how to bet on horses and win

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I tried to make him sweet and romantic like you wanted, but keep him in character, so he’s still super sassy.

Have fun you two!


“Are you willing to go out this weekend?”

“Sure, I’ve got nothing else going on. Whose all coming?” Your back turned to him, you load the washing machine in the empty laundry area on base.

“Me.” He states plainly, leaning on a machine behind you.

You pause for a moment, then continue your chore. “Just you?”

“Just me.”

“So, you mean, like a date then?” You close the lid, and fiddle with the dials to distract yourself.


You turn around and see him, with crossed arms, looking at you. “Alright, I’m game.” You say, trying to sound confident. He hums and you offer a smile, nervous in nature, pick up your basket, and go on your way. “I’ll see you then.”


Casual. You could do casual. Or, wait. How casual should it be. Like, normal casual? Maybe you should try to look a little nicer. But, what if he didn’t and you ended up looking like an over prepared doof? You groan, debating over a nice jacket, or a comfortable sweatshirt.

This is ridiculous.

You mull over your choices for a bit longer before you glance at the time and realize that you need to go.

Jacket it is.

“Took you long enough.”

“I’m, like, two minutes late.” You ague once the car that dropped you off left. It was a real pain to get out of the base sometimes, safety protocol proving itself to be annoying as always.

“I got here on time.” He begins to walk down the road and you follow, putting your hands in your pockets in attempt to keep them warm. You take this moment of silence to study him, relishing in the time you get to see him outside of his normal combat attire. It was no surprise that he had a hood on, but doubling it surgical mask, left most of his face obscured to the public.

“Sooooo…” You begin.


“Where we goin’?”

“A carnival. It’s suppose to only be here for the weekend.” He glances over to you, noticing how you rub your hands frantically together. “Here,” he takes off his gloves and hands them over, “I don’t need these.”

“Oh, thanks.” You swiftly put them on, feeling silly for forgetting your own.

“You really should’ve worn a thicker jacket.” You face him again, but he looks away. “That one’s nice, but doesn’t look very warm.”

“I’ll be fine.” You assure him. He huffs, not wanting to press further.


“I bet I could hit more targets than you.” You almost pull him to the shooting booth, wiggling your eyebrows.

“I don’t use weapons built for accuracy.”

“Then I’ll win something just for you.” You joke. “What’d ya want? The rastafari banana? Or maybe the blow-up Spider-Man hammer?”

“How ‘bout we play that instead.” He points over to a horse racing booth. “Who ever loses pays for food.”

“Deal!” You sit next to each other, and as other people fill in the few remaining seats, you inspect the game. It was basically mini skeeball; the higher your score, the faster your horse ran.

An easy win.


“Honestly, I think that guy who got first was jipped. The 'light-sword’ is much better than that big dolphin he got.” You swish your sword around nonchalantly as you spoke. Dusk was well underway, letting the glow it emitted be much more visible.

“A missed opportunity, really.” Reaper commented, amusement lacing his voice. You chew on you food, setting your prize to the side.

“You sure you’re not hungry?”

He nods. “Not a fan of carnival food.”

“Then why’d you make the bet?”

“So you’d let me buy you food.” He waves his hand lazily side to side, “Don’t get me wrong,” he leans onto the table, “if I wanted to, I would’ve demolished you.” You can’t see his mouth, but you know he’s smirking.


“Together or separate?” He asks as you both wait in line for the bumper cars.

“Separate. It’s no fun unless we both get to drive.” When the worker opens the gate, you squeeze your way to the first open car of your favorite color. He nabs a dark red one that was frozen bumping into yours, and as soon as the cars were allowed to move, he slammed onto the gas petal, veering you to the left.

“You were right. This is more fun.” He taunts. You decided to back up without notice, causing him to bump into a dad and his kid that were on the other side of you.

“So long sucker!” You boast, circling around him, only to immediately get stuck between two other cars. “Help me sucker!”

He slams into one, braking the three of you free. Your thanks is cut off by him forcibly turning his wheel to the right, pushing you against the wall. He chuckles and turns away with a sarcastic, “You’re welcome.”

