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You do know that actresses wearing "bikinis" in Justice League are utterly comfortable with it? They said they found it glamorous, showing off body they worked hard to achieve. Why are you policing what they're comfortable with? Also, before you go on being "fake woke", remember how men were dressed in 300. Try actually doing something productive instead of making issue where is none just so you could reward yourself "woke points".

I’m happy the actresses are happy with it. I’m pissed at the producers and the directors because they’re the ones who chose it. The men in that movie also have great bodies that they worked hard to achieve, Jason Momoa especially is VERY comfortable in his skin. Why isn’t he fighting topless? He’d be comfortable with it. He’d love being glamorous. 

Why is glamorous only something female superheroes have the option of being? Wonder Woman and Batman are co-leaders of the team, if only Diana needs to be glamorous, that’s sexist. 

They didn’t hand the actresses two costumes, ones with bare stomachs and ones without, and say “pick what you’re comfortable with and we’ll go with that”.

The executive producers (all men) and the directors chose the costumes, and they picked costumes that cover up the men fighting and expose the women. Going into battle with your stomach bare is not a safe choice when you have the technology to do otherwise. 

Spartans in 300 (a movie I really enjoy!) don’t wear armor because the technology wasn’t there yet in their part of the world to make it comfortable and something they could fight in. They also carried HUGE shields and fought in formation to help protect them. 

Amazon archers can’t carry a shield, so their stomachs are exposed. 

I think it’s stupid and rooted in sexism, which I am entirely within my rights to do, because it’s a stupid choice by the production staff. 

You have historically based armor that fits from the last movie, by the same studio. It’s already made, they could wear that, and someone chose to make new armor that exposed more skin and was innately more sexist.

I am entirely within my rights to think so and say so. 

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Hey! I’m considering buying a body-kun, but before I go for it, I’d like to know how well he can take to the poses I illustrated below (highlighted areas being of particular interest to me; to what degree can body-kun slouch? to what degree can his arms and legs bend?)

External image

If you can help me with this, I would immensely appreciate it haha. And please feel free to let me know if this is the wrong place to ask.


PS. great blog, awesome cause :)


Admin: Alas, you’ve found most of body-kun’s weaknesses.  Here’s a rundown.

This is the full range of motion body-kun can achieve in regards to a “curling over the knees” pose.  It’s what I consider the greatest limitation.

This is as close as he can get to achieving the forearms together pose in your second sketch.  (Sorry bout the gun; he was… in the middle of something.)

I think he does the forward slouch pretty well, but again, this is about as far as he can bend at the waist and ribs.

He can raise his arm as in your fourth sketch, but as with most dolls, it’s from shoulder rotation.  The deltoids end up in an unnatural position, but the good news is that you can rotate his arm at the biceps/triceps a full 360 degrees so the elbow faces forward, to the side, etc.  As long as you have the anatomical knowledge to fill in the armpit/deltoids, this one is acceptable in my opinion.

The Second House - The House of Possessions

This is the second part of a twelve part series briefly explaining how the signs work in each house. Enjoy!

The Second House is known as the house of possessions because it represents the things we own in life, whether it be material goods or the possessions of ourselves as people with emotions, talents, needs, wants, etc. In today’s time the way we use our second house is by owning things to make our lives better, like owning a house to have a roof over your head, but often times the resources vary, and can also be like making a living out of singing. It is also a representation of our self confidence and self esteem. It is how we project ourselves to the world of what we aim to be. “The First House impulse is to create, and the Second House is to ask if that creation is sustainable.” 

*Do note that the houses are also influenced by the planets they are in, however, I am only discussing the signs and their influences.

Aries in the Second House: With this placement, competitiveness is a large factor. The way you choose to achieve greatness is by always trying to be better than someone else, even a past version of yourself. You always want to continue pushing forward and you’re willing to push your body to its limits as well. Very headstrong, you have the ability to be a leader at work, maybe even CEO. 

Taurus in the Second House: Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house so it is comfortable here. You seek for peace and serenity in its most simplistic form. You want to dig your hands into the dirt, be one with nature, and this is how you put your resources out into the world. You want to heal the earth and the people in it. Very stable, you are a person who is confident in themselves.

Gemini in the Second House: For you, your greatest tool for success is your great ideas and skillful ways of communicating. You can talk up ideas of how to make money, sometimes not achieving them, but you are able to adapt to any financial situation. What you wish for in life is not so much materialistic things but rather things that hold a sentimental value.

Cancer in the Second House: Emotions and the strong impact they have on us play a key part in this placement. You use emotions and seeing beyond the physical to make better decisions for yourself. If you are not financially secure it can cause you to feel weary and stressed. You take pleasure in nurturing others and it can very well become the way you establish your career. 

Leo in the Second House: Believe it or not, but your greatest resource in life is you. You use your charm, and the fact that people like you, to act as a leader. You are confident in standing up for yourself and others. As a Leo, you aim for the pleasures in life and showing others that those are the tools for happiness. Most importantly, you wish for people to admire you and your greatness. 

Virgo in the Second House: Your greatest resource is your thought process and your want to understand everything as a whole. You want to use the information you’ve gathered to build a life of stability. You are very detail oriented and intricate in the ways of planning something to create the best possible outcome. Everyone has a job and you ensure to help them know that for not just your sake but everyone’s sake. 

Libra in the Second House: If there is one skill most people seek to do well in any profession is having people skills. With this placement, you are in luck because that is your greatest asset. Partnership is important to you so you’re a natural peacemaker who wants to ensure everyone gets along. You feel most secure when you are linked to others and have a strong sense of balance with your emotions. 

Scorpio in the Second House: There is an intense energy with this placement because of the strong Pluto influences. Your greatest strength is asking to see the things society wishes to not see. You are not afraid to seek truth in whatever form it is, may it be taboo, sex, obsessions, subjects most people feel uncomfortable to talk about. You have the ability to endure the darkest depths of life in order to help heal yourself and others for greater change.

Sagittarius in the Second House: As ever growing as the Sagittarius is, you are always looking for new ways to be the best you can be. You have a strong thirst for knowledge and you use it to improve your life. You like to spend money on only the basics so you do not wish for a higher income like most. You’re not afraid to take risks with money which can be a positive attribute because you do not let money control your life. 

Capricorn in the Second House: Like most, you seek financial security and you are willing to work very hard for it. You may see that you might have to work harder than others to seek this greatness or even relying on the help of others. You can be cheap in your spending because you’d rather get by in life with the simple things than to spend extravagantly. An authoritative figure, you can be an entrepreneur since you are smart in your business affairs. 

Aquarius in the Second House: In this day and age, with the advancement of technology, you can benefit the most out of it because you have a keen interest on what is new and innovative. Although, you still seek your freedom and independence from the world, you may find yourself wanting to live off the grid. Your strongest desire in life is to seek the proper value in the materialistic world and combine it with the spiritual world. 

Pisces in the Second House: You seek love in the world so to you money is something that cannot give you love. Because of this, money or the desire of financial security is not the greatest importance in your life. This can cause problems in your life because it can put you in financial troubles that can even affect your loved ones. Make sure that you learn how to budget to spread your love the best way possible. 

I know people will probably pass this post, but if you read this maybe you will find something that will work for you!
This is to all the people, who don’t know how to start studying or just look for some tips.

