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How do you come up with poses??

Hi Anon,

I’m not exactly sure which answer you are looking for, but I hope that you will find it in this dreadfully lengthy response. 

In my opinion, drawing a pose requires the understanding of two different but related things: human form and body language. Either can be achieved by observing people, each in a different way. 

The first is by learning the many aspects of anatomy, which is an endless path of repeated exercises. For body language, you have to look at how people hold themselves when they behave in a certain way. Live drawing is great, as it teaches you both at the same time.  

Just watching people be, doing stuff, interacting with each other, has provided for great material that I can apply to my own characters, especially regarding their personality. 

However, their personality isn’t necessarily why I portray them in a certain way. Instead, it’s based on how I want other people to see them as (for example, drawing an antagonist, but not explicitly showing they are one).

Taking into consideration who the character is and what I’d like to express about them, the formula for the pose itself would be something like:
Angle + form of the body + gesture + facial expression = final pose. 

I could give you so many examples for every part of this quickly invented formula, however for the sake of this response, I’ve doodled one example in which I’ve combined all these elements, and elaborate on associating a pose with body language. Please note that this is my personal interpretation!

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“Run because it’s beautiful.It epitomizes struggle,growth,failure,victory,surrender,love,fear,and life all wrapped up in the gift of miles.” Often, we take running for granted.When we complain about the pain of workouts and races, we forget that there are people who would do anything to be able to run free like we can.When I first joined my college team,I started comparing myself to other girls.I saw how skinny and tall they were.At first,I thought I should look like them.Eventually,I realized I will never look like them,my body isn’t built that way.I am 5′6″ and my body will always be on the more muscular side for a distance runner.Everyone jokingly says, I’m “jacked”,and I’ve learned to embrace it.This is the body that perseveres through extremely harsh conditions, this is the body that has the strength to race up and down hills, and this is the body that I was born to achieve greatness in.I am thankful for my body and how it has brought me to places I’ve never even imagined possible for myself.

how to be infj 101
  • _infj: i really want to have a gorgeous body, being tall and all that, and read 10000 books, and write 100 novels, and draw like chiara bautista.
  • _infj: *writes down her goals in her journal, boasting about how great she will be* this day! today is the day for a fresh start! the day that i will change and do something for me
  • a few months later
  • _infj: *didn't lift a finger to achieve her goals because procrastination at its finest* why me? is it that hard to have something that i really want? why is life betraying me? why?
  • _infj: *takes out her journal* ok! this is the day! i have my to-do list! today! yeah! let's go! FIGHTING!
  • one year later
  • _infj: *whining while watching some tv show about the power of hard working and stuffing her face with popcorn. in other words, still doing nothing*
  • _infj: why meee? why is it so hard to achieve something I want? why? am i not good enough? why others can do shit and not me?
  • _intp: because...hard work?
  • _infj: but i work just as hard
  • _intp: i hate you
Hair magick

I already talked about tea magick, so I decided I should also discuss another underappreciated form of craft that is perfect for secret witch: hair magick.
This is very, very powerful and non suspicious form of magick which is not practiced commonly.
You could ask why I think it’s powerful? Well, hair are part of your body. They hold your energies, intentions and in some traditions even your powers. During witch trials every witches’ head was being shaved to make her weak and powerless. Some cultures do not cut their hair at all or cut them only if big accomplishment were achieved.
By adding your hair to spell you bind it to yourself, making it almost impossible to affect anyone but you.
I personally consider it as powerful as blood magick.

Ok, this is great. But how do I practice it?
Traditionally you would cut piece of hair and add it to spell you are already crafting.
But as all of craft hair magick evolved too. So, today hair magick can be adding piece of hair to spell and binding it to you, thus making it more personal and stronger or using hairstyles as a spell itself

You can also take some hair from your hairbrush, twist it into something ‘rope’ like and do knot spell on it. (I did glamour that way. It was very strong. I almost looked like goddess of some kind and have to break it bc I got too much attention.)