Oh, he was not getting away with that!


A shiver goes through you. Guess Reaper was right about bringing a thicker jacket. In your defense, it’s a lot colder than the weatherman said it would be.

“You’re super cheesy, you know that?” You pull your arms closer to your body, trying not to show how cold you really were.

“And?” He taps on his phone, angled in a way that you couldn’t quite see what was on the screen.

He lets you step into the cart first, before settling beside you and allowing you to rest your sword across the both of you to fit.

“Making the last ride be the Farris wheel? What, were you born in the 80’s?” You rest your arm on the bar, then your head on that and smile at him.

He closes his phone and exhales loudly through his nose, “Looks like I’ve been found out.” He quips.

You start your assent backwards, and you stare in awe at the lights around you. “Woah, it looks so cool from up here!” You point down below, “Hey, look! That guy has the same jacket as you.”

“I wear it better.” He snorts, completely serious. “That kid just ate it.” He states, moving your attention to the teen getting up off the floor.

“At least their smoothie survived.” You nod. He lets out a short laugh and agrees.


The walk back to the pickup area is pleasantly quiet. He lets you take the first car, and you thank him for the fun night, agreeing that it should happen again soon.

Your first thoughts upon arriving at the base were of sleep, however entering your room reviled a package resting on your bed.

Curious, you open it and read the note printed out and taped to the plastic inside.

“Next time, wear something that’ll keep you warm.” You pull out a heavy jacket from inside, styled similarly to the one you had on.


Not the most romantic, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it seemed more fun than a fancy dinner. (Now I wanna go to a carnival.)

I should go to bed now.


“Iron Lady” - [Jeremy Irons / Tom Hiddleston - Multi-chapter].

Summary: Widower Jeremy, falls for and marries his son’s friend despite tripling her age. And just a few years later, his health problems and the return of his best friend, Tom, to London, make him doubt his marriage and wonder if his wife would be better off with a younger man like his friend.

Chapter IV: “Berries”.

Previous chapter(s): 1.”Horses”. // 2.”Books”. // 3.”Wine”

Written by: A.Wölf.


How’s the Mrs.?” asked the lawyer while writing something down on his agenda instead of making eye contact with his client who had just taken a seat across from him in his office.

“Winning a bet at a horse race I’m sure”, Jeremy answered causing him to let out a chuckle.

“As it should be. How can I help you, Jeremy?”

He pulled an envelope from his coat and slid it across the desk before saying,

“I would like to make a few changes to my will”.

The lawyer finally stopped writing and opened it. But it wasn’t until he read its content that he, at last, glanced up at his client with a curious expression.

“Is there something you’d like to tell me?”

“Just being cautious, Sam”.

“Are you sure about this? I mean it’s an awful lot of money and-”

“Yes, I’m sure”, Jeremy answered cutting him off, “I’m not getting any younger”.

The lawyer gave a slight shrug.

“As you wish”, he said moving files and papers around, “I’ll make the changes and call you in a few days so you can revise them and sign”.

Jeremy opened the fridge to pour himself a glass of orange juice and quench his thirst after the difficult morning jog. The chest massage seemed to dull the pain but he kept on going at a slower pace nevertheless.

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I’m thinking about how brilliant the game motif is. In act one the games played are chess and gambling (as referenced by Whizzer). In act two it’s baseball and racquetball. 

Marvin and Jason are both chess players as they over-analyze things and revel in their own intelligence. Jason, however, likes to play chess alone, he doesn’t want an intellectual equal and winning doesn’t really matter to him. It’s the activity that counts. For Marvin he needs a partner but a partner he can beat. He wants to be in control. And getting into the mindset of gender roles and Marvin’s own internalized misogyny the whole game revolves around the king, which in a sense is what Marvin wants to be of his family. Marvin can’t stand the idea of making any move that isn’t calculated and of being beaten or giving up any power. 

Meanwhile, Whizzer is a gambler. He describes this in “The Games I Play.” He is careless and doesn’t think too much. His life is based on passion and impulse. He hopes things will work out right but if they don’t, so be it. (This certainly foreshadows “Gotta Die Sometime”). This is what destroys Whizzer and Marvin’s relationship, Marvin is obsessed with control and Whizzer with letting go.

