how they loved each other these three


Amelia’s life is in danger Owen is destroyed.


“Hello beautiful” Owen kissed his girlfriend.
Now they spent every spare moment of the day together, lunch and dinner, in hospital, in the on-call room and even at home. They were a couple, the whole hospital knew about them and both lived with pride their love in the light of the sun.

They didn’t separate from each other for more than a day.
But even if they were together for the past four months neither of them had even said the three words that the other wanted to hear, perhaps for fear that the relationship it would explode or simply because it’s afraid to reveal everything about yourself to another person.

“How was your surgery ?!” he said.

“Hmmmm well. I left to the interns all the fun. It was just a simple aneurysm. The I do the badass surgeries.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around Owen’s neck.

“How about if we go home, quiet dinner and then …” he smiled slyly leaving the sentence unfinished.

“ I’m in.” Amelia placed a quick peck on his warm lips.

“But wait a minute, I have to go check on a patient in the ER.”

While Owen was giving instructions to Kepner and the interns, Amelia looked around in the crowded ER.

Her eyes traveled over the beds, all carried out with grace.
Deep in thought she calmed herself until a figure lying on the bed 4 caught her attention. A familiar face, but where she had seen him ?! In Los Angeles.

“Amelia Shepherd.” Shouted the man. At these words she paralyzed when recognized the tone of voice, the cadence of the words.

That was the drug dealer from which she and Ryan used to buy the ‘oxy.

The man got out of bed and walked over to her, Amelia looked around searching for someone or Owen but she didn’t see him.

now he was infront of her mumbling .

“You’re a doctor. Uh. Who would have thought that my most loyal customer treat people.”

“I’m not that person anymore. I am no longer the girl you knew in Los Angeles,” she said through clenched teeth.

“Ooh one thing I learned from this work. People never change.”

The man grabbed her wrist violently, Amelia screamed and tried to free herself self from the man’s iron grip.

Owen who was in the other room ran to her as soon as he heard her scream. He arrived in time to see Amelia fall on the cart with the operation tools.

Time ran in slow motion he knelt beside her and saw the pool of blood spread on the white floor.
Kepner and interns helped Amelia stopping the bleeding and removing the scapel pierced hiin her s stomach.

He looked at Amelia and when Kepner said that she had everything under control the fury strike him like a truck.
He ran to the man who was running away, when he reached him he grabbed him by the neck sleeve and lifted from the ground.

“If anything happens to her, I” Owen was red with anger, breathing heavily.

“I didn’t want.” the man said he breathe heavily. And Owen’s hand tightened even more on the man’s neck.

“I kill you.” Owen yelled “I’ll kill you understand ?!” Owen looked at him and threw him against the nearest wall.

The man hit his head violently and fell to the ground.

Both Jackson and Alex intervened, Avery took the man to do a CAT scan but he didn’t want to feel sorry for him he hurted his friend.

“Hunt, we’ll talk about this later.” and he walked away.

That afternoon they planned Amelia ’s surgery, Meredith couldn’t do it because she was a relative, Webber was a close friend of Amelia and then he was out.

The scalpel had created serious damage to internal organs of the neurosurgeon.

The pancreas, liver and some sections of the intestine were injured.

It was a long and painful surgery for both Meredith and Owen.

He felt so guilty, he had sworn to her that he would protect her despite everything and everyone.
He failed miserably.

“What would I do if I lose her ?! ?! I love her so much. Oh she doesn’t know how I feel about her. I don’t ever had the courage to tell her the truth, perhaps for fear that she ran away ?! No I was a coward, every time that I dream my future everything falls apart.
I was afraid that I could ruined everything, but not with her. I love her too much, she’s the person that I wanted and that I was looking for all my life. ”

Owen’s heart ached when Bailey looked up to the gallery and nodded.
She saved Amelia’s life, the woman he loved.

He stood at her bedside for three days in a row. His face was gaunt, honed by fear and suffering.
Unshaven, dark circles under his eyes purplish marked.

He hadn’t come home for days, he washed, ate and slept in the hospital and only if someone was watching at Amelia’s bedside.

He no longer knew what day it was, he didn’t work for days he had taken a time off work to be with her.

When his hope was leaving a voice caught his attention.
Her voice was like a whisper, “Hey.”
He looked up and immediately ran over her bed.

Copious tears flowed from Owen’s face “Babe.” Sobbing “I thought I’d lost you.”

A light and sweet smile appeared on her tired face “No way.”

