how to block someone on tumblr

Honestly, if you have to google someone’s username just to find shit on them and find their other accounts on other websites for the purpose of making fun of them on tumblr or any other website it shows how much of an obsessive, pathetic lowlife that you are. 

height tumblr experience is seeing a post about how otis from back at the barnyard is trans 10 replies long and then realizing you cant reblog it because someone with the url aphobeasirel has you blocked



If you see a theory that you don’t like, just write why WITHOUT insulting and with clear motivation (ex. “I don’t like it because it doesn’t make sense in here”, not “It’S sTuPiD kIlL yOuRsElF Xdddd”).
If you see a fanart that you don’t like, just scroll.
If someone insults you just block them and think about all the nice things someone else said.

Please, stop flaming people because they like other thing, because they have different tastes.
Stop flaming people because they don’t do things like you want.

Please, just try to get on with the other, we can build something really important. Together we can make a platform where people can publish art without being judged, just because they want to show the fruit of their work with people who like the same stuff, how Tumblr has always supposed to be.

If you think the same please reblog and add every show/game/book tag you can mind.
  • how to get blocked on twitter: tweet something at them that they find offensive or disagree with
  • how to get blocked on tumblr: have someone tell someone else that they knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who said you're problematic
Ask mun about their Tumblr experience!

1. How many blogs have you ever had in total?
2. How many active blogs do you currently have?
3. Show us the blog that has the biggest number of followers.
4. What is your second most followed blog?
5. How long have you been using Tumblr?
6. When exactly was this current blog created?
7. Have you made any friends on Tumblr?
8. Have you ever met a person that you know in real life on Tumblr?
9. Have you ever made a post that got more than 1000 notes?
10. Have you ever made a post that surpassed 10 000 notes?
11. How much time have you spent searching for a theme for this current blog?12. Have you ever blocked someone?
13. Have you ever received a fan mail?
14. How often do you receive anon hate? Or maybe someone had sent you hate without anon?
15. How many blogs do you currently follow on this account?
16. Have you ever been a part of fandom (or some other) drama on Tumblr?
17. Had your Tumblr Senpais ever noticed you? Have you interacted?
18. Have you ever deleted a blog or account?
19. Do you have a blog(s) that has been unactive for a long time but you still don’t want to delete?
20. What do you think, what is your reputation on Tumblr/in your community?

anonymous asked:

Any tips for self validation.

