how to be more than friends: question tuesday

Meadow Glen Relaxation Spot - Tuesday, 1pm

“Are you a virgin?”

“Are you?”


“Then why would you ask me that question, Christopher?”

It wasn’t very many people Chriss allowed to call him by his full name, instead of his nickname. Subject Zero, or Ro, was one of those people. They were co-workers and friends, so the tiny Alien got away with more than a stranger who crossed him. “Look, I need some advice.”


“…..How do you…..know if you like someone?”

Her silence already made him anxious, but when he felt her looking at him, it just made things worse. Of course Chriss could’ve went to his mother, or even Sado for this kind of thing but there was 2 things wrong with those options. One; his mother was way too emotional for him. Two; Sado would blurt out his business in front of everyone if they ever got into an argument, which was more than likely to happen when it came to him and his sister. Ro took secrets to her grave. It didn’t matter if she never spoke to you again, she’d never spill anything.

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