how to apply foundation

For a natural looking, flawless base start by massaging your foundation into the skin using your fingertips and then use a brush to “pat” more product over areas where more coverage is needed.

In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to apply foundation. 

Liquid/Powder/Gel/Cream you name it girl you know I got you.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot look flawless and natural. So you can’t have both so if you want to look natural you will have to sacrifice some coverage. 


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Makeup Basics: How to apply Foundation, Concealer and Powder

Tutorial by:  Makeup magic with Nuz
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I swear I started uploading this video at a decent time, but then my laptop died and I had to start it over again. //tears

This is a somewhat longer video, but if you have any questions about foundation or simply want to see how someone else applies theirs, check it out.

Next week will be a crash course on brushes and other makeup tools, so stay tuned!

jgosnobbx-deactivated20151213  asked:

Hi, I've been having a problem when I apply my makeup it always seems to not set right and transfers to everything. I have oily skin and use Estée Lauder Double Wear, and I use Rimmel stay matte primer. I always set my foundation with translucent powder but even changing the products never seems to help :(

Hello! :)

It seems like you’re doing all the right steps and using all the right products so a few things could be going wrong. How you prep the skin, your skin care, how you apply foundation, etc. 

Are you applying a moisturizer and letting it sink in before hand? 

  • Moisturizer will help all your base products go on more smoothly and have something to stick to. Without a moisturizer it just sitting on your skin and can transfer more easily, think of moisturizer as the glue! For oily skin I suggest a gel moisturizer like Garnier’s new gel moisturizer and let this sink in for about 10 to 15 minutes before applying makeup. Letting your moisturizer sink in with let it sink into the skin and help your makeup last longer and look better.

Are you exfoliating your skin?

  • If your skin is blotchy with uneven patches your foundation is a lot less likely to stick to it. Exfoliating once to twice a week will give your skin a smooth canvas so your foundation will set better and look better!

Are you buffing in your foundation?

  • It’s best to use a flat top or dense foundation brush to really buff and blend the foundation into the skin. This process may take a bit of time but you really want to press and blend the foundation into the skin so it’s not just sitting on top of the skin. When it’s just sitting on top of the skin it’s a lot more likely to transfer and move around. Using your hands, a sponge or a traditional foundation brush doesn’t always buff and press the foundation into your skin like a more dense, flat top brush. 

Try pressing powder into your skin.

  • Instead of dusting translucent powder over your skin, press and push the powder into your skin. This sets the foundation and really presses the powder into the foundation instead of just over the skin. 

Let your products set before applying another.

  • Try to avoid applying all your products back to back. Let your primer set before apply foundation, let your foundation set and dry before apply powder. This lets your products set properly before applying to the next step. I’d say give each product about 2 to 3 minutes of setting time before moving on!

cremebunny  asked:

The makeup one, well im really dumb when it comes to makeup i have green grayish eyes what makeup colour should i be using, also for that clean finish on your face how do you apply foundation so that it looks natural and flawless. You should make tutorials tbhhhh

holy shit ur eyes sound hot dAMn

Taupes and warm browns would look lovely on you qt and they’re nice neutral shades that anyone can rock and are a good place to start if you’re just getting into eye-shadow.

Purples would look qt too but if you’re just getting into eye-shadow start off with browns bae.

Detailed tutorial on how to apply foundation on my makeup blog!


Everyday Makeup routine!

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When Bucky first told Wanda, she didn’t actually get a single word out of him. He’d sat down on the side of her bed, looked down, just telling her to look into his thoughts. Never once had Bucky said a thing as he’d been there, but with the way Wanda had patiently showed him how to apply foundation and concealer, then eyeliner and eye shadows, and so much more, he’d lit up visibly, a little of the sadness vanishing from his gaze.

With Sam it was a lot harder. He was happy to have him around, to know he had his support. He was happy to call him his boyfriend, but … He couldn’t tell him that. He couldn’t. Whenever they were out and something nice sprung into his eyes, he had to force himself to look away as to avoid Sam to notice. He stuffed the few skirts he’d bought for himself into the closet, the very back, where Sam wouldn’t look, and hid the makeup there as well.

Ever since he’d found back to some kind of normalcy, Bucky had questioned everything about himself, even his gender. And to find himself so comfortable in women’s clothes was so confusing, so wrong, but it felt so comforting, so right, like a warm hug from his mother.

That morning, he had forced himself to get up before Sam came back from his morning run, gathered every bit of makeup he had and hid it in one of the skirts. It was all rolled up to a ball, and he waited impatiently for the other to come home. He had to tell him.

Lottie looked stunning today in her most recent Instagram picture. Let’s learn how to recreate this look!

  • First apply foundation starting from the center of your face and blending it out. Make sure to use a foundation with a dewy finish.
  • Next, apply a luminescent powder or cream to the tops of your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead.
  • With an illuminating concealer, blend it under your eyes and lightly on top of the luminescent powder you already placed. Gently blend these products together with a beauty sponge or your fingers.
  • Set all of this with a pressed powder.
  • Then, take a powered bronzer and contour your face by applying it to the hollows of your cheeks, down the sides of your nose, and around the hairline of your forehead with special emphasis on your temples.
  • With a rose pink blush, swipe it over the apples of your cheeks and blend it backwards slightly following your cheekbone.
  • Now onto the eyes. Take a medium matte brown and blend that into your crease with windshield wiper motions
  • With a champagne color shadow, place that into the inner corner of your eye blending it to the middle of the lid.
  • Starting where you left off with the champagne color, take a taupe color and blend that to the end of your eye into the matte brown color from the crease.
  • Make a mixture of the taupe and brown place under your lash line to give kind of a smoky effect.
  • Lottie doesn’t wear a lot of eyeliner but, use a little bit of a black liner of your choice on the outer 1/3 of the top lid.
  • Curl your lashes.
  • Apply lengthening mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Use liberally.
  • Apply a volumizing mascara to your top lashes only.
  • Finally, use a light pink lip stick to put over your lips. To get her great pout, use a baby doll pink lip color over the light pink lip stick.

Let me know how this worked out for you! xx