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Artist Shout Out

Shout out to artists who get drowned out by popular people’s art

shout out to artists who hardly ever get any reblogs

shout out to artists who feel like people are embarrassed to reblog their art

shout out to artists who constantly get told to “keep trying!” and “work harder!” even though theyve been doing it all their lives and still aren’t up to par with everyone else

shout out to artists who feel like they have no where to go because art is all they have even though it never gets attention

shout out to artists who JUST got a tablet as an adult because theyve never had rich parents to get them every little art supply they wanted

shout out to artists who feel like its too late because all the popular artists are so young

shout out to artists who had friends and family tell them they could be famous but got on the internet and saw how much better everyone else is

shout out to artists who feel like giving up everyday because they feel like they will always be outshined by other popular artists

you’re not alone. You can do this. It’s not a race, even if it feels like it a lot.

anonymous asked:

Heya roby!! Since u were nearing 100k on instagram I'm worndering how it feels ? Like ur pretty famous in a small corner of the internet and when I ask my irl art friends about u they now about u? Is it ever rlly surreal or r u used to it by now

hey!! its pretty surreal thinking about it even though I’m not the biggest artist out there, i just really appreciate anyone who cares about me/my art :,)

its when people recognize me irl like at a convention or something that it “hits” me the most i suppose cause i remember at the last con i went to i think 3-4 people came up to say hello and it was really cool seeing someone in person rather than as a username :o but really im just another kid who likes to draw and cry over other artists/youtubers/shows too I’m nothing extraordinary 

Okay but that conversation in the first episode of VRAINS where Yusaku shuts Shima down with all the force of a freight train was sorta like being a famous internet artist, having some guy FIRST accuse you of having no friends, then tease you about using traditional art supplies instead of a cool tablet like his, THEN he tells you he doesn’t even have a DeviantArt account, THEEEN he tells you all about how cool your own internet persona is and


He offers to teach you how to draw

Honestly I can understand why Yusaku kinda went off on poor Shima XD

Rich Games pt. 22

Summary: School has never been anything but a time waste and game for rich boy, Yoongi.
Members: Yoongi x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 9,424 Words

So this is the last one that is only from Yoongi’s POV. The last few chapters will be from Suho, PG, and Yoongi’s POV and will be the end of the series <3

-Admin Kat

Pt. 1, Pt.2,  Pt. 3,   Pt. 4,  Pt. 5,   Pt.6,  Pt. 7,  Pt. 8,  Pt. 9,  Pt. 10,  Pt. 11,Pt. 12, Pt. 13,  Pt. 14,  Pt. 15,  Pt. 16,  Pt.17, Pt. 18, Pt. 19, Pt. 20,Pt. 21, Pt. 22, Pt. 23, Pt. 24, Pt. 25, Pt. 26

Yoongi’s house was quieter than normal. Almost like a saving grace. After the awkward encounter with your mom, he couldn’t help but fear that his own mother would be waiting up for him at the door. But he knew how insane that was. The day his mother actually bothered to pay attention to him would be the day he dies. Or the day when she needs him to help her with the family image. That was the reason he was born anyways. He was the little doll that girls played with; hoping to create the perfect life.

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You know what’s something I really don’t understand?

All over instagram, even on youtube, you see men/women (yes both- “internet famous” and not-) showing us the art of contouring, how you can change the shape/bridge of your nose, even draw on cheek bones or manipulate your bone structure, but when it comes to Michael Jackson, people act so damn foolish. Like how did this man put UP with this shit. Michael Jackson was a CELEBRITY. He contoured just like Kim K or those insta models or those youtube make up artists. Like, you think he got plastic surgery one day that made his cheeks bones pop, then the next day like… UN DID it? You see those contour before/after pics on people on twitter all the time? The man used contour kits. Like look at contour pics before/after of ANYONE just on like, twitter. The highlighting and illuminizing. Like …. That’s what Michael Jackson did….You see a pic of MJ with heavy contour and a pic with him caught without any the NEXT day and you say plastic surgery like he up'ed and UN DONE it and DID the surgery again….Man. They never let him live. 

hiddenstash  asked:

Where did you graduate from and how long did it take you to get where you are today? I've always wanted to work on an animation team but havent been sure where to start.

I’m not sure my story could be replicated. I feel like I had to break into animation 3 separate times.

 I was first discovered by a group of animators at a party I crashed when I was 15. I showed them my sketchbook and they offered to assist me if I came by the studio. I essentially stopped going to school in order to get better and work.

After a few small jobs I went to college based on my mother’s warning that artist don’t make money and I needed to develop some other skills. I did end up doing some more animation, assisting artist I would meet, but I dropped out and moved to CA after a chance meeting with John k. at Spumco.

After Spumco ended not a single person in the big studios would touch our crew and I remember us all struggling to find another job. Most of my friends were hired to work with Jorge Gutierrez at Disney, but as was mostly the case back then, I was the person on the outside of that social circle and was excluded.

I had at that point spent 9 years on an on/off animation layout career in an industry that was quickly getting rid of that job. I fortunately met an animation designer, Lynne Naylor, we became friends first and then she spent a year teaching me the principles of character design. When she couldn’t teach me anymore, she handed me over to Ed Benedict.

I remember the moment I fell in love with design. Lynne had given me a few notes on some designs I had drawn and explained this mathematical principle of balancing a character to create focus. Everything I had worked on in my life at that point felt connected, my love of math, the way all my comics I drew as a child had 20+ villains in them, my love of music theory and how it translates to visual art, everything felt like it pointed me in a direction to become the artist I am today. I saw what I thought was missing in animation design and how I fit into the process. It’s what some people call a “calling” but it also happened at the lowest point in my life at the time. 

It took many more years of putting these theories/ideas into practice before I got okay at it. I remember my frustration towards myself on not just being able to draw how and what I could see in my mind.

When you’re young, you’re full of crazy-energy mostly fueled by just how uncertain your future is. You want to change that as fast as possible. You think you are just missing a bit of advice that will allow you to not struggle or speed up the process. That if I follow a formula I will get the same results as my heroes. Unfortunately, there are no such guarantees in life. All of the cliche advice; Do what you love, Don’t take no for an answer, fake it til you make it are all really half-truths.

There isn’t a single way to break into animation, you will both love it and hate it the rest of your life, you will not be famous to anyone other than other artists who want to be where you are. 

So with all the mysticism removed from the equation, how can you get to where I am? Look at artist who are currently working where you’d like to be. Practice to get your final output to look similar to their professional work (not their fun internet doodles). Try to learn the mechanics of staging within a tv screen, moving character’s volumes without changing shapes/sizes too much, and stringing along drawings/characters that have a storytelling bent. When you get closer to replicating professional output, call studios and get tests for low-positioned jobs. When you fail at those tests, try to arrange some feedback in a non-bothersome way. Take tests over and over again, slowly implementing the things you learn from taking them and the feedback received. 

That’s how it’s done! Sometimes the tests are paid, mostly they’re not. There are more cartoons being produced than ever and they always need people who can deliver material that is functional enough to give to Korea to be animated.

Hope that helps and sorry it’s a difficult thing to express without taking a whole page up, but I wanted to explain how it’s a struggle you will carry the rest of your life, but I don’t think you have much choice when it’s your passion.

The Hawkeye Initiative

It’s Natasha that brings it to his attention. Steve still feels a little overwhelmed by Captain America’s popularity in this century and the idea of being famous as well as a ninetyish year old man fastforwarded in time is still something he’s adjusting to. So some things are still alien and the increasing love for the Avengers is something he’s aware of but hasn’t particularly explored. But what Nat shows him makes him start to reconsider his views on social media.

They’re everywhere. All over the internet, every major site where Avengers fans congregate. Pictures. Tons of them. Steve wonders how he managed to miss something so incredible. Nat knows he’s a good artist. When she shows him the pictures there’s a quirk of her lips and more than a glint of mischief in her eyes.

“They’re calling it the Hawkeye Initiative,” she says. 

Steve presses his lips together, trying not to smile, but he’s losing that particular battle. 

“People draw Clint in these poses.”

“Oh my god,” Steve breathes as he swipes to the next screen on Natasha’s phone and sees a scantily clad Hawkeye aiming an arrow at the viewer. The look on his face is… well, suggestive is about the only word Steve feels comfortable using.

“Do one for me.”

“No,” Steve says, but Barton’s been an annoying little shit lately and the idea of doing something silly and petty behind his back is appealing. 

“Please? It’s my birthday." 

"Is it really?” Steve says. She doesn’t say anything but gives him a look that just says, ‘maybe. You’ll never know for sure.’

