town?

“Um…does that mean you’re gonna buy some?” she asks, still looking at him unsurely.

“Depends.” Mickey says, still grinning. “This all you got?”

She looks more eager now, and she shakes her head. “No, my truck’s right there.” She points, and Mickey looks over—and sees a huge truck, parked on the curb at the end of the park, painted a bright pink, with Carly’s Flower Arrangements written across it in cursive writing.

He almost starts laughing again, but instead he walks over to the truck with the flower-girl, a grin still on his face.

He’s never been one to buy flowers before. But then he remembered the look on Ian’s face when Mickey told him he’d go get his meds for him, and he just feels like he should. He wants to. Even though he can’t fix Ian, can’t save him, he needs Ian to know that he loves him. He never has before—god knows he’s done the complete opposite—but now Ian needs him, and hell if Mickey’s going to let him down.

The brunette jumps into the truck and opens up a window, much like a food truck, or Lip and Kev’s old ice cream truck.

“So you Carly?” he asks and she nods.

“That’s me! Hey, out of curiosity, what did you think I was trying to sell you?” she asks, a smile now spreading across her face.

“Well, you said star dust, so I kinda assumed.” Mickey says, shrugging. She still doesn’t seem to understand, just shaking her head.

He furrows his eyebrows at her.

“You know…star dust? Snow? Gutter glitter?” he shoots them out like they’re members of One Direction and he’s a 12-year-old girl.

She just looks even more confused.

Mickey snorts. “Crack. You know? Cocaine?” he says, slowly, and then grins as the girl blushes crimson when understanding crosses her.

“Oh.” She mumbles.

“Yeah, you might want to reconsider your names.” He looks back at the park, where the homeless man has started yelling at a tree. “And maybe your location.”

She lets out a little laugh at this. “Yeah, that might be a good idea. You’re the first guy who hasn’t either asked me for a blowjob or told me that I’m Stalin reincarnated.”

Mickey shrugs. “What can I say, I’m a gentleman.”

She laughs again. “Well, it’s appreciated. So what can I get for you, if it’s not crack you’re after?”

“Fuck, I don’t know.” Mickey says, scratching the back of his neck. How the hell is he supposed to know what kind of flowers Ian would like? Would Ian even like flowers? Is that ridiculous?

Carly spares him from his inner worry.

“Tell me about her.” She says, softly.

He looks up at her. “Tell you about who?”

“Your girlfriend. The girl you’re buying these flowers for. Tell me about her. What’s she like? It’ll help, trust me.”

“Oh.” Mickey looks down and shifts from foot to foot, which he does a lot when he’s nervous. “Well, see, it’s not exactly like that.”

“What do you mean?” She asks, and the confused expression she was wearing a minute ago returns.

At this, Mickey smiles a little, because she reminds him a little bit of Ian when he was younger, when they first started hooking up—the oblivious kid who grinned at him from behind the glass, his stupid red hair hanging in his stupidly cute face.

“I mean, his name is Ian.” Mickey says, confidently. “He wears a lot of shitty plaid, and he’s obsessed with superhero movies, and he hates the smell of sandalwood, and he smiles like a little kid but he fucks like a wild animal.”

He grins when another blush takes over Carly’s face.

“Right. Sorry.” She mumbles.

“No worries.” He shrugs. “Any ideas?”

“Oh! Yeah!” she exclaims, suddenly chipper. “I got just the thing.”

She turns around and Mickey’s left waiting awkwardly in front of a giant ass pink flower truck, not really sure what to do with himself.

When she returns, she’s holding a small bouquet of simple long white flowers. As Mickey looks at them, he realizes they’re actually kind of perfect for Ian.

“What are they?” he asks, unable to hold back his curiosity.

She smiles, pleased with herself. “White dendromium orchids. I call them White Butterflies.”

Mickey stares at her and blinks. “You can remember that but you don’t know what star dust means?”

She laughs. “You want them or not?”

Mickey grins back. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll take them. He’ll like them. How much?”

She smiles softly. “Just take them.”


“Yeah, I figure I owe you one. I’d probably end up arrested if it wasn’t for you.” She jokes, wrapping the flowers up in newspaper and handing them to Mickey. “I hope your, uh, boyfriend or, uh…” she stutters, awkwardly, and then pauses to take a breath. “I hope Ian likes them.”

“Thanks.” Mickey says, genuinely, beginning to walk away. “And do yourself a favor?” he calls back to her. “Don’t try to sell fuckin’ flowers in the South Side!”

With that, he leaves, shaking his head a little, incredulously.

It’s not a long walk till he gets home, and when he closes the door behind him, he hears Ian call, “Mick? Is that you?”

“Yeah!” he yells back, walking into the kitchen and dropping the paper bag on the table, just as Ian walks in.

He’s obviously just gotten out of the shower, as his hair’s dripping wet and all he’s got on are a pair of jeans. Not that Mickey’s complaining.

“Since when do you read the newspaper?” Ian snorts, looking at what Mickey’s clutching in his left hand.

“Oh. Right. About that.” Now Mickey starts to feel a little awkward, but he still holds up the flowers and pushes them towards Ian.

Ian looks down, confused, but then realization dawns upon him and he stares at Mickey, his eyes wide in shock.

“Are these—?” he starts to ask, but Mickey cuts him off.

“Fucking take them, would you?”

Ian beams, wider than Mickey’s seen him in a while, and launches himself forward to press his lips on Mickey’s. Mickey stumbles backwards in surprise, but then melts against him, his hand automatically finding its place on the back of Ian’s neck. It’s exactly what Mickey will never admit that he loves—sweet and soft, yet fierce and full of emotion and Ian playfully bites Mickey’s bottom lip before he pulls away.

“Thank you.” He says, resting his forehead against Mickey’s.

