how to ask someone to prom

What if Highschool!stuck Eridan was super excited about the upcoming prom and really wanted to ask out Sollux, but before he could their circle of friends started making jokes about how he’d probably ask out anyone out of desperation. (He has a certain neediness to him because he’s literally all alone in his house. Dualscar works with the military most of the year and cronus is at boarding school. It’s been this way for several years.)  This breaks down his self-esteem so much that he tries to just wait and see if maybe someone will ask him, maybe even Sollux. But then Sollux agrees to go with Feferi (as a misunderstanding, he thought it was a friend thing and she thought it was romantic) and Eridan sort of gives up hope.

He still goes to the prom though, clingy to the idea that he can still have fun and that maybe he can just dance with friends.

Except those friends spend most of the time making fun of his lack of a date.

So he finally can’t take it anymore and just slips off to one of the empty classrooms to sob in the corner. But Sollux who was starting to get worried followed him and overhears him sobbing and sort of figures out how bad his home life is, but rather then doing the right thing and checking on Eridan first, his poor social skills lead him to gather up their friends and explain what he heard, to which everyone figures out how shitty they’ve been. So they ask where Eridan is now and Sollux is just like Probably still in the classroom and everyone’s just like, you left him there???!!!

So they all head over to Eridan’s house to say sorry, but they can’t find him in the house ‘cause it’s so big and unused and they get creeped out by how quiet it is, and how little food there is and stuff. And they start to make connections to times when he would always ask to go over to one of their houses, and they’d blow him off and be like “you just wanna hit on me” and they figure out how lonely he must be. 

They end up having to split up to find it, and finally Karkat and Gamzee stumble upon him and he’s in a really bad state and neither know how to help him because Karkat was a major problem in making fun of Eridan and they can’t calm him down or anything, until Gamzee finally sobers up a bit, and because he was basically the nicest one to Eridan he calms him down after shoving Karkat out of the room.

caroldanversinatardis  asked:

Ayyy!! Winchesters back again! It's always good to hear from you guys! Your awesome sis Katie and I did some hunting while you were away. It was fun. Anyway, my question is how do you get someone to ask you to prom? Keep up the great work Katie and Winchesters! ❤ (oh, and there might be a shifter in my school, but I bring anything to kill it and I'm gonna get expelled. Suggestions?)

Uhhh…Katie you’ve been doing what while we’ve been gone? -Dean

Busted. -Katie

Seriously Katie? -Sam

So how do you get someone to ask you to prom guys? -Katie

I don’t know, we never went to prom. You guys have been hunting without us? -Dean

Sam, you never went to any dances? -Katie

No, Dad never let us. -Sam

Well that’s lame. I don’t have any advice really on how to get someone to ask you, but maybe kinda check around to see if that someone has plans to ask anybody else -Katie

We aren’t done talking about this hunting without us thing Katie. -Dean

How The Brothers Ask Someone To Prom

An Osomatsu-san thing!

Osomatsu: a pun

Karamatsu: something dramatic, of course

Choromatsu: a poem since he’s too nervous to ask in person

Ichimatsu: a stuffed bear or cat, somethin cute (also because he’s too nervous to face-to-face)

Jyushimatsu: written on a baseball (how sweet)

Todomatsu: on a Starbucks cup (*slow clap*)

Prom starters
  • Send one for my muses reaction to yours saying this to them or send a ❀ for me to randomly generate one for my muse to say to yours!
  • 1. “ you want to go to prom with me?”
  • 2. “Prom? Sure I’ll go with you!”
  • 3. “Sorry....Someone else...already asked me,”
  • 4. “Who wants to go to prom anyway? It’s stupid and a waste of money,”
  • 5. “We can go to prom as friends, It’ll be fun,”
  • 6. “So we can each buy our own ticket....How should we get there?”
  • 7. “Are you going to wear a dress?”
  • 8. “Are you going to wear a tuxedo?”
  • 9. “What all do you need for prom anyway? Gah this is so confusing!”
  • 10. “So who are you taking to prom? Anyone cute?”
  • 11. “Do you know what the theme for this years prom will be?”
  • 12. “Prom committee has been so much fun!”
  • 13. “School dances are always lame, why bother?”
  • 14. “Can’t we just stay at my place?We can watch movies or something.”
  • 15. “I’m not going to prom alone, It would be lame,”
  • 16. “This invitation says I have to wear a dress/tuxedo. This is stupid!”
  • 17. “What the fuck is a corsage?”
  • 18. “So...Whats our budget on this stuff again?”
  • 19. “You don’t have a date...I don’t have a date...So let’s just go together,”
  • 20. “Do I have to wear this tuxedo/dress?”

