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pinky swear

“So you’ll let a complete stranger touch you and not your best friend?”

Summary: Yoongi and you were inseparable friends. Since your childhood you’ve played this game together in which you had to be completely honest when your pinkies were linked. Until one night, the game went too far…

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Smutty SMUT. | Warnings: A lot of tongue technology.

A/N: So this is my official first smut. As an American Horror Story fan you should know that the pinky game is based on Kai’s game in Cult. Of course, without the creepy sh*t. So I hope you like it, I’ll get better I promise, pinky promise.
Words: +2.3K

“Pinky to pinky. Naked truth, brutal honesty. If you lie, I’ll know.”

You both knew the rules: once your pinkies touched you had to answer each other’s question with nothing but the truth. It started as a game you had heard from a girl from your school, and now your best friend and you were hidden under the blankets with a flashlight as the only source of light - and your pinky fingers linked.

Your faces remained expressionless waiting for one of the two to make the first move.

“Are you going to leave with your dad?” you finally asked, your voice cracking as the tears wanted to fall from your eyes.

“I told you, Y/N! I’m not leaving you!” Yoongi raised his other hand and placed it on his chest, where his heart was located. “I promise.”

“You can’t lie with your pinky.”

“I know.” He smiled, causing his eyes to almost disappear, “I’ll stay and we’ll be friends forever.”

There was a knock on your bedroom’s door and then your mother’s voice could be heard from the other side, “Time to sleep, kids!”

He kept his promise and stayed after his parents divorced. You were eighteen now, and he was still your best friend, the person that knew you since your childhood.

However, nothing stayed exactly the same.

When his parents divorced, Min Yoongi changed. The cute eight-year-old boy was long gone, and now was known as a fuckboy and the kind of guy other guys did not want to mess around. That was useful for you though, people knew you were his best friend and that kept bullies away from your smart ass.

You watched him sleep from your seat in class, he was wearing his usual black hoodie but you could still see a glimpse of his minty hair under the cloth. That was part of his routine, he slept in class and then you helped him study later.

The bell rang and you shook his shoulder with your hand. He turned his head to a side and looked at you just with one barely open eye, “Hey.”

“Will you ever stay awake in class?” You grabbed his bag and handed it to him. He yawned and took it, standing up and offering you a hand to do the same.

“Who cares. I have you to teach me better.”

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TEXTS FROM DARK AND ANTI: Part 45 (part 1?)

Okay clearly I deviated from the prompt a little bit, but I thought it’d be more fun to have present-day Dark and Anti pose as a teenage prom couple than do an AU where they’re already teenagers. I’ll probably do a part 2 to this where they’re actually at prom if people are interested.

EDIT: I just realized I posted the wrong anon prompt for this one, idk how this happened and I know for a fact I no longer have the actual prompt someone messaged me. It was basically Dark and Anti talking about prom (aka the high school AU nobody asked for :D) and I’m really sorry I fucked this up/don’t have the original prompt but the credit goes to the blogger who sent it to me.

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Fate, Destiny, Whatever. (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 24,698

Warnings: Smut ‘n swears

Authors Note: Yo, I’m really proud of this fic y’all. I know it’s long but it would mean the world to me if you could just take some time out of your day to read it it. I would honestly mean so much. Feedback would also be greatly appreciated, let me know what you thought!! also shout out to @adolescenthowell FOR LITERALLY HAVING TO DEAL WITH ME COMPLAIN ABOUT CLOSURE FOR THE PAST LIKE 3 WEEKS TO NO AVAIL. WE QUOTED ALOT OF THOSE LATE NIGHT CONVOS. LOVE U.

Summary: Lin’s convinced you and him are soulmates, but you believe you’ve only found your way to him by a coincidence. Would you have found your way to him if you had met him in a different time all together? Was it fate? Was it destiny? Or was it whatever?

Requests: nothin but my own noggin

Tags: @hamilton-noodles


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“Honey!” Lin called from down the hall.

“What?” you yelled back, eyes not moving from your laptop.

“Come and look at these.” You heard your husband’s voice strain, and you cracked a smile before closing your laptop.

You walked down the hall to his office. You were fully expecting him to show you a new melody, or a rap; instead you were greeted with him sitting on his floor, an array of photo albums spread around him and loose polaroids and pictures scattered all around the floor.

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|| prom ||


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warnings: spoilers for homecoming

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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a study in serenity | jjk scenario

jungkook x reader | 3.1k

◦ fluff | stranger things!au | telekinetic!au

summary: how do you calm down a jealous boy with mind power. you kiss him, of course

Masterfully blending an array of bold eyeshadows has never been so difficult.

You adjusted your earrings in, tucked away loose strands of hair with a bit of hair spray, and tilted your head from side to side at the mirror in examination of your work, thanking whatever miracle it was that your makeup was able to emerge out of the hole of uncertainty looking more satisfactory than the usual “not bad”.

Your red lips curved into a smile, “Look at you, y/n.”

Stepping out of the bathroom whilst smoothing your dress over, you quickly gathered up your belongings as soon as one tiny glance at the clock duly reminds you that he’ll be here soon. Lipstick, powder, mascara…Ah, wallet…!

After pondering for a while where you last recalled setting down the tiny thing, that small light bulb in your head flickered on, promptly sending you with quick steps down the staircase of the house basement—where you also knew a certain someone was broiling in quiet annoyance. Of course, you’ve already broken the news about this change of arrangement, telling him was one thing you made sure to take care of with utmost clarity—he was so fickle with these kinds of things sometimes.

But then again, he wasn’t like other people.

But it’s one Friday night, though. One. It wasn’t as if this was a world crumbling matter to leave a telekinetic guy to his lonesome. On second thought, maybe you should stop hanging on that thought.

