how theyre just pushing each other like

Some more Overdads!

Because Reinhardt76 is a goodly and wholesome platonic ship

  • Separately they make dad jokes, but together the dad joke output increases like 5000%
  • They both like to complain about how old and achy they are
    • @dadhardt told me the beautiful thought that Reinhardt would make fun of 76 because of how young he is and how he shouldn’t complain more than Reinhardt
  • When theyre together, just hanging out or whatever, they make ridiculous old people complaints, like they are trying to out old each other 
    • they just see who can say the most outrageously old people things, like “get off my lawn” or “back in my day we had to push the payload 5 miles uphill surrounded by turrets in the snow when it was 100 degrees”
  • I bet between the two of them they have to order costco sized pallets of heating patches and painkillers
  • They are always talking about their old bones and then running full offense (I know Reinhardt is ‘’’’defense’’’’ but you only get to claim that title to a point and I think smashing people with a hammer might cross that) on missions so everyone knows they are totally full of it
  • I bet Reinhardt sings really loudly and really poorly in german 
    • no one stops him because hes so happy
    • Jack thinks its ridiculous but he loves it because Reinhardt is a literal ray of sunshine
    • Reinhardt tries to teach 76 the lyrics, he more or less fails to learn them and tries to follow with some close mumbling 
  • the dads message train
    • Reinhardt ends up doing more of the massaging than Jack
    • But also lol Reinhardt is so big how do you even massage such massive muscles
    • the kids try to get in on the train

Anyway I think about this ship too much and please join me in this soft, dadly heaven