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How Do I Write: “Realistic College AUs”

Too many-a-time have we admins read College AUs with high hopes and have been let down by the strange and inaccurate existence of lockers, eight classes per day schedules, and other such items that just make us cringe. It’s not anyone’s fault; the movie industry ruined the college scene for many of us. SO, we’re here to set some stuff straight so that you can sit down and write a “Realistic and Accurate College AU™!”

Disclaimer: This is explicitly for the American College Experience - if you’re international and in college, please feel free to add your own bullet points!


The majority of colleges run on an A/B schedule, where you’ll have certain classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, then your other classes on Tuesday/Thursday. Very rarely will somebody ever have a class on the weekend. For example, on Monday/Wednesday/Friday you might have three classes, then on Tuesday/Thursday you might only have two. (Note: Sometimes students try to put all their classes on one day and it’s a living hell. Would not advise. [a.k.a. Admin M is a dumbass.])

Each class is about two hours long if it meets twice a week or one hour long if it meets three times a week (unless it’s an 8-week class during the summer or winter, then it might be a little less than 3 hours). A full semester class normally runs for 16 weeks and usually counts for 3 or 4 credits (classes with labs might be more, PE or exercise type classes count for less). If a student has a job, it’s advised that they do not take more than 14 hours (or about 4 classes [a.k.a. Admin M is still a dumbass with a job and 7 classes]); for students without a job, the typical limit for classes is 16 hours a semester.

IN ADDITION, the classes themselves almost never occur just after one another and usually have a time gap of at least 15 minutes in between each - there may even be a five hour gap!

Really Cool Classes

One major thing that fanfiction gets wrong is college Freshman and Sophomores getting to take amazing classes. Unfortunately, for the first two years of school, you’re usually stuck taking General Education Requirement classes. Sometimes you get cool classes like Civil War History (History class credit) or Physical Anthropology (Cultural credit), but for the most part it’s classes like English Composition, Government, Foreign Language, and Sciences.

Even still, there are cool classes that you can get to count for your GE classes. Introduction to Psychology is always an adventure, along with Physical Geology (fun with rocks), Native Plants (fun with herbs), and Art History (fun with paintings). There’s also the Physical Education class credit that needs to be fulfilled, so there’s Jiu Jitsu, rock climbing, yoga, and swimming classes that apply for that.

Into your Junior and Senior year, you’ll begin to take classes that are more relevant to your major. If you’re a part of the school’s Honor’s program, then you might get classes like “Science Fiction Literature” or “Gender Studies in 18th Century Europe”.


No teacher is going to make you write a college essay about why religion is dead (@“God’s Not Dead” film), but they can be bizarre. Teachers will tell you about their mental illness(es), how their kids are doing, and past students. The best storytellers are Psychology professors, Biology professors (especially the ex-ER workers), and Anthropology professors (so many stories about doing drugs in foreign countries). 

Your professors aren’t there to kill you!…but some are. There’s a chance that you’ll come across a teacher who just always seems like they’re having a bad day, but many have chosen to work at a university because they legitimately love to teach. Don’t make every single one of your characters’ professors like the Economics Teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

Foreign Language Classes

Why does this get a separate section? Because foreign language classes are OTP first interaction gold. The main languages are Spanish, French, and German; however, colleges also offer languages like Japanese, American Sign Language, Russian, Urdu, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and even Hebrew. It depends on where you live, but it’s not uncommon for students to practice their foreign language by going out and having a “No-English Date” (meaning that no English is spoken at all), or just talking sh*t about people in public.


There aren’t lockers. Don’t think there are lockers. Who started the rumor that there are lockers. You have a backpack, your dorm room, and your pockets. There are no lockers. Also, for the record, lockers would be incredibly inconvenient since all your classes will most likely be in different buildings. No lockers. Cut that out.

Cars and Transportation

If you’re living on campus as a freshman or sophomore, you won’t be able to have a car!!! This is a common misconception, but many (if not all) colleges won’t let you park your car on property until you’re an upperclassman. It also costs money to keep your car on campus, which is why many students have bikes and skateboards to get around campus.