 In act two Jason is a baseball player and baseball is the running motif not chess. Whizzer and Marvin reconnect and the baseball game. Baseball is a team sport. The only team sport ever played in the whole show in fact. It’s about supporting each other and working together. In addition the way baseball is set up is that no one can move until one player makes a single move. Their movements are interconnected. This shows how all of the character have come together and need each other in act two. In addition Marvin asks Whizzer out after he has helped Jason with his swinging. Whizzer is becoming less nonchalant and more focused on helping while Marvin is recognizing that Whizzer can have dominance over him in some areas. 

The second game played in act two is racquetball. This is not a team sport but it is very simple and about a sort of back and forth. It sort of mirrors the dynamic of Whizzer and Marvin, always going back and forth between them. 

In the first game Whizzer wins and keeps the power on his end. Marvin however, doesn’t care, he says that all he wants is Whizzer and he doesn’t care if he wins or not. The second game Marvin wins. Marvin is regaining his power over Whizzer as Whizzer loses strength. However, this isn’t because Marvin is doing anything different it is because Whizzer has become sick. In his sickness Whizzer indirectly gives Marvin back the power he had always wanted. But Marvin doesn’t want it anymore and thus the games stop. 

The final game played is one more game of chess between Whizzer and Jason. This is the first time we see Jason actually face an adversary in a game (we do not see the other team at the baseball game) and the only time he plays chess with a partner. Jason offers to let Whizzer win but Whizzer (who had initially desired to be allowed to win during the chess game in act 1) tells him not to. He doesn’t want to be given special treatment. He wants to get the power back on his own. Jason, however, knows somehow that Whizzer isn’t strong enough for this and still insists that he will let him win no matter what. Jason has developed as a character as well at this point as we see he wants to play chess not just for the intellectual gain but to help Whizzer feel better. He wants a partner. 

In “You Gotta Die Sometime” the gambling motif comes back. This is Whizzer’s fate and he’s accepting it no matter how sad and angry and scared he is. The game is up and he knows this. He bet on the wrong horse so to speak and unlike any other character he has given into that fact. He gives the power over to death and fate. (Interestingly personified as Marvin in the song).

However, in the last seconds of the show Jason keeps the game going. He places the white king on Whizzer’s grave. He’s letting him win. In addition, Jews put stones on graves as they don’t die with time like flowers, so essentially he is letting Whizzer win forever. Whizzer will always have the power. It’s almost like Jason feels as if he makes Whizzer win he can bring him back.

TLDR this isn’t very well articulated but the games are such a good motif about power and the growth of Marvin, Whizzer, and Jason.

misha726author  asked:

OTP questions for Drake and Robyn

I am more than happy to ramble about them

*takes deep breath -*

  1. Who kisses the other on the nose and the one receiving the kiss blushes? Robyn is always fond of kissing Drake and is usually the one to initiate these kinds of kisses. Particularly in the morning or right before bed. Drake usually brushes it off almost brusquely, and gets flustered when she does it. That also means grumbling something about her being overly affectionate when she gives him nose kisses - especially in public.
  2. Who sits on their partner’s lap as they wrap their arms around their partners neck?Robyn does! Especially when she’s in a playful mood which is a lot of the time really, Drake thinks she can be so insufferable sometimes  and she also does it when she wants to get his attention. She finds it’s the fastest way to do so. She’s more than eager, and sometimes that means pushing past him past his comfort zone when he’s otherwise preoccupied.
  3. Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm before reassuring them everything is going to be okay? Drake does this; but it’s usually when Robyn has a really bad day. He’s remarkably good at being affectionate when it comes to providing her with emotional support. 
  4. Who initiates the forehead touch™? Drake does most of the time. It’s as far as he’ll go in public sometimes when kissing feels too open unless he’s had whiskey in a crowded place or on a public street.
  5. Where do they first say “I love you”? The first time they say I love you is after Robyn accidentally blurts it out and doesn’t realize it until its too late. She doesn’t take it back and Drake sort of freezes up and shuts down. The next time they’re alone; he takes her to one of his favourite places and afterwards they’re star-gazing on a quiet rooftop when he confesses he loves her, then she says it again.
  6. Who wraps their arms around their partner who is cooking? Robyn is usually the one to; since Drake does most of the cooking. He doesn’t really trust her around food, and she likes to cuddle and distract him when she gets bored of watching.
  7. Who breaks out the first aid kit when the other gets a paper cut? Drake does; Robyn is a little clumsy, forgetful and adventurous by nature, and sometimes this means ending up with bruises because of the decisions she makes in the spur-of-the-moment. Half of them she won’t even remember getting. Drake grumbles and complains about it, but she sees his small smile every time he breaks out the first aid kit. Secretly, he loves taking care of her like this.
  8. Who cuddles up to the other on the couch? It depends, most of the time it’s Robyn but sometimes Drake initiates when he’s feeling unusually affectionate. Or when whiskey is involved. Mostly though, he does it when they’re alone - otherwise Robyn regularly initiates while he’s more comfortable with subtle touches like hand holding or resting his hand on her thigh. He only cuddles up to her only if she’s already asleep. Robyn has no qualms about cuddling and does so even when they have friends over.
  9. How do they hold each other when their partner asks to be held? Drake likes to bury his head between her shoulder when he’s having a particularly bad day, or whenever he wants to ignore something. He also likes how warm she feels inside his arms even though he never really admits it. Robyn likes it better when Drake holds her because it’s the safest she ever feels, and she never has to say it because he knows its one of her favourite things in the world.
  10. Who picks up the other fireman style in a playful way? Drake does but only very rarely. It’s mostly when they bet on horses at derby competitions and his wins or if he’s impatient at getting her into bed.
  11. Who brings the blanket to wrap them both up in it? Drake is usually on blanket duty during fall and winter; which usually means meticulously making sure they’re both covered from head to toe. Robyn teases him when he does it, but he’s adamant it’s more on principle than for cuddling. 
  12. Who falls asleep on who? What is their reaction when the other falls sleep on them? Robyn is highly energetic, but tires out after a long day. She thrives on being around groups of people and sometimes when it’s just the two of them she’s the one to fall asleep first. Her head usually lands on his shoulder, or if they’re cuddling she ends up falling asleep first naturally. Drake thinks its both amusing and adorable, sometimes he traces little patterns across her skin that helps to lull her to sleep too. He also watches for a little while before taking her up to their bedroom, or until he falls asleep too.
  13. Who likes to be held and who likes to hold? Drake likes holding Robyn but is too stubborn to say it most of the time unless she’s asleep or unless it’s after a moment of passion. Robyn always enjoys behind held by him and freely lets him know. It still makes him flustered sometimes.

Thanks for the ask, these were so much fun yay! @misha726author Also sis, I assume by D you meant Drake lmao, so I’m tagging you too @storiesbehindyoureyes

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Anna - Polly Gray

Request: Hi could you please write about Anna (Poll’s daughter) being actually alive and she needs her family to believe she is dead so she is finally able to come back to Birmingham and she meets all the family and stuff? Thank you :))

Anna - Polly Gray

The fire was not accidental. The police, who were unable to find your body in the remains of your parent’s house declared you dead anyway. They sent word to your parents, who were spending the weekend in London, telling them of the supposedly deadly house fire that had broken out overnight. They cancelled the rest of their plans and took the train back to Manchester but by then it was too late. You, still very much alive, were halfway to Birmingham.

It had been three days before the fire that you’d found a letter in your mother’s desk. It was addressed to you with the return belonging to a man in Birmingham by the name of Shelby. He had written on behalf of his aunt, who he believed was your mother. Though your family had never spoken of your origin you remembered distinct parts of it. Reading through the letter from Birmingham brought back long suppressed memories.  

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the races | alfie solomons

*shrugs* it’s race day

“I was about to send out a search party for you, love”

“Caught a girl I used to know on the way back, we got chatting. Here’s your slip”

Alfie took the paper from between your pinched fingers and shuffled over to make space for you in the crowd.

