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I simply discovered this short article online, which covers a certain facet of fat burning foods and also how it works. So, ensure you review it.

The WireFirst as Freedom, then as Farce: The Limits of IndependenceThe WireTallow and lard: cow fat and pig fat greased the cartridges that stirred the mutiny of the sepoys across northern and central India in 1857. … In terms of religion, region, and ethnicities, the Indian state is losing its hegemonic narrative of a …and more »…First as Freedom, then as Farce: The Limits of Independence - The Wire

Every person knows that health is the most crucial thing in life, yet a lot of people spend so little time when it involves that. So, listed below you are visiting find extra info on fat loss foods that can aid you much more.

Invest some time in your health education via the resources about fast fat burning foods list

This Is Why You Keep Gaining Weight (Back)

You’re sick.

And that’s OK. The cure exists. You don’t need insurance and it’s pretty much free. 

Stop using bandaids.

Diet pills don’t work (long term). Fad Diets don’t work (long term). Cutting carbs doesn’t work (long term). Cutting fat doesn’t work (long term). The latest and greatest fitness gadget doesn’t work (long term). Extreme exercise routines don’t work (long term). Extreme diets don’t work (long term). Metabolism boosters don’t work (at all). Green coffee bean extracts don’t work (at all). Dr Oz’s “Flat belly” supplements don’t work (at all).

These are bandaids. They make you feel like you’re doing something to fix the problem. But let’s be real… If you put a bandaid on a cut, but fail to first put on an antibiotic ointment, that bandaid will not heal your wound.

Most fad diets will work for a least a little while, and most extreme exercise routines will work for a very little while. Then you burn out. You burn out from eating extremely low calories. You burn out from limiting your diet. You burn out from running miles like a madman. You especially burn out if you’re exercising hard 6 days a week and not fueling your body properly. 

Commit to what really works.

Gently reduce the amount of calories you’re ingesting, relative to amount of calories you’re burning.

Take into account that you actually have a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Believe it or not, your body is actually burning calories all day long, even if all you do is sit on the couch and work a desk job. Your body has to work hard to keep everything running, like blood flow and breathing and everything else you take for granted, like temperature regulation and that nifty heartbeat.

You can even get a rough estimate of the amount of calories you burn by simply existing, here:

For example, my BMR is around 1500 calories/day:

If I eat 1500 calories every day, and DO NOTHING, I will stay the same weight.

If I eat 1300 calories every day, and DO NOTHING, I will lose weight

If I eat 1600 calories every day, and DO NOTHING, I will gain weight.

You can increase the amount of calories you burn through exercise. I enjoy exercising because it means I can EAT MORE. I like eating.

So, calculate your BMR. Subtract 100-200 calories from the total. Lose weight. It’s that simple.

Change your mindset. 

Except that you have a problem and take the steps to solve it. Only YOU can prevent forrest fires. And only YOU can better your life.

If all else fails, think about your grandkids. You might not have them not, but when you do, you’re really going to want to play with them.

Ask for guidance.

If you have questions, there are limitless sources at your disposal who are here to help.

-You can ask me! I’ll always write back.

-You can ask my friend Michele at Disrupt Your Diet. Her advice is free and comes from a genuine place of helping people see the truth.

I’ll put together a list of reliable. no-bullshit resources for everyone soon.


Bio Major Pro's:

I’m actually learning how to biologically reduce/burn fat and ultimately– lose the pounds!

What I learned so far: Fat is one of the 4 things we NEED to survive. Fat = Energy. The only problem is that our diet has evolved into craving more of the fatty foods, and then our diet becomes overloaded with too much fat. Trans fat is not a naturally occuring fat, & our body doesn’t know how to process it. Because we cannot digest trans fat, it’s stored (guess where?) – that’s right, your tummy and around all other organs near your belly! 

How to get rid of this belly fat? Well, surprisingly it won’t be from diet, even though (obviously you should reduce the amount of trans fat you take in). Our bodies cannot digest this fat, instead we need to (here comes 2 ugly words) ..MOVE and EXERCISE to burn it off! 

I also learned that during a 30 minute workout the first 20 minutes of cardio just burns off the glycogen or instant energy we get from food, (after 20 minutes you may feel a little tired) that means you’ve gone through all of your energy from the glycogen. Your body then goes to the fat you have stored and turns it into energy for your last 10 minutes! So those last 10 minutes is where you are truly burning off the fat that you don’t want. 

Gotta love how a biology lecture can turn around your health life!

20 Killer Ab Exercises Can you do 5 reps/exercise? I caught up with Mike Chang, creator of SixPackShortcuts, who shared his 20 best exercises for getting six pack abs.  You do need to first burn off your belly fat before your abs will be visible.  This video demonstrates exercises that help you build great abs and burn off belly fat too.     For more great exercises, visit: FoodAthlete/Exercises

Published on Mar 19, 2014

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