  • Be your own best friend. Think of yourself the way you’d think of a friend and treat yourself the way you’d treat a friend. If you start thinking something self-deprecating or awful about yourself, ask yourself whether you’d say that thought out loud about a person you care about. Would you tell your best friend that their gender isn’t valid, that their art sucks, that someone else is better than them? Nope. People can be faster to defend someone else than they are to defend themselves so treat that negative inner voice like you would some asshole talking shit about someone you love. If you wouldn’t consider a thought to be fair if it was said to them, it’s not fair to you to think it about yourself.
  • Validate other people. Send positive anonymous messages to people you follow or who follow you. If there’s a certain thing you feel uncertain about (gender, sexuality, a hobby, anything) then find a tag on tumblr for it and go through it sending positive anon messages to the people posting there. Look at their reactions, look how happy they are. Loving others is a good step towards loving yourself.
  • Don’t let other people invalidate you. If a website has a block button then use it as often as you need to. Someone sends you a nasty message? Posts something gross or bigoted in a tag? Block them. You’re not obligated to reply to someone who sends you upsetting messages or posts upsetting shit in a tag you frequent. You don’t have to justify a block to anyone. Often people feel like they have to respond to vitriol in order to defend themselves or their principles but you have to ask yourself what you hope to get out of doing that and what it will take out of you. There’s a difference between someone who is being an asshole just to be an asshole and someone who is genuinely confused, there’s a difference between replying to someone who you will get nothing out of but more insults and frustration and replying to someone who genuinely wants to learn and have a discussion. There are conversations that are productive and uplifting and ones that aren’t. You don’t have to sacrifice your mental/emotional state in order to defend something to someone who has no interest in listening. Sometime blocking and cutting that shit off before it starts is the right thing to do.
  • Keep a journal. I keep two different journals for two different purposes. The first is your basic, ‘this is what happened today and this is what I feel’ diary. The purpose of this one is to unbottle my head at the end of the day so that I can get everything off my chest and get my emotions down into actual words. It’s important with that kind of journal to not censor yourself and to be as honest about your feelings as possible, even when you’re incredibly angry or upset or know your thoughts aren’t particularly fair or kind. At the end of the every week I look back over my entries, looking at them from a calmer and bit more distant mindset, and I write a ‘follow up’ entry. Maybe something happened on Monday that, a week later, I can see wasn’t that big of a deal. Maybe I had thoughts about someone that, after some time, I realize weren’t fair to them. It’s important to look back over entries, analyze them, and ask yourself where you were coming from and how–some days later–your mind has changed. The second journal I keep is a bit more simple. It’s only for positive things. If I see a quote that’s inspirational, if someone complimented me or did something nice to me, if I saw a cute dog on the street–all of that goes in. It’s an evidence log of GOOD things for times when I feel like no good things ever happen that I can look over and feel better by doing so.
  • Practice self-care. Self-care means different things for different people but the bottom line is generally doing something that makes you feel better and genuinely helps you out. This can be something to do with your body (bathing, eating, doing your nails), a hobby (art, cooking, gardening, reading), just relaxing (napping, listening to music), or a million and one other things. Find something (or several things) that make you feel good and that you can turn to in trying times.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. This can be people IRL or people you follow online. Everyone has bad days (some more than others) and no one is positive 24/7 all year ‘round but there’s a difference between that and people who are nothing but a negative force in your life. If you know or follow someone who only ever makes you feel bad and who is having a negative impact on your emotional/mental well-being, you have every right to reconsider whether you want them in your life. Meanwhile, find new people to friend and follow who ARE a positive impact. Follow self-care blogs, blogs that are about your interests, blogs that post affirmations. Find groups or forums that do the same. If you’re able to do so IRL consider joining some kind of club or taking a class or reaching out to new people. The people around you should support you and uplift you and make you feel good about yourself and life in general, you shouldn’t dread seeing them because you know it’s going to be a miserable experience every time. Ask yourself if the people in your life (online and off) are a help or a hindrance and reevaluate those relationships accordingly.
supporting each other

I’m seeing a lot of people get harassed all the way off Tumblr right now, or really struggling just in general.

I came across an old post today where classic rock fans on Tumblr organized a “secret Santa” that was just sending positivity and nice things to the person you were assigned.

I think we could really use this in our community so I propose:

April Showers Of Support

The idea is that you’ll anonymously compliment/befriend a tumblr user who is randomly assigned to you and in turn, you will be assigned to someone else.

@vaspider​ has volunteered to help match people up, so that if someone has me blocked they can still participate! 

How it works:
From now until March 25th 2017, message/inbox me or @vaspider saying you want to participate in April Showers.

It’s more fun if you have anon asks turned on, but you can still participate if you don’t.

You’ll receive a message back telling you who to send positivity to. 

You will start messaging your person, ANONYMOUSLY *if possible*, whenever you get assigned one, and you can keep going until April 15 or as long as you want! 

If you are doing it anonymously, you can reveal yourself on April 15, and will (hopefully) have made a new friend.

I also highly encourage participants to send a couple of extra compliments or nice gifs or whatever to random people you see reblogging this post throughout the month, to keep them guessing about who their person might be, and to spread the love.

You can send your person whatever you want (as long as it’s nice), your goal is to make your person feel happier!

(Some ideas: give their posts extra attention; tell them things you appreciate about them or their blog; send virtual hugs; cute gifs; posts you think they’d like; fun facts; things related to their interests… What else? Feel free to reblog this with ideas about what you’d enjoy getting!)

Some people might get more than one person or be assigned to more than one person, because many unexpected things can happen and I want to make sure that everybody will have a pair. We’ll ask you before giving you more than one, you definitely don’t have to do extra!