Mickey shrugs. “They’re just flowers. Whatever.”

Ian laughs. “You’re an idiot.”
“Hey!” Mickey says, defensively.

Ian just laughs again and pulls Mickey back to him, so he can mold their lips together again.

“Don’t get why you’re so into all that cheesy shit.” Mickey mumbles when they come up for air.

“Then why do you do it?” Ian asks, cheekily.

Mickey shrugs it. “’Cause you like it.”

Ian looks at him, like he’s trying to figure something out.
“What?” Mickey asks, uncomfortable.
“Nothing.” Ian responds, still smiling, and wraps his arms around Mickey’s waist, nestling his face into his neck and then murmuring against the soft skin there, “love you, too.”

Tsukishima Kei and the Worst Day Ever

It took a little bit, but it’s done! My gift fic for mephalasturm who won my fic giveaway! You said Tsukishima & the duo were your favorite, so I hope I delivered… A fic in which the first and second years play a tabletop game together and poor Tsukishima has to deal with the idiot duo being in idiot love. (ao3)

The room is dim, lit only by candlelight. Ennoshita’s voice is soft and deep, cracking only occasionally. Kei is impressed; if he was trying to affect that deep a voice his would be cracking every second sentence.

“Your quest, should you choose to accept it, will be to pass the snow-capped mountains and shatter the Ice King’s hold over the ancient land of Ennoshima—”

“Enoshima?” Hinata interrupts.

Kei’s eyebrows draw together in frank annoyance. Why did the second years let them play again? “Are there snow-capped mountains on Enoshima? No. This is a fantasy game.”

Yamaguchi’s shoulders are shaking, and it’s only then that Kei realizes how stupid he sounds defending Ennoshita’s imaginary land of Ennoshima. He tries not to show that he’s realized it, straightening up in his chair.

“Just listen,” he tells Hinata.

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Dragon (Josh Diaz x Reader)

Request: Josh Diaz imagine where the reader gets taken by the dread doctors and he saves her ? but make it all cute & lovely 😂

A/N. I changed it a little, just because the doctors didn’t seem to have much interest in the chimera’s after they made the beast, so instead the reader was caught by Gerard Argent. I hope you like it :) (Part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

You woke up with a pounding headache and a bruised skull. Your jaw was swollen, and one of your wrists was broken. Your fingers twitched, and your hands burst into flame, the green fire casting shadows against the walls, but it did nothing against the rubber covered wires suspending your wrists above your head.

“That won’t work.” Gerard Argent walked into the room, standing in front of you and crossing his arms.

“Bull shit.” You glared at him, the heat of the flames intensifying. “I’m a fucking dragon, I can burn through some copper wires.”

Almost as soon as you said it, there was a hiss, and a hose on the ceiling shot a stream of water onto your head. And not a gentle stream. This was a fireman hose, with enough pressurized water to snap your neck.

The next time you woke up, still hanging from the ceiling, you were dripping wet and your neck was killing you. Your top was gone, leaving you in a black bra and your jeans. Before you could get disgusted over the old man who had removed your shirt, you noticed the series of wires taped to your stomach, running go a car battery on a table nearby.

“What the hell?” Your hands twitched, wanting to pull the wires off your skin, but they were still suspended above your head. Your wrist ached, and you wondered why it hadn’t healed yet.

“The electricity stops the healing.” Gerard said, coming down the stairs. “And if the room heats up too much that hose will douse the fire. Clever, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I’m so impressed with the way you’ve made me completely helpless.” You snapped.

He smiled. “You’re very clever. Why are you running around with Theo and his pack? You have to know all it will do is get you killed.”

“I’ve already been killed. Theo brought me back.” You shifted your weight, wrapping your arms around the wires above your head.

“True.” He nodded. “How did he do that exactly?”

You shook your head. “A beta can’t betray their alpha.” You bit the inside of your cheek as your palms started warming up.

He nodded. “But he isn’t a real alpha. And you aren’t a real beta. You aren’t a werewolf at all. I know you’re half dragon, but I can’t figure out what the other half is. You’re quite the puzzle.”

“I am. That’s why Theo brought me back.” You smiled.

“I see. Shall we see how long that lasts?”


He turned the dial on the battery, and electricity ripped through you, making your muscles twitch and convulse. You threw your head back and screamed, and Gerard stumbled back from the force of it, as it made the entire house shake on its foundation.

“Banshee.” He growled, stepping forward and snapping your neck again.

“We need to find her.” Theo snapped, looking at the other chimeras. “Where could she be?”

Theo glared at Josh. He had ordered that the chimeras only travel in pairs, so that they could keep each other safe if the beast or the dread doctors attacked. Josh was supposed to take you to your apartment and then go straight home, since it was only a block away.

“I walked her home like you asked!” Josh said immediately. “I swear, she got home fine.” He crossed his arms defensively, but Theo could smell the nervousness and guilt rolling off him.

“Then something happened to her.” Hayden said. “She wouldn’t leave home with the beast on the prowl. She’s smarter then that.”

“How would you know?” Josh snapped. “You spend more time with Liam then you do getting to know the pack.”

“Shut up Josh.” Tracy growled. “Focus on the problem at hand.”

Cory looked thoughtful. “Maybe she–”

A piercing scream cut him off, and all five chimeras froze, looking around.

“It’s (y/n).” Theo said, looking around the room. “Let’s go. Now.”

It was easy for Tracy to paralyze the hunters guarding the house, and the pack found their way into the basement effortlessly. Theo led the way, watching for traps, and he froze when he saw you.

You swayed back and forth on your feet, held upright by the wires around your wrists. Your eyes rolled back in your head, and blood dripped from your nose, staining the black electrical tape covering your mouth.