Owen kissed her hard not wanting to let her go.
The words were out of his mouth without filters “Don’t you dare do it again. I can’t , I won’t live without you. You came into my life on tiptoe, you upset everything. You have the ability to tear me apart and pull myself together. You are the breath of fresh air that I was looking for for, you’re pure oxygen in my blood.
When I’m not with you I feel bad physically. I wanna fell asleep beside you and wake up with you in my arms. You are the light that illuminates my future ,you’re my home.
When I’m with you I am a better man, your light your greatness and your heart amaze me every single day. You’re my everything, my present and my forever. I love you.
I can’t imagine or leave in a world without you.”

Amelia looked at him in amazement, she had never heard more beautiful words, tears flowed from her face, but the smile never disappeared “I thank heaven every day to have met a person like you. You make me feel fully accepted, and you make feel beautiful and loved. You don’t want to change me and accept me as I am. I love you too. ”

She shifted herself slightly from the bed “What are you doing, you can’t move the sutures can jump.” He said worriedly.

“Come here.” He followed her orders and lay down beside her .

Amelia looked into his eyes and smiled she caressed his face, shave under the palm of her hand was the best feeling in the world.

Owen closed his eyes and finally began to breathe again.
“Don’t worry I’m here. rests, I’m not going anywhere” Amelia stroked his hair and kissed him gently on the forehead, he fell asleep in the arms of the person he loved most in the world.

In each other’s arms both showed their vulnerability by making a joint force, they could face everything together.

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Ok so, if it's too much just tell me! But I have a lot of winterhawk questions so here they go: 1. Do you think they're the marrying and having children type? If not, how do you picture them? 2. Lucky, before or after Bucky? 3. What's their method of coping when the other is having a bad day? Maybe Bucky signs to Clint, or something 4. Do they start showering together, sharing the bed, etc, before or after the first three months? And that's it! Hope I'm not being a bother and format is ok :)

No problem! I copied the questions so you don’t have to look at the ask and answer back and forth

1. Do you think they’re the marrying and having children type? If not, how do you picture them?

I think they would only get married if there was some other factor - they know they love each other and they don’t need a piece of paper to prove it; i feel like if someone asked them or pushed it they may or may not entertain the idea. (I really like the headcanon of them wearing each other’s dogtags)

As for kids - I’m of the full opinion that Clint would adopt strays left and right

skylarkevanson (the lovely Murdock to my Foggy) has a really good story called Paternal Error that is Clint adopting various strays (including Bucky)

2. Lucky, before or after Bucky?

I think Lucky was definitely before and just came along as a two-for-one package with Clint

3. What’s their method of coping when the other is having a bad day? Maybe Bucky signs to Clint, or something

I think it’s a lot of relaxing, showing each other that they’re there if they want to talk or something similar. Bucky probably will sign to Clint - which Clint loves; on Bucky’s bad days, Clint holds Bucky’s metal hand

4. Do they start showering together, sharing the bed, etc, before or after the first three months?

I think sharing the bed was probably before, as would most of everything else - Clint’s not all that modest and Bucky isn’t either so showering together after a mission would probably be the easiest thing.


“When he learned of the curse, he was heartbroken for you, but there was also, almost, a sort of …” 

i don’t want stydia to become canon in the last five minutes of the teen wolf season finale, whenever that comes, i want it to be so built up and dramatic and steamy and i want them to be as close to each other as they can and to mumble ‘i love you’ between kisses so many times that the only thing they think of when they hear those three words are each other and how they could not love anything more in the world than how it felt when they finally really admitted their love for each other