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Pinky Promise

Dean watched Castiel playing alone on the playground. He felt sad for the lonely looking black haired boy. He jumped off the swing and walked over to Castiel.

“Hi I’m Dean.” Castiel shyly looked up, “My name is Castiel.” Dean smiled, “I like your name. I’m six how old are you?” Castiel looked at the ground, “Five.” Dean sat next to Castiel, “Well I’m older than you so that means I’ve gotta watch out for you. Keep you safe.” Castiel looked confused, “Why?”

"Because that’s what friends do Cas.” Cas blushed, “You want to be my friend?” Dean grinned, “Of course I do!” Cas looked a little scared, “Pinky promise?” Dean wrapped his pinky around the smaller boys, “Pinky promise. I’ll always be your friend Cas. Pinky promise.”


Dean watched Cas try to flirt with the cute girl in their math class. The girl, Chastity, slapped Cas in the face and stormed out of the lunch room.

“Well that looks like it didn’t go so well buddy.”

Cas slumped down on the ground next to Dean, “Who knew asking someone to prom would be so difficult. I might as well just stay home.” Dean nudged Cas’ shoulder, “Don’t be like that Cas. Its senior prom you have to go.” Cas huffed, “Easy for you to say. You have every girl and guy in this school wanting to go to prom with you. I have no one.”

Dean felt the familiar twinge in his chest, the one that reminded him of how he really felt about his friend. He cleared his throat, “I’ll take you to prom Cas.”

“Oh Dean, I couldn’t ask you to do that. What about Lisa? I thought you were going to take her.” Dean shrugged, “No better person to go to prom with than your best friend right?” Cas nodded, “Pinky promise?” Dean smiled, “Pinky promise.”


As Dean held Cas close to his chest for the slow dance that night he knew there was no one he would rather have taken to prom than his best friend. He looked down into those pure blue eyes and decided it was now or never. He pulled Cas closer, “Cas I have to tell you something.” Cas stepped back a little, “What is it Dean?” Dean took a deep breath, “I like you.” Cas tilted his head in confusion, “I like you too Dean.”

Dean groaned and cupped Cas’ face with his hands. He slowly leaned forward and kissed Cas gently on the lips. Cas tensed for a moment then kissed back. Dean pulled away first and looked into Cas’ eyes, “I’m in love with you Cas. I have been for a long time.”

Cas reached up and grabbed Dean’s hand, intertwining their fingers together, “What about Lisa? I thought you loved her.” Dean sighed, “No Cas, it’s always been you. It just took me a while to figure that out.” Dean kissed Cas again then whispered against his lips, “I love you Cas.”

“Pinky promise?” Cas whispered back. Dean nodded, “Pinky promise.” And he kissed Cas again.


Dean smiled as he ran his hand through Cas’ hair. The sun glistened off the golden band on his left ring finger. Cas stirred slightly in his sleep and slowly opened his eyes. Dean smiled, “Good morning beautiful.” Cas groaned, “Is it morning already?” Dean moved closer to Cas and kissed him on the nose, “Yes it’s morning already.”

“Can we stay in bed all day?” Dean smiled, “Yeah, let’s stay in bed all day.” He kissed his husband on the lips, the kiss growing into more. Dean kissed down Cas’ jaw, “I love you Cas. I love you so much. I’ve always loved you and I always will. There will never be a day when I don’t love you.” Cas carded his fingers through Dean’s hair, “Pinky promise?”

“Pinky promise.”

Imagine going to prom with Robin!Jason Todd

Sorry I was talking about prom with a friend and this happened (Jason and you in this is about 16/17)

  • Jason realizing that prom is coming up when he see all the prom proposals going on
  • Jason wanting to ask you
  • Before Bruce adopted him Jason thought he would never go to prom.
  • Going to Bruce first for ideas to ask you to prom (then realizing that Bruce didn’t go to prom)
  • Then going to Alfred
  • “Master Jason I don’t understand why you just ask Mr/Ms.(l/n).”
  • “Alf, you’re a genius! Thank you!” “You welcome Master Jason.”
  • Jason talk about how he is going to ask you to Dick during patrol
  • Jason come to school earlier than his usually time to get ready
  • His hands are shaking as he walks towards you
  • “Y/N can I ask you something? Alone?”
  • You say yes as You follow him into an empty classroom
  • “I was wondering..” Jason starts to play with his hands “…if you would like to go to prom with me? I understand if you don’t want to go with me or if you are going with someone else…”
  • You smiling at him as you answer him “I would love to go with you.”
  • His eyes light up like a kid on Christmas
  • As soon as Jason gets home he tell Alfred
  • “Congratulations Master Jason.”
  • Alfred taking Jason tux shopping
  • “A Wayne must look his best, Master Jason.”
  • When prom finally comes around Jason can’t wait you see you
  • You and he agreed on not getting a limo
  • The expression on Jason’s face as came down the stairs was priceless
  • You not really knowing how to dance and Jason teaching you (Jason was taught by Alfred)
  • Both of you not really caring if you are prom part of the prom court
  • Slow dancing together and keep stepping on each other’s feet

What if Highschool!stuck Eridan was super excited about the upcoming prom and really wanted to ask out Sollux, but before he could their circle of friends started making jokes about how he’d probably ask out anyone out of desperation. (He has a certain neediness to him because he’s literally all alone in his house. Dualscar works with the military most of the year and cronus is at boarding school. It’s been this way for several years.)  This breaks down his self-esteem so much that he tries to just wait and see if maybe someone will ask him, maybe even Sollux. But then Sollux agrees to go with Feferi (as a misunderstanding, he thought it was a friend thing and she thought it was romantic) and Eridan sort of gives up hope.

He still goes to the prom though, clingy to the idea that he can still have fun and that maybe he can just dance with friends.

