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Together with @blyedeeks we’re going to make a group chat (private sideblog or idn how yall call it) on tumblr for Alpha Male Madness poll for Bob in the final round! 

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Why we’re making this gc, what you’re going to find there?

  • Tips how to vote in the fastest way
  • All updates about the amount of votes we’re getting per one refersh (yes it’s possible to find this out)
  • well. together i know we can do this.

why this poll is so important check out this post.
hit me up in dms if you have any questions.


I will do it before the new round starts.

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Hey was wondering if the chocobros s/o was pregnant how would they help out with the pregnancy? Would they help out with morning sickness indulge their food cravings silly things like that? Thought that would be a cute thing lol

Noctis would be the one to get you literally whatever it was that you wanted. Since he’s the prince, he has ways of getting things at really ridiculous times. Craving ice cream and pickles at 3am? He’s got it covered. Want a full-course meal with very specific food items that are strangely hard to find? He’ll figure out a way to track them down. He’s extremely doting because he’s also terrified, but he tries his best to keep a calm face. Your comfort is first and foremost and he has people waiting on you hand and foot.

Prompto has a habit of treating you like you’re made of glass. He can’t help it, he’s just so excited to be a father. He’s already dedicated himself to becoming the best possible father he can be, because he never really had this parents around when he was growing up. He’s already stared baby-proofing the entire house, and he’s spontaneously purchased twenty to thirty pillows so that you can be comfortable no matter which room you choose to relax in. He’s one step ahead of you when it comes to preparing the nursery, and has a list of names he likes already chosen. 

Gladio insists on carrying you whenever you’re tired or want to go to bed. He just wants to make sure you’re okay at all times, and is doubly alpha-male when it comes to how others are around you. He’s a bit of a nervous wreck, actually, when it comes to you being around a lot of people, or anywhere where you might get pushed or jostled by accident. His favourite thing to do is to give you foot massages while you relax on the couch together after a long day, watching whatever trashy rom-com you’ve chosen. He always apologizes for being too overbearing, he’s just anxious to be a dad.

Ignis is always keeping up to date with whatever it is that you can and can’t eat, and whatever your strange cravings are. If you describe a recipe with a combination of strange ingredients that you just need right away, he’ll always indulge you and cook the dish to your exact specifications. He’s always prepared to pamper you, especially as you get further along in your pregnancy, and already has the overnight bag packed for the hospital and prenatal vitamins loaded up in the medicine cabinet. You suspect he’s read more parenting books than you have, which is a feat in and of itself.

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How about a male alpha who runs an orphanage? Most people judge cos its an "omega thing", but anyone who knows him think its great, cos he's like in denial that he's these kiddos dad. Like "im not a father!!!" He screams as he is followed by like 20 kids calling him 'papa' and he acts like he hates it but actually he loves it

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Search the Galaxy ch. 5

When you had gotten back to your home planet Ekon had been waiting for you. Whipping away the tears that stained your face you stood tall and made your way off the ship. Standing there was most of your pack and Ekon’s. As soon as the bastard saw no male with you he gave a cunning smile and crossed his arms over his barreled chest. You felt his eyes on you as you hugged your cousin and aunt. Trying to avoid his gaze you focused on reuniting with your friends and family. They all gave you looks of pity, your cousin, Jacar even whispering words of sorrow in your ear. Before long the alpha male had had enough and came over to place his hand on your shoulder. Standing there you refused to look at him and felt him squeeze your shoulder tighter. Without a word he moved his hand to grip your wrist and pulled you along with him into your chambers. 

Hearing the door shut behind you, you tried to hold back the tears that were blurring your vision. You stood there in the middle of the room and felt his eyes on your back. Circling you, you noticed he was looking you up and down, for what you did not know. When he stopped in front of you you tried to focus on his boots.

“You will learn I am a man of tradition. I believe the ways of our past are still to be practiced today… With that you will no longer wear pants, women are to wear dresses. You will have no under garments and your hair will be kept pulled back when you are out of this room. When is your next heat?” his deep voice rang.