Now you must surely wonder: hairstyles? How? Isn’t it ridiculous?

And that’s exactly the reason I’m writing this post. As I said hair magick is very underappreciated and I find it fun and fashionable way to do my craft. Your body is your shrine and every spell made on part of your body is powerful because of it.

Hair magick spells can be (and mostly are) wordless, because focusing on your intention is all that it takes for it to work.

I don’t understand. Could you give some examples?

Hair magick is all about personal associations. Everyone has different, right? So I’m going to give you some ideas about mine associations and spells and you are going to decide if they suit you, ok? You can always make your own for your practice ;)

3 strand braids: knot spells, basically universal usage. Can be used for everything except curses.
(Twisted?) Ponytails: ‘getting things straight’, motivation, ‘getting job done’,
4 and 5 strand braids: combo spells. For example: combined good luck and money spell to help you win some money. Use for complex goals and long term wishes. Braid ribbon/s into them to connect two spells and add more power to them.
Messy Buns: ani-anxiety spells, anti stress spells, spells to make you get rid of unwanted thoughts
Braid Crowns: honoring your gods if you have ones, glamour, confidence spells
Curls: binding and curses to ‘wrap your target around your finger’ (be careful with curse to not attache it accidentally to yourself!)
Waves: honoring water element, getting hold on your emotions, emotional healing
Twists: getting rid of obstacles,
Chinese Staircase Ponytail: wish spells (this one is very effective. You can find out how to do in on YouTube)

That’s all I have for now. Hope it helped a little and opened you to new kind of fun in your practice!


I may not be the fastest runner or have the perkiest glutes for someone that trains regular, but I know I am better, stronger & healthier than I was yesterday. It is so easy to fall into the trap of comparing your fitness journey with others, their 2 year progress seems to be much greater than the progress I have made in 5 years. These misleading weight loss pictures & fitspiration on how u can lose weight and get fit in ‘1 month’ these misleading stereo types of how we should look after weight loss.

One thing I would tell myself when I first began my journey that I know now is weight loss doesn’t make all your problems disappear. Yes it is a great achievement & u should do it, but remember not to expect a whole completely different body. Your left with ur battle scars after u go through a mass amount of weight loss & your mental wounds, which I am currently still trying to learn how to tackle. Set your expectations high for yourself and smash ur goals, but don’t forget there is so much more to life.

Happy Training

New Pronouncement from the Sabian Order of the Adept Chamber of the Moorish Orthodox Church

“Paganism, which used to be the object of public celebration in this world, is our heritage, and we shall pass it on to our children. Lucky the man who endures hardship with a well-founded hope for the sake of paganism! Who was it that settled the inhabited world and propagated cities, if not the outstanding men and kings of paganism? Who applied engineering to the harbors and the rivers? Who revealed the arcane sciences? Who was vouchsafed the epiphany of that godhead who gives oracles and makes known future events, if not the most famous of the pagans? It is they who blazed all these trails. The dawn of medical science was their achievement: they showed both how souls can be saved and how bodies can be healed. They filled the world with upright conduct and with wisdom, which is the chief part of virtue. Without the gifts of paganism, the earth would have been empty and impoverished, enveloped in a great shroud of destitution.”
- Thabit ibn Qurra

For millennia the real old time religions of the West have remained dormant and forgotten. Fragments of papyrus in ancient rubbish heaps, indecipherable stelae locked away in museums vaults, or the fairy lore of the grandmothers were all that remained of those traditions consistently stamped out by the dogmatists of domination. Once “magic” referred to the occupation of highly respected, itinerant Persian priests, but the civilizations of the north Mediterranean gradually transformed the word into something disreputable and wicked. Even after a century of nascent revivalism, practitioners of the spiritual arts are reluctant to make known their work. Hisses of “magic” and “sorcery” are still heard issuing from the mouths of our enemies. These persist as blood-curdling accusation, grounds for exile or execution, grist for grisly scary tales. The subterranean stream of magic has resurfaced, but witch hunts continue. The necessity to protect and cultivate this precious legacy in this new era has led to the establishment of the Sabian Order of the Moorish Orthodox Church.