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Well, I started my GCSE year. This means:

- late night stressing over MOCKs,
-making time schedules to include most of the things in one day to have the weekend off (I don’t know if I am the only one who does this),
- learning quotes,
- a massive amount of revision notes,
- stressing out over the actual GCSE’s
Even if it’s something around 21 weeks to the actual exam, I still stress out.
What if I don’t pass? What if I pass with a low grade? What next?
I have some tips for people taking exams soon, as I wrote earlier it might not work for everyone. Since everyone is different.


It could be:
- mind maps,
- spider diagrams,
- reading aloud,
- making songs up about a certain topic,
- flashcards,
- chunking information,
- bullet points.
There are a lot of ways, so experiment and find the best way for you!


You probably heard this from your teachers.
In my opinion, it’s better to revise earlier and do every topic slowly and making sure you know it well, rather than reading quickly through the book in one sitting the night before. Revising early definitely doesn’t stress you out as much as the second method. You have time for breaks and every day you can re-read the topics done before to make sure you know them!


It is scientifically proven that a brain works best for the first 45 minutes of studying, then you can take a break. The best break would be going out for a short walk, either with your pet or to the shop for a snack. Your brain needs oxygen! IT CLEARS YOUR MIND.


This honestly saved my life. Rather than wasting three hours over poetry, then another three over biology and then stressing out about other subjects, I make a schedule and spend 45 minutes on every subject. I revise every subject every day, to make sure I will know it well. If I am particularly behind I raise the time to 90 minutes.


I think everyone knows why we need to stay hydrated and eat. Eating gives us energy that we need for everyday processes! Drinking (not alcohol) maintains the function of every part of our body.
SLEEPING. I won’t write anything here. I send you off to SciShow where they explain why we need sleep. 



You may suck at one subject, but be great at another. That is completely fine! WE ARE ONLY HUMANS, WE ARE NOT PERFECT.


A good mindset is a key to achieving good grades. If you get a bad grade- DON’T GIVE UP. Look for the mistakes, learn how to fix them and try again. Staying motivated is the key. Again, we are humans. We can’t be motivated and shoot rainbows all the time. It’s okay to break down sometimes, cry yourself out, let yourself rest. As long as you get back up- YOU WILL BE FINE.
Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help if you don’t understand. The teachers are there to help you get the best grades. They chose to teach. If you’re too scared to ask a teacher, ask a friend. You can learn together!


Spend time with your family and friends. This will take your mind off the stress. Remember that besides school you have a social life. You are a teenager! HAVE! FUN!

If you read this far- Thank you. I really hope this helped you. If you wish to see more posts like this, don’t be afraid to message me. Also if you struggle at school, you can reach out to me. I’ll try to help you or send some positivity!
Stay strong!

The athlete

Jonny looked around at the fans clapping and cheering. The noise was deafening. He waved and smiled at them all trying to take it all in. It was truly breath taking; he had received a standing ovation from the home crowd of loyal football fans. Fifteen years he had been at this club. Fifteen long years of blood, sweat and tears.

The players moved over to hug him warmly and congratulate him on his brilliant final performance. At 6′7, he still towered over them all, seeing and hearing the roaring crowd chant his name over and over. Jonny almost felt ungrateful, but he’d been counting down to this moment for months. The moment he would finally retire from professional football for good.

He’d made sure he’d had all of his obligatory parties and speeches with the club over with before now. He’d made it clear that after his final game, he just wanted to head home with as little fuss as possible. Having divorced his wife six months ago in readiness for his retirement, he’d now sold his bachelor pad apartment in the city a couple of weeks ago and had stayed in a hotel before this last game. Now he just had that long drive home to his new place in the country. A totally fresh start, with no links to his previous life here. That’s what he wanted.

The guys gave him a warm send off in the changing room after their win. Jonny found himself pretending to be more emotional about leaving than he actually felt. It was what they wanted to hear. But, an hour or so later, Jonny was in his sports car heading straight to his new place and his new life. He couldn’t be happier, or more excited.

As he got closer and closer to his house, Jonny grew more excited. He felt butterflies in his stomach and he became more and more turned on. He couldn’t wait to begin. He’d waited his whole life for this moment. He just wanted to get started. It was a good job Jonny’s new place was miles away from any neighbours or he might have had to hide his crotch as he walked from his car.

Once inside, he breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was over. He was retired. His life was finally his own. He stripped down in front of his large elaborate mirror and looked at his body. His hulking arms, toned flat stomach and small muscular ass. He touched them all lightly with his hand and then focused in on his six pack.

‘Bye bye’, he waved, before heading off to the kitchen.

He’d bought in everything he’d need for tonight, placing some bits carefully in to his hot oven, leaving other bits out to defrost. Within no time, he had an absolute feast prepared, ready to tuck in to. Jonny was incredibly turned on, as he opened wide ready to throw away years of watching what he ate; sitting there naked at his table, pigging out like he’d never been able to before in his career. He ate and chewed, slurped and gorged. He loved feeling his stomach getting tighter and he could see it bloating in no time. As he ate, he felt more and more turned on. He kept stopping to look at his at his body in the mirror, almost wishing that his trainers at the club could see him now. This was it, he was finally doing it, and there would be no going back.

When his stomach finally felt like it couldn’t take any more food, Jonny took himself to the fridge for the grand finale. A huge shake he’d prepared that morning in the hotel, from a recipe he’d hand-picked online; a massive shake that contained no less than 2000 calories. He swallowed it all down, finding it harder than he thought, all the while rubbing his bloated gut. He attacked it with the best of his determination, finally relaxing as the last of the thick, fattening mixture slid down his throat.

Pleased with himself, Jonny grabbed his cock and came within 30 seconds. Tired and bloated, he collapsed onto his sofa and fell asleep.

Ever since Jonny could remember, he’d wanted to be big, fat guy. He’d always had an appetite that his parents could hardly keep up with, but he’d also liked sports. He’d grown big and muscly as a result and eventually found himself playing football professionally, earning mega money at the expense of his deepest desire. He’d tried to divert his urges into muscle gains, becoming one of the most ripped players in the club, at 250lbs. But any time his six pack could not be seen, Jonny knew he would be in trouble with his boss. Jonny performed best when he was lean, so he could hardly complain. For years he had to envy the huge bellied guys, downing beer and fried food with their fat guts proudly on display in the crowd of football games. Now that he was retired, he was finally going to grow the fat gut he had always wanted.

Jonny was woken by the sound of his doorbell the next morning. He looked at the clock on the wall and knew exactly who it would be. Still naked, he picked himself up and went straight back to his mirror to find his underwear he had discarded last night. He didn’t bother with the rest of his clothes; his guest didn’t need him well dressed. Jonny looked in the mirror and saw that his stomach looked pretty much back to normal now. Not for long, he thought.

He threw open the door to see a typically handsome man standing there with a warm smile. He was toned and strong looking, but nowhere near as built as Jonny. He looked like your typical personal trainer, about 5 years younger than Jonny. He barely blinked at the fact that Jonny was dressed only in his underwear.

‘Hey, you must be Jonny. Nice to meet you at last’ he said, holding out his hand, which Jonny shook. ‘This is a lovely place you got here.’

‘Thanks, come in. You found it ok then?’ asked Jonny, already walking back to the kitchen.

‘Yes, I did thanks. Your directions in the email were very detailed’, complimented the man, closing the door behind him and starting to follow Jonny in to the kitchen.

The man looked around at the mess in the kitchen from the night before.

‘I see you’ve already started’, he said warmly. ‘That’s great.’

The man’s name was Rick. Jonny had found him online as a body coach. He promised to help guys achieve any shape they wanted. He didn’t come cheap but Jonny was convinced that he would be a good support.

Jonny had felt like a freak at first, contacting him and trying to explain his odd request. How many guys would contact a body coach to grow fatter? he thought. He’d tried to convey to Rick the shape he wanted, without putting a specific number to his goals to avoid scaring him off. But Rick had replied very enthusiastically and confirmed that bulking and fattening up was absolutely something he could do. Did Jonny want to weigh 400lbs or even more? Rick realised that he was the paying client after all, and what he wanted, this guy was willing and ready to help him achieve. Yes, Rick was definitely the man for the job.

Rick set to work making breakfast with Jonny, showing him all the tricks he knew to turn average food into massively calorific, fattening meals. He took charge of all calorie counting and set Jonny calorie goals for each day. He never once questioned why Jonny wanted to get rid of his six pack and firm body; he just accepted it like it was the most normal thing in the world.

‘I want my gut to be at least 60 inches’ said Jonny as they sat down to discuss in more detail what Jonny wanted to achieve.

‘Sure thing’, said Rick, not showing any sign of surprise. ‘Are you looking for that big, ball gut look, or something a bit softer and flabbier?’

‘I really don’t care’, said Jonny very honestly.

Rick made notes as Jonny spoke. ‘What about the rest of your body. What expectations do you have for that?’

‘Well, I want my ass to grow big and fat, obviously. And I can’t wait to see myself get that double chin.’

‘Yeah, that all sounds fine’, said Rick. ‘You seem to have a good idea of what you want to achieve and from what I saw this morning at breakfast, you have a pretty good appetite to get more than enough calories down you to achieve it. From speaking to you as well, you seem to have good knowledge about how to keep yourself from losing weight. I see you’ve been doing some reading around on the subject?’

‘Oh yeah, for sure. This is something I’ve been looking in to for years.’ It was no lie, Jonny had literally been researching this for years. Even Rick himself had been booked in six months in advance. Jonny had a whole wardrobe of clothes for fat bellied men he was just waiting to grow in to.

‘Good. Well, with this enthusiasm, I’m hoping we will have the first 10lbs on you before the end of the week. Enough to start getting rid of that six pack anyway’, said Rick nodding disapprovingly at Jonny’s stomach as he sat there in just his underwear, his gut bloated from a full day of overeating. Yes, this was definitely the coach Jonny needed.

The next two weeks were a blur of gluttony. Rick stayed in the guest bedroom. He cooked and prepared snacks all day long, serving them to Jonny on his schedule without delay. He shopped for him, cleaned up after him and praised all his efforts to overeat. Jonny hadn’t needed to even dress in the entire fortnight and just spent time lying around in his underwear enjoying what he was finally doing to his body. It was fantastic.

Jonny’s six pack had indeed started to fade away, replaced by a thin layer of fat that spread out to his love handles. By the end of the fortnight, Jonny’s stomach was finally starting to look a little doughy. Testament to the fat boy appetite Jonny always knew he had.

‘How are you feeling about your gains so far?’ asked Rick, sitting him down to take notes.

’Pretty great’, said Jonny. ‘I’m fatter now than I’ve ever been allowed to get when I was training. I feel softer and heavier and I just can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror… And I’m loving all the food you’re preparing’.

’That’s great. I’m glad to hear it. What about your knowledge? Do you think you know a bit more now about how to grow fatter yourself?’

’Yeah, definitely. You’ve been a great help there man. I appreciate it.’

‘What about in the immediate future? What things are you looking forward to seeing in the mirror in the next few weeks?’ asked Rick, still making notes.

Jonny pondered that question a little longer than the others. ‘Oh man, what aren’t I looking forward to? Well, I guess I’m looking forward to seeing this little thin layer of fat over my underwear here, turning in to a proper roll of lard. I can’t wait to feel a bit more softness in my chest and my ass. And I really can’t wait to start wearing all the underwear I’ve bought in the bigger sizes’.

Jonny spoke so passionately, Rick was always stunned by him. He was sure Jonny would be much fatter soon. And so, Rick left to deal with his other clients; he was already booked in for another fortnight visit in 3 months time.

Jonny set about taking all he had learned to ensure Rick was shocked and pleased by his gains by then. He ordered in all the food he needed and felt no need to ever really leave the house or dress in anything other than his underwear.

Rick and Jonny kept in contact via email but even that could not prepare Rick for the sight that greeted him 3 months later as Jonny opened the door to him, once again dressed only in his underwear. Jonny was visibly thicker and softer all over his body. His gut had swollen over the waistband of his underwear and a small shelf was forming under his softer pecs. Jonny’s face was broader and a thin layer of fat sat under his chin, just as he had wanted. According to his emails, Jonny was 50lbs fatter, than the last time he saw hum, standing at 310lbs of muscle chub.

‘Hey Rick! Man, am I pleased to see you. I only gained, like 3lbs last week man, I really need a kick up the ass!’

‘Well, you’re looking great’ said Rick, stepping back slightly to take him all in. Now that Jonny had gained a more significant amount, it was clear that he was going to have a shape of a ball gutted guy. His gut was rounding out, firm and overfed.

‘I’m guessing you’ve already had breakfast?’ asked Rick, nodding at Jonny’s stomach.

‘No, I just woke up’, said Jonny, rubbing his gut, without even seeming to realise he was doing so. He then started walking to the kitchen.

Rick raised his eyebrows at the thick ass Jonny had now developed; the material of his new larger underpants clinging to the roundness of Jonny’s huge spherical ass cheeks. His ass in no way suggested he had been an athlete only a short while ago.

Rick returned to his duties as if he had never been away. Jonnys overworked kitchen was definitely a lot more messy than the last time he’d been here. One look in the refrigerator showed that Jonny had been working hard on his new body.

Jonny’s appetite had increased too and Rick found he was able to up his calorie targets for each day, causing a good 10lb gain in his first week. Jonny took the opportunity to allow Rick to do absolutely everything for him. He barely moved his fat ass from his office all day long. But all too soon, it was once again Rick’s last day at the house.

Rick wanted Jonny to achieve a 20,000 calorie day before he left. Something that would ensure Jonny at least matched his impressive weight gain last week. He cooked and baked all day long and had Jonny over the 10,000 calorie mark by mid afternoon. By the end of the evening though, it was clear that Jonny was not ready for such a huge goal. He sat sluggishly in his chair, breathing hard and rubbing his rock hard gut. He still had another 2,500 calories to go. Rick was devastated that Jonny was going to fail.

‘I’m sorry man, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I think I’m going to have to quit. My gut is literally tight as a drum.’

Rick was not about to give up so easily and set about preparing a wealth of snacks to tempt Jonny. But by the time he returned, Jonny was asleep in his chair, his fat gut spilling over his underpants and covered in food stains from Rick’s marathon cooking session.

Jonny hadn’t booked Rick in for another visit yet, so Rick felt like he had nothing to lose taking a bit of a gamble. He took his shirt off, revealing his firm body and flat stomach. Then he coughed loudly, making Jonny wake with a start.

Jonny sleepily rubbed his eyes and then looked across at Rick.

‘Rick! What are you doing skinny boy?’ chuckled Jonny, looking him up and down.

‘Trying to make sure you don’t give up so easily’, said Rick, defiant.

‘Ugh, man. You have no idea how much this hurts though.’

Rick bent down on to his knees in front of Jonny with a tray full of cheese cake and a huge container of gainer shake. He put the tray down on the table and took up the plate with a fork in his hand, preparing to serve it to Jonny himself.

‘Now, please sir, open up for me. I really want to see you beat your gains last week for our weigh in before I leave tomorrow.’

Jonny huffed, and opened his mouth impatiently for Rick to let him taste his cooking.

Rick placed a huge forkful in his mouth, adding up the calories in his head.

‘Mmm, nice. But seriously, I’m stuffed.

‘I think you’re forgetting why you wanted this in the first place’, said Rick boldly. ‘You always wanted to feel like a big, heavy man. A guy that looks larger and better fed than a skinny little guy like me’. He served more forks of the cheesecake as he talked in a hypnotically calm manner.

‘Look at me, with my pathetic skinny legs and flat stomach. And look at you, with your huge shoulders and fat gut. Which one of us is the real man? ‘

Jonny stared at him, puzzled as he swallowed more and more of the cheesecake, listening intently.

‘Don’t you remember, how turned on it made you to think about yourself getting this fat? To have that belly shelf you’ve got now. To have your gut falling over your underwear? To have people not even recognise you because you’ve grown so big and fat? Thinking to themselves how much you must have eaten to grow so fat.’

Jonny didn’t say a word, but grunted for Rick to pass him the shake mix. Rick did so, placing the half-finished cheese cake on the table.

Jonny upturned the bottle and began to chug, draining half of it, burping loudly, not even concerned that Rick was sitting right in front of him, before slapping his gut.

‘Please sir’, said Rick. ‘Finish it for me. Remember how much it turns you on to grow fatter’. He delicately reached in front of him and grabbed a small roll of Jonny’s fat gut. ‘Remember how good it is to feel this lard spreading across your body. To feel yourself getting fatter and greedier every day.’

Rick took his hand now to softly brush it over Jonny’s fat gut. ‘Remember how pleased you were when you emailed me to tell me about this belly shelf you’re getting? You were so excited. And all the other things you’ve enjoyed that you keep to yourself. Like feeling that fat ass growing softer and lazier each day as I serve you. The thought of all your old team mates being disgusted looking at you here; them all looking so skinny and scrawny in comparison to your large, fat bulk. As well as the thought of what your ex wife would say if she could see this fat belly on you now’. Rick moved his hand dangerously close to Jonny’s groin. ‘And how excited it makes you feel to have your fat gut and thighs surround your cock’

Rick and Jonny stared at each other. Rick’s hand poised, waiting for Jonny’s permission.

‘Please sir, let me help’, said Rick. There was a long, fraught pause before Jonny nodded and spread his legs wide. Rick reach his hand into Jonny’s damp underpants and grabbed his stiff cock, tugging on it to make it even harder.

Jonny grunted as he allowed himself to be handled by Rick. Then he quickly upturned the bottle, draining it entirely before throwing it down on to the ground and grabbing Rick’s head, pressing it into his large bloated belly.

Jonny breathed heavier and heavier as he felt himself coming. He lay down more in his chair before he grabbed Rick’s hair and forced his head down into his cock, making Rick suck him off whether he liked it or not.

He came within seconds afterwards, making Rick gag for breath, but held his head there until he had unloaded every last bit. Rick rested his head on Jonny’s huge thigh and placed his hand on his massive swollen gut, gazing up at him.

‘Thank you sir. You did it. 500 calories over, in fact.’

Jonny simply nodded and let himself drift off to sleep with his trainer gazing up at him from the floor; extremely satisfied.

The next morning was rather more awkward. Jonny had decided to get dressed, which had been tricky. He was too large for his shorts but not big enough yet for the t shirt he wore. He somehow felt embarrassed around Rick now.

He was up and about before Rick, already hungry but not allowed to eat until his weigh in. Rick came bouncing down the stairs.

‘Morning hot stuff!’ he cheered. He could see that Rick was a little put off seeing Jonny dressed for the first time in a while, but didn’t mention it.

Jonny looked down awkwardly.

Rick already had the scale in his hands. He put it down and Jonny stepped on.

325lbs. He’d gained 5lbs since last week.

‘Ah, I was expecting a little more than that’, said Rick almost apologetically. ‘Never mind. Maybe we could work on it next week. I’d be quite willing to cancel my next client. If you’d have me that is?’ Rick asked, looking to see where they stood after last night.

‘Oh, no. I wouldn’t ask you to do that. I think it’s best you carry on as normal. I need to learn how to cope by myself. Thanks for your help’, he muttered as he backed out of the door. ‘I’ll be in my office working this morning, so let yourself out won’t you’.

And with that, he was gone. He could see how hurt Rick was, but Jonny needed to be selfish. He didn’t need a sexuality crisis right now.


Three months later, Jonny was miserable. He’d gained only 10lbs; he’d been too busy working on his autobiography about his sporting career. The stress of completing that was taking a toll on his waistline. His appetite had somehow vanished. Try as he might, he just couldn’t meet his calorie goals for each day. He became bloated and sluggish and always ended up giving up. He started to realise how easy it had been with Rick around.

Jonny wandered into Ricks old room. He hadn’t been in there since Rick had left. Rick had made his bed and left the room beautifully tidy, as Jonny had expected. However, on the nightstand, Jonny saw a small envelope that had been left behind. He carefully opened it up to see if it was something he’d need to forward on to Rick.

Dear Jonny,

I’m sorry I came on a little strong last night. Its been hard for me to be around you. I’ve never felt like this about a client before. Most of the people I coach hate themselves. They hate everything about their bodies and their cravings for unhealthy and fattening foods. And then you come along. A guy who fully embraces his body and loves it; someone who isn’t afraid to be who he is. I cant tell you how sexy that is.

Yes, I did find it odd when I drove down here to help a professional athlete get fatter. But meeting you, being around you and seeing your enthusiasm made me want it for you too. Then I came back after not seeing you for 3 months and saw the difference 50lbs had done to you and I realised, I was starting to fall in love with you. Your attitude to life, your personality and, of course, your ever fattening body.

If you want me, Jonny, I’m yours. Just say the word.

If not, I understand.

With lots of love


Jonny’s stomach sank. What had he done? Here was a guy who loved him for his confidence to be who he is and what had Jonny done? He’d hidden away from it, not wanting to deal with his feelings.

Jonny went immediately into his study to email his publisher one final amendment to his book before it went to print. Then he went downstairs to raid the fridge with renewed enthusiasm that he had not felt in a long time.

Five hours later he was even ordering pizza; 3 pizzas to be precise. The delivery guy was a scrawny little thing who always gave Jonny a flirty smile whenever he saw him. Jonny thought that this runty little guy may come in handy tonight.

‘Three meat feast pizzas’ smiled the skinny delivery guy. He was in his early 20s, short and couldn’t have weighed more than 125lbs. Jonny answered the door in his dressing gown as he always did.

