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M wasn't snapping to celebrate her 'friends', she snapped to celebrate herself being 'friends' with those people. Disrespectful.

Truth!!! It’s always all about her. Nothing else matters.

It’s why she’s willing to leave Ben at home and pretend to love another as she gets more attention this way. Simply put. Ben is not getting the invite to take her as his plus one to the the La La Land after party. Darren is. So she’ll leave him behind every time if it means that’s an opportunity to shout to the world about how “cool” she is.

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That "Invertfell" ask made me think... What would Inverted Swap look like? In a way, it would kind of be the mirror of Inverted Fate. In it (compared to baseline Undertale), the personalities would swap... And ONLY the personalities. How would, say, party member Papyrus differ from party member Blueberry? They have different magic and act at least slightly differently. It would be interesting to see. ...That, and Blueberry in science gear sounds adorable.

Personally, I’m the wrong person to ask, as I strongly dislike personality swapping. It’s part of why Team Switched’s Underswap is the only form of Underswap I like. Instead of swapping personalities, they’re going for something a bit more unique, keeping the characters true to themselves but executing the story in a way that is still distinct from IF and really freaking cool, if I say so myself. I’ve actually helped contribute ideas to them and am friends with a few of their team members.

If you guys like the “traditional” Underswap, more power to ya. It’s just not for me, since I find characterization extremely important to who a character is.

D6 Magic Item Shop Items That Your Players Will Appreciate...

By Applejaxc:

Here’s a curated list of 6 items you can throw into any ongoing campaign, level 1-20, that is interesting and won’t unbalance your game.

Because WotC decided to completely suck while writing the magic items section of the 5e DMG, I did some extensive* trial-and-error testing to find out what items are both cool and non-disruptive so you don’t have to rely on the vague “common,” “uncommon,”  "rare,“ "very rare,” and “legendary” “guidelines.”

*guess work

Next time your players decide to hit up the magic item shop, consider having one of these on display:

1 - Cloak of the Manta Ray

  1. With the hood up, you can breath underwater
  2. You have a swim speed of 60ft

It sounds ridiculous, but honestly how many adventures take place underwater these days? This gives one of your party members a new, situational tactical option for aquatic infiltration and surprise, and it gives you a new way to split up the party: Someone has to dive into the pitch-black, freezing water to find the valve that opens the door in the next room!

2 - Ring of Resistance

Ye olde shop has 1-3 of these of display. Roll 1d10 to determine which element types are available.

d10    Element    Gem

1 Acid Pearl

2 Cold Tourmaline

3 Fire Garnet

4 Force Sapphire

5 Lightning Citrine

6 Necrotic Jet

7 Poison Amethys

8 Psychic Jade

9 Radiant Topaz

10 Thunder Spinel

If you’re really worried, you can balance a Ring of Resistance in two ways: 1, only have a Ring of Resistance (Radiant) (because good adventurers shouldn’t be fighting many radiant enemies), or 2, each ring has a Curse: Weakness to another element (roll again to determine which).

3 - Belt of the Monkey

Whosoever wears this belt takes only half falling damage. Curse: You feel the urge to treat the world like your playground.

4 - Rope of Climbing

As the entry on page 197. It’s extremely useful without being grossly disruptive.

5 - Sending Stones

One of the most useful and best magic items.

A pair of magical rocks that function like WalkiTalkies, so the party can split into 2 groups and still communicate without metagaming. Curse: (Kind of) There’s a 3rd (or even 4th, 5th, and 6th+!) stone in the possession of the BBEG or the shopkeeper (could be the same person), which is used to spy on the party’s communication and track their movements.

6 - X of the Sun

Substitute “X” with any weapon. With a command word, the weapon’s blade or striking surface grants illumination similar to a torch, candle, or lantern (at the DM’s discretion), alleviating the need for party members without Dark Vision to carry a light source. This light cannot dispel magical darkness.

One of our players recently rolled up a Warlock, who’s first introduction to the party was him sleeping with an NPC, establishing him as the party’s ladies man. Here’s how his first combat went.

Warlock: “I’m going to cast Shileleghlegh on my staff.”

DM: “Alright cool, that works off of your charisma right?”

Warlock: “Yeah, so I hit him with my Charisma Rod.”

Entire party: “NO.”