Except those friends spend most of the time making fun of his lack of a date.

So he finally can’t take it anymore and just slips off to one of the empty classrooms to sob in the corner. But Sollux who was starting to get worried followed him and overhears him sobbing and sort of figures out how bad his home life is, but rather then doing the right thing and checking on Eridan first, his poor social skills lead him to gather up their friends and explain what he heard, to which everyone figures out how shitty they’ve been. So they ask where Eridan is now and Sollux is just like Probably still in the classroom and everyone’s just like, you left him there???!!!

So they all head over to Eridan’s house to say sorry, but they can’t find him in the house ‘cause it’s so big and unused and they get creeped out by how quiet it is, and how little food there is and stuff. And they start to make connections to times when he would always ask to go over to one of their houses, and they’d blow him off and be like “you just wanna hit on me” and they figure out how lonely he must be. 

They end up having to split up to find it, and finally Karkat and Gamzee stumble upon him and he’s in a really bad state and neither know how to help him because Karkat was a major problem in making fun of Eridan and they can’t calm him down or anything, until Gamzee finally sobers up a bit, and because he was basically the nicest one to Eridan he calms him down after shoving Karkat out of the room.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for asking out a girl?


Just do it. No fanfare no weirdness. Just go up and ask her. If she doesn’t like you she doesn’t like you and it’s not your fault she’s passing up on someone that cool.

Need a script? Here:

Hey [name] you got a sec? Cool nothing big but I was wondering if you wanted go go out to a [movie/dinner/prom/activity] together.

The less pressure you put on a person you’re about to ask out, the more likely you are to be successful and not end up going out with a girl/guy/whatever who likes you back.

Don’t sweat it and let us know how it goes!

everything of interest (that i can remember) from the class panel at mcm midlands

- i asked if they’d read any of patrick ness’ books before they got the role (made that question up on the spot whoops) and apparently they hadn’t but greg’s friends had and when he told them they ‘wanted to punch him’
- when fady auditioned he thought he only had to do the prom scene, but it turned out he had to do 6 other scenes, so he sat in the car desperately trying to learn his lines
- gregs favourite scene to shoot was the ‘love scene’ with charlie and matteusz (he said something like ‘if you’re gonna do it, do it with someone like jordan renzo’ and i just. beautiful.)
- fadys favourite line was ‘how many knobs does he have?’
- someone asked if they got to take home any props and fady said about a free tardis hoodie and a dalek alarm clock that he got and then greg said ‘ive never stolen any props-’ and fady thought that greg thought he’d stolen the props it was amazing
- greg loves how fady says 'mate’ and apparently always tries to copy it, and he was really pleased when the 'thats a really specialised fetish, mate’ line made it in
- both of them have only read joyride (which means that technically i know more about class than they do lol)
- gregs only ever cosplay was L from deathnote at london comic con when he was 19, and it was 'really easy cause all it was was a black wig and a white t shirt’. unfortunately the tech guys didnt find the photo
- the only time there was any argument between the cast was during the filming of detained, 'especially between vivian and jordan’, because 'that kind of environment breeds that sort of thing’ and im like. if that doesn’t sum up detained idk what does.
- fady said that his favourite character other than ram was quill and greg got really offended
- greg said dorothea because 'well i cant pick ram now’ (and @evilqueenofgallifrey he did say thee-a or thay-a but i can’t remember which)
- neither of them know about season 2 and they are just as pained as us about it

Prom Queens | Cheryl Blossom

Originally posted by prettypecple

Request: Could you do an imagine where Cheryl asks her girlfriend to prom and goes all out and then they are both crowned queen at the dance?

Pairing: Cheryl x Reader
Description: When Cheryl asks you to prom, you suddenly become really nervous about the whole thing but it ends up being one of your favourite nights ever.
Warnings: …not rly.
Word Count: 1354
A/N: okay, this is a lil different from the actual request but it still kinda sticks to it.

“How about this one?” You stepped out of the changing room dressed in a beautiful black prom dress, twirling around as you eagerly awaited the opinion of your best friend Reggie Mantle. As you finished twirling, you noticed he was sat there watching some stupid video on his phone. You coughed to get his attention, shocking him and almost causing him to drop his beloved phone.

“Huh?” He asked, confused.

“The dress, Reg. What’d you think?” You glared at him, hands on your hips.

With a sigh, he looked over you and shrugged his shoulders. The same reaction he’d been giving you since you got to the dress shop over an hour ago. Reggie had been your best friend since you could remember. He’d been the only one in kindergarten who hadn’t picked on you. In fact, he was the one that had stood up for you and told everyone else to leave you alone. Back then you were a quiet, shy kid and the others used to make fun of you for it but Reggie took you under his wing. He brought you out of your shell and you’d never been more thankful to have someone like him in your life. Whenever you needed that little push to do something, he’d be the one to encourage you. But, when it came to things like this, he was no help at all. The only other person you could’ve taken with you was your girlfriend Cheryl Blossom.

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character: park woojin

genre: fluffy + angst

style: paragraph

summary: woojin wants to ask you to the dance but someone asked you before he could because he was too nervous and he gets jealous/upset (inspired by hotshot’s jelly)


Woojin looked up from his phone and saw y/n walking towards him with a smile. She was so beautiful to him, especially in her simple plain red top and jeans.

“Hey!” Woojin greeted her with a bright smile that showed his snaggletooth.

“I’m so sorry for being late,” y/n apologised with her smile turning into a pout. “I’m not usually like this. I accidentally overslept. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. I just arrived a few minutes ago,” Woojin lied, not wanting her to feel bad.

“Oh, really? That’s good then,” y/n said with a relieved sigh and let out a little chuckle that made her smile reappear. “I would feel bad if I made you waited for so long.”

“Anyways, I already bought your favourite,”  Woojin changed the topic and gave y/n her chocolate cheese drink.

