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so we’re just not going to talk about how Niall got off the plane to Australia looking like a hot, rich boyfriend who just finished backpacking around Europe and now he’s back to finish getting his MBA from Columbia?????!!!!!!!

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Just like.... literally any richjake........ I recently have seen the richjake light

Choo choo. Hear that? It’s the gay train. Let’s go.

-they got closer in the hospital. It was REALLY tense at first and Rich wouldn’t stop apologizing and trying to explain what was going on

-Jake was really pissed off at first, and then Rich offered him some money and said he knew a nice hotel he could stay at

-after Jake was checked out of the hospital, Rich figured he’d never talk to him again. But then the next day Jake came over with a get well soon teddy bear.

-Rich still has that bear

-that’s how their friendship started.

-Jake was the third person Rich came out too about being bi, and Jake have him a thumbs up and a “you go bro”

-the next day Jake came out as pan

-after that Rich really fucking shyly came up to Jake and asked if they could talk, they’d bonded a lot and were best friends at this point. He wheeled Jake around the hallway and asked him if he could go out on a date sometime.

-Jake said yes, and Rich threw up his arms to go “YES”, but then Jake started rolling down the ramp “FUCK”

-after that they kept going on dates and Rich moved into Jake’s motel and it was sweet

-Rich lifts the boy a lot. When Jake doesn’t have his crutches he lifts the full wheel chair. And it’s random too

-do you know how many times these boys have been reckless? Jake will randomly hell “DUDE WE GOT A STEEP SLOPE PUSH ME” “LETS GO!!!” It scares everyone

-“that’s pretty gay Rich” “I try”

-Jake gives the best damn kisses and Rich melts every time

-if you make fun of Rich’s lisp legend has it Jake will personally beat you with his crutch

-Jake makes a lot of jokes about his legs and Rich tries not to laugh he really does

-Rich is also the guy who makes a lot of self depreciation jokes. “Wow look that’s me *pointing to dog shit*” “haha yeah- wait.”

-jake after becoming friends with Rich: I’ve only known Rich for two days but if anything were to happen to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself

-Rich is number one at all his parties, boy don’t even need an invite

-they go on a lot of mall dates and just walks around stores and cause havoc. When they get in trouble they try to pull the damaged kids card

-it doesn’t always work and now they’re banned from the fidget store

-Rich once laid sensually across Jake’s bed and said “zoo wee mama” and Jake still laughs about it

-Rich makes Jake laugh as many times as he can in one day because it’s adorable

-Jake gets annoyed if you interrupt their dates and Rich gets jealous easily, some stuff they should work on.

-Rich shows up to Jake’s clubs and even tho he doesn’t care he’s just glad to be there and clap for his boyfriend

-“you know it totally sucked that you burned my house down but it didn’t totally suck that I met you” “that’s gay” “you’re gay”

BMC Expensive Headphones Hanahaki Disease

“So who are the flowers from?” Jake peered into Rich’s locker as his friend pulled out a bouquet of Tiger Lilies. “They’re really pretty.”

“I don’t know, someone’s been leaving them in my locker for like the past week. The note on the side’s always signed anonymous.”

“Weird, oh hey man did you see the game last night?”

“Hell yeah I did, I can’t believe Cutler…” Michael watched from around the corner as Rich and Jake talked about how bullshit it was that the Bears lost last night. He didn’t really care about sports but he knew Rich did so he was happy to listen to him talk about it. That’s when he coughed into his arm and a mess of Tiger lily petals and blood came out, discoloring his jacket. Most of the time it was just petals but every now and then he’d get the perfect flower that he’d add to the next bouquet for Rich.

The blood had started a few days ago meaning that the disease was getting worse. Nobody knew he had it, going out of his way to hide the flower petals and clean up the blood. Michael knew he’d eventually have to get surgery but that could wait a while, Rich really liked his flowers and that couldn’t have made Michael happier. The extent of his and Rich’s interactions this year had been limited to him being shoved to his locker and the occasional insult. At least this meant he knew Michael existed.

Sure Michael could try and tell Rich about his feelings but they would probably come off weird and creepy. He didn’t want to scare him so he would enjoy what little time he had left before the surgery getting to know everything he could about Rich from afar.

“Michael!” Turning around he saw Jeremy coming with a grin.

“Jeremy my buddy, how’s it hanging?”

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I can't get past the 140s. I can't break the plateau, though I'm at 141 now. Do you have any suggestions?

Here’s how I beat a plateau:

1. Eat water rich foods (watermelon, vegetables etc) instead of other foods (do this for 2-3 days)
2. Vary your exercises, one day do an extremely intense workout and the next maybe just go for a light run (or don’t even work out)
3. Eat less salt and drink more water, this is what helps get rid of excess water weight
4. Eat/drink things that will boost your metabolism (e.g. Green tea/spicy foods)
5. Have a “cheat day”, if you usually eat around 800cals a day, try a day where you eat 900cals, and the day after 700cals.

