how to be a non pedo

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Whatever pedophile.

YES!!! A hate anon!!! I love tearing these things to bits. Hohoooo look how stupid you look, anon. Just proving my point that some of the people in this fandom are absolutely vile to think that they can call another human being a “pedophile” over a fictional, non-canon, relationship between a GROWN adult woman and a GROWN adult man who have a literal physical age difference of about 5 years, which is totally normal and acceptable. This shit needs to stop. Also…I don’t think you realize how easy it is to uncover an anon message. Smile! You’ve been reported for harassment!! ;)

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You're an ignorant little prick who doesn't understand the struggles that non offending pdeophiles go through, instead of wanting to hurt people why not try to cure them and lessen the pain in this world? Just a thought.

Oh daddy, that’s just how I like it!

Hey dumbass, I don’t give a shit what pedos do as long as they stay away from me and my disorder. I’m not hurting anyone by telling them the truth, dipshit. POCD is NOT pedophilia. If you stay in contact with children or in children oriented spaces and use CP or lolicon to get your rocks off, I have no sympathy for you, that’s not non offending, that’s pushing your own buttons to breaking point. See, I’m smart enough to know that my intrusive thoughts are fueled by my fears, so what do I do? I STAY AWAY FROM MY FEARS. No one who’s mentally ill is proud of their disorder, why should YOU be? I don’t tolerate pride concerning pedophilia, especially when you fuckers stream tumblr with it. I won’t believe you’re anything but scared of yourselves till you show you are.

And anyway, ever tried telling a pedo that they should seek help or a cure? They spit it back in your face, telling you there’s nothing you can do. Bullshit. Go live on a sheep farm in Iceland, if you cared enough about being a non offending pedo, you’d do so, or you’d get some REAL help. I get help, do you? So go fuck yourself, unless your uncle is willing to do it for you?

Try again!


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im so angry pedos took over my post about how much i hate them like im 13 they make me so angry and i just want to cry i hate them theyre so gross

Yeah, they usually do just harass and get mad at minors that hate them. I mean, obviously there’s no reason for a minor to hate being sexualized (sarcasm). That’s why they’re just liars when they say non offending. They have contact with children all over the internet.

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How does porn stop harm to minors? do you mean child porn? you realise that IS harm to minors so wtf.. Also have you actually looked into the effects of porn? if you did then you'd know the opposite of what you said is true

I’m saying it’s good if it prevents molestation or rape of minors from pedos. 

also how does FICTIONAL porn hurt them, besides the “oh they might see it” thing? 

I used to watch porn, thank you very much. If you have a scientific study of how it’s evil, please post it. 

Pedos don’t want to be attracted to children yet can’t help it. Excuse me for saying non offenders  (people who don’t touch kids) should be free. I don’t care if “that doesn’t make me a real csa survivor”. 

How to be a 100% Non-Pedo Teacher by Will Schuester

1. Spend time creeping in the locker rooms.

2. Invite a whole group of kids to your house

3. Perform a sexy number with a group of kids

4. Hug all the kids you can

5. Volunteer to play Rocky in The Rocky Horror Show against kids playing Janet and Dr. Frank N Furter.

6. …or just put on a production of that show with kids.

7. After you drunk dialed someone and tried to flirt, give the kids your phone number so they can call you when they’re drunk.

8. Watch your kids’ sexual performances–like crotch gestures and booty shaking–with amazement

9. Get to second base while breaking up a fight

10. Watch three cheerleaders perform a flirty song/dance for you privately 

So I’m reading through ian’s tweets and alex’s contribution and honestly just trying to find where people are calling them pedophile supporters. like

that’s….not what they’re doing at all?? tumblr what the hell? Literally, ian flat out says “child porn is illegal” and is disgusted by the fact it exists?

And he’s just pissed at the fact the fandom almost killed a girl with their hate and literally just says to draw your own fanart, meaning non-pedo ships? Like I don’t see where tumblr is raging, but of course it’s tumblr.

I get why people are telling the crewniverse about zamii but….really, what are you expecting them to do? Do you think some magical words are going to fix this? Alex straight out blocked someone that shipped Billdip and was disgusted, but do you honestly think that saying “stop drawing this” is….going to? Billdip continued on, and it probably always will even after Alex stated how grossed out he was by it, the crew is always telling their fans to love each other and be nice, and has that happened?

Tumblr, just how much power do you think a tiny animation team has over millions of people? How are you expecting their tweets to fix all the problems in this toxic fandom?

Telling people to stop drawing things isn’t going to stop them. Telling people to stop harassing others over what they draw isn’t going to stop them. Why are you all blaming the creators for problems the fandom has created?