how to become a drug lord

English isn’t my native tongue and I feel really lazy, so I’m going to make it quick. I am alone and lonely at the same time, I have no friends like I have messenger, snap, instagram, twitter, tumbler, even fucking tinder( lol to fill the emptiness inside of me with some men’s attention tbh, I don’t really care about none of these dudes and even on tinder, I may have a lot of dudes who seem into me, nobody is talking to me), I can’t make friends at my job because I just cannot trust these people. The closest person I am at my job is this white girl who’s like the boss favorites but she is kinda hypocrite and I don’t know I don’t really trust the girl. My family never calls me, like my parents call me like 2 times a month maybe, but my two other sisters ? It’s like I don’t exist to them. And oh let’s not talk about my aunts and my cousins who live in the same area as me, they don’t want to fuck with me, not even a bit. One of my aunt came to my job( i work in clothes store) and I was like so happy to see her and she just ignored me. In August, I had no more money left so I couldnt eat, and I asked my cousins and aunts to help me ( in christmas time, let’s call her aunt 1 told me that if i need food and help i can call her, that’s what i did and her son barely help me ) and like yeah i’m not even going to continue on this that is too disappointing for me lol. My family doesn’t financially and emotionally help me and that shit hurts. My sister is probably “ wealthier” than me ( we both live on our own, im 18 almost 19 btw and my sis is 22 i think) and i asked for one damn dollar one day( i wanted to see her reaction) and she said no. So that tells you a lot about my family.

Friends now. HA HA HA. i feel miserable, at my job no one wants to fuck with me idk why, everytime i talk to them at break they are doing shit on their cellphone. My friends from other cities, they never talk to me. There was this white bitch who came back in my life and like i really liked her and we were good friends but i’ve noticed that that she was always being dramatic and making the convo about her like even when i was like feeling down she was like “ okay why it is right now who tell me this??? You dont trust me???” like i need emotional support dumbass right now, not a fuckinng lesson. And she gives these super rainbow calinours advices that we all know that cant help, and since she have her boyfriend, she just stopped to talk and she told me she will never let me down and she is and im not even being dramatic about and like aaahhhh fuck off. My life is just shit. The two “ friends” that are the same area as me is this lightskin girl but she is like so toxic and disrespectful but at the same time, she is the only one who can chill me with me and stuff and she’s kinda cool and the other one is an asian who is cool but like she always want to go in a bar and get drunk, i dont like spending my money. When i am in bars with her, she is the one who get all of the attention so no.

The people around me suck, i am not the attractive kind of black girl, i am self centered and kinda of narcissic, and like i really need help. I am not in college, i took like few months to relax myself from college but i want to go back in winter if they accept me but im scared as fuck. I applied to an anglophone college and maybe y'all dont feel concerned about this because this blog is predominantly african american but as a franco canadian this is a big challenge for me. The college i go to is not only super anglophone but like most people there are fucking rich kids from the suburbs and i’m not. I live on my own, i pay on my shit, since im 16.

You know what scares me the most? Is to be alone but like forever. I will never find true love dont fucking tell that i will because that is a lie that im tired to believe in. Like yo, im not your typical black girl. Full 2017 trendy dressed, with beautiful loose curl and a random straight wave with makeup on point, and big curves, im not like that. I am not trying to brag here but i really do believe im different from most black girls and that is a good and bad thing. People expect me to be extravertie and funny but i just cannot be like that, not everyone understand my humor sense, anyway. And yeah, this is mean but i dont like to waste my time talking to unecessary people if there’s not something in it for me, right??my personality is horrible as well as my looks and i reallly dont think a men will find a once of beAuty in me. I forced myself into loneliness because i dont want to have hope and get disappointed. The last dude i like “ dated” is on fucking hard drugs and want to become a girl ( not because he’s trans tho because he wants to “ experience” and he’s tired of his masculinity) ohh good lord, i hate seeing these average boring lightskins or black or asian girls getting all the men and like people seem to easily like them. I make one fucking mistake at my job and everyone be hating me for this. Jesus christ, how other black girls deal with being … a black girl? Im 18, caribbean, franco canadian and black and i’ve always have problems because i am francophone and black and a girl. Can someone help me. I have my first appointement with a therapist soon ( like tomorrow, we are the october 9 today) and i hope this wont be useless and will lead me to something good. Most therapist i met, just let me down and disappeared.

