how to be a box part 3


I bet that box is all warm and filled with love! (he kept it in his hoodie pocket, so it must be haha!)

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~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

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Shit my wife has said to our cat, part 6

- Eat your gruel, orphan. Big Momma loves you.

- Is the devil your sponsor? Was he there as your midwife to usher you into this world?

- Are you poxed, you sunnovabitch? Look at him! He’s poxed!

- (singing) you’re just a chicken in a cat suiiiit!

               -(still singing, to the tune of Nelly Furtado’s hit single) I’m like a biiiird, a               chicken in cat suit! I can’t fly awayyyy! Cause chickens can’t flyyyyy.

- Throw some dirt on it! You’re terrible! You’re beautiful! You’re a gremlin! You’re so…. fucking CUTE.

- You love me so much and I don’t give a lick! That’s not true. I’d save you from a fire, I guess, if you were conveniently found. I mean, if you were waiting by the door I’d pick you up. 

- Kill the string! Murder it so it cannot have children.

- You just had to be an eyeball-sniffing bitch!

- Hi, buddy! How’s it going? We were just talking about wieners. Half of yours was cut off!

- You moved so I could hold your belly! Your belly is a superhighway to your butt! We learned about your body today, Miss Kitty! Science and anatomy! 

- You purr because you are full of bees, angry bees that you swallowed because you are the swallower of bee worlds. 

- Oh my God your face! Your stupid fucking face! You’re so cute? Put it in a box you stupid face. Face. FACE.

- That’s right! Big momma knows how to love you right! That should be the name of my boxcar band.

- You should be dipped in soapy water and used to clean dishes. At least you’d get a bath then, you little shit.

- You’re okay. No, no, you’re a shithead, but on my list of shitheads you’re pretty high up there.

- I just peed for like thirty minutes. My bladder was so full it was painful. And I’m telling you this, cat, because you seem to want to piss everywhere.

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bibliophile808-deactivated20170  asked:

The book I'm writing has quite a lot a fight scenes in it, the only problem is I'm not good at writing them. I don't know how to describe it: when punches are supposed to be thrown, when they connect, when they miss, or really just anything in general. Could you give me a few tips on how to write a fight scene? Thanks.

First off, I reccommend thee to @howtofightwrite​ for all future fight questions.

Fight Scene Reference List Time!

How To Write Fight Scenes With Alan Baxter

Tea Party or Fist Fights?

Realistic Fighting Abilities in Fiction

3 Keys to Fight Scenes with Injured Characters 

How to Write a Fight Scene Readers Will Love 

Writing Techniques for Fight Scenes 

How to Write Action That Won’t Show You’ve Never Thrown a Punch

My personal advice, do anything in your power to either breeze over the conflict (”Once I’d knocked out the guards…”) or make those fight scenes short. Doesn’t matter if it’s an hour-long boxing match (ouch) make it read like twenty seconds (unless the boxing match is the most important part of the story in which case ignore me). My fight scenes only work because, as one reviewer kindly put it “[your] focus on everything but combat is a big plus.” That reviewer was kind of an ass, but he had a point. I avoid combat. It’s just boring in my opinion. This is a book I’m writing not a Call of Duty game. Point is, most of your readers neither understand nor care how a fight scene works, but the ones that do will get annoyed quickly if you do it wrong. Watch your footwork and tread carefully.


Today’s a special day! Today is not only Father’s Day, but Alex and Ariel Hirsch’s birthday! Let’s celebrate by cracking open your copy of Journal 3, prepping your blacklight and invisible ink pens, and jotting down everything here in the special edition so you can have a copy for yourself without resorting to eBay or shady second-hand Craigslist deals!

I was lucky number 02149 to get a copy of the special edition of Journal 3. Well, lucky as in “I could afford to buy it and pre-ordered it back in March the exact day I heard about it going on sale.” Still, I am PSYCHED to share this with everyone! Admittedly I didn’t take photos of every single page – only the ones with black-light effects that were more than ink spatters. Some I had to take [kinda big] pictures of individually, to be able to read the text properly, and others were multi-page spreads that I couldn’t resist capturing in their beautiful glowy glory.

Of course I’ll be captioning them all for you, in case you can’t download/read them. Also, there’s a few secret codes in here! But did you really expect anything less? Also also, this is a 9 page word document (not counting pics), so I’m splitting it up into 3 parts. Especially considering the size of these pictures. 