If Meanie Were Your Best Friends
  • them constantly teasing you about how short you are
  • but hey, they’re always up to give you piggy back rides
  • you call them ‘the twin towers' 
  • they lift you up while playing basketball so you could dunk           
  • you somehow were able to tie their shoe laces together while they weren’t looking and it was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen     
  • you guys once saw a dog at the park and wonwoo ran for his life   
  • you love to play pranks on each other and the other members
  • you and wonwoo replaced mingyu’s gel with glue once and he almost cried
  • you three love to play games together but get really competitive at time
  • you learned to never have a eating contest with mingyu because that boy’s stomach is a black hole
  • mingyu accidentally got stuck in a cupboard once during a game of hide and seek and you two didn’t help him until 2 hours later
  • wonwoo loves to tell you jokes because you’re the only one who tries to listen to them mostly so that you can make fun of him later    
  • he’ll be laughing so hard at his own jokes that he would constantly hit you with his sweater paws  
  • you and mingyu accidentally kissed once while playing the card game and you two spent half an hour trying to clean your mouths  
  • the other members got so mad at you after due to the fact that you two wasted a days worth of their toothpaste
  • one time you did a 4 legged race, but ended up tripping and falling onto each other  
  • you guys once tried to do cheer leading and you broke your leg
  • they entertained you the whole time and baked you cookies that tasted a bit funny
  • mingyu would always style the two of your guy’s hair while you would give them advice on clothes you secretly want to burn wonwoo’s bucket hats tho  
  • tbh all wonwoo could do is suggest my chemical romance songs
  • they’d practice their raps in front of you and ask if they were good
  • they caught you rapping to their parts in ah yeah and never let you live it done
  • you always make fun of their boxing part in the adore u mv but they reply back with “you’re only doing this because we are just too hot for you”
  • mingyu and wonwoo always end up cuddling while watching a movie so you’re left hugging a pillow 
  • you’d all run after turning off the lights once you finished the movie
  • even though they tease you all the time, they’re really protective over you
  • this one time a guy accidentally brushed you while walking past you and you literally had to hold them back from hurting him
  • they know how to comfort you after a breakup and tell you how he’ll never find anyone as great as you
  • you’d be their wing-woman it’s not like they have any trouble w/ stealing girls hearts anyways
  • “but have you met my friend?”
  • you tell them that they should just get married to each other instead when they’re rejected because it’s bound to happen anyways
  • they use pickup lines on each other for fun and you’ve never felt so embarrassed in your life
  • you constantly have to teach them how to do gwiyomi because they forget each time
  • you accidentally thought mingyu was wonwoo once and they still tease you about it till this day
  • someone once asked if you were dating one of them and the three of you were laughing for days
  • you guys have so much inside jokes that even if you see an apple, you’d all be cracking up
  • your contact name for mingyu is ‘butt scratcher’ and wonwoo is 'wonweasle’
  •  their phone backgrounds are a picture of you three at your birthday party where they pushed your face into the cake
  • you call each other 'the three musketeers’
  •  the others members call you the three troublemakers though
  • one time they found you sitting on top of mingyu and wonwoo yelling “-AND THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE CALLED ME SHORT”
  • you make them carry you around like they did to dino in the adore u switched parts version
  • you just cheer on woozi when he attacks them with his guitar
  • they all love your presence at the 17 dorm and invite you wherever they go
  • you’re their #1 supporter and are always cheering them on in the front row of their performances                                           
  • you’d never be bored having meanie as your best friends and you’re so grateful to have them in your life

collab w/ baby-jeonghan (jeongcheol)

leave requests if you want more

It took us a really long time to decide what we wanted to do with each other, THREE YEARS TO BE PRECISE, and guess we decided, whelp.


But nah, mochaccino  and I talked and decided to go a little public about our relationship since we really want to stick together.

We’ve been through so much, and grew up a lot with each other, especially with learning more and more along the way and understanding one another because of it.

We’ve developed the closest bond that I know will last us a lifetime and you guys have no idea how much I love this dumb butt, from staying up all night watching videos (recently getting me into J-Drama), dicking around on games, drawing stupid little doodles, deep discussions, keeping in contact, all the fun stuff!

Guardia: The Tales of Halgeis, is also dedicated to her in fact! She’s been there since I first developed Yggdra, made her an ask blog while I was still in PMD-e, and inspired me to make Guardia the webcomic that it is today! She serves as my main inspiration and helps keep me motivated to work on it so I can not only let her enjoy it, but you guys too!
(Plus she’ll kill me if I don’t keep up updates, had a lot of past projects I let go and ahahaha, can’t do it to this one either.)

The amount of trust I have for this little lady is unimaginable, we’ve become really strong together and I’m really just happy to call her mine <3.

Happy 2 Months, jerkface <3, thank you for keeping me going everyday!

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Good luck with your tattoo consultation! May I ask how many tattoos you have?

::stops to count::

Eight (if I count each GCS bat separately).

  • A woman’s face, surrounded by ivy. Above my left breast.
  • Fairy wings the RealHusband designed. Across my upper back & shoulders.
  • Three Gothic Charm School bats. Inner left forearm.
  • “Get out of your own way”. Inner right forearm.
  • Crossed Haunted Mansion keys, inscribed with Mom’s years, and a banner that says “Love, Mom” in her handwriting. Upper left arm.
  • “Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc”. Outer right forearm.

Other tattoos I’m planning:

  • The Ward glyph from Problem Glyphs, across my lower back. 
  • Some sort of jack o’ lantern with smoke, candy, and bats, on my outer left forearm.
  • Twining blackberry vines (with fruit and flowers) on both of my arms, as sleeve work.