Glancing up at him you saw his face to be hard. He truly was the most intimidating person you had ever come across. His frame wide with lean muscles. He had a long brown goatee and long hair that he kept pulled back. His face thin with sharp features. He was around ten years older than you and with that had seen many fights, scars covered his body along with the tattoos he had gotten from wining them. He wore no shirt only a pair of animal skin pants and brown boots. When you heard a small growl rumble in his chest you snapped out of your thoughts, “two weeks, but I am on heat suppressants.” you answered in a soft whisper.

“Mmm. You will no longer be taking them,  I will not mate you until then.” Ekon said. When he noticed y/n’s face contorted into one of confusion he moved closer to her. “Consider it time to get to know each other, You may even learn to love me by then.”

Snapping your eyes to his you couldn’t help but give a small growl, “You think I could love you in just two weeks?”

Hearing y/n’s growl Ekon tensed and glared down at her, “How long did it take you to fall in love with him?… Yes I know you found him but he didn’t love you back did he? Didn’t want you.” He mocked.

Your heart clenched at the thought of Yondu and you began to shake with both anger and sadness, “I will NEVER love you!” As soon as the words were out of your mouth a sharp pain was felt on the side of your face and you fell to the floor with a yelp. Tears spilled from your eyes as you held your hand over where Ekon had hit you. Looking up at him you saw he was fuming, his chest puffing up and down. 

“I don’t need you to love me, in the end I will get your lands, your solders and in two weeks I will pin you beneath me and you will be mine, regardless of your feelings.” He said going to walk away.

Not wanting to back down from the alpha male you gave a chuckle. “And when you do I will think of him.” you said in a croak. As soon as he stopped walking you knew your mistake. 

Letting out a deep breath Ekon shook his head. “You will learn to respect me, even if I have to beat it into you.” He growled.

Watching him, you saw as he ripped his belt from his pants loops with a snap. Folding the thick leather belt over once he turned around and before you could stand he was hitting you with the belt. You screamed out in pain as the leather smacked your back, legs and ass. Holding your hands over your head, you curled up on the floor as he continued to lash you. When you were close to passing out from pain he stopped and keeled down beside your sobbing form. Grabbing your chin tightly in his hand you whimpered as he made you look at him. 

“What was his name?” Ekon asked, as he glared down at her tear soaked face. 

Refusing to answer you heard him give another growl. Seeing him raise his fist up you closed your eyes and next thing you knew everything went black.


Boarding Quill’s ship Yondu made his way into the room with the rest of the guardians. “What did you hear? Where is she?” He asked straight away as soon as he entered the main room. When he looked over he saw a different man leaning against the wall beside Gamora. “Whos this?” he asked looking to Quill for answers. 

“This him?” Jacar asked Gamora making her nod. Walking over to stand in front of the blue alpha Jacar stood tall and tightened his jaw. “Yondu?" 

"Whos askin’?” Yondu growled looking the younger alpha over.

“I’m Jacar… y/n’s cousin.” Jacar growled before punching the man in the jaw.

“Whoa whoa…” Quill yelled going to stand between the two.

Stumbling backwards a bit Yondu brought his hand up to his mouth to feel blood and growled at the man. Giving a whistle his arrow flew from his side and aimed at the man’s head. “Ya mus be stupid boy!” Yondu growled as he glared over Quill’s shoulder.

“Let’s all just calm down. Yondu this is Jacar, y/n’s cousin. He found us when we were asking around for her on Contraxia.” Quill said as he looked to his father figure. Seeing his eyes glowing red Quill placed his hands on Yondu’s shoulders. “He has some information about her that I think you would like to know.”

Giving a low growl Yondu glared at the male before giving another whistle and calling back his arrow. “Tell me?”