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ffortissimo  asked:

waitwaitwait how does this perspective drawing stuff work

Okay, fair warning: I just picked up this thing like a few hours ago, my hands are rattling, my muses are excited and I’m so glad I went to Krenz aka cushart’s little seminar where he spoke extensively (in a language I haven’t practiced in a long time. aka not english) about the importance of “grounding” a character in order to make them realistic and believable. 

The seminar was great because I actually… didn’t understand any of the perspective tutorial that I’ve read off the internet before this? The seminar was basically like a missing link for me, so I hope that I can share that in this long post. 

So be prepared for long post!

Based on the seminar, he said the biggest issue with character posture and design he has seen many people do is that it’s based on assumptions and conjectures. Most of us absorb posture, dynamism and foreshortening by looking at other people’s works and imitating/recreating them (myself also being a big offender in this). Basically, he’s saying that there should be a structured approach for you to get into posing a character in your art /while/ allowing you to blend the character into a background seamlessly. He used a chunk of Mandarin jargon that I’m unfortunately unfamiliar with, nor am I familiar with the phrases in english, so take my phrasing with a word of salt: 

1) Find/make/use a 16-square box. 

Boring, I know.

2) Stretch it to your liking to determine the most important plane your character will be interacting with. 

I used this plane because it’s an extreme example of how the grid can be used. Here’s an example of a sketch I did earlier with the 16-square grid being utilised as a normal 45 degree floor plan:

Anyway, back to my blank example, the angle of the 16-square will be mainly determined by your camera angle! The one I did is for a wall. The grid is mainly there to help you project the shapes of the object you want to draw! To help illustrate things, here’s an example of a L-shaped sofa or whatever leaning against the “wall” of perspective grid:

The lecturer basically said that it’s the easiest to draw the character/pose/object out in a side-view first, so that you can identify the position of each of the prominent points when you translate it into the 3D/grid plane. His explanation was borderline mathlike and was going into the area of geometry, which I’m not very good at. But basically, it’s about finding out how much “space” each part of your drawn object can take up, much like drawing geometrical shapes in maths class!

3) Draw a side-view of the pose you want.

Top left you can see I scribbled out the side-view of a horrible excuse of a pose. The most important things you have to find out is the angles and planes of note from the pose. Mr. Krenz mentioned equating the notable planes as an unfolded surfaces of a cardboard box; you can tilt at certain points, but it has identifiable angles, which is important for you to determine the angles of your torso, legs, etc and helps solidify your perspective angles when you draw em. 

For the pose I drew, the points of note are: the head is leaned towards the “wall”, and the hand goes straight down; but notice how the back is curved and the butt is not close to the wall. This is important. 

You’ll also notice that I drew a horrible excuse of a box projected out of the four squares in the 16-square grid. This is the important part! There’s actually some maths shenanigans as to the proportion of the box and how it relates to your anatomy, but I think the safest way to go is to assume a box projected out of 4 squares is equivalent to a torso. so that box = the size of one torso. that means everything from above the hip in the pose should fit into the box.

Remember how I harped on the position of the butt and hands and the angles? This one is for the next step:

4) Draw in basic spheres and shapes. Ignore anatomy for now. 

If you see each part of the body as shapes (spheres, squares, rectangles), it’s easier to plot them out in relation to the angle of the perspective grid. Over here, you can see that the shapes are drawn in correspondence with the perspectives. I won’t cover much on this part, mostly because there’s already a hundred other perspective-box-shaped-how-to-translate-to-human tutorials out there that explains it a great deal better than I do. The vital point to take out of this part is that you must plot according to the position of each key point– the back curve, the hand angle, etc onto the geometric shapes when drawn. The box should help you out in this I hope.

5) Finally! Fleshing it out!

Yep. This is also where anatomy fixing happens, if you see the need.

Notice how the angle of the lad’s mantle, vambraces, shin guards, etc corresponds to the geometric shapes scribbled out earlier. This step becomes immensely easier with practice, but basically the gist is that the geometry lines help you determine the direction of the clothes and stuff you have to flesh out.

6) Not necessary, but put in shadows and shading to help solidify the scene.

I thinned out the scribbles here and dabbed on a dark color to immediately portray that the kid’s hiding in the shadow of some doorway. See, immediately there’s a background! And he does look like he’s sitting there and no immediate worries of how the anatomy or angles of things out of place, because the 16-square has already determined it for you beforehand.