Many colleges have a bus system that goes around campus, around downtown, and even to larger bus stations where students can get a bus to take them close to their family’s homes. Sometimes if a college is large enough (and they value public transportation), there will be a train that stops near the school.


Ah yes, good old Dormitories…and when I say “old,” I mean that literally.

Depending on the college you’re writing about, there is a possibility that the dorms are the worst thing you have ever tried to sleep in - they can be too hot, too cold, smell weird, have cracked ceilings, and just have to the general feeling of being OLD. However, depending on how your college is set up (dormitory-wise), you could be on a co-ed floor (two girls per room, two guys per room, two girls per room, etc.), a same-sex floor (all girls / all boys), in a suite (up to 6 people), etc. Honestly, there’s an amazing number of options, but keep in mind that people normally don’t get higher end rooms until their junior or senior year, so don’t place your characters in an apartment on campus in their freshman year!

The dorms themselves can be a bit crazy at times, but they’re honestly pretty calm during the weekdays. Come Friday afternoon, though….everyone is off the walls. The weekend has officially come, and that makes everything ten times better. There’s gonna be yelling, scheming, unicycling down the halls, and other things happening right outside your door. If you think you’re going to get a nap at any time after 1:00 p.m….then you thought WRONG. 

In addition, if you have any food at all, then expect that to be gone very quickly if people come in and out of your room often. Just. Totally gone.

PARTY!!!! (but not really, and here’s why…)

Not everyone goes to a party every night, but those who don’t party don’t just study. Did you study all the time when you weren’t working in high school? Nah, didn’t think so. It’s the same thing at college

For example: there may be a Miyazaki Movie Night Marathon happening in the triple down the hall, a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament in the lounge, an excursion to the gym for a group workout session (which honestly just melts into a trip to get smoothies and sit on a patch of grass), a swing dance social event at the local church, a dorm competition to create the most festive themed door, and there’s never a lack of Student Life events giving our free stuff (mostly free food and shirts, but occasionally candy and gift cards) trying to encourage students to be social.

There’s also the shenanigans where somebody accidentally kicks a hole in the vending machine because it gave them a Diet Coke when they wanted Snapple, going out to the closest 24-hour Walmart at midnight, and the attempted group all-nighters that result in everybody nodding off simultaneously. 


College is a great time and one of the best settings to practice your OTP’s interactions when you’re first getting to know them as characters, but you need to understand the setting you’re placing them in before you get started. So, do your research, understand college as a whole, and have fun but don’t get too caught up in the technicalities of University™. This is all about your characters; focus on them, let them lead the story, and your piece will be a complete and total success.

Good luck!

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PTA mom Black Hat

The only logical continuation of yoga mom blackhat tbh

  • Honestly most of the teachers at these meetings actually appreciate him. These conferences are almost always controlled by the elite “alpha parent squad,” so BH really shakes up the meetings
  • he says the shit that everyone wants to say but is too scared to. And he says it without any sort of filter.
  • “really Helen? You really want to be put in charge of the bake sale? I’m sorry, which one of us owns a multimillion dollar company again? I you’d agree that between the two of us I have a bit more experience in how to actually make a fucking profit?”
  • “You seriously want to reduce the art department’s funding. It’s useless? I have a kid in the fucking art program, you really think tha– we need to make cuts? Oh I know something of yours we can cut off–”
  • “For fuck’s sake John! We don’t need to REDO THE FOOTBALL FIELD AGAIN!!!”
  • “Kathleen shut the hell up about your ‘sweet, angelic son’ being given detention. The teacher was just doing his job; it’s not Mr. Donnigan’s fault that Billy can’t stop talking about being a student athlete.”
  • “Yes Harold, I heard what you fucking said. And I say we vote on how many people here think it was stupid!
  • “Caty the dress code is biased and you fucking know it. If I hear one more thing about a bra strap I’m going to shoot myself in the foot.”
  • “Helen I don’t care how good you say your lemon bars are; kids like chocolate. Have you ever eaten an actually good dessert in your life.”
  • “Paul shut up about veganism for one fucking second
  • “what do you mean we can’t call them slutty brownies no fuck that. they gotta be labeled accordingly, it’s a branding thing.”
  • BH: //inhales: “h̢̖͙́̀͋ ̜̝̱͊̿̍e̟̜̠̊͊͝ ͖̰̰̾̓̚l͙̬̺̋̚̚ ̛̼̘̱̃̔ȇ̼̘͙͊͝ ̦̮̥͂́̓ǹ̼̠͚̋̕