Yondu and the others listened as Jacar told them about the deal between his and y/n’s clan and another’s. He told them how the watch told her how much time she had left to find her mate before she had to go back and marry Ekon. He told them how Ekon was a cruel man and how ever since y/n had gotten back no one had been allowed to see her.

“…He keeps her locked up in that room. We can hear her screaming and crying. When I tried to force my way in there he threatened to kill my wife and unborn pup. He is beating her, I know he hasn’t claimed her yet…” Jacar said as he rubbed his hands over his face.

“How do you know?” Yondu asked, his fin and eyes both glowing a bright red.

“Heard him boasting about how he was waiting until she comes into heat to ‘fuck her bloody’.” Jacar said with a shake of his head. “She’s like my sister. I couldn’t just stay there and let him continue to beat her and wait until the day he rapes her. So I came looking for you, I wanted to know why you turned her away… why you turned your mate away." 

Letting out a sigh Yondu looked down at his feet before looking back up, "I’s made a mistake. One I will hate mysef’ fur fur the rest of my life.” he said and saw as Jacar nodded. “Will ya take me ta er’?” he asked.

Jacar took a deep breath as he looked to the others. “It won’t be easy to get to her. Ever since she got back he has move his clan into our lands. The women won’t be a problem for you they are just scared of their males. As far as the men go they are vicious. Y/n’s chambers are heavily guarded at all time by his men. No one is allowed in or out without Ekon’s say so.”

“Then I’ll go in alone…” Yondu went to say but was interrupted by Quill.

“No way. You heard what he said you blue idiot if they catch you you’re dead.” Quill said looking to Yondu like he had grown another head.

“He won’t be alone. I can get you to her room and try to get the guards to chase after me.” Jacar said.

With a firm nod from Yondu and the others they made their way to Gliese.


You sat on the floor beside the small table in your room as Ekon ate his meal. Feeling the blood drip from your lip from where Ekon was just 'teching you’ how to properly serve your alpha male. While pouring his alcohol your hands had been shaky from the lack of food making you spill the wine on his lap. He had brought the back of his hand across your face, throwing you to the floor. After yelling at you to clean up the mess you had made he pulled on the collar he had put on your neck and made you sit on the floor by his feet. Dropping a small plate of food beside you he glared down at you making your eyes shoot down.

“When you learn how to serve me correctly you may eat at the table with me.” He said in a harsh tone before going back to eating his meal.

Lifting the small roll to your mouth, you nibbled on it and slowly trailed your eyes up to look out the window. Feeling tears roll down you cheeks you stared at the stars and tried to imagine you were back with Yondu. That the two of you were siting on the floor in the hanger of his ship eating super. Your lip trembled as you smiled at the memories of the stories he would tell you. You prayed for his happiness and safety. Hoping that he would at least remember you on his adventures. That he wouldn’t forget you.

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Hi! I'm curious how will you describe Jensen and Jared's personality? Both canon and headcanon is just fine, I absolutely love to read all your thoughts, please go crazy! Thanks, I hope you have a delightful day :)

Hello, dear anon!

I apologize for having your ask remain unanswered for so many days, but I knew that once I got around to it, it would take me a while to write my response down. *winks* I’ll be swimming in my sea of headcanons, since I don’t actually know how they are behind closed doors.


The ultimate alpha male that has people holding their breath when he arrives to the scene. Probably a little oblivious of the effect he has on people, but more than capable of utilizing his charms when they’re needed. Looks like a Greek god personified, but behaves mostly like the shy boy from next door. Is in fact far more complicated than he lets on!

Takes a while to warm up to new people, but if you get under his skin, he’ll let you stay there and will defend you vigorously. A fantastic friend. Very loyal to people he loves and doesn’t spare himself from trouble when his friends or lover are in question. Trustworthy as hell, but also a very funny person to be around!

A marvelous leader, but not offensive by default - others fall in step with him naturally and it requires no effort from his part. His air of silent self-confidence is enough to convince people to follow his lead willingly. Takes risks when he deems them to be for a worthwhile cause.

