how to burn fat

Did you know if you drink in a morning, on empty stomach, 1 glass of water with lemon juice, and 2 teaspoons oh honey , you will lose 3-5 pounds in a week?

Quick fact. Ready?
Every single one of our cells contains mitochondria. They are so important, for they produce 97% of the body’s total energy!

They are especially concentrated in high energy demanding tissues like the heart, liver, and brain, where there can be up to thousands of mitochondria per cell!

Is the human body not the most amazing thing?

A Little Insecure

Reader feels insecure but Jerome reminds her that she’s perfect
Requested–Yes—Hi there! As a Gotham request maybe something to do with an insecure reader? (Like reader has freckles or is chubby) and Jerome has to constantly remind the reader they look fine? It’s a little cliche but yeah
A/n– Guys I freaking love Gotham
Warning- none
Rating– fluff
Title– A Little Insecure

“Jerome, please get your feet off the table.” You smile as your vibrant haired boyfriend slid his polka dot socked feet off of your coffee table.
“My bad, love.” He grinned at you, the smile where his nose wrinkled and made your heart flutter. Blush bloomed in your cheeks. You had been dating for about two months and he still made you nervous. Sometimes it felt like he was too good for you. How could a guy like that love a girl like you? You were watching t.v. in your tiny apartment on the North side of Gotham. You cherished these quiet moments with Jerome, knowing he had a taste for the chaotic. He reaches out and slides you across the couch to wrap around your waist. You flinched and froze when his hands brushed the layer of fat on your hips and stomach. You shimmed away from him, feeling embarrassed and ashamed.
“Darling what’s wrong?” Jerome asked, his beautiful face twisted into a frown.
“It’s nothing.” You whisper, but the back of your throat started itching, meaning you were about to cry.
“Doll. You can tell me.” He says.
“I'm… I’m just a little insecure. That’s all.” You lower your eyes.
“Insecure? Insecure about what?” He tilts his head.
“About how I look. About my hips and my stomach. I… I just don’t want you to feel how fat I am.” You eyes burned as tears ran down your face. Jerome was silent. Shame built upon you.
“Doll.” He said softly. “You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.” There was something dangerous in his eyes. It was tender, nothing you had seen before. “You are so perfect darling. Don’t believe for a second that you aren’t. You are gorgeous. I don’t understand why you would feel that way about yourself. You aren’t fat darling. And you are so, so beautiful.” You reached over and pulled you closer to him, this time avoiding your sensitive spots. “If your are insecure, it’s okay. Because know you are perfect to me. I will love your insecurities until you do okay?” He pressed a kiss to you temple, to you nose and finally fit his warm mouth to yours.
“Thank you J.” You whisper and clutch his collar. He put his arms around you and propped his feet on the table.
“J.” You warned playfully as his wonderful cackle filled the room.

Bio Major Pro's:

I’m actually learning how to biologically reduce/burn fat and ultimately– lose the pounds!

What I learned so far: Fat is one of the 4 things we NEED to survive. Fat = Energy. The only problem is that our diet has evolved into craving more of the fatty foods, and then our diet becomes overloaded with too much fat. Trans fat is not a naturally occuring fat, & our body doesn’t know how to process it. Because we cannot digest trans fat, it’s stored (guess where?) – that’s right, your tummy and around all other organs near your belly! 

How to get rid of this belly fat? Well, surprisingly it won’t be from diet, even though (obviously you should reduce the amount of trans fat you take in). Our bodies cannot digest this fat, instead we need to (here comes 2 ugly words) ..MOVE and EXERCISE to burn it off! 

I also learned that during a 30 minute workout the first 20 minutes of cardio just burns off the glycogen or instant energy we get from food, (after 20 minutes you may feel a little tired) that means you’ve gone through all of your energy from the glycogen. Your body then goes to the fat you have stored and turns it into energy for your last 10 minutes! So those last 10 minutes is where you are truly burning off the fat that you don’t want. 

Gotta love how a biology lecture can turn around your health life!

anonymous asked:

Why do you think the writers aren't bothered about Chloe's character development?

Well think of character development like losing weight.

Have you ever seen The Biggest Loser? It’s a TV show/competition based around losing weight and people compete to lose the most weight and become “The Biggest Loser”.

