how things have changed.

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I like anything floral and its a bonus since its dark! (muhaha) plus its really pretty, and i suck at this blurb thing. i actually changed my lockscreen to farah’s recent art of ss with the pretty black background (<3) but i felt like i was cheating since i got most of the tags when my lockscreen was this

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Unpopular Opinion

I know people are questioning the fact that their long break is nearly over and they haven’t CO.  I have always been team optimism and still am, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen in the next week or so.  It still could, but then again it might not and that is okay.  I can see all of the incredibly positive changes that have taken place and infer from them that things are still progressing in that direction and that they ultimately want the freedom to live life being true to themselves to be the end result of this process.  Despite that, there are too many factors to really figure out when so I’m just enjoying the positive and assuming from it that they are working towards an eventual CO.  

Here’s the unpopular part…Having said the above, I’ve never thought that a coming out would necessarily have to happen during a break from tour. I get why people think it makes sense, but I could also see it happening during tour. Something super casual, likely started on social media.  Confirmed by a rep but not addressed specifically by H/L. They could continue performing, business as usual, allowing people to accept the news and adjust to a new reality before addressing it head on. Continuing to perform and having people focused on the tour and the music rather than their personal lives would be a big enough distraction that they would also have a chance to adjust (because it will be stressful for them–good things can cause stress as well–getting married and buying a home are two positive things listed in the top largest stressful events in life).

So, if there was a CO during tour, they would be able to let the dust settle and then once the tour ended, they could start the talk show circuit allowing it to serve dual purposes–promo for their new album and finally being able to address their new public relationship status. By delaying the interview questions about it, they could potentially avoid some of the negative knee jerk reactions, because as I said, people would have had time to let it sink in.  Addressing it after their tour would actually help with a re-brand and promo for a new album which many have alluded towards being important moving forward.  By withholding the interviews until afterward, they would have held onto the ‘marketability’ to a certain extent.  Exclusive interviews and articles would still garner a tremendous amount of attention to both them as well as the band.

There are so many ways that things could happen really and this is just one random thought.  At the end of the day, it will be the way that they want it to be and that is the most important thing.  It’s obvious (to me at least) that they’re getting there and as long as they continue to look happy and at peace with one another and in general, that is enough to keep a smile on my face as well.


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sometimes lilo likes to go on bike dates and then have lunch in the woods

The best way for a dwarf to travel? By elf, of course!


okay so I may have deduced one of the problems with finding a publisher because oh god I did not think at all about lyrics being copyrighted

also when I wrote this comic I never intended to publish it and therefore profit by it but things have changed oh dear

how do I get the rights to use those ‘this looks familiar’ lyrics without being hung drawn and quartered or will I just have to change them which I can live with but I have no idea what to change them to

do I have to do that with the Dangermouse transcript as well? and the Monty Python quotes? am I going to get in trouble for already self publishing those parts? oh crap oh jeez oh hell oh help someone help me i DON’T WANT TO BE DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL I DIDN’T MEAN FOR THIS

‘Devil’s Backbone’-Part 16-3x20

A/N: Very sorry for the delay. BUT we’re back to the sexy times, even if that wasn’t exactly the focus of this chapter. Just two more parts left and I’m very excited for the final chapter and wrapping up this series thats been in my brain since last September. :) Thanks so much for reading! Enjoy, and please let me know what you think. 

‘Devil’s Backbone’-Masterlist

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ARROW’s ‘Diggle’ David Ramsey Talks Season 4!

Favorite part of the interview: “I tell everyone thank god that Felicity showed up in season 1 because it was just me and Oliver sitting around in the foundry and brooding just talking about how horrible things were and how much we have to change the city then FINALLY felicity showed up with some levity.”

How Things Have Changed

Cosima coughs up blood in 1x10: “OMG. NOOOOO. Don’t you dare kill her!”

Cosima has a seizure in 2x8: “DO. NOT. KILL. HER.”

Cosima bleeds in 3x7: “I am supposed to feel bad for her? She brought this on herself. Good luck with all the holistic shit.”

BTW remind me to never start bleeding out around Shay. Apparently holistic treatment for that is to just wrap a towel around my shoulders.

This year, we have decided to come on strong. Rather than it being held in the Hinterlands as it has the last two years, we will begin in the Grizzly Hills in Northrend near the Westfall Brigade outpost. We have had some changes to how things will run, so please check with this post to be sure. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to Rennali, Carhagen, or Amiyna. 

1. Festival Vendors: Non-guildmembers can sell their wares during the festival. If you’re the kind of person who wants to get their name out there for enchantments, potions, food, clothing, leatherworking – this is place to do it. All funds you make belong to you.

2. Transmog Contest: This is for all who attend. Points will be awarded for creativity, difficulty and coordination.

  • First prize: 1,000 gold, 1 pet & 1 waist-up colored art of their character
  • Second prize: 500 gold
  • Third prize: 300 gold

3. Dueling Tournament (PvP): This is for all who attend, though entrants are encouraged to drop their names to Rennali at least two days before the day of the festival. This is so that we can create a proper bracket. No healing specs, no food buffs and no potions.

  • First prize: 5,000 gold, pet and title “Champion of the Phoenix”
  • Second prize: 1000 gold
  • Third prize: 500 gold

4. Date Auction: Again, this is for all who attend. Each person keeps 50% of the biddings. The other 50% goes toward prize money and funding the festival food and drink.

5. Jousting Tournament: This is open to everyone up to 24-hours before the festival. Each entrant is asked to send in 100 gold as an entrance fee. If you sign up and you did not send in a fee, you will be required to pay before you can play.

  • First Prize: 10,000 gold, pet and title “Firelord of the Festival”
  • Second Prize: 5,000 gold
  • Third prize: 1,000 gold

6. Closing Ceremonies: This is the feast of the evening that includes plenty of drink, plenty of food and the ceremony to bequeath the titles to the winners who will be seated as guests of honor. Music will be provided through the night through an online radio media.

Remember: We welcome Horde and Alliance. We ask that if you attend, you do not flag up and create chaos during the scheduled events. Those who cannot abide by the rules of neutrality OOC will be asked to leave. If you are Wyrmrest Accord, you are welcome as well, but must abide by the same rules. 

This day last year I was skipping tafe to drive around with Willy, Erin and James. Watching Willy trying things on in the Salvos, hanging around subway, shooting hipsters with nerfguns with Erin, driving around, playing mario kart in James’ shed, driving around some more and finally coming home. This time last year I was in love with you.