how they loved each other these three

So you mean to tell me

That after three seasons of growing trust and understanding bonding with Carl and Judith and bringing each other back to humanity AFTER EVERYTHING these last 3 seasons I’m supposed to believe some wide eyed blonde (who has a husband btw) shows up with scissors offering a hair cut and she’s going to teach rick “learn how to love again”

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1. Drawing

2. Good music

3. Rain/Snow

4. Getting slightly drunk with a good friend at home, drinking way too expensive wine together - Starting everything casual and nice, and then ending up dead-serious talking about love, politics and how we’re going to save the world, the whales and basically everyone. By this time it’s probably 4 in the morning and we’re telling each other way too often how much we love eachother platonically. (Looking back, this happens a LOT.)

5. Being outdoors

6. Tea+cookies

7. Fanfictions/books/everything readable will be read

8. People who add a lot excited tags or a comment when reblogging my stuff

9. When someone writes/draws/does something utterly sweet for me (;u; <3)

10. Sunny mornings

11. Breakfast (Can we please just habe breakfast three times a day. I would be a great Hobbit.)

12. Scarfs and jewellery I can’t afford but buy nevertheless (Can’t help it, I am a collector c_c)

13. Singing/Laughing together with others

14. Tumblr, the TF2-fandom and all you lovely people

15. Puns (I am looking at you, plukan)

(A lot of people that I know have already been tagged, so this is going to be a little random maybe)
The 15 that I tag who make me happy are plukan pinkiepiejive uberdoctor saibowtie magicwolvesintimemachines tf2mayhem 1fort-2fort-redfort-blufort snowsuper123 red-med19 elvishdork multiversecafe teafortteu astrinisuika personalsilly thewizardsarcasmus

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France portrayed as England’s antagonistic rapist ex-boyfriend in a USUK fic. 

America portrayed as England’s assholish-jerky ex-boyfriend in a FrUK fic. 

England portrayed as America or France’s heartless, cold, abusive, and demanding ex-boyfriend in a FrUS fic. 

Antagonizing these three characters.

These three characters being cool pals or if you like the threesome that’s cool too.


"When he learned of the curse, he was heartbroken for you, but there was also, almost, a sort of …” 


The Charming, Mills family

tid future au: the wheel does come full circle

the year is 2021 and both will and jem are dusted bones on the silent city’s walls (jem dead not too long after the blackfriars reunion. nothing grand. an accident. a simple, stupid accident. she cried for 2 full days.)
the year is 2021 and tessa gray misses finding home in the eyes of her loved ones.
she buys up a little bookshop with an even littler flat above it, selling vintage, paper-books. she’s got them from all over; france and shanghai and new york. many are hers, others gifts from dear magnus. some are will’s. few are jem’s. one’s even her sweet aunt harriet’s. the shop doesn’t make much, but somehow, it quickly became home, with all its familiar crooks and creaks. besides, she keeps many texts about her time with the nephilim. the clave knows, even asks for her help at times.
almost two centuries now, and tessa gray would’ve told you instantly fate is nothing if not nonexistent. that is until two men walk into the shop one morning, knocking the breath out of her timeless lungs

"evening! my name’s william, but you can call me will. or sexy. whichever works for you. we’re here on behalf of the clave."
"ah, of course, how rude of me. this is james. or jem. or also-sexy. you can take your pick with that one too."
"excuse his general existence, we’re here after some texts. we were told to ask a…theresa gray?"
"…i…yes, yes, i’m…i’m tessa gray."

at last, the wheel comes full circle.


Wham Episodes || Season 4


Charlie & Monroe (feat. Connor) | 2.13

"What are we crooks now?"

There’s no such thing as ‘just friends’.

Not anymore. Not after.

There is such a thing as friends. But there is no ‘just’

'Just Friends' don't know how each others lips taste. They don't have finger tips engraved on each others skin. They do not feel the ghost of hands on their faces at three in the morning. They do not hesitate to send a text after they used to share everything with wild abandon. 'Just friends' don't swallow 'I love you's because the words taste too bitterly familiar.

'Just friends' comes before. Once that line is crossed, the 'just' disappears. Once you see the other side, you can never look back.

—  You’ll always be more than a ‘just’.

1 trio gif per episode: iGive Away a Car

Maybe someday, you will love me for who am I. Maybe someday, we can go on a date and have some bonding time with each other. Maybe someday, you can be my handkerchief when I cry. Maybe someday, you will give me a love letter and a three red roses. Maybe someday, you will sing for me at 2:05 in the morning just to make me sleep. Maybe someday, you will hug me from the back and kiss my forehead. Maybe someday, you will call and text me everyday. Who doesn’t mind how much cost of money he lost just to call and text me. Maybe someday, you will notice my love and how much I cared for you. Maybe someday you will looked at me and I will see the spark in your eyes. Maybe someday, you will smile at me. Maybe someday you will love me just the way you love her.
—   Maybe someday. 

Charlie, Miles & Monroe (feat. Truman) | 2.12

"This is fresh squeezed Typhus…




Love in Other Words

— Once again Emma and Killian share a heartfelt moment where he tells her the depth of his feelings without utterly those three little words. He doesn’t promise they will see each other again, because he does not know if they ever will. All he can do is tell her how much she means to him by promising to think of her every day. And she is happy he will.