Imagine In The Heights but all the Spanish is replaced with the English equivalent

“Lets have a neighborhood party”

“So how do you say help me?”
“Heeeelp meeee”
“And how do you say promise me”
“Promise meeee”

“Heeeeeeeat, heeeeeeeat, heeeeeat, heeeeeeeat heeeeeat, heeeeeeeeeeeat, ay mama”
“Oh fuck it’s hot”

Josephine Baker was a famous African American dancer, singer, and actress born in 1906 St. Louis, Missouri. Sadly she was not appreciated in the US, so she went to Paris in the 1920s, where her amazing talent, charm, and charisma were such a smashing success that she became a movie star there. Oh, and she had a pet cheetah named Chiquita, who often escaped the stage to terrorize the musicians.

Even more badass - during WWII, she served as a spy to the French military intelligence, collecting info about German troop locations at all the fancy parties she went to. She pinned those notes, written in invisible ink on her sheet music, inside her underwear. How cool is that.

She also contributed to the Civil Rights movement, and refused to perform for segregated audiences during her tours in the US.

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I really want dan to tell us stories of is rebellious teen years like his experimentation with drugs and party life and stuff... too bad he won't because of how some fans will react to it, like emulate it or go crazyfan about it instead of just listening to it and having a laff

i wrote this and sent it to myself i love time travel :) ok but like.. i want him to tell us abt his Cool Boy life so much… bad party stories……. first times he got high n drunk……… best things he acted in and tiny behind the scenes snippets and stories of the funny things his drama class did ……….. stories abt his friends that arent necessarily abt Them but the Things He Did With Them ie “emos go to the mall”…. hes not even that cool but like i just wanna Know all the dumb teenagery things he did i want to make fun of him so bad

(nearing the top of a wizard’s tower that the party has been trying to reach for quite a while. the party steps into a chamber featuring four tapestries.)

Tiefling Rogue: I want to investigate the tapestries. Do they have anything cool on them?

DM: Okay, sure. The first is of the wizard as a young man. He is nude. The second is–

Tiefling: I want to investigate the first tapestry. Is the wizard handsome?

DM: Yes.

Tiefling: Okay, so you said he’s nude–

DM: It’s in a classical style. 

Tiefling: Okay, so what I’m wondering is how big is his–

DM: The tapestry is in a classical style, and it’s covered by a leaf.

Tiefling: Okay, so how big is the leaf?

  • Blake: Alright, he's giving you one more chance, so you're not gonna blow it okay?
  • Yang: You mean like how I blew you last night?
  • Blake: YANG!
  • Ghira: What's with all the yelling!?
  • Yang: Oh I was just talking about how I blew your daughterrrrrrr-'s surprise party by accident... yeah that.
  • Ghira: ...
  • Yang: ...
  • Ghira: I'd rather you just blew her.
  • Yang: Oh thank God, he's a cool dad.
Awkward family gatherings

every once in a while my family from both sides will get together and host this big ass dinner party and it is always awkward af, my dad and mums side of the family are very at war with each other because my mums side are very conservative while my dad’s side don’t give a fuck.

So dinner rolls around everyone’s eating and I make a casual comment to my dad about how I’m going to stay at my girlfriends over the weekend because she doesn’t want to be home alone while her parents are away, dads like yeah cool what evs no sex blah blah blah, and my Nana (mums side) looks absolutely horrified when someone asks her about it she goes on this long winded rant about how I am going to hell for being a homosexual yada yada yada, my pa (mums side) chooses this moment to get up clink his glass and go “I’d like to make an offical announcement, Claudia, I’ve been cheating on you with your younger brother for 17 years, now if you would please shut up for two goddamn second we would like to continue our nice family dinner, also I’ve been meaning to ask for a divorce”

And I’m done

Can you imagine some drunk creep trying to hit on Bitty at a Haus party even though Bitty’s declined 5 million times.

“No, thanks,” Bitty says. “I already have a boyfriend.”

But at the very end the person still grabs on to Bitty’s wrist and hisses in his ear, angry and too close, “Listen here, you little shit, you think you’re too good for–”

Holster sees it from the beer pong table. He’s already grabbing Ransom, two hockey dudes well over 6 feet tall ready to toss the guy in the nearest trashcan for ever getting close to Bitty. They set their beers down and advance to the kitchen where Bitty’s getting cornered, but they see a another figure rush from behind the asshole, reaching out for the guy’s shoulder and wrenching him back.

“–who the hell are you?” the drunk guy slurs; he’s clearly hovering between extreme intoxication and passing out completely. His fury and confusion is probably the only thing keeping him up at this rate.The figure turns out to be none other than Jack Zimmermann, clad in a cap and quarter-zip with the collars up, hovering over the guy by a good 4 inches. 

