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These are really cool! How about an airport one? "you fell asleep and i started making funny faces at your kid to keep them amused and the steward mistook us for a couple" au with Seven sounds adorable :D

Aww, this does sound really adorable! 
I will be naming the child for this little fic only because I think it will be easier to refer to them while writing if they have a name rather than saying “the child” and such! I hope that’s okay! 
I’ll simply be using the name “Taeyang” from the 2nd Gen~ Hopefully that’s okay!

I’m sorry for any typos!!

The flight was gonna be long; from South Korea to Thailand. You and your two year old son were flying there for vacation, as you both deserved it. You were a single mother, which was a level of tough that you hadn’t experienced yet. Being in and out of jobs for a few months wasn’t easy on either of you, money was extremely tight at a few different points, and the fear of being homeless was always creeping in when you least expected it. 
Now, though, you have a steady job, much to your relief. Your family watches Taeyang, your son, during the hours that you’re away. Though having a job can put a lot of weight on you, you’re grateful that you have one at all, and your baby’s smiling face never ceases to remind you of the hard times you’ve both endured together.

Because of all this, your family has provided you with a little extra money so that you’re able to take a vacation for the days you have off. You aren’t even at your destination yet but, already, you feel relaxed as you get comfortable in your seat on the plane. 
A man sits next to you with an odd, but quirky appearance. His scarlet hair isn’t exactly neat, his glasses (which are yellow with grey stripes) are a little crooked, the wire of his headphones is tangled; he just looks like he’s had a rough day. A rough week, even. However, he glances down at you and your son and gives a warm smile as he gets comfortable. “Ah..?” Taeyang speaks faintly as he watches this stranger. 

“Ah?” The peculiar man responds with a grin, causing you to smile as well. “What’s your name, little guy?” 

“O-Oh, his name is Taeyang,” you speak up as his golden eyes catch yours.

“Taeyang, huh? My name is Luciel~ But you can call me Seven, okay?” He gently takes your child’s hand with two fingers and moves it up and down, as if to shake it.

Taeyang, being a baby, has no clue what this red person is saying. He nods slowly, though, as if he’s got an understanding.
You drift off not even an hour into the flight. By then, passengers are allowed to have electronics on, so, Seven has gotten his laptop out. This device catches Taeyang’s eye. It makes tappy noises when the stranger touches those little squares. Why does it do that? Look at those things popping up on the screen? How does it do that? Can I do that thing too?
His small hand moves towards the keyboard, pressing the letter “L”. Sure enough, a letter shows up on the screen when he does it. I did it! He giggles loudly, clapping a little as if he’s congratulating himself. This victory is short-lived, though, as he notices that Seven is staring at him. His smile fades as they look at eachother but, then, Seven taps another key. So, Taeyang taps one too.

Seven taps.

Taeyang taps.

Seven taps.

Taeyang happily proceeds to tap once more. This is very fun! What do you call this thing that we’re poking?

Seven sticks his tongue out. That is very funny to Taeyang, who expresses his delight by laughing and trying to do the same thing. The man now crosses his eyes. Oh!! How did he do that?!
Taeyang watches in awe as if he’s just seen a magic trick, before letting out another loud chuckle. Seven has to, in the midst of giggling, himself, hold a finger over his lips and shush the baby gently so that the other passengers aren’t bothered.

“Excuse me?” 
Seven jumps a little at the sudden voice from behind him and turns to see a flight attendant standing by the seat.


“Oh, no, you aren’t any problem! Would your son or wife like anything to eat or drink?” 
Seven’s eyes widen just a little and he notices that Taeyang does resemble him a bit.

“Um, oh, they aren’t..haha, they..well she isn’ wife, but, I think he might be a little hungry?” He gestures to Taeyang, who is frantically trying to see what this mysterious lady has on that big cart. “Oh! Wait, no, that’s okay~ I have something for him.” She smiles, continuing on to the other passengers as Seven gets his bag. 
Taeyang’s eyes are fixated on his every action, curious to see what he’s getting. Oh!! I know what those are! Chips! 

Taeyang, very much so, likes this plane ride.

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Prompts: cool kids having a bonfire wile babysitting cute child in the dessert

“Make sure they don’t get the marshmallows everywhere. I am not cleaning that up.”

“Your turn. You got any funny stories to share?”

“I’m so glad we’re out here. I mean, look at that sky. It’s so clear.”

“I can’t tell you how much sand is in my shoes right now. That’s true misery right there.”

July 21 2017

Here’s a good Suzy video to watch today:  ►How I Did My Makeup In HIGHSCHOOL! Oh God Why :C!

Here’s a cool Suzy fact for you today: Mortem3r came from watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid. Her online name “mortemer” was the name she gave her own original character in the DBZ universe! Mortemer was basically her mixed with radditz. (x/x)

Here’s a good picture of Suzy to look at today:

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yooo so im that 13 year old kid people were messaging you about (who draws a lot like you) and 1 was wondering if its okay because im still trying to figure out how to draw and stuff and 2 a user called pastelymajestic on instagram is actually tracing your art >:O anyways.. sorry to bother you :,)

ya sure its cool dude, we all started somewhere :o and i checked them out and yikes >://///

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Hi! So last week i read the grisha trilogy and this week six ofcrows and i just finished crooked kingdom (like seconds ago i'm still crying) and can we please talk about how she (leigh?) brought mal back but couldn't bother with matthias I MEAN WHY IS HE STILL ALIVE WHY IS KUWEI ALIVE CAN WE TRADE HIS LIFE FOR JUST ONE MORE MATTHIASXNINA CHAPTER PLEASE I was like yeah it's okay i've seen this before it's mal all over again smh matthias will be revived BUT THINGS ARE NOT OKAY these books i swear

Ugh I LOVEDDDDD Matthias, like how cool was it of Leigh to write someone going through the process of unlearning all those toxic ideologies that SO many kids have forced into their heads! That was a really new, creative take on a character and I’ll always love Leigh a little extra for doing it. And I still haven’t accepted that he’s gone, he’s alive and having waffles with Nina right now so it’s all good I’m not in pain hahaha. And I didn’t hate Mal by any means but like… his sacrifice was so perfect all by itself. I wanted it to end there.

Wow what I can say, just wow. This movie is amazing BUT
Carlos and Jane is so forced. I don’t see any chemistry between them.
Epic rap battle is one of my favorite songs. This scene was cool :D
When Evie and Mal were singing together it’s just hit me so hard, I think Evie has a big crush on Mal. Just look how in the movie she looked at her :O
Girl on the wheelchair - I love her, kids with disabilities should get more representation in TV. When I was a kid there were no such thing as person with disability in kids shows/movies.
My new favorite character is Harry. He’s so sassy
I expected epic boss fight between Uma and Mal. Not only tentacles and dragon :(
That ending was so damn good, I mean look at this choreography. And of course song :O I didn’t expected this :o

Ok now in gonna scream to my pillow because I’m full of emotions ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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I'm so happy to see another one piece blog! Can I request romantic hcs with Kidd, Law, and Sanji please?

Dude, I’m so happy too to know I’m another one piece blog lol
Here ya go


  • It’s really nice to sleep next to him. His body is hot in winter, and fresh in summer
  • He really enjoy having you next to him. He’ll bring you anywhere.
  • Proud boyfriend who want to show how cool he and his s/o are
  • Not really into holding hands or hugs, but he like when you sits on his laps
  • Always an arm around your shoulders
  • Dates… He’ll try, occasionally, to do cute things with you but he has trouble staying calm
  • Instead he buy you cool clothes, weapons, weird but funny objects
  • …”buy”… if he’s in a good mood he’ll pay. If not, HE’LL RUN FAST
  • He likes to be the center of the attention… of YOUR attention.
  • He want to show you how strong he is.
  • A “no” is a “no” in a fight. You want to fight but he disagree ? He’ll create a metallic cage and put you in, or send you far far far away. Listen to your captain’s orders.
  • He know your strength, but when the opponent is too strong he don’t want you to get hurt (he won’t tell you directly)


  • He LOVE when you’re next to him when he is opening organs and humans
  • You care about his interest and he really like that
  • Bloody jokes (lol)
  • They’re not funny. But you’ll laugh anyway because he’s trying, and that’s really bad
  • Take his hat
  • He don’t really like it but if you put it on and give him back it’ll have your scent and he’ll forgive you
  • He like being able to smell you through his clothes
  • He’s a clean dude (not his room), so he enjoy smelling something else than cleaning products or dead people
  • Law likes when you sit on his lap while he’s reading, but don’t do it too much to let him breathe and focus properly
  • The best way to fluster him is to suddenly take his hand while you’re walking in the submarine
  • Also take a dead serious tone, look at him during 5 seconds silently (for the tension) and bluntly say you love him (but don’t do it too much)
  • Surprisingly he always find a way to give you really nice flowers (not necessarily your favourites, but the ones that make you say “woah” when you see them) as he don’t really plans dates


  • You’ll be the first one to taste his food (after him though, he don’t want to poison you)
  • After the Big Mama / Vinsmoke problem, he’ll be really anxious. As he never told you about his “familly”
  • (kick his dumb ass (with love) for believing he could leave the ship so easily)
  • He have respect for everyone (especially woman), but he have even more respect for you
  • Always holding your hand or linking arms.
  • Really protective, “because mens are stupid *stare at Zoro*”
  • Wonderful dates. 21/10 would recommend. Nice food and beautiful flowers. Rainy or sunny, it’s always cute and innocent.
  • Won’t stop bragging at Zoro because “marimo too ugly to date” followed by their usual fights
  • Yes he want to discover All Blue and help Luffy being the pirate king, but he want you to be by his side before, during and after discovering All Blue.
  • He sort of calm down around Nami, Robin and other girls
  • Sanji smokes a lot as he don’t like feeling hungry. He’ll try to smoke less when he’s around you. He don’t want you to smell cigarettes.
  • Likes taking bath with you. Because 1 : you’re naked, and 2 : it’s so calming and silent, and nice
  • He love kissing the top of your head when you are sitting

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Why do I love shrunkyclunks so much??? Like it's literally my fave trope add dom!steve & sub!bucky to it and I'll read 1000 fics. Steve falling in love with a sarcastic yet sweet 90s kid who shows him dick in a box to see his reaction and freaks out about tesla and energy-efficient self-driving cars and Steve who is a master at going from cool and sassy to dorky and awkward in 0.003 seconds (1/2)

(2/2) starts talking about flying cars and how he thought that would be the next big thing before the war and they have 2 hr talks about it while stealing loving glances at each other


My fictonite, tbh, and also this sounds amazing and ughhh if I didn’t have so much on my plate rn I’d be 100% down with writing it. Unless it’s a commission or a fandom event (read bangs) other things need to take priority right now, but gdi I know I’m not gonna be able to stop thinking about this now, fuckkkk.