To fill my lack of daily love and cuddles and attention, i decided to focus on money and grades. But i know that one day, when i’ll be really wealthy i’ll miss being with people. 
Im getting bad and bad and bad. I started AGAIN to cut and to bleach. This time im using lemon and baking soda instead of buying toxic shit, doesnt seem to work tho…

I need comfort please 
Help me

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“How did you two become friends?” “I punched him in the face and he gave me a highfive” Jason and Tim brotherly?

Everyone has that one person that you didn’t really like at first but you slowly gained a better understanding of each other and then it transformed into a semblance of a friendship. Such was the relationship between Tim and Jason, but to more of an extreme given their particular circumstances. So when curious bystanders and newly introduced acquaintances asked them “How did you two become friends?” it was a bit complicated trying to figure out how to answer without accidentally giving away the fact that they were a technically illegal vigilante who worked outside of the law and a drug lord who’s legally dead and commits crimes frequently on occasion. As a result there was a slightly… fabricated… version of the truth which funneled down to “I punched him in the face and he gave me a highfive” which was sort of true. Except Jason had tried to actually kill Tim, which is a tiny bit more severe than a punch to the face. But once the whole ordeal was over Tim had in fact tried to engage in friendly conversation with Jason and there was a high five at some point, though it came after they had gotten to a good standing with each other. It was slightly confusing to Jason that Tim had asked for a high five (and a photo) seeing as Jason had, y’know, tried to destroy Tim due to Bruce’s betrayal (or the betrayal that Jason had perceived from Tim’s arrival). But at least they were on friendlier standings now and could work together without trying to kill each other. Most of the time at least. 

Jason Todd x Reader: Soul Mark Series Part 4

Y/N: your name
(xxx/xxx): pick one of the two
warnings: mentions of food, ammunition mention, alcohol mention, death mention
AN- I’m not sure how feel about this chapter, please leave some feed back!

You were keeping a secret from Jason. You weren’t sure how big of a secret it was, it’s not like you were cheating on him. You had been dating for over a year and a half, you had been promoted to general manager at Bangin Burgers and Bar, and you had a wedding to look forward to. You had finally taken Red Hood’s advice from all those months ago when Jason proposed. The moment was sweet and after something special for the both of you.

You were laying on Jason’s bare chest, being lulled to sleep by his breathing. His heartbeat was so feint, it thumped softly that you could barely hear it. Honest and truly, it freaked you out. Jason barely had a heartbeat, but yours was beating out of your chest for two reasons. The first being a result of what you had just done together, the other prepared you for your first “I love you.” Jason was stroking your hair and staring at the ceiling. You inhaled deeply, one last boost before your announcement.

“I love you.” You said as Jason said, “Will you marry me?” You looked at each other with shock. You were ready for marriage even if the two of you hadn’t said “I love you” yet until then.

“I love you too.” He said.

“Of course!” You answered at the same time.

Jason smiled with you before he pulled your face up to his and kissed you lovingly. You gently placed your hand on his cheek and dawned at your future together. You couldn’t wait to tell Red.

That was your big secret. You had become much closer to Red Hood without Jason’s knowledge. You talked to him about anything, including Jason. From you worrying about Jason’s safety to what Red had eaten for dinner the day before. You had grown very close since that night at the bus station. You had applied a lot more bandages since then and Red had often asked why you never got around to learning how to suture.

“It would make me have to accept that I’m helping a drug lord. Not sure the boyfriend would approve of that, let alone see bare skin of another man.” You’d say. “And I’m too busy. Besides, I’ve seen other scars that I’ve ‘treated’ with sutures. You’re obviously getting what you need.” Red would laugh at that.

“Of course I’ll marry you, Jason, I love you!” You said after the kiss.

“I love you, Y/N. I love you more than life itself. And trust me, I’ve had two.” Jason mumbled the last part.

“What do you mean 'you’ve had two?’” You asked, bewildered.

“Y/N, I’m so excited to marry you, honest and true, but I can’t continue a relationship with you without knowing what you’re signing up for.”

“Jason, what are you saying?” You began to grow worried. Was he an ex-con? Maybe something worse?

