how to blow a bubble

Villainous Candy Headcanons

I was eating candy and this happened

•Black Hat prefers chocolates over anything else
•Dark chocolate with any type filling especially
•He’ll take a simple chocolate bar or Hershey’s kiss though
•Just please god don’t give him a KitKat
•He will eat it incorrectly no matter how many times you try to correct him
•It’s hard to tell if he just doesn’t understand or if he really just wants to piss everyone off by biting into whole instead of breaking it
•The only time he’ll break a KitKat is if one of his minions wants some and he doesn’t want the entire thing
•But if there’s more than one piece left, he will still eat it wrong

•Dementia likes sour candies
•Warheads? Seven black cherry ones at once. Crybaby gumballs? Whole bag is gone and she’s blowing huge bubbles
•No one understands how she can do it
•She will lick the sour salt/powder out of the bag when she’s done

•Flug likes gummy candies
•They don’t require a lot of focus too eat so he can just shove them in his mouth and keep working
•He doesn’t like ones that have powder or flavored salt on them
•His favorite are gummy worms
•When he first introduced Black Hat to gummy worms, Black Hat thought they were legitimate worms turned into candies
•He called Flug sick then gave him a raise
•Black Hat has since discovered that they aren’t real worms

•Flug introduced Black Hat and Dementia to those lollipops that have real bugs in them and they both love them while Flug could go without
•They have a cotton candy maker that only Black Hat is allowed to operate because 1) It’ll get stuck in 5.0.5.’s fur 2) Dementia just can’t be trusted 3) Flug burned himself with it and refuses to be near the machine
•Dementia receives a box every month filled with Japanese candies that they all try together
•There are smiles for the sweet things, sour faces for the things that smell like teriyaki, and just an all around family feeling to the air while Dementia snaps photos

She Knows (M)

Originally posted by jypnior

Summary: He says he’s never coming back, but he wants you to come along for the ride. An impromptu road trip with Jinyoung leads to desires surfacing, among other things. (High!Jinyoung x Reader)

Genre: Smut / Angst

Drug use

Word Count: 2,981

Written by: Admin Jaefairy

A/n: I don’t know where this came from., but I needed to finish it. Shoutout to the other fairies, @xiustories , and @disenchanteddreamers for reassuring me it wasn’t bad. OTL Please enjoy.

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A Grave Situation

Summary: In which Dan is dead, cold, and sick and tired or no one being able to see him - until someone can.

Word Count: 4.7k

Genre: angstyish fluff? just read it man

this is a birthday present for @haleykinz ! i won’t have time to upload it tomorrow morning so i thought i would do it now. ily haley :]

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LOOK AT WHAT I DID !! pls be proud of me

Steve gets a job teaching swim classes at the local pool in the summer of ‘83. The pay is pretty decent and he figures it’ll look good on a college application, whenever he can get his grades up enough to bother thinking about that.

It’s instantly obvious that he’s a favourite instructor, especially amongst the younger students. His goofy faces, spot-on Scooby Doo impression, and unerring enthusiasm help to make the little guppies, aged 2 to 4, feel comfortable in the water. It also doesn’t hurt that he manages to make water wings and goggles look super cool.

Nancy first notices Steve Harrington when she’s roped into taking Holly to her weekly class. Sure, she’s seen him around school before, but this is a different kind of noticing. She sees the way he softly demonstrates how to blow bubbles in the water and the way he uses a tiny yellow water gun to squirt the students who stop paying attention and how he opens his arms to catch the ones who feel brave enough to jump into the pool. And Nancy realizes that maybe there’s more to Steve Harrington than the boring jock she chalked him up to be. In fact he reminds her of a giant teddy bear and she begins offering to take Holly back to the pool, week after week.

