how to care for a sherlockian

I don’t know why

I don’t care that

I don’t understand how

I don’t get why

I can’t wrap my head around that

My mind and heart are literally unable to comprehend how so many out of us Sherlockians could honestly think that this episode was bad in any way at all. It was clever, mind-melting, final, beautiful, true to what it’s set up so far, raw and not uncharacteristic at all. And I respect whatever everybody else choose to believe or think, I can’t nor won’t try and change your minds.

But nothing on this earth can convince me that BBC Sherlock Season 4 Episode 3 “The Final Problem” was anything but perfect.

Thank you Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and everybody else involved in the making of this series as a whole. Thank you.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate how loving and caring my best friend is bc i had a mental breakdown on the sidewalk right in front of my house a couple days ago and we were drunk and tired but he sat there patiently and listened to me for about 45 minutes while he was freezing bc it was 2am in December and he had given me his jacket

I really hope y'all find a best friend like that one day