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do u think that to have a flawless makeup look u have to buy non-drugstore products? or can u still look flawless with drugstore? I always thought u have to buy like MAC or NARS or whatever to look good...

not at all hell i use mostly drugstore stuff. makeup and skincare is just so advanced now that you dont have to try very hard to find good products tbh like i just splurge on high end makeup from time to time for fun but honestly drugstore makeup is just as good. lol i cant stand ppl who think theyre better bc they use only high end makeup 😒 it dont matter that u have some fancy nars or ysl foundation if you dont know how to apply it lmaoo

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The makeup one, well im really dumb when it comes to makeup i have green grayish eyes what makeup colour should i be using, also for that clean finish on your face how do you apply foundation so that it looks natural and flawless. You should make tutorials tbhhhh

holy shit ur eyes sound hot dAMn

Taupes and warm browns would look lovely on you qt and they’re nice neutral shades that anyone can rock and are a good place to start if you’re just getting into eye-shadow.

Purples would look qt too but if you’re just getting into eye-shadow start off with browns bae.

Detailed tutorial on how to apply foundation on my makeup blog!

How To Apply Foundation

1. For a natural look your foundation must match your skin tone.
Test foundations along your jawline. You will know the best color because it will disappear into your skin. 

2. Spread foundation on your hands and pat it on your face, then smooth out with a sponge making sure not to pull or stretch the skin. Be extra careful in the area around your eyes where the skin is super thin. Don’t forget to apply foundation on your eyelids and lips.

3. To make foundation last apply moisturizer first giving the foundation a base.
Dry skin will soak up the foundation if not given that base. For oily skin use an oil-free moisturizer and powder foundation.

4. On hot days foundation can be difficult to keep looking fresh.
Set your foundation in the morning using a loose powder and puff, then do regular touch ups throughout the day.

5. To cover imperfections apply foundation first and then go back and dot on a concealer that neutralizes red. For noticeable imperfections like very dark circles and birthmarks use a yellow concealer. Don’t use too much powder in problem areas because it will draw attention to it.

6. To avoid a foundation line around the jaw apply foundation as usual then use a little moisturizer in your hand and blend it down your neck.

7. For evening mix some shimmer powder with your powder and put it where you want to attract light such as the bridge of the nose, underneath the brow bone, the temples, cheekbone, chin and shoulders.

8. Always use a foundation with a sunscreen of at least 15 to prevent future sun damage.

9. Change your foundation shade if the color of your skin changes.

10. After you apply foundation go near a window to make sure it looks natural. Natural light is the ultimate test.

Makeup Tips I Can't Skip (and Neither Should You!)

1. After you have cleansed your face and applied the necessary moisturizers/SPF/primers, start with your eye area. Since my bat mitzvah I’ve been doing my foundation as my base for the eyes and the face in general. But when I was looking at Clinique makeup recently, the consultant started with my eyes to my ignorant horror: “Uh, I told you I’m just looking for foundation…why are you doing my eyes??“ She then went on to say that this process not only permits a crease-free surface (because there is no liquid foundation running into your natural oils), but also will combat raccoon eyes when you apply foundation. Who knew?!

2. Move on to the face products and use a foundation brush to apply your foundation. I have always used a sponge for complete coverage. The Clinique consultant taught me that using a sponge is not that effective for multiple reasons: it will ABSORB the makeup, and in the end, you will squeeze out more makeup and run out of it quicker. Using a foundation brush guarantees direct coverage and won’t absorb the makeup as much as a sponge.

3. Use Kendra Richard’s technique to apply bronzer and blush for killer dimension. First, you sweep bronzer lightly across your forehead, in a V shape from your cheeks to your temples, beneath your chin, and a “touch across the nose.” The final step is adding the blush on the apples of your cheeks to give off radiance.

4. Set your makeup with a translucent powder to get a matte look. The powder won’t add weird tints to your canvas; it will set you up for a shine-free day! More information can be found here!

5. This could be in the fourth or fifth step, but I chose fifth to make sure I have completed the face and eye makeup before actually spritzing this oil-free De-Slick’er. It won’t clog my pores or make my face oiler than it already is. It’s just another way to keep my makeup in place for a while.

6. Heat up your eyelash curler (a great tip from Michelle Phan, one of the first makeup vloggers I could trust!) for a huge curl! This will create a doe-eyed effect and form a great base for the next step (mascara!).

7. For voluminous, smudge-proof lashes, the best mascara I’ve ever used is Benefit’s They’re Real! As the name suggests, this mascara may get some unwanted attention for their faux appearance. To achieve your desired look, gaze upon something right below your chin level and apply the mascara as many times as you like.