Hayden’s mouth dropped open and she took a step forward, arms outstretched. Theo grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Those wires are live.” He warned, drawing everyone’s attention to the cables running from the car battery to your body.

“On it.” Josh stepped forward.

“Hey (y/n).” He said quietly, standing in front of you. Your eyes opened slowly and you moaned. “Shh, I got it.” He pulled the wires away from your stomach, wrapping his hand around the ends and letting the electricity flow into him. “Damn girl, this is good stuff. Why are you hogging it all?” His eyes glowed purple and he hummed.

You snorted, rolling your eyes weakly.

“Josh.” Theo snapped.

Josh rolled his eyes and used his claws to cut through the wires around your wrists. You slumped forward, and he stumbled back to accommodate the weight.

“Damn (y/n), throwing your naked self at me? Already? I thought you said you’d rather die then go out with me.”  He teased, pulling the tape off your mouth. “By the way, that is a gorgeous bra. I love lace.”

“S-shut up Diaz.” You said weakly. “I’d rather stay here with the h-hunters then date your s-sorry ass.”

“Yeah, sure.” He rolled his eyes. You tried to push him away, but your limbs still weren’t working properly. His arm tightened around your waist.

“You’re shaking.” He said quietly. “Just wait a second alright? I’ve got you.”

You nodded, letting your head drop onto his shoulder.

“Can you shift?” He asked. You’d warm up a lot faster if you could shift.

You shook your head. “I’m all w-wet.”

He nodded, and his hands ran up and down your back. “Okay. Come on, let’s get you out of here. This place is creepy as hell.”

“Y-you think?” You stammered, letting him guide you to the staircase. “You have no idea.”

You walked out of the shower in your apartment, towel drying  your hair, to find that the chimeras were all in your living room.

“What are you guys still doing here?” You asked, a little too sharply. “I said I was fine.”

“We don’t want you to be alone.” Cory said quietly. “So we decided that we’re going to have a pack sleepover.”

“You have no say in this.” Tracy added when you opened your mouth to protest. “Theo is out buying snacks, and then we’re watching a movie and crashing on the floor.”

“And if you and Tracy feel like having a half-naked pillow fight, we won’t complain.” Josh added from his place sprawled out on your couch. He winked when you growled at him. “I would suggest you put that black bra from earlier back on. That was hot.”

“Oh really?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. Your eyes flashed bright green, the pupil slitting like a cat’s. The scales on your cheekbones and temples flashed in the fading light, and green flames started to dance over your fingertips. “Get your shoes off my couch Diaz, or I’ll show you how hot I can be.”

His eyes widened and he dropped his feet onto the floor, a small smile tugging at his mouth. You rolled your eyes, accepting your unwanted visitors for the night. Theo returned with snacks, and everyone sat down to watch a movie. Tracy and Theo were sitting on one comfy chair, and Hayden and Cory were on the floor, in the nest of blankets you’d brought from your room.

Josh took up the whole couch, arms and legs spread wide. He wasn’t even paying attention to the movie, instead choosing to play a game on his phone. You walked over and sat down on top of him, laying back to that you completely covered him. He opened his mouth to protest and you pressed your palm against his leg, letting it heat up until he flinched.

You didn’t even make it halfway through the movie before Theo turned it off and made everyone go to bed. Hayden took your place on the couch, Theo and Tracy lay snuggled up together, and Cory curled up into a ball in the corner of the nest and passed out instantly. You stretched out on the floor, Cory pressed against your back, Theo’s back in front of you.

“Move shorty.”

The warmth that was Cory disappeared, and Josh lay down against your back, his arm draping over your stomach.

“What are you doing?” You asked, turning around to glare at him.

“Hey,” he held up his hands defensively. “You’re still full of electricity, I just wanted to make sure I absorb it all.”

“That is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard.”

“Mhmm.” He nodded, laying back down. “But you’re too tired to argue.”

You sighed, wiggling backwards into his warmth. “That’s true.”

You had to admit, you felt a lot safer with an arm wrapped around you, surrounded by your pack, then you had when you’d been in the apartment alone. Josh sighed and his arm tightened around you more, nuzzling into your neck, and you closed your eyes and fell asleep.

Want To Bet?

Summary: What starts out as a game slowly shifts into a small whirlpool of jealousy. 

Members: Jimin x Reader

Type: Fluff/little angst

Length: 1,886 words.

I just want to thank the lovely @haniwritesbtsstuff for writing this for me because I honestly had writer’s block and didn’t know what to do for this request. If you don’t already follow her, you definitely should because her writing is amazing <3

Also keep in mind that the Admin search is still open until next weekend! Here is the post with the information! Requests are always open and the request a drabble if you’d like~

-Admin Jojo

Originally posted by sugutie

You tapped your fingers distractedly against your book, opened in half over your favorite table in your favorite café in Seoul.  It was the perfect day, nice temperature, cloudy skies and a hot and steamy chocolate in your hand. The only thing missing was your favorite person in the world in front of you, stirring that over sweetened-coffee he loved to order every single time.

‘Ah, this boy.’ You sighed, darting at the door, expecting to notice his faded orange hair cross the threshold and run towards you mumbling apologies. You returned your gaze to the book. You never minded waiting for him as long as you had something to read, and you had a really good book between your hands, so you just focused on the main character and her struggles to survive, and forgot about the rest of the world.

Two seconds after you started reading you felt his fingers on your sides, tickling you mercilessly.

You let out a yelp, turning around your body.

‘I was hidden, Jagiya~!’ He whispered, removing his face mask with a swift movement. Immediately, he flashed a wide smile and pouted at you.

‘You disappointed me… I thought our love was strong enough for you to recognize me anywhere’

You looked at him closely. There was no way you could have recognized him even if you looked for him attentively.

