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Random Strain turns Scepter 4 into magical girls ?

Oh oh just imagine Munakata’s transformation sequence, the sparkles. Fushimi would be totally embarrassed about the magical girl thing but maybe this Strain is sneaky and figured that it would defeat Scepter 4 by sealing their powers so he has no choice. Like Fushimi, Munakata, Awashima and the alphabet squad all get hit and suddenly none of them can use their powers at all and their swords have all turned into magic rods. Munakata innocently makes a comment about how his rod appears to be the largest, Fushimi has no comment. No one quite knows what to do except Enomoto, whose intimate knowledge of magical girl anime has finally come in handy. The only problem is he’s not really sure what the proper transformation phrase is so they’re all stuck for the time being. Meanwhile the Strain’s causing all kinds of havoc in the city and finally Doumyoji’s like, ‘well, these are our swords so maybe the transformation phrase is just like drawing them? Like I throw this in the air and shout, Doumyoji, battou–!’ And that’s when suddenly the air around him shimmers and he gets his own transformation sequence (naked, of course, certain parts hidden by strategic floating bubbles). Next thing you know there’s Doumyoji standing there in what’s basically a pastel Scepter 4 uniform covered in lace and ribbons. His magic rod has turned into a cool-looking sword with a unicorn on the hilt and he thinks it’s awesome. Munakata’s glasses shine as he’s like very well then, everyone, battou! Cue each member of the alphabet squad getting their own transformation sequence in order, all with varying different colors and sparkly backgrounds. Awashima goes next and she gets an extra fancy one with hearts everywhere. Her outfit involves a miniskirt covered in blue ribbons that is nonetheless less revealing than her normal clothes. She feels a bit self conscious about it but Munakata praises her elegance and style. Then of course Munakata must do his transformation and there are so many sparkles everywhere. He probably gets a little crown with his too and maybe a cape. Sparkles pour off the cape with his every move, Munakata is so pleased at the way it swishes.

So the only one left standing there in normal clothes in Fushimi who is like no fucking way. Munakata just looks at him expectantly and finally Fushimi’s just like ‘fuck my life. Fushimi battou.’ Fushimi’s transformation sequence is of course the most magical girl of them all with the longest naked sequences and lingering closeups. Also unlike the rest of the alphabet squad, Fushimi ends up in a pink floofy skirt like something out of Cardcaptor Sakura. Munakata is charmed by Fushimi’s adorableness, Fushimi is the angriest magical girl ever. He does feel slightly better later on when they go chasing after the strain and it turns out that Fushimi’s ribbons can turn into knives (think Mami in Madoka Magica but with knives instead of guns). Once the Strain is dealt with Fushimi is ready to undo his transformation but Munakata notes that the power has not worn off yet and they should remain in costume just in case anything else comes up. Two hours later a random member of the filing department comes into the office to get some paperwork from Special Forces to find everyone sitting at their desks working while dressed in elaborate fancy outfits. Fushimi’s sitting in the corner grumbling to himself while absently turning a ribbon into a knife and back again.  

Okay so with the recent developments of tg:re something has been seriously bothering me, The death of Ihei Hairu

Since she has only been a part of the story line for a very short amount of time, she struck many readers as a strong female character that had A LOT of potential. And that begs the question as to why she had to die so quickly. Now I’ve read a few analyses but I’m still not satisfied. After some thought I realized that Ihei shared a lot of similarities with Rize Kamishirou. This is intended to be a comparison in their character and how such similarities may potentially affect Sasaki Haise and the internalized identity of Kaneki Ken.

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