I think the important part is that personally, this is easier for me to get into instead of looking purely at theories of horizon lines, vanishing points, etc because honestly, it is very difficult to see those if you’re drawing character-oriented pieces.  While this technique is not foolproof and is actually more complicated (read: there’s actual math shenanigans in it that i didn’t get into), I think this is a good starting point for artists of any level to start training their eye to see in order to make characters better blend into the backgrounds.

Hope this helped and sorry for the length!

I’ll take care of you P.2

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader 

Word count: 1.2k 

Anon asked: hi, could you please do a fluffy AF part 2 to your taehyung hybrid scenario? the first one was the most adorable thing I’ve ever read x

Genre: Hybrid AU 

Ratings: Fluff. 

Author’s note: TIGER HYBRID TAE PART 2! I GOT YOU! Gif isn’t mine. x 

- part 1 here

“How many eggs?”

You check the recipe again as you say, “Two, two eggs.”

Taehyung nods as he adds the eggs to the mixture. You two are in the kitchen making a cake because why not? You grab the spatula and starts stirring the batter. Meanwhile Taehyung had opened the box of strawberries and had grabbed a handful, eating them one by one. You move to put the batter in the oven when you catch Taehyung standing in the corner, sneakily eating the strawberries.

“Tae! Those are for decoration!”

He gives you a pout as he puts the 3 strawberries that were left back in the box. You sigh as you close the oven, putting the timer on before you turn back to him. A warm smile spreads across your face at the sight of him pouting. It makes him look even more adorable than he already is, if that’s even possible. You press your hands against his cheeks as you peck him on the lips. His pout turns into a smile as his cheeks turn pink. You coo at the sight as you press another kiss against his lips before going to the fridge.

Taehyung wraps his arms around you as he presses his chest against your back. You grab the frosting and a mixer before going back to the counter, Taehyung following your every move. You laugh as he’s still holding you tightly. One of the things you love most about him is how he isn’t afraid to show you he loves you. No matter where you go, he’s always holding you close. It makes you feel good that he isn’t afraid to do that. You like that he doesn’t care if other people think he’s being clingy because being close to you is more important to him that what other people think.

“Tae, do you wanna make the frosting?”

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Title: Dark Chocolate pt. 2

Title: Dark Chocolate 

Type: Fluff

Characters: Reader X Jaehyun

Word Count: 3, 018

A/N: help, I don’t know how to write fluff lmfao plus I listen to limitless and firetruck while writing this which is kinda the wrong song to listen to when you want to feel the fluffy emotion jfc. Also, it’s longer than what I’ve initially planned but, I hope yall enjoy this! Have fun!

Summary: It’s definitely not your fault that you’re allergic to chocolates. But the problem is, he doesn’t know about it at all.

part 1

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fortune’s fool: peter parker I

peter parker x reader

A/N: multi-part fic based off of a twitter post which I won’t link until the end so as not to spoil anything :-) 

requested: nope

Words: 2200+

Warnings: none

summary: Two Empire State University students fated to meet

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1. Meet

20 year old Peter, 18 year old reader

The mountain of boxes did not move no matter how hard she glared at it. It stood looming over her stationary. Inert. Stagnant, she thought. 

She kicked the pile. It didn’t budge. It seemed to mock her with its gargantuan size that dwarfed her small figure. She crossed her arms and huffed, tapping a foot as she tried to come up with a plan of attack.

She glanced up at the monstrous pile again. Yup. Still there. She groaned, burying her face in her hands as she silently cursed herself for sending her parents home, dismissing their offers to help her unpack. Stupid, she thought.

She’d been in her (very own!!) dorm room for only an hour before she’d said goodbye to her mom and dad, assuring them that she wouldn’t need any help setting up. Why did she say that? To prove to them that she was independent now? That she was an adult that didn’t need any parental guidance anymore? Screw that, the little voice in the back of her mind spoke bitterly. She had no idea how she was going to approach the insurmountable task on her own.

No matter how elated she had been to have scored a single room- no roommate to keep her up all night sounded like a no-brainer to her!- she was starting to rethink her decision. Why did she not realize just how alone she’d be three hours away from home with no family and no friends?