By the time the summer of ‘84 rolls around, Nancy and Jonathan make it a point of going to visit Steve at work. They enjoy watching him swim laps before the evening classes start and leap off the tire swing that hangs over the deep end, clearly showing off, a cheeky grin on his face each time he surfaces. Sometimes they’ll hear a group of moms chattering about how handsome “the Harrington boy” is, and they exchange a satisfied, secret glance because that’s their boy.

just acchan/sakamoto things:

  • acchan has sakamoto as his phone wallpaper
  • asked him for a smile at his job at wcdonalds
  • his friends know about his crush and are totally supportive
  • acchan asks asks sakamoto to teach his deliquent friends how to blow bubbles and praises him for his bubble blowing technique. is the only one out of his friends who actually quit smoking because of that
  • acchan rescued by sakamoto during the fire exercise and cheers him on when he lands
  • he’s the only guy in the art class among the girls surrounding sakamoto
  • when sakamoto disappears he is SO keen on finding him and asks around everywhere
  • acchan is angry at sakamotos friend bc he doesnt care that he disappeared
  • claims he wants to be close enough for his fist to him 
  • actually wanted to follow sakamoto LITERALLY to the other end of the world. in brazil
  • he was sad when he didnt find him and then super happy when he did
Jumin Han chewing gum for the first time

So like…I was chewing 5 pieces of gum and thought about this okay
And don’t tell me this is gap moe okay
•You were chewing a piece of bubble gum one night while watching a drama
•Jumin appeared from the hallway and sat next to you with a towel around his neck.
•he was fresh out of the shower, his hair still wet.
•Though he was focused on the tv for a few moments, he got distracted by the sound of you chewing something.
•"What are you eating, MC? Why must you chew it for so long?“ He asked, obviously perplexed.
•You smirked and blew a bubble, watching his eyes follow the growing ball and look back at yours when the bubble popped.
•"Gum. It’s a ‘commoner’ thing” You said teasing him. You reached over to the coffee table and grabbed him a piece of gum.
•He flipped the wrapped rectangle around in his hand before opening it.
•"You just…chew on it? And make bubbles?“ He questioned. You couldn’t tell if he was interested or confused.
•"Yep! Just chew on it.”
•He looked at the gum and back at you with a concerned look lingering on his features.
•He gingerly placed the gum in his mouth and began to chew.
•"Now try to blow a bubble!“ You said after letting him chew it for a while
•He looked back at you with determination (cute) and tried to blow one
•he didn’t do it
•he tried may different approaches, all failing
•it was the CUTEST thing every watching him concentrate so hard on trying to blow the darn bubble
•"mc, how did you manage to blow the bubble?” He said, verging on begging you to teach him
•"Jumin, dear, it’s all about using your tongue, which you are amazing at using.“ You say (bhhaaa mc you dirty perv)
•he smirks at your comment but brushes it of, now using his tongue to try to blow a bubble
•he combines his past techniques with your new advice and BAMB
•he blows a decent bubble!!
•you squeal with joy and jumin is sO HAPPY he’s like
•he has a faint blush on his cheeks and a smile on his lips, along with the popped bubble
•you lean forward and kiss him despite the gum
And end up with gum on your face too (mc that kinda gross)
•jumin chews gum often after that and continuously blows bubbles
•he was trying to show Elizabeth his skills and got gum in her fur. Yikes.

i can’t wait to marry you

for the lovely @highkeybane  

huge thanks for @hail-andfarewell and @lightshook for editing this for me

Summary: Alec spends the day remembering all his special moments with Magnus, as he prepares himself for to finally marry his best friend. 

Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

Also on Ao3!

Alec slowly opens his eyes as the sun softly shined in through the curtains. Everything was hazy at first, but after a few seconds, everything went back to normal. He slowly turns around and he smiles so brightly as he sees a figure lying next to him. It’s Magnus, his fiance, and today is the day—the day of their wedding.

Alec looked at his beautiful fiance, and thinks to himself,  how did I get so lucky? He kept looking at Magnus, and he remembered how they have known each other since high school, and had met during freshman year.

It was their first day in school, and Alec was nervous. He didn’t know how to socialize properly, unlike his younger siblings, Izzy, and Jace. After finding his first class without much difficulty, he sat down and pulled out his books, pencil, and eraser and then—

“Pssssst,” Alec hears a voice calling him. He turned around and saw a beautiful Asian boy behind him.

“Yes?” Alec replied feeling utterly confused. Why was this boy talking to him? No one really talks to him.

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Lucretia brings bits and pieces of her homeworld with her. Things she cannot forget. 

Though they may not remember, there’s a reason the Bureau of Balance is made of domes.

Lucretia doesn’t like looking up. There’s only one sun and the sky overhead is painted the wrong color, a deep unnerving blue that makes her nauseous if she stares at it too long. Besides, craning her neck back gives her a crick that brings painfully to the front of her mind her new old age.

“Do you have the plans?”

“Of course,” Lucretia replies, handing the plan to Maureen and closing her folder again with a snap.

