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how do you think alpha bucky would react to his mate being in heat? Reader x bucky please?

I’ve never written A/B/O before, sorry if I don’t do it any justice! Slightly smutty? More so just talk. xo

Bucky’s day had been long, he wanted nothing more than to climb into bed with Y/N and curl up with her all night. Steve had him training all day, learning how to function with the new prosthetic limb Tony had installed for him. Sweat was still clinging to his damp skin when he walked out of the elevator in the tower, his shirt suctioning to his chest.

Bucky wasn’t expecting it at first. Wasn’t expecting the permeating smell of a desperate omega in heat. Wasn’t expecting to be engulfed in the scent of an omega who only wanted an Alpha to ravish them. 

He had to pause his walk for a moment, his Alpha tendencies taking over as his eyes fluttered close and he took a long whiff from the air. His breath catches in his throat as he inhales the smell of the omega. An omega in heat. His omega in heat.

“Maybe I should have stepped in and helped her out while you were gone.” Nat smirks from her door, intentionally inhaling the same air that holds Bucky’s mate’s scent. “Man, what I could’ve done to her.” He growls at her, barring his teeth as he holds his gaze on her.

Nat shuts the door, taking one last teasing sniff before she shuts herself in her apartment. It takes Bucky all of two seconds to sprint the rest of the way down the hall, banging his shoulder into the door as he fumbled with the lock panel. 

God, if Bucky wasn’t so angry with Nat he would’ve realized the straining erection in his pants by now.

Once he manages to type the pin into the screen, the door opens easily under the weight of his metal hand. He takes a few steps in, trying to calm his breathing when he’s wrapped in the smell of his mate.

Honey crisp apples and autumn air – her smell was always intoxicating. 

Bucky remembers the first time he caught a whiff of her, hair pinned up, scent gland on display as she walked around Tony’s party without so much as looking at an alpha. She smelt like home, comforting and reassuring. He knew then that she was the one from the instant he smelt her.

“Babydoll?” Bucky calls throughout the apartment, sniffing the air to follow the distinct trail that would lead him to his girlfriend. He stops the sling his shirt into the laundry room before walking over to the closed bedroom door.

A small whimper catches his ear, the serum enhancing his already pristine Alpha senses. He clasps the knob in his hand, pushing it open with little effort.

“Shit, doll.” He groans, swallowing the lump in his throat to take in the sight in front of him. His girl, his mate, pleasuring herself with her bottom lip tucked neatly between her teeth. Her eyebrow are worried together, fingers working circles across her clit.

Her eyes open for a moment, no doubt smelling Bucky’s musky scent. “Buck,” She hiccups, gasping as she quickens her hand. “Please, help. Want your knot.” She purrs, rolling her hips.

“Patience, baby.” Bucky chides, kicking his shoes into the corner of the room. He’s always been one to tease his omega, despite how annoyed she got when he did. “Breathe, i’m gonna take care of you.”

Y/N whines, popping her bottom lip from her mouth. “Buck, no teasing. Not today, can’t – fuck – not now.” She’s whimpering, her heat completely overtaking her body.

“My pretty little omega. So, so gorgeous.” Bucky admires, walking over to the bed to lean over his girl. He places his metal hand next to her head, rubbing his flesh thumb over her jaw. “Gonna fuck you so good, tire you out.”

He swats her hand away from between her legs, slotting a sweatpants clad leg there instead. “Already so wet for me, baby. Should’a told me this morning that you were expecting your heat, would’ve stayed here with you today.” He murmurs.

“Was a bit earlier than I expected.” She huffs, dragging her lips across Bucky’s as she speaks. “Shocked you couldn’t smell it.”

Bucky nods, pressing his leg down into her. “Smelt something this morning, figured you were in pre-heat or somethin’. But I’m here now and we’re not leaving this bed until you get my knot, baby doll.”

Y/N nods eagerly up at him, hands winding around his broad shoulders to tug him down. Bucky grins, pressing his lips against hers to taste the sweetness of her chapstick. 

“Gonna take real good care of you, babydoll. My sweet little omega.”

Over Again

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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Request: “SEbastian Smythe X reader? Maybe where Blaine is your brother and when he throws the slushie you get mad and tell him the relationship is over and he argues it was meant for Kurt and u say it’s the same thing bc Kurt is family and Seb pleads for u to stay and she rejects him. Later after time being apart he tries to win her back and is successful (maybe this happens in college, they’re both studying to b lawyers and he gets a second chance bc he’s more mature now)hope I’m not a bother!❤️”

Word count: 2.512 (Oops, sorry.)

A/N: I’m sorry for the late post, but I hope you like it. It’s a little bit long, I know, but I didn’t know how to write the story line and I just went with the first thing that came in my mind. Thank you for requesting and you will never be a bother to me.

- G. x

People say that everything that has happened in the past remains in the past and we can’t do nothing to change it, but we know that we can always use the past as our point of reference to learn in the future.

But did they know that everything that we put in our heads stay there? Like we remember some things, don’t we? And usually we remember the things in the past that we want to forget and forget the things we want to remember.

These thoughts kept running through your mind as you studied for your Law and Government exams. You honestly couldn’t concentrate on your papers since the moment that you knew that Sebastian Smythe was studying in the same college you were attending. You both wanted to be lawyers, but you never thought that you could attend the same school one day, mostly after what he has done in high school.

Sebastian Smythe was your loving but snarky and annoying ex-boyfriend. You loved him so much and people knew how you both completed each other. He had many positive traits, such as his intelligence, his talent at singing and dancing, his capacity of treating girls right. Although, he was so competitive and he didn’t accept defeat. He was never the loser, so he always needed to play dirty.

You remembered how you met him and how he made you fall in love, even though you hated him at first.

“Hi, I am (Y/N) and I think that you are a douche bag.” You said to him annoyed. He was bothering Kurt while you two were in your favourite coffee shop, Lima Bean, and you thought that it was a great move to stand up for your brother’s boyfriend.

“Mademoiselle,” He flashed you a kinky smirk. “I am Sebastian and I don’t care of what you think.” He smiled sarcastically and you groaned because of his annoying gestures.

You started your conversation in that way, but you never thought that you would’ve loved him nevertheless his flaws and it never bothered you whenever he planned something bad just to obtain victory. It didn’t matter if he cheated or he stepped on other people, he should always win. You never minded him about doing those bad stuffs, until he made a really bad mess.

He was part of a glee club in high school, the Warblers, and so are you, but in a public school, New Directions. These two groups hated each other, since both of them wanted to win every sectionals, regionals and nationals and the memory of a terrible happening was still fresh in your mind, even though many years have already passed.

It was another day of fight with The Warblers, when New Directions sustained that the first has copied your group’s idea of performing a Michael Jackson song during the regionals. A sing-off had took place, so this way your group could show them that you deserved to do a Michael song.

Bad by Michael Jackson was sung by both of the groups, that have shown their best to get what they really wanted.

Everything was going well: the song, the performance and the dance moves, until something went really fast and you haven’t gotten any idea of how it has happened. You were singing the last part of the song as you saw your elder brother, Blaine, fell on the ground. He was covering his face as he was shouting for pain and agony.

“Blaine,” You quickly ran to him, not even minding to finish the started song, and kneeled in front of your suffering big brother. Around him there was a big puddle of melting red slushie. “what’s happening?”

“I can’t open my eyes; my face is burning.” He yelped in pain once again and the guys of the group quickly helped Blaine to get up. You were so confused of how it happened, you were sure that The Warblers did something stupid again.

“Talk to your boyfriend, he did this.” Santana spat her words like they were venom in her mouth. She then gave Sebastian a stinging death glare, that made you confused even more.

“Seb?” You couldn’t believe at her accusations, so you turned yourself at him and you saw that he was holding a large empty paper cup using his right hand. He was shocked on what has happened.

Anger and delusion quickly filled your emotions. You couldn’t help but get up from where you were kneeling and give him a sharp and violent slap on his right cheek. He deserved it, he really did.

“You let me down.” You shook your head and you slowly walked away from him. He was shocked on what you did, obviously, but he knew that he deserved it.