Let’s be real; he’d get kicked out at the first meeting and then get begged by his yoga mom squad/the rest of the teachers to come back. He’d show up to every single one after that out of spite, eliminate Helen, rig the election for next year, and become the new head of the PTA


7 Signs You’re Ready To Leave The Matrix

Leaving the matrix doesn’t have to mean living off the grid or cutting ourselves off from friends and family. It’s mainly about leaving behind belief systems that don’t serve us so that we can create the life we want to live - instead of the one imposed on us from birth.

1. Waking up - spiritual awakenings. When we realise that there’s much more to life than what we’ve been told in school, by our parents & governments we can feel the need to search for something that brings meaning to our existence rather than distracting ourselves with “entertainment” such as television to pass the time we have left on the planet.

2. Conspiracy theories - truth seeking. Discovering that the media is designed to keep us in a state of fear can lead us to begin searching for the truth in other areas of our lives. Through this journey of truth seeking many of us will realise that everything we’ve been taught is mostly lies designed to train us to be obedient civilians instead of the infinite beings we came here to be.

3. Questioning - healthy scepticism. Instead of blindly following what we’re told in life, we prefer to make a informed decisions from all the data available. For example assessing the state of graduates before making the decision to attend university or college, instead of enrolling just because “everyone else is”.

4. Religion - structured beliefs. Organised schools of thought such as religion may become harder to follow as we can feel as though they are limiting us. On the other hand, many of us can find liberation through religion after an awakening as it allows us to find joy in the simple things in life.

5. Society - not fitting in. Uncovering the truth about the way we’re being encouraged to live can make us feel like outsiders to those who are choosing to follow this way of life. It’s important to acknowledge that everyone awakens in their own time and if we want things to change we must live our lives as an example rather than preaching to others.

6. Knowledge - liberating our ignorance. Understanding that knowledge is power encourages us to empower ourselves more and more each day by embarking on the never-ending quest for knowledge. This usually occurs as a symptom of realising how much we’ve been lied to by parents, governments & teachers.

7. Solitude - preferring our own company. Spending time with ourselves to tune into the consciousness behind the mind allows us to receive downloads that can help us to understand our purpose. This “alone time” can help us to live a more authentic way of life as we become less influenced by the outside world.

We are not humans, we are multidimensional beings having a human experience.

Peace & positive vibes.

give me age gaps ? ( younger muse always 18+ )

  • cute, young, new girl at the office who’s a little too cocky and won’t give me the time of day but she’s so hot I have to try , right ?
  • f/f plot with one is a married mother of like 3 who’s separating from her husband and the younger one is the older one’s yoga instructor on thursdays. you feel where i’m going …
  • teacher / student literally anything. 
    • specifically ? something where they hooked up before the student got assigned to their class and oh god they’re here in my classroom and all I can think about is how pretty they looked on my bed. bonus points if the student teases them all class …
  • hotshot record producer / director and the daughter / son of their best client. 
  • supernatural au … really old vampire / immortal who’s really tired of the world and has seen everything at least twice until they meet actual sunshine and sugarplums muse b.
  • widow who never got to have children meets broke and tired single, teen parent muse b.

Who’s That Vans Girl?: @wilddthing

Yoga lover and gorgeous mother of two, Alex Erikson takes #StopDropAndYoga to a new level. Hailing from the picturesque state of Utah, her Instagram is brimming with stunning views to go along with her pretzel-like poses. We caught up with this nature loving Vans Girl and found out more about her passions and her affinity for the Sk8-Hi.

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Yoga Au

Person A is a yoga instructor for extra money and because it relaxes them. Their class is really popular, so they end up having to teach partner yoga simply because of lack of space.