Students bustled past her open door bearing boxes and suitcases just like hers, yelling and laughing, completely oblivious to the panicky turmoil occurring within her small room.

She heaved a big sigh and dropped her tense shoulders, resigning herself to the fact that if she didn’t start now, she never would. She once again approached the cluster of brown cardboard, each box labelled carefully in black sharpie.

Standing on her toes, she reached to grab the box at the very top, stumbling slightly once she had it in her arms. Jesus, why did she pack so much? Surely she wouldn’t even use half of the things she brought. She exhaled deeply, setting the box on the ground so she could slice the tape open with her keys.

The box contained her bedding and she sighed in relief, glad her parents didn’t leave before her dad could help her set up her bed. She pulled the sheets out one by one and started to make her bed. A loud burst of laughter outside her door distracted her for a second, forcing her to turn and search for the source of the noise.

Two boys and a girl stood laughing in the room across hers, the door thrown wide open. One of the boys was doubled over and shaking as the others continued to giggle at his collapsed state. She found herself smiling wistfully, suddenly missing her best friend in Long Island.

One of the boys, the one standing, looked up and caught her eye from across the hallway. He raised his hand in a small wave, smiling brightly. She grinned in return then turned back to the matter at hand. After finishing with her bed, she started on another box, this one holding the contents of her desk.

She set the box on her rolling desk chair, unpacking its contents one by one as she slowly but surely found places for everything on her desk. A knock on the doorframe startled her from her deep concentration. She turned to find the boy from across the hall standing in the doorway, the same bright smile on his face.

“Hey there, neighbor,” he said, burying his hands in his pockets as he rocked back and forth on his heels. “I’m Peter. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Y/N,” she responded with a smile. “It’s nice to meet you, too.” She stopped removing her school supplies from the box and wiped her hands on the fabric of her jeans, crossing the room to shake his hand.

“Sorry for the mess. I’m trying to get my room organized on my own and it’s going very slowly, as you can see,” she chuckled nervously.

“You’re unpacking everything by yourself?” he asked, a confused and slightly concerned look on his face.

“Uh, yeah? I kind of… sent my parents home because I thought I could do it alone? Turns out I really overestimated myself because now I’m stuck unloading all of these boxes by myself, and I have no idea how I’m ever gonna finish,” she explained, a deep red flush climbing up her neck in embarrassment.

“Oh, well that just won’t do, will it? Here, I’ve got my friends waiting back in my room, but I’m gonna go grab them so we can give you a hand,” Peter announced.

“Oh, I wasn’t complaining or anything! I don’t want you to think that you have to help me just because I was stupid enough to take on this task on my own. It’s my own fault anyway-”

“Hey, don’t even worry about it, Y/N! We’d be happy to help.” He smiles that same bright smile and turns to shout through the open doorway. “Ned! MJ! Get over here!”

The sound of his door flinging open punctuates his sentence. The two other people she’d seen earlier appeared in the doorway, traces of smiles still on their faces.

“What’s up, Peter?” the guy, Ned, you guessed, asked, wrapping his arm around his friend’s shoulder.

“Guys, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Ned and that grumpy mug over there is Michelle. We’re all juniors here,” Peter introduced his friends, chest inflating with pride.

“Call me MJ,” Michelle said, holding a hand out for her to shake. She took it with a smile, then shook Ned’s for good measure.

“Nice to meet all of you. I’m a freshman and, as you can probably tell by the state of my room, things are not going well for me so far,” she joked, motioning towards the still stationary mound of boxes.

“Y/N here needs some help unpacking. Luckily, I let her know that I had two very willing best friends across the hall that could help her out,” Peter smiled wryly, eyes silently begging his friends to agree.

“Riiiight… Sure thing, Y/N! Just tell us what to do and we’re on it!” Ned exclaimed.

“Oh! Uh… thanks, you guys. Seriously, you have no idea how much this means to me. Um, I guess just grab a box and I’ll let you know where everything goes?” she asked, gauging their reactions. She let out an inaudible sigh of relief when everybody nodded in agreement, moving to grab a box each.

With the help of three extra pairs of hands, she had everything unpacked and set up within the hour, stopping only to order some pizza for later.

It was six o’clock and they were all scattered around her room, Y/N on the bed, MJ on the slightly-deflated purple bean bag, and Ned and Peter sharing the small sofa as they finished up the last box of pizza.