‘Park Jimin… How am I supposed to recognize you when you’re wearing a cap, glasses, a face mask and a huge scarf?’ You laughed wholeheartedly. He had taken his disguise pretty seriously.

‘You’re right, but what about my thighs? Aren’t they easily recognizable?’ He faked up indignation, letting himself fall on the chair with a deep sigh.

‘Jimin, sweetie… Do you really want me to check every man’s thighs out until I find yours?’ You looked intently at him, your lips curling in an impish smile.

He frowned, scrunching his nose in a cute way.

‘You don’t really have to… Why, do you want to check other people out?’ He teased, leaning over the table with a wide smile that reduced his eyes to beautiful crescents.

‘Actually I was talking before to a really handsome stranger…’

‘Jagi… Stop it, we both now that’s a lie.’ He chortled at you, and you gave him a death stare. In response he just smiled again and got up, running to the counter to order. He started talking animatedly with the barista, who had recognized him immediately and was fangirling out of control. You watched as he signed an autograph to her, even though he wasn’t allowed to do it. He brought his index to his lips, signaling her to keep it a secret.

He returned to your table and placed a piece of cheesecake in front of you, keeping a steamy mug on his other hand.

‘She was really pretty, right?’ You asked putting a hand in front of your mouth so he couldn’t see your amused expression.

‘Who?’ He answered distractedly.

‘That girl you just talked to, Jimin…’

‘Oh, I didn’t notic…’ He stopped halfway, lifting a brow. ‘I mean, yeah she was really beautiful. But, speaking of pretty girls… Today we started rehearsing again and… Seongdeuk included some major changes’

You looked at him repressing a smile while he stirred his coffee, taking a sip and closing his eyes with delight.

‘I still can’t believe how you keep ordering that disgusting thing’. He grimaced, mockingly offended. ‘I’m sorry, Your Highness; please do continue telling me what changes included Song Seongdeuk-ssi’

He positioned himself in the chair, expectantly. He was putting a great act.  

He lifted his hands theatrically.

‘Girls.’ He said, rejoicing in every single letter of the word. You raised your brows in disbelief. He looked like a little kid and you couldn’t help yourself so you just smiled at him.

‘Ah, Jimin-ah. Should I be worried?’ You pouted at him and for a moment he seemed to ponder whether you were serious or not. You tried to encourage him with your eyes, but he wasn’t really keen, so he just cleared his throat and continued.  

‘Y-yeah, believe me, you should.’ He snickered, brushing his hair nervously.

‘Well, so what are you doing in the performance? Is it a sexy dance or something?’

‘Yeah, it’s for House of Cards… it includes chairs and girls. So you can imagine… There’s a few of them that are really attractive, and their legs… wow, longer than… than…’

‘Please, do me a favor and don’t finish that sentence.’ You cracked up, unable to repress it.

‘You can laugh now if you want, but you won’t laugh when you see the performance. I don’t even know if you’re invited anymore’. He pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. You moved your chair closer to his, patting his tight softly.

‘You’re right Jimin, I don’t know if I can watch that… You change completely when you dance.’

‘I know. I’m really sexy.’ A wide smile immediately brightened his face and you just rolled your eyes. ‘All the dancers told me today that I have a great presence on stage’.

‘Oh, please. Don’t be so full of yourself… It doesn’t really matter how much you pretend you’re a lady-killer on stage, we both know the truth.’ You teased, winking at him.

‘I can pick up any girl in this room.’ He straightened his back, bringing his right hand over his heart.

‘Yeah, you can pick me. But I don’t think that proves a thing and Jigaemaewouldn’t like it either.’ You wondered at his enthusiastic expression, he was already looking around, searching for someone he could talk without causing too much of a ruckus.

‘Aren’t you a bit too excited at the perspective of flirting with another girl, Jimin?’ You said, taking your phone out of your pocket.

‘Why, are you jealous Jagi?’ He smiled satisfied, but you focused your gaze on the phone, scrolling down the contacts list.

‘Jagi? What are you doing?’

You looked up lazily, and you started typing a number.  ‘If you can pick up any girl from this room then I can call any guy in my contact list. I think I have Jackson’s name somewhere…’

‘Jagi, I’m getting up… and if I get up and start talking to a girl there’s no way back to how things used to be between us.’ He said, throwing back his chair dramatically and trying to hold up a burst of laughter.

You put the phone on your ear. ‘Jackson? Yes, this is Y/N!’

‘I am done; I am so done with you Jagi. You don’t know how to play this game.’ He took your phone and kept it in his pocket.

‘You’re mad because I know way too well how to play it, Jimin.’

‘Let’s make it more serious then! One round, Deathmatch.’ He stated with a serious face. ‘I’ll choose a random guy and you a girl. The one who gets their number first pays dinner.’

‘We have a deal!’ You accepted, shaking his hand vigorously. ‘But if I win we’re going to that restaurant you hate.’

‘No, we’re not. That’s off-limits.’ He whined.

‘Pick a boy… And stop complaining, you set the rules so you’re not allowed to object.’ You mocked him.

‘Ok! I choose the one in a blue shirt that is studying.’ He giggled as he pointed at him discreetly. ‘Good luck with that one!’

‘Then I choose the French girl in the table right beside us. Good luck with her!’ You patted his back and his mouth hung open.

‘This is foul play… she probably doesn’t even speak Korean!’ He moaned, begging you to change your mind, but you didn’t. You wanted to win.

Grumpily he got up, and went back to the counter to have some space to maneuver, you thought, since the girl was way too close to your table. You saw him buy some more cake and walk confidently towards her, a dashing smile illuminating his features.

You felt a prick in your heart.

It was jealousy.