Person B is a business person, or some job where they overwork themselves or have lots of paperwork, and a friend forces them to sign up for yoga class because of how stressed they are.

Person B was only going to appease their friend at first, but hot damn that instructor is fine, so they end up signing up to take the class regularly with that instructor. Well, they end up being the most experienced student in the class.

Remember how Person A has to do partner yoga? There’s an odd amount of students, and it’s easier to show off the position if they had a partner. So they choose the most experienced student in the class. They fact that the most experienced student is also really fucking cute has nothing to do with it.

So now it’s Person A trying to demonstrate with a flustered Person B who keeps flubbing it and landing in compromising positions with their super cute teacher.

Idk I just really want one of these.

wanna one as teachers

may or may not be based on real teachers???

yoon jisung:

you’ve heard rumors of this teacher being a crack addict, and honestly, they’re probably right. unsure if he’s high on opium cocaine or just a super enthusiastic person. always has this weird smile on his face. sometimes he comes in after lunch and his eyes are red. kicks the door all the time and does magic tricks for the class.

ha sungwoon:

that one super short teacher who you can’t tell if he’s a teacher or a student from the back profile. one day when there’s a fire drill, you’ll inevitably lose him in a sea of students. extremely short-tempered but can be fun at times.

hwang minhyun:

kind of paranoid at times, like he’ll just stop talking in the middle of his lesson and ask “is there someone behind me?” and slowly turn around?? stutters a lot but has some sick roasts. tilts his head a lot when he speaks and forgets things really easily, like one day he’ll ask you to pass out some stuff and when you give him back the extras he’ll be like “what’s that?” and stare at you creepily. 

ong seongwoo:

the one who’s super cool with all the students bc he graduated college like 2 years ago. everyone likes him and his classroom is the hangout at lunch. people sign up for his class solely bc he’s teaching. very friendly and tries to get to know you. 

kim jaehwan:

some students caught him smoking weed behind the gym one day. mysteriously absent on april 20th. doesn’t really teach, and students throw food at him all the time. randomly leaves class without telling students. always has the same 7/11 coffee cup in his hand even if it’s 1 pm. loses your papers all the time, and too lazy to grade anything. just ends up throwing half your assignments away.

kang daniel:

this teacher just really loves pets. like he has pictures of his cats and dogs as his wallpaper. he’ll miss like two weeks of school in the beginning of the year to take his dogs to a dog competition in minnesota. brings his dogs to class sometimes. always has stains on his clothing. i swear he just rolled out of bed and threw on whatever the hell was lying on the floor.

park jihoon:

tries to teach a foreign language but students take advantage of his kindness to fuck around in his class. you’ll probably never learn anything and cheat on every test. everyone talks in his class during tests, so you’ll probably just take out your phone and google translate all the answers. tells students about his problems and asks them for advice a lot. 

park woojin:

the pe teacher that everyone hates loves. he drives that same busted-up ugly ass car to school everyday even though he’s rich af and seeing him first thing in the morning totally ruins your mood. he wears the same outfit everyday. every damn day. is he jungkook or something?? only owns one set of outfits prob. apparently he has like 10 jars of empty peanut butter containers in his office?? 

bae jinyoung:

the teacher that you drove insane and into retirement. while you were watching exo showtime on your phone, this teacher was teaching to the two people who were actually paying attention. gets angry after he finds out no one cares about what he’s talking about and proceeds tells you his life story while you play card games with your friends. very oblivious, you probably can cheat while sitting right in front of his desk.

lee daehwi:

super sweet teacher who actually genuinely cares for his students :’) the coolest classroom + has his own wifi?? has swivel chairs and yoga balls, makes class way more fun. has an umbrella for his students to use on rainy days if they have to run to the office or something. this teacher makes everyone soft ;;

lai guanlin:

everyone thinks this fobby teacher comes from asia but he’s actually from louisiana. very addicted to milk tea. not afraid to call you out for your stupidity. “lol these questions are for like 3rd graders in taiwan wtf you mean you can’t do it?” tells you stories of how many car accidents he’s gotten into and how many cars he’s totally destroyed. gets off topic really easy. 

if you go to my school pls don’t expose me

Hi there. 
I’m Kris and I am not a studyblr.

