how to be ulzzang

Tips How to be ULZZANG...

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Wait a minute… I always hear and read those words! Got intrigue what is Ulzzang…

As I knew, Ulzzang originated from Korea, where Korean people looks like. It means “best face”.  Their fashion is always on trend. They are so cool and hot. Thats why many Asians & other cultures doin the Koreans fashion the ULZZANG. Looking Ulzzang is rather simple, the key being “big eyes, small mouth.” and the closer you can get to looking like a doll, or anime character

but How to Ulzzang, if I’m not Korean?

Well, I can give you some tips[I usually do] I learned.

Face ~ Give a special treatment for your face! Do everyday & every night rituals[even guys do this]. Don’t be afraid to buy moisturizer.. etc. or else everyone will be afraid of your acnes & pimples! For face make up, use concealers to hide those buggy & saggy eyes[just like mine]. In choosing concealers, you must choose lighter shade than your skin. Liquid/Creme/Pressed Foundation, choose lighter or natural[I used Oriental]. Pressed Powder, don’t use PINK pressed powder[you’ll look darker if you used it].

Eyes ~ Your eyes is the window of your soul, it must be expressive especially in taking pictures[Ulzzangs love pictures]. They usually use circle lenses in colors of Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Blue[15mm, I used teary eye Geo]. The bigger the better!

Cheeks ~ Ulzzangs used Golden/pinkish pink. Don’t ever use Dark Pink[are you clown? or punched?]

Lips ~ it depends on you!


` Put first your contact lenses[with your clean hands], make sure that the lenses are well clean with your trusted solution!

` Apply now concealer, apply it in your dark spots and smudge it lightly.

` Apply now your foundation, in applying foundation make sure that you applied it properly[esp.neck, hairline] for you to not look like a geisha…

` Put eyeshadow on. For cute style pink, orange. For sexier style, darker shades[smokey will do]. Or match it to your dress you’ll wanna wear.

` Don’t forget to use eyelash curlers[for those girls with long eyelashes]& small amount of mascara. For those girls with short eyelashes[like me], you can use fake lashes & be careful.

` I forgot! Put a thin eyeliner with a lil’ bit stroke at end for you to look like a cat & doll at the same time.

` Cheeks, puff now!

` Lips, pout it and let it shine!

Once your make up is done, you’re ready for posing!

Find your camera angle for you to look like a doll!

Have an attitude in your pictures even in your style.

Wear cute & colorful dresses! Girls put your spirit on! Guys put your tees, pants and flat shoes on.

Get a nice hair style! Usually they used Bob haircut. Girls too use bob, for long or medium hair, try it to curl or have a pony, or ribbon, or half-up down pigtails.

You’re done!!! ♥

How to be an ulzzang - Make Up

An ulzzang’s make up is always on point. They use make up to look younger and flawless. I will give a few pointers to achieve the Ulzzang make up look.


1) Find a foundation that fits your skintone, (or one that is a bit lighter because Ulzzangs tend to go for pale skin).

2) Contour, to get a smaller face.

3) Use a light pink or apricot blush to have a cute tint on your cheeks.

4) Straight eyebrows are sported by almost every Ulzzang out there because they give a more youthful and cute look. Find an eyebrow pencil that fits your eyebrow colour and try to get the same shape.


1) Ulzzang’s tend to put a lot of attention on their eyes to make them appear bigger. For this they use lots of eyeliner, false lashes and/or mascara and sparkling eyeshadow (to brighten your eyes). (+circle lenses)

2) They accentuate the aegyosal (fat under the eyes) with a sparkling eyeshadow, to get a younger look.


1) A gradient lip is still the most popular look.

How Stardom actually got the ulzzang Ahn Jaehyo to their company

They put down a trail of tiny rubber ducks, SD cards, and a subscription to Parents magazine that lead to their front door. Once he opened the door and went inside they said tiny wild baby animals were in the room over which Jaehyo knew it had to be true because he could hear them screaming and tiny bodies hitting the walls. He just had to sign a “waiver” because they are wild and the oldest is in his teething stage. But once inside the tiny wild animals were Block B and the “waiver” was a contract.

how to be an ulzzang - Skincare

In my previous post I talked about ulzzang Make up, but that won’t be enough to get flawless skin. What’s underneath should be well taken care of. Korea is known for their amazing skincare products and a lot of koreans take very good care of their skin.

 I’ll give you some tips on haw to get flawless skin like an ulzzang without make up.

1) Cleanse your face. Use an exfoliater, face scrub or cleansing milk to get of all the dirt thats on your face, even if you haven’t worn make up.

2) Choose a moisturizer or daycream and night cream that is perfect for your skintype. You can add in a toner, essence or serum if you want to take even better care of your skin.

3) Every now and then our skin needs a little pick me up in the form of a face mask. 

4) Drink a lot of water. Drinking water will result in more hydrated skin.

5) Eat healthy and avoid sugary and fatty foods, because these can make your skin break out. This shows that not only the products you use are important for nice skin, but also what you eat.

Lastly I’ll recommend some brands that I love for skincare products.

Korean brands: The face shop, skinfood and innisfree.

Western brands: garnier, nivea, lush and the bodyshop.

These are a few tips to get nice and healthy skin. Good luck!

How to be an Ulzzang - Hair

Ulzzang’s are all known for their beautiful and seemingly perfect hair. Long hair is very populair among Ulzzang’s, for example Baek Sumin and Kim Jayoung are known for their perfect long hair.

Short hair can give an Ulzzang a more cute and innocent vibe. Here you can see Park Seul rocking a short do.

If you want the Ulzzang hairstyle it all depends on what you prefer: long/short hair, Bangs/no bangs, Light/dark hair, Curled/ straight. This is all up to you, the main thing you want to reach for is that healthy looking hair and a hairstyle that fits your face. Because a different hairstyle can change your overall appearance. 

Here are a few tips:

1) Don’t wash your hair to often, because this dries your hair.

2) Don’t comb your hair when it is wet.

3) Try not to use Heath to much on your hair.

4) Use a shampoo that is right for your hair type. 

5) Chose a natural shampoo (Lush or The Body Shop).

6) Hair oils can give your hair that beautiful shine that ulzzang’s have.

7) If you do use heath on your hair protect it by using curling or flat irons that have a ceramic coating.

8) Go to the hairdressers every three months to avoid split ends.

9) Drink a lot of water.

10) Apply coconut oil in your hair as a hair mask. It does wonders.

These can help you on your way to get beautiful hair like an Ulzzang.