Jason got up and pulled on some sweatpants. You sat up and watched him carefully. He walked over to his framed picture of you on his wall. It was at a fancy restaurant in Metropolis, Jason had just told you a joke and you were laughing your head off. Granted, you had had a number of drinks. Your smile beamed like a star and Jason loved it. You watched as he lifted up the picture, revealing a secret compartment within the wall.

“Jason–” You began.

“Y/N, please let me do this.” Jason could hear the worry in your tone. He slid the compartments door aside and reached into it and grabbed something. Slowly, a shirt appeared from inside the wall, a shirt you knew very well. It had a comforting red, geometric bat on its chest and was made of a thick material, thick enough to stop bullets. Well, some, if not most.

“Y/N, I’m–”

“Red Hood.” You finished. Suddenly, your big secret didn’t seem so secret anymore. Along with that, you became embarrassed and hesitant. All at once, Jason exposed you by showing that he knew the things you kept from him but not Red. You were afraid of how he would feel knowing that you did that.

“Y/N, does this change anything? Do you still love me? Do you still want to marry me?” He asked, setting the gear on the ledge of the compartment and sitting on the bed in front of you. He reached for your hand and caressed it while gazing at you with gentle eyes under upturned eyebrows.

“No, I love you as much as I did when we went grocery shopping together.” You squeezed his hand. “I will still marry you, Jason, I’ll always stay with you.”

Jason smiled, “You have no idea how much that means to me. After what I’ve gone through, loving you has been the best part of both lives.”

That’s right, Jason hadn’t just disappeared like the news had said. He had died!

“You died, didn’t you?” You asked, receiving no response from Jason. “How?”

“A story for another night.” Jason patted your hand and got up to put his uniform away.

“Jason,” You said, your voice stern. “I don’t want to force it out of you but I don’t want to have you tell me after a nightmare.”

“How did–” He began.

“How many times have I slept over here? You thought I wouldn’t notice? I would’ve comforted you, truly I would have, I just didn’t know how. You’re very distant sometimes.”

“I’m sorry.” He said quietly.

“Don’t apologize. It’s not something to apologize for.” You responded. The two of you were quiet for many moments, allowing your words to settle and to be pondered. You got up from the bed and wrapped your arms around Jason’s waist while resting you cheek on his large back.

“I know you’ll tell me when you’re ready.” He nodded when you said that. “Now, where’s that ring? And when am I going to meet your family?”

“You’ve already met Dick and Tim.” He said quizzically.

“I meant Bruce, Alfred, and- what’s his name? Damian?” You turned him around so that he was facing you.

“Trust me, you don’t want to meet Damian. He’s the grandson of–”

“The devil or something like that? Jason, I read. I know things.” Jason stared at you with wondrous eyes.

“Maybe a bit too much.” He laughed. “Back to that ring you wanted to see, I don’t have it yet. I wasn’t sure you’d accept.”

“Stop lying. You know I love you and you knew that I would’ve accepted. Where is it?” You foiled Jason’s fib which resulted in his warm laughter.

“Here,” He reached into the wall compartment and pulled out a glossy black box. “It’s not much, but I liked it.”

Jason sat back down on the corner of the bed and handed it to you bashfully. You opened it, revealing a red velour inside. In the cushion was a your engagement ring. It was a (gold/silver) band with a small (diamond/ruby) surrounded by two even smaller (diamonds/rubies). It was minimalistic but sentimental. You removed it from the box and put it on your left ring finger. You looked up at Jason and smiled.

“We can have dinner with my family tomorrow night.” Jason said as he reached out to hug you and placed a kiss your cheek.

“Will you cook?” You asked.

“Oh, no, trust me. Alfred is a much better chef than me.” He chuckled.

“I’ll believe that when I taste it.” You chided.

Your wedding was a perfect combination of Jason and you. He chose some aspects and you did also, somehow it all came together. Jason chose Roy and Dick as his best men with Tim chiming along. Damien was the flower boy, glaring down the aisle while tossing white petals gracefully. When you reached the end of the aisle, Jason was tearing up while grabbing Dick’s henkercphief that he offered. You stood to face him with a sympathetic smile as you grabbed his hand. The ceremony was a tear-jerker from both sides. You suspected that Jason’s family didn’t know he could ever write such beautiful vows. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the building.