What makeup tips would you rather not skip?

Keep checking the blog for tips on LIPS!

Beginner's Guide to Applying Foundation, Concealer & Powder

Beginner’s Guide to Applying Foundation, Concealer & Powder

This is my first in a four part series on how I apply my makeup. I can’t stress enough that I am not a professional, but I hope you get some help and encouragement from someone who isn’t a perfect makeup artist with a perfect, slim, smooth face.

This video is all about foundation, concealer, and powder. If you have any questions, please let me know! If you want to see where to get the products…

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In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to apply foundation. 

Liquid/Powder/Gel/Cream you name it girl you know I got you.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot look flawless and natural. So you can’t have both so if you want to look natural you will have to sacrifice some coverage. 


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If you’ve seen Tigi makeup in your go-to salon, but aren’t sure where to start, here’s a look at a few of my faves from this brand to help you get started.

Tigi Makeup Whipped Foundation

I have to admit that this very unique packaging really gives it a little something extra for me. I don’t kno…

Clean Slate: Simple Steps In Achieving A Flawless Base

Having a perfect, even base is the prime stage of any make up routine. Just like in painting, you gotta prep the canvas and let it set before layering colors and creating shadows and contours. You want your makeup to glide perfectly and still look like skin - not piled on.

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How to Apply Foundation Properly

  How to Apply Foundation Properly: Steps Before applying foundation, make sure to wash your hands and face with water. It is best to use makeup brushes or sponges for applying foundation.
It is important to tone your skin with a toner and wipe with a cotton.
With a soft cotton apply moisturiser to your face in order to get a more natural look as well as give protection to your face. Applying moisturiser is very much essential even for those with oily skins. This helps to improve your skin type and act as a protective layer. Wait for around 3-5 minutes. Moisturiser is known to blend your skin properly.


How to use a duo fiber brush


Applying Makeup

Makeup Application | A Beginner’s Tale This is a video showing me applying makeup and applying it badly. 

Nothing looks worse than thick, cakey, foundation! Learn how to apply foundation and get a flawless, picture-perfect finish every time!

Get the Best Match
The number one rule in applying foundation is to get the shade that matches your skin color as much possible. You may have to test out a few…

                                         How To Apply Foundation

How to apply foundation is something every girl should know. Here is a quick makeup course to applying foundation properly these are some tips I learn from along the way.

Before you apply foundation prepare your face by washing your face first. Once your skin all clean from any dirt and oils apply a moisturizer (find the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type). Wait a couple of minutes before applying your foundation. Remember to apply sun lotion  or use a moisturizer with SPF to skip this step.

One of the most important steps is to have the right foundation for your skin type and color tone.  Now to the applying process you can use a brush, a sponge or your fingers. If using a sponge a damp sponge gives you light coverage and for more coverage use a dry sponge. Apply 5 dots one to your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin and then blend into your skin. 

Blending is extremely important, you don’t want any lines show along your hairline, neck, under your jaw or cheeks. Double check that no lines are showing. Remember that foundation is only to help even out skin tone not to cover up any dark spots and circles that’s what concealer is for. I find putting concealer after foundation works better for me.

The last step is to apply a setting powder to set your foundation, this is important especially if you have oily skin.

 Applying foundation correctly helps your makeup look so much better you can get away with just some mascara, lips gloss and a little blush. Hope this help you beauties. For those of you that are new to our blog check out our article on How to choose the right foundation

Prep & Prime Your Face For Flawless Foundation

Prep & Prime Your Face For Flawless Foundation

Foundation application is the key to the entire makeup. If the canvas on which you are going to work on is smooth and supple, it is easier to work on it. Most women always have the query of foundation looking patchy, dry, flaky and gray – the reason is the same. When the skin is not prepped prior to the application, the application goes wrong and not smooth and flawless.  One should not…

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Things to Take Care About While Applying Foundation

Things to Take Care About While Applying Foundation

Makeupforces you to look wonderful and interesting. But, if a person don’t learn how to use that properly, it’s rather a disaster. Foundation is the sort of makeup product that should be used the right way. The appropriate foundation will assist you to even out your skin layer and supply the appearance of a smooth, faultless complexion. Even so, learning to use it correctly is equally…

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Adventures in Applying Foundation

The way you apply foundation can change a lot about the way it looks and sets. I used to use the cheapo version of the BeautyBlender to apply my foundation– back when I mostly used BB cream, because it was thick enough. For my Marc Jacobs foundation, which is extremely liquidy, I used my RealTechniques buffer brush– literally my favourite brush that I own, and one that I would recommend for application in a heartbeat.