I’m making this Masterpost because I am intent to make my last year in high school a great one (I’ll actually settle for decent).
I have major depression, anxiety, and several other mental illnesses so I understand more than anyone how tough (to put it simply) school work, and school in general, can be. I have already taken a few steps towards having a more positive attitude going back to school; such as changing my self-image to make myself feel more confident, like cutting/dying my hair, buying nicer clothes and makeup, etc. As well as setting up a desk full of school supplies in a small room off of my bedroom, which will be my study room, and also buying a huge book on how to do well on the SATs. 
Another way on having a calmer attitude is figuring out what you’re going to be doing after this year is done (for me it’s my senior year, I know this won’t be applicable to all). I know it is a hard and stressful subject but having a plan, no matter how small, in place will help a lot. Also, writing positive/motivational letters to yourself to look at. 
I have recently written a short letter called “Dear Past Me” which contain things that I wish I knew in 8th and 9th grade. But it is applicable advice to anyone really. Here it is.
Whenever You’re Feeling Sad/Anxious/Stressed/Bored (Websites & Games, Art, Music/Sounds, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Self-Care, Comfort Food)

I have faith that you will all do well this year. I wish you all the best of luck. 

New Year, New Start, New You

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  • 3 Steps For Creating a Powerful Self-Image
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Ways to take Yoga Classes for Cheap

I often hear people say they would love to do yoga, but it’s too expensive. When I first started doing yoga consistently, I was not able to afford a studio membership, so I definitely get it. However, over the years I have learned there are a few ways you can do yoga classes on the cheap if you are strapped for cash.

  1. Search for online yoga. There are free youtube videos (Tara Stiles and Yoga with Adriene are popular), there are free apps, podcast classes, and you can even subscribe to online programs that are a lot cheaper than studio classes. I did a lot of youtube yoga before I was able to afford a studio membership!
  2. Use platforms like facebook, instagram, and to search for yoga groups in your area. They will often host/post about free/donation based yoga classes around town. This is also a really fun way to meet new friends!
  3. Many studios will offer at least one karma class (free classes) or a donation based class (usually with a recommended donation of $5 or $10). Search studio schedules on Mind Body, or reach out to them and ask.
  4. Reach out to studios and ask if they have a karma program. A karma program is where a yoga student who cannot afford a membership exchanges labor for free classes. For example, they will clean the studio before/after class, or run the front desk in exchange for a class. If the studio says no, you can always ask if they would be interested in making this arrangement with you.
  5. If you have a skill or provide a service, you can always ask a yoga instructor if they would be interested in bartering for private lessons. For example, if you are a massage therapist, you could swap an hour of massage for an hour of yoga. My yoga teacher was a hair dresser before she got into yoga, and her yoga instructor would swap private classes for hair cuts/colors. Make sure it is a fair trade for BOTH parties.

Have any questions? My inbox is always open! Namaste.


We’ve been practicing the jump through in yoga for the past few weeks. Before you can pass from front to back and vice versa you need to be able to press your body up off the floor and create space for the body to move through, like a swing. I was convinced my arms weren’t long enough so my teacher had me sit in dandasana (sitting up with legs straight out in front) with my hands on the floor next to my hips. If my elbows were bent, it meant my arms were long enough (see arms in image 1. Waaay bent).
Then we practiced lifting and holding for 5 - 10 sweaty seconds for reps. You can’t imagine how much heat that hold creates. He suggested using blocks under the hands to start a little higher off the floor. I refused (all ego). Now I can lift and hold for 11 seconds! Up next, the swing through. 

Yoga is practice. So know if you can’t do something today, you have many tomorrows to get there.

“This is ridiculous,” Dean mutters as he rolls out his mat, side-eyeing the fuck out of his brother. His sweatpants are already sticking to his legs with the heat of the room, and for the first time in his life, he wishes he’d worn shorts. “I’m gonna suffocate,” he declares. “I’m gonna die doing hot yoga and it’s gonna be embarrassing.”