Y/n’s smile brightens even more as she saw the drink and happily took it from Woojin. “Thanks! I’ve been craving for it for days!”

As y/n drank her drink, a small foam of cheese formed on the top of her lips. 

“This is so good!”

Woojin couldn’t help by laugh at her because she looked adorable.

“What are you laughing at?” y/n asked Woojin in confusion.

Woojin pointed on the top of his lips, making y/n lick the cheese off her lips.

“Oh.” A giggle left her lips and drank the drink again. “Did you get one for yourself?” y/n asked after drinking.

“Yeah,” Woojin answered. “I already finished it.”

Again, lying. The boy didn’t even think of buying it for himself.

“Oh, you must have drunk it real fast,” y/n said with her smile still there.

“Yeah, the drink was so good, I drank it so fast,” Woojin lied while letting a chuckle leave his lips.

He didn’t want to buy the drink for himself because he was scared that he wouldn’t have enough money to pay for their meal later.

“Here, drink this then,” y/n offered her drink to Woojin.

“Oh, no, I bought it for you.”

“Park Woojin. Just drink it,” y/n commanded with a voice that imitated Darth Vader, which gave the two a good laugh.

“Okay.” Woojin gave in, using the same Darth Vader voice that y/n made earlier and nodded before taking the drink.

“You’re sure?” Woojin asked in his normal voice, making y/n nod eagerly. Woojin then drank the chocolate cheese drink and immediately his eyes widen by how delicious it tasted.

“Woah, that’s actually really good,” Woojin mumbled to himself.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing! Here, you should drink the rest,” Woojin said not wanting her to hear him. 

“A-alright, don’t have to get all worked up,” y/n said with a giggle. “Anyways, shall we get going?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

It’s amazing how her smile can make him all jelly inside…

“I can’t believe they ditched us.”

"Same.” Woojin took the ribbon that was on the floor and passed it to y/n who was about to climb the ladder to hang the decorations for their school’s prom night.


Woojin watched as y/n tied the ribbon with the balloons and stuck them on the walls, while he was setting up the tables for the food.

“At least it just the two of us,” y/n said trying to brighten up the mood. “I like it that I’m stuck with you rather than the others.”

“Same,” Woojin agreed with a smile.

His heart was beating so fast by her words.

The others were supposed to come and help as well, but they all had "excuses” so it was only the two of them.

“I hate them,” y/n joked as she stuck the last balloon and let out a faint laughter.

“Same,” Woojin agreed and laughed along.

“Oh, well, at least we finished most of it,” y/n said. “We only have the to do the sound check and we’re good.” y/n then stepped down from the tall ladder.

“Yeah, let’s set up the tables and we’ll just put the rest of the balloons-”

Woojin was interrupted by y/n’s screams as she slipped from the ladder because of the laces from her shoe.

Both of their hearts stopped for a few seconds, thinking that y/n was going to injure herself terribly, considering that the ladder was pretty tall.

But, Woojin immediately ran to y/n and managed to catch her, bridal style, just in time before her body could crash onto the floor.

Y/n’s eyes were closed shut when she thought that she had reached the floor, but, she smelt Woojin’s familiar scent.

“I got you,” Woojin whispered to her. “I got you. You’re safe.”

Y/n immediately felt tears falling down from her eyes due to the shock, giggles followed after.

“Oh, my god,” y/n softly spoke with giggles leaving her lips. “I-I thought I was going to die.”

“Why are you laughing?” Woojin asked who couldn’t help but laugh along.

“I-I don’t know, I just thought I was going to die and all, you know?”

“But, you didn’t,” Woojin assured her with a smile.

“It’s all thanks to you,” y/n said and smile brightly at him. “Thank you,” she said in a whispering tone.

Their faces were so close, Woojin wanted to kiss her. He almost did.

It’s amazing how being so close to her can make him all jelly inside…

“Thanks for saving my life again, Woojin,” y/n thanked him as they walked back home.

“Not a problem,” Woojin answered. “Glad I could be your superhero for a few minutes,” Woojin joked.

“I’ll treat you to some friend chicken, okay?”

“Whoa! Fried chicken? Alright!” Woojin snaggletooth showed.

Y/n’s heart was melted by his adorable smile.

There was a silent atmosphere between the two, but it wasn’t the awkward kind. It was calming kind.

Woojin was going to ask y/n something, but he was stopped by y/n phone ringing.

“Sorry, I have to pick this up,” y/n said before answering her phone. “Hello?”

Woojin’s lips were pressed together. He was going to ask her if she had a date for the school dance.

“Yeah, I’m on my way home with Woojin, now. Why?”

He wanted to dance with her. He wanted to be her date to the prom. He wanted to be hers.

“Oh! Really!? Alright! Thanks, mum!”

As y/n places her phone back into her bag, she apologised and explained.

“I’m sorry, my mum called.”

“It’s alright. Must be good news, huh?” Woojin asked with a chuckle.

“Yeah, my mum said that my dad’s present for me is here.”

“Woah, that’s great! Any idea what he got for you?”

“Not sure. It’s usually something cool. My dad’s low-key cooler than my mum. I hope it’s that huge fluffy bear that he took a picture of last week, though. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I just need to hug it.”

Woojin liked listening to y/n talk. The way she talked was so pure and adorable. The way her voice sounds like an angel.

“But, honestly, as long as it’s from him. I’m happy,” y/n ended with a smile, child-like smile.

“Then maybe I should get you a teddy bear for your birthday since you like teddy bears,” Woojin joked.

“Would you?” Y/n asked with a smirk.

“If you wanted to, I would,” Woojin answered.

“What about balloons? Purple balloons?”

“If you want, sure~”

“Awww, you’re the best Woojin!” Y/n said and gave him a light fist bump on his shoulder.

