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@ajakral: Hi could you do an imagine with Peter Pan where you are in Neverland not for so long, you and Peter are always sarcastic and sassy towards each other and Pan likes how you can take care about yourself, how you’re not like any other girls who’s still crying and how you’re sassy to him and at the end could be a kiss where you admits your feelings. Please? :D :)

Warnings: none

“Y/N, go help them, will you?” Peter ordered with a low growl. He was beyond annoyed with the boys today.

“As if I’d help them clean their bunks. It’s their mess, not mine.” You rolled your eyes and walked away.

Peter growled again. He was frustrated. You were new to the island, and that caused the Lost Boys to react in a weird way. They became more unruly, more o trying to impress you. All it did was get them in trouble. Now they had to fix up camp.

“You’re the reason this happened, Y/N. So help.”

“Oh yeah, you’re right. I definitely asked to come to an island full of boys via Shadow–”

“I saved you and took you away from that hellhole you called a home!”

“I was taking perfectly good care of myself there,” You retorted.

Peter rolled his eyes, waving you off. You walked away once again, entering the jungle. 

“I don’t know what it is about her, Felix. She’s not like most girls or boys. She didn’t cry once when she got here. She’s only full of sass and sarcasm.”

“Just like you.”

Peter was talking to Felix. You were so different and not like most of the people who entered Neverland. You were tough and fierce, not afraid to sass him. It baffled him since he’d never experience it before with anyone.

“She’s… We’re nothing alike!”

“Except that you’re both blunt and like each other,” Felix smirked. 

Peter shot him a glare, huffing out air. “I don’t like her. Why would I?”

Felix only gave him a knowing look. It was obvious with the tension that there was something there. The sassy remarks and the fact that sometimes your’s or Peter’s sin would flush after an interaction.

“You like her, mate.” Felix patted him on the back, standing up and walking off.

Peter only scoffed, crossing his arms and pouting. “I don’t like anybody.”

That wasn’t the case, however. There was tension, there were feelings. You both found one another attractive. The sass and sarcasm was only a bonus. In lots of ways, you guys were alike. 

Later that day, when you and Peter crossed paths again, was when things took a turn…

“Stalking me, I see?” You raised both your brows at him, crossing your arms.

“Just checking in. Don’t want the little girl getting lost.”

You glared at him. His tone had obvious sarcasm in it. 

You were still in the woods, passing through the large trees and admiring the nature. You were enjoying yourself. Then Peter came along and ruined your peace.

“I told you, I can take care of myself. So piss off.” You sent him a glare, not wanting to deal with him. But of course, Peter made it worse by pointing something out.

“Are you… blushing?” Peter smirked.

Your face fell. No, you couldn’t have been blushing. You no longer felt heat on your cheeks from moments before. You were thinking about Peter before hand, thinking about how cute he was and stuff he’s said to you. It caused you to blush. Maybe you began to blush again when you saw him.

“No?” You tried to play it cool.

Peter cocked an eyebrow up, crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Really?” He said. “Because… I quite like it when you blush.”

You averted your eyes from the ground to him. He couldn’t be serious, could he? Your mind was racing. These words were not leaving Peter Pan’s mouth.

“I like you a lot, Y/N.” Peter stepped closer. “So much. You make me crazy. You’re fearless, sassy, cute…”

‘P-Pan, don’t–”

“Don’t what? Don’t continue?” Peter got real close. The tip of his nose touched your ever-so-lightly. His breath hit your face and neck. He was in your personal space.

You looked at Peter’s green eyes. They were so pale, even this close to you, they still seemed so pale and light. They were beautiful. 

His eyes distracted you from noticing that he was leaning in to kiss you. Once you realized what was going on, you flinched. It was too late to back out, however, as Peter’s lips were on yours. He kissed you tenderly, holding your cheeks in his hands. You didn’t know where to put your hands, you were in such shock. You only stood there, kissing him back.

“Now that that’s out of the way…” Peter spoke the second he pulled apart.

“Out of the way? What do you mean out of the way?” You immediately got defensive.

“No worries, love. I just needed to kiss you… And maybe make you my…” He was having issues saying the word. Now you smirked, cracking a Cheshire grin.


“Yeah, that,” he mumbled. Now he was the one blushing.


Peter looked at you with wide eyes. His hand was on the back of his neck, and he looked genuinely shocked. You smiled hugely, grabbing his hand.

“C’mon, boyfriend. Let’s walk back to camp. I’m hungry.”

Peter followed you, his hand in yours. He didn’t take his eyes off you the entire way back.

sassy-lucifer  asked:

I dont get how someone can make a uncharted movie without nd's approval?

So I’m not 100% on this but I believe because Sony owns ND, Sony has the final say on the rights to the series and has officially licensed the movie to be made. Even if Amy Hennig (who is no longer with ND) or Neil Druckmann don’t know or approve of the script, it can still happen unfortunately :/

  • seriously one of my favourite things in the poa movie was this
  • remus: be quiet, sirius
  • sirius: be quiet yourself, remus
  • snape: oh, look at you two, quarrelling like an old married couple
  • whoever wrote this CLEARLY knows what they're doing like this is exactly how sassy sirius would be 99.9% of the time stg

Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

What I actually think about the signs

Aries :

- Strong

- Very successful in everything they do

- Their brain is a sponge (they are very intelligent)

- Fabulous

- Eyebrows always on point

- The sign which I admire the most

Taurus :

- Likes money a looooot

- Whine too much

- Nerd af

- Think too high of themselves sometimes

- Food

Gemini :

- Talk too much

- They look younger than they are

- Can’t be tammed

- Can’t be trusted

- Narcissistic

Cancer :

- Childish

- Dreamy

- Greedy

Leo :

- Strong features

- Way too narcissistic 

- Generous af

- Probably thinks that they’re a super hero or something

- Loud

- They’ll protect their ego at all cost

Virgo :

- Sarcastic af

- Smart

- Tend to criticize too much

- Too mature

- Sassy

Libra :

- Always composed (like how do you do that?)

- Charming

- Flirty

- Too kind, almost at fault

- Probably a unicorn

Sagittarius :

- Can’t be controlled

- Too childish

- Moody as hell

- Laugh all the time

- Addicted to freedom

- Easily bored

- Optimistic

Capricorn :

- Likes nature and animals

- Too naive

- Tend to regret things a lot

- Food 24/7

- Very sensible

- They’re puppies

- Look cold but is actually adorable

Aquarius :

- Always hyped af (like calm the fuck down, ‘kay ?)

- Very mature

- Handsome and hot af

- Accept people as they are

- Jumps from one relationship to another faster than the light itself

- Open-minded

Pisces :

- Can be rude sometimes when they don’t really know someone

- Lovely and precious smile

- Always dreamy

- Adorable af

- Have the most beautiful eyes ever

“So paladin, it looks like your other paladins abandoned you.” 

“Oh don’t worry, they’ll be back.” 

“If that’s the case, how about we get started?” 

“Bring it big ears.” 


Anyway, concept is that Lance gets captured while on a Galra ship for some mission. Lance is about to get out but because of… reasons (?) he ends up staying on the ship while the rest of the team wormholes out. So he tries to keep out of their hands as much as possible but ends up being captured and interrogated by (*cough* Prine Lotor *cough*) before the rest of the team can come and get him. 

I needed my baby to do something badass although he had that cool sharpshooter moment I NEED MORE. Anyway here is to waiting for season 3 and drowning in fanfiction! Enjoy!

On a scale from 1 to Crowley

How much of a sassy asshole are you?

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