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Jensen Ackles x Reader

Was asked by an anon to write a little drabble based on a gif of the video Jensen shared. Enjoy!!

Moving about the house, I was busy humming along to the radio playing softly throughout the house. It was a nice, relaxing Saturday. With Jensen being home, he was in charge of JJ while I tried to get caught up on cleaning. Later that evening we were going to head over to the Padalecki’s for a family barbecue. 

With the laundry basket under my arm, I began climbing the stairs, planning on doing as much laundry as possible before we left After tossing JJ’s laundry into my basket, I moved to head into our room when I heard JJ’s giggles. 

With the door opened just a crack, I leaned in quietly, not wanting them to know I was there. With a huge smile on my face, I watched as Jensen knelt down on the bed, JJ riding his shoulders. Holding tight to his hair, you could see how excited she was, spending time with her daddy. Holding his finger up, he waited for her to press her finger to his, what he called the button. As soon as she did, he began to make silly sounds, warning her they were going down, before flopping down on his back, letting her flop down on the bed. It was adorable, watching your husband play with your daughter.

Staying silent, you went back to your room, setting the laundry basket down and grabbing your phone from the nightstand. Walking silently to the door, you were happy to see that you hadn’t missed out on video taping this sweet family moment.

Holding the phone up, you silently recorded them doing it a couple more times before you were noticed by Jensen. Winking at you, he looked down at JJ who was giggling as she lay sprawled on the plush bed.

Pushing the door open, you stepped inside, smiling when your daughter JJ noticed you. “Mommy!” She exclaimed, standing up and bouncing up and down on the bed as Jensen sat there, staring at his two girls. “Daddy was an elevator, and kept tossing me down. It was fun!”

“I saw honey. It looked like fun.” You told her, brushing the hair back from her cheeks. “But why don’t you go get ready to head over to aunt Gen and Uncle Jared’s.”

Squealing, she ran off to her room, and you watched as she bounced on here bed, full of energy. “You can’t have a turn to if you want.” Jensen whispered in your ear. “I always like tossing you down on the bed.” He teased.

Turning, you placed your hand on his chest. “As much as I love wrestling with you on this bed, it’s time to head over for the barbecue. Maybe afterwards.”

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I wonder how could Gillian ever choose Peter Morgan before David. I don't mind PM but look at David - always cheerful, happy, enjoys his life, enjoys the world that surrounds him. He's living his dream - singing, writing, acting, working out. This man is everything I ever want my husband and my son to be. He seems like the happiest man alive and if Gillovny is real and I believe they are - Gillian is the happiest woman alive and that makes them even more perfect.

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ryan telling gavin that he doesn't need to do anything to impress him when gavin buys some tighter jeans despite ryan loving how gavin looks in them

Oh yes, Gavin just accidentally orders tight jeans once and when he tries them on, Ryan goes on about how good he is looking that day, but doesn’t seem to notice what exactly is different.  And Gavin is initially like ‘Why can’t you notice these pants are tight as fuck, and my others aren’t’ but then he eventually likes the attention he’s getting.

Ryan does figure it out when he can’t help but try for Gavin’s butt and discovers that hmmm.. He can feel a lot more but than jean.  Oh. the jeans are tight.

And that of course leads to Gavin buying more, even though he swears about how hard they are to get in and out of, and Ryan says that he doesn’t have to

Before anything else, this is not my first ‘last letter’ to you and I don’t know if this will be the last— I hope, though.

When I think of you, I think of all things beautiful and magical. Like how the world seems so quiet from above. Or how the city lights seems to dance at night. I think of the lovely yellow lamp post on the street. Or how I see the chaotic traffic from your window. When I think of you, I hear those sentences you said. It was almost like a movie line and the whole time was a movie scene. I can’t spot anything ugly about what we had, except the fact that I don’t know if we really had something.

When I think of you, I think of your face in the morning. I think of how tight you held my hand when you thought I was asleep. I think of how you let me lean on your shoulder when the world got too much to handle. I think of your eyes and your smile or the way you frown on me everytime you think I’m annoying. I think of those horror films we failed to finish because you’re just too scared but you were acting like you’re not. It was a short time with you, but it was enough to give me memories I will remember for the rest of my life.

When I think of you, I think of the night you assured me that everything will be fine. When the stars showed up to entertain us but ending up being ashame on how you shine brighter than them. I think of those awkward elevator kisses and how you remove my eye glasses everytime I will accidentally fall asleep. God knows how I grieved for those moments when you decided to exclude me in your life completely. Like we never happened at all.

But never once I hated you for breaking my heart. How could I? You gave me the best memories I can keep in a short period of time. And for that, thank you. In another universe, or lifetime, I hope if we meet, I’ll finally be enough for you. But if not, I hope you’ll find someone that will satisfy you.

When I think of you, I think of that nice brilliant man that have the courage and dedication. I will think of how I knew you’ll go far in life.

This is my last letter to you—
Or maybe just another letter again.

1D Hiatus: Day 362

* An official statement regarding the passing of Louis’ mum on Dec 7th is published

* The boys, their friends and families show support and let Louis and the whole family know that they’re not alone via Twitter & Instagram

* A preview of Louis and Steve Aoki’s song ‘Just Hold On’ is released

* Louis will be performing on The X Factor tomorrow as a tribute to his mum

* Pictures of Harry out in London yesterday are released

* Niall posts a picture on Instagram

* Niall arrives in New York City, meets fans at the airport

It’s Dec 9th, 2016.

This is my OTP don’t laugh