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angel, ink, and statue!!

Angel: What are your religious views?
I’m not a strongly religious person. My entire family is Catholic, so that’s what I follow and believe in. I don’t actively practice it though. (i.e. praying every day, going to church, etc.)

Ink: Write a poem and post it.
Ok this is something I wrote last night. I was in the vibe for my talent show audition, which inspired it.
“I don’t understand how I find comfort in you.
Since you put the walls between us, life’s been cold.
The sun hides behind these pained, grey clouds.
No light.
My smile doesn’t feel real anymore.
My muscles are beginning to hurt.
Just smile, smile, smile.
“He asked someone to prom.”
Smile, smile, smile.
“You two got back together?” “No.”
Smile. Smile. Smile.
“Look how happy he is with h-”
He’s moved too fast and I’m eating the dust,
choking and suffering through this storm.
I’ve gotten used to it, yet I haven’t.
I’ve moved on, yet I’m struggling.
Because when I see who you are, I despise you,
all you allowed and the lies and the guilt.
But old you, January you, I miss him.
January you held my hand until my anxiety left and held me in your arms and wrapped me in warmth.
February you dumped me to the side of the road.
March you doesn’t give a shit.
March me shouldn’t give a shit.
But I do.
My hands are frost bitten, my smile frozen.
I have no choice.
I can’t take a break.
I have to keep smiling and move on,
whether I care or not.”
-Smile, smile, smile. // m.r.w

Statue: Who is your favorite artist?
I’m assuming this means artist as in art. I really like the older artist, like DaVinci and Van Gogh. Also my friends AJ and Izze make really freaking good art!!


all those asks are over a month old. i started this a while ago and just finished it today… thanks to everyone who sent me ideas or encouragement, its always good to see people interested in my work :)


when someone suggested prom i was like geeze… but then i thought, yeah. prom.

In this AU i never have them dating. but they care about each other, technically. they would go to prom together. even if they were sort of mutually grumpy about it.

the end…?

Soulmate!5sos blurb night with justfandomwritings gutpainmgcmikeysflannels and fivesecondsofwriting

but just imagine waiting your whole life to find out who was your soulmate and it was the night of your senior prom. You couldn’t see any of the beautiful colors of the decorations, your friends, or even what you looked like. Your best friend had told you that your dress was a lovely shade of a color called blue, but it was all varying shades of gray to you. Your date, Tom had appeared and asked you to dance. He wasn’t your soulmate and it utterly crushed you how you knew you couldn’t enjoy your senior prom with a great guy because he wasn’t “the one.” Telling Tom that you were going to go grab a drink, you attempted to gracefully get off the dance floor. Amidst all the sweaty bodies, someone had bumped into you too hard. You closed your eyes, waiting for your face to collide with the floor but were jerked away before that happened. As soon as you saw him, your world exploded with colors. Instead of a gray boy holding you in his arms, you saw all the different colors that made him up. But the only color that mattered to you was his eyes: a deep, gorgeous shade that–after looking down–realized perfectly matched your dress. So his eyes are blue. “Are you okay?” he asked as he helped you up. “Did-did you feel that?” you questioned. He nodded his head slowly. “Luke I was going to grab us something to eat do you-oh.” Interrupting you and Luke’s moment was a girl in a sparkly ballgown who must’ve been Luke’s date. Her eyes shifted from Luke to you. “You found her, didn’t you?” Luke’s date asked. Luke looked down in shame, awkwardly twiddling his thumbs. She sighed. “It’s okay Luke. Go, be happy.” she smiled and disappeared into the crowded dance floor. Turning your eyes back to him, you couldn’t help but smile. “I’m y/n by the way.” Luke smiled. “Well you already know my name. I’m so sorry about that whole thing. She’s one of my best friends and I go to a school out of state so she called me asking if I’d take her to prom and I said yes.” “Luke, you don’t have to explain yourself.” Before you could say any more, a slow song–which happened to be one of your favorites–began to play. Luke stretched his hand out towards you. “May I have this dance?” In response, you smiled and interlaced your fingers with his as you both made your way to the dance floor.

No more please!

Supergirl aesthetics - SuperCat Highschool AU

When Cat Grant, aspiring journalist at a local newspaper, has to write an article about the track race at her school she has to do a short interview with the winner, Kara Danvers. 

