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A Horribly Terrible Mortifying Moment

It all started yesterday, when my class adviser tried to sell me a junior prom ticket:

Me: Oh, no thanks Ms. [her name]. I’m going to buy one on monday.

My Friend: Yeah, me too. We need dates first!

Her: WHAT????? You girls don’t have dates??????? How is that possible?????

Other Teacher: You girls could have any guy in the school!!! Get asking!!

Me: Haha thanks, I’m flattered! But I have some ideas in mind, I just haven’t asked yet.

Her: This is unacceptable! We need to find you a junior prom date. I’ll make a list.

Me: NO that’s okay!! I will find one myself! I appreciate the offer, but I’m fine!!!

…….an hour later…. we’re outside at lunch. The teacher walks outside and yells to me:

Her: I found you a prom date! [Hot popular guy] doesn’t have a date, and all his friends are going! Take him!

Me: Uhhhhhh NO I barely know the kid! (*our only interaction has been at parties or while he was drunk*) I don’t want to go with somebody I don’t know!

Her: Okay, I’m going to keep thinking!


………20 minutes later, I’m sitting at my lunch table, and she comes in, yelling across the cafeteria:

Her: [My name]! I found you a date! You’re going to go with [Other hot popular guy]!

Me: NO I don’t know him….! (*we’ve never spoken before*)

Her: That’s okay, I’m going to introduce you! (*she starts looking for him - keep in mind this is all across the crowded cafeteria, and his friends are sitting RIGHT THERE*)

Me: No, really! I can find my own date!

So she leaves. And apparently starts telling people that I’m going to junior prom with this guy. So I quickly had to tell a LOT of people that it wasn’t true! And then as I was hurrying out of the room, completely mortified, I hear her asking the first guy she suggested if he’d go with me. It was HORRIBLE.

I can find my own date! I’m quite far from socially inept, and lots of guys would kill to go with me! I just haven’t asked anyone yet!

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