how to be a dogwalker


This is how your dog should walk with you.
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Video of our runs from Sunday’s trial. See the 2:55 mark for the grass swimming/corgin’. 

The runs aren’t terribly exciting since they’re all Intro level, but I enjoyed them nevertheless. Tunnelers is always fun and I’ve never played Touch N Go before. I get a little iffy when there are hoops out on the course. We don’t do hoops in class (hoops is specific to NADAC I believe), but there are similar hoops in our apartment’s dog park, so sometimes I practice with Gatsby there. 

Things that we need to work on starting this week is getting him to hit his contacts. As you can see in our Regular runs, Gatsby missed his contacts on the A-frame. I used to treat him in class while he was still in the contact zone, but I haven’t been treating him for the past couple of months. I will need to start reinforcing that again for all contacts (dogwalk, teeter, A-frame). 

And how about them start line stays?! He wasn’t 100% but I’ll take it! The “3, 2, 1” thing is something that I just started teaching him. (Scout knows it, too.) Our trainers suggested it as they do the same with their dogs. The corging that happened right around the grass swimming was totally my fault. I turned my shoulders too soon as we were heading to the A-frame which caused him to miss the hoop right before it. I should make a mental note for next time. 

I liked the judge a lot. At the end of the trial, when I was at the score table, she said to me, “you had some really nice runs out there today!” Ribbons or not, it always feels good when the judge tells you you did a nice job.