You tried to recompose yourself, looking at the guy he had assigned you. He was completely absorbed in his books, and probably wouldn’t give you a second look even if you tried. You checked Jimin, who was already trying to communicate with the girl. She was smiling, and you had to repress the urge to go to their table and kiss him in front of her.

Grabbing your mug and your book, you headed in his direction, breathing deeply to control your nerves.

‘Excuse me.’ You said with a high pitched voice. You almost cracked up at that, remembering how Jimin used to say it, but you managed to keep a straight face.

‘Yes?’ He answered dryly, not even bothering looking up to you.

‘I saw you from my table. I know you’re studying… I didn’t mean to bother you but I am intrigued… ’ You giggled softly, with a mellow tone. He definitely looked up to you this time, his eyes gleaming all of a sudden.

‘Oh, please. Take a seat. I’m Kim Jeonguk.’ He offered his hand, smiling candidly. You darted at Jimin; he was looking at you too. He didn’t seem pleased, but kept talking with the girl, who was scribbling something on a paper.

From the corner of your eye you saw him twitch in his seat. You tried to focus on this Kim Jeonguk, but it felt terribly wrong. He was talking about the exam he was preparing and how you were saving him from a really boring afternoon. You just smiled and nodded, trying to forget about Jimin talking with another girl a few meters away from you.

You couldn’t do this.

This game was not fun anymore.

You got up, bowing and mumbling an apology to the guy, and walked towards Jimin quickly. You noticed he was doing the exact same thing, saying goodbye politely. You just reached him and grabbed his hand, leading him out of the café.

‘Did you get it?’ You asked out of breath.  

‘No.’ He said, pulling you closer in a tight embrace. You sighed nuzzling against his neck.

‘You’re a liar, but I love you so much.’ You noticed him giggle softly.  

‘I am not lying…’ He said in your ear, but you heard a rustle sound behind him. You just hugged hum tighter, he was too good. ‘But, does this mean you were jealous?’

You stepped back at him to look him in the eye, grinning widely.

‘Yes, Jimin. I was jealous.’

He bit his lower lip, and tilted his head back. He looked proud.  

You kissed him softly, and he squeezed you, lifting you in the air.

‘I’m so happy right now, Jagi.’ He confessed.

‘I am too.’ You recovered your mischievous smile, and he looked worried at you.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Now that I made you this happy… Does it mean you’re going to buy me dinner at that restaurant?’

‘Oh, hell, no. I won. I got her number, forget about that place and let’s just have dinner at home’.

‘Please, Jimin. You flirted with a girl right in front of me!’

‘The aegyo is strong with this one… But I won, so it’s a no-no’

‘Jim…’ He cut you off, placing a sweet kiss in your forehead.

‘Whatever you want, Jagi ~’

The only way to burn the heart out of Sherlock: Make sure John chooses Sherlock’s life over Mary’s, John gets killed in front of him

So what if Mary is a villain in the sense that she’s an awful human being set to destroy Sherlock, but not the center of Moriarty’s web?  What if she’s just another piece in Moriarty’s game? Imagine Mary was told her mission was to keep John Watson married and devoted to her forever.  Imagine her life depends on it.  She has a dark past full of people who want her dead and she will stop at nothing to keep John from finding out the truth - even kill Sherlock.  Having a baby would keep John around as would killing Sherlock, her only competition. Imagine her motivation is purely selfish but if she doesn’t complete her task, she’ll be executed.  Makes for a more sympathetic character, yes?  How about she knows a day will come where the new “Moriarty” will force John to choose between her life and Sherlock’s - and if he chooses Sherlock, she will be forced to execute John or face death herself.  Ready for how this could play out? Alright you asked for it….

Moriarty (whomever he may now be) has abducted Mary and Sherlock and brought them to an abandoned building.  Their hands are bound, mouths gagged, and eyes covered.  They are tied to chairs, in front of a long table, sitting side by side. John receives a text from Moriarty “Come out and play, Johnny boy” and sets out to save them.  Upon arriving to the scene he is promptly bludgeoned and stripped of his weaponry.  The game master approaches and takes him through the scenario.  There are two pills presented to him - one is poisonous and the other is not.  John must choose which person has to take which pill.  This time, unlike ASiP, it’s certainly not chance, but chess.  John refuses to participate but Moriarty threatens to kill both of them if he does not choose.  One pill is red, one pill is blue.  Moriarty approaches John and tells him to hold out both hands.  “This pill is poison” Moriarty says as he hands John a bottle for his right hand.  “And this pill is not” as he hands him the other.  We do not know which bottle is poison because we did not see which color was given to which hand. But John knows and it’s time to take off Mary and Sherlock’s blindfolds.

The scene is tense as we see John struggle with having to choose who lives and who dies.  Moriarty tells him to hurry and choose. John places the red pill in front of Sherlock and the blue pill in front of Mary. One hand from each person is freed to allow them to take their “Doctor’s prescription”. Sherlock is shaken, knowing this is the end for him.  Mary is convulsing, knowing this is the end for her.  John is crying with guilt and fear.  Both take their medicine.  

“No surprise there, Doctor Watson. You rather showed your hand to us years ago.” 

“But here’s the fun part,” Moriarty continues.  “Neither of the pills were poisoned. Except the blue one should’ve been.  And you gave that one to your own wife.”

Mary is cut lose but Sherlock is not.  The knife is left near her on the table.  Mary, in a fit of rage, approaches John and stabs him in the stomach.  She escapes along with Moriarty and John drops to the floor, pooling blood.  Sherlock, shaken, yells and screams, rocks his chair back and forth, breaks free after what seems like an eternity.  Before losing consciousness, John looks up at Sherlock and says, “It’s you.  It’s always you.”

