how to care for a dog

If you can’t afford the vet, you can’t afford the pet.

Now before anyone yells classism, or ableist let me explain where I’m coming from. First and foremost pets are a privilege, a companion, a living creature. They’re not a right, regardless of the support they provide.

If the animal is that valuable to you, putting away 20 dollars a month or 10 dollars per animal should be a small price to pay. Even if at the end of the year that only goes towards vaccinations or an annual check up… Or heaven forbid an emergency fund, this is part of the care they require. This is how you provide for them what they provide for you.

You rescued a dog. That dog is obviously having a better life with you than at a shelter. And yay for adopting! But if that dog becomes ill him being with you as opposed to a shelter means nothing when he’s not getting treatment.

If your parents won’t let you get treatment for your animal… It’s probably best that you don’t have one until you’re independent.

Average vet costs per year per animal (note these prices are based on where I’m at, and only for the physical, no testing. Please look up your local prices and be prepared for some to be higher.):

- Dog : 200.00+

- Cat : 115.00+

- Rabbit : 45.00+

- Guinea pig : 40.00+

- hamsters/mice/gerbils : 45.00+

- rats : 70.00+

- hedgehogs : 45.00+

- ferret : 150.00+

- sugar glider : varies 80.00+

- bird : 75.00+

- fish : have 50.00 set aside for medication.

- snake/reptile : 125.00+

Guess who is getting a new addition to the family!!!!! ♡♡♡ 😄😄😄 Look how cute he is!!!!! His owners who are elderly are moving to an apartment next week and they have disabilities where they can’t take care of him anymore. They and their daughter have been trying to find a family to adopt him or be forced to give him to a shelter. The daughter also lives in an apartment and already has 3 dogs so she doesn’t have the room to take him in. We reached out to the family and he will be coming over this Saturday!! ♡♡♡ He is very calm & obedient for a husky but very talkative and we can’t wait to meet him! AHHHHH. I CAN’T WAITTTTTT.   

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Ooh can you do a RFA reacts to an MC who owns a small dog like a chihuahua or Yorkie? Thanks so much I love your work ;w;


Yoosung was surprised to hear you had a little chihuahua, he almost laughed since it was kind of nice hearing about her dog especially since all they ever hear about it Elizabeth the 3rd, he couldn’t help chuckle at that fact that now you could send in pictures of your dog in the chat just like how Jumin does with Elizabeth, he’s sure Zen would love the change, Jaehae not as much.

He gets really interested and loves hearing you talk about your dog and seeing pictures of it, he was very happy to meet your tiny dog

it was quite funny since he wanted to be a vet, and now Mc had a little dog, could it be… destiny?? (this romantic boy)

he treats the dog with love and care, petting it and all that, though he isn’t a fan of when it makes a mess by chewing things up “My bag TToTT” 

but he gushes in the chatroom the first moment you sent in the photo, so cute! 

Also got excited that Mc is a girl who loves animals since he wanted to be a vet

they could have fun role play too 


Oh god, she’s got a pet too? Please don’t be a c-….


It’s a dog!

omg this dude celebrates he’s so happy, zen likes dogs and prefers them over cats anyday, take that jumin! 

encourages mc to send as many dog photos when Jumin sends cat photos

hell yeah now the game’s fair!

He found it quite interesting she had such a little dog, but he understood that they were more convenient carrying around and all that 

he’s more of a big dog person but loves mc’s little dog

might gush a bit over it when he sees it in person

no lie this dude is a great animal person, animals love him

still laughs and teases Jumin about the new cute rfa pet 


oh… cute

less hair, so yes, the dog was already in jaehae’s liking books

she isn’t really fond of animals due to how of a maintenance and messy they can be

but as long as the dog didn’t bark too much, she’s cool with it

however, after seeing Mc’s love for the dog, Jaehae slowly warmed up to it too

actually enjoys petting it and finds it’s tail frantically wagging super cute

much better than a cat



Okay, but Elizabeth the 3rd is cuter

que childish competitiveness 

kind of gets annoyed that you’d spam your picture of your dog whenever he sends a picture of elizabeth, more so at the fact that zen is laughing at him

though as a fellow pet lover he actually likes mc’s dog and likes seeing pictures of it

he likes that he and her share their mutual love for their pets just as much, even if different species


seriously the two can talk for hours about their pets as if they’re their babies, in the annoyance of others

when they meet the dog LOVES jumin and keeps trying to hop on him and lick his face while it’s little tail wags happily

