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Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

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Whatever you touch in me,
the tender, wounded spots on my heart,
the home you provide to my weariness,
the safety
of your gentle words
and warm embrace,
the hands
holding mine as you traveled
into the deep parts of my soul.
You will forever be a bittersweet taste to my longing,
my wanting for something more.
A glimpse at a richness that will never be satisfied.
How humbled I am
by gracious offerings of your self,
the wisdom poured into me,
the love showered on me.
But how my heart aches,
for it
It will never fill
this cavern of yearning.

-I am sorry I have demanded far too much of you

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Fitzgerald is married, how is he supposed to put a ring on it? Not knocking your concern but you know. Polygamy isn't a thing.

Yo have you ever heard of how law doesn’t really apply to rich white men?

The other thing about Star Wars: The Power of Costume is that you may think Padme’s dresses are beautiful, but you have no idea whatsoever. No version of the movies has ever captured how intricate the details, how finely done the dyes, or how rich the fabrics are. Maybe some of the coffee table books come close, but I was stunned. Even garbage dresses like the RotS peacock dress are gorgeous in person – the brown has highlights of blue and green and purple you can’t make out in the movie and the embroidery is beautiful.

Basically, the prequels were filmed too early for the medium to ever capture how beautiful her costumes actually were and it is fitting that Natalie thought it really was a wardrobe fit for a queen.

Additionally, did you know Boba Fett’s costume looks like a cobbled together piece of crap? Like, not even an ~I’m a bounty hunter, I live on the edge~ piece of crap. It’s more a “Hey bro, I know I’m in character today, but can I wear my cargoes to work” piece of crap where they just patched over the worst bits with pvc piping or something.


“Where were you?!”

I was fuming. I watched my daughter walk through the door with guilt all over her face.

“Sorry dad. I went…to see mom.”

“You what??”

“I had to! I had to know,,did you know she has another daughter?”

All of my anger melted in that instant. Watching her anguish was hard and I gave her the biggest hug I could muster. 

“Yes, I did. I’m not going to bad mouth your mom honey but she did leave us and start over. You should at least know the details..”

Then I sat her down. I told her how Florita and I met in high school and she had gotten pregnant not long after. How I tried taking over my father’s resort but with no managing skills it failed within a year. How she left me for a rich man and that is who her sister’s father is. Not once did I call Florita a bad name but Palmira had a right to know.

“Thank you for telling me daddy, I know she did all that but can I still see her?”

I knew this would happen eventually…

“If you want to Mira, she’s your mom. Just tell me the next time you pay her a visit. I’m responsible for you and I need to know where you are at all times.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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okay really how do you have any deal how rich camila is compared to the other girls? I want some proof

girl someone just asked for my OPINION why would i prove that? lol

people finding out the names and prices of Victor’s extra af belongings irl bring me to life honestly every time?? how do you do that and also how much does he earn what the fuck


Sam might have a detailed knowledge of innumerable supernatural creatures, but the wealthy remain an impenetrable mystery (12x05)

all those poems about women, written by men: it seemed to be a given that men wrote poems and women… inhabited them. These women were almost always beautiful, but threatened with the loss of beauty, the loss of youth… Or they were beautiful and died young, like Lucy and Lenore. Or… cruel… and the poem reproached her because she had refused to become a luxury for the poet… the girl or woman who tries to write… is peculiarly susceptible to language. She goes to poetry or fiction looking for her way of being in the world… she is looking eagerly for guides, maps, possibilities; and over and over… she comes up against something that negates everything she is about… She finds a terror and a dream… La Belle Dame Sans Merci… but precisely what she does not find is that absorbed, drudging, puzzled, sometimes inspiring creature, herself.
—  Adrienne Rich’s “When We Dead Awake: Writing as Re-vision” (1972) quoted in Joanna Russ’s How to Suppress Women’s Writing (1983)

okay but Giotto grew up on the street right? i can just imagine him meeting somebody when he first made his family and he hasnt learned Etiquette yet. the other boss is like “fine we’ll duel” after there was a disagreement for a ceasefire. giotto thought they were both just gonna throwdown and beat the other’s face in not have an old west gun show down. he’s so confused when he’s told to step ten paces away and draw like “whats this rich bullshit come over here and fight me”


CJ insists that Markiplier is simply trying to flash his money because he donates to charities because he gets nothing out of it despite the fact he’s been doing so for years. They just don’t seem to understand that not everyone needs something in return. That people can be selfless. Why can’t they?
Also claims that Mark is greedy for asking us to donate when he could donate the money himself. He’s calling for people to make a difference. One person can’t fund an entire charity, no matter how rich. It spreads awareness and that makes others donate as well.
Also claims that charities are scams because they haven’t found a cure yet despite medical advances. Cures and research movements are costly. Buying equipment, testing possible cures, thinking of cures, paying employees, paying facilities, advertisements to call for support, and making sure these medications are safe for use is very, VERY costly. It costs millions.
In reference to Mark’s shop, CJ alludes that a “portion” means that Mark is going to give 1% or some low percentage of profit to charity. What do you want? All of it? He has to pay money to make the shirts, ship them, and add to the cost to make money off of it. A portion of the profit HE makes is going to charity, who knows what he left for himself. He can’t make no money off of it. Despite what his income may be, it’s simply foolish to do that at all.
CJ insists that Mark is doing it to improve his reputation and credibility.
I think that no matter WHY he’s doing it, IT’S A GOOD DAMN THING TO DO. But they insist he’s been acting to fool us into thinking he’s a nice person.

So, if you support cartoonjunkie, unfollow me.
Also, if they find this somehow and get pissy about it, or a fan of theirs sends me hate, I don’t give a single shit. Because I stand for what I believe. I don’t care if every single member of their following decides to send me hate.
I won’t stand with someone who has no regards for mental illness (using r/tard and making several insensitive triggered jokes when one is a diagnosed intellectual disability and another is a diagnosed mental health issue that derives from trauma.), fetishizes mental illness and homosexuality, and doesn’t support charity and insists that celebrities can’t make a generous offer without seeking popularity even though they are people as well.


–it’s called Success;; look into it!