Sam rolls his eyes. “Would you calm down?”

“Ha!” Dean scoffs. “Easy for you to say. Look at you, with your goddamn hippie man bun and your short shorts and—”

“—These are regular shorts, Dean—”

“And with your fuckin’ tank top you’re in your natural habitat! Jesus, Sam, you’re like the king of the motherfucking granolas!”

“And you’re being a little bitch,” Sam counters, getting himself set up and sitting, cross-legged, to center himself. He closes his eyes. “The physio said this is the best thing for your shoulder, so we’re here. Now shut your trap and take it like a man.”

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Vinyasa Flow guided practice :] 37 minutes

Use this at home or when you’re on the go. Great for all levels.

Imagine the night at the museum gang finding a way to be alive during the day just once. Everyone is eager to learn all about the modern world during day time. As you provided an outfit for Sac and Larry and Nick provided clothes for the boys, everyone looked as if they were an every day friend group. You, Larry and Nick decided to take everyone to Central Park to experience the commotion of activities held there every day. When you went to go grab Ahk’s hand you notice he was missing. As you looked around a group of people doing a yoga class caught your eye, but what caught your eye most of all was the Egyptian Pharaoh fiercely concentrating on copying the teacher. You couldn’t help but smile at how cute he was.

Originally posted by amnesiques

*images/gifs not mine-submitted or found via Google*

Pairing: Jared x Reader 

Warnings: none (just fluff) Also- no disrespect to Gen and the kiddos-this is all fiction and actually can be connected to my series Heart Sutra-parts that have not been published/written yet.

Word Count: 487 (I know it’s supposed to be 500, but honestly I don’t know where to flesh it out at the moment without it being repetitive and bad)

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining Taylor’s 2k Challenge and my word was proud! She also submitted this gif to me and I asked her permission to use it for her challenge. I’m like right up to the deadline on these lately!  Sorry to the challenge runners, but if you’ve been keeping up with me you know things a little wonky right now for me! Luckily, I’ve gotten a little of my groove back and have been able to put out some things that are actually worth your time to read ;)

There was no denying how Jared felt about his wife and kids whenever the subject came up. 

He was always happy to share stories during panels, pictures and videos on social media. 

He was proud

A proud husband to Y/N, who blew him away at all of the things she could accomplish while keeping on top of three children.

A proud father, he loved those kids more than his own life. There were so many things that they were already doing and that he pictured them doing in the future.

Most recently he couldn’t stop showing and telling everyone about the feature that their family had appeared in. As, one of their online class yoga teachers, Yoga Journal had requested a feature of what Y/N’s yoga practice was like at home with three children and traveling with both her and Jared’s work.

“You know it’s funny, I never realized how much her practice just filled our entire lives; it just fits seamlessly!” Jared smiled as he shared the experience at their latest panel. “I mean even the boys are getting into it. They’ll be a little silly about it sometimes, but they just follow right along with her.”

“JJ, does too.” Jensen chimed in. “Isn’t there a video she tried to film with all four of them just crawling all over the place and hanging on her?” He laughed.

“Yeah, I think she posted it somewhere. Probably her YouTube channel.” Jared pulled up his phone and started to look for it.

“Oh the picture though-not the one with you.” Jensen mock gagged, referencing the acroyoga picture Y/N and Jared had posed for in the feature.

“Now that one was fun!” Jared grinned. “She rarely lets me just pick her up and honestly I almost fell a couple of times.”

“No, I’m talking about the one with the kids, Dee loves that one!”

“Oh yeah! The meditation one was cute! I think she asked for a copy to have framed.”

“Ah here’s the video! Okay, I’m gonna share this for y’all to watch. She had a friend put music to it and stuff and it’s really cute. But it’s also what yoga really looks like at our house!” Jared laughed as he shared the link.

They moved on to some other questions, but right towards the end a fan asked about the pictures. 

“Uh yeah, actually I think the article is on Yoga Journal’s website. So yeah go read it, Y/N gave an awesome interview!”