Marco Pasi states in his Theses de Magia: “The study of magic cannot be carried out only from the perspective of intellectual history. It should obviously also include a study of the practices, of the social behaviors, and of the beliefs that have been historically associated with the concept of magic.” We further this inquiry by focusing this study less upon dominant cultures which have had the prerogative to define “magic.” Rather, we turn our attention to those minor cultures that were the targets of their slander.

The original Triple Rose of the Adept Chamber of the Moorish Orthodox Church sought to deepen their understandings of the mysteries of the three primary monotheistic faiths of the world using heresy as a lens to harmonize all three. This fourth rose, the Sabian Order, seeks a somewhat different task. We do not seek to use heresy to harmonize our work with monotheism, for in the light of the temples of Abraham and his offspring we are already heretics. While the other three Orders certainly appreciate how magic exists in their respective monotheisms, we appreciate magic as it exists in cultures that have had to contend with these often aggressive doctrines. So while we appreciate and love Agrippa, Ficino, and Bruno (and actively study and practice their works) we place a special emphasis on non-Muslim/Jewish/Christian groups like the Sabians of Harran, the Druids and other indigenous European spiritual traditions, as well as the “magical” content of the Atharvaveda Samhita, the Hermetists of Alexandria, the Greek Magical Papyri, etc. who all shared the same space-time and exchanged techniques and notions which later were deemed damnable.

In the holy texts of Moorish Science we find affirmations of the importance of our work. In the “Circle Seven” Koran, there is a description of the significance of the planetary and celestial spirits of antiquity in the work of the Adept found in the very first chapter: “(L)et him know that cherubim and seraphim that rule the stations of the sun and spirit of the mighty Allah who rule the solar stars are his protectors and his guide, and they will lead to victory.” In the Mysteries of the Silent Brotherhood of the East we read “Allah is one; but like the one of light, in essence he is seven. And when the Triune Allah breathes forth, lo, seven spirits stand before his face. These are Creative attributes. Men call them lesser gods, and in their image they made man.” These seven spirits, these lesser gods can be seen as the planets themselves revered in the Navagraha in India and in the Picatrix/Ghayat al-Hakim of Pseudo-Majriti. Our Order’s ability to uplift fallen humanity resides in connecting to the seven creative spirits which are embodied in the planetary spheres as well as the spirits “upon the Earth and under the Earth, on dry land, or in the Water, of whirling Air or of rushing Fire.”

We are compelled to this course through our souls’ true calling outside of any liturgical provision or edict that tells us otherwise. Our souls’ song has Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Beauty. We let that song chart our course regardless of threats from any mullahs, rabbis, parsons, or priests. As the Blessed Circle 7 says of the soul: “Action is her delight, and she will not be withheld from it. Her motion is perpetual; her attempts are universal; her agility is not to be suppressed. Is it at the uttermost parts of the earth? She will have it. Is it beyond the regions of the stars? Yet will her eye discover it, Inquiry is her delight. As one who traverseth the burning sands, in search of water, so is the soul that thirsteth after knowledge.”

The Order bestows the title of Chevalier/Chevaleresse Ovate de Harran on those who provide us with certain proof of their dedication to these principles. Our initiations may be performed either together as a group or (more than likely) by oneself. Since the focus of our Order tends to incorporate both the “high” urban paganism of antiquity as well as the “low” paganism of indigenous cultures we encourage aspirants to construct their own initiations based on Telluric and/or Ouranic rites as they see fit. However, we are happy to provide you with helpful suggestions and symbolism for either or both upon request.

The Genius Loci needs to hear from you! The Venereal Daimons have knowledge meant for your ears only! Join us in fulfilling Noble Drew Ali’s dream of mending “the broken wires” and connecting “them with higher powers.” El or Bey, do not delay! Write today!