— All this is foreshadowed by TAB and the “You or me?” scenario played out by the ghost bride.  eMElia makes it seems like she’s dying, shoots a man while wearing her wedding dress (like Mary in HLV), later Sir (YOU)stace suffers from a blade to the abdomen.  John saved Sherlock’s life in ASiP because Sherlock was going to take the wrong pill.  This time around, John will make sure Sherlock gets the right one.  

Haikyuu characters watching horror movies
  • Hinata: would think it would be totally cool watching a horror movie but hides under a blanket and whimpers like a puppy when the ominous music begin playing
  • Kageyama: says that watching horror movies would be a stupid thing to do and every time a jump scare would happen, he would dig his fingernails into the couch and wouldn't sleep for the night
  • Tsukishima: would agree that horror movies are a waste of time but would be frightened when a jump scare came on, but he would quickly brush it off with a shaky voice how it was nothing
  • Yamaguchi: would cling to the nearest thing to him. Whether it be arm, wall, lamp or couch. He thought it would make him more tough but the only thing that it made him was sleep deprived from being too scared to sleep
  • Noya/Tanaka: would be totally ecstatic about the film. They would both just stare at the film, falling off their seat in fright from a scare and then would laugh at the scene after they recovered from shock. They would also whistle whenever there was a more sexually explicit scene, if any.
  • Sugawara: would try to get out of watching a horror movie but he would be convinced/convinced himself that it is what he wants to watch. Even during the film he would request to change movies, every time his voice gets shakier and shakier as he gets more scared
  • Daichi: would laugh at every blood cold scary scene and comment why it was funny (ex; the victim ran into a door, someone got thrown across the room) and would be comfort guarding anyone scared watching with him
  • Oikawa: would falsely make cries of distress during the films non-scary moments just to annoy anyone else around him. But when an actual scene of horror would come on, he would run out of the room screaming.
  • Iwaizumi: during the entire film, he would be leaning against his chair with arms crossed and an annoyed expression on his face about how dumb and easily avoidable the situation could have been in the film
  • Kuroo: would be the one to mock the actors or killers in the movie. Giving them stupid dialogue even during jump scares. He wouldn't be extremely effected by the film, just amused.
  • Kenma: would get distracted after 10 minutes of the movie and play on his phone, looking up every time there would be a scream but then return to his game mumbling how dumb it was
  • Bokuto: would choose the scariest horror movie he's ever heard of and would claim how easy he would watch it. He wouldn't last watching it and would hide behind his chair with a pillow fortress. Every time someone would get close to him after the movie, he'd scream "DON'T GET ANY CLOSER TO ME"
  • Akaashi: would be forced into a horror film and roll his eyes every other scene. He would just be bored out of his mind during the film and would request to watch something else next time
"Sorry" *Liam Dunbar Request*

Sorry for requesting again but could you write a Liam imagine where we’re on a night out somewhere and Garrett and Violet turn up to hunt Liam and he tries to protect you while protecting himself but there’s a twist in it :).

I’ve been looking at this for a while trying to figure out a really good twist and I think I got it. But I ask for your forgiveness from this point on.


“Really, bowling?”

Liam interlaced his fingers with mine, “You said you wanted a normal date.”

“Yeah but when I said that I meant maybe dinner and a movie.”

“Are you bashing on an all American sport?”

Scoffing slightly I mumbled “Hardly.”

“Can you please try to have fun?”

Sighing I realized I was coming off as slightly agitated. “Only because its you asking?”

“Now where is that smile I love to see.” Liam pushed opened the door allowing me to enter first.

“Don’t push it.” I scoped the area, glancing for any signs of people we may know.

“How about you find yourself a ball and I’ll get the shoes?”

“You know my shoe size?”

Liam had already made his way to the front desk completely ignoring my question, shrugging I made my way to the racks that housed a few neon balls. It was harder than I thought finding the perfect weapon, some were too heavy and others had holes that were either too big or small.

“Looks like you’re contemplating your life.” I felt a familiar hand on my lower back. Spinning around I managed to drop the bowling ball in my hand but it was quickly caught by Garrett.

“Hey.” I threw my hands around his neck “What are you doing here?”

“Well I heard Liam make plans and decided that it would be a good idea to tag along.”

“He doesn’t know you’re here?”

“He does now.” Liam’s voice echoed behind me. Completely ignoring Garrett Liam gripped my elbow “Maybe you were right about the bowling thing, we could try something else.”

My eyebrows scrunched up in response “What do you mean, its Garrett, plus we could do teams, loser buys ice-cream.”

“I just don’t think it would be a good idea?”

I turned to Liam directly, my arms folding in the process. “What is your problem, you were all for it a few minutes ago. Matter a fact, this was your idea.”

“And now I’m saying it was a bad ide-”

Violet ran up surprising us, jumping on Garrett’s back “Okay, lanes are set up.” She kissed her boyfriend’s cheek before hopping off of him. “Am I interrupting something?”

“No, not at all.” I responded still glaring at Liam.

“Alright, well your names are on there.”

“Actually” Liam dragged on.

“What’s the matter?” Violet questioned.

“You see babe, they weren’t actually aware that we would be joining them tonight?”

Before Violet could respond I offered her a smile. “Its really okay, the more the merrier.” I looked over at Liam who looked less than pleased. “You guys go on without us, we’ll be there in a few.”

Looking on as Garrett and Violet walked over to the lanes I returned my attention to the boy next to me.

“Okay so what’s the problem?”

“I just don’t like him?” Liam looked from Garrett to me “It’s more like I don’t trust him.”

“And why is that, I thought you guys were cool?”

“Its just that, I found out he’s not the person he says he is.”

“And who is he then Liam?” I couldn’t take his sketchy answers.

“He’s just bad news Y/N” He glanced over to the once more “And his girlfriend is worse.”

“Liam.” I stepped back. The lighting had made his eyes appear as if they had flashed yellow for a brief moment.