“You guys are so nice. Thank you so much for helping me out,” she smiled, licking tomato sauce off of her thumb as she leaned back to rest her head against the wall.

“It’s no problem, Y/N. We were all freshmen once, so we all definitely remember what it’s like to start over somewhere new,” Peter replied through a mouthful of pizza.

“Yeah, like on Parker’s first day, he cried all night because he missed his aunt so much. Her apartment is, like, twenty minutes away,” MJ chimed in, all too happy to poke fun at her friend.

“I did not cry all night! I shed a few tears when May left, but that’s it!” he defended. “Back me up, Ned!”

“I was your roommate, dude. I could hear your whimpering through my headphones,” Ned laughed. She giggled with them, thankful that they were trying to make her feel better rather than making fun of her, especially after they’d been nice enough to help her set up her room without complaint.

Peter pouted and crossed his arms over his chest, sliding down into the seat. “Not cool, guys.”

“Relax, brainiac. You know we love you,” MJ proclaimed, getting up from her seat. “Anyway, Ned and I have to go take a group of freshmen to the Rec Center in fifteen minutes, so we’ve gotta go.”

“Shoot!” Ned exclaimed. “I forgot all about that! Sorry, guys. Peter, I’ll see you tonight. And Y/N, I hope to see you soon!” he smiled as MJ pulled him out the door with one last wave over her shoulder.

“Your friends are nice,” she said lightly, grinning shyly at Peter from her spot across the room.

“Yeah, they’re awesome,” Peter agreed with a nod. “I’ve known Ned since I was a kid, and we met MJ in high school, so we’ve been pretty tight since then.”

She hummed in response. “I never really had a close friend group in high school. My friends mostly ended up staying in Long Island for college. It kind of sucks being so far away with everyone, but I’m definitely already loving not sharing a room with anybody.”

“Yeah, I did the whole roommate thing for my first two years, so I’m glad to be on my own for a change. Not that I won’t miss living with Ned, but trust me when I say that he is probably the messiest person I’ve ever met,” Peter chuckled, standing up from the sofa.

“Oh, are you leaving?” she asked, face falling. She’d enjoyed spending the last couple of hours with Peter. He was sweet and understanding, and he made her laugh.

“Nope, just stretching,” he smiled as he lifted his arms up above his head allowing a pale little sliver of skin to expose itself from beneath his blue sweater.

“Well come on up here and sit with me, then,” she offered, patting the open space next to her as she pointedly ignored the stirring in her chest brought on by the milky white patch of skin still peeking out until Peter tugged his sweater back down. Peter obliged and climbed onto the bed, settling himself by her side, his sock-clad feet dangling off the edge.

“So… what’re you majoring in? You’ve gotta be super smart to have gotten into Empire State,” Peter wondered.

“Biomedical engineering. My sister lost her left leg when she was seven and uses a prosthetic so I’d like to be able to design something that’s both effective and accessible to those who need it,” she explained with a smile. She loved her younger sister more than anybody, so leaving her behind was not a simple task.

“Man, that’s amazing. Are you close with your sister?” Peter asked, tilting his head to look at her through thick eyelashes.

“She’s my best friend. I hated leaving her, but I promised that she could stay with me whenever she wanted and I’d show her the city,” she smiled longingly, feeling the familiar pang of homesickness that had started about an hour ago.

“That sounds awesome. You’re not from here, though, are you?”

“No, we’re from Long Island. We used to make the drive to the city at least once a year when we were younger, but then my sister had her accident and we kind of stopped,” she explained, picking on the corner of her duvet.

“Do you mind me asking what happened?” Peter asked carefully.

“She was in a car accident that ended with her leg pinned beneath a chunk of concrete. By the time they got her out, all of the nerves were already dead so they just decided to amputate. It doesn’t really bother her or stop her from doing anything anymore. It’s just something she has to live with, whether she likes it or not.”

Peter sighed heavily, a sympathetic look gracing his delicate features. “I’m sorry,” he stated softly. “I know that probably means nothing to you, but I also know it’s not easy seeing somebody you love suffer. My parents passed away when I was six, and my Uncle Ben who I’d been staying with died five years ago. Since then, my Aunt May’s been all I’ve got.  I’ve had time to come to terms with it, but that doesn’t make anything any easier.”

She frowned, feeling grateful that Peter was able to trust her with such heavy parts of his life, but also feeling inexplicably sad for the young man who probably had to grow up too soon.

