how to attract birds to your yard

Arizona Poppy

About: Also known as Summer Poppy, and Orange Caltrop, it is very simular in appearance to the California Golden Poppy. These plants have deep reaching root systems, spread out over a good area so that it can quickly absorb lots of water when it rains.

Where to Find: It grows in the south-west United States, though it is overly abundant in Arizona, as indicated by the name. The Arizona poppy is common to profuse in flat, sandy grasslands from sea level to 6000 feet. A summer bloomer, Arizona poppies begin to appear with the rains and in particularly wet years, their display rivals spring wildflowers.

How to Grow: Planting desert wildflowers is a good way to attract native birds and butterflies to your yard. Plant them where they get plenty of light. Water every couple or three days until the seedlings are around two inches tall. Then you can water them just when they show signs of stress, such as wilting or yellowing.

Medicinal Properties: I can’t find any medicinal resources to support the claims, though apparently it can be used for insomnia, and anxiety.

Magical Properties: Psychic dreams, used to confuse others, strength. I associate it with fire.

DISCLAIMER! I am not a trained herbologist, or a doctor. Plants, herbs, and natural remedies do not negate the need to see a doctor for chronic, ongoing conditions, sudden illnesses, or modern medication. This is just stuff I’ve read, or picked up over the years. Be sure to let your doctor know if you plan on starting any kind of herbal treatment, as it may interfere with your regular medications. If you explain to your doctor that you really want to try naturals, they’ll usually work with you to see what they can do.