Know Thyself!


Truth   Peace

Freedom Justice  Beauty

Thiefshipping, in it’s basest form, should be a character study of two people who can never be together because they are, by design, disconnected from life and how life can be best endured. It is an examination of two people, both alike in drive and passion, with very different ambitions.

Bakura has achieved what Malik thinks he desires most, which is freedom. Freedom from the burdens of life: a home that ties you down, a family that can hurt you, and a physical body that can die. He will do anything to ascend above his mortal body and attain what he deems as godhood — not just control of people, which he has already through his charm and the Rod, but control over his fate, which Malik believes was written in the stars through the moon door before he was born. Humans will die, Gods live forever.

On the other side, Bakura does not envy Malik at all, even if he understands what Malik wants. Bakura himself does not care about death or dying, so much so that when his body gave out, the rest of him didn’t. Bakura’s attainment of immortality came at the expense of his awareness of why life is important — a home he could return to, a family to remember him, a physical body of his own. None of these things matter. Malik’s obsession with getting rid of them is petty to him, Malik’s wishes to live forever are ridiculous…. because Malik has nothing to live forever for, and Bakura does.

This is the crux of their relationship, or non-relationship. Bakura lives because he has a task, a mission that will be completed even when he doesn’t remember the reason for it. He is an animal with no name, the essence of life itself, because what must be done must be done must be done. He is a cell that reproduces with no mind, only determined splitting, going on forever until the stars burn out.

tldr: Malik Ishtar has a huge crush on The Will to Live which Yami Bakura is the embodiment of, please think about bakumali, thank you

(this started as a reply to duchess-beaky‘s  post but spiraled into gross bakumali poetry, I’m sorryyyyy)

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Heck I'm just gonna put this, you're a great artist. Even if it might not look as good as someone elses to you, you're always saying how you want all the body shapes, features and designs to be unique and diverse all at once, and it's pretty dang clear how hard you're working towards achieving that. On top of that all the interactions I've had with you have been civil and a pleasure, so! H o n e s t l y, I hope you feel better soon ^^

Th…thank you! You don’t know how much this means to me. I see a lot of my artist friends getting the recognition they deserve and I’m super happy for them. I just… I don’t know, get really insecure sometimes when I see them having fun with popular artists. I feel like I’d just, you know…vanish? No, not the right word. It’s my fault don’t worry about it. Just know your words mean a lot to me ;v;

One of my fave monster descriptions in MSM is the rare quarrister’s, which is this:

The Rare Quarrister’s body is composed of many different types of minerals and is encrusted with unusual crystals normally found all over the multiverse. Even though its individual heads all have different origins, this earth boss rocks just as equally as the common monster. The Rare Quarrister proudly celebrates diversity and inclusion, and proves that putting heads together with positive energy can achieve great harmony.

and also the trivia section in their fan wikia page says this:

The rainbow color of the Rare Quarrister, the week it was released, and how its description mentions diversity and inclusion, could mean the Rare Quarrister was created to celebrate LGBT marriage being legal in the US.

truly the gay icon we deserved



I am honestly running on just pure hope that All Might’s mentor, Shimura Nana, was female, but if it is confirmed then all I want is for her to be BEEFY AND RIPPED AS FUCK

Click read more if you wanna read headcanons, theory, and such

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Lou Teasdale has a great body and even after having a baby four years ago, her bod looks AMAZING! So here’s a little fitness guide on how you could achieve a body like hers. Now remember, everyone’s different and it doesn’t always take the same time to lose weight as someone else so be patient and also, I’m not a professional when it comes to this so this is just my tips :)
Ofcourse you ALWAYS have to stretch before you start with any workout or else you could tear a muscle and hurt yourself.
So starting off, it’s always good to start with some jogging in place where you’re standing (if you’re inside) as it warms up your body. When you’re done you could bend over, trying to touch your toes, but don’t push yourself too badly! Also stretch your arms and legs before starting.
You can see above what kind of exercises you can do to get strong thighs and abdomen + a beautiful butt :)
Hope this helped! If you have any requests or just want to talk, my ask box is always open! Love you guys xx

Poisonous Plants, Undead

The living, when ingesting poisons, will become sick and possibly die. But when you are already dead, the shift in energies remaps how many substances will affect you. 

