how things have changed.

I vividly remember in Grade 8 French class, there was this “How Romantic Are You?” quiz, and one of the questions was: “True or False? You cry when you listen to love songs.” And I remember I made the most disgusted expression and practically yelled, “WHO DOES THAT?” Even my French teacher noticed and just started laughing along with me. 

And now, seven years later I sit here trying to hold back tears as I listen to bittersweet Korean pop songs. 

You know, things I thought I knew how to feel pre-kanzo have changed drastically. I had no idea what it really meant to be grateful before I went into the djevo. I had no idea what ‘hard’ meant or what it is to be strong (versus resilient). I’m sort of in awe over all this tonight.

Among other things, kanzo has melted my black little heart.

Dear eyebrows,

My letter to you was posted yesterday, and seeing it just made me think about how much things have changed for me in the short space of time since I submitted it. We had only been back from Paris for two days and I felt like I was so close to finally being with you… Then this weekend genuinely crushed me. I don’t even know if anything happened with you and B, and I don’t want to. All I do know is that it was her that you seemed to focus on, and her that everyone now pairs you with. The worst part is I just feel bad at myself because I’m in no place to complain or be jealous. We’re not together, there should be nothing for me to be jealous over! I only have one question though- if B was in Paris with us all, would our little moments still have happened? Or would she be the one you made feel special?

I know in the other letter I said I would happily take whatever I could get when it comes to you, but now I’m not so sure. I’m not so sure you’d even care.

Still with love (because that’s not changing any time soon)


Ambiguous (M)

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Summary: After a night that changed everything, your relationship with Hoseok has been ambiguous at best. You blame yourself for this, but who are you to change how things have always been? So you go along with this, because you can never say no to him. However, you didn’t take into account that someone else has had their eyes on you: Jeon Jungkook. FWB!AU/BFF!Hoseok, a continuation of Say No to This.

Members: Hoseok, ft. Jungkook being a fairly decent guy

Word Count: 9.2k

Genre: Smut, Angst, some fluff

A/N: While this is a continuation of Say No to This, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s essential to read in order to understand this story. That being said, feel free to read it, as it gives some insight into Hoseok. And also because Hoseok is great.

“Hobi, please, what if they hear us?” You gasp out as Hoseok buries his face in your neck, pressing you against the door of Namjoon’s guest room. Through the wood, you could still feel the heavy beat of the music from the party pulsing. He nips at the skin of your neck, causing you to arch your back against him.

“Well, you’ll just have to keep quiet then, won’t you?” He says, his hot breath hitting your ear. This isn’t like Hoseok, this isn’t like either of you. Ever since that night, you’ve made sure to confine your activities to your apartment, sometimes his. (Not just to the bedroom, though. He made good on that promise to have you against the kitchen counter that next morning. Very good.)

“I can keep quiet. But you? I’m not so sure.” You smirk as you bring your hand up to palm him through his jeans, and he groans at the contact. Having known Hoseok so long, you are well aware of his loud nature. And that loudness definitely carried over to the bedroom. You’ve had plenty of time to get acquainted with the noises he makes.

“Shit, Y/N.” He lets out a moan, but quickly tries to muffle it in your hair. This is risky, doing this at a party. Usually, if either of you got worked up in public, you’d come up with some excuse to leave, making sure you both had different excuses and spaced out your departures, but always rendezvousing back at your place.

In the back of your head, you know that all this sneaking around isn’t necessary. At least it shouldn’t be. This wouldn’t be a problem if you guys had an actual relationship. All it’s been is just fucking, interspersed with the usual movie nights of course. No dates, no intimate conversations that aren’t sexual.

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Imagine Woozi getting embarrassed when he finds out that you were binge-watching his predebut videos.

god the leslie jones hack is so fucking despicable. i don’t know what this bottom feeder expects to gain from humiliating her, but it makes my fucking blood boil. she’s a successful, funny black woman whose only “wrongdoing” was starring in an all-female ghostbusters remake. these subhumans are so mad that leslie was in a successful all-female reboot of their apparently beloved big boy movie that they resort to mass harassment campaigns. and of course it’s only her: her white castmates have not received even a fraction of the hatred she is. it’s just so sickening how little things have changed over the years. 