Sighing he shook his head “Do you really want to play?”

I shook my head “I just want to be with you, and I wasn’t letting the fact I had to bowl to do that get in the way.”

Liam walked ahead of me in the direction of the objects of his anger. Looking back at me “Aren’t you coming?” Upon seeing my slightly lifted spirits he quickly added “Only one game.”


“Okay, I think its time to go.” Liam got up grabbing both of our jackets.

“But you guys won, I think that means we treat you both to ice cream.” Garrett raised out of his seat.

“I kind of just want to spend time with my girlfriend.” Liam grabbed my hand raising me from my chair.

“How about you let her choose then?” Garrett’s voiced coldly.

Realizing everyone was waiting for a response from me I slipped on my jacket “How about a raincheck?” I offered politely.

Violet walked over placing a hand on Garrett’s shoulder “Definately.” She pulled me in for a hug, holding on for longer than necessary. “Bye Liam.” She nodded to the eager to leave lacrosse player. He in turn returned the gesture.


As we walked out the bowling alley I couldn’t help but wonder. “We’re still going to get ice-cream right?”

“Of course.” Liam placed his hand around my shoulder, mine going around his waist. “Which are you in the mood for?” He led me across the street “We could have Hagen Daz or Coldstone?”

“Hmmm” I pretended to think “Definitely Coldstone.” I squeezed his side feeling him stiffen slightly. Laughing out “I forgot you were ticklish. Like severely.”

“Hey, stop laughing, you’re hurting my ego here.” He stopped walking, letting go of me. I stopped and turned to look at him.

“Oh stop being a baby.”

“I don’t think you understand, I’m truly hurt over here.” Walking up to him i grabbed onto the front of his jacket.

“And what can I do to help the blow?”

Liam smiled turning his cheek and tapping on it. I rolled my eyes as I moved to kiss his cheek, he turned quickly enough to capture my top lip in between his. His hand moved to my face, his hands hot against my skin earned a gasp from me.

As we separated, I looked at him baffled. He shrugged unapologetically walking forward.


As we exited the ice cream parlor it didn’t hit me how late it truly was until now. Sighing I walked alongside Liam.

“Hey Liam.” I whispered.

“Hm?” He glanced to me.

“I’m sorry.”

“What about?”

Before I could further elaborate Liam and Violet pulled up in a black Land Rover.

“Okay.” Violet slammed the door shut, removing her necklace “Date officially over.” She practically growled.

Liam pushed me behind him. “You couldn’t wait to take my head off couldn’t you.”

Garrett smirked shaking his head slightly “Oh, we’re not the ones that’ll be getting our hands dirty this time.”

Liam’s defensive stance straightened slightly.

From behind him I spoke loud enough to for only him to hear “Sorry.” 

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I’m just going to throw this out there. This is a bit lengthy, but it’s been on my mind tonight.

I know that, depending on how long the show runs (and I have no doubt it’ll run for several years, so it’s almost certainly going to have the time), they will probably explore Snowbarry at some point. It’s the kind of thing these shows do. We’ve seen Barry’s love for Iris. They’ve made it pretty clear that they intend that to be endgame. But shows really never put the OTP together in the first season and keep them that way throughout the run of the show. (In fact, literally no show that has ever done that comes to mind.) It’s all about the drama and the angst, and part of that is love triangles.

So from before the show even started (and certainly before I found out that there were somehow shipping wars beginning before the pilot was even aired, which is a thing that I’m just not going to even try to wrap my brain around), I expected that they would explore both Westallen and Snowbarry. Or, if they didn’t explore Snowbarry, have her at some point pine unrequitedly for Barry and never even get to explore it but just constantly tease the fans with the question of whether or not they will. Like Chlark, for the first several seasons. And I’m not saying I’m THRILLED with the prospect because it would be nice if just one show refrained from dipping its toe in that very obvious well, but…shows do obvious things for a reason. Love triangles are popular because it’s easy to get your audience invested in the back and forth of it all, and I doubt any fans are as die-hard loyal and fervent in their fandom as shippers (except maybe some comic fans. Or comic book reading shipper fans).

But I read that quote by DP about the “story book love” between Caitlin and Ronnie and, more than ever, it makes me go, “Man, I hope this is the show that proves to be the exception and not the rule.” Because it would be really, really nice if this didn’t become a competition between the girls - and regardless of whether the actresses overtly play it as a competition between the characters, any time the plot revolves around the question of “which girl will win the guy in the end?” it’s INHERENTLY COMPETITIVE. It would be really nice if we got a genuine friendship without the shipping backbiting (“Yeah, I want her to be really happy because she’s my friend! But I also want to screw her boyfriend blind, so I also secretly want her and him to break up - which I recognize will make her miserable - so he can be mine. I love her, but at the end of the day, if it means winning him…screw her.”). Or even the passive shipping backbiting - not overtly doing anything to break anyone up, just…waiting for the opportunity to try to step in and sweep him out from under her feet if something does.

It would be really nice if there was a show that didn’t treat its female characters (any of them) like they’re just waiting in the wings, hoping to find validation through the love of a particular man…even if he is a superhero.

It would be REALLY nice if we could see the love of Iris/Barry and Caitlin/Ronnie (because I’m unabashedly loving the Snowstorm so far, and we all know how I love Westallen) play out without a game of romantic musical chairs between them. Just…a story of those two love stories and why THOSE guys love THOSE girls to the exclusion of all others. Because I have no doubt that before his accident, Ronnie was a guy who could tell you a million reasons why Caitlin was the sun and moon to him, and why he’d choose her every day for the rest of his life without fail, over and over again. Why he might be willing to die to save a city full of innocent people, but when it comes to the fact that HER life on the line, it’s a no-brainer, don’t-even-have-to-take-a-second-to-think-about-it, fait accompli. Because - let’s be honest, here. Ronnie is every bit as much of a hero than Barry - if not in some ways more (when he put his life on the line, he didn’t have any superpowers that he could hope would help pull him through; he went into that room knowing that he was never going to walk out of it again, and that was totally worth it for him because Caitlin would be safe). And who wouldn’t want that kind of love?