“Gotcha.” Maureen runs a quick eye over it and nods approvingly. Then a half-smile quirks up at her lips. “Fan of domes, are we?”

“Something of the sort.”

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anonymous asked:

i gave angus a little turtle toy I had made(it's sort of glass and it glows different colors and 'swims' in the air while blowing bubbles) and he wanted to learn how to make it so ive started to teach him how to make magical toys and now I think taako has a death wish for me. ango's having fun tho so it's cool


Iron Man Merchandise

In honor of the cutest Iron Man Alarm Clock I bought today, this fic was born. Also thank you @akumainoue for helping me out with this.

When he started seeing (dating? They haven’t really put an official title on anything) Clint, he didn’t think it would come with so many….presents. It’s not like he was getting something wrapped every week, it was more….impulse buys? And all of them, ALL of them are Iron Man themed. For the past four months Clint has been surprising him with Iron Man themed merchandise.

So far in his “collection” he has, three tee shirts with the helmet or full body suit, pajama pants, socks, a few Pop! Figurines, wall stickers, two piggy banks, two watches, two mugs, three key chains and a build-a-bear. And the collection was still growing as Clint approached him with his arms behind his back.

“Hey babe, don’t be mad but I may or may not have got you something while I was out today.”

“Oh dear god, what did you get this time?”

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How to feel small

💛 Take a bubble bath

💛 Wear cute clothes

💛 Blow bubbles

💛 Play with toys or stuffed animals

💛 Watch cute movies or cartoons

💛 Use a pacifier (if possible)

💛 Use a sippy cup or bottle, or just a cute water bottle

💛 Eat fruit snacks, mini pancakes, candies, lunchables, or other “small” foods

💛 Use baby lotion and shampoo

💛 Use kid’s themed tooth brushes

💛 Cute pajamas

💛 Play online kid’s games

💛 Bake soft cookies with someone’s help

💛 Make a puzzle

💛 Draw or color with crayons or crayola products

💛 Build a fort

💛 Read children’s books

💛 Cuddle with your carer

💛 Cuddle with a huge stuffed animal

💛 Jump around for a bit

💛 Come up with cute new words

💛 Play with slime

💛 Have someone sing you to sleep

💛 Read bedtime stories, listen to lullabies

💛 Lay down and relax with your stuffed animals

💛 Make a sticker chart

💛 Make a regression journal and write about things that make you feel tiny

💛 Make fun crafts

💛 Do activities and worksheets

💛 Talk to friends who are small too

💛 Talk to your carer or favorite carer blog

💛 Wear diapers or pull ups (if you like)

💛 Draw in a notebook

💛 Hang up your art/colorings/etc on the fridge

💛 Get bath crayons to draw with in the bath

💛 Colorful bath fizzies

💛 Get ABC magnets for your fridge

💛 Wear fuzzy socks

💛 Pick flowers

💛 Skip around

💛 Use chalk outside

💛 Go to the playground

💛 Browse the toy aisle/baby aisle in the store

💛 Cuddle up in a cozy soft blanket that’s way bigger than you

💛 Buy a tiny blanket to bring around with you

💛 Footie pajamas/onesies

💛 Use rattles

💛 Get fun interactive baby toys

💛 Set up a water slide outside

💛 Get cute floaties for the pool (if you have one)

💛 Eat/make popsicles

💛 Sing Disney songs

💛 Wear cute accessories

💛 Dance around

💛 Use a nightlight

💛 Make a mountain out of your stuffed animals and jump in it

💛 The floor is lava

💛 Play hopscotch

💛 Name all your toys/stuffed animals

💛 Go to Disney, theme parks, water parks (if possible)

💛 Play with bath toys

💛 Go to the beach and build a sand castle (if possible)

💛 Build a snowman (if possible)

💛 Explore the woods, go on a nature walk

💛 Write, talk about, or draw all the cool things you see

💛 Write about and draw all your favorite animals

💛 Take a quiz (Ex: What Disney princess are you)

💛 Play dress up

💛 Put on a fashion show for your stuffies, friends, or carer

💛 Have a pillow fight

💛 Write in a diary

💛 Play hide and seek with friends

💛 Make a fort outside

💛 Play tag with friends

💛 Have a voice chat with your carer or small friends

💛 Get cute bandaids for any booboos

💛 Play with your pets