“(Y/N), it was not meant for Blaine.” He calmly explained to you, he knew he was on the wrong side. Taking a step forward, he was trying to reach your hand. You asked for your group to leave you alone with him and they quickly went away, bringing Blaine, who kept on complaining under his breathe, with them and guiding him as he walked.

“Then for who it was? Santana? Artie?” You raised your voice a little louder and you noticed that his group mates weren’t there with you anymore, in short: you two were both left alone in the room.

“It was for Kurt, damn!” He raised his voice and answered you aggressively. “You know how much I hate that annoying friend of yours.” He let the empty cup fall from his grip and he walked towards you.

“And it was okay to hurt him?” You raised your left eyebrow, sarcasm in your voice could be heard. He crossed the line and he knew that.

“I have my own reasons why I should’ve hit him with the slushie.” He sassily answered and you were honestly tired of his shit. “Who cares if I hurt Kurt?”

“Sebastian, are you fucking hearing yourself? You did this to win the regionals and I know that, because you’re too competitive! And second thing, I care for Kurt, I care for everyone in that group. I care for them and it wasn’t okay to hurt Kurt because he is part of our family, since he’s Blaine’s boyfriend.” You shouted at him. You lost your calm because of his stupid plans and his stupid words.

“And you didn’t care for what I felt? You don’t care for what your boyfriend is feeling right now. Your boyfriend.” He held everything against you that you never cared for him whenever your friends were involved. He looked at the floor with a death glare, but then quickly looked at you.

“Sebastian, I cared for you and I really did. Nothing was a lie for me and I loved you so much, with or without your flaws. I loved you, but you really crossed the line this time.” You shook your head as you spat words that hurt you and Sebastian so much. “You need to grow up and I think that it’s better if we end this relationship now.” Tears then started to stream down your face.

“No, you don’t want to break up.” Sebastian shook his head many times, not believing of what you have just said. “We decide this together, (Y/N)! You can’t break up with me, just because your friends hate me or just because I hurt Blaine accidentally. No, you can’t and I am not letting you to do so.” Sebastian was a hard-headed person and you knew that he wouldn’t agree with your decision easily.

“Sebastian, I am so damn tired of tolerating your fucking actions. You grow up and I think that this would be better for the two of us.” You sadly told him and you turned yourself away from Sebastian, trying to walk away.

“Thank you!” He sarcastically shouted. “Thank you for leaving me after what I have done for you (Y/N)! After the patience, the support and the great things I’ve given you. Thank you.”

You didn’t mind what he has said, because you knew that Sebastian was acting up like that just because he was angry with everyone, he was angry with himself. You decided to leave him, even though it was a fast and hard decision to do. You walked away from him, turning around for one last time to see Sebastian crying while he was giving you a stinging death glare. It was hard for you to let go, but you really needed to let him go.

That painful thing happened many years ago and it caused you a hard time moving on from your first serious relationship, who would’ve ever thought that just a bad happening could separate two people that loved each other.

“(Y/N)!” You suddenly heard your brother calling you and you shook your head to erase your thoughts, the gesture slightly gave you a headache.

“What is it, Blaine?” You snapped at him as you turned around to face him.

“I called you a millionth time now.” He rolled his eyes as he went near you. “You were lost in your thoughts?”

“Uhm…” You bit your lower lip and nodded as you looked in his deep hazel eyes.

“What has happened?” He curiously asked you, taking the sit beside yours.

“Something is just bothering me, but it’s not that important. Don’t worry.” You lied through your teeth and then added a fake smile at the end.

“I’m not convinced, (Y/N). I know when you’re faking it or not.” He laughed out loud and you just rolled your eyes in response.

“What is it? Why are you here?” You bitterly asked him when he caught that you were just pretending to be okay.

“Someone’s looking for you downstairs.” His face quickly became serious. You suddenly felt a sting in your chest and you became nervous for a second.

“Who is it?” You curiously asked, trying to hide your nervousness.

“I didn’t ask, but you should go now.” He flashed you a sweet smile to courage you and you just nodded your head, not knowing why you quickly got up and walked out of your room.

You quickly ran downstairs and you felt another pang in your chest as you saw who it was. How could it be possible that you were thinking of him just a moment before and he then suddenly shows up at your door?

He was talking with Kurt calmly, but they suddenly stopped when they noticed that you were fixing your gaze on them.

“(Y/N)!” Kurt happily greeted you, like what he does every day. It’s a fun to live with Blaine and Kurt, because they always spoil you and you always get what you want. They take care of you as if you were their daughter, even though you are grown up now.

“Morning, Kurt.” You absent-mindedly greeted him. He got up from the couch and smiled at you.

“Do you want something while you talk to Sebastian?” He gently asked.
“I’m fine, Kurt. Thank you.” You sweetly smiled at him and he smiled back at you.

“Alright, I’m leaving the both of you then.” He started to walk upstairs, obviously going to where Blaine was. You and Sebastian both followed his steps, but then looked at each other shyly when Kurt was already out of the scene.

“Uhm,” He shyly started. “Hi?”

“Hi.” You shortly replied. You couldn’t deny the fact that you missed him so much, but he hurt you and you couldn’t just hug him tightly, like what you used to do.

“How are you?” He seemed happy at that moment. He was happy to see you and you knew it, you could see it in his eyes.

“I’m fine, stuck at studying Law and Government.” You sighed as you break the ice between the two of you and you treated him as if he didn’t do anything in the past. “How about you?”

“I’m good, thank you.” He smiled. “If you want I can help you to study.”

“Uhm, okay.” You nodded slowly and his smile widen even more. “Why did you visit?”

“Oh,” His smile suddenly fell and he had a serious look in his eyes. “it’s about the past.”

“Sebastian, we can’t change the past.” You reminded him coldly.

“I know, but we can change our future.” He looked at you and you saw the loneliness in his green orbs. “If we want to, we can.”

“But,” You didn’t know what to say. You want to fix everything with him, but it feels like your pride is still eating you whole.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to, but let me say that I am sorry for what I have done in high school. I know that I was a douchebag that didn’t deserve anything in his life, but I am grown up now. I know what is right from wrong and believe me that I really do. In high school, I thought it was all fun and games, until it’s not.” He explained it seriously while he fiddled with his fingers. “Losing you made me realize something and I knew that I wanted to change myself.”

“Sebastian.” You sadly pronounced his name. “I really don’t know what to say.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say something.” He bit his lip and then he admired his shoes, as if they were the most interesting things in the planet. “I just wanted to tell you this.”

“You really changed.” You smiled sweetly. You missed Sebastian and you couldn’t lose him for the second time now. If you both met once again after all these years, there is a possible reason. “I’ve been unfair to you that day, I know, but I am happy that you decided to change yourself.”

“It wasn’t easy to lose someone you loved so much.” He looked at you straight in the eyes, but he looked away when you both felt embarrassed.

“I agree that it wasn’t easy.” You nodded slowly. “And you know how much I want to change the future with you.” You were shocked for the words that slipped out from your mouth.

“Really?” He was full of enthusiasm and he was really happy on what you have just said.

“Really.” You shortly answered.

“So, can we start it all over again?” He asked you sincerely. “Obviously, in a better way.”

“Hi, I am (Y/N) and I think that you are a douche bag.” You winked at him, remembering how you two first met.

“Mademoiselle,” He flashed you a kinky smirk. You smiled because he still remembered everything. “I am Sebastian and I am sorry for treating your friend bad.” He then smiled and winked at you.

You both chuckled loudly and you both got up from your seats. You warmly wrapped your arms around each other’s body and you enjoyed his touch silently. You missed his smell, you missed his hugs, you missed everything, but you are happy that you can finally have all of these things every day once again.


Hey guys! Here is the sequel to Heat!

Thanks to @lilli-jo for sparking my inspiration! Love you!

“Have you heard it, dude?” James whispered the next morning, curiously looking at Geoff who was getting ready for his gym session with Shawn.

Geoff frowned, grabbing his water bottle.


James blushed, looking down. “Oh God, I don’t want to be the one telling you this but… I’ve heard noises last night – explicit noises – coming from Shawn’s room.”