* If you’re not able to message your person at least a few times a week - DON’T SIGN UP. We want everyone to have a good experience.
* If your person has not contacted you in over a week, message me and I will gently remind them or find you another one.
* THIS IS FOR FUN! April Showers is designed to make new friends and meet people you might not have normally had contact with.
* It’s useful to have an easy-to-find “about me” page so that your person will have something to talk to you about.
* Please try to keep a note of who you’re assigned to!
* IF YOU CHANGE YOUR URL DURING THE PROJECT PLEASE LET US KNOW. If you don’t let us know about your new url, you will no longer be a part of the project, because your person won’t be able to find you!
* If you have any questions or want to ask for advice, do not hesitate to message me or @vaspider.


So I try my best to avoid altercations with others bc :-) anxiety :-) but I’m honestly at a loss for what has just happened. From working tirelessly alongside someone else as an admin in a roleplay and spending hours upon hours writing and editing graphics, I’m now sat here unable to access the account because they changed the password and blocked me. Why did they change the password, you ask? I wanted to promote diversity.

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anonymous asked:

I'm really sad about something I don't understand and was hoping you could explain. Why do people block without giving a reason to? I don't why it first seems like it's all going so well then the next you're blocked and you don't know why or what you did or said wrong? It's happened twice now and to say it hurts is an understatement.

Oh, my precious Kabby babies.  Circle up, it’s time for some firm but gentle life advice from Mom. 

First of all, unless I personally am the person who blocked you (which I’m obviously not since we’re having this conversation!), in a very real sense the short answer to this question is that you know I can’t actually answer this question.  You’re asking me to tell you why a person I don’t know did a thing for which I have no context, and for which there could be a thousand reasons. So in a concrete, specific sense, my answer is: I do not know.


(You knew there was going to be a however.)

Social media is a deeply personal avenue for self-expression and it’s also a world where many of us spend a great deal of our time, which means that we have the full and free right to customize it into exactly what we want it to be.  The things that you post are personal reflections of you, which is  why it bums you out when someone mutes or blocks or doesn’t follow back; it feels on some level like a personal rejection.  But the space you curate is also a personal reflection of you.  You have the right to post anything you want and other people have the right to choose not to see it.  Both of those rights are equal, even though you’re only on one side so naturally the other one feels like it’s in some way “wrong.”  

I’m speaking with zero context for what your preexisting relationship with these people was beforehand (like obviously if it was a close friend and they blocked you out of nowhere, you’re going to have to sort that out with them directly, I can’t advise you there), but it’s important to remember that there may be no “right” and wrong” in this scenario.  It’s fully possible for both of these things to peacefully coexist at the same time:

1) your absolute right to feel a little bit rejected and hurt that a stranger on the internet made the choice that they didn’t want your social media sphere to overlap with their social media sphere,


2) that other person’s absolute right to say “if something or someone makes me feel even the tiniest bit ‘nope’ I am purging it out of this space so it is exactly what I want and need it to be.” 

They don’t need to have a reason.  That sucks, when you’re on the receiving end of it, which all of us have been - it truly and genuinely sucks - but it’s also reality.  One of the hard truths that incidents like this make us sometimes have to face - and we don’t want to face these things, because they can feel really icky and vulnerable and ping all the little gremlins in our brain  - is this:

nobody on the internet owes you their time or attention for anything you do or say.

This sounds mean and brutal, and I don’t mean it to be, because you know mom loves you, but it’s incredibly important, so I’m going to say it again to make sure that if nothing else, this gets through:

nobody on the internet owes you their time or attention for anything you do or say.

The celebs you stan don’t owe you a response to your tweet, just because you want one.  The people you tag in meta don’t owe you reblogging it to continue having that conversation with you forever, just because you want to prove you’re right.  The fans of the fic you write for your most popular ship don’t owe you crossing over to give you hits on your rare-pair fic if they don’t feel like it.  Nobody owes you a certain number of followers, nobody owes you a response to every anon you send them, nobody owes you finishing that fic you like in time for them to read it when they feel like reading it.  We owe each other one thing and one thing only: basic human decency.  That’s it.  Everything else is freely offered to the world, and freely taken by the people who want it.  It’s not a transactional exchange.  If you make art or write fic and you put it out there into the world, you’ve done a cool thing, and whether it gets ten hits or thousands it was still worth doing.  There will be people who aren’t interested, but if you get hung up on feeling rejected by that, it will paralyze you.