“This ain’t my horse”

“Yes it is”

“No, I asked you to put it on Tw-“

“I know, but this is better, trust me”

He studied the ticket again before leaning down to your ear.

“Why…why the hell does this have one of Sabini’s men on it? What the fuck you doing giving my money to-“

“Trust me”

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Requested by Anon and @theaqueenakaspeedy  - Finn Shelby #9 please
Prompts – 9 – ‘Stop getting us kicked out of grocery stores.’

Word Count – 642

Characters – Finn x Reader

You had decided that you would go shopping today and Finn agreed to come with you, you had gotten ready and were waiting for Finn to come back from the family meeting to get you. You were gathering your bag when the front door opened and he walked in.
‘Hey, you ready?’ He asked, you stood up foxed your dress.
‘Yeah, let’s go.’ You said with a smile. You were out the door and he closed it behind you. Once he was beside you again, he interlocked his arms with yours.
‘So how was the meeting?’ You asked him. He looked down at you and smiled.
‘It was okay.’
‘Only okay? Nothing exciting, no plans?’ You questioned him. He shook his head.
‘No today was actually about the horses and the bets.’ Finn said as he looked forward.
‘Okay.’ You responded back. he looked down at you.
‘How was your day?’ He asked you.
‘So crazy.’ You told him, he raised an eyebrow.
‘I got up, got ready and sat on the couch, waiting for someone to pick me up.’ You said with a smile. He chuckled and pulled you into the shop. You brought out the list of items you needed and went to the aisles that contained them.

You had lost Finn on the second isle as he walked away, but you could tell he was close by the angry shouts. You hurried around the corner to see him red faced. You rushed up between him and the man that was shouting back.
‘What is going on?’ You asked the both of them, as a small crowd was staring to gather.
‘He stole something of mine.’ The tall, dark haired man said.
‘And what would that be.’ You asked him, standing tall.
‘Money.’ The man said and Finn scoffed behind you.
‘When and how did you he steal your money, sir?’ You asked him.
‘Two weeks ago, I was in his shop and I was to get money back from the races but he said he didn’t have it.’ He said and you smiled slightly.
‘Two weeks ago, who did you place the bet on?’ You asked him, he looked at you as if you were stupid.
‘Answer the lady.’ Finn said from behind you. The man looked at him before turning back to you.
‘Pavilion.’ He said. You smirked. You stepped forward.
‘Sir, that horse did not win, didn’t even come third. I believe it actually came second to last.’ You said to him.
‘Liar.’ He screamed and raised his fist, but Finn move you out the way and punched him. This caused them to turn into a full-blown fight in the middle of the isles. It was only stopped as the store owner came in with two tall men. Once they were pulled away from each other, the owner turned to me.
‘You and your boyfriend get out and don’t come back.’ He said angrily. You scowled at him but nodded, leading Finn away.

Once you were outside Finn burst out laughing but stopped when you whacked him across the chest.
‘Ow, what was that for?’ He asked you as he rubbed his chest.
‘Stop getting us kicked out of grocery stores.’ You said to him as now you had to find another place to get your list of items.
‘Sorry.’ He said as he took in your disappointed face.
‘That won’t help, I now have to go out of town to get food because of you.’ You said to him as you started walking away. He ran up beside you and
‘I’ll make it up to you?’ He stated.
‘How?’ You asked him.
‘I’ll drive you there, how many time and for the littles things.’ He said you stopped and he tripped up to stop, but faced you.
‘Anytime, anywhere?’ You asked. He nodded and you smiled.

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I loved your meta on the Lily Sunder episode, and your insight/headcanon that the reason why Cas friend zoned Dean so much over the seasons was that he just really wanted to keep his distance from Dean in fear of being tempted to break 'heaven's most sacred oath'. But I was wondering... Cas did have sex with April (who he thought was human), doesn't that kind of go against all that? Or do you think because he was graceless at the time, it was different for him?

Hi! Thanks, I’m happy you enjoyed them! And yes, I think sex with April doesn’t count, either because Cas was human or because April was not (I mean, technically, she was a Reaper). What could have counted was Cas’ weird wife, but I’m still convinced the two of them never had sex.