“Damn, I heard that, too!” Geoff grins, shaking his head. “Seems like the kid had a lot of fun last night. Bet he invited a pretty Portuguese girl over! He deserves to have a good time though”

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Lucky - Carlos x Reader

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Requested: hey can i request a Carlos imagine where him and the reader are dating and he was at tourney practice and he accidentally gets hit in the head so she takes care of him and acts all loopy because he got hit pretty hard? I love your writing btw :)

A/N Thank you  @purpleetou​  for the request I hope you love this and I’ll try to make this as cute as possible.

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BTS Reacting to You Hitting Them up When Drunk

This is my first time doing a reaction from them. I just really like reading them so I decided to write one too. I’m pretty sure it’s not that good but it’s my first time writing one of these so forgive me. I’m open to requests too! xoxo.
Okay, let’s start this.

Kim Namjoon:

You drank more than all of them and they were only laughing at your stupidities but stopped when you suddenly tried to kiss Namjoon. Namjoon, himself, was shook at your sudden move and quickly stepped back but he would lie if he said he wasn’t enjoying it since he found quite sexy especially then when you started rubbing your ass in his crotch at the sound of the music.

“Damn [Y/N], you’re driving me crazy.”

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Kim Seokjin:

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Uhhhhhh *-* 81 for Lance please???? <3 <3 <3

81. Excuse me for falling in love with you.

-Mod Enki

It must’ve been for the 20th time today. You were trying to avoid him, you really were, but somehow he kept finding you in this giant castle ship. You could’ve sworn everyone else was outing you to him… Or he just annoyed them enough until they told him where you were. So here you were, trying to read something in the main room on one of the couches, with your turd of a team mate trying to leaning over the couch trying to talk to you. 

You tried your best to ignore him but honestly it was all in vain. He reached over to you and tried to tuck some of your hair behind you ear, saying something about how you shouldn’t hide your beautiful face from him. It took all of your power to hide the red you were sure was dusting your cheeks. You turned your head away from him so he couldn’t notice it while furiously trying to un-tuck your hair from behind your ear. 

He whined in protest and quickly went over to your other side to try to look at your face. You responded with just hiding your face in your hands and with a groan you tried to fend him off with your book shouting protests at him.

“For the last time, stop trying to get me to go out with you!” You huffed at him. He just stopped and looked at you with his hands on his hips. 

“Well excuse me for falling in love with you!” He shot back. 

What he said surprised you for second, but only a second before you were back to glaring at him. When you looked at him he honestly looked so sincere with his previous statement and you struggled to keep your eyes locked with him. So with a sigh you just went back to your book to avoid his gaze. 

“You shouldn’t say things you don’t mean.” You mumbled just loud enough for him to hear. 

“You think I’m lying? I really mean it, (Y/n)!” He said trying to get you to look at him. “I really do like you, you know.” 

Against your better judgement you caved and looked up at him. You regretted it instantly because Lance looked like a dejected puppy. You felt… bad. Closing your book and setting it aside you let out a sigh.

“Do you really mean it?” You asked. 

“Of course I do! I think you’re really something special, even if you don’t think you are.” He said stepping closer to you. “I really wish you’d let me show you how sincere I am, (Y/n).”

Looking up at him you definitely felt your face heating up and the tips of your ears burning. You were conflicted since he was such a shameless flirt with every girl you’ve met so far so you really didn’t want to date someone who’d flirt with other people… But you had a feeling you could really trust this dumb meme. So you sighed once more and looked at him straight in the eyes. 

“Fine” You said. Lance practically flew at you, crushing you in a hug with the strength you never though a string bean like him could have. Through the hug you wheezed out:

“Don’t make me regret this.”

Invited by Fate (Part 1)

A/N: All the people who have messaged me or sent asks with their favourite character/celebrities, you will meet your soul mate as well. Be patient and they’ll come. 

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Whoever thought that there was actually someone watching me, who cared that I was lonely and wanted someone to call my own. For so long now I’d wandered through my life never having anyone who truly cared about me, wanted me or needed me. It was only ever just me. I wanted it to be you and me. Little did I know that someone had actually heard me.

One Friday evening I came home from work, shattered, as usual, and threw myself down onto my bed. I stared at the ceiling, wondering when things would change in my life; I wanted adventure, romance, spontaneity, just anything but this. I don’t know how long I lay like that until I felt something gently brush my hand. I jumped, shocked by the sensation and found an envelope in my palm. 

How the hell had an envelope got into my hand? It was dark now in the room, and all I could see was the outline of the rectangular shape. So I reached over and put on my bedside lamp, absolutely speechless at this find. 

Trembling, I opened the old fashioned letter. On the back was a wax seal, very regal looking. It actually made me smile and for the first time in I don’t know how long, I actually felt excited. The letter itself was on a small piece of card, with gold handwriting in such beautiful calligraphy. 

Dear Beautiful One, 

You are kindly invited by Fate to attend this year’s annual ball. 

May you find your soul mate. True love’s happiness awaits you. 


I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, both annoyed and amused that someone would have gone to all this trouble to make a mockery out of me. Grunting, I tossed the piece of card across the room and sighed, dropping back down to my bed. 

Why would someone laugh at me like this? 

I cried myself to sleep, the loneliness and emptiness cutting deeper into my heart, made worse by someone’s cruel attempt at being funny. 

However, when I woke, I looked up at the ceiling and knew instantly that this was not my home. My heart began to thunder in my chest and I gasped, jumping off the warm bed to see that I was in an absolutely gorgeous bed chamber. It had a four poster bed, which I had just been lay on, an oak carved dressing table, a huge vase filled with roses sitting upon it and a full length dress mirror. The air was warm, smelled sweet and the walls were a pale yellow, with just the faintest hint of gold running through the paintwork. 

I walked towards the mirror only to see that I was now wearing a full length, midnight blue evening dress. My short hair had been gelled into a more perfected version of my usual style, brushed over to the left hand side of my face. The dress was stunning, falling almost to the ground and showing off a pair of matching blue slippers. The dress was encrusted with silver gems across the chest, and for the first time in my whole life I actually felt attractive. 

As I studied myself, I then noticed something on my wrist. In shimmering gold, like a bangle, were two words, obviously someone’s name. However, I had never heard of them before. 

Thorin Oakenshield. 

Different (Cedric Diggory)

Requested: Yes, also I wasn’t too sure if you wanted like Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff!Reader or something else but I’ve done Draco Malfoy a lot lately, so I hope this is okay!

Summary: Reader is a feisty Slytherin who has a crush on probably the nicest person in the world, Cedric Diggory


AN: Enjoy :)

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#216 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompt “Reader, who’s a graphic designer, knows someone from Catfish team and is visiting them on work. While she’s waiting for them she’s drawing. Van had been stressing out over the new album’s cover, cause he disliked the options they had. While passing by he sees her drawing and instantly knows it’s the one he wants. They flirt but nothing happens until he appears to one of her expositions and asks her out. Flufflyness is always appreciated” and “you spend the night at van’s (as a friend maybe) and you mean to borrow one of his shirts but it ends up being larry’s” and “a fic about trying to explain to van that you’ve just never really had a best friend/ you’ve had best friends in the past (teen years) but they’ve always had better friends than you and it’s always just sorta bothered you (it’s basically my reality lol) and like van not really getting how that’s possible”

Bonus mini-request for painting with Van.

Trent gave you some of the thick, nice paper from the printer under his receptionist station to keep you occupied while you waited for him to go on his lunch break. You sat in the waiting room scribbling away with a charcoal pencil when someone wandered in from the record label offices. The room was where the elevators were, and he pressed the button to go down. You’d not bothered looking up until he was standing over you, his shadow robbing you of light.

The first thing you noticed about him were his eyelashes, thick and long and beautiful. Then, a small red mark under his left eye. He was talking before your brain thought to listen.

“Sorry?” you asked for him to repeat himself, despite having stared at his face the whole time. He smiled.

“Said that’s dead good. You an artist or something?”

“Something… graphic designer,”

“What’s that for?”

You looked down at the alligator. You shrugged, and moved to fill in details but stopped yourself. Maybe it was done.