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I can't stop thinking about Margot and Alana's son doing that big jump while holding his mothers' hands with his stuffed bunny and how happy he is, and how this is the first time Margot has ever seen a happy child at Muskrat Farm, and how after all the time looking after Will's dogs Alana finally has her own little pack to look after. And all three of them belong to each other. This family is theirs. Good lord I want to cry forever over that one shot.

can we talk about how margot is a MOMMY?? one that has no problem holding her child and gently cradling him in her arms to make him feel safe?
and how alana looks at both of them like a fierce lioness ready to rip out throats to protect her family?
how much they love each other and that little boy? and omg he looks so good? like he’s just a good, smily childs who loves his mommies and knows they’ll keep him safe so he has no reason to be afraid of anything.
honestly those like 10 seconds gave me more family feelings than all the scenes between will and molly and walter.

imagine when the 5 of them were having to live together den and sve start arguing and things are tense.

baby ice is afraid and crying because these two men he loves are hurting shouting at each other.

so nor and fin take him into his bedroom and the two lie on either side of him telling him funny stories and nice things until he falls asleep and the two look at each other and they’re both just as afraid as ice is so they hold each other, the three of them, until it’s over and everything is quiet.

every time it happens the three cuddle together and when ice falls asleep nor and fin whisper quietly to each other about how it’ll be okay and give each other sweet kisses and hugs until it’s morning and they have to do it all over again with den and sve

Okay but like - it is real. This actually happened, people. Will asked if Hannibal was in love with him and Bedelia confirmed it. Will is Clarice. We always suspected that he may be but now we know that he was intended to be and that is just so beautiful. So yeah, we may not get season 4 or 5, and thus we may not get canon two-sided committed Hannigram BUT at least we can sleep peacefully knowing that that is exactly where the show was headed. Bryan Fuller may never confirm it himself, but these past three seasons of build up and last episode’s epiphany of Will’s tell us that - yes, by the end of season 5 , by the completion of this arch .. Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham were intended to be canonically, undeniably in love with each other. And that’s fucking awesome. We may never get a continuation of this amazing series, but we will always have this knowledge. How far we have come thanks to Bryan Fuller. I love that.

send me a ☯ for a brotp meme
  • because honestly, where's the love for our platonic sweethearts?
  • who's older?:
  • who's more protective?:
  • what's their origin?:(how did they become brotp)
  • what are four words to describe their relationship?:
  • how does each one feel when the other gets into a romatic relationship?:do they get jealous? are they super protective? proud of their friend getting out there??
  • list three problems that they've encountered in their time together:
  • how often do they fight?:
  • what would their biggest fight be about?:
  • nicknames/terms of endearment?:
  • how long will they last?:do they fall out a few months after friendship blooms? do they laugh at their respective grandchildren together while looking over photos from decades ago?
  • how well do they know each other?:
  • which of the two is more:violent, expressive, affectionate, irritable, intelligent, attractive, kind
  • are there any chances of them n o t staying platonic?:
  • how would they react if the other were to die?:
  • what extent would one half of the brotp go for the other?:
  • list headcanons for them based around:a slide, a laptop, winter, coca-cola, braiding hair, shoes, two of your choice.

Semi serious question: If Emma went up to Hook and “broke up” with him or “cut him loose” would any of us ACTUALLY consider them not a couple anymore? Or NOT still madly in love with each other? More importantly, would the SHOW? Both RB and OQ “broke up” (for you know a hot minute in the grand scheme of things) but Regina didn’t just suddenly start dating someone else. Belle did in the saddest attempt at a rebound ever, mostly because they were trying to figure out how to include Michael Socha, not because the plot actually made sense.

This is Captain Swan. The couple that’s been painstakingly built for three years. Coping with Emma as the Dark One is more than enough to be getting on with than some artificial “break up” drama that would really be null and void once Emma is herself again anyway. Because she’s going to need Killian to lean on to cope with the guilt and pain of her turn with the dark.

Killian certainly wouldn’t accept that. He’d double down on saving her. He wouldn’t give up because she’s “cut him loose” or whatever. I think the darkness will drive a wedge between them, of course it will. Anyone who doesn’t think that is painfully naive. And maybe KILLIAN will take a step back while Emma’s off indulging in the darkness because he can’t cope with seeing her that way. But to me, it’s only a true break up if the show intends for them to never ever be together again, which is just stupid, and never gonna happen.

