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Lmao "KUBO SAYING ICHIRUKI WAS NEVER ON HIS MIND" When? Just reading the manga proves he had ICHIRUKI on his mind all the damn time. If he didnt ever have IR on his mind why would he give us the honeymoon spread, all those poems and FTB? LOL for someone who never had IR on his mind kubo sure gave us a lot of Ichiruki content unlike Ih who have two panels and one sketch he drew only bc he was asked to by his sister in law. Hes the one that drew Rukia next to Ichigo when asked to draw only Ichigo.

Them ignoring all that Kubo has said and done for 15 years, that clearly shows that yes Ichiruki was on his mind, is why I will never take IH seriously.You can’t ignore this

Look at that matching outfit with a long scarf that probably is shared by both of them. Matching outfit, sharing a scarf two shoujo thropes.

And this? Rukia wanting to eat Ichigo’s meat? A clear sexual innuendo, do you think we are delusional for thinking this? Look at Renji he is thining the same thing, and every mangaka knows what drawing something like this means.

Look at this don’t you feel that sibiling love? No? Must be the werid form that palm three and those stones have. The fact that it was Ble/ach anniversary and Ku/bo choose to draw these two alone, on a beach, with a bottle of wine/champagne whatever it was, with Ru/kia wearing resort clothes and them looking at each other in that filtry way, there is no way to see this in a platonic way, just no.

Like how can you say this poem is not romantic, like how??? Even if we didn’t have all the other 1500 proofs this poem alone screams romantic to me. The picture already had the “time goes on but this bond doesn’t break” but a bit later we got this poem too, how can you say that time stops when they part is not romantic? You can’t.

Do you want to take a look at the manga?

Ru/kia never said something like this to anyone, only Ichi/go this sounds so much like a confession is not even funny.

and look how happy he is after she says that.

Ichi/go never looked at someone like this, just Ru/kia and to make the point even more clear Ino/ue was so jealous and hurt by it she had to look away.

That goodbye was  already so extra but Ku/bo had to put shoujo bubbles too, SHOUJO BUBBLES, that shit was romantic as fuck and he knew it. 

This is not even half of it, there is still so much more, how can you deny all the things we got and say ichiruki was never on his mind ??? Meanwhle your ship got near to nothing and was one sided for the whole manga and say it makes totally sense? Like no just no. I don’t know what is Ku/bo’s deal but he clearly has problems because what he says and what he does is inconsistent af.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen
Word count : 1,899
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 7 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

The more Jared spent time with you and River, the worse things seemed to get between him and Genevieve. And the worse things got between them, the sadder and lonelier he looked, which had you inviting him over more to be around River. It was a vicious circle, but River could make him smile when everything else just seemed to weigh him down.

River had invited Jared and Jensen over for a Thursday night game night, since Jensen was heading to Texas next day. Pizza was ordered, Root beer for River, beer for the guys, and Jared had smiled and presented you with a bottle of wine. “Stop trying to butter me up.” You chuckled. “I won’t go easy on you.”

“What makes you think I need you to.” He grinned, as him and Jensen stepped in.

“Dude. Our son is turning 9 soon. Video games are where we live.” You smiled. “No matter what he chooses to play, I’ll kick your ass.”

“Bring it.” You hadn’t seen a smile like that on his face in a long time, and you didn’t miss how happy it made River to see it.

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Wines for people who hate wine.





TANNINS: Bitter, and make your mouth feel dry

ACIDS: Sour, and make you salivate

SWEETNESS: Obviously sweet. These three traits are generally determined by the type of grape and how long it was allowed to ripen on the vine before harvesting.

ALCOHOL: Also makes a wine sweeter. Alcohol content for wine usually falls between 5% and 20%

(NOTE: Actual Champagne is a super-specific type of sparkling wine made from the special grapes grown in the Champagne region of France, and underwent a second fermentation to get bubbly as well as adhered to France’s crazy strict regulations. Many people I know will call any sparkling white wine ‘Champagne’ - It has acheived 'Generic Trademark’ statues, meaning people will use that type of product with the specific brand interchangeably, like 'Kleenex’ and facial tissues. Unless each bottle costs close to 100$, I highly doubt you’re drinking real Champagne. )

External image

Moscato: "Barefoot" brand Pink Moscato is fucking delicious. Tastes a bit like grape, strawberry, peach and red apple had a strange, mildly alcoholic baby. Usually around 5-10% alcohol content.  Works terrific as a Dessert wine, and accents anything 'Creamy’ really well. Slightly bubbly. #1 recommended wine for newbies. 

Normal Moscato is also delicious as hell, a bit more citrus-y.

External image

Zinfandel: White Zinfandel especially is super mild in taste, mildly sweet, fruity. (Don’t let the name fool you - it’s colored pink!) It’s the kind of wine that you accidentally gulp down like juice, because it doesn’t kick you in the throat with a strong taste or immediate alcoholic burn. Around 15% alcohol. 

I shit you not, I buy it by the huge-ass jug. As long as you get a good top to reseal it, it’ll last a hella long time after opening. 

Normal Zinfadel is also delicious, but White is definitely an introductory wine. 

External image

Cava: Spanish Sparkling Wine. Vaguely bubbly, light, Kinda lemony and pear-ish and a little bitter. Don’t expect sweetness. 'Asda’ brand is excellent, I like it for winter holiday dinners. 

External image

Prosecco: Basically a poor-man’s Champagne.  It is a wine for any occasion; Dinner, Chillaxing, Sharing with friends, whatever. ~12% alcohol. Mild fruit flavors (Like pear and apricot), and you can also choose whether you want fully-sparkling or partial-sparkling (How much you want it to bubble)

Italians love this shit enough to sell it in cans. 

External image

Because nothing says 'Love’ like aluminum containers. 

Unfortunately, it grows stale in the bottle after 2 years or so. Gotta drink it right after buying~

External image

Asti: Sweet!…and sour? Interesting flavor. Not sweet like candy, but…like well-ripened fruit. Good dessert wine. Often has a flowery, nutty kind of smell and a hint of that in the flavor as well. Best served chilled, and NOT AGED. If left in the bottle for more than two years, it deteriorates quickly and loses the nice fruity flavors. Blech. 

External image

Reisling: This wine is fruity, but highly acidic. It goes well with strongly-spiced and aromatic dishes, like Thai or things with Allspice/Cinnamon.  Excellent taste, but some Aged versions have a faint smell like gasoline, which may turn newbies off.  8-10% Alcohol.

External image

Muscat: HELLA FUCKING SWEET. Like, kicks you in the throat with sweetness. Definitely a dessert wine. Not something I would drink a glass of, without something to eat between sips. ~15% alcohol.  Alternately, you could pour a bit of Muscat into a stronger, more bitter glass of wine to make a balanced flavor. 

Roses (Bucky Barnes Imagine)

A/N: There’s a sequel to this imagine!

*Sequel to Roses* Safe Inside (Bucky Barnes Imagine)


I could’ve chose anybody but I chose you
Ooh ooh

“I’m the Winter Soldier.” 

Even though you always reassured him that you’ll love him forever and that he has your heart indefinitely, his whole being stayed still waiting for your reaction. You sat down on his mattress on the floor, unlacing your sneakers from a long day at work when he broke the news.