Social media is personal. That’s unavoidable.  It’s an extension of ourselves.  When someone is cruel to you or to one of your friends on the internet, even if it’s an anonymous stranger, it feels shitty.  When you express an opinion about something and a ton of people reblog it and the tags are full of “OMG YES THISSSSS”, it feels great.  We all experience that in different ways.  Society has always selected arbitrary measures for young girls and women to live up to in order to feel like they’re popular or they’re approved by the cool kids, and right now it’s things like “how many followers do you have” and “did you get an RT from a celebrity” and “how many likes on your posts”.  So on a primal level, maybe having someone you thought was a friend block you on Twitter or Tumblr hits you in the same deep core place as having the cool kids not come to your birthday party.  That feeling is super real!  It brings up alllllll that deep stuff we try to hide and pretend that we’re above experiencing, but we all have those squishy vulnerable inner selves that just need the cool kids to like us and we feel bad when they don’t.  

I had this exact conversation with my therapist a few weeks ago when she was giving me a hard time because my book has 60 reviews on Amazon, of which like the majority are 5 stars with two negative ones, and I have both the negative ones like memorized.  And she was like “CLAIRE.  WHAT THE HELL.  WHY DO YOU DO THIS?  58 POSITIVE AND YOU CANNOT QUOTE A SINGLE ONE.  TWO SHITTY ONES AND YOU KNOW THEM VERBATIM.  THAT IS NOT HEALTHY BEHAVIOR.”  And I was like “… . okay fine when you put it that way, yes I do sound like a crazy person.”  So like my advice to you – advice which I have just proven I am absolute garbage at taking myself, so like I may have just eroded my own credibility in my efforts to help – is to remember that you probably have a lot more than two followers so honestly this is probably not a bad collective ratio, and there may be lots of people who are very interested in what you have to say but you’ve focused a lot of your energy on these two people and it’s worth giving some thought as to why that is.

My question for you is this: what is the net negative impact of having these two people block you on social media? Like in an actual, concrete way, separate from those sort of core gut “I feel unloved in this moment” feelings, what is the effect on your life?  You might be surprised.  It might be zero.  In which case, let yourself feel those feelings, experience them as valid, and then breathe through them and move on and keep on doin’ you. 

I’m pushing back on you a little bit here very gently because it feels, reading this anon, like you’ve made a determination of hurtful intent on the part of the person who blocked you, or at the very least a certainty that this choice that made was about you and not about them.  That the fact that things seemed to be going fine and then they blocked you means you were somehow intentionally misled or mistreated.  Be really, really, really careful about deciding the cool girl didn’t come to your birthday party because she’s a bitch who wanted to make you feel terrible and is sitting somewhere cackling at the thought of your sad lil’ face waiting by the front door; maybe she didn’t come to your birthday party because she has depression and it’s hard for her to leave the house sometimes and she knew your party would be loud and wild and crazy and too much for her brain to handle right now. Be careful about presuming negative intent with no proof it exists.  The internet makes this so easy, the internet conditions us for this, and it conditions us to respond in kind. The worst thing you could do here is to, like, make a callout post or subtweet in the hopes that it will get back to them and they’ll feel bad, or to sic your other followers onto them, because that turns this into a situation that really does have a right and wrong; and since you don’t know if they were trying to make you feel shitty, or just went on a big block/mute purge to whittle their list down for mental health reasons that are totally their own, once things escalate you can’t put the horse back in the barn. It’s too late.  Now it’s A Thing, when maybe it never really needed to be A Thing.  And in almost all situations for almost all people in almost all ways, Kabby Mom’s advice is going to be, “please think carefully before you make this A Thing.”