Basically, I think people are jumping to conclusions with this “heartbreaking” comment by ONE writer. I like Bridget so far, but I don’t think she realizes how much stock people are putting on the things that she says. How seriously some fans take Twitter comments as the fucking gospel. Seeing Emma lose her battle with the dark, to fully become the Dark Swan after all her struggles? That would be heartbreaking. If some vile dreamcatcher shows her a terrible vision of her AS the Dark Swan and she runs from her loved ones (all of them not just Killian) in an effort to protect them, that would be heartbreaking. 

There are a million different scenarios. We have very little idea of what is happening. And frankly, the show would be INSANE to fuck up CS since as Eddy pointed out, it’s a writer and fan favorite. So let’s just hang on to the angsty ride, K?

Yours And No One Else's

Warnings: smut (nsfw), swearing
Rating: mature
Summary: jealous Chris with lots of smut (as requested by Anonymous)
A/N: imma say it myself; ABOUT FUCKING TIME! It became a little long cause I got carried away :3
Y/N = your name
You were peacefully sat in the coffee shop, talking to Chris about the future for you both. You were at that stage in your relationship where you knew for sure that you wanted to spend the rest of each other’s lives together. Because love is a powerful thing.
“…and we’ll have kids,” you said, swirling your coffee around your cup.
“Definitely, how many, though? I was thinking…maybe something like three?”
“Not three.”
“Why not?”
“Because then two of them will side together and the other will be left on their own. That’s not fair.”
“Then…how about four?”
“Four’s good.”
“You realize this just means more sex, right?” He asked enthusiastically, lowering his voice a little.
“I’m TOTALLY fine with that,” you laughed. “Though, I’m totally NOT okay with only having sex to make children.”
Chris started laughing, “Me neither,” but his laughter died down when he saw something behind you. Someone tapped your shoulder and you turned to be greeted by - it took you a couple seconds to work out who he was - Harry, an old high school friend.

“Harry! I’ve not seen you in ages!” You stood up and hugged him.
“How are you, Y/N?”
“I’m great, how are you?”
“I’m good, thanks.”
“Here, sit down with us.” You offered.
“Are you sure? It it okay if I-”
“Oh, uh…yeah, sure.” Chris replied hesitantly.

You talked and laughed and Harry occasionally touched you - on the arm or your leg. You weren’t entirely comfortable with it but you’d tell him to stop if he kept on at it. Thankfully, he stopped and left soon after. Chris barely talked to you on the way home, he just held your hand while you walked together. When you arrived home, however, his innocent ways suddenly changed.

You were barely through the door when he took ahold of your waist and pulled you to him for a long and passionate kiss. He said nothing, just guided both of you into your bedroom. He lifted your shirt over your head slower than he’d ever done before; pushing down your jeans and crouching down as he did so, kissing the front of your intimate area as he held your legs. He looked up at you and smiled mischievously, standing back up.

He discarded of his own clothes until he was nothing short of his boxers, as fast as he could, whilst you sat down on the bed. “Lie down,” he ordered.
You did so, lying obediently on your back. “Take off your underwear and spread your legs wide for me,” he added. You whipped off your underwear and opened your legs. He crawled onto the bed and over to you, sitting by your feet.

“We need to talk about something,” he told you, bringing his fingers to your folds and playing around. You hummed in response and he continued.
“I’m the only one you love, right? I’m the only one who lives with you, and I’m the only one who pleasures you…am I correct?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Why do you allow other men to touch you as I would?” He asked, softly rubbing your sensitive bud.
“I didn’t…”
“Then what was the deal with that Harry guy?”
“He was being r-really touchy and it made even me a little uncomfortable-”
His voice deep like gravel, he said seductively, “You’re mine,” and he inserted a finger slowly. “Mine and no one else’s.”
“…I’m yours and no one else’s.”
“Y/N, do you love me?” he whispered, pumping slowly as he added another finger.
“Of course I love you, you big dope. Why do you become jealous when you know that we belong to each other?”

He stopped, leaned forward and kissed you, before whispering, “because that’s what love does.”
You kissed again, but you gently pushed him away and said, “Fuck me.”
“Fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to tickle my belly button from the inside with your huge cock.”
His eyes grew wide and round and he sat back. He blinked some but then smiled devilishly and said, “I’m saving that for tonight…but first…”

He was really taking it to another level, stretching you now with what must be…three or four fingers?
“Uhn, god…jesus, Chris…” You whimpered. It was building up quite fast; the knot tightening with each passing second. Vigorously toying you, and almost rubbing your clit raw, the knot snapped and you climaxed over his fingers alongside your moans of pleasure. He allowed you to come back down from your high before he pulled off his underwear and sat closer to you.