“I know. I’m the best,” Woojin bragged. “Do I at least get a hug?”

“A hug!? Of course!” y/n exclaimed and hugged him, allowing her head to hit his chest.

Woojin’s face turned red and his heart was beating fast. Y/n could hear it, and she couldn’t help but smile either. 

Woojin hugged her back and rested his cheeks on her head. 

It’s amazing how her hugs can make him all jelly…

“You didn’t ask her? YOU DIDN’T ASK HER!?”

Woojin was welcomed by an angry Daehwi.

“What?” Woojin asked in confusion.


“How do you know I didn’t ask-”

“She’s talking about it with the rest of the girls,” Daehwi interrupted him. “Yesterday was supposed to be your day to ask her. You had an entire day! The rest of us purposely didn’t go so you could spend time with her. And this is the result you gave us?” Daehwi scolded him. 

“I’ll ask her now, then,” Woojin said confidently and walked towards y/n’s table.

Y/n saw Woojin walking towards her and, immediately, she smiled at him. But, she didn’t get the chance to say anything because someone else walked past Woojin.



“Come with me.” The boy grabbed y/n’s hand and pulled her out of the classroom making everyone except for Woojin and Daehwi, squeal.

“Is he going to ask her to the school dance!?”

“Oh, my god! Y/n’s so lucky!” 

“Yah! Park Jihoon! Where are we going!?” y/n’s excited voice can be heard and giggles leaving her lips.

“I thought she was going with Woojin.”

“But I think Jihoon suits her more.”

Woojin immediately looked at Daehwi, who felt sympathetic for his best friend.

“I thought she was going with Woojin because we ditched the decorating thing for them to hang out and spend time together.”

“Woojin, didn’t you ask her to the dance?”

Woojin clenched his fist before leaving the classroom to follow y/n and Jihoon.

He stayed at a proper distance so it wouldn’t be obvious that he was following. Daehwi tagged along, of course.

“Woojin, I don’t think it’s a good idea-”

“I know what I’m doing,” Woojin interrupted Daehwi in an angry tone.

Daehwi couldn’t help but only sigh and followed the boy.

“We’re not supposed to be here, Jihoon,” y/n said with a giggle as they reached the school rooftop garden.

“Don’t worry, nobody comes here,” Jihoon assured her with a heart-warming smile.

Woojin and Daehwi hid behind the window that was beside the door they entered.

Woojin watched as y/n and Jihoon were talking and giggling. It reminded him of the time they were together yesterday.

“I don’t really know how to dance,” Woojin heard y/n said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you,” Jihoon assured her and took her hand and placed his other hand on her waist.

The two then began dancing and giggling. Woojin couldn’t quite hear what they were saying, but his eyes were starting to water.

“I could teach you too,” Woojin whispered.

All of the sudden, y/n almost slipped because of the laces of her shoe, but Jihoon managed to catch her. Just in time, before her head could reach the floor.

Suddenly, the Jihoon and y/n’s faces were so close, that they could almost just kiss each other.

Unlike Woojin, Jihoon did kiss y/n, making Woojin’s heartbreak in pieces and tears fall down his eyes.

A kiss from y/n was definitely better than a hug from y/n. 

He could have gotten the kiss.

Being y/n’s date to the dance was definitely better than spending an entire day with her. 

He could have brought her to the dance.

Instead of being jelly by y/n, he was jelly of Jihoon.

Woojin immediately ran away, leaving Daehwi to follow after him.

“Woojin!” Daehwi called out to him, but Woojin couldn’t hear anything.

He felt disappointed in himself. 

He felt like a failure. 

All his confidence disappeared. 

All his love gone.

“There has to be another way,” Daehwi informed him.

“There’s no other way,” Woojin answered in a monotoned voice. 

“There is another way,” Youngmin said without looking up from his plate.

“There is?” Daehwi asked, making him, Woojin and Donghyun look up at Youngmin.

“Yeah, no guarantee that it’ll work,” Youngmin answered and looked Woojin. “Do you want to try it?”

“Because I love you” a Theo Raeken Imagine -> CHAPTER ONE

Originally posted by puxlineel

Hi everbody, this is my first Story I ever post here. Normally I´m more the fanfiction Reader then the fanfiction Writer, but I had this Idea about Theo in my head and I want to share it with you.

I have to say, that english is not my first language, because I´m a german Girl :).

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Warnings: I don´t know maybe pain and a little Brother and Sister Fight

So and now let´s get started with Chapter One :).

Chapter TWO

Chapter THREE

Chapter FOUR 

Chapter FIVE

Chapter SIX (FINAL)

Your view:

When (y / n) arrived at the factory and saw what scenery she was offering, she could not believe what was happening there. She watched Theo fight for his life with the Dread Doctors, but Scott, Liam, Stiles, Kira and Malia were standing on the edge, watching the scene from a safe distance.

Because they knew that the doctors would not do them anything, because their goal was to kill Theo, cost it what it wanted. None of them wanted to help Theo, they did not see why they should save him after he nearly killed Scott, he should be punished for all his mistakes and die.

Theo´s view:

Theo was alone, he had killed all of his pack members. But at the moment he was fighting against the Dread Doctors, he was not even sure why he had done it.

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The Perfect Dress

Request: Ok so this request is based off of that scene in smhc where May helps peter get ready for homecoming. Basically my idea is like the avengers are out on a mission except for bucky. the reader and Peter are going to prom together but she forgot and its the day of so bucky steals one of Tony’s credit cards and takes her dress shopping and stuff and helps her get ready. Thanks your writing is amazing ily.            

Warnings: Maybe a couple of swear words.

WC: 627

A/N: So at one point I may have mention that Y/N was a Stark, but if you don’t like that, just disregard it, it’s not important to the story. And on an unrelated note, please keep sending in fic requests! I write for the Avengers and Stranger things, so please request!