“You’re the what?”

“I’m the Winter Soldier.” Bucky said again. “I was an ex-assasin created by HYDRA.”


“I don’t do that anymore.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “What did you used to do?”

“I killed people, Y/N.” He looked down at his bare feet, not wanting to look you in the eye as he shared his deepest secret with you. “I killed for them.”

“How does it work?”

“Why do you wanna know?”

“Because I wanna know if it was really you who killed the people you say you killed.”

You nodded along as Bucky explained how the whole process worked and the type of torture he endured during his time with HYDRA. You were shocked at his revelations. Bucky was so sweet, so kind, and the person he described was merciless and cruel and you could never imagine Bucky being someone like that. 

The Bucky you got to know the past five months was quiet and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He stayed to himself in his tiny apartment with one mattress in the middle of it. You grocery shopped for him and you cooked for him and made his “bed.” You fell in love with him. The Bucky that you know would kiss you on the forehead in the middle of the night and surprise you with undercooked pancakes and burnt bacon on your first day at a new job. He was the Bucky who was so scared to open up to you. And now you know why.

Help me get better, you pull me right out of the blue
Oh oh

“That wasn’t you.”

“You’re not the first person to tell me that, Y/N.” He laughed bitterly. “But yet, I still feel like it was me doing all that.”

“Do you feel remorse?”

“Now, yeah, I do. But at the time, I don’t remember feeling anything.” 

You walked towards him and placed a hand in the middle of his chest. You were surprised that he didn’t flinch when you did. He usually does when your hand was anything near his left arm. “As long as your heart is beating, Bucky Barnes is still inside of you. You are still him.”

“I-I need to show you something.” Bucky’s voice was shaky as he started to take off his long sleeve top. You have never seen him shirtless.

Your eyes widened as you saw the shiny metal where his left arm was supposed to be at. The red star reflected off the beating sun coming from your window. “What happened?”

“Ever since they had me under their control, its been there.”

“May I?” You asked, tracing the vein leading to his shoulder blade. He closed his eyes and nodded. You felt him flinch as you ran your index finger along the bridge where flesh met metal. Bucky let out broken sighs, eyes still closed. You placed your lips on the part where your finger once was. His eyes bolted open, feeling the new sensation on himself. He gulped as he saw you kissing the area where he starts to hate himself the most. 

And daddy don’t like you, but daddy and I never speak
Ee ee
Every night when I wake up I need you to get back to sleep
Ee ee

That night, you slept over at his apartment, feeling more connected to him. He walked out the restroom without a shirt on. It would take a while to get used to it. But in a good way.

“I-Is this okay with you?” He asked, his jaw trembling. “I can put on a long sleeve if you want me to. I dropped a bomb on you like that, I understand if you need some ti-”

“Don’t, Bucky.” You smiled reassuringly. “Come lay with me.” 

He nodded looking at your face for some kind of sign to stop. His metal hand shook as he inched closer to you. You held both his hands and guided him to his usual spot on the bed. Bucky let out some air through his nose as you made yourself comfortable. You laid down so you could face each other with his metal arm draped over your waist. 

“Thank you for not running.”

“Why would I go?”

“It’s not easy to open up to somebody like that.”

You held his metal hand, rubbing your thumb against the top of it. “Why did you open up to me?”

“There’s something about you.” Bucky explained. “Back before I became the Winter Soldier, I used to go on a lot of dates.”

You laughed softly, “Are you trying to brag now, Mr. Barnes?”

“No, just wait. I promise I have a point.” He chuckled. “So anyway, the way those girls looked at me was purely lust. None of them ever truly liked me for who I was. They liked my charm and my looks, maybe. But that’s it. Then I became this killing machine and the way people looked at me was heart wrenching. They looked at me with fear in their eyes and like their lives flashed before their eyes. And HYDRA, god, the way the looked at me made me feel like an object. Like I was something they could toss and throw away once they’re done with me.”

“You’re not with them anymore, you’re with me. You’re safe.”

Bucky continued, “And you. The way you look at me. It’s something I’ve never seen before. You care about me. Your eyes say so much, so much that you don’t have to say. I feel like I’ll be okay somehow when I’m with you. I never felt such reassurance from somebody before. And I can only hope you feel the same way.”

“I love you. I do, I really do. I love you so much, Bucky.” You said, kissing his lips after each word.

“I love you so much.” 

You could’ve chose anybody but you chose me
Ee Ee

The next morning was like every other. Except he was still shirtless, walking around flipping pancakes in his pan. You helped him cook them this time. Your perfect Saturday morning could be described as this.

Even though his apartment was tiny and his only furniture was an antique tv and a mattress in the middle of the floor, life was so good. Life was good wherever Bucky was. 

“Breakfast is served.” Bucky smiled, flopping the perfectly golden pancake on your paper plate. “Doll, we gotta get some furniture, don’t we?”

“I don’t know, I kinda like this arrangement.” You shrugged. “Less stuff to trip over.”

“And yet you trip over my mattress at least once a week.” He laughed as he leaned against the stove. 

“That happened one time!”

“Yeah,” He snorted. “One time per visit.”

“Screw you, Barnes.”

Hiding in bedsits cause no one around us agrees
Ee ees

You spent the rest of that day cuddling and talking about all the things he experienced all throughout his life. Bucky told you all about the 1940′s and how much he can’t believe how time has changed. He showed you his favorite song growing up which led you guys to dance, horribly, over his mattress. Bucky was a great partner, you , on the other hand, weren’t.

Once the song ended, he doubled over in fits of laughter, making remarks about how many times your feet tangled or you stepped on his feet. This earned him a slap on the stomach while he covered his face as he giggled like a school girl. 

“What about you? Tell me about what you’ve been through.”

“I don’t have nearly as much experience as you do.”

“So what? I still wanna hear it.”

You told him all about how you graduated as valedictorian of your high school and how you got a full ride scholarship to your state’s best university. But you wanted to major in something different from your parents and the rest of your family. They looked down on you for choosing something “below the family name.” You were shunned. That’s how you ended up where you ended up. Before you could cry, you asked him more questions about growing up.

“My best friend is Captain America.” He said as if he was in disbelief of the words he was saying. “Yeah, wow, my best friend is Captain America. Little Stevie is Captain Ameri- wow.”

“You seem like you’re still in shock.”

“I am.”

And I feel romantic cause since morning I’ve been at the wine
I, I
Shall we eat all the poison and leave all the questions behind
I, I

At 7PM, you unscrewed a bottle of wine and drank out of paper cups. There were so many memories retold that night. From 1940′s dances to 2010 raves, everything was said. No questions about HYDRA or your family were asked. He asked you about your aspirations and your goals and what kept you up at night. He asked about your worst childhood nightmare and your recurring dreams. Bucky asked about why your favorite song was your favorite and why you like lyrics over beats. He asked about your favorite lip balm because he tastes something different each time he kisses you.

He asked about things that weren’t important, not because he feared that you would close of from him and vise versa but because he knows there will come a time where you will tell each other everything. Every excruciating detail about your lives before each other, but tonight, it wasn’t the night for that. It was the night for musical reenactments and ice cream toppings. 