Tender to a fault. Hides his sweet nature and nurturing tendencies behind a shell, but drops the act when his care is needed. Feels deeply and tries to hide it, but is not as good at it as he might think. A terrible liar and a bit of a hot head. Goes from 0 to 100 in a few seconds when his beloved is threatened, but far more patient when he himself is the one taking the hits. Tries to hide his indignation to the best of his ability.


A real-life unicorn that makes people feel at ease in any situation. Doesn’t think much of himself despite all of the affirmation given by his peers, doesn’t know at all how wonderful of a person he is. A natural people person with a large heart and a larger-than-life personality.

A very giving guy in all senses of the word - surprises his friends and lover with presents, sweetness and affection. Makes everyone around him fall in love with his sunny personality and stunning appearance, but remains perhaps a little oblivious of his powerful charm. Has a joke for every occasion and lets his laughter run free.

Feels confident when he knows his company is in support of him, but isn’t very self-confident by default. Needs a strong support system and luckily has one. Submissive to a certain degree, but definitely not a doormat or a wallflower. The life and soul of the party, a natural centre of attention, but doesn’t steal anyone’s thunder.

A very supportive friend and an adoring lover. Playful, free-spirited, defiant, temperamental and very forgiving. Gets mad at unjust things he witnesses and doesn’t spare himself when trying to fix them to his best ability. Exhausts himself in the process of doing what he believes is right and tries hard to live up to people’s expectations of him. Loyal to all of his friends and to his lover, highly emotional and very sensitive.

Phew, there we go. I hope my headcanons please you, sweet anon! I must emphasize that all of this is what I think I see when I’m looking at the J’s, and should be treated as headcanon and nothing more. I don’t actually know them, so I have no choice but base my ideas of them on what I’ve seen in their interviews, convention panels, behind-the-scenes footage and the grapevine I’ve read. I could be terribly mistaken!

I hope your day treats you well, dear! I must again apologize for taking so long. Thank you so much for sending me your love!

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Part One

Theo x Reader / Scott x Reader

Warnings: Dom!Scott, Dom!Theo, Sub!Reader, Heavy hints of smut, swearing, sex, smut

“Would you mind telling me what’s wrong with him?” Deaton sighed as Scott seemed to loll around the vets.


“Urm well, Theo turned up at college with this girl, cute thing like this high and apparently, according to Liam and Scott she smells like…” Stiles indicated at Scott as he was interrupted.


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Fake Chats #115
  • Taehyung: hyung, have you ever had whiskey?
  • Namjoon: once.
  • Taehyung: was it smooth?
  • Namjoon: it wasn't my favorite, but yeah, it was good.
  • Taehyung: no, but was it smooth?
  • Namjoon: you don't even know what that means.
  • Taehyung: I know it doesn't mean how Jungkookie is always stalking Jimin. It's not how Yoongi-hyung always looks at Hopi-hyung when he sees something he likes. It's not how Seokjin-hyung has to prove he's the alpha male to Yoongi-hyung. It's not those things.
  • Namjoon: you're right, it's not those things.
  • Taehyung: so was it smooth?
  • Namjoon: very.
  • Taehyung: I want to try it.
  • Namjoon: no you don't.
  • Taehyung: it's also not like you knowing you'll get in trouble with Jinnie-hyung if you give me whiskey.
  • Namjoon: you're right, it's not. You'll still not getting any.

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Rosy, Bob's video is so cute. He is so adorable, cute and handsome. Plus Ellie is so adorable too. Did you see how Ellie was loving all the attention and how she just loves being in Bob's hands? I keep watching the video on loop. I am so glad he won because it is such good publicity for him. Really pleased for him. He was smiling all through the video, he is so happy, plus modest. He well deserved this recognition. It's great for the network and producers to see that Bob has a huge fan base.