I love it when people have their pronouns on their blog, especially people who arent trans, because it normalizes the whole asking for pronouns thing. 😄 like yes make it normal to say your pronouns so that it isnt weird for trans people!


“Edward was how he was. Thinking about how things might have been, if a certain factor was changed…is irrelevant, in the end. I loved him. If his wealth was an influence to me marrying him, well…it still doesn’t change the love. It doesn’t make the love I had for him any less real. It doesn’t change the fact that I did love him, that that love grew, and grew, and grew the more I got to know him. Sometimes the soil in which things begin isn’t nearly as important as the tree that grows from it.“ 

Elizabeth Woodville + Modern AU (series)


Fiona: Hi Kaleyah, I’m so happy you agreed to meet me!

Kaleyah was a little taken aback by Fiona’s seemingly cheerful demeanor. Was this not bothering her at all?

Kaleyah: Hey, yeah it’s not problem.

Fiona: How about we sit down and talk. I really don’t like how we left things before.

Fiona could have changed how things went all by making a different decision. Kaleyah started to think that maybe this was a mistake.

Lookit what two years of barely doing anything amounts to!

In all honesty I was just looking through my gamedev folder to see where I was, because it’s been a while since I actually did anything and I am forgetful, and I saw this two year old gif. Decided to compare it to the newest and see how much things have changed.

Then I decided to share, because why not.

kathubs  asked:

Faith and Tara please darling ❤️

only ‘cause you called me darling 


  • first impression: oh great a stereotypical tropey bad girl ugh @ btvs i thought you were better than this 
  • favorite moment: my favorite faith moment? do you realize what you’re asking here? i need to start a whole gif series of these or something because i have so many faves. but. uh. for this? we’ll go with faith sniffing her knife for no apparent reason when the mayor gives it to her. that’s pretty much the moment i gave in to her weird trashy charm 
  • idea for a story: this deserves its own post considering how many faith-related fic ideas i have. like. all of my ideas revolve around faith or mehane or whatever. it’s a problem. but uh. to answer this… i’ve always had this not-fully-formed idea to write a fic about faith’s last week in boston? like, right before she came to sunnydale. stuff about her watcher, kakistos, her mom, whatever. it’s one of those things i think about a lot but never actually put forth effort to plan or anything, so it will probably never exist. like most of my fic ideas. yay 
  • unpopular opinion: i headcanon her as a lesbian and that’s a pretty unpopular thing so i typically don’t mention it… because… like… i project everything onto her… this is no different… faith is bisexual ok 
  • favorite relationship: faith/tara (lmao duh), faith/buffy, faith/angel, faith/happiness, faith/mayor brotp, faith/tank tops, faith/a puppy
  • favorite headcanon: when faith finally gets the dog she’s always wanted she names him ‘wilkins’. this isn’t a fave headcanon really… it’s just the truth


  • first impression: this is the lesbian i was promised??? this??? i hate her 
  • impression now: MY BEAUTIFUL SUNFLOWER 
  • favorite moment: i fell in love with tara during ‘family’ so i’m just going to say that entire episode because up until then i’d been really iffy and unjustly rude about her character 
  • idea for a story: adjklafa half of my story ideas are for her. just like faith. ack. this one is mehane okay but if i could ever get the motivation, i’d write the epic garbage tale of tara going to boston instead of sunnydale and running into faith there so they can have their own slaying adventures and form their own lil scooby gang and it’s all from tara’s sweet lil perspective and she becomes a total badass white witch. i just. i wish someone else would write it for me because i know i don’t have the skill for this (imo) really cool fic. jdkflafdfa ugh 
  • unpopular opinion: tara’s a pretty dark character and idk if i just say that because i’m emo and i like to find the darkness in everyone but this poor girl is way more than the sunshine and rainbows we typically associate her with (i.e. that crappy aesthetic i did for her forever ago) 
  • favorite relationship: tara/faith (DUH), tara/buffy, tara/dawn brotp, tara/spike BROTP, tara/willow from season four to the end of season five, tara/happiness, tara/actual storylines, tara/resurrection, tara/anya 
  • favorite headcanon: stoner!tara belongs here but i’m kicking her to the curb in favor of pancakes and breakfast foods being the only things tara knows how to make because i laugh every time i think about the summer tara and willow spent taking care of dawn