how to build a dragon

Dragon Guide: Taking Care of a Sick Dragon

Step 1: Build a blanket and pillow cave. 

  • (This will make the dragon comfortable and relaxed.)

Step 2: Present the dragon with a small hoard of their favorite snacks. 

  • (This will make them feel special, respected, and honored.)

Step 3: Make the dragon some chamomile tea or a drink of their choice. 

  • (This not only helps the throat heal, but can be very comforting to dragons who breathe heated substances, such as lava or fire. If an ice dragon, serve a cold drink of their choosing with ice cubes.)

Step 4: Put on a favorite movie of said dragon. 

  • (This will distract the dragon from unease or pain, and entertain them. Choosing a dragon movie may fill them with happy memories or a uplifting and happy feeling.)

Step 5: Shower the dragon with affection and cuddles.

  •  (If they do not want physical contact however, respect that. Maybe do a puzzle or play a game with them instead.)

Step 6: Let the dragon drift to sleep and give them space. 

  • (Sleep is a huge part of feeling better and being well again.)

Step 7: Do not wake the dragon.

  • (They will wake up when their bodies are ready. They need time to get better.)

FINAL NOTE:  Never take the fact that the dragon trusts you for granted. 

  • (It takes a lot of trust for them to let you help them; in their weakest, and most vulnerable state.)
Ask a Dragon: Kanel

Kanel has all your questions answered here! Hope you all enjoy!

Q: What is the best way to meet my own dragon companion?

K: I would say look at your local shops on tumblr. That is the safest way. If you take part in dragon magic you can most likely attract a dragon who is willing to be a companion but you must be specific in who and what you call for. Though that process is harder and not as safe. Rachel is fairly experienced from what I have been told and from what I’ve observed. She was practically born into this. So I suggest a shop.

Q: How do you build a bond with your dragon companion? What are good ways to spend time together?

K: Good question. Many ways. Meditation is always good. Asking questions on what they like. Play a few games together or even just chat. Make plans to do things. I enjoy working with Rachel and just simply observing her life. I also recommend things to her. But I highly suggest seeing what your companion enjoys and go from there.

Q: What is a cultural difference between dragons and humans that you thought was pretty cool?

K: That’s hard to say. I suppose cosplaying? I didn’t know what that was. We don’t do that. And… memes? It’s more of your modern things that confuse me. But I have seen your world change for a long time. I don’t’ like where it is going. But definitely cosplays and those… memes

Q: Do you know of any dragons that can take on human form? Or dragon companions that take on a human form to people?

K: I do not know of any companions that do that but I have met shapeshifters of that nature. Some have half dragon/human figures as well. But yes, I have seen some in my time.

Q: Are there any tastes that don’t go well together for you?

K: I wouldn’t exactly know. I’d say some types of fruit don’t go together but I’ve never pin pointed that. I’ll have to think on it.

Q: How can one see dragons easier?

K: See dragons? Physically, I don’t think it’s possible. Through the third eye, practice, meditation, ask help from your guide or dragon like Rachel has asked me. Lots of mind and psychic work.

Q: Any offerings that are nice?

K: Incense, fire, crystals. I do enjoy plants but you don’t exactly have a grin thumb (I sit there grinning, he laughs), prayers, dedicated meditations, those are my personal favorites.

Q: Any recreational activity to do together?

K: Meditation. (That’s your answer to everything-Me). Watching movies, spells and magick, I enjoy teaching, learning. I enjoy observing nature as well, anything that you think your companion would like.

Q: Is it possible for a dragon to fall in love with a human/vice vera?

K: Yes, of course. Spirit spouses are very common and are not limited to just humanoid creatures. Kelpies take brides and husbands all the time. Dragons do as well, though I’ve noticed they can be picky.

Q: Can you fly? If so, do you do it often?

K: Yes, it is my main way of travel.

Q: Any species of dragon you would recommend to try and talk with first?

K: Some astral dragons seem to be good, wyverns can be hard. Older and wiser dragons I’d suggest, anything with a calmer energy. My understanding of English isn’t too well so I don’t think you’d understand my names for them. It depends what you’d be interested in. Calmer elements and energies first, then species. (Kanel wants me to look into species names that we have for dragons. He wants to go back over them and then I can go into detail about this question further on a separate post but I won’t be able to get to it tonight. It may be next week when I get to it)

Q: What was the most unexpected thing about working with humans?

K: Your friends. Your life. Your struggles. It is hard to grasp since I’ve never personally worked with a human before. Your humor is hard to grasp. Overall, adjusting to your life.

Q: Any advice for someone who is getting their first dragon companion?

K: Learn about each other. Ask questions, maybe give a welcoming gift. Make them feel at home. Start a notebook for them. But get to know them. See what they enjoy.

Q: Can you tell us about your personal life?

K: My personal life is long gone. (laughs). I’ve been around for a long time. I used to travel from land to land. Making friends, learning the arts, learning things you do not know and may not ever grasp. Now my place is with Rachel and I enjoy it greatly. I think it was about time to settle down and pass onmy teachings to someone special.

Q: How do you prefer to spend most of your time?

K: With Rachel, or listening to your world. Talking with Dane and Orion, sometimes Loki. I observe her life. I normally stay by her side. In the places I can fit. (laughs)

Q: (From me) Do you have anything to say?

