how to annoy friends


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

  • MC: What's the most messed up game of Truth or Dare you've ever played?
  • 707: I was first up, and they dared me to leave and go home.

as much as i would enjoy the idea of chris and melissa dating because lets face it, they would be hella cute together, melissa literally just got divorced. SHE JUST GOT DIVORCED. so please, for the love of god !!!!! do not tweet at her or at chris, asking them if they’re together or any kind of shit like that. leave them alone.

Anyways misgendering someone because you dislike them / purposely using the wrong pronouns to make them mad and then spouting bullshit about “free speech” doesn’t make you cool or edgy it makes you a genuinely terrible person have fun with that lmao

Confession:  Although kind of sad, my favorite moment in the series is when Tali is drunk and Shepard asks her how’s she’s even getting drunk in the first place and she says, “Very carefully…” In fact, I constantly annoy my friends because whenever they ask me how to do something, my usual reply is, “Very carefully…” while impersonating Tali, of course.

"Did You Know..."

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 376
Warnings ~ Non
Summary ~ Annoying friends is fun.
I like how I complain about being tired and how I couldn’t think of anything to write, then suddenly get about seven ideas for stories XD I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of me tonight :P

“Did you know…” Que and Shawn groaned as they mentally prepared themselves for yet another useless fact I was about to throw at them, “…that kissing strengthens the immune system.”

“Everyone knows that.” Que mumbled not lifting her eyes from the magazine she was reading. She was getting annoyed, I could tell by the way she squinted her eyes whenever I made the smallest sound.

“I didn’t know that.” Shawn grinned up at me with his head resting on my lap, clearly lying to make me feel better, but mostly to annoy Que even more. Both worked. God their relationship was amusing; they didn’t hate each other per se, but they also didn’t like being in each other’s company either.

“Want to test it out.” I joked as I ran my fingers through his hair again, pushing the loose strands away from his face. I didn’t actually expect him to take that horrible excuse of a pick up line seriously.

“Sure.” He winked at me before grabbing the back of my neck somewhat forcefully, pulling me down until our lips crashed together. The kiss was surprisingly slow and controlled, full of lingering pauses, which was odd considering Que was in the room. Normally when Shawn was trying to gross her out by kissing me, the kiss would be quicker and more heated than this.

Que let out another groan when she saw us, “Guys, seriously? I’m right here!”

I giggled at her comments and broke away. Shawn’s lips chased after mine, only to quickly capturing them a few seconds later. My neck was already starting to hurt from the awkward angle he held me in. Shawn must have sensed this as he rose up on one arm, taking away some of the strain.

Shawn slipped his tongue against mine, smirking as if he knew Que had reached breaking point. Grabbing the pillow from the back of the computer chair she sat on, she lobbed it in our general direction, hitting the back of my boyfriend’s head with a loud thump.

He pulled away and turned to look at her, “What the hell was that for?”

Que muttered some incomprehensible response under her breath before walking out the room, probably to go downstairs and eat my food.

“Alright then.” Shawn shrugged, cutting off my laughter by bringing me back for another round of kisses.

~sorry it’s late. Hope you like it!~
Dating Raphael Santiago would involve:
* Going out in the dark
* Him not liking you around Simon
* Him hitting anyone who flirts with you with full force
* Calming him down when Simon ruins one of his jackets
* Not being afraid to see blood
* Learning Spanish with Señor Santiago
* Helping him train Simon
* Knowing the code to the human blood panel in the wall
* Him buying you the fanciest of clothes and other things
* Assisting him with his “vampire duties” (his excuse to be with you more) *Him telling the other vampires you’re taken and to back off
* Becoming good friends with Simon despite how annoyed Raphael gets with him
* Not being allowed to communicate with werewolves unless absolutely necessary
* Being immortal and spending eternity together
* Him keeping high security at the hotel for your safety
* Drinking bloody Mary’s with him in the middle of the night
* Every time you say “bite me” he replies with “where and how hard”
* Being content because there aren’t very many girls for him to leave you for
* Playing card games with other vampires during the day when you’re bored
* Cuddling with Raphael in bed
* Clary talking to you instead of him whenever they need help
* Him calming you down when you have a nightmare
* Not being allowed to go into the basement because Camille is down there

A best friend is someone who wants your updates. Even if they’re boring. Or sad. Or annoyingly cutesy. A friend says “Sign me up for your boring crap, yes indeed” because they love you anyways. They will like your junk. Because after all, they just want to be in your presence, no matter how annoying you can be. So I guess, there are true friends and then there are people who just borrow that title when it’s convenient.
—  veruneedy

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Did you like cursed child?

Some things were really nice, some things were ridiculous. I liked Harry and Draco’s conversations, Scorpius was a sweetheart. I felt like Hermione and Ron were more like their movie versions than book versions. I was annoyed by how Ron was just that stupid and “hilarious” friend. Generally, idk maybe I’m old and forgot all HP books, but it wasn’t the Harry Potter I knew and loved, it was more like I was reading a fanfic where:
- Draco was that hot, broken boy you just wanted to hug and comfort (◜⁎ˇ3ˇ⁎)ゞ
- Ron was a jealous prick picking on him and serving some boring lines that supposed to make everyone laugh ( ఠ ͟ʖ ఠ)
- Harry was awkward and generally tired and not very good as a father (I mean, that’s fine)
- Hermione was weird (that book cupboard thing, also toffie scene?????? wtf, Hermione/Ron scenes were a harlequin romance)
- Ginny was the most supportive woman in the galaxy
- Snape! sarcastic bamf with a heart of gold ╮(ಠ‿ಠ)╭ who saved the world
- plus two kids who didn’t know what they were doing: an emo with aunty issues and the sweetest cinamon roll.
All villains were so grotesque I can’t even. The gyöngyhajú lány. And that Voldemort au? What was even that? Dungeons of tortures?? Scorpion King????????? I mean… ლ(⊙_⊙ლ) The trolley lady was pretty normal in comparison with the rest… Like, tbh everything was just action (and that’s weird because some scenes didn’t move the plot much) and no emotions, the characters were rather shallow in my opinion (siriusly, not much depth) And why the heck it was about Cedric? We just don’t know ╮( •ิ_•ิ)╭
I wish I could watch it on stage (•́︿•̀) maybe I’d like it better…
So, did I like it? Meh. Do I accept all those things as canon? (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ Hell no ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

reminder to peeps: dont out people without their consent

second reminder: if you do have permission, dont introduce them with just their gender/sexuality, especially don’t do this everytime you talk about them

like i have a friend and she always introduces her friend as “name, the trans woman …” that’s a bit like they are a pet or a thing to show off

trans people aren’t there for you to wave around when you’re having an argument, or when you’re trying to prove that you know a lot about lgbt+ issues and they are definitely more than just the fact that they’re trans.