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15 "What, now I’m only allowed to find half the population attractive?" Holsom?

Warnings for: vaguely NSFW language and the city of Santa Cruz. 

Holster always knew it would happen like this: he would be having an otherwise normal conversation with someone and the opportunity to make a bad joke about how not straight he was would present itself, he wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation, and then everyone would know.

Like on some level, he’s a-ok with this because it’s 2016 it shouldn’t be a big deal anymore, they’re at Samwell, he can just mention it causally like that’s always been the case and everyone’s always known it’s the case and that should be that.

He…he didn’t mean for it to be Ransom that he came out to. Not first.

“Because it’ll be fuckin’ sick,” Ransom insists, showing Holster the vacation rental he’s found. “Look how close it is to the beach! Because bro, you do understand that there are not beaches in Seattle right?”

“Yeah, I know,” Holster says. He’s looking forward to their short vacation before they move west. They’re going together, because how could they not, because Holster’s going to the Schooners and Ransom’s going to UW Med and they’re going to be together. It’s the only part of his future Holster’s ever been sure of – Ransom will be there. “It’s fuckin’ sweet.”

“Right?” Ransom says, clicking the reservation forms for their beach stay. They’ll probably bring some of the team – Bitty, Jack, Shits, Lardo, maybe Dex and Nursey if they can promise not to shoot each other, Chowder if he wants to stay in a rental in Santa Cruz instead of his actual house – but for the majority of the vacation it’ll be him and Ransom.

“Bro, just think of how many hot chicks we’ll get to see,” Rans says, his head falling back in delight.

“What? I’m only allowed to find half the population attractive now?” Holster asks.

The words are out of his mouth before he really registers what he’s just said, but Rans is staring at him, his eyes wide.

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oliver queen appreciation week
day one >> your most memorable oliver moment

Knight In Shining Armor


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Can you do am Isaac imagine where the reader is being harassed (catcalling etc) and Isaac protects her and it’s really cute !!! Thank you !!!

Hand in hand, you and Isaac were taking a stroll around Beacon Hills. It was a chilly evening but rugged up in coats, scarfs and boots made the cold air seem not so bad. A lot had happened in this small town, some you couldn’t even predict and others came as no surprise. Among the madness Isaac and you had developed a very close bond, now one year later and not even the supernatural could tear the relationship apart.

“Want to grab a hot chocolate?” he asked when he noticed you shiver.

"You read my mind Lahey”.

Walking into the cafe Isaac took the lead and went to order, while you stepped to the side waiting for him to come back.

“Here you go love” he handed you the hot chocolate and the two of you sat down at the nearest table.

Looking out the window, this right here was a rare occurrence at best. Nothing to worry about, no interruptions as of yet and just quality time with your tall, well built, werewolf of a boyfriend.

“Penny for you thoughts?” Isaac cheeky asked.

It got you to smile and you stared at you boyfriend who couldn’t stop grinning.

“Well right now I’m thinking that my boyfriend is a giant dork”.

He pouted and said, “Well your giant dork of a boyfriend is highly offended”

Leaning across the table you kissed him, “Is he offended now?” you asked once you pulled away.

“No, but he is slightly turned on”. You lightly smacked his shoulder and shook your head.

One of the cafe members announced that they would be closing early, so seeing no point in staying Issac took your hand once again and walked on out.

“Where to now?” you asked, stepping outside into the cold air that Beacon Hills offered.

“Your place? I don’t think Derek would be all that thrilled if we went to his loft, who knows what he gets up too once his alone” Isaac mumbled the last part, but you heard it all to well.

The thought of Derek doing many things in his loft alone made you giggle, Isaac looked down and gave you a confused expression. “I’m just thinking about all the things Derek probably gets up to when his by himself” you told him.

“I really hope my girlfriend isn’t thinking of my alpha in a non-appropriate way?”.

“I wasn’t, but since you mentioned it Derek does have really nice hands. Imagine what they capable of…” there was teasing evident in your voice, and Isaac picked up on it straight away. He grabbed your waist and tickled your sides, laughing immensely “Isaac stop” you begged.

“I will once you say Isaac Lahey is a sexy beast”, looking up at him you tried very hard to contain your laughter once again.

“You see I would but I was taught to never lie”.

Isaac’s face was priceless, he tickled you further and you said. “Okay, okay Isaac is a sexy beast”. He stopped and let go of you waist, people passing by gave each of you weird glances but neither you nor Isaac minded.

“See wasn’t so hard babe” he added while making sure his hand was interlocked with yours. When it came to you Isaac was very protective and a simple hand holding gesture, meant that he’ll protect you no matter what.

A couple meters ahead the new club that just had opened up was coming into sight, there were plenty people outside waiting to enter while there were plenty of people stumbling out of the club. Walking past you noticed a guy leaning against the club wall, he looked like he was either tipsy or about to be drunk if he took another sip.