At the reception, Dick practically broke the dance floor. He was busting out moves in every direction, he danced with every one of your family members. The aunties and young cousins took a great interest in him. You and Jason remained at the main table that faced the array of round tables and dance floors. You weren’t a fan on dancing and you had already done your first dance as husband and wife. You just wanted the food, the alcohol, and the honeymoon suit. By 12:00am, you were ready to sleep the night away. Jason went to his brothers’ room to talk and to give you a chance for some peace and quiet. You slept alone that night.

The next morning, you were off to Berlin, Germany. Your honeymoon was already paid for by Bruce and he didn’t care where you went, just that you had a great time. You decided to use that to your advantage. You and Jason were away from Gotham for a month, bouncing around the globe from city to city in a record time. And the fact that you were there with the love of your life made it all the better.

I just sort of appreciate the way the Flower Scouts are portrayed.

They’re introduced as the lame girly girls to Nikki’s tomboy and their views on gender roles are called out for how wrong they are, so by this point we all expected them to be losers who are constantly getting shown up by the more “rugged” Campbell campers and to just be stupid Valley Girls.

BUT, that’s not what happens. They have some real moments of badassery that usually come from how girly they are (Tabii is the best actress in Preston’s play, their challenges in Campboree are surprisingly difficult enough for both rival camps, and they become drug lords who beat out a Mexican cartel all because they wanted to sell more cookies!).

And I just think that’s kinda neat.

Were you spying on me?

Tony Stark X Reader

(Civil war never happened)

(All Avengers live in one facility)

A/N: This is my first Avengers fanfic so let me know what you think. If it does well I might add more parts to it. I just wanted to thank @just-some-drabbles for letting me participate in this, I really had a lot of fun with it.

I met Natasha a few years ago. At the time I was working for a known drug lord as his personal assistant. I helped Natasha infiltrate his company and shut down his business. In that time we had become good friends and over the years we’ve stayed close.

Like every Wednesday I woke up and got ready for my lunch date with Natasha. Once a week we get together for lunch. I tell her how I hate my job and she tells me about the dangerous trips around the world. I arrived at our favorite hole in the wall diner to find her waiting for me in our usual spot.  She was dressed in her usual jeans and a tank top, her hair pulled back into a ponytail. As soon as I sat down she started hounding me about my job.

“Do you still hate your job?” She asked in her usual all business tone.

“It’s a job, my boss is an ass and I work too many hours for too little money but what can I do.” I looked over at her as she picks up and fry and popped it in her mouth. She was lounging in her chair one of her feet propped up on the chair next to her. “Why do you ask?”

“I was just thinking… Let me talk to some people and I’ll get back to you.” not really knowing what she was talking about I nodded and started in on my cheeseburger. I had gotten used to Natasha’s cryptic way of talking and tended to just agree with her. A few days passed before she texted me about a job interview.

She texted me an address to a place in upstate New York.  The next day I put on my best business outfit and headed out to the address she sent me. The drive seemed to take forever and when I arrived I was in shock. The property was huge, I parked in front of the large house. It looked old, I’m guessing it was built in the early 1900’s. The moment I walked up to the large dark wood front door it swung open to reveal a tall, bald, red skinned man.

“Hello Miss, How may I help you?”

“Hi, I’m um (y/n). Natasha told me to come here for an interview.”

“Oh, yes.  Come in Miss (y/n).” I followed the man into the house. It was even more beautiful on the inside with its old wood charm. “The position should be fairly simple. You would be the personal assistant for the Avengers. You will help them with time management, schedule meetings, correspondence, taking notes, answer phones, send out e-mails, texts and so on. They all have different needs. It will be your job to accommodate yourself for each person.” I don’t think I heard half of what he said I was still stuck on the word Avengers. He continued to talk as we walked around the house. He walked me into the large country style kitchen. “(Y/n) this is Tony Stark, James Rhodes, Steve Rodgers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, and James Barns.” I smiled and kind of waved as I was led out of the room up a flight of stairs and to the outside of a single hardwood door. Before he could open the door I stopped him.