I hope this helps!🌹

"i have munz xD"

…Then don’t fucking buy the thing? Are you actually brain dead? It’s honestly so fucking simple to not buy something, especially if you don’t even WANT said thing.
Why did you have to make a thread basically bragging about how fucking “rich” you are? Literally no one cares mate, and besides, a Nature/Water Sprite really isn’t that expensive. From the current economic point Flight Rising is on, 900kt is actually fucking nothing. While you’re not poor by any means, you’re definitely not “rich” either.

Just. Shut the fuck up, Jesus Christ.
I’m aware that I’m yelling at something very minor, but I get genuinely annoyed but shit like this. “Yes I’m very rich and I can buy le epic expensive retired shit but I don’t want to but my demented brain wants me to uwuwuwuwu” Yeah, OK.


( a TRC/MEANGIRLS crossover )
with yuta and jessica

“if trc was us weekly, they would always be on the cover. that one there, that’s yuta nakamoto. he is one of the dumbest guys you will ever meet. youngjun sat next to him in english last year. he asked me how to spell “orange”. he’s totally rich because his dad invented toaster strudel. he knows everybody’s business, he knows everything about everyone. that’s why his hair is so big. it’s full of secrets.

how do i even begin to explain jessica jung? jessica jung is flawless. she has two fendi purses and a silver lexus. i hear her hair’s insured for $. i hear she does car commercials. in japan. her favorite movie is varsity blues. one time, she met john stamos on a plane. and he told her she was pretty. one time, she punched me in the face. it was awesome. she always looks fierce. she always wins spring fling queen.”

Be More Chill Characters as Explained By My 23 yr Old Brother

He was shown a few pictures and has minimal knowledge of the plot and characters. The result was beautiful.

JEREMY: This… this Where’s Waldo looking twink. He has a desk in an overhead light so he’s probably somewhat important. He’s lonely because all of his friends are gay and he’s not– until the end. He’s gay for the other guy at the end. Probably looks up Dear Evan Hansen fan fiction– Im like 80% sure. He wishes his life were more than just lamenting over his waifus.

SQUIP: Oh god where is his arm- is this one Michael? He’s coming onto that other guy hard so that has to be Michael. -picture switched- oh no that’s the villain- thats a fucking villain pose. That’s a batman villain looking out over his henchman, this robby rotten motherfucker. That’s the drug? He’s like Tim Curry from Fern Gully but instead of pollution he makes people gay and horny.

MICHAEL: Shit his lips are so pink- if that isn’t a main focus or an arch this is written wrong. He’s gay, so I assume this one is Michael and he’s perfect and everyone loves him. He’s essentially the gay guy from Scott Pilgrim and he’s all of the fanfic author’s fantasies come true.

CHRISTINE: Generically sweet– wait this was written by a man, right? Yeah- Then yeah, generically nice. I’m split between “is the voice of reason” and “gets super corrupted by drug and thats the breaking point”  

RICH: I assume he’s a bit dorky. He’s Trying to stand out to impress sexy gym people and gets fucked up because of it.

JAKE: This guy- This fucking Disney Channel protagonist– he pretends to have sex with all the girls so hard it breaks his legs, but he really broke them because of little buff man. He’s the sexy gym people.

CHLOE: Brunette is popular- very very bi. Bitchy heathers vibe. probably a love interest

BROOKE: Also bi. She’s supportive and probably talks the other one into doing shit like “Hey wanna make out?” They do because Tumblr would love that.

Beat    are they sisters    No they’re best-    oh thank god

JENNA: She’s the pop culture bitch that makes a bunch of references and doesn’t leave you alone. enough said.


in response to the picture of squipped Jake: Jock who fucked tiny buff guy is scaring other couple because they are gayer. He is high on the robby rotten tic tac. Gay couple is terrified – but mystified – by crutch flight power up.


Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

Click on pictures to enlarge them and enjoy fully

@clubakashi (I’m sure you’ll enjoy pic 2)


M: jake even sets aside time to come watch me play some tunes so you KNOW its good! Also damn anon all my best wishes and good vibes sent ur way, good luck music comrade! 

(michaels jam-time tune for his pals)

Phew! Scooby survived the night, and gets his million-dollar inheritance.

The officer presents him with the chest…

…and Scooby opens it, to find…

a million dollars in antique Confederate currency – divided into $500s, perfectly preserved, and in great condition!

I mean, as well as you can gauge condition from a lowfi frame of a cartoon that was hastily drawn and colored in 1969.

Wow, Scoob, you’ve struck it rich! That’s easily worth–

Velma: “How do you like that! We spend a night of fright for some worthless money, in a haunted house that wasn’t even haunted.”

*we never see or hear of this money again, implying the gang just threw it away*

*I spend 10 seconds researching possible values*

*it’s currently worth $1,000,000-$2,000,000*

Good job, teenage super sleuths. Good job.

So I was rewatching The X files and I realized how much I wanted a superbat au of it.