Originally posted by aliyastan

How did you do it? How did you manage to completely forget about your date. To be fair, things had been quite hectic for you, considering the fact that an army of flying robots had started to take over the word or something.

You stared down at your phone ‘Can’t wait for tonight!’ it read.

“Well, shit.” You muttered to yourself as you looked in the mirror at your bed-head.

'Nat’ You thought. 'Nat could help’

And then you remembered the flying robots.

The only person who stayed home from the mission was Bucky. Bucky, you were very close with, but how in the world was he supposed to help you? Unless his metal arm was really good at doing makeup or something…

You bit your lip and opened your bedroom door. You at least needed someone to drive you to the store.

“Hey, Bucky?” You asked, sitting down next to him on the couch.

He smiled, “What’s up doll?”

“Well. I completely forgot, but tonight’s prom. And I have a date,”
Bucky smiled, his little girl was growing up.

“I… I don’t have anything to wear… Can you drive me to the store?” You asked him.

Bucky looked troubled for a moment. He didn’t like going out very much, people always stared at him. But he’d do anything for you, you were the like daughter he never had.

“Sure.” He nodded and pierced his lips.

You bounced up out of your seat, “Thanks! You’re saving my life.”
He shook his head and smiled at your excitement.

You went and got dressed for the day, you were feeling quite happy until you realized a snag in your plan.

You didn’t have any money.

Bucky probably had money… right? But fancy dressed were expensive and you didn’t want to make him pay for it.

You walked back into the kitchen area with a disappointed frown,

“Hey, I just realized, I don’t…” You trailed off when Bucky held a finger up.
You watched him curiously as he opened up the drawer to his left, and pulled out… A credit card?

“It’s Tony’s. Don’t tell him.” He said with raised eyebrows.

You snickered, your father had so much money that you could spend a couple thousand and he wouldn’t even notice.

“Ready?” He asked, handing you your coat.
You grinned and nodded, pulling out your phone and replying to Peter’s text.
'Me neither!’


It was an amazing day. Definitely one that you’d remember for a long time.
Surprisingly, Bucky had really good fashion sense and you liked almost everything he picked out for you.

“Okay,” You smiled, pulling out a long blue dress from the rack next to you. “One more.” You grinned. You had been saying 'One more’ for the past hour. But Bucky didn’t mind, he hardly ever saw you very happy anymore with everything that had been going on in your life, and he was enjoying watching you have so much fun.

The dress was a hassle to get zipped up, but as soon as you did, you fell in love with it. It had just the right amount of sparkle on it without it being to glamorous. The mesh jeweled top went around your neck and made you appear very slim. And the bottom flared out beautifully.

You smiled at yourself in the mirror.

You had found the perfect dress.

When you came out of the dressing room, Bucky nearly cried. You looked so grown up he could barely handle it.

“It’s perfect!” He complemented you sincerely.

“I know!” You laughed.

After you picked out your dress, Bucky helped you find shoes to go with it. Let’s just say, picking out shoes isn’t his strong suit.

But over all, it was a pretty awesome day.

So, If I made a short part two about the reader going to prom with Pete afterwards, would you read it? Let me know!



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You Helped Me, I Help You (13 Reasons Why Jeff Prom Series Part Two)

This is part two of the Jeff Prom Series. You can read part one here.

Description: Word gets out that you and Jeff are going to prom as you two work to get another lucky couple to the dance. :)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the positive response to “I Will” and to the rest of my imagines. I hope this one is to your liking as well. Please let me know what you think! I love feedback! I want to make sure that they are not only fun for me to write, but for y’all to read as well. My ask box is always open for requests, even if it’s just a blurb!

“(Y/N)! I saw your post! I told you he wanted to go with you!” Sheri screamed at you the next day at school. “You guys are so cute, it’s ridiculous.”

“He’s a sweetheart,” you smiled to yourself. At that moment, you saw Clay walking down the hallway. “Clay!”

“(Y/N)! How are you?”

“I’m good, thanks to you.”

“What?” he asked.

“Thanks for helping Jeff right that note. I really needed it.”

“He really wrote it. You need to know that. I just helped him with the grammar.”

“Well, it really meant a lot to me, so thank you,” you smiled. “Are you going?”

“Probably not. You know me.”

“What does she know?” Jeff asks from behind you guys. He hugged your waist from behind and kissed your cheek.

“We need to get our little Clay here to ask Hannah to prom.”

“Clay, we talked about this,” he laughed. “You’re asking her. You helped me; I help you.”

“Jeff…(Y/N)…You guys are really nice, but dances…they just aren’t my thing.”

“I can tell Hannah wants to go, but only with you,” you whispered as Hannah approached your group.

“Hey, Helmet,” she smiled. “(Y/N), can I talk to you?”

“Of course,” you said. You turned and kissed Jeff’s cheek before walking away to Hannah’s locker.

“How are your prom plans?” she smiled.

“Good…are you going?” you asked a little too quickly.

“If someone asks me.”

“Is someone a certain someone?” you laughed.

“That’s personal information, (Y/N),” she laughed back.

“I think a certain someone might ask you. Just be patient. He’s scared,” you smiled before walking to your first class.

You saw an open seat next to Jeff in Communications Class and approached him. “Can I sit with you?”

“You know you don’t have to ask, (Y/N),” he laughed.

“I know. I just don’t want to be that girlfriend, you know? If you want to sit with your friends you should.”

“It’s okay if you’re that girlfriend,” he smiled. “Do you wanna go to Rosie’s with me later? I got a coupon for a milkshake, and I don’t want to go alone. It’s okay if you-”

“I like that you still get nervous when you ask me out,” you smiled.