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Doctor, Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burning? (Part 5)

A/N This is wrapping up guys.  Next part will be the end, I think.

Part 1      Part 2       Part 3        Part 4 

You are a country doctor, and an Omega.  After your rural office was attacked by vampires, you have been staying with Sam and Dean, nursing Sam back to health.  Sam has claimed you as his Omega, and now the two of you have to deal with the consequences.

This is an A/B/O fic. Standard A/B/O warnings for knotting, claiming, heats, and aggression apply.

Characters: Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Beta!Cas, Omega!Reader

You walked down the hall towards the library with Sam right behind you. Dean whirled around angrily when the two of you entered the room.  Sam’s hand slipped to your waist in a possessive gesture. Dean’s eyes slipped past your tank top to the bite mark on your shoulder where Sam had claimed you.

“What the hell did you do Sammy?” Dean asked harshly. “I saw the sigil. I know you sent Cas away.“

Sam locked eyes with his brother, his entire body tense.  He was ready for a fight.

“I claimed her.”  He said shortly.  “She’s mine Dean.  Don’t try to fight me on this.”

Dean sighed deeply, looking suddenly exhausted. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?  And Y/N….”  He said, looking at you closely for the first time.  “Did he force you?” He said quietly.

“No Dean.” You said firmly. “He didn’t force me.  I wanted this too.”

“God Sammy. What were you thinking? She’s a doctor, not a hunter! She’s not cut out for this!  She has a life.  A life we tore her from.  How are you going to make this work?  Did you even think about that?”

Sam ran a hand through his long hair in annoyance, “I want her Dean.  I have to have her.  That’s all I know.  We will figure the rest out.”

You placed a hand on Dean’s arm.  He looked so worried.  “I just couldn’t fight it anymore, Dean.”

Dean handed you a small white bag.  “Here’s your suppressants.  But I guess you don’t need them anymore, do you?” You could tell he was still very angry.

 “I hope you know what your doing, Sammy.  Go fix your door. I am going to clean off the sigil so Cas can come back.”

The enormity of what you had done was suddenly echoed in Dean’s words.  How would you be able to return to your life now?  Tears suddenly blurred your eyes. “Excuse me.” You said, pushing past a startled Sam and headed back to your room.

Laying on your bed with your eyes closed, you heard the door open and close.  You smelled Sam’s scent, so you knew it was him. You felt the bed dip as he got in next to you.  You turned your head to look at him, eyes bright with unshed tears.

“Regrets already?” He whispered, leaning in to kiss you and trying not to look as worried as he felt.

“No, not really. Just concerns.  Dean’s right, Sam.  We really didn’t think this through. I have a job that I love.  I busted my ass putting myself through medical school. I’ve just never seen myself as the submissive Omega.  That’s just not who I…..”

Your words were cut off as Sam’s mouth descended to yours.  Desire that was smoldering beneath the surface burst into flame immediately.  Then you let your bodies do the talking.

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lilysflowershop  asked:

Okay so this is super cliche lol but could I ask for hc's on how MTMTE Rodimus, Swerve, and Rung would react if they found out that their human s/o could turn into a cat anytime they want?? 😻😸

you have chosen two memers and a psychiatrist for this……… good luck…..

Rodimus ( MTMTE )

  • Okay, the first time you turn into a cat, he bursts into the room with exciting news! Which… sadly startles you into transforming into your cat form omg.
  • This then causes everyone in the room to freak out, which makes you freak out for a bit, as a cat! Rodimus is going “DID THEY JUST TURN INTO A CAT? I CAN’T KISS A CAT!!!!!!!” [scoffing Ravage noises in the background]
  • Then, he calms down a bit and scoops you out of the center of this drama mess. He brings you back to your shared habsuite and there, you become calm and turn back into your human form. Which is much to the awe of him! 
  • You can control this? I thought humans didn’t have alt modes! Wait, only you can do it? I HAVE THE BEST HUMAN S/O EVER!
  • Rest assured he loves to try to startle you into your cat form now. It’s annoying, but it feels nice when he gives apology pets and belly rubs. 
  • He hates letting anyone else hold you as a cat. You’re his kitty!
  • [regains composure] Okay, but despite that, he really does prefer you in your human form for cuddles. More room for roaming hands that way ;3c (holomatter of course)

Swerver ( MTMTE )

  • You accidentally turn into a cat when you’re feelin’ sleepy and waiting for him to finish cleaning up at the bar so the two of you can head to his habsuite to sleep. You fall asleep and it just… sort of happens.
  • Deadass, the boy thinks he broke you. You’re gone. All that’s left of you is this cat now. He doesn’t know anything about humans! He doesn’t know how this works! He thinks this is it. His s/o is gone
  • Instead of him holding you to calm you down, you wake up to him freaking out and you try to talk to calm him down but you just meow. Which you get frustrated and turn back.
  • You have to raise your hands and rest both of your own on his hands and calmly explain your abilities to him all while apologizing for not telling him sooner.
  • After it, damn, he thinks he’s the luckiest mech around. You’ve explained that other humans can’t really do this so you’ve gotta be cooler than the rest of humanity! How lucky is he to have scored the best human around?
  • Now he’s given you pet names like kitten, kitty, pussy cat, whiskers… every cat name you can think of. It’s a little annoying, but mostly endearing.
  • Endless cat related puns.
  • Though, unlike Rodimus, he doesn’t try to turn you. He simply scoops you up every time he sees you’ve turned and cuddles you.

Rung ( MTMTE )

  • Mate, you weren’t even with him when you turned. You’d been in a crowded room and got tired of everyone, so you sort of faded to the background and stalked out.
  • But it occurred to you that you hadn’t told your lover yet! Why not have a bit of fun?
  • So you sneak (some how being unseen by anyone) all the way to his office and paw at the door. And of course, Rung hears it. He opens his door to expect Ravage or something, but he looks down to see a cat with [your hair color] fur!
  • Curious! How did an organic human pet get on board? Oh, well he can’t leave you out here! This ship is too dangerous for such a tiny, fragile creature to walk around.
  • So he scoops you up and sets you on his desk. He thinks aloud to you as a cat– Hmm, how did you come here? Perhaps you came on one of our last dockings. Not that I complain, you’re quite an adorable creature. I can see why humans enjoy your company. Quiet, calm, and welcoming.
  • Oh at that, you decide to show him just how shit cats can be. You begin to paw at his data pads and his collection of ark models (not enough to damage them, of course).
  • Once you hear him sighing and giving a soft smile, you feel warm. He’s not even that mad. That’s why you love him. Calm, understanding, and collected Rung.
  • So you turn back and giggle at him.
  • Aw, Rung it’s me!
  • But he just smirks when you do. What! He’s not surprised?
  • Hah, sweetie… while this was a surprise for me at first, I figured out you were the cat after you began to mess with my things. Though I didn’t know humans could do this.”
  • Man, him being a know it all was kinda hot.
Marked Territory

Anonymous asked: Request: Jongin angst oneshot… It can be about anything you want :)

Remember when I wrote Hunting Season and I said that I might make wolf!exo a series? Well, consider this the first installment haha. I’m actually nervous about this scenario because it’s the first time I’ve really tried to write angst, so I apologize if it isn’t great but I put a lot of effort into it, so I’d appreciate feedback! Without further ado, here’s wolf!kai.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hi angel,” whispered Kai, settling down on the couch next to you.

“Hi,” you chirped, leaning in to give him a quick peck, as you usually did when he returned from his outings with the other wolfboys. He proceeded to bury his head in your neck, his deep inhales tickling your sensitive skin. Suddenly, you felt him tense up and draw himself away. “Is there something wrong?” you questioned. He knitted his brows before responding.

“Who were you with today?”

“What do you mean?” you asked, confused.

“You smell different. Someone else’s scent is on you,” he stated as he narrowed his eyes, not particularly out of bitterness, just thought. That comment unsettled you; if you were inferring correctly, you really didn’t appreciate what he was implying.

“Um, I was at work, like any other day… and what exactly are you trying to accuse me of?”