“I’m sorry sir, but I didn’t get your name.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jarvis and this will be your room.” he opened the door and we walked in. The room was beautiful with a large window, vaulted ceilings, and Victorian woodwork, a walk-in closet, and its own bathroom. “So when will you be moving in?” I looked up at him confused.

“I’m sorry I thought this was an interview.”

“Yes, you’re interviewing us to see if you would fit in here and if you would be okay working here.”

“Oh… Um, can I have a minute to walk around and think about it, please.”

“Yes, of course.” I walked around the compound learning my way as I went. I found a game room where some of the guys were playing video games. I walked passed the track where some of them were running. It was funny to watch Steve and James run pass Sam over and over again. I took a flight of stairs and went down a hallway to another flight of stairs only to get lost. I kept walking down the hall to pass an open door. I looked into the room only to see robotic arms moving and working on different projects. Computer screens hung on the walls each one showing a different program. I was peaking around the door frame and into the room when I felt heat press against my back and a hot breath on my ear.

“Are you spying on me?” I froze in a panic not sure what I should do. I turned around to face Tony Stark. “Were you spying on me?”

“N-n-no I-I-I just got lost.” He bent down so he was only a few inches from my face when…

“Tony leave the poor girl alone.” I looked up to see Bruce Banner reading over a document he had in his hand, sipping from a coffee cup.

“I-I’m s-sorry. I mean I didn’t mean to. I just got lost and…” Tony started to laugh.

“It’s all right. Tony here was just trying to scare you.” Bruce said looking up from his document. I could feel my cheeks turning pink.

“Oh.” The guys walked passed me laughing and I couldn’t help but smile. I found my way back up to the main floor and found Jarvis.

“So, have you decided to stay with us, Miss. (y/n)?” I smiled

“Yes, I think I will.”

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How about Twelve/Rose and #74? :D

Fic: Looking Back

Rating: General

Relationship: Ten x Rose, Twelve

Summary: The Twelfth Doctor has recently been haunted by dreams of Rose Tyler, and he wonders at his sudden dwelling on the past and a life long gone. Or is it?

Notes: Hi lovelies, this is my fill for @ladyinari‘s prompt ‘Don’t let go!’, with Twelve x Rose. I admit, I cheated a bit with a Ten x Rose remembered by Twelve, because I’ve never, ever written Twelve, so I’m sure this is all horribly out of character as it is. I hope it’s not too bad! Please forgive my humble attempt at Twelve. This is also my first (indirect) attempt at writing anything remotely Doomsday-ish, for the @doctorroseprompts Doomsday Month Prompt. Again, please forgive my Twelve.

Also on A03 and Teaspoon.

Rose’s hand slipped a little more, and the Doctor watched in horror as she inched closer to the void, desperately trying to cling to the lever.

“Rose, hold on! Hold on!” He screamed, straining uselessly towards her as the wind beat at them.

Her hand continued to slip and he knew what was coming, could see it happen before it did and his hearts almost stopped in terror.

Her hand slipped and she screamed, the last thing he saw the heavy sorrow in her eyes as she fell, taking his hearts with her.

“Don’t let go!”

He bolted upright, panting, eyes darting desperately about before realising he was in his bedroom on the TARDIS. Alone.

Another nightmare, then. They’d been coming more and more frequently of late and they’d been about all kinds of things, all the things he’d done. But the nightmares about her, about the day she’d been torn from him hurt the worst. His last incarnation had chosen to forget, to suppress the memories and store them deep in his mind, unable to face her loss.

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Hold up - in Campboree, Cameron makes a deal with the Wood Scouts saying that if Camp Campbell wins, they (or he, specifically, I think?) get all the earnings from the Wood Scouts’ popcorn sales.

In Gwen Gets A Job, Gwen tells them how to increase their popcorn sales and the Wood Scouts sell so much that it drives the Flower Scouts to become drug lords.

BUT, because of the deal, all that extra money Gwen helped the Wood Scouts make is going to Camp Campbell! (or more specifically, Cameron Campbell…maybe. Or not, since he’s in jail).

So I think Gwen just earned the camp a shitton of money without meaning to!


Can we talk about how this is RIGHT after Dean gets back from 2014? He has seen the broken “yoga-drug-guru” Castiel comes to be, and he doesnt want HIS Cas to become him. He realizes he actually LIKES the socially awkward and unsubtle Angel of the Lord that Castiel is..