“I like you,” he smiled.

“I love you,” you rushed out for the first time. He looked at you with so much admiration in his eyes.

“I love you so much,” he said back for the first time.

“I love you so much, Bryce!” Montgomery yelled as he sat at the group of desks adjacent to us.

“Oh, Montgomery!” Bryce yelled back.

“Screw you guys,” Alex said as he sat in front of you. “Why do you have to ruin everything. Let them be in love.” He rolled his eyes and looked back you. “Nice promposal,” he nodded.

“Thanks,” Jeff smiled.

“Alright class, let’s begin!” You couldn’t focus on whatever it was the lesson was about because you were so giddy with joy at what just happened. Saying I love you is scary, and being in love is scary, but right now, everything felt the way it should be, absolutely right in every possible way.

The Start of Something New Chapter 5 (Jughead x Reader)

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

In which important questions are asked.

After the Incident had blown over, it was almost like life actually was perfect.

(Y/N) slipped into the group seamlessly. Much to Jughead’s frustration, she had reverted to her quiet, yet polite self, too shy to open up to the others. He missed hearing her laugh, seeing her reactions, and knowing her thoughts. He found himself Feng Shui-ing everyone’s schedules so that there were times when the two had to be alone without them.

(Y/N) began helping out with the Blue and Gold, and made an excellent extra helper in the search for clues. This week, their focus was figuring out who in the town was embezzling money from the Riverdale School District, causing things in the school that the kids cherished dearly to be cut from the budget.

“The numbers just don’t add up,“ (Y/N) remarked after pulling up previous records of the budget that she had swiped from the office. “How can we have extra money for a new gymnasium one year and not enough money for chemistry class the next?“

“Could just be the economy,“ Kevin noted.

“Or it could just be Coach Clayton’s new sports car,“ she replied, pointedly looking at the shining case of football trophies in the hallway. “No one in Riverdale is that rich, not after the Blossoms.“

Archie and Veronica went to interrogate Chuck while (Y/N) went to her AP chemistry class. This left Jughead and Betty continuing research in the Blue and Gold office, alone for the first time since they’ve broken up.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think that Blaine has depression?

Because he does…it was confirmed in Season 6…also his entire characterization has screamed Depressed since season 2. 

He has quite the self destructive personality. The first thing we find out about him is that he “ran”. And its like sweetie it’s not running to get away from the people who hurt you like that. That’s just getting yourself out of a bad situation.

He spent until the day he started a relationship with Kurt, putting on an act like he was self confident. But that mask came down very fast once they were dating. He always looks to Kurt for how he he was doing, really relies on him. In Prom Queen…Blaine without Kurt NEVER would have walked up to someone and asked them to dance in front of everyone. Also he did things like talk to Burt about having the talk with Kurt, because he didn’t get that from his own family. 

When Cooper came around, you could really tell all the tension there. He didn’t even go to Six Flaggs with everyone else. His father left at some point. (Probably around Tested) So he’s got maybe his mother and Kurt. And he got super clingy. Start eating his feelings.

The scandals thing, Blaine thought that’s what Kurt wanted. But once Kurt starts getting mad, Blaine’s just looks painfully confused, because he misread Kurt. And he ends up walking home alone and upset. God knows how far he walked.

The whole debacle in 4x04. That’s pure self destructiveness on Blaine’s part. He’d lost Kurt as far as his mind was concerned. He made an awful choice because at least someone was paying attention to him. And after it happened he confessed it to Kurt and then spent over a month not gelling on weekends etc. He even said Kurt was his anchor. 

Also I’ve got to say, ending up with Karofsky of all people in Season 6? Especially with how not couply they were. It really seems like he was just with him because he got how depression fucks with you. 

God, I could name so many other things… The way Blaine looked when they were in the circle after they found out about Karofsky… the fact that he sang Cough Syrup in the same episode and we never really did find out exactly why he was singing it. I mean obviously Kurt knew but.

His crush on Sam? Fairly certain that evolved because he was being nice to Blaine, and Blaine was pretty much using him as a crutch to keep himself above depression sea. Once he was back with Kurt, that crush vanished into thin air.

His little puppet world in puppet master, telling him how people loved him. He’s got Kurt this time, but everyone was being mean to him. Blaine is the biggest freaking people pleaser…he freaking gave someone $50 to get into their good graces. 

Blaine honestly wants to be loved so much. But just hearing it once, that’s not enough. He needs to be reassured that he’s still loved.

Cooper left him and it took years before that was patched up. His father left at some point. And that never sounded like a good relationship. His mom signed his freaking guest book that she hopes he never leaves her… which I love Pam. But that’s a little…weird. 

His friends at Dalton basically turned their back on him when he transferred to McKinley and Sebastian took over. I mean he gets a rock salt slushie to the face and the warblers don’t even know till Santana tells them! Then they try to get him to transfer the next year, and its clear they only want him for his voice. But Blaine’s all ready to up and transfer because he didn’t really have any support in New Directions.

He FAILED out of NYADA. Like that’s huge! Blaine is talented af. Clearly something terrible happened there. And we see him crying in his bed and trying to do music. He lost all his joy. I doubt laying in his bed like that is just a one time thing

B99 Prom AU

Imagine an AU where Jake and Gina met Amy and Rosa while prom dress shopping.

• Gina was planning on winning prom queen so she needed to wear the most extra dress possible. Screw being the Belle of the ball, she was gonna be the BEAST! She brought her best friend Jake to help her pick out a dress. He knows her well, so he knows her taste in dresses.

• Amy was on the prom planning comittee. She planned the whole entire thing. Took care of the snacks, entertainment, decoration, etc. All that was left was to pick out her dress, so she brought her friend Rosa along. Rosa hated prom. She thought prom was stupid and a waste of time. Rosa was planning to help her friend Amy pick out her dress and not even show up to prom.

