how to bet on horse racing

  • Elf: I would love to watch you arm wrestle this guy here.
  • Griffin: And the guy he motions to is a goliath, which is a race in DnD 5E that is, as the name might denote, a big race.
  • Elf: I enjoy wagers, so uh how much you willing to bet on your horse there, dwarf guy?
  • Merle: *bluffing terribly* I dunno, I mean, you sure you want to take that on? Your guy looks pretty much like wimp compared to my boy Magnus. Isn't that right, fella?
  • Magnus: Uhh, yeah...
  • Elf: I mean that's just factually inaccurate. You can look at him.

Lmayo, you can tell when I’m in to a series cuz my art style isn’t so consistent.
THIS MONTH: It’s all about Fire Emblem Awakening.

On a bit more serious note: I want you all to sincerely have this gift.

DATE: 09/11/2016

Not many will read what I have to say, and maybe hate will come???
but either way…

If you took the time to read all of it, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will try to keep making them comics in hopes that’ll brighten up your night or day. I’ll try to avoid sad posts on my happy… happy… blog????

I Have a Thought… 

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TITANS is Here in PB! (Excerpt Below!)

In a heart-stopping new novel from Fire & Flood author Victoria Scott, one girl bets her entire future on a race that she has no hope of winning.

How much can you rely on the family you’re born into? What can’t you accomplish with the family you make?

Astrid Sullivan’s family can’t catch a break. Her grandfather played cards and her dad bet on the Titans–half-horse, half-car that race around impossible tracks. They’ve lost their home, their savings, and each other.

So when Astrid makes some new friends who give her the chance to participate in this year’s Titan races, she wonders if it’s worth risking everything. She never thought she’d even touch a Titan, and this one is first gen when the models racing are Titan 3.0s. There’s no way for her to win…but with her family slipping away and her dad without work, Astrid can’t help but feel like the only person she can bet on is herself.

Titans delivers Victoria Scott’s signature blend of incredible action and impossible odds, and will leave readers’ hearts racing.

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Titans (Excerpt) by I Read YA on Scribd

aspiring-procrastinator said: *JOINS YOU IN SCREAMING INTO THE VOID*



W E ALL F ucking scream into the perpetual void over what could have been and what was indeed not the final result of A Tale of Two Stans. This day will forever live on in epiphany as the two parter that could have been but never was. When will our in-depth explanations and extra bits of information return from the war. Stanley was meant to have glasses all along. He was suppose to have braces and ruffly fluffy hair instead of slicked back hair and bright straight pearly whites. Stanford was going to actually react to what Fiddleford was telling him about the portal. Stanford was going to say something else entirely when Fiddleford came out and in turn so was Fiddleford. Stanley tried betting at a horse race on a horse named Paycheck and lost. Stanley said he was going to call his Dad about how things were going but we all know how the fuck things were going because their Dad kicked him out of the house and didn’t give two shits about hearing back from his son. He was going to sell 3 designer Sham Totals in three different colors like Royal Purple and Rick Red or something. Stanley worked with Bobby Renzobbie all along. We would have gotten to see younger Manly Dan up close. All around me are familiar faces worn out places worn ou