Please note: The following is obviously not advice for the living.

Hemlock is often used as a “breath” freshener. Undead creatures do not, by nature, have working lungs, but they still communicate with voices. A few springs of hemlock polishes their eldritch odors into a light, fresh smell.

Undead creatures lacking a body (ghosts especially) are often presented with springs of oleander upon entering a party. It helps them achieve a physical form solid enough to enjoy the festivities as easily as their normally corporeal fellows.

White snakeroot makes for a great table seasoning. Zombies and other corporeal undead are often unshackled by the need to eat, but retained social customs and simple enjoyment often brings them together to break black bread. Salt, a dangerous substance for the undead and fey, is not welcome. Snakeroot petals, dried and very finely chopped, are used in its place.

Agent Carter has this great “show within a show” thing called Brave Captain America where “Betty Carver” the beautiful triage nurse is forever being captured and tied up and in need of rescue, and it’s such a great way of showing how Peggy is being erased from history and her achievements along with her.

But also it diminishes the character they have standing in for her.  A fucking combat triage nurse as someone totally brainless and decorative?  Someone who sees bodies coming in off the battlefield and decides whose bleeding stump or sucking chest wound gets operated on first?  Someone who is on the front lines, who gets captured by Nazis?

Not only is there Peggy being frustrated as fuck–but I bet other women in the audience are gentle, caring women who worked in field hospitals and lived as POWs in concentration camps, and now that they’re home, they’re hearing everything they lived through eroded under the weight of sexism so even people who hear the literal facts of what they went through won’t understand what they survived or how strong they were.

That’s what today is for, and why it’s going to suck so much less when you put the planning and organization on hold and actually do something that gets you closer to achieving that goal. Are you wanting to move up in your career? Awesome. Make an appointment to sit down with your boss and let her know your intentions. Ask her for feedback. Want to lose 30 pounds? That’s great, stop right now and do 10 situps.

Focusing on how long it’s going to take to type 80,000 words or see a visual difference in your body or save up for a down payment … it becomes so easy to just keep putting it off or to give up altogether. That planning stage is brutal, and if you let yourself linger in that perpetual procrastination, your dreams are just going to stay dreams. The world is full of people with good intentions, but I’ve yet to encounter a bill collector who let me slide, explaining to their boss, “Well, his heart is in the right place.” No, they didn’t let me off the hook until I started doing things that moved me up the ladder and brought in the money to pay them.

And when your day winds down and you look back on what you’ve actually accomplished, I promise you that the suck level will drop several notches. The key is, that has to happen today.

5 Reasons Today Isn’t Going to Suck

Two Whole Minutes (a poem)

Two Whole Minutes

In the white-light box
of a speeding ambulance
they say you were dead
for two whole minutes
as if this were some
great achievement
slipping out of your body
laying your ticking heart
by the side of the pool
then going underwater
to see how long
you could hold your breath
until you saw stars
until you heard voices
and felt hands
pulling you back up
shirt torn open
your mind filled
with memories
of bubbles and light.

Let Seventeen Sleep After Promotions

Okay. So SVT made an all kill on the album charts. Great! They made their first win in less than a year. FANTASTIC!! But you know what would be SUPER awesome? If they got some daang sleep they look so dang tIRED.

I went hard with school and other work non stop for two months and only realized how drained I was until spring break, so I can only imagine how tired they must be. Yes, I know this is their career and this is what they live to do, but in order to achieve one’s highest potential, one must SLEEP so that their body can function correctly.

They just look so tired…. Like think about it they didn’t really get ANY break since Mansae… I don’t want anyone passing out on stage that’s all.