‘Hey’, said Jonny handing over the cash. ‘Is this your last drop off for the night?’

‘It sure is sir’, said the delivery guy.

‘Want to come in and help me with these?’ Asked Jonny.

‘Yeah!’ bounced the guy back, a little too enthusiastically. ‘Although I’m not keen on pizza to be honest’, he said with a coy smile.

Jonny chuckled. ‘I wasn’t offering you my food little guy. These are for me.’

In he went. Jonny learned that his name was Matt and boy, could this guy talk. He went on and on asking questions, which Jonny quickly grew tired off. Having to answer meant he couldn’t eat, and that’s not why Matt was here. In the end, Jonny stuck to grunts and one word answers as he focussed on gorging himself. Half way through the second pizza, Jonny started to feel that familiar bloating and difficulty with eating. Matt was halfway through some shit story about a prank he played in college.

‘Listen, stop talking runt. I didn’t ask you in to tell me your life story’.

Matt looked embarrassed to have been put in his place. Jonny adjusted himself so he was lying on his hip on the couch.

‘It’s your lucky day little guy’. Jonny untied his robe, letting his fat gut into view alongside his semi erect cock.

‘Just get your pretty lips around that and do what I want’, said Jonny authoritatively. ‘Come and see what a real man tastes like.’

Matt looked at him shocked, but as expected, he slowly moved across to Jonny and bent over him without any further prompting.

‘That’s it’ said Jonny, feeling the pleasure ripple through him. ‘You just keep doing that skinny boy’. The stimulation allowed him to eat and eat again.

Jonny ate and ate whilst the skinny delivery guy worked away at him, only stopping once to remove his shirt. His pale flat stomach made Jonny so satisfied to see his own fat gut in front of him.

He managed to get a whole pizza down him before he could feel he was about to come. He pressed Matt’s head down into his cock more firmly that ever, making him gag. Then he grabbed one of Matt’s hands placing it on the shelf of his belly, working his fingers so that Matt was holding a roll of his fat.

When Jonny came that time, he knew for certain the best way to make himself fatter.


Three months later, Rick was shocked to see Jonny’s face standing in front of him, although not in the way he would have liked. Jonny’s autobiography was the best-selling sports book of the year. Jonny had finally shown the world what he had done to himself. A full broad face and huge ball gut sticking out in front of him. Not even a whole year of retirement and Jonny was looking like he’d been away from the game for a decade.

Rick immediately picked up a copy to take back with him. He was staying in New York with a rich client who wanted to lose 30lbs by the Spring. He took the book upstairs, his eyes widening when he read the dedication.

This book is dedicated to Rick, the best coach I have ever had and the only man who truly understands me. Come see me soon.

Not believing his luck, Rick read the book from cover to cover to find any trace of another coach called Rick, but no, it was clear. Jonny meant him.

He read endless commentaries on the media reaction to Jonny’s massive gains. Everyone in the world was talking about how greedy Jonny must be and how fat he had grown. Rick was sure that Jonny wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Rick left New York immediately, heading straight to Jonny’s. Within 20 hours, he was there, pulling up outside of his electric gates. He remembered the code and went straight in.

Jonny had already seen him coming down the drive and was at the door as Rick walked up, dressed only in his underwear as usual.

‘Wow, Jonny, you look amazing. Seriously. You’re… you’re a proper fat guy now.’

Jonny had gained a significant amount of weight. His gut was fuller and heavier than he’d seen in the publicity pictures. His gut stood out proudly and his chest had swollen with all of the fat. His thighs were massive and his ass looked like two thick tanks of meat. Rick guessed that Jonny was very close to 400lbs.

‘Yeah? Why don’t you show me how fat I am then? Just like you did last time.’

Rick took off his shirt making Jonny laugh at his flat stomach and firm chest. ‘Oh yes, now I feel like a fat guy’, he whispered in Rick’s ear, making him melt. Then he grabbed, with one massive hand, Rick’s comparatively tiny ass and pulled him in to his large, overfed gut, kissing him passionately.

Once in the kithchen, he threw down Rick’s shorts and underpants effortlessly and bent him over his kitchen table, exposing his skinny naked ass.

He chuckled as he marvelled at its small shape.

‘I’m going to show you what I can do with my fat belly now’ said Jonny, grabbing a large container of cooking oil and lubing up his cock. Then he walked over to Rick, resting his gut in the hollow of his back and plunged himself in to Rick. Rick couldn’t move with Jonny’s heavy gut sat on top of him. He could see just how much Jonny had been preparing for this moment as he felt him stretch his legs wider and wider apart making Rick submit to him more and more. It was the hottest moment of Rick’s life.

‘Did you hear what everyone is saying about me now I’m a fat man?’ asked Jonny, in between thrusts, clearly horny as hell.

‘Yes, they’ve seen exactly what you’ve done to yourself’, said Rick trying to catch his breath.

‘A fat, greedy pig they’re calling me’, said Jonny, clearly delighted.

‘Well, maybe when I’ve added an extra 100lbs to you¦’ breathed Rick. ‘I’m never going to stop making that belly grow fatter and fatter.’

His words made Jonny come almost instantly. The intensity was unreal.

Then he pulled himself out and tapped on Rick’s tight little ass to get up.

‘You’d best get to work then, skinny boy.’

Epic Destines 5e: Grandmaster Of Flowers

“You have lived your final lifetime and achieved the enlightened perfection you have long sought.”

Prerequisite: 21st level, monk

It is said that not even the gods themselves know what lies in store for souls loosed from their bodies. 

You believe that beyond death is rebirth. 

Each lifetime is spent improving on the lifetime before, shedding imperfections in the hope of attaining the perfect state of enlightenment. 

Your soul is like a great garden, and its beauty and perfection depend on how you tend it during all seasons. 

When the winter of death approaches, the garden becomes dormant for a time.

Then, as the warm winds chase away snow and ice, new life begins. 

With the spring comes the chance to clear away the detritus and weeds of each life that has passed before. 

Only when you achieve perfection in your soul will you find the enlightenment that is your ultimate reward.

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#45 [Adam Cole]

Requested, #45: “Don’t tell me I’m the only one who noticed how great my ass looks in these jeans?” (Prompt from here.)

Word Count: 1,004

Author note: Silly and flirty and fluffy. (Not proofread. We die like men.)

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I knew better.

I did. I really, truly did.

When I drank wine, it was usually with the girls, and we just got goofy.

When I drank beer, I was engaged for a little bit, but after a few all I wanted to do was sleep.

But with liquor, most liquors anyway, I became excited. Hyper. Adventurous.


And that’s how I currently was in the backyard of Adam Cole’s house with various other Ring of Honor wrestlers and staff, enjoying some drinks and each other’s company. I didn’t normally hang out with too many people on the roster, as I worked in production within the sound department. But given the amount of times I saw them throughout the past two years, friendships were inevitably formed.

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Worried - Part 2 - Request

Originally requested by anon:  can you do one where Sherlock comes home from a long case which he finally solved but is beaten up and and bruised and he doesn’t understand why is reader is so worried because Sherlock + human emotions = ?
Sequel requested by @wefracturedmotivation:  PART TWO PLEEEEAAAAASSEEEEE! & @eliselulu23​:  Part 2 Pleaseeeeeer

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 21,02

Warnings: None.