“His boyfriend,” Jack says, without missing a beat. His tone is steely and leaves no room for discussion. “If you don’t leave this place immediately Bittle will punch you. And after he’s done I will fuck you up.”

“Oh, shit,” Ransom whispers. 

Ransom and Holster have never seen a person this inebriated run out of the Haus that quickly before. 

to kiss or not to kiss

The prompt for the last day of Sterekweek is obviously Halloween,  so have 1.4k of Halloween fluff with preschool trick or treaters!

Halloween sort of loses its appeal once you know what really goes bump in the night.

Stiles used to love it - the one day of the year to be a society approved nerd, to dress up and geek out. They used to go all out; his mum knew how to sew and made all of their costumes, no flimsy store bought stuff for the Stilinskis, no sir. Stiles’ superman cape actually kept him warm, didn’t rip when Scott accidentally stepped on it, and also did the cool swishy thing.

Since his mum died, Stiles’ costumes have mostly been store bought, but he still loved Halloween. And even with the werewolf epiphany it was still fun - at least at first. Stiles thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood for Lydia’s first post-werewolf Halloween party. The best thing was Derek’s eyes almost falling out of his head, he was rolling them so hard. He came in his regular henley and jeans combo and claimed he was a vampire who couldn’t see himself in the mirror and thus couldn’t dress up, so Stiles definitely came out on top of that one.

But this year he just isn’t feeling it.

It’s been too many months of terror and death to enjoy a night of fake terror and death. And he doesn’t want to face happy little werewolves and vampires who’ll make him feel like the the grouchiest grouch of Halloween. So he hides in the one Halloween safe place he can think of: Derek’s loft. No kid is ever going to go trick or treating at Derek’s loft.

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I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS A LOT and I am actually legit excited at the prospect of a Gen 2

Think about it:

- How cool would it be for Travis to play an intelligent character?? I love INT 6 Grog but Travis is very clever (like check him out in the Heist oneshot holy shit) and can you imagine what an incredible strategist he’d be if his character permitted it? I have a feeling a Travis high-Int character could run the damn party.

-Also like. 80-90% chance he’d be a werewolf or one of those werewolf blood hunters, and 90-100% chance we would all be thirsty for him.


-On that note I wonder if someone will ever play someone of a different gender? Literally the only person to do that on the show (besides Matt) was Chris Perkins. That’d be really exciting. I nominate Sam.

-Also Laura kind of got screwed by the 5e Ranger rules, which are terrible, but I would actually die to see her play a class with legit firepower. Also, also, hear me out here. Laura’s got the highest charisma stat at the table in real life, in my honest opinion. She wrote that kickass limerick too. Hear me out. 

Laura Bard-ley.

- (Or at least a CHA-based sorcerer or warlock. Just let her full-on 20 Charisma straight to my heart.)

- Also we keep hearing that Marisha and Keyleth are very different people and I just wanna see how much variety that actually implies. It would be so cool for her to play somebody morally sketchy. And on the one hand I think she’s a great caster so maybe she could be a Warlock, but on the other I have the image of her being a Rogue or Monk in my head and being sad she doesn’t have spells anymore and it’s a funny image. Funnier than that? Barbarian!Marisha.


-On that note, Liam constantly says he’s magic-stupid so I have a feeling he’d be a physical class, but not a rogue. Maybe he’d want to go full paladin with a lil handful of spells, and see what that would have been like? Or maybe Monk? (I really want a monk in the party. Basically the only class we haven’t seen used to its full potential on CR). I also really want Liam to get to have fun because he has a great sense of humour and Vax is a teeeeeny bit limiting in that regard. Sometimes. Not always.

- SAM AND TALIESIN. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOURSELVES. For everyone else I kind of see what parts of their characters they’re pushing against, and where I think they’d have fun experimenting more, but Sam and Taliesin just seem to be Scanlan and Percy incarnate.  I don’t even want to guess for those two, because I know anything they’ll pick will be a surprise.

- Except yeah I really do want Sam to play a girl.

- And I am very amused by the idea of Taliesin as a cleric or paladin of any kind. Just. Go as far anti-Percy as possible. Also I want him to have spells so Marisha can constantly pester him about how hard it is to be a caster

- P.S. It will be weird for Liam and Laura’s characters not to be related? Maybe they will be.