This got long, I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately about the conversations I’m always having with fandom folks the way we let social media permeate and shape our sense of self, in good ways and bad, so I apologize for my verbosity but also not really because that’s how things roll over in Kabby Mom’s Advice Corner.  But I will sum up in bullet points for those of you who have been skimming, to bring you up to speed:

  1. Everyone has the right to curate their own social media space however they see fit, and they don’t have to explain their reasons.
  2. They aren’t obligated to include you in that space even if you want them to.
  3. None of that is an objective measure of your worth as a person or a sign that you should stop being you on the internet.
  4. Your feelings of rejection come from a real place and you get to feel them, as long as
  5. You are striving to move through them without permitting them to paralyze you, and finally
  6. You never use someone else’s choice to curate their social media sphere as a justification for treating them like crap.

Focus on your positive interactions instead of negative ones – your friends, creating stuff and putting it out into the universe – whether it be art, fic, opinions, a podcast, gifsets, crackposts, whatever – and your social media world will be a better place.

In the immortal words of the great Michael J. Fox, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

if exo were tumblr bloggers

kyungsoo: black and white blog primarly, reblogs ur humor shitposts with no tags, never actually says anything unless theres drama in which case writes a 10 page thesis on why everyone is wrong

baekhyun: threatens to delete 5 times a day, actually deleted once but no one noticed s they pretend like it never happened, sends anon hate to themselves, reblogs anime

chanyeol: has a tumblr only to send soundcloud link to popular bloggers

sehun: exclusively posts selfies, gets like 5k asks a day and never answers a single one of em, occasionally makes text posts shading their mutuals but when confronted acts like its abt someone else, made a psa post dragging chanyeol and his soundcloud

kai: popular blogger that has chanyeol blocked for spam, only reblogs photos of dogs, posts old kushandwizdom quotes, listens to kendrick lamar

suho: used to run a rv fansite, got kicked out bc kept posting bad jokes that followers complained about

lay: that one blogger that everyone wants 2 befriend but is intimidated by, talks all the time about how there’s more to life than tumblr, disappears for like months on end and still comes back to a huge following

chen: buzzfeed masterposts and original Memes™, uses his tumblr to further his blossoming youtube career, once had a feud with sehun bc sehun called him dry

minseok: that one 30 yr old mutual who gets on between dropping their kids off at soccer practice and picking up groceries for dinner, liveblogs first childbirth and paying taxes, probably blogs about super who

Do NOT Repost My Works:

I have been having a BIG issue with all of my graphics and edits being reposted as of late so I’m making an official statement about this right now. 

I state in my description, in my about page, and in my rules page to not repost my graphics under any circumstances without permission. If you wish to share my gifs or edits on another website, JUST ASK ME FOR PERMISSION TO SHARE IT AND CREDIT ME IF I GRANT SAID PERMISSION. It is not that difficult to be courteous and respectful. I work really hard to make those and I don’t appreciate people throwing them around unsourced. Especially considering a lot of them have my original writings or poems on them, my watermark on them, and in BIG, BOLD letters to NOT REPOST THEM directly on the post itself. Which makes the reposts on tumblr i see even worse because the work could just be reblogged from me instead of being stolen for the sake of notes and undeserved attention by those who point blank ignore my demands to not repost.

I get that those new to tumblr or those new to fandom in general are unaware of how reposting is a bad thing, but I no longer care enough to go through the process of messaging people in a cordial manor to try and have it removed. I’m done trying to be respectful about such a disrespectful action considering I state in three different pages on my blog quite bluntly not to repost my stuff. I am at the point now where if I catch someone doing this, I am just going to report their blog and the post before blocking them. 

So, one last time for the people in the back:


Thank you for understanding.


If a mun wants to block or not interact with someone, all they should need to say is that they don’t want to deal with them. That’s it. They are not obligated to explain themselves beyond that, because it’s their choice. And if they do offer more explanation, you aren’t allowed to harass them about it. The Tumblr experience is defined by who each person follows, and who they talk to. 


Continuing to pester someone for their reasons, or to dig up past issues is harassment, plain and simple.
Guilt-tripping someone because you don’t think their reasons are legitimate is also harassment, and obviously not OK.
If you disagree with either of those points, here’s something you might not realize: They also apply to you. Don’t like how someone is acting? Unfollow them.
Do they keep popping up on you dash? Block them.
And you’re not obligated to explain yourself, either.

