how they shoot kissing

What gets to me every damn time is Magnus’s face till the moment their lips touch. Look at how unsure he is, you can tell how he still doesn’t know if Alec is going to reject him. Look at how his pupils shift a little when they are finally face to face. His eyes are searching for Alec’s, he is trying to find the answer in them, trying to see what’s the upcoming conversation going to hold. Look at how his eyebrows shoot a tiny inch up just a breath before the kiss, utterly taken aback. This is why the kiss startles him so much his head jerks back by the sheer force of it; he wasn’t expecting it at all. He was expecting Alec to stop and talk to him.

The details are mindblowing. A fucking+ acting, Harry. 

sometimes i look at people and i just get this overwhelming feeling of love, because i love humans, i fucking adore us. because when disaster strikes we ask, “are you okay?” and how lovely it is to ask someone else about their pain when you, yourself, are already suffering. because we hold hands with the people we love, and it strikes a fire wild fire that runs among our veins and we write poetry about it. we write poetry about the way out lovers eyes look or how their smile sets us up in flames or how kissing them makes you feel like a shooting star finally being wished upon. and how beautiful it is to finally be seen by someone and be loved entirely. because when we are sad, tears stream down our faces like a waterfall in the forest, and we ache and tremble and we hurt like never before but when we fall, we have people to lean on. and how extraordinary is it that we have people willing to catch us when we don’t even ask for it, that wipe away our tears with their very own trembling hands even though one more tear could drown them but they’d risk it all for us, that call us midnight just to make us smile, that bend over backwards just to make sure we can stand up without falling over again. and how fucking fantastic is it that we are one single being in a world that holds billions and yet people still think we are lovely, amazing, beautiful and would do anything for us. we are one in a billion and yet we get the chance to look up at the sky, at the stars, that we get to point out constellations with the ones we love and we get to hold their hand in the darkness of the night, we get to kiss their lips and tell them that everything is gonna be alright, we get to stargaze and drive around at night in the city. we get to jam to our favorite music and laugh so hard we tear up for all the right reasons. we get to cuddle and love passionately and make new friends and travel and go to carnivals and swim and do every single thing imaginable and how special you are to exist right now. there are millions of paths you didn’t take that could’ve led to you not being here or running out of your tomorrows. but you are here, and you have made it through every single day you thought was impossible to get through. and even though breathing became too hard some days, you still found a little sliver of beauty and hung onto it, and you are here, and that is everything. that is beautiful. that is extraordinary and i hope you can see it in yourself that you are one in a billion, that you, yourself, are a constellation admired by so many. you are beautiful, lovely, wonderful and every single thing in between.

i wanna be down with alibi theory + memory drug + gaslighting, but i don’t get… what’s the endgame for mary/moriarty here? making john think he killed her for what reason? framing him but then making him construct an alibi for what reason? if they just think john killed her, wouldn’t that make the 3 garridebs scene (which we imagine is the scene in which he shoots her in the first place) fake? how does the kiss happen in this situation?

Don’t you know what a kiss is?

I’m so excited to finally show you the piece I did for ladiesofliterature vol.2!!!

I chose Wendy Angela Moira Darling (Wendy’s just fine) from Peter Pan. I absolutely love the imagery of the ‘kiss’ and ‘thimble’ in the story, and how the ‘kiss’ stopped the Lost Boy’s arrow from shooting through her heart.  

15 things included when dating Han Solo.

1. Always just a little worried about him.

2. Sometimes needing so much space that you go to a different planet (but always come back).

3. Han metaphorically taking a bullet for you. 

4. Chewie instantly taking a liking to you.

5. Being kidnapped by someone he owes money to.

6. Han teaching you how to shoot.

7. Lots of passionate kissing.

8. Being jealous of Princess Leia. 

9. Both of you forgetting your anniversary so Han just randomly surprises you with cheesy gifts. 

10. Being lazy in bed together in the morning.

11. Han being jealous of Luke. 

12. Messing with his hair just to annoy him. 

13. Staying up late because you have nightmares.

14. And Han staying up with you.

15. Accidentally giving birth to the next Darth Vader. Oops.

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