Shuffling closer to Isaac and holding onto his hand that much tighter, you kept your head down and continued walking. You hated whether it was by yourself or with someone else walking past clubs, people were always unpredictable and the idea of a stranger drunkenly doing anything was beyond unappealing and scary.

The guy kept his eyes on you and the minute Isaac and you walked by he whistled, ignoring it he whistled again when you didn’t respond he shouted.

“Hey! It’s not nice to ignore someone”

“Just keep your head down, don’t let go of my hand and keep walking” Isaac whispered to you.

Obviously this guy wasn’t going to give up, he shouted yet again. “Yo bro, your lady friend is hot. How about you bring her over and I can get to know her better?”.

You cringed at that prospect and you could tell Isaac was doing everything to not punch the guy. Instead he let go of your hand and walked on up to the guy.

“How about you go back into the club and hit on a girl that isn’t taken”.

The guy put up his hand in defense, “Sorry man, I see a pretty women and I just got to compliment her”.

“There is a difference between giving a compliment and shouting inappropriate things man. Learn the difference yeah?”.

Isaac strolled back to you and grabbed your hand. The guy still wasn’t getting the hint and yelled, “How about I get your number, pretty lady?”.

He clearly didn’t hear Isaac when he told him you were taken, Isaac sighed and instead of wasting his breath he smirked and leaned down to give you a gentle, but very satisfying kiss.

Biting your lip to keep yourself from smiling, the guy immediately became quiet and walked back in to the club.

“That shouldn’t have been as entertaining as it was” you told him.

“He got the message that’s all I care about, now come on let’s get back to your place”.

The two of you made it back to your place, stepping in and taking off all the layers you turned on the heater. Issac came up behind you and pulled you close.

“Sexy beast protects his girl” he whispered in your ear his warm breath strangely sending shivers down your back.

“And his girl very much appreciates it” you played with his hands and felt Isaac smile. Not liking the fact you couldn’t see him you swapped positions, so you could.

“I don’t care who it is, I’m not going to let anyone hurt you okay” His voice was full of love and hearing him say that, even though his actions already showed that he meant ever world, still made you smile.

Grabbing the back of his neck, he leaned on down and for the third time that night your lips connected. “Isaac Lahey you are my hero”.

“Always and forever love” he replied.

Standing there in his embrace it was a comforting thought, knowing you had someone who would do anything it took to make sure you were safe and happy.

Isaac Lahey was someone you didn’t think you would be this close too, when you guys first meet. But now he was the only one you couldn’t imagine living without.

the romeo and juliet au- widowtracer

@dudeblade this is trash and i love it. part 1.

  • widow’s romeo and tracer’s juliet
  • so the montagues (widow’s family) are reaper and s76
  • the capulets (tracer’s moms) are pharah and mercy
  • hanzo and genji work for reaper76
  • mccree and zenyatta work for pharmercy
  • pharmercy and reaper76 hate each other due to an unfortunate incident involving one of reaper’s goons stabbing mercy
  • so now everybody tries to fight each other
  • symmetra’s the prince who’s like ‘EVERYBODY CALM DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP’
  • anyways so widow’s leaning moodily against a tree and sighing over a girl
  • her bro hanzo appears and he’s like ‘ey whaddup boi you sighing over some guuuurrrllll?’
  • widow’s like ‘ah yes woe is me she’s so fkn hot but she hates me.’
  • ‘who is it’
  • ‘the fair rosaline. ah. ah. how i do love her.’
  • ‘bro listen up we gon get you a hot girl. get over her. cmon.’
  • they walk through the town and run into a servant
  • the servant’s like ‘hey read this for me’
  • the paper: ‘look shit bro ma uncle’s hostin this sick-ass party all da hot capulets are gon be there you wanna come peace and blezzings’
  • widow: ‘there’s a celebration at the capulet mansion.’
  • servant: cool bye you’re welcome to show up as long as you’re not a montague
  • widow: are we montagues?
  • hanzo: yah
  • widow: cool let’s crash this fuckin party bro
  • hanzo: bro lezgo
  • over in the capulet mansion…
  • zarya: ur daughter’s hot. can i marry her.
  • pharah: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sure go for it idc
  • upstairs…
  • tracer: ey nurse whaddup seen any hot gurls
  • nurse: nah bro but i’ll letcha know
  • tracer: cool
  • mercy: hey whaddaya feel about getting married
  • tracer: it is an honour that i dream not of (▀¯▀)(▀¯▀)⊂(▀¯▀⊂)⊂(▀¯▀⊂)
  • (she actually legit says that in the play fkn hardcore roasted⊂(▀¯▀⊂))
  • over in the street:
  • widow: ey we gon crash a fkn party let’s get WASTEEEEDDDDD
  • genji: boi i’m comin with you
  • hanzo: boi lezgo
  • the party:
  • hanzo and genji are dancing. pharmercy are looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.
  • tracer: fuck. i don’t wanna get married. fuck.
  • widow appears out of nowhere.
  • tracer: let’s get fucking married. right here, right now. fuck yeah.
  • widow: may i have a dance
  • (fuck she’s hot)
  • tracer: sure. i guess. you ain’t that hot.
  • tracer: *makes out with widow on the dance floor*
  • zenyatta: HEY PHARAH fuck that’s fkn amelie lacroix she’s called widowmaker cuz she steals people’s wives boi she dancin wit yo daughter
  • pharah: eh. idc. me and my wife are gonna go bang. bye. peace.
  • tracer: ey i’m tracer. lena. of the capulet house.
  • widow: o ma fuckin god you kiddin me jfc why is my love life so shitty
  • widow: anyways i gtg
  • widow kisses her and runs the fuck away with hanzo and Drunk Genji™
  • tracer: who dat gurl
  • nurse: boi. that’s widowmaker
  • tracer: …..
  • tracer: fuck.
  • widow’s busy pining outside tracer’s window and sayin a bunch of weird-ass things
  • hanzo, hiding behind a bush: ‘man that’s gay’
  • tracer appears, holding out a glove like a dramatic hoe
  • widow: damn she hawt. i wish i was that glove.
  • hanzo: widow that doesn’t make sense
  • widow: fuck off
  • tracer: oh amelie, oh amelie, wherefore art thou amelie
  • widow: #bornthisway
  • and then they say a bunch of dramatic things and then make out