And she recognizes this girl, always sitting in the library at the same time as herself when she writes her articles, and the best thing is, Kara recognizes her, too.

“Maybe I could sit with you next time? I always learn better when there’s someone next to me working, too.”

“Bring coffee, and it’s a date.”

As prom approaches Kara is set on asking Cat, even though they’re not really dating - although in Alex’s opinion they totally are - but Cat always said that just asking wouldn’t do it. 

And this is how Kara sings “Can I Have This Dance” to Cat in the auditorium during their usual writing session.

“You have to stop watching all those Disney musicals.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Of course, you idiot.”

if you don't have a date for prom

Anonymous said to realsocialskills:

How to cope with not having a date at prom? Everyone else has someone to go with but I don’t even have anyone to ask out. I feel that I will just stand in a corner while my friends and class mates will have their own company.

realsocialskills said:

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that.

I think that you’re probably not as alone as you feel. Dating is hard, and it can be especially hard when you are young. Finding people to ask out doesn’t always happen on a schedule, even if seasonal events like prom mean you’re surrounded with messages that tell you that it should. It doesn’t always work out that way, though. It’s not just you. It’s that this stuff isn’t easy and the reality isn’t like the cultural mythology.

It’s also worth realizing that it’s ok if you don’t want to date, or if you don’t want to date yet. Some people aren’t ever interested in dating. Some people are eventually interested in dating, but aren’t ready in high school. Some people need some time to mature before they’re ready to date. Some people don’t have so much of an emotional or social peer group in high school, and so don’t meet anyone they want to date. Some people have a sexual orientation or gender that is stigmatized in their high school in a way that makes dating exhausting to even consider. Some people are still figuring out their sexuality or gender and don’t want to date while they’re struggling with it. 

All of those things are common, and normal. So are any number of other reasons you might not want to date. If you don’t want to date, or don’t want to date now, that’s completely fine. I don’t know whether or not you want to date now; only you know that. It’s worth realizing that either answer is fine, and that it’s also ok if you’re not sure. 

You’re probably not the only one at your school who doesn’t have a date for prom. Unless your school is tiny, there are almost certainly several other people at your school who don’t have dates either. You’re definitely not the only one in your state, and there will be any number of people online during prom who didn’t have dates either. When the culture tells you that you should have a date, not having one can feel like a failure, but it’s not. All it means is that you don’t have a date. It doesn’t reflect poorly on you. These things happen.

There are some options for how you might deal with this:

You don’t have to go to prom if you don’t want to:

  • Prom doesn’t have to be important
  • Nothing awful will happen if you don’t go
  • If you think you won’t enjoy it without a date, it’s completely ok to do something else instead
  • If you decide not to go to prom, it might be a good idea to plan what you’re going to do instead
  • That will raise the chances of enjoying the night rather than dwelling on the fact that you’re not at prom
  • (Eg: You could go to a movie, make a cake, have a party with friends or family who aren’t prom-aged, go to a concert, check out a store, etc)

Asking your friends to set you up with someone:

  • If you have friends who you trust, it might be worth asking if there’s anyone they can set you up with for prom
  • There’s a good chance that they will know someone
  • Going to prom with someone doesn’t have to mean that you’re dating them
  • Or that you’re particularly into them
  • It can just mean that you’re both going to an event together and attempting to enjoy the event and one another’s company
  • (It’s not such a good idea to do this if you don’t have friends you trust; some people use this situation as a way to be cruel)

Going without a date and enjoying the other aspects:

  • Some people go to prom without a date
  • You probably won’t be the only one
  • People don’t spend the entire night glued to their dates
  • (especially since a lot of people go with people they’re not actually dating in order to have someone to go with)
  • Going without a date doesn’t mean that you’ll spend the evening alone
  • If you have friends you like who enjoy your company, they’ll still be your friends at prom, and you’ll still get to spend time with them
  • If you want to do the rituals like dressing up and taking pictures and eating the fancy food and celebrating the end of school, you can enjoy all of those aspects of the event even without a date

Have an escape plan and distractions:

  • If you have a phone, bring it
  • You can use your phone as a distraction if the night is miserable
  • You can also use it to take breaks
  • If you get overwhelmed and upset, you might be able to take a break, distract yourself with a phone game or Tumblr, then go back in and enjoy things
  • It’s also ok if you need to leave. You don’t have to stay if it turns out the evening is miserable
  • If you have the option of driving yourself, or otherwise having access to transportation you control, do it that way
  • If you know that you can leave if you need to, it can also make it more likely that you will enjoy it and not feel trapped

Go to or throw an after party:

  • Prom often isn’t just about the official part; it can also be about parties that happen afterwards
  • If you like parties, you’ll probably enjoy them even if you don’t have a date
  • And you don’t necessarily have to go to prom to go to a party
  • And even if you go and hate the actual prom part, you can decide that the party is the main part and enjoy that
  • You also might be able to throw a party after, if you have friends who would be interested in going.

tl;dr: If you don’t have a date for prom, you are not alone. You might feel like the only one, but it’s actually fairly common. You have options for what to do on prom night. Scroll up for concrete suggestions.