And all the chemicals and alcohol make for a volatile love
But stay with me
Just stay with me

Last night, with much too many sips of red wine, you both became tipsy.

“Move in with me.” Bucky slurred, fingers wrapping themselves in your tangled hair. 


“Move in with me.” He said again. “We’ll buy furniture. I’ll take that one job offer from the construction sight two blocks from here. We can make it work.”


“What do you say?”

You stared at his glossy eyes, begging for a ‘yes.’ Your heart melted at the sight. “Yes, Bucky. I’ll move in with you.”

That meant the next morning, you left extra early to pick up your belongings from your apartment and notify your landlord that you will be leaving. Your heart swelled at the idea if waking up next to Bucky every single day. You were gonna build a life with him. Even with his past, you were still so in love with him. If it was even possible, you fell for him even more. 

Your landlord did not expect such a short notice but you were determined to let him know you would not stay in the apartment. You packed two bags with your clothes and important documents. The rest of your items, you left, making a mental note to send a moving van to pick it up for you. 

Smiling, you walked out your old apartment complex and got in a car to Bucky’s place. It was typically a five minute ride but here you were ten minutes later, looking out the car window seeing people scream, run, and panic. 

You leaned over and paid the driver, taking your things and walking towards Bucky’s apartment. When you got there, there were caution tapes all around the area. What happened?

And I never wanna lose you but I feel that this closeness will tear us apart
But stay with me
Stay with me

You ran towards the entrance, only to be stopped by the police. “Ma’am you can’t enter.”

“What happened?”

“There has been a breach in national safety. We evacuated everyone from this building.” 


You clicked on one, over and over again, Bucky being your emergency contact. The line would beep, then stop. All going to voicemail. 

“Bucky, where are you?”

Your head ached as the smell of gun powder filled your senses. Bucky, where are you? Your chest rose quickly as your breathing became irregular. Bucky, where are you? 

“Ma’am, are you okay?”

The voice was fading. Bucky, where are you? You became dizzy, dropping your bags and collapsing to the floor. Bucky, where are you?

“Fuck,” The policeman ducked to get under the caution tape to aid you. “Someone call an ambulance! Call her emergency contacts! Call an ambulance!”

Smells like roses to me
Two young lovers at sea
Tastes so bitter, so sweet
You’re my bang, together we go bang bang bang

“Barnes, your phone keeps going off.” The guard holding Bucky said. “Comes from someone named Y/N.”

His heart ached as he heard your name. Today was supposed to be the day he starts over. With you. Start a new life and be in love forever. But now, he’s stuck in National Security with his hands behind his back. He knew it was too good to be true. Someone like him, a monster, didn’t deserve happiness. He didn’t deserve you.

Those few months with you was all he will ever get. That’s more than he deserved. 

“Turn it off.” 


*Sequel to Roses* Safe Inside (Bucky Barnes Imagine)

My Last Imagine: Often (Sebastian Stan Imagine)


Lazy Mornings With My Best Girl

A/N: Requested by @radxxregs . Hope you like it! I wrote it listening to the Winter Soldier soundtrack and BOY does it give me all the feels. Sorry I’ve been away a lot recently but, I have had a suuuuper busy week or so and I am going to pride this weekend which is sweeeet. Anyway here is some fluff and cuddles.

Warnings: None

Words: 814. Sorry it’s kinda short

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aksjjfkj ARE YOU SAYING THAT.. not only does Obi have to come back to anakin insisting they watch his eulogy at the funeral together, but ALSO yoda hosting a fancy reading dinner of the published book, which is basically funeral eulogy + dinner eulogy?? is THIS how Anakin and Yoda finally bond and save the galaxy????

AHAHAHAHAHAHA they turn it into a book??!!! OMG, YES YES THEY DO. It’s Yoda’s favourite book ever. The pages are covered with unnameable substance (probably food, please let it be food), the spine is broken, it is held together with tape and it’s been dropped in the bathtub at least twice. Yoda gets Anakin to sign it. Anakin is both flattered and confused.

Yoda definitely orders a reading. Half the Order attends and most of the senate. Anakin cries again. So does everyone in the audience. There is a question period after where Anakin answers questions like, “Your use of obscure aquatic mammal metaphors was extremely evocative. Could you explain how you came to choose that particular imagery?” or “When did you first know that you loved Master Obi Wan?” Obi Wan sits in the back and drinks an entire bottle of Corellian wine by himself. 

(The worst moment by far is when Obi Wan looks over Anakin’s shoulder at the datapad he’s working on and realizes that he’s beta reading one of Yoda fanfics. The grammar is… distinctive.”)


Anon: Can you do an angsty/fluffy reaction thing you do where you to get in a fight because he starts texting Kiko again

Some have you may have seen that this got changed from a reaction to a one shot esque kinda thing and someone asked for the ending to be extra fluffy. So here it is. Angsty and fluffly and all that rolled into one. 

You have been dating Jiyong for a few years, however you’ve just discovered an incriminating text from his ex-girlfriend, Kiko. 

The smell of the soy chicken noodles you have been cooking wafts from the bubbling pot, and you lift the lid checking to see it’s contents. You lean back as a cloud of steam rises, and you peer into the pot, spying the glass noodles floating on top of the liquid stock. You replace the lid gently, knowing it would take a few more minutes before it was ready. A soft buzz against the marble of the kitchen bench rattles you, drawing your attention to Jiyong’s phone and wallet placed haphazardly down on the counter when he had returned home. Your eyes skim over the phone unintentionally, the message that had caused the buzz clearly displayed in the kakao application window.

Kiko: Just touched down. Can’t wait to see you boo. I’ll message you my hotel room after I’ve booked in.

A snap of insecurity shoots through you. Kiko? Why was she messaging your Jiyong? Was he going to see her? And why had she ended her message with a kissing face emoji? He’d told you he had a meeting tonight, and had just come home to shower and get ready. The rice cooker lets out a loud electronic beep, letting you know the rice was ready. You sigh, unable to shake your feeling of unease, before shifting your focus to the rice.

‘Jagi, that smells amazing… is it jjimdak?,’ Jiyong asks as he enters the open plan room. You nod curtly as he walks towards you, your eyes catching his still bare chest, his damp hair hanging limply over his face. You smell the strong scent of his shower gel and expensive Clive Christian cologne - one he usually reserved for specials occasions. Like dates. ‘What did I do to deserve such an amazing cook as a girlfriend.’ He stops, hovering over the pot, picking up the lid to peer in at the stew.

‘Yah.,’ You swat at his hand. ‘It’s not ready yet.’ He drops the lid, his head turning to take in your facial expression, evidently surprised by your uncharacteristic outburst.

‘Okay, sorry.,’ He lifts his hands, raising his flat palms in defense as he backed slowly away from the pot. ‘Your cooking is just so good I got excited.’ A soft wave of guilt washes over you, before another vibration from his phone reminds you of why you were angry with him. He leans over, his muscles flexing as he stretches to grab his iPhone. He taps the screen a few times, before a huff of a laugh escapes his lips. You cast a sneaky side eyed glance his way, the smirk not leaving his face as he taps on the screen.