I’d been using the EcoTools buffing brush before getting this one in a pack, but it’s not nearly as good. RealTechniques is a lot denser and softer, and it’s also rounded, which I think makes for a better, smoother application.

But now you guys know that I’ve been using Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation– which initially I was bleh about, but I actually like it quite a bit now that I’ve started using it more often.

I used to apply this with the buffing brush too, until I realized that I was wasting product. 

So now I just apply it with my hands. And I freakin’ love it.

Here’s this girl because I’ve been sick and haven’t worn any makeup except mascara in like, a week.

I LOOOOVE it. I wish I never stopped applying foundation with my fingers. When I was a makeup n00b (well, more so than now, ‘cause we’re all learning!!), I used to only use my hands to apply my $7 drugstore foundation, and even though I had terrible acne, it still applied smoothly. I mean, at least I think it did. Those days of using products bad and unmatching to my skin/skin tone are (hopefully) long behind me, and I’ve kind of blocked them out of my memory. But whatever. Let’s pretend it looked okay. Ish.

ANYWAY, now I mostly use my hands to apply everything except concealer. I use NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (although I’m running out and debating my options), and I love it because I get to easily apply it with a wand. Then I use a small brush for blending it around the sides so it’s not such a harsh colour difference, and apply my foundation on top. Well, I obviously put primer before all that– which I also apply with my fingers.

I once went to the NARS counter at Hudson’s Bay, which, for all you non-Canadians, is basically Canadian Macy’s or Saks or something. ANYWAY, lots of ~fancy makeup companies have counters there, with poor sales associates schlepping their brand at you whenever you pass by. Although, they’re pretty judgy, too: In the winter, I look really bulky and unfancy with my Big Coat and my Backpack and Boots, and I can just see the associates looking at me with disdain. Yeah? Well screw you, jerk. Charge this $65 Chanel cream to DEBIT. THAT’S RIGHT. DEBIT. I HAVE THE CA$H.

OK ANYWAY, the guy who worked there told me that since NARS is a runway brand, that when they’re doing makeovers or putting makeup on their models or even randoms, that artists always use their hands. That’s what got me thinking: Maybe I should start using mine.

So a couple of weeks ago, I ditched my trusty buffer brush and started using my hands and fingers to massage foundation onto my face, and I think it’s been going great. I need full coverage, and using my hands kind of gives me that freedom of going wherever I need to on my face and adjusting product where more is needed and all that. Getting into the small parts.

I still use my buffer brush to finish a bit, but I think I’m gonna stick with my hands. It seems to use less product, too!

Anyway, that’s my story for today.


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how do you apply your foundation?

I answered this question over year ago, so I will answer it again because some of my routine has changed. Although the majority of it will be the same. I hope this helps!

- You must prep your skin before foundation. I use Paula’s Choice CLEAR Acne Treatment System to clean my skin, and then I use Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Ultra-Sheer Daily Defense with SPF 30 & Antioxidants as my moisturizer and sunscreen. (This helps with the oil because it’s matte.) 
Paula’s website - (She is wonderful! Look through her entire website. She lists out every ingredient in cosmetic products and explains what they do to your skin.)

- I use Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup with SPF 20 in the shade Vanilla for my foundation. I place dots of the product on my cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, neck, and on my brow bones. Then I use a brush similar to the Real Techniques Stippling Brush to smooth the foundation over my entire face (my brush is generic and a bit more dense). Make sure this first layer is not too thick. It’s alright if it doesn’t cover everything. This foundation gives medium coverage, but is very buildable.

- I don’t use a concealer. Instead I use my same foundation to build on the spots that need more coverage. For concealing, I use another generic brush similar to the MAC 209 Eye Liner Brush. I pick up a very small bit of the product on the brush and work it onto the areas that need it.

- Technique is very important when concealing a blemish. If the blemish is raised, you want to lighten the bottom side of the bump to reduce the shadow it creates on the skin. Do NOT lighten the top of a raised blemish! This only makes it more noticeable. Same with scars. If the scar creates a divot in the skin, place the concealer where the shadow falls in the scar. For redness, just place the concealer on the discolored areas of the skin (that one is the easiest to cover).

- Once I am done with my concealing, I set the concealed spots with Clinique Blended Face Powder in 08 and my MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush. When those spots are set, I powder the rest of my face using the same powder and my MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush. The powder will also help control your oily skin and make your foundation last.