how theyre just pushing each other like



For the love of god you guys. As soon as they start hanging out with other members a bit more yall immediately think theres something wrong. As soon as they start teasing each other (like nOrmNal friends/couples do) yall think theyre being cold to one another. Just cuz we havent had alot of non prerecorded jikook moments currently compared to earlier doesnt mean the ship is dying good lord you people need to sit the heck down.

We act like we know these guys personally and know every little detail about their relationship but we dont. We d o n t. How do we know jikook arent hanging out with each other alot off camera? How do we know theyre not being night owls together in the hotel room? How do we know they’re not constantly arm wrestling each other or hoping on each others backs during rehearsals? Like you guys dont understand how little we do know about their beautiful relationship and theyre probably all over each other when theres no camera’s to witness it. Jimin isnt ‘rejecting’ kook cuz hes mad at him, hes just teasing him. Hes p l a y i n g. Kookie plays with jimin all the time and vice versa, thats their dynamic, their push and pull. They both know each others limits and know when to stop teasing before someone gets hurt, and they raise each other up too. Jikook are fine you guys, theyre just fine. So lets all just relax and enjoy our beautiful ship :’)

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there's a game I played when I was younger and it was like a pillow fight and the floor is lava mashed into one and I can just imagine richjake playing it when they're reeaally bored (maybe the boyfs tag along) and just play it super dramatically yelling "HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS!!!! >:0"and throwing pillows into each other's faces, maybe even doing the "LONG LIVE THE KING" thing by rich knocking jake of the couch and after that they just cuddle in the ruins of the couch

jeremy and michael are both out and theyre dramatically watching rich vs jake and jake is slipping off the couch and rich JUMPS onto that couch and jake is like no noNo rich please No and rich is like “long live the king” and pushes jake off and jake is like HOW COULD YOU and rich is laughing so hard and jeremy gets it ALL on video

Some more Overdads!

Because Reinhardt76 is a goodly and wholesome platonic ship

  • Separately they make dad jokes, but together the dad joke output increases like 5000%
  • They both like to complain about how old and achy they are
    • @dadhardt told me the beautiful thought that Reinhardt would make fun of 76 because of how young he is and how he shouldn’t complain more than Reinhardt
  • When theyre together, just hanging out or whatever, they make ridiculous old people complaints, like they are trying to out old each other 
    • they just see who can say the most outrageously old people things, like “get off my lawn” or “back in my day we had to push the payload 5 miles uphill surrounded by turrets in the snow when it was 100 degrees”
  • I bet between the two of them they have to order costco sized pallets of heating patches and painkillers
  • They are always talking about their old bones and then running full offense (I know Reinhardt is ‘’’’defense’’’’ but you only get to claim that title to a point and I think smashing people with a hammer might cross that) on missions so everyone knows they are totally full of it
  • I bet Reinhardt sings really loudly and really poorly in german 
    • no one stops him because hes so happy
    • Jack thinks its ridiculous but he loves it because Reinhardt is a literal ray of sunshine
    • Reinhardt tries to teach 76 the lyrics, he more or less fails to learn them and tries to follow with some close mumbling 
  • the dads message train
    • Reinhardt ends up doing more of the massaging than Jack
    • But also lol Reinhardt is so big how do you even massage such massive muscles
    • the kids try to get in on the train

Anyway I think about this ship too much and please join me in this soft, dadly heaven

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Ok not really romantic, but I really want Shirabu & Tobio to be reluctant friends who push each other to get better & take techniques from each other & shirabu is salty while tobio is ??? They grow more fond of each other & it'd be cute ahhh

ahhHHH okay listen i have been having SO many kageshira thoughts lately you didn’t ask for this but basically @natroze and I have been yelling back and forth since the last ep and just,,here’s how that conversation went:

nat: anyway kageshira is the least emotionally communicative ship on earth neither of them realize what theyre feelin

kageyama fuckin goes to oikawa for advice like “i have this problem with another setter” and before he’s even done oikawa’s like “duel them”

“no oikawa-san i mean. am i constantly pissed because i think he’s a better setter or because he wont let me touch his hair”

oikawa: “wait hang on we are not talking about the same thing at all”

“i thought we were talking about me”

 "fight me tobio-chan"

after a practice match second-year kageyama asks third year shirabu out like out of fuckin nowhere yells it across the net after they just finished a practice match and shirabu’s fuckin gaping at him like “how DARE you”

goshiki to Hinata: can we DOUBLE DATE WITH THEM

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