Now, my problem is why, exactly, sex with a human is such a taboo. Human laws and morals traditionally forbid sex under some circumstances because of the possibility of a pregnancy, but we know angels can decide when to impregnate a woman (exhibit A: Lucifer and Kelly) and presumably can make a woman pregnant without even having sex with her (exhibit B: Gabriel and Mary - not our Mary, obviously, the other one), so that can’t be it. And then other human laws and morals forbid sex which can’t lead to pregnancy, ie gay sex, because of convoluted and illogical reasons which do not apply to angels, since angels are utterly indifferent to sexual orientation. So what’s the problem here, exactly? My understanding of this is that God wanted to keep angels as far away from humans as possible, in order to protect both his creations.

(Of course, he could have shaped humans into a species that doesn’t kill anything it comes in contact with, but that’s a whole other meta.)

Sex doesn’t necessarily create a deep or meaningful connection, but since it does feel good, it’s a prime candidate to awaken that addictive behaviour we’ve seen angels display more than once. I’m not sure any angel could have sex just one time and be done with it - look at Balthazar and his ménage à douze, or how Gabriel started to flirt even with horses (supposedly to win a bet, but now we’ve met him, who even knows). So, you know, a fifteen minutes experiment becomes a liaison, and that becomes a friendship, and finally love, and love was the other thing God wanted to avoid. You Shall Not Create A Being Powerful Enough to Destroy The Universe, and You Shall Not Be Tricked Into Killing Yourself or The Universe, because that’s the problem, right? If an angel loves a human enough, they’ll be tempted into whatever - abandon their mission so as to not endanger their vessel, cut their own Grace from their body to live a human life (and die a human death) with their beloved, or even, worse of all, what Cas has done: move Heaven and Earth to ensure one special human stays safe, and everything else be damned.

Honestly - I don’t know what Cas thinks, and I’m sure no writer, no matter how much Destiel-oriented, has fantasized about this at all, but I like to think the one reason Cas keeps his distance from Dean is that he’s afraid of losing control completely. After all, he knows Dean’s been with men before, and he can surely feel Dean longing for him day and night (hell, if Dean ever jerked off thinking of Cas, which, on the whole, seems likely, I’m sure Cas heard him), so that’s not the issue - the issue is one, disobeying this last law of Heaven and two, give in to what Cas perceives as a dangerous, uncontrollable thing: his feelings for Dean. For the moment, Cas can tell himself he does retain some agency, but what if he choses to step even closer to Dean and close the distance between them? I’m sure he thinks he won’t be able to step back again, and that includes both losing that shred of free will Cas’ been studiously cultivating for years and possibly hurting Dean if Dean ever decides he’d rather be with someone else, because what if Cas can’t respect that and clings on?

(I’ve met people like that, and it’s a story that doesn’t end well.)

No, Cas already broke the world for Dean, several times, because he cares too much and he’s not equipped to. The best thing he could do at this point is to kill himself and leave it the hell alone so Dean can find himself a human companion and be happy - before Cas’ love can create another Apocalypse. 

And on that hopeful note, happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you’re spending the day doing something you like (now that Sanremo’s finally over, even in Italy we get to enjoy our free time again).

It's Not Personal, It's Fiction (Chap.3) (Biadore) - shadyqueenie

A/N: Hi cuties! I’m so sorry this took me a bit more but work’s a bitch and I still have to go to Uni so… I write mostly before sleeping :(

I have to say I was a bit… embarrassed, while I was writing this chapter? It has been ages since the last time I had a proper hookup… How do people flirt nowadays? (Let me know, really. I’m desperate)
Thank you to all the cutiepies that wrote to me and supported me!
Kisses! Your duh, shady

In this episode (?) ~
My mother is from Cuba and my dad is from Honduras which basically means I have a large dick – no credit –  and a tendency to take things that don’t belong to me” she quoted perfectly.
Bianca’s loud laugh echoed all over the pink room “You got impressed, didn’t you?”

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eatingcroutons  asked:

"Emotional terrorism" is actually a common term for the behaviour the-reylo-void is describing; if you Google it you'll find plenty of articles and discussions about it.