This has been a PSA.

After reading so many messages that went along the lines of “I feel sorry for the creator of this post”, “They don’t understand”, etc., I’ve had enough of this bullshit.

You go around saying “Oh, but you asked people to share with you their opinion on the matter, why so salty now?”. Let me explain.

Imagine this.

We’re both attending the same high school. I’ve brought apples for lunch, and you’ve brought oranges. Now I ask you, “Hey, what do you have for lunch?”. Then you probably answer, “Oranges. And you?”. And I reply to that with, “Sweet. Apples.” Then we keep eating.

But you’re trying to justify a reaction that’s along the lines of, “WHAT? HOW DARE YOU HAVE SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAN ME FOR LUNCH? BLASPHEMY! I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. THAT’S PATHETIC.”


Yes, my interpretation is different than yours, that doesn’t make it less valid.

I don’t want to have anything to do with such people. I come to Tumblr to enjoy what people post or have a nice conversation with someone. I don’t need your pity or your trying to demean my opinion. Feel free to unfollow or block me if you don’t agree with me, that is entirely up to you.

The only other thing I’m gonna do is remove that graphic set from the Gruvia tag, because I’m honestly so sick of this drama. I can’t even look at my creation now without the desire to vomit. I was happy researching different types of love, I was happy creating the different graphics and I even felt emotional when I got to Agape and all I could think about was the ideals of the FT guild. Because yes, some people attacked me for using official art different than the cover of chapter 532.


I sincerely apologize to my followers who had to see this type of negativity on their dashboards. I’ll try to keep my blog as far away as possible from drama, as I have until now.

anonymous asked:

You love calling out/deactivating. I love reporting. You leave Aizy alone. She made a post apologizing for her au a while back. Ignorant people like you and your followers don't acknowledge that. And blocking people who are being complete dicks isn't a problem you anon. Tumblr recommends you to do that if ur being harassed by others. This blog is a disgrace. You laugh at Aizy's age; how old are you? Don't you have anything better to do than ridicule people like a sick child? Get back to work.

i’m breaking this argument down?? is that okay?? am i going to hurt ur feelings uwu??

what have i said so far. oh yeah let me help u out u arrogant bitchbucket:

“she’s not a terrible artist!! she just has really fucked up au and it’s not okay to do that and target people w mental illness” and what do u do? “how old are you?” “get back to work” “RIDICULE PEOPLE LIKE A SICK CHILD”


next, i would love to point out that the first sentence (don’t worry baby,, i’m breaking them all down 😘😘)


“You love calling out/deactivating.”

i like calling out people who tell me that my illness and my past traumas shouldn’t matter so yeah i’m pretty salty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“I love reporting.”
so by ur logic,, ur worse than me??

“You leave Aizy alone.”
uhhhhh i’m only replying to hate anons so u leave me alone?

“She made a post apologizing for her au a while back.”
pray tell? has she said smth like “i’m sorry,, but it’s not my fault” because if that’s her reasoning then,,,,

“Ignorant people like you and your followers don’t acknowledge that.”

you’re the ignorant one sweetie,, google ignorant people and you’ll see ur name under there 😉😉
before u ask, let me tell u what ignorant defines as: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated

SO by me saying “it’s not okay to demonizing/romantize murder!!” i’m ignorant? WOWOW boy am i in for a surprise!!

“And blocking people who are being complete dicks isn’t a problem you anon.”
uhhhh commas pls,,, are u insulting urself or ??
i mean block people, i don’t care!! u do u!! but the fact she ignores people because someone calls her out,,,

“Tumblr recommends you to do that if ur being harassed by others.”
ohhh seriously?? why haven’t i get notifications to block you guys?? oh yeah, ur on anon hahahha oops sorry!! i didn’t get the memo!!