“Life just sucks, doesn’t it?” she asked, trying to lighten the mood.

“It sure does,” he sighed in response. “Anyway, just because you’ve been to the city as a child, doesn’t mean I’m letting you off the hook without an official Peter Parker tour. Growing up here does have its advantages, you know.”

You smiled, eyes wide. “Oh, I am so in!”

“Great!” Peter beamed, sliding back off of the bed. “I’ve gotta go meet Ned back at the Rec Center, but I’ll be here bright and early tomorrow morning to show you everything!”

“Sounds good,” you agreed, following him to the door. “It was nice meeting you. And thank you, again, for helping me out. I’m sorry if I ruined any of your plans for the night.”

“I wouldn’t consider a night spent with a pretty girl ruined, would you?” he commented, watching as she tried to hide her blush behind a curtain of hair. “Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow, smarty pants.” And with that, he shut the door, leaving her giddy with something that felt a little bit like hope.

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Guilt {Part 2} // Henry Bowers

Word Count: 1371

Summary- Being apart of the loser’s club makes you a prime target for the one and only, Henry Bowers. (CONT.)

Warnings; nothing more than usual

A/n; If you want a part 3, where the reader maybe tells the group about the relationship, let me know in the request box!

Requested; Yes, multiple times

req; part 2 of guilt?

req;  Ooh god, your imagine Guilt is so cool ! If it’s okay, could you do a part 2 where Henry confess his feeling to the reader please ?



Over the past few days, you’d been noticing Henry acting strange. It wasn’t only you though. The entire of the Loser’s Club were noticing as well, even Belch and Vic were at a loss for words at his actions. Henry Bowers, all of a sudden, was the nicest person to you, and you didn’t know why. How could he be nice, might you ask? Well, let’s see..

Day 1

You were walking with Eddie, talking about how he needed to hurry up and confess his feelings for Richie, which he was denying. “I don’t like him!” He exclaimed, throwing his arms up and shaking his head. “Of course you don’t, Ed.” You said, chuckling. “Y/N!” A voice called, running after you. You turned, and you were shocked to see Henry Bowers, you didn’t even know he knew your name. “Here, take this. Put it on your, uh, arm, and it will heal it faster.” He said, smiling. Wait, he smiled? It wasn’t an evil smile, either, it was a genuine smile. “Uh, thanks, Bowers?” You questioned, stunned.

“Please. Call me Henry.” He said, and his friends called him over. “Gotta go, see ya, Y/N!” He said, smiling, and ran off. You and Eddie both stood still, unbelieving. “He knows how to say please?” You questioned, mostly to yourself, but to Eddie as well. Instead of answering your question, he asked his own. “What the hell just happened?” He asked, and you looked at him. “I have no fucking idea.”

Day 2

You were about to climb on your bike and leave your house, when you heard a car horn beep. You looked up, surprised to see none other than Henry Bowers and his gang, pulled up in your driveway. Henry motioned with his hand for you to go over. Vic and Belch looked like they didn’t want to be here, or didn’t know why they were here. “Can I help you, Bowers?” You questioned, thinking it was all a prank. “What did I say about my name? It’s Henry! And let us give you a ride. Come on, we have room.” He said, gesturing to the empty seat in the back, presumably where Patrick used to sit.

“It’s alright, thanks though.” You smiled politely, even though it felt oh-so-wrong to smile at the Henry Bowers. He looked upset, but he motioned for Belch to drive away, and he did. You were so confused, Henry Bowers was never nice. You assumed he was plotting something, and shook your head. Richie, whom you lived across the street from, biked over, seeing what happened. “What did he want?” He asked, curiously. “Nothing. Just making fun of me and calling me names again.” You said, and he nodded. It was simply the calm before the storm.


Day 3

You walked with Beverly, talking about how the boys were being ridiculous over some petty argument, when a car pulled up next to you two. You didn’t have to look to see who it was. “Fucks sake..” you muttered, Bev shooting you a confused look before she saw who’s car it was. “Oh.” She said, unamused. Henry jumped out of the car, motioning for his friends to stay in. “Hey, Y/N.” He smirked, walking over. He glared at Beverly “Hey, slut.” You gasped. “Fuck off, Henry! I don’t know what the hell your problem is, but leave me and my friends alone, dammit!” You screamed, grabbing Beverly’s arm and storming off in the direction you were originally heading.