“I’m not accusing you of anything. I’m just asking you who you were with today,” he reiterated indifferently, crossing his arms. His tone was even, but his eyes betrayed him, glinting gold even in the dim living room. You rolled your eyes, turning back to the television.

“What, you don’t trust me?” Clearly annoyed, you avoided eye contact.

“I never said that. I do trust you.”

“Then stop making me feel like I did something wrong.”

He sighed. “I’m sorry angel; I didn’t mean it like that,” he said, cuddling against you once more. “You know how I get. You’re my mate, and only mine,” he added, voice muffled.

“Exactly. And mates are forever, right?”

He looked up at you and gave you the widest grin imaginable. “Right.”

“Come on, let’s go to bed then,” you suggested, deciding to let it go. You got up and led him to your bedroom. He followed eagerly, and although he smiled at you, you thought you had caught a glimpse of the frown that still lingered on his countenance.

* * *

You hopelessly reached for a box on a high shelf, careful not to send everything tumbling down. As much as you tiptoed, you still fell short.

“Need help?” a voice queried from behind. You turned around to find the new employee, whom you had seen around for about a week or so but just befriended the day before.

“Yes please. Ash, right?”

“Sure is,” he responded, flashing you a cordial smile and handing you the box. You thanked him and proceeded to go about your business, but he decided to follow you. “They work you too hard. I get the feeling that you need a break. Want to join me for lunch? I’ll pay, of course.” You were a bit surprised at his sudden offer, and what sounded like a hint of flirtation in his voice, but you saw no harm in accepting it. After all, this wasn’t a date, and you were happily taken by your lovely wolfboy who you’d do anything for, despite temporary quarrels; you also didn’t want to come off as one of those snobby girls that immediately says “I have a boyfriend.” at every single guy that so much as looks as them, so if he tried anything, you’d be sure to set the record straight.

“Sure! My break is in about half an hour; I’ll meet you in the studio café?”

“Sounds good.”

* * *

You met up with Ash at the café of your workplace. Working in the tech offices had its benefits: the building was complete with food and athletic services. Even after you insisted you pay your share, he won out in the end. You picked a table out in the patio as he went to get sodas from the vending machine inside. You hummed quietly to yourself, enjoying the cool breeze when two arms wrapped around you from behind. You let out a small yelp of surprise, turning your head and realizing that it was Kai.

“Kai? What are you doing here?” you questioned while laughing, spinning around to hug him. You thought it was kind of odd that he was here; when he wasn’t with you at home, he would spend most of his time in the forest, preferring nature over city-life.

“What, I can’t visit my mate at work?” He fake pouted, crossing his arms.

“No, it’s just that you never visit me here,” you said, ruffling his hair. He playfully snatched your hand and pulled you in for a sweet kiss. You tried to squirm away - PDA at work was a big no - but he held onto your waist tightly, and you surrendered to his soft lips.

“Am I interrupting something?”

You broke away from the kiss, startled when you saw Ash standing there with your sodas.

“Oh! S-sorry. Uhh, Ash, this is my boyfriend, Kai. Kai, this is my friend, Ash,” you stuttered, embarrassed.

Ash simply smiled, setting the drinks down. “Nice to meet you.”

Kai plastered the most forced smile he could muster on his face, trying his best to keep his temper in check. This was him. He knew it. And the fact that he had the audacity to be near his mate was making his blood boil. “You too.”

“Hey wait, I need to grab some chips from the vending machine. Be right back!” you announced, returning inside. You slipped a crinkled dollar bill into the machine, pressed the button of your choice, and grabbed the small plastic bag before stepping back outside. You almost dropped it in shock when you saw Kai forcefully slam Ash into the wall of the building, pinning him against it away from the sight of others.

“Kai! W-what are you doing?!” You sprinted over, dislodging the terrifying chokehold he had on your friend.

“You stay the hell away from her. What are you doing here, anyway?!”

You had to push all of your weight on your boyfriend to keep him from practically ripping the other boy’s face off. “What is wrong with you?!” you breathed out, stunned at his irrational behavior. You turned back to Ash, internally panicking.

“What is your problem, man?!” Ash yelled, brushing his dirtied shirt.

“I am so so so so sorry, I don’t know what got into him,” you claimed, walking over to your poor friend who looked badly shaken. You were immediately pulled back by Kai, who held you firmly against him. “Kai! What are you doing?!” His strength exceeded yours threefold, making any efforts at escape fruitless. He spun you around so he could look you in the eyes.

“Stay away from him, okay?” You stared at him in disbelief.

“No! I will not stay away from him! He’s right, what is your problem?! Why are you acting like this?!” Kai gazed intensely at you, and you could tell he was frustrated, but you were close to livid. In a huff, you wriggled out of his grasp. “I’m really sorry Ash; I’ll be right back, okay?” you assured, grabbing Kai’s wrist as you dragged him back inside. “What has gotten into you today?!”

He let out a few breaths, visibly trying to calm down. “Look, I just don’t want you near him.”

“Why?! Give me one good reason.”

He paused, as if hesitating his next words. “I don’t like him.”

That was the last straw. “You’re unbelievable. Do you know how ridiculous you sound? I don’t have the time to deal with this right now; I don’t have the time to deal with you right now. Just go home Kai.”

“I won’t go home until you promise me to stay away from him.”

At this point, you were beyond aggravated; this was getting out of hand. “Kai, you’re wasting your time. You know, I thought we had enough faith in each other to trust that neither one of us would ever betray the other. But I guess not.” It became harder to swallow, and you knew you needed to end this before you outright burst into tears.

“This isn’t about trust.”

“Yes, it is! It has everything to do with trust!” you yelled, exasperated. “How could you say it doesn’t?! What, do you think something’s gonna happen? That if he were to make a move I’d just accept it? That I go around flirting with every guy around here?!” You brought both hands up to your face, shaking your head in an effort to dispel the building tears. “Just leave me alone. Don’t you have something better to do, anyway? Go chase a rabbit, roll in some leaves or something; I’m sure it’s more entertaining than following me around.”

Immediately, his expression changed from one of frustration to one of disbelief. Pain was etched onto his features, and you were sure that last line had hit home. You yourself were surprised at your words. You didn’t mean to slip that low; it just came out. There was a tiny pang of guilt that made itself known but you quickly decided that it wasn’t the time to feel pity for him, so you dismissed it.

“Please… just trust me on this,” he whispered, voice barely audible.

“Why should I? You know what, don’t even give me an answer, because I’m sure you don’t have one. I’m done with this conversation.” You turned around to leave, desperately wanting to escape this hellish altercation.

“______, stop,” Kai demanded, grabbing your wrist. You yanked it away, not even looking back.

“Try not to kill every guy on the way out here,” you yelled behind you. Your head throbbed from fighting all this time and a few hot tears found their way down your cheeks but you quickly wiped them away, not wanting to make the situation any worse. You just didn’t understand why Kai was acting this way. You had never seen him this possessive; he got slightly jealous from time to time but this was unlike anything you had ever seen before, only furthering your utter bewilderment at his behavior. “Hey… Ash, you alright?” you asked cautiously.

“I guess…” he said, rubbing his neck.

“I don’t know what to say, honestly…”

“It’s okay; it’s not your fault.” He offered you a gentle smile, rubbing your shoulder.

“Hands off or I’ll rip your throat out.”

No. Please, not now. You turned to Kai, who was casually leaning against a nearby pillar with his arms crossed.

Ash scoffed. “Geez, you act like I’m going to steal your mate or something.”

You whirled around, wondering if you had heard him right. Mate? How did he know that term…?

Ash cleared his throat, coolly readjusting his wrinkled dress shirt. “I need to speak with your alpha.”

… Alpha? He's… a wolf… too?

“You’re looking at him,” Kai stated firmly. He protectively wrapped his arm around your waist, steadily pulling you to his side.

Ash smirked. “Nice try. I saw your eyes.”

“And what does an omega like you want with our pack?” Kai asked sharply.

“I used to be a beta, just like you. But the pack fell through. Been wandering the woods for awhile; I need a solid place to stay before I can get back on my feet.”

Kai laughed bitterly, amused at this sudden turn of events. “And what makes you think you can join our pack?”

