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Andrew Simoni
Santa Cruz, CA
Nikon D7000 / D610

What sparked your love for the ocean?

I’ve always had a strong connection to water as I grew up swimming and boogieboarding. When I moved to Santa Cruz for college in 2008 I had the fortuitous luck of getting a spot a stones throw away from a semi private break that I began to frequent and get back into the ocean mindset. It was also around the same time I began getting heavy into digital photography, but it would be a whole 4 years later before I could get a housing and take my camera back in the water with me.

There really is no equivalent to how water and light interact, and I think that is what draws me so strongly to anything water related. In the early mornings and late evenings, when the wind is low and the water is smooth and glassy, and the sun streaks across like spilled bucket of paint - you can’t find that anywhere else. It reflects in the attitudes of the people partaking in it. It’s so good for the soul, and has become a mandatory part of my priorities.

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How the signs became famous
  • Aries: Is either famous for being like the Kardashians or for having some multi billion dollar business
  • Taurus: Became a mayor, politician, prime minister, president. Vote for Taurus!
  • Gemini: Sports star, have fun dealing with all the fans :)
  • Cancer: Photographer, the person instagram gets all their nice photos from
  • Leo: Actor/Actress or Model, loves the attention
  • Virgo: One of those hardcore judges in food competitions or talent competitions like the x factor
  • Libra: Talk show host, all the way up their with Ellen
  • Scorpio: Nobody really knows how
  • Sagittarius: Internet sensation, basically a clone of Pewdiepie
  • Capricorn: Discovers something amazing (Yes, you, get off of tumblr and go discover something)
  • Aquarius: Becomes a comedian, a.k.a John Oliver #2
  • Pisces: Just becomes famous for singing, and then may or may not end up like Justin Bieber

Robin Richmond - Arch Enemies, 7c+, Reynards Arch, Dovedale, UK

So i thought i would add a couple more pictures from last weekend and give you guys a bit of an update on how the photography goal is going. We have been making really good progress with the trailer for the film and we hope to have that out for people to see in the next two weeks.

In the mean time I have another little project going on. I am writing an article on a fairly new bouldering area in Leicestershire called Forest Rock. Now when you first hear climbing in Leicestershire in the UK, you would be quite within your rites to scoff and sneer. “Climbing in Leicestershire?!” you may well exclaim “what sort of sick joke is this”. Well no joke! Forest rock is a very small but absolutely chock full of outstanding problems. Recently it has been visited by some of the Peak District Strong Men who have raised the profile of the area somewhat. 

I have been told that the problems go all the way up to the giddy heights of 8a so far but there is still potential for some world class lines.

For those of us who are still more raw dough than crimp cakes there are some slightly easier lines there as well.

Look out for the photos and article! (There may also be a tiny video)


Photo - Ollie Torr, The Masson Chronicles (7b) ** (i think), Masson Lees, UK

Bit of an odd shot here but I’ll let you guys see what you think of it. Please note the cheeky heel hook! ;)