You walked away so fast, you didn’t the the hurt and defeat flash on Henry’s face. He sighed, jumping back into the car. “You alright, man?” Belch asked, genuinely concerned. “Just drive.” Henry mumbled. “What was that?!” Beverly asked, shocked. “He’s been fucking with me, Bev! Every single damn day, he’s been so.. Nice to me! Ever since this!” You said, rolling up your long sleeve and pointing to your scars. ‘Y/N, did it ever occur to you he may feel.. Bad?” Bev asked, frowning. “It’s Henry Bowers, Bev.” You said, rolling your eyes. “I guess.” She muttered. “Anyways, about Richie’s argument..” You changed the subject, and you two continued along the path.

Day 4 (Present Day)

You were with the rest of the Loser’s Club, chilling downtown. You were laughing at a remark Stan made to Richie, giving him a high five. “Nice one, Stan.” You said, chuckling. “Hey!” Henry called, storming over. “Oh lord, not again..” You muttered, standing up along with the rest of the losers. You weren’t as tall as the others, so you were hidden behind Stan. “Hey, you little fucks. I’m bored, wanna play?” He asked, his knife sticking out in his pocket. “I haven’t got to use this in awhile, don’t want it to get rusty.” He said, and you felt Eddie shaking.

You gently pushed Stan, him stumbling, and walked straight up to Bowers. He was surprised, he didn’t expect you to be there. Then he realized what he was saying, and instantly straightened up. “O-Oh. Hey, Y/N.” He stuttered, and the entire loser’s club gawked. “Henry Bowers, the guy who makes fun of Bill for his stutter, is stuttering? What the hell is this shit?!” Richie exclaimed, his eyes bigger than usual. (which was quite big, thanks to his huge ass glasses).

“I’m not explaining myself to a bunch of losers.” Henry scoffed, but he looked weak. “That’s it!” You said, grabbing Henry’s arm and pulling him off to a more private area. “Y/N, are you insane?! He could kill you! Where are you going?!” Eddie screamed, instantly after taking a puff from his inhaler. “I’ll be fine, Eds.” You winked, and he immediately turned red, knowing you were lowkey hinting Reddie. (Obviously, you were the biggest reddie shipper in town).

Once you were satisfied with the distance between you and your friends, and you double checked to make sure Richie wasn’t eavesdropping, you turned to Henry, furious. “Okay, what the hell is wrong with you, Bowers? Why all of a sudden are you so nice to me? Stop fucking around, and tell me, because I’m sick of this game you’re playing!” You spat, angrily. Henry looked taken aback.

“I’m stupid and I don’t deal with emotions well, as you can tell. I’ve never once felt anything, ever. I’ve never felt sorry, or sad, only anger. But when I fucking went to sleep after hurting you, I could only feel guilt! It took me awhile to figure out why; it’s because I like you! Yeah, I said it! I like you, and I’m fucking stupid for liking a loser, I know. I might as well join your pathetic little club!” He said, all at once. You blinked, taking it in.

“I-, Uh, Umm” You stuttered, eyes wide. “What?” You asked bluntly, completing certain it was a prank. “wow, you’re an idiot too. Great.” Henry muttered, and you went to reply, but Henry grabbed you by your shirt and smashed his lips to yours. You gasped, surprised, but an odd, tingly feeling grew in your stomach, and by instinct, you kissed back. It took the pair of you by surprise, and Henry pulled back slightly, looking at you with wide eyes. “I think I like you too, Henry.” You whispered, pulling him back into another kiss.

Despite his reputation, and him bullying you and your friends, you suddenly felt attracted him, more so than because of his looks. You knew you always had the same feeling in your stomach around him, but you’d always pushed it away as nerves, he walked around with a knife for god’s sake. Still, you couldn’t help but think he seemed genuine.

