how to change tumblr dashboard icons

Tumblr RP Tips - Cutting Your Threads

To be courteous to your fellow followers, it’s a nice gesture to cut your threads when they get too long. This will help prevent cluttering up your dash!

How to reply to Asks.

When someone responds to your ask, it’s better NOT to reblog it. It’s difficult to trim down and keep things neat. 

Instead you have two options:

1) Make a whole new text post with your response!


The x in the brackets, or whatever symbol you want to use, is where you would insert the link that would take you directly BACK to the ask. This is just a rough format of what I do, so feel free to change up the style and execution! You just need to make sure there’s a link BACK to the ask and a link BACK to your roleplay partner so they will be tagged in their activity feed.

2) Reply directly to the Ask.


Here is how a reply looks on your dashboard. Click the reply button and it will automatically open a new post for you, like so:

The red circle is usually where it will say the users name replied to 'x’ post. You have the option of leaving it or changing it, depending on your taste.

In the event that the reply gets lost in your dashboard feed, you could either try copy and pasting it from your Activity Feed or through your Tumblr layout by going back to look at the notes.

How to Cut Threads.

This will require you to download XKit, or some other Tumblr extension that allows editable reblogs.

Here’s how it looks:

Here’s how it looks in action:

After clicking the circle icon with the pencil symbol, this will revert your post to the old format that we use to have on Tumblr. 

Typically one would edit a post when it’s on the third reply, like so:

Carefully highlight the items in that area and simply delete, leaving you with a nice post of just one reply from each partner!

I hope this is helpful to my fellow FFXIV Tumblr roleplayers! Please let me know if you have any questions!

meg-is-studying  asked:

I just wanted to say I love your bullet journal and ask if you have any tips for starting a tumblr in general. I've seen your studyblr intro/advice post and it was so helpful to me, but I'm just starting my studyblr and already a bit lost as to how to navigate everything. Thanks in advance!

Hey there! (and omg you’re so sweet lskdjflk) I’m not the greatest when it comes to tumblr, but hopefully I can still help you out! I’ll share some navigation tips and some starting tumblr advice!

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Hacked Tumblr Blog Recovery Guide:

  1. If your Tumblr blog has been hacked, login to if you can. Otherwise, reset your password. If you cannot reset your password, contact Tumblr Support.

  2. Upon login, click Account (the person icon) from the Dashboard, then click Settings. Make sure your email address has not been changed. Even if your email is intact, how confident are you that you can login to that email account? Tumblr sends password resets via email, so be sure.

  3. Now change your Tumblr password (click the pencil icon) and make it strong. That’s at least eight characters with complexity — a combination of lowercase and capital letters, numbers and symbols. Watch the password strength bar grow as you type.

  4. Under “Active Sessions,” click to remove additional active sessions.

  5. Seeing spam posts on your blog? Consider any apps you recently authorized that could be posting to your blog. Click Apps and remove any suspect apps. Next, if you might be logged into Tumblr on any mobile device, remove the app connection for Tumblr for iOS or Tumblr for Android. Changing your Tumblr password may not log out all mobile devices from Tumblr. But revoking the Tumblr app connection will.

  6. Now, from the right column of Settings, click your blog. Make sure your settings were not messed with, especially unneeded activation of the “Flag this blog as adult-oriented” setting.

  7. Check your blog’s queue to delete any unauthorized, upcoming posts.

  8. Go to Edit Theme. Check the blog’s Description and delete any odd code you don’t recognize.

  9. Reinstall your theme in case malicious code was added. If you’ve never modified your theme’s HTML and it now says “Custom theme” instead of the theme’s name, that’s suspect. Recover your theme.

  10. Delete any posts made during the hack. If there are many posts, use the mass post editor to delete multiple posts at once.

  11. Report the hack using the Tumblr Support form. Select “Suspicious activity on my account” as the category.

  12. Finally, change the password and any security question responses for the email account used by your Tumblr account.

See Tumblr Help for tips on keeping your blog secure, especially setting up two-factor authentication (TFA).

anonymous asked:

hey! first i was confused when i saw new icon on my tumblr's dashboard, then i saw your name. haha, you changed your icon! nice one! i like it!

thank you! i was just practicing making icons on photoshop and i really liked how that one turned out 

Tumblr Uses Icon Font on Your Desktop Dashboard: 
Have you zoomed in on your Tumblr Dashboard lately from the desktop browser? Noticed how crisp the post buttons and sidebar icons are? Tumblr switched its icon display to use a 64-character font.

On the downside, the font icons occasionally devolve into hollow boxes. But cursoring over the icons or a browser refresh snaps them back.

Update — Note this helpful reply from shortformblog: “That box thing is an issue with the latest version of Chrome with all @font-face fonts. It’s fixed on the latest [Google Chrome] beta. I was actually surprised that it got out of the dev cycle.”

  • tumblr users: please create a proper messaging system
  • tumblr staff:
  • tumblr users:
  • tumblr staff:
  • tumblr users:
  • tumblr staff: here is a dashboard change. another dashboard change! the sign out button is hidden aha ;) some cheeky icon action! haha i love glitches!! now you cant edit posts. logo change!!!!! and a change to how our posts are formatted!!!

July 1, 2015 Update: When you reblogged a text post with more than 500 characters of body text, Tumblr used to automatically reblog it as a link post on the Desktop Dashboard. But no more. The “Reblog As” button was removed.

Reblog a Longer Text Post as a Text Post (Not a Link Post): 
When you reblog a text post, Tumblr reblogs as a link post if the body text is more than 500 characters. But you want the whole text post and not a link post. Here’s how to fix that.

  1. In the upper right of the reblog form, click the drop-down menu with the link icon.
  2. From the “Reblog as” menu, click Text. The reblog form changes to a text post.
  3. Reblog the full text post.