how to cast resin

Overdue dragon bust update! Still detailing and prepping for moldmaking. Going to come right down to the wire, but I hope to have a few of these guys cast in resin for Monsterpalooza. Gotta give a big shout out to fellow sculptor and friend @emilysculpts for her awesome online moldmaking and casting class; I learned so much from her videos, and was able to apply what I learned to prepping this beast of a bust for silicone molds. It’s a phenomenal course, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any sculptors out there who want to learn how to make silicone rubber molds for resin casting. Emily is a great teacher, and the class will inspire you to create!


just finished making my first necklace (and earrings!) and couldn’t be more stoked on how they turned out. used a lace applique, resin casts of crow skulls, and electroplated quartz, along with other materials.

I just worked out how to make these solar system lollipops! But I don’t have any spare resources to actually make these with, so I’m just going to type it out for you guys instead… Like, I haven’t actually made this yet, I just found the edible photographs online after seeing this pic and wondering how the hell they printed something inside lollipops and worked out the rest. I’m GONNA make this though… For something… Eventually.

All you need is a miniature 2 part ice ball mold, lollipop sticks, sugar/flavoring/a candy thermometer… And edible photographs, the kind that Walmart puts on top of those printed birthday cakes.

I wonder if you can just go to Wal-Mart or Publix or another big grocery store that has a bakery that does photo cakes, and ask to get a photo on a USB printed out for you? They have to do it anyway to make the cakes… Maybe they’d even give you a free sheet if you put all the designs on there.

Anyway, you get little 1cm diameter solar system planet images printed out on a sheet and cut them.

Then boil your candy to the hard ball stage on the thermometer, add hot sugar to half the mold, let it set a bit, then place 2 photographs of the same planet back to back with the lollipop stick in between.

Then pour in the sugar to fill the rest of the mold so the picture is right in the center,. And let it cool. And SUCK ON URANUS 💩

You can do the same exact thing with resin, so when you see little resin cast jewelry that curiously has a photo of a galaxy right inside, that’s probably how it was done. It’s so much easier than trying to paint a 3D image inside the resin, I COULD make them but I’d rather try to figure out how to layer a 3D planet on its own using just pigment and resin. Because that’s NOT easy and it does look way cooler. I’m getting real close now 👀

…but if I ever did put photos of the planet inside my resin gems they would probably look EXACTLY like these lollipops 😂 Send me an ask if you want me to make you a custom one, lol.

Cherny and Bely - Monster High Catty Noir and Catrine DeMew

After months of on and of working on these two they’re finally done. They’ve challenged me in many new ways, though, which was fun (also hard). I had to learn how to cast resin, how to make high heeled doll shoes, and posable cat tails… also, follow-me eyes are equally awesome and creepy and I love them and I wanna make more of them.
I really tried to edit the photos in a way where Cherny wasn’t just a black blob, but it’s still hard to make out the details about her, I know.  

Original dolls: Cherny (black) is Mattel Monster High Catty Noir
                       Bely (white) is Mattel Monster High Catrine DeMew

Wigs: (dyed) raw alpaca fiber
Tails: posable wire with cotton fabric and (dyed) alpaca fiber
Body mods: eyes cut open, heads acetone shrunk
Eyes: selfmade follow-me eyes from polymer clay, acrylic paint and epoxy resin
Faces: chalk pastels, colored pencils, acrylic paint, clear gloss, fake lashes
Dresses: hand sewn from cotton fabric, lace and ribbons
Shoes: selfmade from polymer clay, cotton fabric, ribbon, acrylic paint and matte glaze


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Check out my first-ever resin tutorial! This one just covers the basics of necessary supplies, how to mix, pour, and cast clear resin! Keep an eye out for my next tutorials!