“Who said I wanted to join? It’s temporary,” he emphasized with annoyance.

“Don’t even think about getting anywhere near my pack, or the people I care about,” Kai retorted, making it clear that he was referring to you.

“I was just messing around, but you obviously can’t take a joke. Whatever. I don’t need your pack. If the rest of them are as uptight as you are, I’ll be damned if I have to spend another hour around you all.” Ash huffed, kicked the ground, and strolled away.

You however, had been shocked into silence, unable to wrap your mind around the situation. Kai avoided your gaze, looking past you as his arm slipped from your waist.

“Why… why didn’t you just tell me?” you inquired, genuinely confused.

He sighed. “We can talk about this later.” He ran off without a second glance, leaving you with a million questions and an aching heart.

* * *

You jiggled your keys, fumbling with the lock and hastily opening the door. Throwing your stuff down, you peered into the living room, noticing how Kai was sitting on the couch. He was staring blankly at the TV, although it was off, allowing only his reflection to keep him company. You cautiously sat on the other end of the sofa, awkwardly staring at the ground and wondering if you should be the first to break the silence.

“I didn’t tell you… because it was all my fault,” he dejectedly admitted. You raised your brows, faintly shaking your head to indicate that you didn’t understand. “It’s all my fault. The only reason he found you was because of me. He used you to try to get to the pack, and the last thing I want is for you to be dragged into the middle of all of this. I’m sorry.” He held his head in his hands, not willing to look you in the eye.


He lifted his head, finally having the inner strength to face you. Never had you seen such somberness contained in his fixated stare. “When you became my mate, I promised to protect you. Forever. What was I supposed to do if he had hurt you? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. It’s my fault that you were in danger. I was so scared that you’d get hurt, and maybe rethink everything… question if all of this is really worth it… I just… I’m sorry. I know I didn’t handle it well, but I was just so afraid…” Anguish filled his entire expression as he struggled to piece together what to say.

You shook your head, scooting closer to him. “Kai, if you would’ve told me from the beginning, I would’ve stuck by you a hundred percent. I don’t care who shows up, or what happens; as long as we have each other, it’ll be okay, alright?” You reached over to gently touch his hands that were tightly clasped together in his lap. He received it gratefully, rubbing your nimble hand with his much bigger ones. “And… I’m sorry about what I said. I didn’t mean it,” you confessed honestly.

He smiled sadly, staring back down at your hands. “You don’t have to apologize.”

You weren’t sure what to do next, but followed your instinct and promptly pulled him in for a hug. He wrapped his long limbs around you, bringing you even closer. You melted in his touch; the tension from before began to dissipate as this simple gesture communicated more than words ever could. “I meant what I said the other day: forever,” you stated, leaning back to face him. He nodded, taking in your words with a small smile.

“Forever,” he confirmed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note: I hope you all enjoyed it! If you want more wolf!exo you can always request. Up next is catboy!tao, and then hopefully Fast Lane Part 2! (Thank you for all the love for that scenario; it means a lot to me!) Have a great day everyone. ~

the-bookish-soul  asked:

Rhys + daughter He broke my heart ❤️

(50% fluff, 50% angst. I took their kid’s name from my fave baby fic.)

“Vala?” Rhys asked, knocking on her door.

“Go away,” a muffled voice called.

“Are you brooding? Because I’ve been told I’m very good at that. Why don’t I come in and we can brood together?”

“Go away,” she repeated.

Nothing yet? Feyre asked through their bond.

She’s going through a break-up, not a battle. She’ll want to talk to someone eventually, he rationalized.

She didn’t reply, and he turned his attention back to his daughter. “Definitely brooding,” he said lightly. “If you’re going to brood, you should at least let me join you.”

Another grumble, but she called, “Fine. Come in.”

He opened the door and stopped to stare at the sight.

Feyre’s warnings had been right. Vala’s room looked like the living room did after one of Mor and Feyre’s girl’s nights: sheets in disarray, empty chocolate boxes covering every surface, and tissues. Lots of tissues.

Vala herself was lying spread-eagled in the middle of her bed, her eyes, the same color as his, staring at nothing. As he got close enough to see her tearstained face, she said, “I’m going to die alone.”

He blinked, still dazed from the sight. Well, that’s a little dramatic.

Dramatic? Really? I wonder who she got that from.

He tried not to laugh, and instead refocused on Vala. “Why do you think that, darling?”

“He broke up with me.”

“You’ve had other break-ups before, and you’ve never reacted like this. Why now?”

She sat up and met his eyes. A fresh set of tears came as she explained, “I thought he was the one. I thought that we were going to have a future. I thought—I thought that we were mates. But then he broke off our relationship and—” she let out a sob. “He broke my heart.”

Rhys sat down and pulled her into his lap. He stroked her hair and rubbed circles on her back to soothe her as she cried herself out. And when those tears finally subsided, he asked gently, “why were you with this male? Why did you choose him, of any of those you could have been with?”

She pulled back just enough to find a tissue. “I don’t know. He was nice. He was… pretty.”

“If you wanted nice and pretty, you could have asked out Azriel.”

She groaned. “Dad…”

“You had a crush on him when you were little, you know.”

“Yes, I know, you’ve told that story every time you’ve had an excuse to.”

He laughed, but she only smiled.

“Vala, you don’t have to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with at nineteen.”

“Mom did. Aunt Nesta and Aunt Elain did.”

“I didn’t. Cassian didn’t. And you know things were very bad for Lucien before they were very good. You’re immortal, Vala. You have all the time in the world to find someone to spend your life with. And maybe your mate won’t find you for centuries. But it’ll be worth it.”

“You think?” she said with a sniffle.

“I know,” he promised.

She nodded and pulled away.

“Will you please come down to dinner? Everyone’s waiting for us, and you know how annoying Cassian gets when he is forced to wait for food.”

“Yeah,” Vala said with a sigh and a smile.

Rhys returned it. “Last one there has to sit next to Amren.”

She shrieked with laughter and flew with him from her room.

Finally. El Diablo x Reader

A/n : as promised here’s first of many el diablo x reader imagens ;3

Pairing : (El Diablo) Chato Santana x Reader

Warning : fluff

Plot : reader and diablo like each other but both don’t want to admit it and the intire squad is annoyed by it .


“Are you kidding me cupcake ?! He’s totally it to in you!  ” Harley said slightly annoyed for the first time in forever. 

You see the thing is you really like Chato aka El Diablo and Harley knows that , being your bff and all . And now you regret ever telling her anything because she wouldn’t lay of your back for it . Every day she would try and make you finally confess your feelings for him . It was painfully obvious that you two liked each other too .

You just didn’t think he would like you that much. You were scared. Sure you were one bad ass chick and all and you were good looking too . And just that was enough to annoy Harley for an intire day .

“I just don’t think he’s in to me Harl ” you said looking up from your drink . Harley was standing behind the bar stand,  serving drinks just a bit ago . But now you two were alone . She dramatically threw her hand in the air “are you kidding me ?!” She yelled again , making you laugh at her over dramatic actions .

“(Y/n) I’m telling you ! He’s totally in to you !! Look at your self!  You are a bad ass chick with a banging body a grate personally and not to mention that sweet ass of yours  ” she laughed when she was your face turning red .

Meanwhile you were a blushing mess , Deadshot and Boomerang were talking to Diablo on the roof. 

“Sooooo. .. Tell me again why won’t you just tell her you like her ? ” Floyd asked looking at Chato . He sighed before answering “I’m afraid to hurt her …” he simply said “oh well that’s bullshit mate  ” Boomerang said finishing his can of beer . “I’ll agree on that . There’s definitely a different reasons your not telling ” Floyd said .

Chato looked at him , getting annoyed at the question session “I’m a monster man ! Can a girl like (Y/n) seriously like a guy like me ?!” He finally growled out .

“Wow wow wow there hot head ! ” Boomerang said,  seeing how the air temperature changed around them . Chato sighed again before walking off .

Right about at this point you were fed up with Harley and her taller and you just walked out of the room .

It was just about the perfect timing when you and Chato knocked in to each other . Chato fell no his back while you fell on him with a yelp but it was soon muffled by your lips pressing on to his . Your eyes went wide and your face started to heat up .

