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How about a male alpha who runs an orphanage? Most people judge cos its an "omega thing", but anyone who knows him think its great, cos he's like in denial that he's these kiddos dad. Like "im not a father!!!" He screams as he is followed by like 20 kids calling him 'papa' and he acts like he hates it but actually he loves it

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For a special treat…
I’ve booked a hotel.

Remember the episode where Reid had to stay behind with Garcia and they were talking about how Hotch never blinks? Reid stated that was ‘classic alpha male behavior,’ but also went on to say that he was a blinker. Do not tell me that I’m the only one who realized that Reid had just admitted to being a bottom.

my biggest issue with Thomas Gibson being fired is that it will most likely be the kiss of death for Criminal Minds– the last two seasons have been relatively weak in comparison to the previous ones, and with Shemar’s departure, it just seems like the cast/crew will have a seriously difficult time maintaining ratings high enough to carry the show through a 13th season.
I am, under no circumstances, condoning violence. kicking someone without warning or script is absolutely unacceptable. but I just have to wonder if the CM team really made the right decision.
everything I’m reading is saying that Virgil Williams (the writer/producer TG kicked) is a pretty stereotypical alpha-male; always bragging about strength and how he’s trained in martial arts, being aggressive and combative, etc. if that truly is the case, I’d like to think that the team would investigate thoroughly and make a sensible decision in the wake of Moore’s departure.
I know this wasn’t TG’s first instance of physical violence on set, and that probably largely attributed to their decision in firing him, but it doesn’t make me any less worried about the show.
I’m worried about the cast and crew, the people who have spent over a decade dedicating their lives to this show and ensuring its as good as it could possibly be. I’m worried about the livelihood of most of them. I’m worried about their well-being. I care about them as if they were family, and I know they have families and lives of their own, bills to pay, children to spend time with, and it breaks my heart thinking that with the impending demise of Criminal Minds, that that stability may be taken away from them.
I’m hopeful for the future, however; hopeful that Matthew will do more directing or focus more time into his children’s book, hopeful that Kirsten will do more theatre and things like her recent film, Kill Me Deadly, hopeful that AJ may be able to spend more time with her kids than she’s currently allotted… but I’m worried. and that’s the main reason I’m skeptical about the decision to fire Thomas Gibson over this dispute.

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how do you feel about alphas doing 'displays' for omegas? simila to how male birds/deer/ect do it to get the gals attention

I’m all for it. One of my favorite things is alphas having to work for their omega, wooing them, doing things for them, making some alpha displays to prove their fitness, all in hopes the omega will deem them worthy.

Kissing the princes (Gif Headcanon)

I’ve seen alot of gif headcanons, so I thought I’d give it a try! Here goes nothing…


Just like the man himself, Roberto’s kisses are really sweet. Through every single one of them, you can feel how deeply in love he is with you. Each of them being better than the last one, you can’t seem to let go of each other.

Until Alberto barges in the room and cockblocks you.


Perhaps due to his age, Glenn’s kisses are kept simple. However, that doesn’t make them any less amazing. He kisses you tenderly, showing you how much he cherishes you.


Keith, being the alpha male he is, likes to be in control. When he wants you, he wants you now. His kisses are agressive, yet full of love.


Wilfred’s kisses are hot hot hot! He can’t stop touching you and showers your whole body with kisses, marking you with his love. 


Edward is the eternal romantic. He treats you like a precious rose, his gentle kisses being filled with love.


Joshua  isn’t the best at expressing his feelings, so he’ll just kiss you out of the blue to express his love.

Let’s talk a little bit about Andrew Luck, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. Luck is an incredible quarterback with immense skill, but he also has a secret weapon at his disposal that tips the odds in his favor whenever he takes the field. It’s a deadly weapon, and he wields it like a kung-fu master artfully wields the torn-off arm of an enemy to mercilessly beat other enemies. It turns out Luck is a really, really super-duper nice guy who compliments opponents after they tackle him. Opposing defenses are absolutely baffled by this. They have no idea how to react to kindness. It’s a violent sport filled with alpha males raging on horse steroids, and they’re more equine than human by now. Yet, here’s a guy who says, “Good job!” after getting demolished by armored horse-people, and the armored horse-people have existential breakdowns in response. And all because Luck is a good dude. I really hope he doesn’t rape or pummel anyone in the future, or else that sentence will look mighty stupid. (x)

Katniss gets help from Peeta, Haymitch, Rue, and Thresh (plus District 11, following Rue’s death) in her first Hunger Games. And nobody seems to bat an eyelash. She’s a REAL Victor.

But Peeta gets help from Katniss, and suddenly that equals her being the only reason he makes it through those Games. That makes him NOT a REAL Victor.

Rick and Michonne are FIRE precisely because they are equals. How rare is it to see an alpha male with an alpha female on television? No - we live in a society that celebrates an almost paedophilic obsession with older men paired off with much younger women where the power imbalance inherit. Not only are Rick and Michonne the same age, physically and mentally they are of equal power, and that is so important in a world that teachers women to shrink themselves in order to appeal to men. That shit ain’t happening here. 