It’s adorable. He’s adorable. Ellie’s adorable. Please with the puppy. Do you think he even realized what an effect the dog would have on people’s perception of him or was he just hugging her because he feels uncomfortable with compliments and he needed something to deflect all that attention onto? He said it wasn’t him, it was us. He said it was our passion and the award was for us. He talked about how his dog is proof that he’s no alpha male. 

I get how he feels because I hate compliments too and feel awful weird about accepting them even if I deserve them, and would rather talk about other people than myself, but I don’t have to do it in front of thousands upon thousands of people. 

But NO BOB NO. It’s not our award. It’s YOURS. Because of YOU. 

Can someone get to Arryn or Zach or someone (or everyone) and tell them to tell him that this poll was not about the fans, but about how we think HE deserves the attention. Because we value HIS work. Because we value HIM. And it’s not all about his looks. And he needs to believe that he is worthy.

I’m so frustrated because empowerment is so important to me, and he’s brushing off his own talent and successes, and I can’t get to him and tell him to snap out of it and believe in himself. I’m not made for this celebrity stuff. You guys are better at it. 

Remember the episode where Reid had to stay behind with Garcia and they were talking about how Hotch never blinks? Reid stated that was ‘classic alpha male behavior,’ but also went on to say that he was a blinker. Do not tell me that I’m the only one who realized that Reid had just admitted to being a bottom.

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What would Kakashi do if his girlfriend called him 'Alpha' in bed? Do you think he'd like it?

Oooo! I think he’d like it, he’d probably stop all sudden movements and be like.

“W-What did you just say?” Then they’d blushed and say it again and then he’d blush and flip them over in doggy style and give them a fucking of a lifetime. Say something about how much of an alpha male he really is in bed, probably something corny but their partner would fucking love it! I mean Kakashi loves dogs so I wouldn’t be surprised. But I also feel like he has….other kinks. :)

Recognizing an abusive relationship: when the Strong Female Character™ is an abuser and her victim is male

[mentions of abuse, child abuse, addiction, human trafficking, and death][spoilers for Graceland S2 and S3]

Here’s a gif that is fairly clearly, even to people who don’t know the context, an instance of abuse:

Before being pushed, his hands are out in a sign of surrender, and he’s just standing there non-threateningly. You can also see right before he’s pushed that he’s wearing a hospital band, and he’s obviously in a lot of pain in the second half of the gif: the woman is shoving an injured man to the ground, and he’s the one that apologizes.

This gif is from the show Graceland, and the female in the gif is named Paige Arkin. She’s a DEA agent, and a classic Strong Female Character. She’s in control of herself, sexual and proud, and an incredible, capable agent. None of those things are bad; in fact, they help make Paige a more complex character, and it’s wonderful that a show about undercover agents has a character like Paige (as well as another wonderful dynamic female character, Charlie Demarco). However: in the second season, Paige is in a relationship with the male in the gif, Mike Warren.

Their sexual relationship begins in the end of episode 2x02. In episode 2x05, Paige needs a cover team for an operation they’re both working on, but can’t get it. She then tells Mike to sleep with a woman who is the boss of both of them, saying that he needs to “convince her” and “do whatever he needs to do” to get Paige her cover team. When Mike tries to do this but can’t make himself, Paige reacts by going behind his back and the back of their boss and does what she wants anyway.

The case they’re both working on continues. It involves human trafficking, and Paige becomes very invested in the wellbeing of the girls—which is definitely not a bad thing. If anything, Paige’s desire to help these girls and how protective she is of them is one of the best things about the entire show. However, Paige makes a plan to rescue the girls and files a request. She gives the form to Mike and says, in complete seriousness, “File it within the hour, or I’m going to hurt you.” At this point they are no longer in a relationship. The case continues, and while Mike is undercover with the human traffickers, one of the girls is killed. Mike is shown looking at his phone about to call Paige, but stops. He instead covers up the murder and frames it so that it looks like the girl ran away, and he writes a letter to her family about how she is happy and thriving (using a letter she’d written before to mimic the handwriting). He does not tell Paige about the girl’s death because he is afraid of what she’ll do to him if she finds out. The case continues. Paige finds out about the letter (but not that Mike was the one that sent it). She continues her search for the girl she believes escaped, but suspects Mike of lying to her about it.