“This blog is a disgrace.”
says the one that’s on anon

“You laugh at Aizy’s age; how old are you? ”
16 LMAOO,, isn’t /that/ sad!!?! me, a 16 year old, knows better than a 18 year old,, i think i’m going to shed a tear 😢

“Don’t you have anything better to do than ridicule people like a sick child?”
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i don’t know how to respond to this,, jk this one is the easiest to destroy,, man ur argument is getting weaker and weaker my dude!! so okay

“don’t you have anything better to do” yes i do!! i would love to be talking to my followers about my fashion aus or my great gatsby au but you know,, hate messages get me OFF!! if u catch my drift 😜

“ridicule people like a sick child” so because i’m underaged, i’m a child (which i totally get because i’m under 18 so i’m a child hahah lowkey roast if ur not dense enough) and sick because i have mental illnesses or ???? ur just using that to insult me like what neurotypical people do 🤔🤔🤔🤔 this is a mystery to me

Get back to work.
to continue insulting you/slaying you/ whatever people call it?? please be specific?? idk what ur talking about?? idk. my opinion

The Blue Hellsite: or, why Tumblr is a toxic hellhole that hates personal responsibility -- a research essay

Putting under a readmore because this is almost 3k words, kids. Posting so I can submit to some blogs that collect the best of cringe-Tumblr. @only-on-tomblr @byfcringe @anti-otherkin-shit

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x-kit, how to block posts, etc.

hey! i’ve noticed recently stuff is not going too great during this lull before stormblood and i wanted to remind everyone that the ‘x-kit’ tumblr extension for firefox and chrome still exists! you can find it being continuously updated by new team here. … unfortunately i’m not sure if there’s anything similar for mobile devices at this time.

anyway! i bring this up because x-kit comes with a handful of very handy features that i find could help with a lot of the stuff going on lately– these are ‘blacklist,’ ‘postblock,’ and ‘mute’ which can be found in x-kit’s extensions page when you open the plugin. if you’ve never used anything like x-kit before, ‘blacklist’ allows you to block specific words and phrases, which then prevents posts with said criteria from appearing on your dash, while ‘postblock’ will allow you to block an entire post from ever appearing on your dashboard again with a simple click. ‘mute,’ on the other hand, will allow you to mute a specific tumblr user completely so that their posts will no longer appear at all on your dashboard, or allow you to mute specific post-types from that user.

with tempers running high and things being said to potentially stir the pot, it can help immensely to simply block out posts and topics you don’t want to see so you can move on with your day or eliminate sources of anxiety. there are times when something sort of… sets me off or rubs me the wrong way, and it has been incredibly beneficial to be able just block a post i don’t like or an argument i don’t want to see so i won’t be tempted to react or let it bother me more than it really should.

i hope this helps a little, and i’m sincerely sorry if this came off as… i don’t know, rude? or something? i’m really not try to invalidate anyone’s feelings or anxiety, i just want to offer up a tool to potentially alleviate some of the recent stressors going around. be good to yourself!

edit: oh, i forgot to mention, but x-kit is a great tool for blocking out those SB spoilers!

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have you ever considered what a actual teenager thinks of otayuri and mayhaps want you to cut the bullshit :/


(let’s pretend all of us have never been teenagers and we don’t know what is being one because being a teenager is an exclusive phase for the best people in the world)

But seriously… If someone wants me to cut the bullshit with Otayuri, I’ll show him/her the best way to achieve it:

Just block me! Fast and easy! You’ll never see my posts ever again 👍

Also, you can install Tumblr Savior and add my nick to the blacklist… and add Otayuri and all the ships that make you unconfortable, too.

Well, you send me hate? I send you useful tips. That’s how nice people deal with the stuff they hate.

Good luck trying to make me feeling bad or ashamed for shipping Otayuri, lmao.

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did you see the post about how if you're PoC, having any sort of relationship with a white person is "damaging" then they go on to list the problematic things about white people? a "red flag" of a Bad Horrible White Person is if they a) don't like the color brown b) like the color brown too much. i've been sitting here agape & amazed at how someone typed that and really believes that

I did. I actually tried to reblog it, but I’m blocked by the OP. I don’t even remember interacting with them. I’m guessing the-red-church’s pathetic call out post crossed their dash. It’s a shame, because that post was an absolute goldmine: