how they used to be

…Apparently I really like butchering adult Sasuke.

Lol do not ask me why he’s on a bean bag 

secret’s out: how i got skilled in art

I’ve never thought that Ozpin gave the shapeshifting magic to Raven and Qrow. So, he gave them the magic just like he did with the maidens. (If we assume he is the wizard)

Two little Sunday surprises:

1. My piano is ridiculously out of tune. Disgracefully so. (This isn’t a surprise but it’s a surprise just how bad it is).

2. I haven’t forgotten how to read music. (Clap clap, go me; this is also not really a surprise but maybe it is given how long it’s been since I’ve actually bothered to sit and play anything).

marvelous, polaris, and 밍구닷! got mingyu these gifts, which means he’s getting a nakamichi speaker, an 256gb iphonex, and belkin wireless charging pad which all totals to about ~$1310…….

anonymous asked:

93 Blue and mutt? Rarepares!

probably one of the rarest of pairs, honestly. a bit of an intro into this: i may or may not have taken liberty with the prompt, and this may or may not be less of a ship and more of a “slim is here and oh let’s throw blue in last moment”

WARNINGS (yeah, this has warnings): thoughts of death, nihilism, unhealthy mindsets, mention of physical violence (nothing too graphic), possible relation to unhealthy relationships

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