Otto grinned. 

“Good,” he said. “Very good. But even with all of its importance, this should be pretty simple for you.” He speared and guided another portion of his sandwich into his wide mouth.

“Mr. Ross, aside from thriving in the children’s toy industry, also makes substantial sums in pharmaceuticals. He’s a drug lord, and a damn ruthless one, to put it bluntly.”

Raphael grunted.

“And you can imagine, especially in such a large state as California, that there might be others willing to put themselves at risk for the sake of his own position. You wouldn’t believe how many people want to become highly successful kingpins, Iet me tell you.”

“Oh, I can imagine,” Raphael said.

“’I’m sure you can. But in this case, he’s found to have a bit of a problem with a man that folks simply call, “W.” He lives in a mobile home park a little less than an hour away from here, and has slowly become a threat for the “Big Kid” over the last few months. Somehow, bit by bit, he’s been able to take over some of the distribution in certain areas of the state. Again, in short, he’s outselling Mr. Ross.”

“And Josie just can’t stand it.”

“Precisely!” Otto exclaimed, surprising Little Red to his left and causing him to jump up out of his chair. Cristiano didn’t even flinch.

“So what I need from you, gorgeous, is to make your way out to his trailer, knock softly on his door, greet him politely, and then blow his fucking brains in.” He smiled wickedly before plopping the last of his sandwich into his mouth, allowing a few moans of satisfaction to escape his throat as he slowly chewed and swallowed it’s final bits.

“Wait. No, no no no no no. I take that back. Just listen to me, getting all excited over the idea of murder. He WILL need to die, but that’ll be after you obtain the location of his drug supply. Mr. Ross has asked for THAT to be your highest priority. Afterwards, you can take all the time you might need to make him wish that he’d never been born.”

Art / Oceanside, California Mobile Home Park 

So We Became Warlords (Drug Lords?)

We’re playing a Darksun campaign where every character is chaotic neutral at best, which makes for an absolutely hilarious story because most of the time we’re just going with whatever solution to the problem that we find most humorous or useful at the time. Our DM is amazing at coming up with stuff on the fly, which is good because a full CN party is not going to be good at sticking to story lines!

We just finished killing off a band of slavers in order to save this barkeep and his family who we had just met in the previous town, and in thanks for us saving his family and helping him move to a safer town away from the slavers he gave us his old bar… Which of all things is full of cocaine which he was using to spike his alcohol.

Thri-Kreen Rogue (me): We can use this bar as our guild hall so we can store our stuff and take missions from the surrounding area!

Half Giant Fighter: I’m going to call in some other drug dealers I’ve worked with in the past to make this bar into a drug den.

Everyone else in the party: … … Well, the barkeep was kind of already selling drugs out of here to begin with… It’s not like we’re introducing drugs into a clean town… And he did mention in his history that he was a drug dealer…

Me: Can I work something out with the town guard to beef up the security in this town? Slavers were just walking right in and all.

DM: Okay, you are now the captain of the guard.

Me: Sweet! And we can also sell water out of our … “Drug castle” which is probably worth a lot more than alcohol in a barren wasteland. That and the drugs will improve the economy in our town right?

DM: Yep, the town will improve over time.

Whole Party: … … We kind of just took over the town didn’t we?

DM goes on to describe how the surrounding areas are all ruled by warlords who just happened to be the most powerful and rich people in the area.

Me: We seriously just used drugs and a free bar to become drug lords.

Stop Worshipping Claudia Felix

She is not a “bad bitch.” 

She is not a “trap queen.”

She should not be your “goals.” 

She should not be making you go “Me in a few years.”

She should be treated with the same attitude we treat the Boston Bombers, ISIS, the Germanwings co-pilot, and Adam Lanza- a MURDERER.

You all love to fucking complain how the people and military (at least in the US, because god know how many of you have actually lived in a foreign country long enough to their law enforcement in action) “benefiting” from systems of oppression and how all white people are scum of the earth, talking about “no snitches” but you know what? 

THIS is someone benefiting from a system of oppression. THIS is someone who is benefiting from the murder of innocents, from a war that has been going on for almost ten years and has been sending a country right into chaos. 