This ship is iconic. 

I want to make a movie with a really typical teen movie setup, the female protagonist is pining over the hot guy and she has a shy, geeky guy friend with a big, obvious, kinda creepy crush on her, and it goes just as you’d expect for the first like 20 minutes, it seems like another cliche teen movie, you know exactly what’s gonna happen. But then the guy friend tells her he loves her less than halfway through the movie, and instead of her immediately reciprocating and them ending up together, she says “Yeah, I know. Sorry, but I’m not attracted to you.” Then he throws a bitch fit about how how the other guy is a stupid alpha male and only he can save her, and how he’s done everything for her and he deserves her. Then he becomes the villain for the rest of the movie and tries to ruin her life for putting him in the friendzone. Then he gets arrested for being a stalker and she gets a restraining order and goes out with the hot guy who’s not an entitled asshole.

He was trying to cross a busy street so I got out, put him in my truck and took him to the river. All he did was complain. The whole time, bitch, bitch, bitch. Looking back on it, I think he might have felt a little scared, but you know how dudes can be, it was coming out in this aggressive, alpha-male kind of way. I don’t have time for that. I finally got tired of it, things between us escalated, he threatened to bite me, I threatened to eat him, we both lost our cool. I try to be a peaceful guy but sometimes these things happen. Anyway, we finally made it to the river and I set him down on the edge. As he swam away, he looked back at me and I swear I could hear him whisper, with his unarticulated lips, “thank you, my friend.” I kind of miss him.

Not snitching it symbolized something else

In my opinion, Rick snitching on Michonne wasn’t because he was feeling petty, it was cause he didn’t know how to say his final goodbye to Morgan.

An alpha male like that isn’t good with words so he’s gonna find a comical yet manly way to say, “goodbye old friend, hope to see you on the other side” while also saying “we’ve had some good times I won’t forget you, no hard feelings for the whole wolves fiasco.”

It was a verbal bro hug. Post Apocalyptic Edition of course.

Cause Rick knows Morgan is smart enough to realize that she mos def ate that bar. He’s a pacifist, not an idiot.

Alright that’s enough talking for me.

Oliver Queen is the best TV boyfriend out there ...

The second episode of the Arrow’s 4th season was not as gratifying as the season premiere for this Olicity fan but it had some moments.

For starters, Oliver Queen has established himself as the best boyfriend on TV. He has surpassed Pacey Witter as my go to reference for awesome boyfriends because buying a first-day-as-big-boss-fern and packing a home cooked lunch for his girlfriend after the night of fighting crime and saving the city trumps any blank wall in every universe. Oliver Queen is da bomb but Felicity Smoak is also da bomb and she deserves nothing less than this level of devotion. Together, they are da ultimate bomb that make our TVs combust every Wednesday night and I couldn’t be happier because this is everything I wanted them to be since I first laid eyes on them.

Oliver Queen also can’t stop telling people that Felicity Smoak is his girlfriend and sugar mama and we love him all the more for that. I mean how many alpha males you see on TV who are so secure in their masculinity that they are totally fine with living off of the largess of their generous girlfriends? Hardly any, so Oliver Queen is a trail blazer in that regard too. Because he was born rich and he still has absolutely shitty money sense and spent a chunk on buying a truck for the baddie of the week’s finger prints. We forgive his bad money sense because he is proving to be absolutely the bestest of the boyfriends – in both real and fictional world.

Everything that has anything to do with Oliver & Felicity as a couple and individuals was spot on in this episode. Their characters saw growth individually and as a couple. The writers have done them justice so far but it would be good to see at least one scene which is not rushed and where they get a bit of room to breathe and say more than 3 sentences to each other. Cuddling on their many couches in the loft with a glass of wine would be most appreciated.

Apart from Olicity, there were many things that made no sense. Team not Arrow was still giving Oliver attitude when they begged him to come back and it was obvious they were kind of useless without him and Felicity. What’s absolutely unforgiveable was John Diggle snubbing Felicity Smoak when she wanted to high five him after a successful mission. WHOSE DOES THAT TO A CUPCAKE LIKE FELICITY SMOAK WHO HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT KIND AND LOVING TO HIM SO FAR! WHAT THE FUCK WRITERS.

Laurel continues to be the most selfish and worst person around. There is a reason Oliver never told her anything and he was proven correct because the minute she found out about Thea’s resurrection, she got the idea to use an emotionally vulnerable girls for her plans to resurrect Sara Lance. Considering there was no love lost between the two sisters when SL was alive, she probably was only doing it to compete with Oliver. Hey, if Ollie can resurrect his sister, why can’t I. I am also a vigilante and wear leather. Great logic Laurel, it sucks like everything else you do.

Quentin Lance was not doing his job as always and asked Oliver to do it and when he did it, he remained the ungrateful bastard that he has always been and told him that he would be slapping him with murder charges if the bad guy had died. Again, why do these Lances do exists?

Not the best of the episodes but it was saved by some decent action sequences between Oliver Queen and Anarky and the absolute perfection that Oliver and Felicity has been. Just gimme more of these two please.