He fights the urge for as long as he can but a mere forty-five minutes later he’s got a small sketchbook and a pen in hand and a series of cartoon Hawkeye’s in ridiculous outfits emerges. It feels good to draw again and strangely inspired, he continues for the next week. Sometimes Nat sits and draws with him and surprisingly she has some talent for art. Tony finds out about the Initiative and they bring him in on it before he can crack some joke to Barton and ruin their club.

One day after meeting with Fury about a mission, Steve leaves the office and sees Clint leaning against the wall, obviously waiting for him. His arms are crossed over his chest and the look on his face means he’s either pissed or hasn’t had his coffee yet. Steve stops.

Clint looks at him with narrowed eyes, straightens, and then wordlessly pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket. It’s a bit crinkled, it’s folded, but Steve knows that paper. It’s the high-quality paper from the sketchbook Bucky got him for his last birthday. As Barton unfolds the sheet Steve’s heart sinks. He sees this ridiculous comicbook drawing of Clint in fishnets and high heels, his body twisted in impossible angles to mimic what artists do when they draw female characters. Barton holds it up and looks at Steve.

“I walked in on Nat and Stark,” he says.

“I’m sorry,” Steve says, feeling guilty.

Clint shrugs. “I’m actually here for an autograph. I have a friend, Kate - she’ll think it’s hilarious and I kinda owe her one.”  


This is a small comic I did back in 2011. It’s funny how it still feels so relevant today. Doing art on the internet and getting known for it is exponentially harder when you only do original content. No fanarts of trendy animated movies, or cartoons, no fanarts of famous people/artists’ OCs, just your own thing. But you hang to those few pure souls that like what you do and follow you, not understanding exactly why they are there but feeling unending amounts of gratitude, and you jump into the unknown.

I just wanted to put in lines how it feels, hopefully someone out there feels the same. If you know an artist that is trying or has made his way doing original content, give him a pat in the back, cuz god damn it’s hard.



By Austin Ipsen

Arches was unlike any other landscape I’d ever experienced. There’s a creative and artistic aura about the park that leaves me yearning for more. The few days I spent there changed me significantly, both as a photographer and as a creative in general.

Seeing such famous landmarks always blows me away. Photos can never do places like these justice — their raw scale and magnificence can only be truly experienced in person. But such famous monuments also force us to try to look at things differently. How can I capture a unique image of this place that is different from what I’ve already seen a thousand times in photos across the internet? How can I mark it as mine? How will I adapt to changing conditions, to fickle light, to tourists walking into my frame? How can I best create and communicate the feeling of being there? Arches inspired me to to try my best to see, not just simply look.


Austin Ipsen is a 20 year old photographer from Riverton, Utah. You can find him on Instagram @abipsen​

anonymous asked:

Do the people you know IRL (family/friends/teachers...) know that you are a tumblr-famous praised artist? If not, how do you resist using it when they are criticizing your art or hobbies?

Mmm some of my friends do. Mother does as well…Other family members know vaguelly that there are people who enjoy my stuff on the internet (though grandmother really doesn’t understand it much), teachers..god no. Or I think one teacher heard us talking about it once, but not more than that,

Also um… they don’t really…criticize me? I’m lucky to have people who are accepting to the things I love doing:”)

Troye Sivan Praises Fans And Talks About The ‘Unnecessary Rules’ For Releasing Music

‘I’m so lucky to have the community that I do, and would not be where [I] am without them.’

by patrick hosken

As we know by now, Troye Sivan is not just another YouTube celeb. But really, is there even a traditional idea of what being “YouTube famous” means anymore?

A few days ago, the 2015 Streamy Awards celebrated the best of the best on the web — including Tori Kelly, Austin Mahone and (winner) Shawn Mendes in the “Breakthrough Artist” category. The show also featured stunning performances from Hailee Steinfeld and Future, among others.

Dear Media, Stop Acting Like You’re ‘Too Cool’ For Internet Talent
So, yeah, as we’ve pointed out before, the concept of being “web-famous” is kind of outdated at this point. If you’re web famous, you’re famous. Period.

Troye Sivan’s success is proof. The 20-year-old “Wild” singer recently spoke to Billboard about how he managed to shoot up the charts with his latest EP, Wild, which recently debuted at No. 5.

“Of course there is that slight stigma against artists who come from online — but that reputation is one I’m fully happy to embrace, and hopefully alter that stigma in people’s minds in the process by making music that they enjoy,” Sivan said. “I’m so lucky to have the community that I do, and would not be where [I] am without them.”