He smiled innocently as you sat up and he grabbed your hand to wrap it around his lengthy shaft. After you tilted your head to the side he brought his balled up fist to his opened wide mouth and did a sucking motion before swallowing and smiling again.
“Only if you give me what I want after,” you reasoned.

You sat between his legs and took a good long look at his manhood, which was twitching with arousal and straining and begging to be touched in some form. Forget his length, his girth could win a fucking competition. You kissed him hard as you fucked your fist over him fast. He groaned and breathed deeply, sitting back a little and resting his weight on his arms. “You’re sure liking this, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” he exhaled. You let go and he whined at the loss but when he felt the warmth of your mouth over him he hummed in approval. You weren’t a professional, but Chris claimed that you knew exactly how to work him, and that made you happy. After a few short minutes, he leaned forward again, keeping his eyes shut from the pleasure surging through him. He started gently bucking his hips against you and placed a hand on the back of your head while you sucked - swirling your tongue around his crown before devouring his shaft again.

He gripped your hair and you knew he was close. “Y/N!” He shouted as he came. You steadied your pace and rode out his orgasm until he’d finished emptying his load. He too came down from his high quickly. He gave you another orgasm - by eating you out - before you both fell asleep tangled in each other’s arms and legs.
You woke up some hours later when it was deep into the night. You were partially lying on top of Chris, who was all soft snores.

He never did finish his part of the deal. So you figured you’d get it now. You started rubbing and massaging his cock, but then he woke up.
“What the…? Y/N? What are you doing?” He asked groggily, his voice deep from sleep.
“You never gave me what I wanted,” you answered.

He chuckled but went along with it. You touched him enough to make him hard again, nice and erect just for you. You knew that he was sleepy and would not give you the full experience so you opted to be on top.

Once you eased yourself down onto him - which didn’t take much, because you were wetter than England on a rainy day - you didn’t even bother going slow. You needed this. Up and down you went, bouncing on him. He WAS big, and you WERE being a little stretched, but the pleasure overrode the pain. He held you by the waist in one hand and squeezed your ass in the other. You rolled your hips, and after a few minutes, he rolled you over so that he could finish the job.

He ground his hips into yours, and it definitely felt like your belly button was being tickled from the inside. He was hitting the spot inside you that had you seeing stars, and it wasn’t long before your orgasm ripped through your body. Your walls clenched around him, and he grunted loudly - because the orgasm must have made the fit even tighter. “God, baby, you’re so tight…”

Only a minute later, he stuttered to a halt and you felt the foreign but familiar warmth spreading inside you. Kissing each other helped you both loosen up, but you broke the kiss to ask, “Do you want to take a shower with me in the morning?”
“Definitely. You know, it’s best to make the most of these things, ‘cause once we have kids, we’ll probably never be able to have showers together ever again.” He said.
You laughed. “We’ll work out something. We have plenty of time to think about it.”

But…little did you know, a bundle of joy would be arriving 9 months later.

Step By Step (We All Fall Down) Chapter Six (7/?)

Step By Step (We All Fall Down)
Rating: T                      
Fic Summary: During the summer between seasons two and three, Oliver and Felicity are attempting to navigate their new status post-fake but not actually fake I love you’s, and a kiss that may or may not have meant everything. Or: What would have been different for Oliver and Felicity if that summer had been about both of them truly coming to terms with what they meant to each other. Basically - Felicity decides to live her life, and Oliver realizes that her life doesn’t necessarily include him as much as he may want. How he reacts, and how Felicity responds to his actions, shape the future of their relationship.  
Chapter Summary: Now that things are looking up for his relationship – friendship – with Felicity, Oliver is working hard to show her that he’s changed, that he’s more open and available and aware of her wants and needs. They’re spending almost all of their time together, and it’s easy and comfortable and fun. But while being the best friend possible to her, he’s starting to realize that he wants this with her. All the time. As more than friends. And if the knowing looks from Roy and Diggle are any indication, he isn’t exactly being subtle about it. But convincing Felicity to give their friendship another shot was one thing. How is he going to prove to her that he’s ready to be the man she deserves?
Author’s Note: As always, thank you to the amazing dettiot for beta-ing and callistawolf for reading and cheerleading!


“Oliver? Earth to Oliver!”

Felicity’s voice snapped Oliver’s focus away from the spot on the wall he had been staring at as his mind wandered, and back to her. She was smirking at him from across her dining room table, the fork in her hand paused in the air.