Okay, thanks for letting me know, this is legit. I’m glad to know the OP didn’t just make that up. That said, a pattern of hateful, disproportionate lashing out by someone overinvested in anti-shipping is not really the same thing as a concentrated campaign of emotional manipulation, blackmail, gaslighting, conditioning, and abuse from one person in a relationship toward their victim(s), with the goal of emotionally crippling the victim and making them dependent on the abuser.

Here is the thing. I do not trust people on this website not to throw around terms, even marginally applicable ones, that include the word “terrorism” for exactly the reasons the OP said: righteous anger and demonizing your opponent makes you feel better and gets you brownie points on tumblr dot com. It’s like how I’ve seen the word “klan” applied to users who do things like not drawing the human version of a Crystal Gem as the “right” race, because apparently that’s the same thing as killing another human being for their skin color.

I’m not really mad at the OP. I’m just frustrated that the tumblr fandom culture of “most woke wins” is so pervasive that even a post with the perfectly reasonable goal of asking people not to be frothingly hateful is framed so that if you’re doing the thing in question, you’re a psychological abuser.

The Lion and the Wolf(P.1)

Title: The Lion and the Wolf(P.1)
Pairing: NewtxReaderPeter Pan
Warnings: Cussing
Summary: Newt and Y/N have hated each other since grade school, Y/N has finally cleaned up her life and got back on track. College, friends, a future. That’s all she’s wanting now, but when she figures out Newt is here, she has to think of the past she used to have coming back to surface and not just because of her bickering with Newt, but the rough past she used to have with his brother, Peter.


She set her suitcases on top of the bare mattress of her full sized bed and unzipped the first one, tugging it open. The girl smiled at the thought of finally starting a new life in college. Her troublemaking past behind her, this was a new start. This year, she’d focus on her studies and her future. She might even have a new friend moving in as her roommate. Everything was going to be great. 

The female might be speaking to soon, she still hadn’t met her roommate, what if it was that Theresa Agnes? Would she let the damn brunette distract her from her new life?

Ceasing her unpacking, she decided it’d be best to just go for a small walk, clear her head and then come back with a fresh mind so she was more prepared for who ever it was that would be sharing her dorm. Eyes closed the girl made her way down the stairs, hands shoved deep into her pockets as she switched from foot to foot. No, she wouldn’t let Theresa ruin this for her. No one would, not one damn person was going to mess this up for her.


Her eyes flew open just in time to see a clutter of papers fall to the floor along with a few books and pencils. “Oh that’s just great! Why don’t you just watch where you’re going?!” The boy growled, tugging the hood off his head to glare up at the one who had dared to knock into him.

Both of them froze, eyes wide in shock as they looked at each other.

Well, if she had been betting that nothing was going to ruin this for her, she would be betting on the wrong horse. Because the winning stallion was staring her right in the face, brown eyes slowly narrowing in anger.

“Are you fucking serious right now!?”

“Oh that’s a good way to say hi, Isaac!” Y/N spat back, arms crossing over her chest. “How about ‘wow, Y/N how nice to see you, sure didn’t expect to see you here!’”

The boy let out an annoyed scoff, his eyes rolling. “You got the last part right. I sure didn’t expect to see you here. The hell are you doing here anyways? I thought you got kicked out of Rexton.” He growled, shoving his hands in his pockets, momentarily forgetting about the mess of papers on the stairs.

“You idiot, they can’t kick you out of a whole fucking town.” The dark haired girl replied, bending down to swoop the papers up into a pile, her eyes lifted up to meet his as she grabbed the pencils, handing them up to the blonde haired male. “I finished with good grades, I got a scholarship. What about you? Thought you’d be dying of heatstroke in Shanton. Or more like, I hoped that’s what you would be doing.”

A small chuckle passed his lips as he snatched the objects from her hand. “I thought Juvenile hall would have taught you to keep your mouth shut, but then again they probably didn’t have a strong enough adhesive to clamp those lips of yours together.”

“I got a scholarship here too.” He finally answered, putting the books in a pile, shoving them into his bag. “I was just coming up here to drop this stuff off at mine and Tommy’s dorm.”