‘Who’s messaging you?’ You quip, unable to help yourself.

‘No one important.,’ He shrugs, placing the phone back down on the bench. He proceeds towards you, his arms attempting to wrap you in a hug after he has closed the distance between you. Your shoulder hunches in defense, blocking his arms from enveloping you, as you are unable to control your anger. Jiyong doubles back, a surprised look on his face. ‘What’s up with you?’ He questions, a puzzled look on his face.

‘Nothing. I’m just busy trying to get this done.. You’re going to have to leave for your ‘meeting’ soon, so I can’t keep you waiting for dinner.’ Jiyong cocks his head to the side, his brows furrowing at your sarcastic emphasis on the word meeting.

‘Y/n, my meeting is at 9PM… You don’t have to rush, huh?’ His arm lifts up to comfort you, rubbing gently on your arm. You shrug it away again.

‘Jiyong, I’m not dumb… Who honestly has a meeting at 9PM at night?’ Further confusion floods his face, his head giving a little shake.

‘Me. I have a meeting at 9PM… I just told you.,’ He shakes his head again. ‘I am really not following you… What do you mean, you’re not dumb?’ You pause, taking in the utter misunderstanding on his face. You knew you weren’t going to get anywhere with this.

‘Ji… I saw the message from Kiko. I know you aren’t going to a meeting tonight. I know you’re going to meet her.’ You blurt out. As soon as you’ve said it, it feels like reality. Tears begin to well in your eyes. A flash of understanding dawns on his face.

‘No, no… I’m not going to meet her, honestly. I can explain.’ He begins, a soft laugh leaving his lips.

‘You don’t need to. I guess I was just as dumb as everyone said I was to believe in us…’ You fight hard against your emotions, not wanting to give Jiyong the pleasure of seeing you cry.

‘Do you honestly think that?,’ A sharp flash of hurt crosses his face. ‘Do you think that little of me that you think I am going to run off and cheat on you with an ex at the first chance I get?’

‘Jiyong, I saw the message! I can smell your cologne! I’m not an idiot.’ He lets out a long, exasperated sigh.

‘Cologne? What are you talking about? There is a reason she is my ex, just as there is a reason you’re the one whom I’ve dated and chosen to live with.,’ He lets out an exasperated sigh, his hands running through his hair, shattering the damp strands that had clumped together. ‘She made a mistake. She’d just messaged me to wish me luck for recording the new album, and had accidentally sent me a message that was meant for someone else, so she quickly replied and said sorry.’

‘Show me, then.’ You urge, wanting proof. You could feel your anger manifesting itself as a deep hot redness in your cheeks, a trait Jiyong usually found too endearing and distracting to continue arguing with you after seeing. Today, however, was different.

‘I deleted it.’ He says simply.

‘Of course you did.’ You turn away from him, picking up the spatula to absently fluff the rice as you couldn’t control your tears any longer. Fat and thick, they began rolling down your cheek.

‘I did. Jagi, I did.’ He urges. You nod again in acknowledgement, not turning to see him. He waits patiently for a response, before sighing deeply. ‘Aish… If you’re going to be this unreasonable, I’m going to get ready at Youngbae’s. I can’t handle this before my meeting.’ He shakes his head, before disappearing back into the bedroom. You don’t hear him again until 10 minutes later, when he calls out a strained goodbye before slamming the front door.


You take another sip of your wine, a giggle escaping your throat. You don’t know how many glasses you’ve had, but it wasn’t enough.

‘I bet he has a really small penis, too…’ Chaerin giggles, sipping her own wine. She flips her blonde-silver hair off her shoulder, her giggling continuing.

‘He doesn’t. He is actually AMAZING in bed.’ You sigh, a sudden sadness slipping over you. You lift the wine glass, draining it’s near full contents in one swallow. Without protest, Chaerin takes the bottle off the coffee table, refilling your now empty cup.

‘I’m sorry…,’ She says quickly as she sees the tears well in your eyes. ‘How good is this wine, though? I bet it was expensive.’ She holds the bottle, reading the ingredients. You look at her, appreciating her attempt to distract you. The moment Jiyong had left, you’d broken down into sobbing tears that hadn’t stopped - not even when you’d called Chaerin, someone whom you’d developed an instant best friend connection with when Jiyong had introduced you. Without further explanation needed, she’d turned up with several bottles of wine and a shoulder to cry on. When you’d run dry of the bottles she’d brought, she had ventured into Jiyong’s wine collection, choosing at will from the expensive array.

‘Thanks. I mean… I know I’m not the best company for a Friday night.,’ You sigh, and Chaerin shakes her head. You glance at the clock on the wall. It was 4 AM. ‘Or Saturday morning, I should say. But I appreciate you being here for me.’

‘Y/n, stop. If he dogs you, I’m going to be at him like it’s nobody’s business. I’ve got your back, okay?’ She insists. Tears spill freely again from your cheeks as she takes your hand, squeezing it gently. Soft scratching at the door distracts you both, continuing for some time. You hear a mumbled voice, annoyance evident, before the door pops open. A triumphant looking Jiyong saunters through the door way, his back foot flailing to kick the door closed. It connects sharply, and the door slams shut.  

‘Piece of shit keycode…,’ He mumbles under his breath. His eyes look forward, taking a moment to focus. ‘Oh, Hi, y/n. How did my meeting go, you ask? Fucking fantas… fucking… fantastic.’ He slurs, his words heavy with the alcohol he had evidently consumed.

‘Hey, watch it, huh.’ Chaerin starts, her body tensing defensively. Jiyong’s eyes flick to her, focusing intently on the bottle clasped in her hand.

‘Chaerin? Is that my Romanee-Conti Grand Cru in your hand?’ He questions, confusion furrowing his brow. She shrugs.

‘I have no idea.’ She replies innocently.

‘That’s a $13,000 bottle of wine and you fucking know it.’ He shoots back. She shrugs again, a single eyebrow arching in defiance.

‘So what if it is? Me drinking it is the least of your worries right now.’ She jerks her head in your direction, re-shifting Jiyong’s gaze to your tear stained face. Her sass was one of the main reasons you had clicked so well with this woman.  Jiyong’s eyes focus again, taking in your puffy, swollen cheeks and eyes, the emotion in his face softening ever so slightly.

‘Baby… I’m sorry.’ He slurs again, beginning to move quickly towards you.

‘Yah.,’ Chaerin snaps sharply, stopping Jiyong in his track. ‘Y/n, do you want to talk to him, or should he fuck off to a motel for the night?’ You remain silent, not answering the question. Your eyes flick towards his, meeting briefly, and your heart skips a beat. Even drunk, he was irresistibly handsome.

‘We can talk.’ You manage, your voice a small whisper.

‘I’ll leave then.,’ She stands, collecting her bag from the chair next to her. ‘But if you want me, just call and I’ll be here in a flash, okay?,’ You stand, hugging her in response.

‘Thanks.’ You try and pass your gratefulness through your hug. You pull apart, and she shoots one last look at Jiyong.

‘I’m taking the fucking wine, though.’ With that, she stalks across the floor, her heels clipping loudly, and exits the apartment. A heavy silence settles on the apartment, and you wait patiently for Jiyong to speak. He doesn’t.

‘Are you just going to stand there awkwardly in the middle of the lounge?,’ You spit your question. He shakes his head, no words coming from his mouth. ‘For fuck sake, Ji… you start texting your ex, then when I confront you about it you lie, then leave and don’t come back until 4 in the morning smelling like alcohol and the drunkest I’ve ever seen you.’

‘I know it looks terrible.,’ He sighs, slumping to the floor, legs folding under his weight. ‘But I had a thought just after I’d left for Youngbae’s. I asked Kiko to send me a screen cap of the messages if she still had them. She told me she did, but she wasn’t going to send them to me. So I have no proof of what happened, and I know how fucking ridiculous it all looks to you… and I know you hate me for it. I couldn’t face coming home so I just got drunk.’ His shoulders slump slightly.

‘Jiyong…’ Your voice is soft.

‘I know how fucking stupid I look. So I just give up. It’s killing me, huh, the thought of you walking out on me for something I didn’t even do, all because my fucked up ex wants to play some ridiculous mind games with me because she isn’t over me…,’ He hiccups in a pause, his words drawling together, linked by alcohol. ‘And you know why I deleted the fucking messages? Because I didn’t reply. I didn’t want to reply. I just wanted to forget she had even sent them, because I’m so over her and she keeps trying to just fucking drag me back. I’ve moved on and I’m so fucking happy with you and she won’t even fucking let me have my happiness.’ His shoulders sag deeper, his whole body limp as he speaks. Something, perhaps the utter conviction with which he spoke, is making you believe everything he says.

‘Jiyong.’ You start again, unable to break his ranting tangent.

‘I was going to marry you. I was going to ask you… I’d made a plan to go with my sister to help me pick out a ring next week. I guess I’ll be fucking canceling that, and she’ll yell at me for being the fucking idiot that I am, and tell me how dumb I am for fucking up any chance I had of being happy. And I didn’t even do anything wrong. I didn’t even message Kiko back…’ You close the distance between you, shifting from the couch, your hands cupping his face, his chin in your fingers, before tilting it upwards. You lean your forehead against his, his eyes meeting yours, and you kiss. His lips are soft, gently rubbing against yours as he attempts to express his regret. Your lips stay close.

‘I believe you.,’ Your lips brush against his, your breath a whisper of words. ‘I believe you, Jiyong.’ He pulls apart slightly, his eyes focusing on yours.

‘You do?’ Surprise glows in his eyes.

‘I’m upset you didn’t just tell me she was messaging you in the first place… but after hearing you talk, I believe you.’ You nod surely, pecking his lips with another kiss.

‘Jagi. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.’ He tries again, his fingers reaching up to wipe your salty tears from your eyes. ‘I didn’t meant to make you cry… I didn’t mean to leave. I just got… frustrated… by her trying to mess everything up. I just wanted you to believe what I was telling you.’

‘I do. I’m sorry for not trying to listen to you and being irrational.,’ Jiyong kisses you deeply, pulling you closer to him, his tongue delving into your mouth to caress your own.

‘Marry me.’ He whispers into your mouth. You pull back slightly.

‘Jiyong…’ You giggle.

‘Yes.’ Your approval is acknowledged by another kiss, a smile breaking out on your mouth. Jiyong tugs your hands, both of you standing, and envelops you in a warm hug, his muscular arms flexing around your body, pulling you close to him. A kiss lands on your forehead and he rocks you gently.

‘I love you, Y/n.’ He says with a squeezing hug. ‘Now, is there any more of that chicken left? I still haven’t eaten dinner.’ 

This is our second part of our Halloween days with Mia and @dani-si .  Please reblog and spread the word. Please include tag #halloweenwithdaniandmia  Anyone can join :) Have fun! 

  • You can choose any character from Sebastian Stan, any from Vikings, Alex Høgh Andersen , Marso Ilsø  , Marvel and DC universe.
  • Others TV shows that could be included ( Game of thrones , The Walking Dead, Teen wolf , The Flash, The Originals or The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural ) .

I Head-Canons and Confessions: 

Send in an anonymous confession to a blog. Can be personal or it can be related to a head-canon  ( options added bellow or you can choose to send your own ) . The admin can make it into a drabble or add gifs. Or decide to do it on her way. 

  1. Cooking with ( character name )
  2. Getting protective over
  3. Training together with  ( character name )
  4. Dating ( character name )
  5. When  ( character name ) is  jealous  
  6. BFF with ( character name )
  7. How  ( character name ) hugs 
  8. How ( character name ) cope with nightmares
  9. ( character name ) favorite way to waste time
  10. ( character name )  favorite type of music


  1. Do we have any more booze?  
  2. Trust no one tonight.
  3.  It’ s a full moon.
  4.  Camping out in backyard 
  5.  Decorating house for Halloween with  ( character name )
  6.  How about we don’ t mention this ever again
  7.  One dark and rainy Halloween
  8.  I think I’ve eaten too much Halloween candy
  9.  Me. You. Couch. Pizza.
  10.  You are not going without me.

II Fuck, Marry, Kill 

Send in three characters to a blog and the admin must choose one to sleep with (fuck) one to marry and one to kill . 

III Would you rather?

Send a blog to choose from the list and the admin must pick one of the two options. Choose from the list or create your own.

  1. Read a spooky story or see a spooky movie.
  2. Be a vampire or be a werewolf.
  3.  Have to sleep in a coffin or have to sleep on a tomb.
  4.  Walk through a graveyard at the midnight or spend a night in spooky, abandoned house
  5. Walk through cobwebs or walk over eyeballs
  6. Meet a vampire or meet a witch
  7. Be a friend with Freddy Krueger or be a friend with Hannibal Lecter
  8. Have a creepy doll stare at you all night  or wake up every hour  to creepy noises
  9. Trapped in a room with 100 spiders or trapped in a room with 5000 ants
  10. Live in abandoned warehouse for a month or live in the depths of a dark forest for a month?

IV Mini drabbles 

Send a blog to choose from the list: 

  1. “What makes you think I’m afraid of you? “
  2. “You look hot when you’re angry.”
  3. “What kind of monster you think I am?”
  4. “Spin the bottle. Lets play that.”
  5. “You’re so cute when you pout like that!”
  6. “Does that feel good?”
  7. “Quit whining.”
  8. “You think I’m dumb enough to fall for that?”
  9. “How dare you command me?”
  10. “You’re a complete idiot!”

V  The OR Game: ( or create your own ) 

  1. Ice cream or yogurt?
  2. Wine or beer?
  3. Facial hair or clean shaven?
  4. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
  5. Pancakes or waffles?
  6. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  7. Snakes or sharks?
  8. Peanut butter or jelly?
  9. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening?
  10. Marvel or DC?
  11. Leather or denim?
  12. Be older than you are or younger than you are?
  13. Hugs or kisses?
  14. Early bird or night owl?
  15. Piercings or tattoos?
  16. Coffee or tea?
  17. Introvert or extrovert?
  18. Books or movies?
  19. Dancing or singing?
  20. Cake or pie?

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betrysunflower  asked:

Chuya 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 16 and 30 please!

hc prompt meme

1. Love

It takes Chuuya a while to notice when love (outside of sexual advances) is being thrown his way, mainly because he doesn’t pay attention enough if its subtle.