All that said, I’m not holding my breath that, in this, the show will be an exception. But I will continue to hold out a little bit of hope. Both Caitlin and Iris deserve that kind of love, as characters, and neither deserve to be either just the prize won by the more-important hero or to be the character waiting in the wings until they “earn” their spot with said hero.

Just saying. It would be nice.

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Guest: Kudou Haruka (MM’15)

From ryu_uchida@H!O:

- she gets 30,000 yen as allowance monthly

- has no idea how much she has earned in total from mm as it’s her mom who handles all that

- is conscious about the length of her nose

- thinks that she’s the cutest in mm now that sayu has graduated  

- admits to being a total crybaby (easily cries when watching movies/reading manga; also spoke in detail about that musical chairs game)

- talked again about being able to see ghosts

- has a poster of herself in her room (something that surprises other mm members)

- poll in recently published hp mag had 17 hp members choosing duu as the one they’d like to be their boyfriend

- conversely, duu chose Yajima Maimi but sayashi would be good too

- a tad worried that hp members are starting to see her more and more as a boy

finally, something duu said about iikubo when she was a 2nd year middle school student (coming from a listener):

“unexpectedly stupid, but maybe this is not unexpected or at all surprising. she’s five years older than me but im better at studying, kanji, etc.”

apparently it was the first time that iikubo heard this. but they all had good fun with it and duu apologized profusely. she explained that she was a bit conceited at the time because of her pride as the only kenshusei among the 10ki.


The starter house is empty except for some randomly placed lamps. There is a limit of 15 objects you’re allowed to buy the very day your sim moves into the house. Some are mandatory, some you’re free to choose.

For the rest of the days of the first assignment (three weeks in the game), you’re not allowed to place any new objects on the lot, except for planting seeds in the garden.

The required objects are:

  • a bicycle + stand
  • a toilet

Then there’s a limitation of  comfort objects, based on how many sims could get comfort of those simultaneously. A double bed is rated as two comfort objects, a sofa with room for three sims is rated as three comfort objects. I’ve chosen a double bed and a chair.

Now to the sanitary facilities. You have to choose between a sink OR a shower OR a tub. I’ve chosen a sink, which was quite dumb, because Davey doesn’t have to clean the dishes anyway - he doesn’t own a fridge.

That’s because there’s a limit of 1 for every object that gives your sims food. I needed a feeding bowl for Horatio, so bye bye refrigerator.

All fun giving objects are also limited. You just may have 1. That’s the hardest decision because nearly every useful object gives your sim some fun. My choice was the easel.

Now I was free to select the rest of the objects (seven). All you can buy now are objects from the surfaces/lights/decoratives catalogue, which are more or less useless for gameplay but pretty. I picked:

  • an end table, a table and a counter
  • a candle in a bottle
  • a mirror *
  • a collection of empty frames
  • a postcard from China

*Now I’m musing: Do mirrors give fun? Then I made already the first mistake :(

Anyway, as you can see: Davey and Horatio are not exactly enthusiastic about their new housing situation.

Title: Gold’s Kitchen part nineteen

Summary: Rumbelle Hell’s Kitchen AU - Chef Gold makes a deal with the two rats in his office and finally chooses the winner of the Hell’s Kitchen cooking competition.

Rating: NC-17 (smut… You knew there would be some.)

Note: *cries for a thousand years* This is the final chapter of this verse and I can’t believe I finished it. I hope you enjoy the way it ends for Chef Gold and Belle. I do have a few prompts to fill for this verse, so I hope you're looking forward to them soon. Please enjoy and happy reading. [ao3 link]

Chef Gold enters his office, slamming the door behind him and the two men sitting at the couch, cower in their seats. “What the fuck?” he rages and Sidney Glass stands to his feet in an attempt at leaving. “Sit down,” Gold roars and he quickly sits.

Sidney’s legs quiver with fear and he looks like a man that’s about to shit himself. Chef Gold is more intimidating in person and Sidney never thought he’d have to face him.

“You!” Gold points at Jefferson. “What the fuck are you trying to prove?”

Jefferson swallows his fears. He didn’t come back as a contestant, he came back as a man on a mission to show Chef Gold he’s made a terrible mistake. “You fucked up!” He stands to his feet and broadens his chest, trying to appear like the bigger man, which he doesn’t have to do. Gold is a much smaller man than Jefferson, but he carries himself with pure confidence and this makes Jefferson feel as if he must show his as well.

“I should rip those fake eyebrows of your fucking face,” Gold snaps. “You are the most pathetic excuse for a chef I have ever seen. You’re nothing but an unprofessional, filthy, little shit!” Gold steps closer to him. “Don’t you know that I can see to it that you never have a good future in this industry?” His face turns red with every word he speaks. “Why would you even think about fucking with a person like that?”  

“Because you are a cheater and people need to know how you’ve cheated me.”

“This game has been organized fairly. I have never cheated anyone before, why the fuck would I do it now?”

“Because you want that little bitch Belle to win. She’s been sucking your dick to get to where she is.”

“Belle doesn’t have to suck anyone’s dick to get where she is. She’s actually an extraordinary chef and a lot better than you can ever wish to be. She and Mulan both deserve to be where they are, they’ve earned it by their skills in the kitchen.” Gold boldly states.


“Sit fucking down,” Gold snarls, cutting off Jefferson’s sentence.

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