“Are you guys that serious now? Already living together and everything, huh?” A smirk crossed her features while she stepped to the side, letting the male pass her, she didn’t get a response, just a cold glare. “Tell him I said hi then!”

He rolled his eyes and started up the stairs, but the girl quickly retreated her steps and stopped him again. “Hey…If you and Tommy are here…Is uh…is Peter?”

This time he really intensified his glare. “What do you care? He’s the reason you got sent to juvie, isn’t he?”

The girl shook her head. “You don’t know the whole story. It’s not his fault…H-How’s he doing?”

“Just cause I’m his brother, doesn’t mean I know anything about him.” Newt got a better handle on his things before shoving past Y/N. “Ask him yourself. Sure you’ll find him somewhere around. People like him and yourself tend to flock together eventually.”

It was her turn to roll her eyes as she continued down the stairs only to be swept into someone’s arms with a bright grin. “Y/N! It’s great to see you! Finally broke free, huh?!”

Y/N smiled, though her mind was rolling its eyes. “Good to see you, Thomas.” She smirked. “Just ran into your boyfriend. He’s as cheerful as always.”

Tommy chuckled, letting her go. “If you didn’t cause so much trouble with his brother, Newt might actually like you a bit.” He grinned. “You know he thinks you’re beautiful, yeah?”

“Yeah.” She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Obviously, she didn’t believe him one bit. “How have you been, Tommy?”

Thomas shrugged. “School work, work, parties. Livin’ the good life, you know?” 

“I don’t. But, make sure to drop by my dorm when you go to a good party, huh? I need some night life.”

“You know I will! By the end of this semester I’m gonna make you and Newt buddies.”

She laughed, shaking her head as she stepped around him to continue down the hallway. “You have some big dreams, Tommy boy! See you later!”

I think one of the saddest moments in life is when you get a text message and check it but it turns out it was from your cell phone provider or someone advertising something.  It really makes me sad when it happens to me because I usually get my hopes up that it is someone who actually wants to hang out with me or something but it almost never is.  I also get mad at myself for repeatedly getting my hopes up when I know I shouldn’t.

Do you think there will be a time, about thirty years from now, when the President stops making public appearances?  Think about it.  The growing trend in the use of militarized drones, the advancement of robotic technology, the growth of anonymity on the Internet.  All serve to create danger for a President.  A sniper can be spotted by a counter-sniper but can a robotic gun with no heat signature and no movement be located and taken out?  How could the Secret Service possibly defend the president in an era when almost everyone has a personal drone and some of them are militarized?

I never liked playing the Battleship board game.  It’s stressful and difficult.  Even if you adopt an efficient search pattern you can still easily lose just because your opponent gets lucky.  The only fun part of that game is setting up your ships. 

I’ve always wondered who makes the clip art images.  And what is clip art?  Is that a brand name like Kleenex that has just entered the common lexicon?  I feel like brands like Kleenex are angry that their brand has become a common name for an object, but I think it would benefit them in the long run.

Betting on horse races is strange because they give everyone pretty much the same access to information about the horses’ odds and histories.  The whole point of investing is profiting off of information imbalances.  You can win at the stock market by knowing a lot more than the person you’re buying from or selling to, but with horse racing everyone is pretty much on an even footing.  Also why horses and why racing?  I’d like to see a cattle swimming arena, where you place a bet on Bessie and get to watch her lap a shallow pool.  Maybe they could put a barrel of grass in front of their mouths to get them to swim, like the whole donkey and carrot thing.  Isn’t it weird how the donkey/carrot metaphor exists when I’d wager so few of us ever see donkeys, let alone see them eating carrots?

It’s funny how poetry is a madman’s game-
and a woman’s bet on his odds.
A horse race where the jockeys are our bare hearts-
Where a trip and a fall would spell out death and disaster. 
And in the end of each verse and stanza-
there’s a trap he sets hoping to catch someone.
And not just someone - But the One.
This is not a game that muscle will win-
but a chess-like precision where words fall into line like battle formations.
Words that spell out check.
And mate.
—  •••IconBrown - The Love Olympics