What you’ll find if you happen to watch, is that the heaviest people lose the most weight in the first few weeks. This is because fat burns faster and before muscle, so you shed it all off pretty quickly. (And by muscle I mean everything else, like carbs and protien, lumped together under one generic term for convenience sake). However, on the other hand, the lightest people find it harder to lose the same amount of weight as the heavier people. This is due to their greater muscle mass and the fact that they don’t have as much fat to burn, making them have to work harder for their desirable weight goal.

Why do I pain you all with the science of weight loss you may ask? Well because think of it this way:

Fat= “bad” character traits
Muscle= “good” character traits

Characters like Lucifer and Maze started in 1x01 with a lot of “fat”–“bad” character traits, or at least, less desirable versions of themselves compared to now. Because of this, they burned their fat quickly because of all of their new interactions with people like Linda and Chloe. Learning stuff like how to comfort humans™ and how to be boyfriend material™ is considered the “easy” fat to burn.

Now Chloe would be considered a “lighter” character, meaning she has more muscle mass than fat. She has already burned her easy weight off, considering how mature of a character she is, being a mom and still working full time. She doesn’t need a crash course in simple things like how to act in social situations, because she’s already fully capable. Her character development is the “muscle”– trying to open up to people–not an “easy” weight to burn, don’t you think?

I guess what I’m trying to say, in short, is that Chloe is already a well rounded character who has lots of positive traits. The writers aren’t worried about Chloe because why should they? She’s a functioning adult, unlike Lucifer and Maze. She needs less drastic character development and more of a subtler, emotional type (i.e. opening up) to help her. This type of development can only come with time, whereas Lucifer and Maze’s can happen with the flick of the switch.

The writers are just taking their sweet time to make sure Chloe’s character gets the justice it deserves, and right now, what it deserves is time to sort through the emotional roller coaster that was 2x11 through presently airing season 3.

anonymous asked:

Okay, so. My name is Sarah, I'm 20 years old and tall, around 5'8. I'm also overweight. Not obese, I'd put myself somewhere between 220-240 lbs. I'm getting a YMCA pass soon. I know at my height I can never be 150 and healthy but even getting down to 190 would make me happy. I tried running every day to lose weight but I hurt my knee because of my heaviness and couldn't continue. Any tips on how to burn enough fat to exercise without hurting myself? I really want a body that I can be proud of.

Adjust your diet first. Drop your calorie intake and adjust your fridge contents to healthier ones and you’ll see the weight drop that way first. You can find out what a good calorie intake would be for you by making a MyFitnessPal account. Cut things out like soda, chips, candy, super sugary lattes from Starbucks, all that stuff. You can also do things like walking, biking, swimming, and floor exercises (check out blogilates on youtube) to help burn some calories. This will get you down to a manageable weight and you’ll be able to exercise more often without hurting yourself :)

there’s always something that’s bugged me about people who condescendingly act like losing weight is “just calories in and calories out”, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I mean there’s a million things wrong with the fatphobia displayed by these people but I’ve just been trying to figure out the thing I’ve been feeling specifically

And I think what it is is this oversimplification of the concept. People say “calories in and calories out” as if there isn’t a million variables there. First off calories in and calories out is total garbage when you’re talking about health and they absolutely betray the fact that they care about health when they say this because you could eat 1500 calories worth of McDonald’s in one day and lose weight. If you’re pretending to care about *health*, touting calories in and calories out is a gross oversimplification of diet

But moreover the attitude definitely glosses over the fact that everyone’s body is different, metabolisms are different, etc.. “calories in calories out” people seem to not realize that insulin resistance or undiagnosed gluten intolerance are things. So someone could eat half the calories of the next person and still not lose any weight while the other person does.

I mean… How is a person supposed to KNOW how many calories someone burns? How do YOU know how many calories someone burns by looking at them? There’s literally fat athletes in this world, chubby triathalon runners, and then there’s skinny people with fast metabolisms and garbage diets will sneer at them about “calories in and calories out” all because THEY have never had to deal with weight issues

And that doesn’t even touch the ableism often perpetuated by these people but I’m just going to stop here before I get mean lol