Totally putting this out here in case someone feels inspired by it and wants to do the thing because YES PLEASE. *^*

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Top ten blog recs for honesty hour

@jehanproudaisy if you like my blog you’ll like theirs for sure 100% also they post stuff I don’t like adventure zone but yeah Noah is my platonic soulmate and i dont know anyone who doesnt love them

@beeth0ven smart as hell, funny as hell, good as hell legit I love them they’re one if the greatest people I’ve ever met and following them and being friends with them makes me think more of things I haven’t previously had at the front of my mind 10/10 person 10/10 blog

@montparnassee quality Aesthetic, the greatest selfies and amazing cosplay, honestly if you aren’t already following Adrian wyd, my bro is amazing and I can’t explain just how cool he is

@petalprouvaire another person with an amazing Aesthetic and Killer Cosplay where if you aren’t following Cat I don’t get what you’re doing, literally the sweetest human being alive and cute as hell too

@etoile-kid actual Cosette who is actually the best, an aesthetic dream? A good soul? A cutie?? Jari is so kind but also hardcore and I highly recommend that presence on your dash

@actualplanetpluto a very straightforward person who has stellar writing and great art and is also cool as hell, more people should be like and follow Amara

@just-french-me-up why wouldn’t you follow Elise, the ultimate representative of the Les mis fandom, a peach, a delight, SUCH a good writer and honestly just a Good all around

@jehanprouvaiire Rin has such good art and so much style and tbh I love them so much? Such a talented and wonderful human being, so much happiness comes from them being on your dash

@adorablecrab have you SEEN their art? BRUH, ohmygod it’s so good also top notch person, just in general Very Good, Very Kind, Very Creative, Very 👍👍👍👍👍

@enjolras-would-bang-that check that writing, it’s so good, I love it so much, I’m on the edge of my seat every time something gets posted like for real Check That Writing

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I'm assuming your favorite color is yellow? :0 It's definitely one of my most favorites. It's such an underappreciated color >0<

Yeah, it is yellow! I loved it a lot since I was a little kid, it just makes me think about sunshine, sunflowers (which are my fav flowers) and happiness~


I remember how in 10th grade we were reading Dostoevsky’s “Crime and punishment” and there was a lot going on about colour schemes the author was using to describe the inner world of the main character and how corrupted his mind was. And my teacher always said that he used yellow in descreptions of St. Petersburg a lot to refer to diseases and how doomed all those poor people were. AND EVERY FUCKING TIME I WAS TRIGGERED AS HELL. I was sitting at my desk looking all respectful and interested but inside I was like SHIT DUDE FYODOR DUDE U MUST BE KIDDING ME YELLOW IS LIT unintended pun WHY U GOTTA BE USING THIS COLOUR TO DESCRIBE THE UNHAPPINESS BRO THE FUCK

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I'd like Noodle to be a little more... how do I say this? Weird? Like in the earlier phases? She's not bad now, but I find her almost boring at times? Like I get it, she's a high speed feminist. That's cool and all, but in other phases she would do nutty things and have a voice in a unique way, in a way she's sort of cleasha now. I liked hearing about her feelings about her past and he pokemon. I liked when she would karate chop things and dress strange. I kind of wish she was still a kid.

I get you dude I didn’t want to bring this up to much for fear of stirring the pot but I’m glad you agree. I love that they’ve made her fiercely feminist and her disposition lightens the sometimes heavier mood of the band which can be relieving, but they’ve almost made her too perfect now in my opinion. She seemed much more moody and irritable when she was a kid in my opinion and I honestly loved it. All her little gadgets and toys (and her headset) and her clothes!!!! I miss her old clothes so much!!!!! I loved her in phase 2 when she didn’t know how to dress herself but she looked like she was having fun none-the-less lmao

No hate on what Damon & Jamie have given us so far, but I want to see Noodle be a weird sloppy moody idiot just like the guys 

“The moss was just trying to bloom”

… and bloomed

The cool kids are so underrated

Okay but I just?? love them so much???? hosting a potluck and inviting people they don’t know very well just because they can, always supporting Steven’s interests even if they don’t fully understand the whole gem thing, talking highly of Lars and inviting him to things despite not really knowing him, making Sadie feel welcome and just?? they’re so nice and?? i love how they’re still considered the “cool” kids despite having a few weird interests (like. they drive around in a pizza van) i just rlly love them okay

guys guys lets vote hard until the end!!! gogogo