Does anyone else want to weigh in? How did you handle not having a date for prom?


PROM Montage: Will you go to Prom with me? (by DisneyMovies)



The security guy omg


emberia said:

Dear Auntie MJ, senior year of high school has a lot of accompanying feelings. Prom is coming up and it’s looking like I’ll be the only one in my friend group without a date. However, I think I might be catching feelings for someone I barely know. Is it worth trying to strengthen that connection, even though we will part ways for college soon? And how can I make the most out of the prom situation? Xoxo

Dear Emberia,

There are two questions here, and they require two distinct answers. Let us divide and conquer.

Question one: Is it worth trying to strengthen the connection with someone you barely know right before you leave for college and ask this person to prom?

Answer: Sure. Why not? Going to college is not like going off to the Hunger Games. It’s just moving to a different place. Sometimes it is not even that. Yes, things get shaken up, but that’s okay. I think the implication here is that asking someone to the prom is a Big Deal and if you have feelings, what happens to those feelings when you move to a new school? I don’t know. But I think you should go for it. Don’t use college as an excuse not to get to know someone. We have the internet now. And even without the internet, people did this kind of stuff all the time. Auntie MJ sees no downside to taking a chance on this. If you need inspiration to take a chance, watch this and be inspired by their sweaters.

Question two: How can you make the most of the prom situation?

Answer: Auntie MJ had to sit back and take a deep breath before answering this one. She thought of her own prom. She wrote about this prom back in 2006, but that is long enough now (and the post has been partially eaten by a web publishing service that shall remain unnamed but is Wordpress). I managed to dig up a copy of what I wrote, and I think it bears reprinting here, in the hopes that you can gain Wisdom from my experience.

See, our prom was about rules. It was about obedience. It was about training. And they started us early.

From our first days at school, we were taught that as formless, breastless freshman*, we were way too clueless to be allowed to wear things like heels. There was a complicated order to things relating to yearly dances, and each year it was reinforced in our heads. It went like this:


NOT A PROM. A freshman dinner dance. Party dresses only, knee length minimum. Heels at a maximum of one inch. No limos. No tuxes.


NOT A PROM. A Soph Hop. Slightly more fancy party dresses, knee length minimum. Same heel height. No limos. No tuxes.


A PROM. Tea length dresses permitted, knee length minimum. NO FLOOR LENGTH DRESSES. Two inch heels. No limos. No tuxes.



Now, it got complicated.

Floor length dresses were permitted. Tuxes were permitted. Limos were permitted. Heel length remained constant at two inches. The main thing to know is that we weren’t permitted to wear strapless dresses. No way, no how. That went for any dance, and this fact was drummed into our heads on every possible opportunity. However, every year the faculty actually voted on whether or not seniors could wear spaghetti strap dresses. This was such a huge deal that it merited a yearly discussion.

It was vetoed for our year.

We also had, like I mentioned previously, prom classes. This is when our senior year religion class was taken over for a week or two, and we were taught things like plate settings. This is when we had the mysterious Kleenex discussion, and when we were told not to get out of the car until our date opened the door.

And we also learned the schedule of how our prom was going to go down, just in case we were even thinking of having any fun.

Our arrival was to take place between 8 and 8:30. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to show up by 8:30 could result in the holding of our diploma.** Departure could not be before midnight, but could not be after twelve thirty.

The school brought in a “beauty expert,” a truly odious woman who taught us things like an exercise to keep our chins from getting flabby (slapping them) and that the cure for acne was more makeup. She was so insidious that at least two of my friends managed to walk out of the assembly, which was no minor feat. At my school, that was basically the equivalent of setting fire to your chair.

I bought a white satin dress for the prom. In retrospect, this was a strange choice, as I am pretty white myself. I am the color of porcelain and whole milk and daisy petals, if you’re romantic, and like someone in need of a transfusion if you’re not.***  I loved my white dress and white gloves. My dresses for the other years had all been a bit tragic****, but this one, this one I loved.