- P.P.S. I am desperately hoping at least one character is a Secret Vox Machina Baby. I highly, highly recommend this plot twist and can vouch for its effectiveness ( @maddmurdock they say I look just like my mother). The obvious choice atm would be a bb half-elf gunslinger de Rolo and wouldn’t that just be the cat’s buttflap pyjamas. 


- All of these will be 100% disproven whenever Gen 2 starts and I don’t care I’m having fun speculation is my drug of choice after fusaka


basically how john and terezi started dating:

roxy & terezi get completely hammered at one of terezis legendary beach parties. shenanigans ensue. roxy is pretty ok with terezi hate dating john.

they end up being the first couple to get a kid

the kid ends up starting a rivalry with dave & karkats kid anshu as soon as he sees her. it gets pretty great and savage.

anshu is savage, and is probably actually going to become jamies best friend.

his sister jody loves him and they support eachother. shes the cool kind of nerd

new years slumber party!!

hey everyone! how about we end the year with an ask game! go into my ask box and

  • tell me about something good that happened to you this year
  • something bad that happened
  • how you’ve changed
  • submit a selfie so i can see how cute you are!
  • ask invasive questions
  • tell me what time it is/what you’re thinking
  • submit art so i can see how talented you are!!
  • tell me about your crush/significant other
  • tell me a cool story
  • recommend music so i can put it into a playlist
  • your goals for 2017
  • honestly just ask anything!!! it’s the end of 2016!! no one gives a shit anymore!!! tell me all about the family gossip and why you love certain foods and places!!

Just wanted to make something quick and stupid.

The dude is Gulddreng, meaning Golden Boy. He’s been having a few hits in Denmark, but a lot of people don’t seem to realize he is parodying self centered musicians and mocking the kind of people who think attitudes like that is cool. He name drops famous people constantly, sings about how easy it is to be famous, and all the models he sleeps with, mixed with weird stuff like “I respect you and your wife because she’s delicious just like me”. How people can think he’s serious is beyond me.

His first hit was “Er du model” (“Are you a model”) and was a compilation of stupid things men say to hit on women. The reason why I drew this was because I got his song “Ked af det” (“Sad”) stuck in my head where he jumps back and forth between saying “I’m so sorry that I’ve hurt so many people’s feelings” (he hasn’t) to “Actually, screw your feelings” and back again.

for you pt. 3 teaser

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Part 1 Part 2

You smiled back at him as you walked away and pushed through the crowd and up the stairs hoping to find solace in an empty room. You bolted into the first door you saw open and were transported back to that first night. The first night his lips touched yours. The first night you felt how dangerous he was to your system. The bathroom he left you in. You sighed, wishing you were somewhere else, but the booming party outside told you that you didn’t have much of a choice.

Your hands braced the sink as you reached for the faucet. You closed your eyes and let the cool water splash on your face. The door flew open as Taehyung made his way into your temporary sanctuary.

“Leave me alone” you spat as you dried the water from your face.

He growled, “You’re here with him?”

You folded your arms in front of you and turned around to face him, “Yeah, I am. If you have a problem with them you should have asked me yourself”

You reached for the door but Taehyung grabbed onto your wrist, “Let me go” you warned. But Taehyung didn’t listen. He stared at you silently while the hold he had on your skin burned the memories you were trying to forget. “What do you want from me?” you asked him as you brought your eyes up to meet his.

He took a deep breathe, “Ditch him. Spend the night with me”

You scoffed, “And do you remember what happened the last time I did that? I’d rather not make myself out to be even more of an idiot than I already am”

Taehyung’s face softened as he let go of you, “Don’t say that. You’re not an idiot”

The softness laced in his words caught you off guard. And for a second they were able to soak in, but you shook your head and dusted off the reasons why you knew not to believe a single word he said.

Your hand reached for the door but you paused, “I am an idiot for thinking I would be anything more than a backseat fuck to you” and without looking back you closed the door behind you

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I love Chloe Bourgeois, give the bitch a bee, I bet she'd find Hawkmoth in a week and kick his ass. Chloe Bourgeois would fight one akuma and then flip her shit about how INCONVENIENT it is to have to rush away and fight a new villain at a moment's notice. Chloe Bourgeois and her bad attitude will turn over every rock in Paris just so she can personally drag Hawkmoth out of his Hovel With A Skylight and beat him to shit because he caused her to miss a party


Ladybug: = 3= *refuses to admit she’s cool*
Chat Noir: *sobbing* I’M SO PROUD OF HER