Jumin is kinda holds the dog but reluctantly lets it lick his face since he’s not used to it since Elizabeth usually nuzzles him, seriously why do dogs lick so much

lowkey enjoys the attention of the little dog and gives it good attention


When he saw Mc walk past the CCTV cameras the first day when he checked and saw the little dog he was like aaaw, but was also like that wasn’t expected

every time he would call he would ask how the little guy is doing, and make like those little baby talk sounds on the phone to the dog and he’d laugh when it barked back

sometimes Seven would bark back, and the call would just be him and the dog barking to eachother

however seven makes it clear his one and only love is Elly, but he would like the dog to be the best man or girl at their wedding

Suggests the little one and robodog have a play date! but then again that might not be a good idea lol

When they move in he says he still wants to get a cat so they would have to make it work, but wants the cat and mc’s little dog to be best friends! Plus the two can keep Saeran company since he seems to respond well to animals.


breaks into the apartment

that was noisier than i expec- suddenly frantic barking


looks around and sees a little dog barking at him

wtf a dog

why it so smol

turns his attention to mc and walks to her so she does not step on glass

the dog knips at his heel and bites his pant, pulling it with no avail

just stands there 


For some reason today I’ve been in the mood to make some videos of like, going out and doing stuff, just like “life in seattle” videos. But I always end up doing a bad job on them and spending way too long editing (mostly because my editing software crashes SO MUCH). I don’t know if anyone would even care to watch them. I guess I also always forget what I filmed because it’s not as easy to look it up later (like I can with photos). I really prefer photos to videos.
But anyway, maybe I will film our trip today if we go to the dog park. I also want to take some photos for art purposes so I’m not sure how much footage I’ll get. It’d be fun to make a new YouTube channel, but I just don’t want my family finding it and watching everything. :S

Would anyone be interested in more videos from me? What kind of videos should I make? I’d kinda like to do some related to school and my experience looking into grad schools, and maybe some on autism, or psych in general, or life in Seattle, or doing art. I’m not super into the idea of being obligated to physically be in the video everytime, since I’m often in PJs and just looking like crap at home. But I think I could do it sometimes, I’ve been getting out of the house more lately…

I am feeling really inspired by StagedFaces‘ videos today after watching a bunch of them. But my life is not nearly as interesting!

Please stop boycotting “A Dog’s Purpose”. That video of “animal abuse” was posted by TMZ. TMZ, who is just about tabloids and is known to be problematic. As a trainer, the person working with the dog was doing what he could. He stayed by her side, at her level, and spoke to her and reassuringly touched her sides.
This video was ALSO made by PETA, an organization that is notoriously awful. They have stolen animals from people’s homes and euthanized them several times. They also edited the video to skip right from footage of the dog being nervous about the water right to her being IN the water, implying they just threw her in. They didn’t. She’s a German shepherd, she isn’t a water dog and would naturally be nervous. The minute she showed any sign of struggle, they removed her and cared for her. This is a trained animal and trained workers who know how to make entertainment without hurting the doggy cast. Don’t boycott this film because of a literal tabloid.

My Name Is Cow: Masterpost(?)

(The first few stanzas covered by i-ddpej here.)

my name is Cow,
and wen its nite,
or wen the moon
is shiyning brite,
and all the men
haf gon to bed -
i stay up late.

i lik the bred.

my name is Dog,
and wen its tea,
i hope they giv
sum foode to me -
i hope they shair
befor its gon -
they never do.

i dont get non.

my name is Cow,
and this is tru -
my caynine frend,
its up to yu.
so just be brayve
and smart insted -
and be like me.

i lik the bred.

(Bridge, dividing original content from fan content: First Of All How Dare You)

my name is Cat
no cares have i
be it sun or moone
that lytes the sky
by night i prowl
by day i stretch
i salute u, Cow

u bold old wretch

O clevr Cat
Who roams the barn
I promys you
I men no harm
As yor a friend
With stelthy tred
I invyte you

To lik sum bred.

I am the bred
With yeast I ryse
Mine amber crust
Doth pleas thyn eys

The cow and cat
Whos tongues delit
Upon my crust
Both noon and nite

Are easy stop’d
By dor and slat
Perhaps the baker
Noes not that?