Exhibit A: The author of this piece and her friend Laurie (in green), on the way to prom. Laurie is, quite fairly, questioning the expression on my face. I think she sensed that I might be going into this thing with a less-than-enthusiastic attitude. This dress *looks* sleeveless, but what I did was pull those sides up over my shoulders so it had the appearance of sleeves. This would be a key factor in my arrival at the prom.

A group of us all went off to the prom together, after driving from house to house and picking everyone up, getting 200 pictures taken. Then we divided up into cars. I got into the one with one of my best and closet friends in the whole world. Her name is Kirsten. We left in plenty of time to get there by 8:00 or 8:30.

Kirsten’s boyfriend was driving us. She was up in the passenger’s seat, and I was in the back with my date. I remember it being a fun ride, right up until the time we got stuck in a massive traffic jam at 8:10. But we weren’t that far. We still had more than enough time.

Except that we hadn’t moved at 8:15. And not really that much by 8:20. Or five minutes after that. By now, Kir was getting seriously, seriously nervous.

“Re,” she said, leaning into the back seat. (My nickname is high school was Re. Only people who went to high school are allowed to call me this. It’s kind of a personal rule.)

“Re,” she said again, drawing me back from my own parenthetical interruption. “It’s 8:25.”

I looked at the clock on the dashboard. She was right.

“Well,” I said. “How far are we?”

“About seven or eight blocks,” her boyfriend said.

“We’re almost there,” I said to her.

“Yes. But we’re not there yet. And we might not be there in five minutes.”

I saw her point. We were going to graduate. We were going to get out of high school. 

“We can go seven or eight blocks in five minutes,” I said nervously. “Right?”

Wrong. By 8:28 we had gotten about two blocks closer.

“Re,” she said, leaning back again. “This time, seriously. We have to go.”

“Go how? We still have five or six blocks left.”

“I know. That’s why we have to go. Now.”

She opened her car door and got out. I followed.

“What are you doing?” I said, following her to the sidewalk. “We have two minutes.”

“If we don’t go,” she said. “They’re going to hold our diplomas.”

“And so, what? We run?”

Instead of answering this question in words, she responded in action. She started running down the street. And I ran right after her.

I’m not sure if you’ve tried to run in heels and a floor-length dress down a city sidewalk before. You probably haven’t. I don’t really recommend it. Especially if you are trying to preserve you hair and makeup and not get anything on your stark while dress and shoes, and if you are carrying long-stemmed roses and a purse. I didn’t spend a lot of time in heels back then. Our days were spent wearing our fabulous and sensible school shoes, so I wasn’t all that steady at normal walking pace. So running on a sidewalk (notorious surfaces on the best of days) was really a lot more than I was ready to take on. Also, we were the official show of all that stopped traffic.

Exhibit B: Our actual school shoes. They float in the clouds because wearing them is like being in a dream.

Bizarrely enough, this may have been the one physical act that my school had truly prepared me for. Since we didn’t have showers, we were always told to try not to sweat in gym. This doesn’t seem like something you can normally request or control, but we had actually learned to do this.

So we ran. We ran because we actually believed that we might not graduate high school if we didn’t. Kir and I, aside from being the non-Catholics, were both honor students. We weren’t at the very top, but we were far from the bottom. And yet, we were still afraid that we might not be able to go to college or ever, ever leave our high school just because we got stuck in traffic.

We arrived, out of breath, at 8:32. Our dates had no caught up with us. We barged into the hall on our own. Our principal was waiting there, clipboard in hand.

“Running a little late, are we?” she said.

It had to have been completely obvious that we had just been running. Our hair was all blown around, we were breathing too heavily to answer.

“And where are you dates?” she continued.

We heaved for breath and pointed at the door, indicating that they were somewhere in the world.

“Girls,” she said, in a warning tone. “You were told when to arrive.”

“We got stuck in traffic, Sister,” Kir said.

Sister shook her head and wrote something down.

“Bring your dates and go and greet everyone,” she said. “Everyone has been waiting for you.”

That last bit was meant to sting. See, it wasn’t over yet. At our school, there was a receiving line at the proms.

“Receiving line?” you ask. “What do you mean by that?”

I mean that you had to walk around and introduce your date to every single faculty member that turned up, and they ALL turned up. An entire WALL OF NUNS. I’m talking about twenty-five or so. Seriously. And you had to say hello to every single last one of them and have your date shake their hand, and if they wanted to talk, you stood there and talked.