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Hiya!! Uh not really I just didn’t go to class… so I had a pretty okay day!


silverliningslurk: I keep thinking about how Holster called the lax bros something suspiciously close to ‘hot’ once on the Twitter, and keep thinking about SMH playing Never Have I Ever and Whiskey says ‘had a crush on a lax bro’ and it turns out most of the hockey team have… except Whiskey. He vehemently denies having a crush on any of them. Dunno, it amuses me.

Bitty decides on Never Have I Ever, and to no one’s surprise, the game is predictably hilarious. But to everyone’s surprise, Chowder, of all people, is losing the game.

Whiskey’s glad he isn’t the only one amazed by this. His mind only gets blown further when Chowder puts down his second-to-last finger in response to Tango’s, “Never have I ever skydived.”

“Bro,” Ransom says, gazing at the single finger Chowder is holding up—compared to Bitty’s seven left, “Why have you done everything?”

Chowder blushes a little, shrugging. “I dunno. My family is, like, adventurous, you know?”

“No,” Dex intones flatly. Somehow, he’s still sitting pretty at a perfect ten.

“Okay, your turn, Whiskey,” Holster says as all eyes turn to him. “Get Chowder out of this game.”

Across the circle they’d formed on the floor of the Haus kitchen, Chowder cringes at Whiskey, mouthing, “Help me.” And you know what? Whiskey would. Chowder is a good guy—a little talkative for Whiskey’s taste, but he’s always been nothing but nice to him.

Whiskey thinks long and hard before coming up with something that couldn’t possibly knock Chowder out of the game. “Never have I ever had a crush on a lax bro.”

Chaos immediately ensues.

“I TRUSTED YOU,” Chowder wails as he puts down his last finger. And to Whiskey’s utter amazement, every single person in the room puts a finger down. Whether proudly (Holster) or quietly (Dex), every person puts down a finger.

Every. Person.

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how the matsuno bros would use tumblr probably:

  • osomatsu: staring at hot chicks, many memes, no specific ‘type’ of blog, actively tries snack recipes and almost burns down the house. every. time.
  • karamatsu: ultimately just an aesthetic blog, tries to study his aesthetic more through tags, desperately tries to get tumblr famous by making philosophical text posts he pulled out of his ass and posting amateur modelling selfies
  • choromatsu: organized fandom blogs, otaku af, fapping, also sjw text posts
  • ichimatsu: cats. just cats, videos of cats, pictures of cats, text posts about cats being assholes and tagging ‘hell yeah’ underneath
  • jyushimatsu: sports, vines, more sports, thousands of shitposts, unlimited doge memes
  • todomatsu: cute flowerboy aesthetic, plenty of selfies, guaranteed most followers, actually tumblr famous

ok but imagine john and dave being bi bros and talking about how hot beyonce and chris pratt or whoever are, and then in the middle of dave rambling john just kisses him and mumbles something like “the hottest guy out there is you though” and dave just kisses his cheek all flustered like “you fuckin dork you shoulda told me earlier”

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Uhm... about the Subaru/Laito Vs Autocorrect Like... What if it was Ruki-san? :3

Don’t even get me started on that hot bastard

Yuuma: So how was the date last night bro?

Yuuma: Did ya score?

Ruki: Not quite. We went to dinner and I walked her home.

Ruki: Afterwards I killed her in the woods outside her house and left.

Ruki: *kissed

Ruki: I cannot understand what my phone has done, I typed one thing and another one appeared.

Yuuma: Bro. Killin’ her in the woods ain’t nice.

Ruki: Shut up before I do something to that garden of yours, Yuuma.