Troye Sivan Kicks Off His Stunning New Video Trilogy With ‘Wild’
Sivan also talked about why he’s made two EPs, or mini-albums, instead of one longer release (which he says may be out before the end of the year).

“There’ll be some songs from WILD on there. To me personally, traditional music formats seem a little irrelevant — as long as you’re creating something beautiful, experimental and representative of who you are — if you can do that in four songs, good on you,” he said. “If you do it in 18, that’s cool too. The rest are unnecessary rules to me.”

Right on. In whatever format Troye’s music appears, we’ll be listening.

HobbitCon 4 - Fanbook Project: Rules


As already announced here are the rules for our HobbitCon 4 Fanbook Project. Want to know what the project it about? Find our Masterpost here.

Rules for the art:

1. The art has to be about the themes, but how you interpret them is up to you.

2. The art shouldn’t contain non-canon pairings, but I think most artists are aware of this anyway.

3. As long as the FanArt doesn’t turn out too gory I don’t think there is anything we need to forbid besides this and shipping stuff. Many artists have already shown the actors some of their work when they had the chance, so I’ve got the feeling that you know already what are the do’s and don’ts in this area.

4. Please don’t send us art about OC, there are enough canon-elves and -humans to create something great. Exceptions are Dís and Frerin, because everyone views them differently, but we know how much the fandom loves them and so we wanted them to be part of the project.

5. You can write us if you want to join the project and we would consider a slot for the character you choose as taken, but if you realise during the following months that you won’t be able to contribute for who knows of what reasons, then please be honest and write us so we can open your taken slot again to give other artists a chance.

6. Please tell us how you want your art to be credited, for example if you want to us to use your real name or a pseudonym.

7. It doesn’t matter if you are famous in the fandom or not. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 followers or 10.000. It doesn’t matter where you show your drawings, if on Tumblr, deviantart or if you have never posted anything of your work on the internet before. Everyone is welcome!

Rules for the stories:

1. The stories have to be in English and about the themes.

2.This is the most important rule: Don’t send us stories that contain non-canon pairings. The stories aren’t supposed to make the actors uncomfortable and it is no secret that the famous fandom pairings make them uncomfortable. So Rule Number 2 is pretty simple: Don’t send us stories that could make the actors uncomfortable.

3. Please don’t send us stories that contain OC as protagonists.

4. You can write something completely new dealing with one of the themes or send us an old works that fits into those. Excerpts of longer stories are also fine, but don’t forget that they have to adhere to the other rules.

5. As a side note, we expect you to deal accurately with sensitive topics. We reserve to refuse stories that glorify violence, murder, rape etc.

6. As already mentioned in the Masterpost we only accept either two 1.5k or one 3k or only one 1.5k word story (depending on the character). You don’t have to hit the word count perfectly, for example if you only send us a story with 1k words that would be fine too, but please don’t send us stories longer than what we asked for. A few words are no problem, but we won’t stretch it. FanArt is our focus in this project!

7. Send the stories in a file format we are able to open. Word, Microsoft Works or PDF would be perfect.

8. Tell us how you want to be named as the writer. If you want your real name to be mentioned or rather would like to use a pseudonym.

How to be part of the project?

For artists: Choose a character, choose one of the two themes and write us. That way will we save you one of the free slots. You can send the art later. But don’t forget rule number 5 for artists! (You are also welcome to draw something for more than one character, if you have a hard time deciding who to choose.)

For writers: choose a character, choose one of the two themes and write a story to the allowed extent of words. Send us the story and you are part of the project if your story adheres to the rules. Unfortunately for writers we can’t save slots, just because writing is sometimes hard to calculate. (For example: you tell us you want to write a 1.5k story about Thorin and one of his themes, but it gets longer while writing and suddenly has 3k words. We didn’t know that and saved you and another writer a 1.5k slot, what would you want us to do it that case? As you see, handling it like the art slots could cause a lot of trouble and therefore we have to treat it differently.)

For writers and artists: send your art and stories before the end of the deadline on February 15 at 11.59pm of your time zone to this e-mail address:


Do you still have questions the Masterpost and the rules couldn’t answer? Then don’t hesitate and ask either @inja-y-ddraig or me. We’re looking forward to everyone, who would like to join us on this journey!