A/N: I felt like this had to be done now, or else it wouldn’t work and even so I have my doubts, so here it is!


|Part 1|

Sherlock fell deeply asleep after a while. It was unfair to keep waking up (Y/N) just for the sake of keeping his attention need alive, so he nuzzled against her and allowed her to rest.

The next morning, (Y/N) woke up first, but Sherlock didn’t let her move out of bed so she had to wait until he was up.

“Morning.” He greeted nonchalantly.

“How are you feeling?” She instantly asked. Sherlock rolled his eyes playfully and chuckled.

“I can’t believe the first thing you think about in the morning is how worried you are for me.” He said, moving to his side to free (Y/N) from his grip.

“Sher… Don’t make me explain myself again.” She begged.

“I’m fine… I told you I just needed some sleep.” He assured her. (Y/N) doubted his words and so Sherlock sat up – only complaining once – and lifted his pyjama shirt to show her the bruises. They were darker, but they were no longer swollen. “Turns out you’re a better doctor than Watson.” He joked.

“You’re still not absolutely fine, Sher.” She insisted and got out from the bed.

“Where are you going?” He inquired. (Y/N) looked back at him with a tender smile.

“To make breakfast… You only drank tea last night, and since the case is over its time for you to eat.” And before Sherlock argued, she opened the door and walked out.

Sherlock sighed heavily and followed her out. He was still limping, and no matter how much he tried to hide it, (Y/N) noticed which resulted in her doing the face.

It was a brand new concept Sherlock had developed the night before while he admired (Y/N) sleeping. She was calm when she wasn’t thinking of the bruises covering his body, and so it was easier for Sherlock to differentiate the face she did when she saw him walking out of the room from the rest of her worried faces. It was some kind of “you’re still not fine” mixed with a “I told you to take care”, and even when Sherlock found it hilarious, she was dead serious.

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m fine.” Sherlock gave her a mocking smile.

“Limping isn’t fine.” (Y/N) insisted as she started looking for anything edible, moving the Ziploc bag with eyeballs away. Sherlock didn’t argue, instead he observed how natural she was around the flat, without even caring for the dead people’s body parts, something Watson had never achieved during his time at Baker Street.

(Y/N) took another Ziploc bag out, it contained fingers. “Great idea,” Sherlock spoke, “chicken fingers.”

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Hair magick

I already talked about tea magick, so I decided I should also discuss another underappreciated form of craft that is perfect for secret witch: hair magick.
This is very, very powerful and non suspicious form of magick which is not practiced commonly.
You could ask why I think it’s powerful? Well, hair are part of your body. They hold your energies, intentions and in some traditions even your powers. During witch trials every witches’ head was being shaved to make her weak and powerless. Some cultures do not cut their hair at all or cut them only if big accomplishment were achieved.
By adding your hair to spell you bind it to yourself, making it almost impossible to affect anyone but you.
I personally consider it as powerful as blood magick.

Ok, this is great. But how do I practice it?
Traditionally you would cut piece of hair and add it to spell you are already crafting.
But as all of craft hair magick evolved too. So, today hair magick can be adding piece of hair to spell and binding it to you, thus making it more personal and stronger or using hairstyles as a spell itself

You can also take some hair from your hairbrush, twist it into something ‘rope’ like and do knot spell on it. (I did glamour that way. It was very strong. I almost looked like goddess of some kind and have to break it bc I got too much attention.)

Now you must surely wonder: hairstyles? How? Isn’t it ridiculous?

And that’s exactly the reason I’m writing this post. As I said hair magick is very underappreciated and I find it fun and fashionable way to do my craft. Your body is your shrine and every spell made on part of your body is powerful because of it.

Hair magick spells can be (and mostly are) wordless, because focusing on your intention is all that it takes for it to work.

I don’t understand. Could you give some examples?

Hair magick is all about personal associations. Everyone has different, right? So I’m going to give you some ideas about mine associations and spells and you are going to decide if they suit you, ok? You can always make your own for your practice ;)

3 strand braids: knot spells, basically universal usage. Can be used for everything except curses.
(Twisted?) Ponytails: ‘getting things straight’, motivation, ‘getting job done’,
4 and 5 strand braids: combo spells. For example: combined good luck and money spell to help you win some money. Use for complex goals and long term wishes. Braid ribbon/s into them to connect two spells and add more power to them.
Messy Buns: ani-anxiety spells, anti stress spells, spells to make you get rid of unwanted thoughts
Braid Crowns: honoring your gods if you have ones, glamour, confidence spells
Curls: binding and curses to ‘wrap your target around your finger’ (be careful with curse to not attache it accidentally to yourself!)
Waves: honoring water element, getting hold on your emotions, emotional healing
Twists: getting rid of obstacles,
Chinese Staircase Ponytail: wish spells (this one is very effective. You can find out how to do in on YouTube)

That’s all I have for now. Hope it helped a little and opened you to new kind of fun in your practice!

MAGI 350 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump.Netabare’s texts ^^

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012

UPDATE:  I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^

Page 1


Alibaba’s capacity goes beyond Sinbad’s imagination… What is destiny’s outcome!?

Ugo: Are you saying we bind an Alliance with the gods that are like Ill Illah?

Ugo: Since the Alma Torran era, God was always the target of worship, although it was a colossal evil thing that was ought to be repelled*.

TN: that should be repelled*

Aladdin: Why hasn’t anyone come up with this until now?

Alibaba: Sinbad-san thought of it! It’s amazing!

Sinbad: ……!

Night 350: The Impossible great business

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Two Whole Minutes (a poem)

Two Whole Minutes

In the white-light box
of a speeding ambulance
they say you were dead
for two whole minutes
as if this were some
great achievement
slipping out of your body
laying your ticking heart
by the side of the pool
then going underwater
to see how long
you could hold your breath
until you saw stars
until you heard voices
and felt hands
pulling you back up
shirt torn open
your mind filled
with memories
of bubbles and light.

anonymous asked:

Hey guys! So I just want to start off by saying that your blog is my secret indulgence. I've been very stressed with university lately and always know that I'll feel 100% better after reading some of your stuff. I was actually told off by the librarian the other day when I smirked too loudly after reading one of your fluff stories. I am proud! XD Anyway, I was wondering how the guys would react to their s/o being in labour & the delivery room? I can totally imagine Prompto fainting XD

Anon, I literally snorted when I read this. 

The fact that you were scolded for laughing at our stories? Aboslute gold. I’ll never get over that (and now I’m a little curious as to what story you were reading when you got caught 😂)

I’m thrilled to hear that our simple little stories have been helping you get through the stress and struggle of being a university student.

Both Leigh and I are full time students ourselves, so trust me when I say we get it.

With all of that said, let’s bring on the fluff!

As per your request, there may or not be a fainting blonde in the midst of all of the “baby is coming” excitement 🎀

Song: “End Of The Road” by Umphrey's McGee

Prompto would- well, you guessed it: be lying in a heap on the hospital room floor, a mess of limbs and feelings; unable, at first, to handle the sight of his lover embarking on the childbirth process. Once he had awoken, he’d shake off his embarrassment and swallow his anxiety to focus in on his s/o. While he wouldn’t exactly know how to go about being useful in the conventional way, he would end up resorting to the one thing he does best: making people smile. Pulling puns, jokes, and quips out of his back pocket, Prompto would be cracking the entire room up, as laughter and grins filled the air and lightened the mood dramatically. His s/o would be, although decidedly cramped and troubled from the pain, deeply appreciative to have her mind kept away from the matters at hand, looking to Prompto’s pink cheeked expression for positivity. Odds are, the camera would be whipped out every now and again to capture the beaming couple’s excited faces leading up to the big moment. A stellar scrapbook would come about within a few weeks of the birth.