3. Hopes

Chuuya hopes for nothing outside of the immediate situation going on. He hopes his subordinates don’t piss him off today or he hopes Akutagawa gets his damn cough under control, but planning and hoping for certain things to happen far off in the future isn’t something he does.


He doesn’t admit it often but Chuuya is afraid of losing Kouyou despite how often he reminds himself of her strength.


It doesn’t happen often, but Chuuya is a silent crier. His face doesn’t move much but his bottom lip twitches and he lets the tears fall but he doesn’t make a sound.


Sometimes when Chuuya drinks too much he has a reoccurring nightmare about a giant building sized wine bottle rolling down the street and flattening him because he’s too drunk to use his ability.


Before he starts to flirt he smiles slightly to grab their attention.


If it’s a one night stand Chuuya chooses to use a hotel over taking them to his house or vice versa, it’s a bit too dangerous considering his job and he doesn’t want to risk anything for a quick lay.

Vampire shoujo Mischa

@minimoonstar replied to your post:  Aw i’d’ve liked to see vamp Mischa XD;

Oh, well, just for you!   A very belated birthday present?  XD; 

With the disclaimer that the fic as a whole will almost certainly die a WIP due to lost momentum, here’s a fragment of the shoujo manga sequel to “Terroir.”   

They met, at Mischa’s suggestion, by the piano at Nordstrom.  Will nearly turned and fled before making it through the double doors.  Between work, hiding at home, and dinners with Hannibal, he’d nearly managed to insulate himself from the oncoming holiday, but in a department store there was no escape.  He had to dodge a relentless stream of shoppers–some of whom looked as haggard as he felt–and circumnavigate a display of stylized reindeer clad in garlands and Burberry scarves.  

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MPD: Close to You- Operation Seduction

You were sick of it. Don’t get it wrong, you loved the guys of 2nd division, your relationship with them all was certainly a unique one, more than colleagues, brother figures and possibly feeling were there that were more than just friends but the fact that you could admit they were all insanely attractive didn’t stop them from pissing you off. See, being the only female in the unit had both its pros and cons, you got to spend all day staring at the hotties you worked with, but it also made you the prime target for a ridiculous amount of jokes concerning both your femininity and attractiveness.

“[Y/N]’s starting to turn into Medusa…”

“Monster stomach.”

“Don’t attack someone just because you don’t like them while you’re there!’’

“[L/N] couldn’t be feminine if she tried, it’d be like watching 1st division trying to actually do their work. Hopeless and embarrassing.’’

That comment had done it; you were going to prove to these men exactly how sexy you could be. The day following, you had put a few extra bits in your bag, Nomura had made sure the lot of you had cleared you work for tonight the previous week as he had booked a private booth in your usual bar and you were going to…spruce yourself up a little for it.

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Royai Alphabet Series: C

Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get this up. That’s the problem with not having any internet, not to mention my living situation has been difficult as of late. I’ll probably continue to be more sporadic with my postings and with my replying to people, but fear not, I haven’t stopped writing! With no internet means more time to write with less distraction. That being said, I had fun with this one, and it’s the first time I’ve written Ling, so let’s have some fun!

C is for Children

There looked to be enough food to feed a small village on the table before him. Roy was pretty damn hungry and had found a love for traditional Xingese food, but he did not think that they would be able to eat all of what was in front of them. He couldn’t name most of the stuff that was on the table, except for picking out a protein and some vegetables here and there. It had been decades since he’d ever wanted for food, but this would have possibly fed the entire orphanage that he’d lived in for a few months of his childhood and the staff.

“It really wasn’t necessary to go to such lengths, Alphonse,” Roy finally managed, still gaping at the spread.

Princess May strolled around the table to place the last bit of silverware down. “You haven’t eaten with my half brother yet, have you?”

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Restless Heart Part 8

Characters : Jared x Reader x Jensen

Song : You Are A Memory by Message to Bears

A/N : I hope you enjoy!! 

Tags : @sammysdimples67 @teamfreewillstuff @blushingsamgirl @adammaybeonfire

Read Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four -Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight

Looking out your window, you saw Jared  storm to his car, and peel out down the road. 

You paced back and forth in your living room. Going over every little detail in your head. From the way Jensen kissed you, to the way Jared kissed you. You thought about Jensen’s confession, then Jared’s. It was beginning to overwhelm you. 

How could the two guys that meant the world to you, be the reason you were completely broken? 

There was a knock at the door, and in the moment you felt your stomach churn. Making your way over, you opened the door and met a pair of familiar eyes. And just like that, you broke down. 

“Hey.” He muttered, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulled you in. “Whats wrong?” 

“I don’t know what to do anymore. I-I-” You squeezed on to him, pressing against his chest as you wept. 

He held you in his arms, making small circles on your back. Seeing you this way, was something he has never seen before. He could see the pain you felt just by looking at you. “Im here. It’s okay.” He whispered. 

You both stood in silence, just holding one another. 

After what seemed like forever, you took in a deep breath and tore from his embrace. Wiping your tears, you walked over to the couch and plopped down. 

He stared intently at you, furrowing his brows, and took a seat next to you. 

Everything was a mess. And you weren’t sure where to begin. 

“Is it possible to love two people at the same time?” You exhaled, staring endlessly at the wall in front of you. gazing at the creases, trying to form shapes.

“I believe there are different kinds of love out there in the world. And sometimes, it confuses people to believe that they are in love with someone when really they just love them.” He stated. “There should be only one love out their for you. For all of us.” 

Your eyes met his and shrugged. “How do you know the difference?” Your voice shook. “How do you know that the person you love is the right one?” 

He took in a deep breath, and flashed a soft smile.  “I believe theres only one kind of love that consumes you. That challenges you every day, and leaves you breathless. Someone who knows you, inside and out. Someone who will choose you over and over and over again. Because in life, feelings change. People change. But the person who chooses to stay in your life, is the one you are meant to be with.” 

The memories flashed like a movie. Playing in your head. 

“You need to choose.” He muttered. 

“Misha, it’s not that simple! I cant just choose. How can I-I cant do this to them.” You yelped. 

“Y/N, Love isn’t simple. Its complicated, painful, annoying but thats the beauty of it.” He exclaimed. “You need to realize that no matter what you decide, you are going to hurt someone. So choose. Who do you see yourself with for the rest of your life? Who do you want to wake up to every morning? Who is the person you can’t live without?” 

A tear shed from your eye, and you glanced down at your hands. 

How were you suppose to make a decision when they both had a piece of your heart?


(Jared flashback) 

Your stomach hurt from laughing so much. Both you and Jared were on the floor of your living room, side by side with an empty bottle of wine in front of you. 

“I’m serious! I think there are mermaids!” You exclaimed. 

Jared shrugged his shoulders, smiling from ear to ear. “I guess it could be true. But I doubt it. It’s scientifically impossible.” 

You scrunched your nose at him, and swatted his arm. “You dont know that College boy.” You muttered. “Only 5% of the worlds ocean has been discovered! Anything could be down there!” 