And here’s the really important part of this: the lobby area of the place where we had our prom? Mirrored on all sides. So it looked like THOUSANDS OF NUNS. I think this is the same trick they used in that last scene of Star Wars, when they go and get their medals, and there are millions of rebel alliance fighters all lined up. And not just thousands of nuns … thousands of nuns that had been denied the pre-dinner snacks because Kir and I were “late.”

Exhibit C: Let’s go to the prom.

In a class of 125 girls, having twenty five to thirty dedicated chaperones patrolling the edges of the floor, ready, willing, and able to bust in to any couple making out for more than 30 seconds (the limit) … it all makes for a fairly controlled experience. Kir and I spent the whole night not really knowing what had been written on the clipboard, and it was a while (weeks, really) before we were convinced that we were in the clear.

How does this help you, my dear Emberia? I admit I am not sure. It proves a person can run in heels and not sweat. That’s something, isn’t it?

I guess the best lesson is that the prom? Is a dance. It’s not the be-all, end-all of anything. Anyone who thinks that the prom is somehow a measure of what the rest of life will be like has either not left high school yet (and thus has no idea that they are wrong) or are people think life is high school. Which it is not.  Dance if you want to dance or sit around and talk if you want to talk. If it’s extremely fun, great! If it’s boring, no big deal! If it’s a disaster, you will have a story to tell FOR YEARS AND YEARS. If it is a weird list of rules and you have to run down the street to get to it and there are millions of nuns there, you will become a YA author and live in my house.

Good luck out there. I will be thinking of you.


Auntie MJ

* Our chests were measured in the gym a few weeks before Freshman year in order to order our vests. The highlight was that we had a Breast-Size Guessing Nun who could just look at us and predict how much we would grow, chestwise, in the next four years and she would SHOUT THESE RESULTS across the gym, because the person writing down the sizes was across the gym for some reason. So people would be evaluated by the BSGN and she would say things like, “THIS ONE IS FLAT AS A BOARD. GET HER A SMALL. THAT’S ALL SHE’LL NEED.”

** They really hammered this home.

*** Recent events and blood tests have shown that I am exactly the kind of person who needs a blood transfusion. The pale skin is due to very low iron. We didn’t know it then. We just knew I was the one person who never really seemed to tan.

**** This is an understatement. The other dresses were all J.C. Penny closeouts from the bridal department. I’ve lost all records of the first one. The second one is a massive floral print, like something designed to attract sight-impaired bees. The nicest thing I can say about the third one is that it looks extremely flammable. 

A Horribly Terrible Mortifying Moment

It all started yesterday, when my class adviser tried to sell me a junior prom ticket:

Me: Oh, no thanks Ms. [her name]. I’m going to buy one on monday.

My Friend: Yeah, me too. We need dates first!

Her: WHAT????? You girls don’t have dates??????? How is that possible?????

Other Teacher: You girls could have any guy in the school!!! Get asking!!

Me: Haha thanks, I’m flattered! But I have some ideas in mind, I just haven’t asked yet.

Her: This is unacceptable! We need to find you a junior prom date. I’ll make a list.

Me: NO that’s okay!! I will find one myself! I appreciate the offer, but I’m fine!!!

…….an hour later…. we’re outside at lunch. The teacher walks outside and yells to me:

Her: I found you a prom date! [Hot popular guy] doesn’t have a date, and all his friends are going! Take him!

Me: Uhhhhhh NO I barely know the kid! (*our only interaction has been at parties or while he was drunk*) I don’t want to go with somebody I don’t know!

Her: Okay, I’m going to keep thinking!


………20 minutes later, I’m sitting at my lunch table, and she comes in, yelling across the cafeteria:

Her: [My name]! I found you a date! You’re going to go with [Other hot popular guy]!

Me: NO I don’t know him….! (*we’ve never spoken before*)

Her: That’s okay, I’m going to introduce you! (*she starts looking for him - keep in mind this is all across the crowded cafeteria, and his friends are sitting RIGHT THERE*)

Me: No, really! I can find my own date!

So she leaves. And apparently starts telling people that I’m going to junior prom with this guy. So I quickly had to tell a LOT of people that it wasn’t true! And then as I was hurrying out of the room, completely mortified, I hear her asking the first guy she suggested if he’d go with me. It was HORRIBLE.

I can find my own date! I’m quite far from socially inept, and lots of guys would kill to go with me! I just haven’t asked anyone yet!

Baffled and Blonde~