In the Season 2 finale, Mike is shot and, while bleeding out, confesses to Paige about the girl and the letter, saying that he believes it’s better for the family if “they believe she’s happy.” Paige responds by going to the person that shot Mike and telling that person where Mike is, using the phrase “wipe out that trash.” This person goes to Mike, who is in the hospital (in addition to being shot, his lungs collapsed during the surgery to remove the bullet, and the bullet gave him lead poisoning), and this person murders Mike by cutting off his oxygen supply. Mike is awake and fully aware of what is happening as he is killed, and the person killing him tells him that Paige was the one that gave him up and that he plans on killing all of the other agents as well.

Season 3 opens. We find out that doctors were able to resuscitate Mike. While recovering in the hospital, Mike finds out that Paige is going into a situation where she might be killed. He checks himself out of the hospital and rushes to her. When he gets there, Paige shoves him to the ground and yells at him, “Goddamnit Mike, you have to stop trying to save me!” Mike is shown on the ground in pain, and then says that he is sorry and that he forgives her. (This scene is what the gif up above is from.)

If that scene were flipped—if a male character shoved a female to the ground and yelled at her (right after being responsible for her almost-death)—people would have reacted to it a lot differently. Instead, there are generally two reactions to the Mike/Paige dynamic. One: people ship them. They think that their relationship is romantic and progressive, since Paige is the more aggressive/in-your-face/forceful one. Two: they think that Mike deserved what happened to him. They think that because he is a man and Paige is a woman, what happened with them is excusable, or even that Mike lying to her made him deserve to die. There is a fandom-wide selective ignorance, and a collective refusal to recognize that Mike saying that he forgives her is literally an abuse victim forgiving his abuser. Paige threatens him, pressures him to have sex with someone for her gain, is responsible for his death, physically abuses him, and even more later on in Season 3. We know that Mike is afraid of her; Mike is killed because of how afraid he was of what she’d do to him when she found out he’d made a mistake. He forgives her, and minimizes what she did (like saying “we all make mistakes” and protecting Paige when another agent suggests that Mike should turn Paige in for what she did)(this is a textbook example of something abuse victims do when talking about their abusers).

We find out in Graceland: Undercover, a behind the scenes/more in depth look at the characters, that Mike is a victim of child abuse. There is a concept in victimology known as revictimization, or repeat victimization [x], which is when someone who is an abuse survivor is much more likely to be a victim again later in life. This has to do with abusers being able to pick up on subtle reactions and the “victim vulnerability” that exists in victims of past abuse. (This could perhaps be associated with Mike’s overly forgiving nature, and how he is much less of an “alpha male” type than the other male characters on the show. This, and how his characterization facilitates the power imbalance between Paige and Mike, is of course something subconscious and not in any way Mike’s fault.) I’m not saying that Paige actively sought Mike out with the intention of abusing him, because that’s rarely how abusive relationships work. It’s about power, and Paige sees herself as more powerful than Mike. She purposefully and repeatedly manipulates him throughout Season 2 to get what she wants for the case, even though they’re on the same side and working toward the same goal. When he doesn’t do exactly what she wants, she lashes out at him. (And all of this isn’t even mentioning the fact that Mike is canonically neurodivergent [ADHD], and that people with mental illnesses/disorders are four times more likely to be abuse victims than people without them [x]).

