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niggas got a lot of nerve talking bout girls’ appearance.. like ur UGLY and u talking bout how u want somebody else to look….lmfao get urself together first crusty

Haise went to :re at some point in the manga by himself and Touka ask him if he’s a teacher and he said he was a ghoul investigator. I wonder how the conversation goes on or did Touka just walk away and leave him be? Did he come again to :re after that? Did Haise know her name? Did he called her Touka-chan or Kirishima-san? Did he ever come back just to talk to her?  I want to know what happened behind the scene! Ishida-senseeeeeeei! Why are you doing this to us!

Do It Again

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Request: Dean impressed as hell when reader dresses up for some demonic undercover work at club, both get flustered and Dean gets angsty when she flirts with “suspect” for info

Character: Dean x Reader

A/N: This is long overdue I’m so sorry!!! Hope you enjoy it!

There was no black and white when it came to how you felt about your appearance. Some days you felt ugly, those were the days when you wanted to do nothing more than hide in your room with messy hair, old sweatpants, and dirty skin. Other days you felt pretty good, those were the days where you were just itching to get out of the bunker, to wear your favorite clothes and just go do something. And though there were definitely days that were in between these two there was one thing you never really felt. Pretty.

Sure you never really felt ugly either, however you definitely weren’t sexy. The girls Dean went out with, they were sexy. They were the girls who could get away with wearing practically nothing and still felt confident. And that was most certainly not you.

So when you heard that you had to flirt with your main suspect for a case lets just say you were less than excited, much less.

This mean skin tight short dresses, of which you had none, your closet currently being full of old flannels and ripped jeans; makeup that actually looked good, an art you had yet to master; painted nails, your preferred style being chipped or blank; and high heels, devil traps designed to make you break your ankle.

So after quite possibly the worst trip to the mall you had ever had to experience, and a full two hours at the salon you were nearly ready. The woman at the salon had done your hair, nails, and makeup, which by the way was not cheap by any means, and all that was left was to put on your dress.

You slipped into it no problem and with some struggle managed to put the zipper up most of the way, your only problem being now that you couldn’t get it all the way to the top of your dress. You may have been purposely dressing slutty but you at least wanted the dress to be properly secured to your body.

You inspected yourself in the mirror for a brief moment, biting your lip in nervousness as you thought of any other way to get the zipper up. Sure it would have been easy to simply ask one of the boys for help but to be honest you didn’t want them to see you like this.

You felt ridiculous, like a little kid playing dress up.

This wasn’t you. You were t-shirts, ripped jeans, messy tied-up hair, and chipped nails, not whatever it was this was.

However you couldn’t see any way around it, the boys would have to see you in this anyway but had it been up to you you would have lengthened the time between now and that time infinitely.

You took a deep breath, smoothing out the dress before stepping out of your room.

Dean was sitting in the library just down the hall from your room, a beer already in his hand despite the fact that you were going to a bar.

You couldn’t help the pang of jealousy that ran through you as you saw him. He was wearing jeans and a flannel, the outfit you would have given anything to being wearing right now,

However, you didn’t get too long to dwell on this thought as Dean caught sight of you out of the corner of his eye. A faint blush dusted your cheeks as you saw his eyes widen slightly and the beer bottle nearly slip out of his grasp.

He didn’t say anything but simply allowed his eyes to roam over your body, studying your every feature. Though this didn’t feel uncomfortable as it did when the drunk guys would do it at bars but rather more intimate you still couldn’t help but pull nervously as the end of your dress willing it to stretch.

Yours and Dean’s “moment” however, was soon interrupted by Sam’s appearance in the room. “Wow Y/N you clean up well” He commented a small smile on his face.

“Thanks Sam” You squeaked pulling some hair behind your ear subconsciously. “I was wondering if one of you could help me, I can’t seem to get the zipper all the way up.”

Dean nodded quickly and was on his feet before Sam could even answer.

You smiled thankfully at him and turned around, pulling your hair over your shoulder in the process to allow him greater access to the zipper. One of his hands went immediately to the zipper to pull it up while the other rested softly on your hip.

You heard the noise of the zipper as Dean smoothly brought it up before reluctantly stepping back as you turned around to fact him again. “Thanks”

He nodded meekly before retreating back into the room as you awkwardly shuffled back to your own room to quickly pull on your heels. Once you got back, however, you found that both boys were missing from the library and the familiar purr of the Impala’s engine could be heard in a faint echo that bounced through the bunker.

You followed the noise to the garage to see both Winchesters already in the car. Sam saw you immediately and motioned for you to get in though Dean kept his eyes locked forward and a firm grip on the steering wheel, his knuckles pure white.