“I’m sorry, I zoned out,” he said with a rueful smile. “What were you saying?” Felicity’s smirk widened into a grin.

“I noticed. I asked you to pass the lo mein like three times,” she responded, setting her fork down and resting her chin in her hand. She tilted her head slightly and looked at him appraisingly. Whereas there was a time when her searching gaze would have unnerved him, now he found himself enjoying her eyes on him - he liked being the focus of her attention. For too long she hadn’t spared him more than the occasional quick glance. Now, things were changing. For the better. “What’s on your mind? Anything you want to talk about?” she continued, watching him thoughtfully.

Oliver didn’t respond immediately. Truthfully, his thoughts weren’t anything earth shattering. He was just thinking about how right it felt, being here with her. How much he had been enjoying the past couple weeks since they had talked and decided to put the anger and hurt and tension behind them in order to rebuild their friendship.

Over the last few weeks they had quickly taken to spending the majority of their time together. When Oliver had filled Felicity in on his work to become more business-savvy and knowledgeable about what it really took to run a multinational conglomerate like QC, she had insisted he relocate from the library to her home, so that she could help him. Her dining room table had become their office space and they spent hours working separately and together. He was in awe of her:  as she had effortlessly transitioned from IT expert, to executive assistant, and now she was starting her own consulting firm. While it was a bit slow going (something that he blamed himself for, and she staunchly refused to let him blame himself do so), she was making headway and her client list was growing.

He passed her the lo mein, watching as she scooped some onto her plate, before he answered.

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Puzzleshipping is my absolute favourite YGO ship, but I really love shipping Yuugi and Atem with Jounouchi as well! I like dragonshipping and wishshipping equally, but most of all I love feathershipping, with all three of them together. ♥

I imagine their relationship would be like the most epic friendship ever that has just a little bit of romance every now and then. They would have fun and always support each other and then sometimes realise just how much they love each other and share a warm, sincere hug or give each other small kisses.

And they would kind of all ship each other. Like, Atem would look at Yuugi and Jounouchi being cute and be like “aww they’re so adorable together” and he would be happy just to see his friends being happy. And then Yuugi and Jounouchi would notice Atem smiling at them and smile back and pull him into a big hug. Aaahhh I just love those three so much (;∇;) ♥ ♥ ♥

Just three words?

Did you see Jensen and Jared trying to answer that question about describing each other in 3 words? LOL that was hilarious because after 10 years of seeing them talking about each other, giving heartfelt speeches about each other’s amazing talents and qualities and their kindness, their work ethics and commitment to friends and family, seeing them literally wax poetics about how dear they are to each other and how they love each other and how protective they are of what they have with each other, after seeing Jared admiring Jensen for literally his fucking everything, no matter how big or small, after seeing Jensen talk about Jared’s big heart and giving nature, after ten years of them finding new ways, new words and expressions to explain the awesomeness of each other.

You ask them to describe each other in three words? I applaud them for even trying.
Man was that awkward and hilarious.You would have gotten a better answer without the limitation.
Even then they were just being half-sarcastic and just looking here and there, so lost and wondering why they cant just spit three words to describe each other.
Jared ended up with his bullet points for why Jensen is awesome anyway.You would have gotten more if Jensen hadn’t interrupted.

But in the end all you got was ‘Shorter.Than.Me’ and 'A.Good.Friend’.

This is actually kind of ironically funny.

Because seriously?Three words?


The Walking Dead/ Carl Grimes

(Sorry if this sucked but I got side tracked with sleeping)

 Daryl and Michonne came back to the prison in grief. You had been separated from them when a horde of walkers interrupted the run you three were on. Daryl knew it was his fault. He had been the one pressuring you to come with.
They drove in and immediately Carl came running towards them. Michonne felt her stomach drop knowing how he would react when he found out.

It was obvious to everyone that you two loved each other. He was your best friend. You two were closer than Maggie and Glenn….without the kissing, of course. You two were “Just Friends” but you two were the only two who thought. But…how would he react?

“Daryl, Michonne, Y/n!!” He yelled as he ran up to the truck with Rick close behind him.

