how to build a dragon

PJO/ HOO Google searches
  • Percy: amnesia and how to get rid of it
  • Annabeth: my boyfriend is missing help
  • Percy: who is Annabeth
  • Annabeth: how to get rid of spiders
  • Grover: will coffee help me find a god
  • Jason: I just got stabbed what do i do
  • Grover: where is Pan
  • Jason: head injuries webmd
  • Leo: how to build a dragon
  • Hazel: what is facebook?
  • Percy: how do i know if a girl likes me
  • Hazel: what is twitter??
  • Coach Hedge: funniest fails youtube
  • Leo: why am i still single
  • Frank: brownie recipe
  • Hazel: what does 'idk' stand for??
  • Percy: why won't the gods leave me alone
  • Hermes: my kid wants to destroy the world where did i go wrong

I’ve been playing Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin with Zash !!! So here’s doodles to commemorate us almost finishing the game.


Attention Dragon Riders! This Just In! Build a Bear is bringing us another Dragons plush! I am probably the last person to find out about this >_<

This year it’s Stormfly!!!

Apparently she comes out this Friday, though the second image (both taken from the dragons build a bear post on facebook) says not till November… KEEP YOUR EYES OUT!

The plush and clothing do not come to stores till sometime in Nov

call ahead to your store to make sure she if she is in.

it also looks like there will be a new Dragons outfit for Toothless, shame it doesn’t look like it will fit Stormfly (also looks like they have added build a bear patches to the dragons feet. My Toothess doesn’t have that, does anyone elses?)


still kinda wish they made Viking costumes for the dragons… or costumes that look like their dragon rider’s outfits…

oh well. I imagine she will retail for $25usd (that’s how much toothless was when I got him)

Good luck getting her! 

Alright since there is already a post about how the Royal families might be tied in with the four symbols. I’m going to explain it a bit more.

In the newest trailer of FE14 We all saw how Kamui used the dragons vein to build a bridge. When he used this, this pic appeared on the screen.

This could correlate to the Golden dragon or Yellow dragon of the four symbols of china. The yellow dragon is the fifth symbol,the center of the four beast. The Yellow Dragon represents the earth element, which explains how Kamui was able to create the bridge.  Another interesting fact about it is that Its waking, sleeping, and breathing determined day and night, seasons, and weather. It is also called the hornless dragon.

Not long after this was shown, it was soon revealed that Camilla was attuned with the vermilion bird or the Phoenix.

The Vermilion Bird represents the south and fire. This explains why Camilla was able to dry out the river. Another thing the Vermilion Bird represents is summer.  

With Camilla and Kamui attuned to the Vermilion Bird and the Yellow Dragon respectively this leaves the Azure Dragon of the east, White Tiger of the west, and the Black Turtle of the North. Each having control over a certain element.

The Azure Dragon has control over the element wood, and represent Spring. Edit:  Thanks to sakuyandere who pointed out that Leon used a wood spell in the trailer. He might be attuned to the Azure Dragon.

The White Tiger represents the West, the autumn season and the element of Metal. It was said that the white tiger would only appear when the emperor ruled with absolute virtue, or if there was peace throughout the world. Maybe Marx and Ryouma will be tied to the White Tiger.

The Black Tortoise represents the North, Winter, and the element of water.  Despite its English name, it is usually depicted as a turtle entwined together with a snake.

Dragon Age - Wonders of Thedas Survey

So that infographic I reblogged made me curious, obviously it wasn’t a full representation of the fandom (for various reasons, one being a low sample count). 

So I decided to do an unofficial poll of how people build their Dragon Age Universe, all of which is anonymous and hopefully will get some good numbers. Also this is really just strictly canon choices and characters, I plan on doing a more amusing, fun one later for headcanon/noncanon choices, ideas, and playthroughs (e.g. A Warden’s gender, rather than sex). I will share all the results and numbers once it’s done.

So if you could just go to the survey form and fill it out, it’d be much appreciated.

The accuracy and sample group depends on how well this gets around and who takes it. So for the best results and so you can see how representation in the fandom actually stacks up, getting as many friends and followers to take it would be ideal.

This is ultimately just for fun though!

Open till July, 20th 2015

Earlier today I was thinking about all of the fans of How to Train Your Dragon who became fans after the second film and who were like aware of it didn’t do the types of things that like tumblr fans do or didn’t have anyone to do it with, and how starting in the next year or so they’re going to get to experience the collective hype that just builds and builds as we all wait for How to Train Your Dragon 3 and I’m so happy that they’ll get to have that experience because honestly it’s great :)