Don’t you dare call youself a feminist from this day forward if you admire this woman. Don’t you dare say that “#BrownLivesMatter” or try to paint yourself out to be an activist of an sort of civil rights if you call this woman a “queen.” 

She is helping to continue the drug cartel- do you even have a grasp to understand this? 

This system has killed 16,000 people in 2013 alone, has caused the disappearances of over 27,000. People are getting kidnapped, murdered, and having their bodies mutilated for speaking out. A journalist in Tamaulipas who was reporting on gang violence and crimes fueled by drug lords was murdered and they posted pictures of her body to her Twitter account. Ciudad Juarez has become a death trap for hundreds of women and girls ever since 1993 because of this. The 43 Ayotzinapa students still have not been found

And you dare applaud this woman because she has a good ass and a pink gun? 

Fuck you. 


You are a bunch of spoiled, self-centered brats. You have shown that you have little to no idea how life is actually like for people since you refuse to take off your little US-centered goggles. You do not want equality. You want the world to bow down and shut up and blindly follow your views and play the victim, yet you never want to talk about how so much worse some people in the world have it. You are literally the reason history is repeating itself. 

You all need to sit your asses down and get your fucking priorities straight and stop glorifying this bullshit. 

Claudia Felix is not a badass. 

She is someone running a a group of murderers and her empire is built on the foundation of the spilled blood of innocents and the empending collapse of Mexico’s entire govenment. 

She is a murderer and should be treated as such. 


Precious Father in heaven, once again we thank you. We choose to give you all the glory for the success we have achieved so far on EBOLA. Only you can make a country that has been ridiculed in the global media to become a success story. Mighty God, without experimental drugs, you have silenced Ebola in NIGERIA. Blessed be your name. Father, this is a sign that indeed, this nation will lead the way in the end time revival. And just as they have come to see how Ebola was stemmed, they will also come to learn how terrorism died in NIGERIA. We know ourselves. We know we are a very disorganized country, but how you still chose to love and use us is humbling. Thank you for your grace Lord. Father, we pray that just as you have helped and are helping us, you will help Liberia, sierra-leone and Guinea in Jesus name. Thank you for those you have used. Blessed them Lord. And grant them the grace and humility to give you back the glory, always, in Jesus’ name. Amen

I’ll Be Good (I’ll Be A Better Man)

okay, there’s no smut, but i posted this on my ao3 account and wanted to post it here. it’s sad and there’s a minor trigger bc there’s some violence. this is based on the first verse of jaymes young’s I’ll Be Good and it is absolutely amazing. check out the song, you won’t be disapointed.

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Teaching is a thankless job: You dedicate your life to shaping young minds, only to have them draw insulting caricatures of you in their Trapper Keepers, and maybe even throw the occasional eraser. And then there’s Mexico, where educators united together to form the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educacion (SNTE). It’s not just the biggest teachers union in the country – it’s the biggest union in Mexico, period. SNTE has more than 1.5 million members and rakes in about $60 million a year in profit. Once you actually make payroll as a teacher, the SNTE will bully the government into ensuring that you stay there for good, whatever you do.

Or don’t do, for that matter: Thousands of Mexican teachers draw salaries despite not having been near a school in years. Take, for example, Servando “La Tuta” Gomez, who worked as a primary-school teacher for a few months before dropping out to become a drug lord and leader of a cult-like criminal organization called the Knights Templar. That’s right: The only thing unbelievable about Breaking Bad was the location. Until his recent arrest, there was a multimillion-dollar bounty out on Gomez, and yet he still received regular checks from the government for his “teaching work.” Hey, teaching a snitch how not to have genitals anymore still counts as “teaching.”

The key to SNTE’s success is its leader: Elba Esther Gordillo, who prefers to go by her supervillain name, La Maestra (The Teacher).

5 Bizarre Groups That Run Entire Foreign Countries

In music theory today we were talking about guitarists that improvise and don’t know how to read music and my teacher said that something goes on in their brains that gives them the same symptoms as drugs and it becomes so addictive, and sometimes they loose that high and want to get back on it so they start actually turing to drugs to get that feeling back. The first thing I thought was “Dear Lord, I pray that Hunter doesn’t loose his musical high”