how to ask a girl to prom

Another cute way to ask a girl to prom! Since prom season is usually quickly after Easter, have an Easter egg hunt! But instead this is for prom! This is a clever way because you can do this during or around Easter and the person you’re asking would not suspect a thing. So, there are different ways you can do this:

1. Write “Will you go to prom with me?” or something along those lines on the person’s car, front yard, on a white board, with chalk on the sidewalk, etc. Then, put candy or whatever you’d like in the eggs and lay it out so that it would lead from the starting point to the destination. Remember to give the person a basket! And be sure to have the starting point far from the destination. Once the person picks all the eggs they’ll see what you asked!

2. Put candy into the eggs but put a little piece of paper that spells out “Will you go to prom with me?” or something a long those lines in it. I suggest separating the words into different eggs. Have a scattered egg hunt and the person will open them and have to decipher the sentence!

I’m sure there are more ideas you can go with the Easter egg hunt but here are two that I suggest! :]


Best way to ask a girl to prom ever (by brochesis)

this is how i wanna get asked to prom 


Theater project! :D Although I ended up doing the project all by myself…. 


So this is how my boyfriend asked me to prom!!

I said yes!

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CAN I B TRASH AND REQUEST ? I'm haven't even caught up on all of your writing but just had this idea and it didn't feel like my kind of thing.... anyways *chanting* prom prom prom prom ... and to be more specific, Audrey and Noah are going together as friends and so you go alone (not having guts to ask Audrey) until Audrey asks you to dance and realizes she should have gone with you or something. ah I'm tired but I was thinking bout my prom and how I should have asked this girl to dance #regret


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How do I get a boyfriend please I need help and you're like my mom and I'm more comfortable asking stuff like this to you than my real mom

Oh my god let me tell you how I ended up with the best boyfriend I never thought I’d have… because what a fuckin trip.
I met him at a prom after party in junior year where he was hooking up with a girl I don’t like and I was getting belligerently drunk and just generally being an idiot. Fast forward to my senior year, I have this friend in the grade below me who I always see around school with the guy from the prom after party. And I’m always annoying my friend because hey, that was my job as an upperclassman. And since this guy was always with my friend, I decided I’d try to annoy him too, only I wasn’t sure what his name was so I decided to name him Shawn (spoiler: his name is not Shawn). In February, my friend got so irritated with my annoying ass that he gave me “Shawn”’s phone number and told me to go piss him off instead. So I text him and he keeps texting me back. And tells me to add him on snapchat. And asks me on a date a week later. Which just happened to be Valentine’s Day. And then for a couple months we were just kinda hooking up because he didn’t want a relationship, but I guess after a while he changed his mind because we are definitely in a relationship now and so in love that it’s highkey disgusting. It didn’t start off perfect but no one has ever treated me better.

So the moral of this story is basically that the best way to find a boyfriend is to accidentally start dating some random kid you decided to try to piss off for shits and giggles.

For real, you never end up dating the people you’d expect to. Shit just comes out of nowhere

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Sidenote ask for anyone reading this though - don't you think that if Namjoon had a little girl he'd give his life for her and cry when he'd see her in a new dress or smiling or on her first day of school, maybe prom hmm - I just imagine how much love he'd have for his children and how whipped he'd be for his princess - ANYONE WITH ME ON THIS ONE????? ok rant over no more asks

Yeah. Wow. Need to lie down now..heh..


I can’t remember if this was answered when Spencer was in the dollhouse Charlotte if her story is true put blood on her. BTW how come the girls never asked her why she had their appearances altered to the labor day? Ali disappeared or the prom theme. But back to Spencer a popular theory is uber a is doing all this bc the girls killed someone on the pilot episode they just don’t remember. Maybe this was foreshadowing?
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black nail polish, plants, and space (:

black nail polish: do you have a bucket list? if so, what are the top three things?

i actually have a bucket list its kinda incomplete and not udated and its on my blog if you go to but 2 things I need to add to it are 1. travel out of the country, 2. go parasailing, asked to prom from a boy or girl this year :)

plants: pick a person to stargaze with you and explain why you picked them

I’d love to go stargazing with some of my awesome tumblr mutuals like you (ashley, also people like Nika @earthisti and Shanell @impressingcoolkids because I honestly love getting on tumblr and seeing your posts, getting messages, reblogging your selfies, etc. It makes my day!)

space: do you have a desk/workplace and how is it organised/not organised?

it is so not organised my TV sits on my desk and all my papers and makeup and tins with pens and pencils are on it. mostly just a huge mess of things I need to use to work on school stuff or art and I just work on my bed haha!

thanks for sending these, ily! <3