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anonymous asked:

How do you come up with poses??

Hi Anon,

I’m not exactly sure which answer you are looking for, but I hope that you will find it in this dreadfully lengthy response. 

In my opinion, drawing a pose requires the understanding of two different but related things: human form and body language. Either can be achieved by observing people, each in a different way. 

The first is by learning the many aspects of anatomy, which is an endless path of repeated exercises. For body language, you have to look at how people hold themselves when they behave in a certain way. Live drawing is great, as it teaches you both at the same time.  

Just watching people be, doing stuff, interacting with each other, has provided for great material that I can apply to my own characters, especially regarding their personality. 

However, their personality isn’t necessarily why I portray them in a certain way. Instead, it’s based on how I want other people to see them as (for example, drawing an antagonist, but not explicitly showing they are one).

Taking into consideration who the character is and what I’d like to express about them, the formula for the pose itself would be something like:
Angle + form of the body + gesture + facial expression = final pose. 

I could give you so many examples for every part of this quickly invented formula, however for the sake of this response, I’ve doodled one example in which I’ve combined all these elements, and elaborate on associating a pose with body language. 

Please note that this is a breakdown of what I’ve learned over the years, and in no way is this a “tutorial” or must-do. 

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that-one-gay-kid-akasha  asked:

Any tips for mtf pre-E trans females?

I’ll admit, neither of us are real experts in this as we were both assigned female at birth, one of us is purely cis, and I (mod Hima) know a lot more about passing the other way. But you asked, so here’s a few stepping stones for you to start.

(Gentle reminder: you don’t have to pass. It’s not required of you. Really, just do what feels most comfortable with you.)

Trans women have the disadvantage that, people look reeally closely at girls and can tell something’s off pretty quickly. It’s the sad truth. But I find that if you have a high voice, it usually tips the usual “Are they a girl or a boy?” thing in your favor. If you naturally don’t, that’s okay, but I suggest looking up pitch changing videos on youtube, and imitating the voices of celebrities or girls you know.

The Face

Another thing is your face. There are some prominent structural differences between most cis male and female faces. I advise trying searching up things like, “How to make my cheeks fuller?”  This video has some helpful, quick tips for mtf faces. It says parting your hair to one side can help (if your hair is part-able, that is). Another thing is layering your hair. Men tend to not have layered hair. Many women do. Even if it’s not as long as you want it to be, layer your cut. It looks good, and helps you pass. (Here are some other hair tips.) Another easy thing to change is eye makeup and eyebrows. Large, doe like eyes is a feminine quality, as well as high arching eyebrows. Using eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, etc., can help your eyes pop. Makeup itself is a godsend really. A lil bit of light lipstick can make your lips fuller. And if you get good enough at contouring your face, it can help a square jaw seem softer, or pointier. Try not to over do it though, it’ll draw more attention to you.


Here’s a clothing tips video. Wear what you want to wear! Find your own personal style, then figure out what’s best for you to wear from there. Dressing more casually can help keep you safe though, which for a trans woman is very important. A traditional feminine body type is the perfect “hourglass” shape. While the media’s representation of how women should look is almost exclusively this, it’s toxic and you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you can’t achieve this illusion because guess what? Many if not most cis women can’t either. Either way, clothing that narrows in on your waist then flares out (like an a-line skirt) can help your waist seem smaller, which in turn helps you pass and feel great. Flannel! Is a great tool if you aren’t out at home. I once read a ftm passing article and the guy was like don’t wear flannel, because you know who only wears flannel? Lesbians and lumberjacks. While it was meant as a joke, I do know that more women wear flannel then men do. If you can grab it from the women’s side, that’s even better, because women’s shirts tend to accentuate the waist (super useful for you). Clothing that makes your shoulders seem smaller, like v-necks, are your friends. Skinny jeans and leggings are good, paired with a tunic top or baggy sweater to lessen your thigh muscles, but I also recommend that you try tucking if you’re gonna go for it. Florals look pretty and girls tend to wear them more (esp now, it’s becoming a trend), and long sleeved ruffle tops are a nice shoulder minimizer.

Accessories are also awesome. Necklaces can put a girly spin on a gender neutral outfit. Stud earrings can be useful if you’re closeted at home, as they can be both feminizing and masculine. Scarves help with your shoulders, plus they’re cute. Bracelets can be taken on and off quickly.

If you can, try on a bra. Get the correct size for your chest, because trust me when I say bras that’re too tight are the devil and you will become dizzy due to blood getting cut off. Padded can make it seem like you’ve got bigger breasts.


Honestly, just be confident in yourself. Don’t walk stiff or like you’re on a catwalk or anything, just. Be yourself. If you wanna walk a bit girlier, if such a thing exists, try walking with your feet pointing straight and legs closer together. I always got pissed when my teachers told me to “sit like a lady”, but the basic premise is keeping your legs closed together when sitting. Maybe even try crossing your legs as the knees. I will say though, it will be uncomfortable on your male genitals, and plus a lot of girls don’t sit like that anyway (plus there’s a lot of submissive body language in what’s coded as stereotypically female stances, but that’s a problem for another day). Crossing at the ankles is the best of both worlds, as your legs naturally spread but it still appears feminine, and is what I recommend you do. When talking, I find that a lot of women tend to be more expressive with their hands. Women’s voices also tend not to be monotone.

For using the bathroom, please be super, super careful. Know if you’re allowed to go in the right bathroom in your area, and don’t if you’re in a hostile environment. Go when there are few people, and you’re fairly nicely passing.

That’s all I have, if any of you guys want to add that’d be great.

how to be infj 101
  • _infj: i really want to have a gorgeous body, being tall and all that, and read 10000 books, and write 100 novels, and draw like chiara bautista.
  • _infj: *writes down her goals in her journal, boasting about how great she will be* this day! today is the day for a fresh start! the day that i will change and do something for me
  • a few months later
  • _infj: *didn't lift a finger to achieve her goals because procrastination at its finest* why me? is it that hard to have something that i really want? why is life betraying me? why?
  • _infj: *takes out her journal* ok! this is the day! i have my to-do list! today! yeah! let's go! FIGHTING!
  • one year later
  • _infj: *whining while watching some tv show about the power of hard working and stuffing her face with popcorn. in other words, still doing nothing*
  • _infj: why meee? why is it so hard to achieve something I want? why? am i not good enough? why others can do shit and not me?
  • _intp: because...hard work?
  • _infj: but i work just as hard
  • _intp: i hate you
15/20min Sissyfication training starts now!

So I finally have organised some stuff in my own life. We can start to train you!

People that follow my blog know that I have problems with ptsd and anxiety attacks. I always wanted to create a training that if I can do it every sissy can do it. Cause my problems really hinder me to get organised. The last few months I had something out off the ordinary to deal with which kept me more away then I wanted. I thought two weeks ago It would have been finished. But I was still so exhausted that it needed about two weeks to recover. 