He pondered on your statement for a moment. He had nothing to comeback with since he knew you were right. Anything could be down there. “Why are you so worked up with mermaids?” He chuckled. 

You exhaled, and stared at the wall as tears begin to well. “My grandpa would tell me stories about mermaids.” Your voice shook. 

Today was by far the hardest day of your life. Having to say good bye to your grandfather. 

People would say death was the hardest thing to go through. To lose someone who was once the world. You never understood what they meant, until today. Until you were standing by the casket, watching it slowly lower into the ground. 

“I still cant believe he’s gone.” You wept. 

Jared pulled you into him, letting you rest your head on to his shoulder. You felt the tears stream down your cheeks, and stain his shirt. But he didn’t move. He kept still, gently circling your arm. 

“Thank you.” You whispered. “For being here with me.” 

“I will always be here for you.”


(Jensen Flashback) 

The sun gleamed over you, the rays tingling over your skin. It was warm, and peaceful. And the view was breathtaking. 

You and Jensen were up on a hill, overlooking the city. It was an escape from the madness you call life. To get away and enjoy some peace and quiet. 

“It’s so weird.” Jensen muttered, resting his hands on his hips. 

You furrowed your brows and turned your gaze to him. “What is?” You asked.

He shrugged his shoulders and motioned to the view. “That. To know that no matter what, life goes on. There are billions of people that don’t even know we are up here. It’s weird.” 

You nodded as you let his words sink in. “I guess I never thought about it.” You whispered. “At least people know who you are. No one will remember me when I leave.” 

Jensen was taken aback, staring at you as you returned your gaze to the city. “Y/N, you will be remembered. Maybe not by everyone in the world. But you will always be remembered by the people who matter.” He exclaimed. “You have no idea how important you are to me, to Jared and to your family and friends. Every life you touch, you change their lives forever just by being you.” 

You felt your heart flutter, and a tear fall from your eye. 

“Don’t be afraid of oblivion, Y/N. Because that isn’t living.” He made his way over to you, and wrapped an arm over your shoulder. “This, this right here is living.” 

You glanced up at him, meeting his green emerald eyes. “You are such a sap Ackles.” You teased. 

He let out a huff and rolled his eyes, a smile forming on his lips. “Shut up.” 


“Everything will work out the way it’s suppose too.” Misha said. 

You flashed a soft smile, and tangled your hand with his. “Vicky is lucky to have you.” 

He flashed a smirk and nodded. “I know. I tell her that all the time.” 

You let out a chuckle, and rolled your eyes. 

“Look, I know this is scary for you. But you do need to choose.” He whispered. “Jared and Jensen will always be brothers, because a bond like theirs is something that cant be broken.” 

Your eyes grew wide, and your lips quivered. “H-How did you know it was-” 

“Y/N, I’m not stupid. I knew before those idiots knew themselves.” He cackled. “Just remembered what I told you, okay?” 

You took in a breath, and flashed a faint smile. 

“I have to go, Vicky is waiting for me.” He cupped your face, staring into your eyes. “Choose Y/N. Tonight, when you’re in bed, look over to the untouched side and just say out loud, who you want there with you. It’s time to be honest with yourself.” 

He pressed his lips to your head, and made his way out of your apartment. Leaving you alone with nothing but your thoughts. 

What the hell did he mean it was time to be honest with yourself? 

It confused you, and honestly, it felt like you were back to where you were before he got there. 

“Thanks for the help.” You mumbled. 

You locked your front door, and walked over to your room. You took off your dress, and threw on an old shirt. 

You put some music on your phone, and slipped into bed, the sheet hugging every curve of your body. Misha’s words playever over in your thoughts, and before you knew it, you turned over and glanced at the emptiness beside you. 

The faint music, and the sound of the rain hitting against your window echoed around the room. 

And in that moment, when you thought you were never going to figure this out. That you wouldn’t choose, 

In that moment, you knew exactly who you wanted laying next to you. 

You shot up in your bed, a smile forming on your lips. Everything made sense. Everything that was once a mess, was now clearer than before. 

Reaching for your phone, you dialed the number and pressed it against your ear. The ring made your stomach flutter, and your heart felt as if it were about to jump out of your chest. 

 “Answer.” You mumbled. 

The phone rang 6 times before taking you to voicemail. And though you wished they would have picked up, you were still gleaming with joy. 

As you heard the sound of the beep, you took in a deep breath. 

“Hey, its me. I know you’re probably driving back home. Or you’re mad at me, which I dont blame you. The way I dealt with everything tonight, I would expect you to be mad.” You felt your smile grow as you look out the window. “But I want you to know, that I love you.” Your voice shook. “I love you so much.” 

Everything was somehow falling in to place. Your heart felt whole as you placed your phone down on to your nightstand. 

But not everything is as it seems.

Mine (pt 3) | Boxer!Luke

a/n: Finally!! Here y’all are!! ngl lowkey terrified this isn’t going to live up to your expectations !!! (feedback is cool if you’re so inclined)
word count: 3850
masterlist | request | PART ONE | PART TWO

You didn’t go to bed that night. Not technically, anyway. The end of the conversation you had in the bathroom was rolling around in your head on a constant loop; angering you, mostly, that Luke wasn’t listening to you; he wasn’t hearing reason. Maybe you’d been a little brash in your ultimatum, but it was all you could think to do to stop him from doing something you were confident he’d regret; to make him realize his decisions impacted more than just his career.

Luke popped his head through your bedroom door after half an hour of deliberations with Ashton in the bathroom; they were going to the ER. You moved to leave your spot against the pillows of your bed, but he stopped you; told you to stay, begged you to get some sleep and not to worry, he’d be fine. You just rolled your eyes, slipping off the bed and throwing on some jeans and a hoodie over the giant t-shirt you had on. Regardless of how annoyed you were at his stubbornness, you weren’t about to not be there for him when you knew better than anyone how devastated he was going to be when the extent of his injury was confirmed, how badly he’d need your presence there to calm him down. So you bit your tongue, letting your own frustrations take the backseat for a while, and followed him out to the car.

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Japanese tradition tells of ichi-go ichi-e, a concept fortified over centuries of practice that says we only have one meeting, at one time—our experiences with one another stand alone. Every encounter we have—a dinner, a shared bottle of wine, a late evening of conversation on an old red couch—will happen once, and then will never happen again. The circumstances surrounding an encounter, the people involved and their exact dispositions and history make each event unique. We may interact with the same people, within similar circumstances, but ichi-go ichi-e says that each interaction is an experience all unto itself, never to be re-created perfectly. Since each encounter lasts but once, how will we choose to treat it?
—  Rebecca Parker Payne 

avveh  asked:

68, 30, 3, 96, 99, and for an extra credit: if you had to choose only one of the two between Jungkook and Jimin and you could fuck them for 12 hours, any and all kinks included, who would you choose? HA.

The fact that you couldn’t even put your questions in order REALLY aggravates me.

68. What do you think is Satan’s last name?

Your last name. I almost put it. That’s how much I love you.

30. Stick your right arm out; what do you touch first? Do the same with your left arm?

I’m going to sound like the biggest drunk but, to everyone reading this who is not Emily, this is only the answer because we are drunk and skyping. The right arm would hit an empty wine bottle. The left would hit a newly opened bottle of rum. DON’T JUDGE ME!

3. Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.

SIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHH. This is someone else’s book, not mine, so just understand that. “four or five years ago, that Josie would be fine.” Berwick was also”. Riveting! That’s from Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard. I don’t even know who the fuck this belongs to tbqh.

96. Do you have any relatives in jail?

…I hate you. Not right now.

99. If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say?

That Emily is a bitch and is hiding in her room at her parent’s house, afraid of the judgment she would receive from her dad if she went to get another drink.

Bonus: …I hate you. But the answer is Jimin. Fuck off, Emily. I will always choose Jimin. Don’t try to catch me when I’m inebriated. 

Send me a question because I’m drunk :)

anonymous asked:

OHMY I just scrolled thru your tumblr for your reaction memes. Then you uploaded Five Dates, I need to read it asap 😂 btw I need to ask this, how do you choose the right reaction 😂😂

Well, it’s like this. I have an empty wine bottle. I tape a picture of Jimin to it. I place all my reaction memes in a circle, spin the Jimin and whichever meme he picks - this is the one I use.

It’s foolproof. It never fails. PLAY SPIN THE JIMIN AT HOME

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moonpuup  asked:

Top 10 Blackinnon headcannos pretty pleaseee? :) Have a wonderful day/night

Here we go! I hope you like it!

  1. Marlene absolutely loved to make fun of Sirius because of his colour-blind condition and he utterly detested it; but she would only do it to piss him off and to have an excuse to kiss him a hundred of times as an apology (based on this post!)
  2. Both of them were keen on spending hours doing absolutely nothing; they were very restless in a daily basis but when they decided to procrastinate they would do it to death. As they weren’t the cuddly type, Marlene would sit leaning on Sirius’ chest and they would smoke a whole pack of cigarettes for fun.
  3. Marlene didn’t sleep at her own dorm in their last months at Hogwarts and I’m not talking about sex at all. They simply started to get used to sleep next to each other and it was better for both of them to feel one another’s presence in the middle of night as the war could rip them apart any time.
  4. Sirius really did thought about proposing to her at their graduation prom, but he knew he couldn’t do it in a hurry just because he was afraid of losing her. Eventually, when he was ready to do so, it was too late.
  5. At their flat, their favourite hobby was to listen to Sirius’ vinyl records – as he preferred to listen to punk rock and strong lyrics of rebellion when he was on his own, with Marlene he usually choose to listen to muggle jazz. They spent whole nights drunkenly listening to music, attempting to dance in their tiny living room with empty bottles of wine at their feet countless of times. 
  6. Marlene had tried to teach Sirius how to speak French once and he sucked so bad at it that she gave up, only to discover that he already was fluent due to his family’s old traditions.
  7. Marlene was the first and only girl Sirius cuddled with in his entire existence. She was his perfect little spoon; their bodies fit accurately just like a puzzle.
  8.  Inspired by Sirius’ tattoos (yes, I think he should have a few of them), Marlene would want to get a muggle one as well. Eventually, Sirius would get a matching one.
  9. What Marlene loved the most in Sirius was his voice. She was deeply in love with how grave it was, how it reverberated through her whole body when he hugged her. She loved to hear him murmuring, soft and rough at the time, but mostly too smoky to his own good. It was too damn sexy for Marlene to cope with it.
  10. When Marlene was mad at Sirius for some frivolous reason, he would start mocking with her strong Scottish accent in order to make her even more pissed off and, hell, she hated it so bad. 
Red and Spiced; jongyu; nc-17

“Don’t worry about it,” Jinki says.  “We’ll drink all of this anyway.”

“In one night?”  Jonghyun laughs. “Isn’t this the kind of wine we should appreciate?”

“The sooner we drink it, the sooner we can get rid of the bottles.  Then you won’t have to worry about someone finding them.”

Jonghyun sighs, but he’s already agreeing, lifting the bottle to his lips and taking a long drink.  It’s warm, and lightly spiced, layered with flavors he’s rarely gotten to appreciate.  “It’s good,” he says, and Jinki smiles, looking proud of his selection.  He takes the bottle from Jonghyun’s hand to have a drink for himself, and Jonghyun stares, already feeling warm as he watches Jinki’s adam’s apple bob when he swallows it down.  

i’m not too happy with this one, and the end is a bit eh, but i’ve kind of been itching to post something lately - hopefully y'all enjoy it! i’m still iffy on the title too so if it changes later, pretend you saw nothing. thanks to my friend who read this before i posted uwu 

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Just an ordinary day in Jason DiLaurentis` life...

CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte: *abducts and drugs Jason*

…a few moments later…

Jason: wth, what is happening, why can`t I move??  and who the hell is dragging me?

Jason: oh, black hoodie, it must be Charles! hey Charlie, Charlie, it`s me your little brother, I have waited so long for this moment, look at me, I love you so much, I know we have a screwed up family but we can still be the best brothers that ever walked this earth, oh god why can`t I move

Jason: *catches a sight of long blond hair*

Jason: Charlie??

Jason: *sees that it is in fact CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte*

Jason: ok, so no Charlie :`( just my ex-girlfriend…wait, is she psycho now, too? I guess you can`t trust anyone in this world  :`(

Jason: oh, hi “dad”, my favourite person in this world…at least I am not alone…

CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte: *starts talking*

Jason: *listens*

Jason: Now, that makes total sense.

Jason: So just a quick summary: my big brother Charlie, WHO I thought my whole life was just my imaginary friend because my father sent him to a  nut house to protect me and my sister(well done, mr D, well done) is actually my sister WHO is actually my ex-girlfriend, WHO broke my heart when she without a reason, unexpectedly broke up with me and WHO is in fact the psychopath that blackmailed, abducted, therrorized half the Rosewood, but mainly my other sisters and their friends and WHO almost killed me in an elevator. Yeah, quite logical.

Jason: wait…





Jason: OK, I need to find something positive in this. Well, it`s not like it was an actual incestuous relatioship - she is just my HALF-brother/sister. And incest is now kind of trendy in TV anyway. And she was so kind that she didn`t sleep with me, I mean at the time, I thought that there was something wrong with me, but it was actually her being considerate. And she didn`t kill me!!! I am actually quite lucky that I have a sister like that… And his/her story is so heartbreaking :`((

Jason: ehm…NOPE…not helping..i need some alcohol



Jason: *finally, after hours being left at Radley, because everyone cares just about Charlotte and her heartbreaking story and not poor Jason, starts to move*

Jason: *runs as fast as possible* 

Jason: Ashleeeey! The only one, who gets my troubled soul in this town(ok, let`s not mention that you also broke my heart by choosing a pastor over me)! Prepare some wine!

Jason: *after several bottles of wine* Oh, wait, I`ve completely forgotten the fact that I kissed my other sister, too. 

Jason: …

Jason: There is not enough alcohol for this…

I think that I would watch this episode just from the Jason`s POV. I swear, this guy has the most screwed up life in Rosewood and that is something to say. And funny, how some people thought that the Jason/Ashley hookup was weird/inappropriate.

Right now I would actually rather watch a pll spinoff with him, the moms, tippy and pepe than the actual pll.