You slipped into the back seat of the car and Dean began backing immediately in silence, not even the sounds of classic rock filling it.


As soon as you had opened the door Dean was at the bar ordering a drink. You shot Sam a questioning glance though he simply shrugged and followed Dean back to some table in the back of the bar. You, in the meantime, looked around until you had spotted your mark.

Against any better judgment you hiked your dress up further and pulled the neckline down, doing your best to sway your hips as you walked.

You and the mark made eye contact before you had even made it to the bar. You strutted over and sat down on the stool next to him. “I hope you don’t mind but you looked lonely by yourself over here” You tried to seem confident, pulling your shoulders back and keeping your head held high.

“Not at all” He smirked, a hint of a British accent in his voice showing through as he talked. A bar napkin was placed in front of you and a martini soon followed it “I saw you walk in and figured you could use a drink. Hope you don’t mind” Unlike you confidence radiated off of this man as he smirked at you.

“Not at all” You smirked back and took a sip of your drink before making a show of crossing your legs.


Shot glasses littered the table as Dean downed yet another one, ignoring Sam’s worried glances that were shot his way.

Instead Dean kept his eyes glued to you as you sipped your second martini. The mark, on the other hand, was on his sixth drink by Dean’s count and was beginning to look a little worse for wear.

Dean slammed his glass a little more forcefully than necessary back onto the table as he saw the guys hand seize your thigh causing Sam to roll his eyes.

“You know this is just for the hunt right?” Sam asked him, clearly annoyed with his brother’s behavior.

“Of course I do” Dean grunted back, not taking his eyes off of you for one second.

“Then you know there is no need for you to be jealous”

This caught Dean’s attention as his eyes snapped back to his brother who was looking at him with a smug grin.

“I’m not jealous” Dean was quick to defend himself, leaning back and crossing his arms. “I just don’t like that she has to subject herself to this”

“This was your idea” Sam pointed out watching, to his amusement, as his brothers face fell.

It was true, at the time it had seemed like a good idea. It was the easiest and fastest way to get information out of the guy but now that Dean had to see you he was beginning to wonder what he had been thinking, this was clearly a terrible idea.

“You know you don’t have to watch this” Sam gestured back towards you with his head “I’ve got this covered you can just go back to the motel room”

Dean thought about it as his gaze went back to you as you listened intently to something the guy was saying. On the one hand he had no desire to see you flirt with some random guy at a bar, on the other hand he didn’t feel good leaving you alone with a person of interest. However you wouldn’t exactly be alone, Sam would be here to protect you.

He watched as, to his disappointment, the guy’s hand slid up much farther on your thigh than Dean would have liked. You laughed and covered his hand in yours before leaning forward and whispering something into the guy’s ear.

Dean threw another shot back before slamming the glass on the table and throwing his coat on, he definitely did not want to see this.

He stalked across the bar towards the door, doing his best to avoid looking at you. However, every thought flew out of the window as he saw the guy lean forward and plant his lips on yours. You put your hands on his chest and tried to push him back though he simply tightened his hold onto you.

Dean saw nothing but red as his hand curled into a fist and he stormed over to the guy, pulling him off of you and landing a hard punch on the guys nose in one swift move.

“What the hell man” The guy shrieked as he brought his hands up to his, no doubt broken, nose.

“You ever touch my girl like that again and I’ll make sure to break more than your nose” Dean threatened, his voice lower and gruffer than you had ever heard it as he grabbed your hand and all but pulled you out of the bar.

You were to dumbstruck to say anything as you allowed him to pull you out of the bar, Dean’s words sill echoing in your head “my girl”. Though as soon as the cold crisp air of the night hit you you were pulled from your thoughts.

You yanked your arm out of Dean’s grasp and crossed your arms glaring at him.

Dean spun around in surprise, the weight of his actions dawning on him for the first time. He opened his mouth, ready to say something, when you spoke first.

“What the hell was that Dean?” You demanded, an obvious edge in your voice.

“He was forcing himself onto you Y/N” Dean returned with the same edge in his voice, mad at himself for putting himself and you in this situation.

“And I was handling it Dean!” You all but shouted “He was spilling information you pulled me out too early!”

“But you got some information and that’s what matters!” Dean yelled back, beginning to turn around though stopped as he heard your voice again.

“But I could have had more! It was just a kiss Dean”

“An unwarranted and unwanted one”

You paused for a moment before speaking again, your voice much softer than before “Who’s to say I didn’t want it”

Dean felt his heart stop. You didn’t mean that, did you? “Come on Y/N” His voice almost sounded pleading “He was a suspect and you flirted with him for the job” He needed to believe that, to think that you didn’t actually enjoy flirting with someone from some random bar.