After pulling away, he pressed his forehead to yours. “I know I’m not the best person,” he started, looking at the scar he engraved on your arm, and frowning. “but I’m willing to try to be better.” You smiled, shyly. “I couldn’t ask for more.” You replied, looking at him, and seeing him in a new light. You could get used to the new Henry Bowers; the bully you now could call your boyfriend. Damn, you never thought you’d say that. Now, to explain to the losers…

Paper Hearts (Part 6)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

♡ Length: 3.2k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6  Part 7

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The signs as Jerma985 quotes
  • Aries: "I am going to be the sweatiest fucking tryhard in this server, I am going to kill you."
  • Taurus: The whole "Before the plague hit" gag.
  • Gemini: "You wanna get bakestaybed?"
  • Cancer: "You know... don't... say... sw-swears."
  • Leo: "Jerma vs. STAR_, Jerma vs. STAR_, everybody wants to see this happen!"
  • Virgo: "Mom. Mommy. I wanna ride the roller coaster. I'm old enough now, I'm 14."
  • Libra: "So in the comments section below right when this opens, everybody say LOOT GE-- tHERE'S BLOOD IN THE BOX."
  • Scorpio: "You don't wanna ride this ride. If you're at Six-Flags or whatever and you see this, you turn to your buddy and go, 'Look, we aren- we aren't going on that thing. I don't care how much of a dare-devil you wanna be; it ain't happening.'"
  • Sagittarius: "I hate Bill Clinton, he ate my frosted toilet plunger."
  • Capricorn: "I want the secret recipe for Coca-Cola.
  • Aquarius: "Gaaa, yeah, Jerma Is Mad part 3! Wow, let's put cigarettes out on my dick!"
  • Pisces: "STAR_, if you're editing this together, don't use the "put cigarettes out on my dick" line, okay? It was offensive, it was uncalled for; nobody should put out a cigarette on their penis, for any reason."

How To Build my Green Witch Travel Altar:
•$1 beat up Altoids tin from the antique shop
•part of some littered gum packaging
•small box of restaurant toothpicks (pointy on only one end) For building and mini wands
•incense matches
•black salt*
•Rosemary *
•*3 tiny vials
•incense holder/mini stand
•pieces of Sage
•mini Star Anise bud For stopping misfortunes
•acorn cap For a bowl and good luck
•Common Ponderosa Pine needles For fanning and purifying the ritual area
•yellow flower
•tiny seashell (I think I lost it in the woods today!! But I kept it for a quick fae offering anyway so I’m okay with losing it ^.^ gotta replace that!)
•raw crystals - lazer seed quartz, smoky quartz, genuine citrine, Amethyst, rose quartz

Hey so quick dog update! This is Tuff’s brother, Mr. Snowball (Snowy)! He’s been with us for nearly a year now! He was adopted from the same shelter as Tuff. He was very abused and malnourished at a hoarders house. He was found dying in a box in an attic. He is 3 years old now and Tuff is slowly but surely teaching him how to play and make friends! He is technically my sisters dog and he looks at her like she is the best thing he’s ever seen. This has been your bi annual Lellypad dog update

They were supposed to be out all night, ugh, how lame.


Ahaha, I had this idea sitting around for a long time, part of a request someone left in my ask box for a young Emma/Hook in AU Enchanted Forest. You know she would have been the type of Princess to climb out her window and hang with the rebel crowd and sneak bad boys (or just boy ;D ) into her room. Poor Daddy Charming, this is one Duckling you can’t control. <3

Foreigner {2}

Jackson Wang X Reader


Word Count: 1,386

Anon asked: OMG! The dating Jackson one was so perf! <3 Could we maybe get a little Jackson fluff? Like maybe you are new to Korea and he’s one of the first people you run into and he’s just super sweet and helpful…or whatever you want!

Summary: You moved to Seoul, Korea only to find out that everything is so different than back home. Seeing you struggle to navigate, a man walks up to you to provide help but soon realizes you’re much more than a confused girl on the sidewalk (✿´‿`)

A/N: First off, I really like this request! Second, I’m in love with this gif. Third, I’ll update the next chapter sometime tomorrow!

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

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Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

 As your eyes begin to flicker open, you shield yourself from the sun that’s beaming into your room. It doesn’t take long for you to recall the events of yesterday which cause you to smile brightly.
How does a stranger make me so happy?

 You get off of the bed that currently lays on the floor and walk over to your phone that was on top of a cardboard box. You hadn’t unpacked much of anything so your house was currently just filled with random furniture and boxes.

 When you pressed the home button, you noticed a few text messages. Two were from your best friend back home, asking about your first full day in Seoul and the other was from, Jackson?

Jackson Wang
Good morning! I don’t know what you're doing today but I’m free if you need me ^̮^

You blush after reading his message and then text him back.

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