how to become a sports photographer

How the signs became famous
  • Aries: Is either famous for being like the Kardashians or for having some multi billion dollar business
  • Taurus: Became a mayor, politician, prime minister, president. Vote for Taurus!
  • Gemini: Sports star, have fun dealing with all the fans :)
  • Cancer: Photographer, the person instagram gets all their nice photos from
  • Leo: Actor/Actress or Model, loves the attention
  • Virgo: One of those hardcore judges in food competitions or talent competitions like the x factor
  • Libra: Talk show host, all the way up their with Ellen
  • Scorpio: Nobody really knows how
  • Sagittarius: Internet sensation, basically a clone of Pewdiepie
  • Capricorn: Discovers something amazing (Yes, you, get off of tumblr and go discover something)
  • Aquarius: Becomes a comedian, a.k.a John Oliver #2
  • Pisces: Just becomes famous for singing, and then may or may not end up like Justin Bieber