So enough about me!

What does this mean for you and for your training? Right? This is what you want to know.

What is the training about ?

It is for beginners and especially for people that have a bit two much weight. Sorry if your more experienced or slim but then you already on a good way to be feminine.

There are three aspects I focus my training on.

1. Selfdiscipline
2. Body-health
3. Financially successful

Why this way?

 Without selfdiscipline we wont achieve progress.
Best example are Instagramm famouse people that get their views by looks, style or pictures (foodies). It sounds easy to do but it takes a lot of effort to do this so good and on a regular basis to become the top.
So how do we want to achieve this?
     a) exercises:
If you achieve to do regular exercises each day it will help you to get selfdiscipline.
         How you might ask?
         To do exercises needs discipline but it also gives you discipline. The more you can push yourself to do it. The stronger you become pushing yourself. Furthermore the exercises gives your body endorphins which is great cause it makes you feel good (exercises can have the same effect as antidepression medicamentation).
   b) organization: To do exercises on a daily basis we need to make a decision. When to do it? Where to do it? What do we drop to find time to do it? This again helps us to become more disciplined.

Now what will the exercises be?
  a) Streching (a good sissy needs to be flexible)
  b) Planking (a good core helps your back an your health)
  c) Properly breathing (nothing better to activate your regenerative functions)
  d) Pc muscle training for your back and spine and to become a good hole later
  e) ass, waist training, (well to become sexy and feminine)

I will post the exact exercises during this weekend

At the beginning you might not to be able to do the full training. The training should not go over 15min each day. You can expand it to 20min if you want it but I suggest you don’t.

Why? Is this short time important?

1). 15min is easier to do then an hour - less problem to organisation and to overcome lazyness.
2. It helps you to see the progress. You might finish with time faster. 
3. It can be easier  be done everywhere
4. It helps to be managable with more steps to come. 

The next post I will post in 1-2 hours about body health. 

When you develop upstream thought patterns about the lack of money, you prevent your own discovery of avenues that would provide more of it. As you feel frustrated about not having enough money, and you make no effort in finding a better feeling thought about it, your frustration will turn to anger, and eventually to fear, as your patterns of thought holds you in more consistent upstream resistance to your financial stream of Well-Being. And the worse you feel, the worse it gets.

Because the worse you feel, the more resistance you‘re offering that‘s preventing you from the discovery of the solutions that you‘re seeking. In any moment that you‘re focused upon not having enough money, you are vibrationally asking for more, which makes your stream move faster. But as you‘re focused upon not having enough money, you‘re focused upstream, while your Inner-Being is calling you downstream.

Strong negative emotion about your financial situation is the indication of two significant things: 1. you have requested a great deal of financial assistance that your Inner-Being is calling you toward; 2. you‘re pointed upstream, in opposition to the money you want.

No matter how many hours you or your wife may work, and no matter how much money flows into your household, you cannot achieve a financial balance until you first achieve a vibrational balance in your own being. And in the moment that you let go of the oars and allow yourself to turn in the stream, you will feel relief in your own body, and the financial relief will come close behind.

—  Abraham-Hicks | MONEY WEEK

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How about Merick and Reina for the meme?! (if you're still doing it)

Jensi is a Gal who really loves to fight, she somewhat has a bit of a more Seductive way of combat she read about. Enjoying the thrill of the fight and showing off her physique. Taking great achievement in her “body” lets just face it she totally struts her stuff. and Enjoys sparring with BOTH her parents at the same time

First time (BTS)

NOTE: This is entirely my opinion, it’s your choice if you agree or not.

Jin: I feel like Jin would be very careful and focus on your body more than his. This is where body worship would come into play. He would be very selfless and make sure you felt pleasure before pain. He would make sure you orgasm before he started in order to start you off without heavy anxiety. This would also leave you wet, making great preparation for penetration. He would make sure that you came before him during sex, and possibly another time after just to wrap things up. It would feed his ego greatly if he could achieve this.

Namjoon: I think that Namjoon would have a great deal of self control and try to make you feel less awkward by putting any pressure on you. He would take control of the situation, reassuring you that you were safe in his hands. He would shower you with kisses and constantly remind you how good you are doing and how beautiful you are. He would sweet talk you, but also dirt talk, and caress every inch of your body, constantly checking to see if you’re okay. He’s definitely a slave to touch, so ass grabbing, breast fondling and such will be his forte. 

Hoseok: Hoseok is definitely going to be lost in caring about you. He will completely disregard himself for your first time, panning the attention solely upon you. However, this isn’t similar to Jin. Jin is focused on body worship, Hoseok is simply trying to make your first time special. The next time you have sex with Hoseok he’s gonna be begging to try new things, some to his own benefit. I believe that he would lighten the mood and crack jokes after noticing you’re nervous, and make your first time slightly playful but more passionate. I feel like he would be the kind to keep asking if you were okay but not too much. He would feel secure with you, and want you to feel the same. He would try to add pleasure to it by rubbing your clitoris or maybe just distracting you with a kiss if it became too painful.

Yoongi: Yoongi is usually portrayed as cold and more quiet but this is where he would shake this persona off. I feel like Yoongi would encourage you to vocalize how you feel and remind you to speak up if he should stop. His overbearing possessiveness over you usually left him in a dominant figure, but for your first time he will be a gentle lover. He would use dirty talk to set the mood and ease up some tension. He would grip your ass and tease you by saying things like, “My baby girl is so tight,” All together Yoongi would be very slow and passionate.

Taehyung: Taehyung would try to be understanding. He would be afraid of hurting you, so he’d be hesitant. Constant reminders of how beautiful you were were muttered. He would ask you things such as, “How does this feel?” in order to understand what he’s doing wrong. He’s definitely a visual man. Constant eye contact is a must, and if not he’s adoring the part of your lips or the red to your cheeks. He would reassure you that you didn’t have to do this and he could wait for as long as you wanted in order not to pressure you. But after he was reassured with a yes, he’d lose himself in the sensation, sometimes forgetting about you. This is where communication is a key. He’d listen if you’d tell him it was too fast and appease to your needs. He’d moan with you and mumble curses under his breath, we all know that deep voice would rumble in your ear.

Jimin: Jimin would try to put up a front as confident, but really he was all nerves as well. He would fumble with the waistband of your jeans, stutter his words and blush. But he still had it together. Initiating control over you. He’d be very touchy as well, but not like Namjoon. Jimin would touch for reaction. He’d squeeze your hips, kiss your inner thighs and pin your wrists. He would guide you through it, leaving hickies to clutter your neck. If you winced or groaned in pain he would remind you that it will go away soon and hold your hands and kiss all over your face as distraction. All around Jimin would be gentle and as beautifully nervous as you.

Jung Kook: Jungkook is the youngest, however, I feel he is one of the most teasing. He’d enjoy every response he could milk out of you. Teasing you with his fingers, only dipping his tongue onto your core just to pull away. He’d want you begging. But he’d also take it easy on you, resting his forehead against yours as a string of curses followed his thrusts. Jungkook would be less worried about you being in pain unlike the other members and more focused on leading you to the pleasure as fast as possible. He’d enjoy watching you cum, and also initiate eye contact like Taehyung.