Oh yeah, Jared was proud there was no doubt about it, but Y/N could say the same for her husband. He worked so hard for himself and others through good and bad. Truthfully, he was the motivation that kept her moving forward with what she loved!

Standing off to the side she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face as she watched his face light up as he continued to share the story.

Tags below the cut:

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anonymous asked:

Congrats on your new blog! For a request I was wondering how poly! Cygate, Rodimus, Drift, and Whirl would react to their previously human s/o suddenly turning cybertronian permanently after drinking some foreign elixir by mistake?

Hello dear and thank you so much! This is actually a really interesting concept and I had fun writing these headcanons. I got a tiny bit angsty but there’s some fluff thrown in to counter balance it. Anyway I hope that you like this~! :)


  • The moment that their s/o goes from flesh covered and small to huge and made of metal, there’s screaming on all sides. Their s/o is screaming and frantically clawing at themselves and Tailgate is running around in circles, yelling for help while crying. Then both turn to him, yelling in fear and unsure of what to do. Cyclonus is suddenly overcome with an ache in his helm.


  • But he’s also extremely alarmed. He immediately calms down both Tailgate and their s/o to the best of his ability, coaxing them to slowly stop freaking out. His concern for the moment is figuring out how this happened and if it can be reversed. As soon as he mentions going to the medbay, Tailgate is picking up their s/o and speeding off. Cyclonus has to rush after them because there’s no way Tailgate remembers how to get back to the ship. He catches up with them and is tempted to scold Tailgate, but the fear in the minibot’s optics (and tears still flowing) makes him change his mind.


  • Both are very tense while waiting for Ratchet to figure out what the hell is going on. Tailgate is still sniffling and Cyclonus wraps an arm around him, silent but terribly worried. His grip becomes a little too tight at one point and Tailgate’s squeak is the only reason he notices, he’s so consumed with his thoughts. But both are absolutely determined to be there for their s/o and whatever the prognosis, they will help their s/o through it. They make this clear to their s/o.Tailgate also holds his s/o’s servos the whole time just so they can both be comforted by the touch.


  • But once they are told that their s/o will permanently be a Cybertronian, there’s a lot of shock between the two. Tailgate starts crying again because he can tell they’re upset, so they both go over and comfort their s/o the best they can. For the next couple of months, they are a constant support. They  teach their s/o all about Cybertronian’s and what it means to be one. Cyclonus is best at the actual teaching of important history and how to work their body, while Tailgate keeps them upbeat and positive.


  • When it happens, he’s actually turned away talking to someone else while his s/o gets a drink. It’s only when he hears them scream that he whips around, ready to kick somebody’s aft for hurting his s/o. When he sees a Cybertronian in their place, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that they hurt his s/o or are trying to kidnap them. He takes out his guns and there’s even more screaming, as he demands them to give his s/o back or he’ll shoot. It would take several bots recounting seeing this happen and his s/o convincing him for him to finally calm down.


  • But once he does, then he’s FREAKING OUT AGAIN BECAUSE HOLY SLAG HIS S/O ISN’T HUMAN ANYMORE! He’d grab them by their arm and yank them along behind him, quickly trying to get to Ratchet and not realizing that he may be hurting them. When they arrive, he busts in the door of the med bay, once again yelling and waving his claws around madly. It takes forever before Ratchet is actually able to look at his s/o because Whirl keeps threatening him.


  • He stays by their side and gets nasty if Ratchet tries to get him to leave (so the poor medic eventually gives up). He talks to his s/o a little strangely, because he’s trying not to show his s/o how scared he is. He doesn’t know if this is reversible and if it’s not, will they blame him? He bought that drink for them when they wanted to try it and now he’s riddled with guilt. Which in turn means that he’s angry as all hell and occasionally mutters under his breath about going back to that bar and killing the bartender.


  • Once he finds out it’s permanent, he sags and won’t look at his s/o. He gets up to leave, not able to handle his s/o hating him. It takes them reaching out and telling him that they don’t blame him and love him for him to come out of it. He’s still upset but as time goes on, he does come to appreciate it. No more worries of accidentally poking his s/o through with one of his claws! He tries to help as best as he can but probably plays some pranks on his s/o while teaching them.


