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“You know, I always knew you had a thing for me but I never thought you wanted me for my brain.”

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anonymous asked:

how do you feel about people in their middle to late twenties being in the fandom? and would you be friends with them?

I think anyone of any age can be in the fandom, as Connor said in his latest video, age shouldn’t dictate what you can and cannot do. And I mean I don’t know how a friendship with someone in their late twenties would work, I feel like the age difference would make that quite strange, but mid twenties yeah, I don’t think that would be much of a big deal. 

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I just can’t get over how an episode about Kara dealing with a disturbing and abused version of herself turned into this major blergh about everyone but Alex withholding support from the selfless puppy just because she’s not doing whatever may serve everyone else’s momentary needs. This is not how a healthy friendship/mentorship/romantic relationship works.

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God I always feel like I shouldn’t be talking to him or like I’m bothering him but if he actually wants to be friends he should talk to me before he misses me gdi… I don’t know how to bring it up BC I don’t know what we are really. At least the weird compulsion feels are mutual.

“From what I hear of Barbossa, he’s not a man to suffer fools, nor strike a bargain with one.”

“Well it’s a very good thing I’m not a fool then, eh?”

Prove me wrong. What makes you think Barbossa will give up his ship to you?”

I JUST WANTED TO START WITH THIS PARTICULAR EXCHANGE BETWEEN THEM because this is easily the most important dialogue between them in all of CotBP. This is the moment when we see the full extent of their friendship and how well they work together and communicate together as partners ( which is effectively what they are, since the relationship between a captain and his first mate is one of the most vital to the entire ship dynamic – and a ship is pretty much a microcosm of society, or rather democratic society in the case of many pirate ships at the time, and Jack’s is absolutely included in that number ).

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lizmarieisanasshole asked:

*grabs personal stash of movies ranging from the original Dracula to The Scissoring: Director's Cut * Welp better take Tori's advice. *picks up over a dozen red velvet cupcakes and a box of coffee packets along with a new blanket with little mustaches everywhere* Okay idk how friendship works but I hope this is a good way to ask for it? I guess now I just need to knock on the door and hope I don't get it slammed in my face. *knocks on door*

TORI: Oh yay! That’ll be the pizzas I ordered! *she gets up from the couch and bounces over to the door, her nose crinkling in confusion when she opens it* Hey wait a minute, you’re not pizza… 

JADE: *slides around Tori to take The Scissoring, the cupcakes, coffee packets and the blanket* Yeah no, it’s too much effort to be social. 

doihavetodothings asked:

it's not fucked up that that you can only do what you can do. you are trying your best. other days you'll be able to do other stuff, more stuff, but for now what you can do is enough. you never have to apologise for being you, a person doing their best. -x

*hugs* thank you. I think I’ve read this about six times before trying to reply now. I know I don’t need to apologise for being me, that it’s depression talking, making me feel the need to say sorry for everything. (And maybe a little bit of living in England where it’s just polite to apologise all the time.)

Depression makes you forget how friendship works, how love works, as much as it hollows you out. I’m allowed to rest, to recharge, and just breathe, but I need the reminder of that first.

anonymous asked:

Hello, so recently I've been avoiding a lot of people. Not people I hate but just like a big group of friends I was with last year and a small group of geeks I used to be really close with. I don't know why but I just want to be alone, but whenever I am alone I feel lonely.. I really want to go back to them but I don't know how and it's just so confusing how even friendships work

Hi there :D

If you have been distancing yourself from them lately, however realized that, maybe it was not the best thing to do, then you should face this as naturally as possible and simply try talking and hanging out with them more, once again. Maybe even invite them to do things together with you, so they realize that you’re still commited to the friendship!

If they confront you about the fact that you were getting distant lately, then you should try to be as honest as possible and answer that you were facing a moment of your life where you just wanted to spend some time alone to get your thoughts clear and it had nothing to do with them, in particular.

I’m sure that they will understand it, since we all face some moments where we just feel like being alone and enjoy time by ourselves.

When it comes to friendships, I think that the crucial thing is to be sincere, kind and respectful torwards others! You don’t have to do anything else in particular, since the most important is that others like you for who you truly are! Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will end up well ^_^

anonymous asked:

How would you describe a INFJ and INTP friendship? :0

Beneficial. Condition: INTP works on their Fe and INFJ works on their Ti. If the enneagram types match (4w5 x 5w4, for example), congrats, you might be soulmates.

How Weird.

Just yesterday I was thinking that I will never talk to someone like I did with my first girlfriend. She knows me inside out and I know her the same. It worries the both of us.

We just need to let our new significant others in.

I’m just really glad I can call her a friend still. It really sucks how some relationships end in hate, where ours ended up with too much love for the other person but in different ways.