You immediately jurked back,  not realising that you slightly moved back in the end sitting right on his crotch . He didn’t say a word. He watched as your lips moved but he didn’t hear anything.  You never bin this close to him before.  Sure there were a few times you had been physically close to him but NOT this close . As you kept apologising to him , becoming redder by the second,  he cuped your face in his hands , stopping your rambling .

He slightly smiled at you before he finally kissed you . The kiss was soft and warm , almost nothing you imagined.  You slightly hummed before closing your eyes and melt in to the kiss.

“WELL LOOKEY HERE WHO FINALLY GOT TOGETHER !!” you heard Harley yell to witch you and Chato turned to .

Your blush darkened when you saw the rest of the squad with her , Deadshot and Boomerang had huge smirks on their faces while Harley was giggling like a high school girl .


“Sorry cupcake! ~”

You’re extremely shy when you’re in public/around people with him (TOPP DOGG)

B-Joo: -he thought something was wrong when you two went on your public date because you hadn’t said a word to him in about 10 minutes- “sweetie are you feeling alright? Do you need anything? I don’t like when you get all quiet on me”

Originally posted by um-can-you-just-shhh

Hojoon: -he wanted you to speak so bad when you guys were out in public because all the fans wanted to hear you speak but it was no use. You were as silent as a mouse apologizing when you two were in private- “it’s fine honey you don’t have to be sorry. I shouldn’t make you do something you don’t like to do”

Originally posted by popseok

P-Goon: -he loved how shy you were during interviews. Mentioning the first time the boys heard you say something to them was about a year into your relationship. But people were asking why there was only 3 photos of you in the past 2 years out there- “she’s so shy. As soon as I pull out my phone even if it’s to check texts she turns away from me. I don’t know why she’s dating me I have cameras and people around me often and she despises both” 

Originally posted by madtwn

Yano: -he thought you were sick because you weren’t talking. So he kept giving you weird looks as your voice faded out. But didn’t notice that it was because of the boys- “you feeling alright? I don’t know why you aren’t talking”

Originally posted by jenissivevo

Nakta: -he told all the boys that you were a bold and loud girl but his words came back to bite him as you hid your face or hid behind him the whole time they laughed- “you know what I forgot she is extremely shy at first. She’ll be loud soon enough just wait”

Originally posted by simplywookie

A-Tom: -you had a voice the was like velvet to him and he got really dorky when you wouldn’t say anything to his group mates at all. He would pull you on his lap and watch the blush cover wash over your cheeks- “why don’t you want to talk baby? I brag about how amazing your voice is all the time”

Originally posted by takuyoung

Xero: -he was getting annoyed by having to say everything you asked him to say out loud because you were too shy. But then ended up feeling so bad when he called you out later and embarrassing you half to death in a room full of people- “or you can say it yourself Y/N. You’re capable of speaking, so use your voice or don’t have an opinion”

Originally posted by cutejjong

Jenissi: -he was worried as long as you two had been together you had said ‘no thank you’, ‘oh sure’, ‘hi’, ‘I’m fine’ to the boys and those were spoken few times. He loved you but he needed you to be slightly more social even if it was with the boys- “I love these guys and you as well. I need you all to socialize at least Y/N”

Originally posted by bbomb

Sangdo: -explaining you to people was weird you were so talkative until a camera or random people turned to look at you and the word you were on would disappears into nothingness- “she’s trying so hard to talk to fans but she gets so shy about her voice that she just stops talking. She’s so cute when she does it though”

Originally posted by jaejooong

Hansol: -you two were hanging around the boys and you had yet to warm up to them. So as the others talked amoungest themselves he was busy staring at you- “you going to say anything anytime soon princess? I miss your voice”

Originally posted by toppxxdogg

Kidoh: -you were proving him wrong that if he got you out in public you’d be comfortable but you were yet to say anything or pull yourself out of your sleeves- “you ok in there baby? I wanted you to talk but yeah that’s not happening”

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Gohn: -he was ok with it he found it adorable how shy you got when you two were around other people. He liked the idea of how comfortable you were with him- “you’re doing great baby? Thanks for coming”

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Cuddles ~ Roman Reigns Imagine

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Imagine : Having a movie night because its blizzarding with your best friend roman reigns ends up turning into cuddling and finding out y'all have serious feelings for each other.

“ Did you hear it’s suppose to snow tonight? Like a blizzard coming out way” Your best friend Roman turned to you once he shut the truck of his car. You were staying at the hotel. Everyone was here but you and Roman kinda got lost, thanks to Dean telling you were to go.

“ Awe man, I wanted to go sigh seeing” You pouted stomping the ground. Roman chuckled, he thought it was the most adorable thing in the world when you didn’t have your way. “ Relax baby girl, we will have a movie night” He rolled his bag with you following him.

“ Snow storms are great for cuddling” You opened the door, “ Ladies first” You teased. Dean was already inside checking in, “ Ha ha” Roman rolled his eyes. You always teased him about being a women because of his long hair.

As he walked inside, you couldn’t help but admire your best friend. His hair was in a neat done bun, he wore a leather jacket over the navy shirt he was wearing, he had jeans on and some sneakers. His muscles flexed through his leather jacket. Biting your lip, you couldn’t help it. You liked your best friend in and more friend way.

And who knew more than anyone between you and Roman. Dean. He knew about your feelings about the Somoan Superman. But the thing was you didn’t know was that Roman was in the same boat as yours.

“ When are you reckin on telling Roman about you being in love with him?” You were brushing your hair as Dean asked you that. You came from the shower , looking at him. “ Why must you ask me that? You know I’m a chicken..” He laughed sitting up on the bed. He was your room mate which was great because he also was your best friend and he was annoying most of the time. You tolerated him and didn’t know how Renee could keep a man like him.

“ He’s a big softy Y/N. You got to tell him before someone else will” That was true but you can’t just go up to him and tell him that. “ I don’t want our friendship to be ruined. I care about him way to much. I don’t wanna lose him”

“ You won’t. Trust me” You squinted your eyes at Dean feeling like he knew something you didn’t. “ What do you know” Pointing the brush at him. He smiled wide,  shrugging.

“ Tell me before I throw this brush at you” He chuckled, “ You won’t get anything from me Y/N. Just trust me. Go have the movie night with him and make a move then see what happens”

A knock came to your door, walking towards it , opening to see Renee. “ Thank god your here” She looked at you confused. “ Get your man, he’s being well being Dean” She laughed shaking her head stepping into the room.

“ What did you do now?” She asked walking over to him. “ Nothing!” He had this smile on his face, you sighed, “ One day I am going to kill you in your sleep Ambrose”

You headed to the bathroom but not before hearing,” Nope, you love me too much for that”

Taking the movies in your hand, you peeked out the window to see the blizzard had already came. A bunch of snow were piling on top of cars that you could barely see them. It was cold, you put on your sweater before grabbing what you needed.

“ Awe you look cute” Renee commented on your outfit. “ Thanks”

“ She’s trying to impress Superman” Dean said from his side of the bed. You took your pillow from your bed throwing it at him, “ Do you ever shut up”
He laughed, “ Get out of here already”

You walked out the door but peeked your head out yelling out, “ When I come back better not hear you two having sex”

“ No promises!” Dean yelled.

“ Did you buy the whole store or something Ro?” On the table was a bunch of snacks while you put the movies down. He came from the bathroom laughing, “ Blame the snow storm, plus you know how I get”

“ You eat like your pregnant Reigns” He playfully glared at you, “ A man’s got to eat “ You sat down. “ Are you going to just stand there all night or are you going to watch theses movies with me?”

“ Oh be quite little one” He teased. You huffed putting your arms across your chest, “ I am not little” He looked at you giving you the “ Really?” look. “ I’m not!”

“ How about we cuddle?” He suggested, inside he had huge knots in his stomach. Your knees were touching his. He couldn’t help it, being around you made his heart warm, made him feel loved. “ Of course” He laid down, you crawled to him laying down, he grabbed the remote playing the movie.