  • Rodimus and his s/o are at the bar, fooling around and laughing loudly, both super drunk because they’re on a break so why not? When his s/o orders a foreign drink from the bartender, he doesn’t think twice about it, just cheers his s/o on. It takes a moment for it to register in his foggy mind when his s/o changes and begins screaming. They have to shake him and then suddenly his optics are widening and fear is coursing through him. Primus no.

  • It’s a mad scramble back to the ship, both bots trying to walk straight when they’re off their asses (and his s/o just trying to figure out HOW to walk in their new body). Luckily, they get some help from some of the other bots from the Lost Light that were in the bar. Rodimus is doing his best to keep calm because his s/o is crying and losing their shit. Even though he’s drunk he knows that this is serious and guilt is already starting to eat away at him.

  • When they finally reach the medbay, these two are so frantic and Rodimus is drunkenly yelling stuff that doesn’t make sense. They stumble their way into the medbay, trying to get to Ratchet and end up colliding into each other. Both fall over on top of each other and then lay there on the floor, doing their best to get untangled while still crying & yelling. Meanwhile Ratchet is just standing where he was working on a patient, with a blank expression on his face, wondering to himself why Primus makes him deal with these fragging glitches.

  • As Ratchet and the other medics get to work on Rodimus’ s/o, he stays right by his s/o’s side, holding their hand and doing his best to remain strong for them. He’s sobering up quickly and the two are talking lowly as the medics work. They don’t blame him, even after they’re told it’s permanent and there’s a part of him that is greatly relieved his s/o doesn’t hate him. So, he does what he can for his s/o and often shirks his Captain duties just to help them through the tough adjustment period. One thing he can admit to himself is that he likes being able to fully hold them in his arms now. But Rodimus will never truly forgive himself for what happened to his s/o.


  • Drift is the most calm bf ever the moment his s/o suddenly changes into a Cybertronian in front of him. On the inside he’s panicking but he remains cool on the outside because his s/o is terrified and he’ll be damned if he lets them down. He immediately picks them up, no time to waste trying to help them figure out how to walk. Then he’s busting his aft out of there, barking move! at anyone stupid enough to be in his way.


  • As they go, he’s constantly murmuring words of comfort to his s/o. Don’t worry he’s got you, it’s going to be okay, they’re going to figure this out. It’s the only thing that keeps his s/o from completely breaking down, that and Drift strong grip on their Cybertronian frame. When they bust into the medbay, he quickly explains the situation to Ratchet and though he’s still mostly calm, the medic can see the fear brewing in his optics. As the medics get to work, he stays by his s/o, letting them squeeze his hand as hard as they want.


  • He continues to try his best to help his s/o through this but his mind is starting to blank now that everything is really setting in. What will this mean for their relationship? Will his s/o blame him if it’s not reversible, will he be able to properly help them adjust? It’s too much for him but he can’t leave his s/o when they’re going through this, he won’t. So he’s there when they both learn that his s/o will be a Cybertronian permanently and he holds his s/o as they cry into his chasis.

  • The time afterwards where they are adjusting is hard for both but if anything, their relationship only gets stronger. Drift is a patient and understanding teacher and even better bf, helping his s/o learn how to navigate being a different species. He takes them to Rung if they’re not doing well mentally and teaches them yoga to help them relax. He’s also much more careful about what either of them drinks when they go on breaks to foreign planets.


Heart Sutra-Part 4

*edit by @strictlyncisconfessions *

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Paring: Jared x Reader

Warnings: mention of sex, hickeys, nothing too crazy

Word Count: 1673

A/N: The reader’s first convention! This part was co-written with the lovely @impalaimagining! She edited and added a drabble she had written for me a couple of weeks ago-the original Hipbones is here. As, always feedback is appreciated!!! Asks, reblogs, replies, tags, etc keep me motivated!

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“We will continue to remain unconscious slaves to the mind virus that exists in our heads (called the ego) as long as we are unaware of what it is, how it functions inside us and the controlling hold that it has over our awareness.”   ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)