He noticed immediately that you weren’t there.
“Where is she?” He had asked as his eyebrows knit together in confusion in worry.
Daryl looked down at the bracelet in his hand. It was covered in blood and had the cloth of your black flannel ripped into shreds connected to it. When it met Carl’s eyes, they filled with hatred and sadness
“What happened?” Carl spit at him. Daryl hopped out of the truck and walked up to the boy
“What happened to Y/n?”
“WHAT HAPPENED?!” Carl yelled as he lunged at him. Rick jumped to hold him back from hurting Daryl but that didn’t stop him from trying. He struggled in Ricks hold and was screaming threats at him.
“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, DARYL” The young boy screamed at him “THIS IS ALL OF YOUR FAULT”
Daryl didn’t deny any of it. It was his fault. He had pressured you into going. He put you in a guilt trip saying that if you didn’t go, lots of people wouldn’t eat.
“IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT” Carl let his legs buckle underneath him as he collapsed to the floor and his eyes filled with tears “All of this” his voice racked as he looked up at Daryl with broken eyes

“What happened?”

 And as for you? Well…You didn’t know where you were. You had been on a run with Daryl and Michonne when a horde of walkers split you up. You knew that you weren’t capable of handling life outside of the prison again, but Daryl insisted. He had said that you were strong and brave. Oh yeah, that sure showed when you ran away from them and dropped tons of supplies. You were alone, afraid, and hungry. It had been like that for three days. You had dropped the bag of supplies that you collected when a walked grabbed onto you. You had no clue how far you were from the prison. You had run too much and know and it was worse since you didn’t know the direction either. But you never gave up looking.

Three days turned into three weeks. And three weeks turned into three months.

You hadn’t seen anything for three months. Well…no living thing. The summer heat was bearing down on you. Your black flannel was wrapped around your waist and old jeans that you had found were cut to shorts with a white tank top. Uh…red and white. Your ATI FX45 was held in your hand with your clip point blade in some type of black backpack that hung over your shoulders. You were staring straight forward. A road as long as you could see. You looked down as your toe hit something that was laying on the ground. You picked up the small can which had a simple name. ‘Peaches’ with a picture of a little girl with short pigtails licking her lips and three peaches under the name.
(If you know what can I’m talking about, I love you)

A memory hit you like a ton of bricks. You looked all around you. There were three more cans and next to one was one small charm. You picked it up in a hurry. It was the letter of your first name. A smile broke onto your face as you looked at the store in front of you.
“Thank you” You said to it and you ran down into the trees behind it. To the prison

You broke out of the trees and tears welt up in your eyes. Home. Your eyes shot up to the guard tower where you saw Daryl and your voice acted before your brain.
“DARYL!” You screamed as you ran towards the prison. He jumped up from his place on the chair once he heard you.
You ran towards them as they opened and Rick immediately brought you into a hug once he closed them.
“Crazy” He laughed as you when you two pulled away “You are absolutely crazy”
“And alive” Daryl said as he walked up to you two and he pulled you into a hug “and home”
“All thanks to a can of peaches” You laughed as you held up the can
“Thank you” He chuckled as he took the can from your hand and kissed it
“Y/n” You heard Rick say from beside you “I think someone would like to see you”
You looked across the field to where he was looking to see the boy with the Sheriff hat. You smiled when you saw him and broke into a sprint. When you reached him you jumped into his arms and you held each other tight.
“You’re alive” He muttered under his breath as you out your head in the crook of his neck
“I’m alive” You said. It hit you at that moment. You weren’t alone any more. You didn’t have to spend days alone. You were alive. You weren’t going to die alone. “I’m alive”
“Y/n” He said as he pulled back, but still kept his hands on your waist. You looked into his blue eyes “I was so scared that you were gone. So scared that I would never get to tell you…”
“Get to tell me what?” You asked when he hesitated
“I love you” He choked out “I love you, y/n”
You stared at him in shock and then smiled and said
“I love you too”
He smiled brightly and you leaned in to kiss him.

All thanks to a can of peaches

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how supportive all three of you are for each other is so sweet.

I was gonna say something like “We gotta, living on our own, we gotta depend on each other.”

But it’s not just that. We truly care about each other. I can say with all confidence that none of us could imagine living life without each other.

Panda and Ice Bear have been my brothers for as long as I can remember. They make me who I am and I love them both more than anything.

It’s not that we chose to be supportive of each other. We just are. No matter how mad we get at each other, no matter what happens, we’ll all pull through it together.

Text || The Music Girl
  • Lexa:Hey, any word on the house?
  • Rafael:Hey, Yeah! Sorry about not getting back to you, uh well it’s 800 a month, all included except cable and internet. Three bedroom, nice sized basement and yard. Nice place. He wants proof of employment and first/last, you know how that goes. I have someone else interested. Guy name’s Julius Blevins? Told him we’d all have to meet up and get to know each other, but between the three of us I think we’ll manage.