“And he was nice and he was the first guy to show any interest in me in quite some time” You didn’t want to say that, to admit your insecurities to Dean, to seem desperate for affection.

“I show interest in you” His voice sounded almost hurt as his shoulders hunched, the confident and angry Dean long forgotten.

“I mean on more than a plutonic level” You mumbled.

“So do I”

His answer caught you by surprise as you looked up at him with wide eyes to see that he wasn’t looking at you.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you for some time but I” He paused, taking a deep breath and breathing out a faint chuckle “I guess I was scared of rejection”

You were frozen on the spot. Dean Winchester, the man who can literally get any girl he wants, wants you, likes you.

“But since you’d rather kiss some guy in a bar I guess that means you wouldn’t want to kiss me” He turned on the spot, his eyes never leaving the ground, thereby snapping you out of your daze.

“Who’s to say I don’t want to kiss you”

Dean’s head perked up slightly as he heard you. He spun back around, his eyes wide in surprise.

“I guess I’m scared of rejection” You said with a faint smile on your face as you saw one grow on his as well.

“What if I could prove to you that there wouldn’t be any?”

“I’d say prove it” No sooner had the words left your lips when Dean had his arms around you, allowing his soft lips to touch yours. Soon you were moving together, the entire world fading away as you got caught up in the moment.

You pulled away breathlessly, grinning at Dean as he did the same.

“You still shouldn’t have punched the guy”

He winked at you “I’d gladly do it again”

Exo Reaction when you're their girlfriend and you have low self-esteem
Can you do a exo gif reaction when you’re their girlfriend or bestfriend and they find out that you have way low self esteem that disgusted by your own appearance? When someone calls you ugly, fat, etc how would they react?-tooexoticfoyoass  Xiumin: I’ve been through this before too. Let me tell you, the most important thing is to just ignore them, because trust me… You’re beautiful. 

Luhan: Forget about what everyone says… just let me love you

Kris: *to the person who called you ugly* What the hell did you just say to my girlfriend?

Suho: There’s always stupid people who say mean things to you to make themselves feel better. That always happens to me, but I always remember to just smile. Can you smile for me? 

Lay: *to the person who called you fat* Oh no you didn’t… 

Baekhyun: You’re perfect. You’re smart, funny, and beautiful. Just keep your head held high and ignore them.

Chen: Please… who are you to be talking about my best friend like that? She’s queen. 

Chanyeol: *lets you bury your face against his chest* I’m here for you. Always. You’re way better than what you think. Don’t let the lies get to your head. 

D.O: *to the person who insulted you* I will destroy you before you say another word. 

Tao: Here’s what you do. Gather all the hate you’ve been getting and just fling it off. Don’t waste your time on them. 

Kai: Wipe those tears away. Don’t let them get the satisfaction of seeing you cry. Your tears are too precious to waste for them. 

Sehun: *to the person who insulted you* I’m going to take you out and rip you to shreds if you say another word to my girlfriend. 

These gifs aren’t mine. 


tooexoticfoyoass  asked:

Can you do a exo gif reaction when you're their girlfriend or bestfriend and they find out that you have way low self esteem that disgusted by your own appearance? When someone calls you ugly, fat, etc how would they react?

Sure ^^~ 

Xiumin: you’re so beautiful and your body is perfect- please, don’t listen to what this person said.

 Luhan: Why the hell do you believe in this person but you won’t hear me when I say you’re perfect, huh?

Kris: Honey…I can’t believe you’re actually giving ears to this loser when you’re so perfect.

Suho: You’re beautiful and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Lay: I can’t believe anyone would dare tell you you’re ugly…*pure xing xing is shocked with the world’s evil*

Baekhyun: Just ignore them haters, honey~ they all wish they looked like you. *wink*

Chenchen: Gull pls, I bet they’re all jealous of your beauty

Chanyeol: Promise me you won’t care about what these losers say, okay?

D.O: Please tell me you’re not actually gonna give ears to what this piece of shit just said.

Tao: This person is so lame..ugh, like why would you waste your time trying to make others feel miserable? What an idiot. He must be really miserable to get out of his way just to hurt you.

Kai: *stares at you* You’re perfect and you don’t need to change anything. Please don’t give ears to this person.

Sehun: Please don’t tell me that you’re actually gonna believe in this bullshit…Like, please…you’re my girlfriend, so it’s only natural that you’re beautiful and perfect.

Hope you liked it ^-^~