As you laid your head on his chest, his heart sped up at your touch. He wrapped his arms around you looking at the TV. Why did he seemed nervous and tense all of a sudden?

“ You okay Ro?” He looked down at you, nodding his head. “ Never better” He smiled down at you. You continued to watch the movie.

Halfway through the second movie, you looked up to see Roman not watching the movie but looking at the ceiling.

“ Alright, what’s bothering you?” You sat up on his chest placing your hands on his chest . He looked over at you, just by your touch, you felt sparks. You ignored it for now focusing finding out what’s wrong with your best friend.

“ Nothing” He mumbled. “ No, I call that bull. Tell me the truth” He sighed, biting his lip. He was debating on weather if he should tell you about his feelings or not.

“ You can tell me anything, you know that” He sat which made you straddle his lap. “ There is this girl that I like” Your heart sank, he liked someone else. Not you. You kept your small smile to convince him you were okay.

“ Do I know her?’ He looked into your eyes nodding his head, “ You do, very well”

You thought out of all the girls you were close with, Renee with Dean, Paige was dating Kevin , maybe it was Charlotte or Becky. You couldn’t keep that smile on your face. He noticed the frown, “ Hey, what’s up?”

Having your head down, you couldn’t look at him. Feeling the tears coming on, you closed your eyes. “ Y/N..” His tone turned into a worried one. “ Nothing” You got off his lap forgetting the movie was still on.

You walked to the door before you could opened it, he caught your wrist turning you around, “ Baby girl, don’t leave” You sniffed, you were upset. This was hurting Roman to see you like this.

“ What did I do wrong?” You looked up at him seeing the broken look on his face. “ What’s wrong?! Is that fact that I am in love with my best friend who loves another girl. My heart feels like it’s in two”

Roman started to laugh making you hurt even more, “ why are you laughing?”

He shook his head stopping, “ Y/N, your the girl I am in love with “

“ Wow I feel stupid” He shook his head once again cupping your face, “ your far from stupid, your beautiful, kind, loving and I want to be with you”

“ I want to be your girl Superman” He leaned over kissing you softly, he pulled away slightly whispering against your lips, “ Be my Supergirl?” He asked.

“ I wouldn’t have it any other way Superman” He pulled you into a kiss, the movie playing in the background. The snow storm was least of your problems. Roman made your problems go away. Now you were his Supergirl, it’s what you wanted.

Dean was right. That sneaky lunatic knew all along.

The Girl with Dragon Wings

Imagine: Can you do an imagine where the reader is some type of supernatural creature and her mate is stiles? 💜
Stiles x reader


Honestly, with the way your life had been going these last few months, you almost weren’t surprised to find out your mate was a human. It’s uncommon for Fire Breathers to be bonded to another type of supernatural, let alone a mortal. But here you were, the exception to just about every rule of your kind’s existence.

And you weren’t complaining, really, because your human mate was really good looking. Like- really really good. And from watching him (You know that sounds bad it’s not as creepy as it sounds you swear) you knew that he was also sarcastic as hell, and whip smart.

You know, and there were probably nicer places to meet your future mate than in a jail cell. But it’s whatever.

Figures he’s the sheriff’s kid.

He hadn’t actually noticed you yet, still arguing with his father about something on the other side of the room. You amuse yourself by watching how often he flails as he gets more and more annoyed.

And then suddenly he glances over at you and he’s not talking, just staring, his mouth hanging open.

You resist your Fire side’s urge to preen at his reaction.

Instead you give a small smirk and look away, trying to give off the impression that you’re not watching every move that he makes like a weirdo.

You’re realizing you really do seem like a stalker, damn.

(Part 1/?)

I found you

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I Found you

Peter Maximoff x reader

Prompt:” OH! Could you do a soul mate AU with Peter with the name on the wrist where Peter’s watching and sees his soul mates name on the news because they’re apart of a group of mutually that rob banks or something? Then they ended up at the school with him?”

Notes: I know I keep on writing Peter Maximoff x reader fanfics but they are just so much fun to write. :)

Warnings: one kinda not swear

Peter p.o.v

“Ugh, when the hell is she going to come,” Peter asked himself. Scott looked up from his ice cream and rolled his eyes. Peter never shuts up about his soul mate and how he is never going to find her and where she is.

“I don’t even where she is in this world. She could be in Australia for all I know. Where the hell are you (y/n) (l/n)!”

“Can you shut up about your soul mate thing! You will find her eventually you’re just a late bloomer compared to most people,” Peter turned and scowled at Scott.

“Never! Small annoying child,” Peter sped over and took the ice cream out of Scott’s hands and started to eat it in the corner of the room.

“Is this chocolate it’s delicious,” Scott frowned and then left the room mumbling to himself. Peter flopped lazily onto the couch and turned on the TV in front of him. He dropped the ice cream in his hand.

The channel that he was on was the news and it was following a mutant who was part of a crime and that mutant had the exact same name as the one on Peter’s wrist. Peter began to shake so fast that it made him look like a silver blur to the other kids around him.

A small girl walked over to Peter who was now a vibrating silver blur, “um P-Peter are you ok,” the girl asked shakily. Peter stopped and looked up at the girl and a large smile began to appear on his face. She backed up from Peter and to her friends near a table.

“Oh my god this is the best day of my life!” Peter shouted and sped out of the room.


Your p.o.v

You ran through the large forest of trees while the gunshots were loud and clear in the back of you. Ever since you were young you were made fun of your ability to phase through matter even by your own family which is why you left them and pursuit a new path which was safer. This is the opposite of what you were hoping your new path would be but it was the only way for you to live. By stealing money or food whatever you needed to survive in the harsh area.

There was a gunshot and you could see it go through your body as you let it phase through you. Another gunshot hit a tree shattering part of the tree next to you and a wood chip scrapped you cheek. Your focus started to your cheek and you tripped over a branch on the ground. You fell onto the grass and you could hear the angry people coming. It was useless trying to get up, you didn’t yet know how to completely control your ability yet so you were stuck.

“It’s about damn time we killed this creature,” the man pointed a gun as you and the people around you formed a circle. He fired and the bullet phase through you. Again he fired but it went through.

“What the hell,” he tried again and it went through you. You looked up to see the gun aimed at you again, you closed your eyes but they soon burst open. All of the men surrounding you were all on the ground around you, asleep possibly. You saw a smiling silver haired boy hand you his hand and you grabbed it. He pulled you up and you quickly whipped the blood from your face.

“Th-thank you, I am (y/n) by the way,” he kept on smiling.

“I know.”

“Why are you smiled because and how do you know my name, who the hell are you?” You asked as you put your hands in the pockets of your coat.

“Shouldn’t you know look at your wrist,” tears started from your eyes as you realized who was in front of you. You had given up hope of finding your soul mate when you left the house knowing that you would probably die before you met him but you were wrongheaded was right in front of you.

“…is that really you Peter?” He nodded and you burst in and hugged him so hard that he fell backwards.

“You have no idea how long I have been looking for you,” Peter said as he kissed the top of your head, ignoring that he and you were on the ground. You looked up into Peter’s eyes and he cupped your soft cheek to bring you up to his face. He kissed you sweetly. It was short, soft, and warm compared to the cold around you. You broke from the kiss.

“I know a place where mutants like us can live in peace (y/n). Do you want to leave this hell and run away with me to her?” Tears began to run from your eyes as you nodded. Peter hugged once more before he helped you up again.

“I already love you (y/n).”

“I love you to Peter.”


An Angel’s Grace [Part Three]

Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1557

Author: justcallmeyourgoddess

Description:  Reader is already officially mates with Gabriel with all the ceremonies, etc. and can see his wings. He wants to introduce her to his archangel brothers (saying as Lucifer and Michael and Raphael all live together peacefully in heaven). They discover something about the Reader in the process.

Note: ah… uh… hm.. if you have any requests for what’s to come next in the series, send me a request in my inbox!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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My room mate is being a little bitch & keeps telling me how much she hates Paramore when she know’s it one of my favorite bands. Like everyone is entitled to their own opinion but after the 100th time you can stfu. SO I’m gonna blast EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ALBUM EVERY FUCKING NIGHT just to get on your nerves biatch.