Dating Sirius Black would include...

Anonymous said: Ooooh! I love headcanons! Could you please do dating a Sirius would include?

  • you probably being a gryffindor or a slytherin
  • was sirius your boyfriend? was he james’ boyfriend? was he remus’ boyfriend? nobody knew
  • lots of “baaaaaaaaaaaabe”
  • him turning into his animagus form to cuddle with you whenever you were sad
  • him licking your face even when not in his animagus form
  • lots of swearing
  • you always stealing his leather jackets
  • going shopping together
  • him wearing your crop tops
  • him asking you to teach him how to paint nails properly
  • like he had a spell for it, but one of your parents was a muggle, and he wanted you to teach him the muggle way
  • him not caring about masculinity and going around wearing the crop tops and nail polish he stole for you
  • but him still being the most badass guy in hogwarts
  • “i like my coffee like your name. black.”
  • “i like my make up like i like my girls. on my face.”
  • the two of you literally being hogwarts most badass couple
  • (james and lily were jealous)

Ellie from The Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog concept artist Ashley Swidowski

Absolute perfection.

It never even crossed my mind that Ellie looked anything but awesome - and then I heard about the shit heads complaining about the way she looks. Complaints about Ellie seem to be coming from a place of thinking she looks too manly or like she’s not taking ‘care’ of herself - which enrages me beyond belief. Regardless of whether or not this is a post apocalyptic setting (and a persons ability to give a shit about how they look) I rage about the expectation that because she’s a female she needs to look a certain way. SHE LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN BEING. SHE LOOKS AMAZING. I could see this person walk past me in the street today and I wouldn’t even look twice. I see a lot of myself in her. If I rolled out of bed in the morning this is it.

What is WRONG with people?!?!?!?!?

Again. Absolute fucking perfection. I love you Naughty Dog. Keep breaking shit down. Fuck expectations.

Pillow Talk

Title: Pillow Talk [Horny!Bucky x Tired!Reader]

Summary: AU! In which Bucky is amused by how sleepy you are after having rough sex.

Length: 1000ish words

Note: Ooops it seems that I’ve become obsessed with Buck.

My Masterlist

Your body ached from the top of your scalp, to the tips of your toes, but it was your inner thighs that hurt the most. You winced as you shifted your weight, and took extra care not to create unnecessary friction between your legs when you rolled over.

You pulled the soft cotton comforter up under your chin, and met your smug lover’s face. He was sitting up, had one arm behind his head, and his free hand toying with the dog tag resting against his chest. His short hair was tousled in random directions and his skin was still glistening from the light layer of sweat he accumulated. 

The satisfied smirk he sent your way made warmth rush to your belly and create the feelings of anticipation you felt just minutes before. You groaned and tried to bury part of your face into your pillow.

You thought he had fallen asleep.

And since he hadn’t, it meant he was ready for another round, and while the idea seemed fun and rewarding, you were tired and everything hurt. You were certain that the faint marks littering your neck and thighs would evolve into harsh shades of reds, blues in the morning and you also knew, without a doubt, that you wouldn’t be able to walk normally for at least a few days.

Engaging in more activity would leave you immobile for a month if you let him have his way.

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  • Dazai: [steals Chuuya's bike and runs]

ate chrisyOMG o realized that tomorrow is christmaaasss aaaahhh!

i just wanted to wish to all my amazing followers and amazing artis a big happy christmas!!! (of course i know that someone don’t celebrate it but i don’t care<3)

amazing artist in the post:

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i wanted draw also onebizard, xerenatta, tarc but i don’t know how looks yours profile :’(


tawny torpedo

what the signs should expect in 2017
  • Aries : meeting a lot of cool people and seeing better memes
  • Taurus: more money and a lot more dogs
  • Gemini : less depression and more healing
  • Cancer : becoming more confident and self-reliant
  • Leo : learning how to truly forgive themselves and let go of the things holding them back
  • Virgo : finding their soulmate whether it be in friendship or romantic love
  • Libra : more followers on and steady improvement in your mental illness(es)
  • Scorpio : a more successful school year
  • Sagittarius : a Better Time™
  • Capricorn : making nicer friends who actually care about you and your wellbeing
  • Aquarius : more sex
  • Pisces : finding themselves and knowing who they are and what they need to do