• Jake was rummaging through the dress rack when he found a blue and green sequined dress that he thought Gina would love. As he reaches to grab the dress, another hand shoots for it at the exact same time. Jake looks at this hand and turns to the owner of this arm. It’s Amy. “Hey, I know you aren’t you the class president? You’re like in every single club at school! You’re all over the yearbook!”

• Amy looks at him, not bothered by the fact that his hand is still resting on top of her’s. “Yeah, I’m Amy. I know you’re Jake. Principal Holt complains about you all the time. I always see you in his office.”

• Jake smirks, “Yeah, we spend a lot of time in his office. I’m kinda his favorite student.” Amy scoffs at this absurd statement. “Principal Holt doesn’t like delinquents who get detention every single day. He likes straight-A students that are on the honor roll, like me!”

• At this point, Jake removes his hand from Amy’s. “Oh yeah, if he likes you so much, then why doesn’t he threaten to send you to summer school like me? He likes me so much that he can’t stand to be apart from me over vacation!” Amy rolls her eyes at Jake’s absurd reasoning and starts to remove the dress from the rack. Jake stops her. “Whoa, what are you doing? I saw the dress first. It’s mine. It’s for my friend, Gina. Everybody in school follows her on Instagram. If you take this dress away from her, she will destroy you,” he threatens.

• Amy scoffs and rolls her eyes. “Oh yeah, well my best friend is Rosa Diaz, and if you take this dress away from me, she will kick your ass!” Now Jake rolled his eyes. Amy was bluffing. Rosa Diaz is the scariest person at school. No way that someone like her is friends with a goody-two-shoes like Amy Santiago. Jake is about to yank the dress out of her hands when Rosa walks up to Amy. “This guy giving you a problem?” Rosa asked as she glared at Jake. Jake gasped and immediately let go of the dress.

• Amy gave Jake a smug smile at her victory. Jake scoffed. “Oh yeah well…I didn’t even want that ugly dress! That dress makes you look like a mermaid!” Amy smirked as Jake sighed in defeat. Gina walked up to the three of them. “Jake, did you find my dress? I want to look like Rihanna at the Met Gala!” Jake hung his head. “I was going to give you that mermaid dress but Amy stole it from me.” Gina looked at Amy’s dress. “Thank goodness she stole it, that dress is fugly! I thought you knew me better than that, Jake!”

• Rosa looked at Gina. “Are you looking for your prom dress?” Gina replied, “I’m not looking for a prom dress. I am looking for THE prom dress.” Rosa suggested, “Maybe I can help. I’ll help you find a dress if you help me find one, too.” Amy was confused. She asked Rosa, “I thought you said you weren’t planning on going to prom?” Rosa shot Amy a hard look. Amy knew to shut up. Gina thought that was a great idea. She grabbed Rosa by the arm and they headed towards a new rack of dresses.

• Amy goes into the fitting room to try on her mermaid dress. She scurries out of the dressing room and knocks into Jake. “Sorry, I tried to get out of there fast. I could hear Rosa and Gina hooking up in the stall next to me.” Jake didn’t hear a single word she said. His jaw dropped. He gazed over her. He realized he was staring, and was probably coming off as creepy. He stumbled on his words. “N-no it’s f-fine…you l-look…good…”

• Amy blushed. “I thought you said this dress makes me look like a mermaid.” Jake replied, “Yeah, well, who doesn’t like mermaids? Mermaids are beautiful! You are…b-beautiful.” Amy blushed even more at his compliment, yet still oblivious to the heart eyes that this smitten boy was making.

• Jake cleared his throat and took a deep breath. It took all the courage in him to ask her this. “Amy…d-do you…by any chance…have a date t-to prom?” Amy smiled, “Yup, I do! His name is Teddy, he’s captain of the football team! Jake stared at his feet, feeling like such an idiot. He thought to himself, “How stupid was I, to think that somebody as beautiful as Amy would actually give someone like me a chance?” He managed to muster out, “Oh…I hope you and Teddy have fun.” Amy smiled. “I hope to see you at prom night! We better dance!” she told him as she ran off to get Rosa and Gina back on task.

• Prom night came and everybody was dressed on point! Gina wore a Victorian-style purple gown, and by her side was Rosa Diaz, in a sleek black dress! Gina obviously won prom queen by a landslide. Prom king was, to everyone’s surprise, Rosa Diaz! “I guess proms aren’t so stupid after all” Rosa considered as she was handed her crown and looked at her queen, Gina Linetti, in her tiara.

• Jake was dressed in his best tuxedo. He scoured the crowd for Amy and noticed Amy sitting by herself by a table, looking upset. Jake hurried over to her. “Amy, what happened? Prom is a success! You did an amazing job putting this together!” Amy smiled as she turned her head away, not wanting anyone to see the tears welling in her eyes. “My date never showed up.”

• Jake was astonished. “That’s impossible! How could anyone do such a thing!” He sat next to Amy. “Amy, you are smart, and beautiful, and amazing! Any guy would be lucky to have you! Teddy’s an idiot for doing this. He has no idea what he lost.” Amy smiled and looked up at Jake. Jake extended his hand. “I believe I owe you a dance? You spent so much time putting this event together. You deserve to enjoy yourself.”

• Amy placed her hand in Jake’s as he led her onto the dance floor. They danced to DJ Terry’s mix tape with Gina and Rosa. Then a slow song came on. Amy wrapped her arms around Jake as he placed his arms around her waist. They swayed to the music, looking into each other’s eyes. “Thank you,” was all Amy could say. Jake responded by placing his lips onto hers. Amy kissed him back. They pulled apart and placed their foreheads together. “This was the best night ever,” Amy smiled as she leaned her head against Jake’s. They danced the night away.