We also find out a bit of backstory in Graceland: Undercover, that Paige Arkin’s brother was a substance abuser. In the rest of Season 3, Mike struggles with an addiction to painkillers as he recovers. And yet, with his addiction, Paige remains insensitive. Mike believes that while he was dead, he saw something. Paige makes fun of him for this on several occasions (example: one morning, Mike tells the other agents something that has to do with what he believes he saw. Paige says, “Okay. It’s a little too early for… all of this.” and gestures at Mike.). Even after everything she’s done, she still doesn’t treat Mike with respect: the fact that he saw anything while dead is a direct result of her actions, when she had him assassinated. At one point, Mike says that he feels so bad about what happened that he has nightmares about the girl that died during their case. Paige then flips what he said on him, saying that he’s lucky because when he wakes up he doesn’t have to see the girl, but Paige sees the girl everywhere and can’t even look at Mike without being reminded of her. She guilts him and makes sure that he knows that his presence reminds her of how she failed to help that one girl.

Paige Arkin is written to be a very complex person with very strong morals, and her black and white morals define her. To Paige, you are either completely innocent or completely evil, and if you do something that removes you from the innocent side, the side she sees herself on, you are worthy of death. Most of the time, this makes Paige a great agent. However, there are times, such as most of her interactions with Mike, where this trait is not so great.

In the beginning of Season 3, she sees herself on the side of evil. She feels (briefly) guilty about what she did to Mike, and that’s why she puts herself in a situation where she could’ve been killed. But, as Mike slips further into his addiction, she forgets. Mike forgives her (and apologizes for what they both believe he did wrong; she believes this because of her black and white morals, and he believes this because, as previously stated, he is forgiving his abuser), and she forgives herself and goes right back to being her normal self again.

The existence of a character like Paige is not a negative thing: real life women are complex and not all good. Awful women exist. Female abusers exist. The line is drawn, though, when viewers do not recognize that this character is not a completely good person and instead idolize her or think what she’s doing to Mike is feminist—because hurray for a woman hurting a man, that’ll show him—or romantic—because whatever it is Pike shippers believe.

Basically what I’m trying to say is: Paige Arkin is a great character. Mike Warren is a great character. The two of them together, not great. Paige is a complex, realistic character and a blessing to television in that capacity, but she is not by any means a perfect person or a role model, and that is okay.

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(post publicly) misha is still in the alpha male madness poll and stephen amell AND matthew daddario arent what the fuck

like,,,,he doesnt even compare to them, he shouldn’t be on there in the first place


How the fuck is mishmash an ‘alpha male’ in the first place?
But they paired him against Jensen, and he is losing. :p


my biggest issue with Thomas Gibson being fired is that it will most likely be the kiss of death for Criminal Minds– the last two seasons have been relatively weak in comparison to the previous ones, and with Shemar’s departure, it just seems like the cast/crew will have a seriously difficult time maintaining ratings high enough to carry the show through a 13th season.
I am, under no circumstances, condoning violence. kicking someone without warning or script is absolutely unacceptable. but I just have to wonder if the CM team really made the right decision.
everything I’m reading is saying that Virgil Williams (the writer/producer TG kicked) is a pretty stereotypical alpha-male; always bragging about strength and how he’s trained in martial arts, being aggressive and combative, etc. if that truly is the case, I’d like to think that the team would investigate thoroughly and make a sensible decision in the wake of Moore’s departure.
I know this wasn’t TG’s first instance of physical violence on set, and that probably largely attributed to their decision in firing him, but it doesn’t make me any less worried about the show.
I’m worried about the cast and crew, the people who have spent over a decade dedicating their lives to this show and ensuring its as good as it could possibly be. I’m worried about the livelihood of most of them. I’m worried about their well-being. I care about them as if they were family, and I know they have families and lives of their own, bills to pay, children to spend time with, and it breaks my heart thinking that with the impending demise of Criminal Minds, that that stability may be taken away from them.
I’m hopeful for the future, however; hopeful that Matthew will do more directing or focus more time into his children’s book, hopeful that Kirsten will do more theatre and things like her recent film, Kill Me Deadly, hopeful that AJ may be able to spend more time with her kids than she’s currently allotted… but I’m worried. and that’s the main reason I’m skeptical about the decision to fire Thomas Gibson over this dispute.