K: Thank you for the questions. This is new for me and I enjoy it. I would gladly do it again. But it is Orion’s turn next and I hope you all will give him the same chance that you all gave me. He is eager and excited. I’m sure I will do this again in the future along with the some other activities to do with you all as well.

Thank you all for submitting questions! Both of us really enjoyed it and we hope you’re questions were answered :3
How to Build Hamilton Characters in Dungeons and Dragons || Amariebythesea
So on the latest episode of Critical Role, Matthew Mercer proposed an idea - sort the Hamilton Musical characters into D&D classes. To that I said, "HELL YES...
Something I forgot to post!

So I work at Build a Bear and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon was recently released and the demand for it was intense. We sold out storewide and city wide in less than two days and completely company wide in a weekend. It was crazy. Then earlier this week, we got a secret box delivered to our store. So there was only 24 in the box and we could only sell one per guest and only if they asked, we werent allowed to tell them we had it. This man came in and he was really excited, he wanted two but we could only sell him one. It turns out his brother is the lead animator on HTTYD and wanted one as well, but we couldn’t sell it to him! I got to speak to the animator over the phone and he offered to draw me a toothless, autograph it and send it to me if I would sell his brother a second one!! I would have done it in a heart beat, but my manager was all “absolutely no exceptions!” and thats the story of how we denied the creator of toothless a build a bear of toothless

PJO/ HOO Google searches
  • Percy: amnesia and how to get rid of it
  • Annabeth: my boyfriend is missing help
  • Percy: who is Annabeth
  • Annabeth: how to get rid of spiders
  • Grover: will coffee help me find a god
  • Jason: I just got stabbed what do i do
  • Grover: where is Pan
  • Jason: head injuries webmd
  • Leo: how to build a dragon
  • Hazel: what is facebook?
  • Percy: how do i know if a girl likes me
  • Hazel: what is twitter??
  • Coach Hedge: funniest fails youtube
  • Leo: why am i still single
  • Frank: brownie recipe
  • Hazel: what does 'idk' stand for??
  • Percy: why won't the gods leave me alone
  • Hermes: my kid wants to destroy the world where did i go wrong

Part two of my illustration final.

I probably had the most fun trying to design the dragons of this world. As you can see with the designs at the bottom, I tried to move away from the traditional, horse-like build of dragons (even though I know that’s how Ms. McCaffrey described her dragons), and make them a bit more, well, alien. I was also really partial to the chubby dragon design, and I couldn’t bring myself to let it go. 


Attention Dragon Riders! This Just In! Build a Bear is bringing us another Dragons plush! I am probably the last person to find out about this >_<

This year it’s Stormfly!!!

Apparently she comes out this Friday, though the second image (both taken from the dragons build a bear post on facebook) says not till November… KEEP YOUR EYES OUT!

The plush and clothing do not come to stores till sometime in Nov

call ahead to your store to make sure she if she is in.

it also looks like there will be a new Dragons outfit for Toothless, shame it doesn’t look like it will fit Stormfly (also looks like they have added build a bear patches to the dragons feet. My Toothess doesn’t have that, does anyone elses?)


still kinda wish they made Viking costumes for the dragons… or costumes that look like their dragon rider’s outfits…

oh well. I imagine she will retail for $25usd (that’s how much toothless was when I got him)

Good luck getting her! 

[Euron Greyjoy] is a man who actively elevates himself above humanity by imposing suffering on others. There’s more to this then just base enjoyment and ambition, as with the other villains of Ice and Fire. Euron in contrast is a man pursuing a spiritual quest into the utterly inhuman. He is attempting to become part of a supernatural order that literally feeds on people.

There is something or many a thing at work in the world of Ice and Fire that gives rewards for destroying what dearly belongs to another. There is magic in the screams of a burning sacrifice, the drugged pain of a castrated boy, the wasting of a shadowbinder’s lover, and the horrific agony of a vivisected woman. This is otherworldly power that can be gained from inflicting suffering that is above and beyond the power derived from merely material exploitation. It’s only a short leap from figuring this out about the world to deciding that this is all there is to the world; that instead of gods there are just hungry monsters and instead of questions of good and evil there is only the question of feasting with the monsters or being feasted on by them. Long ago the Undying of Qarth made such a leap and so did the Dragon Lords.

Fire and blood were the foundations of Valyria. At its heart the Empire was nothing more than a gigantic carnal house and torture chamber through which millions of slaves passed so that a few thousand warrior-sorcerers could work their will on the world. How did the Valyrians build their wonders: the Dragon Roads, the Long Bridge, the Black Wall, Dragonstone, and the far greater structures consumed in the Doom? How did they forge Valyrian steel or create glass candles? Death and pain were harvested and exchanged for everything the histories say “they made”. Whatever limits there were weren’t human ones. The tattooing of slaves in Volantis, the manufacture of Unsullied in Astapor, the thousands of rapes that occur daily in the pillow houses of Lys, the flesh powered forges in Qohor, the pit fighters training in Meereen, all these are nothing more than quaint remnants created by provincials aping or catering to the tastes of the mighty capital. All the black sorceries practiced in the shadows of Essos are either an inheritance from Valyaria or the legacy of similar societies that were just smaller in scale. If you think Euron is over the top, give him silver-blonde hair and purple eyes and you’ll have a collective portrait of the class that ruled the world for thousands of years.

—  @madeinmyr