how they loved each other these three

I wanted to do this forever! (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Requested by Anonymous:Pietro and his best friend who grew up with(she was with him and Wanda through everything) refuse to tell each other how they feel so Wanda puts them in like a dream type thing where they see things that force them to admit they love each other.

A/n:My first Pietro x Reader!! Enjoy ❤

You, Pietro and Wanda had grown up together. You met each other when you were little kids at the playground. Some kids were bullying you when Pietro helped you and the three of you became best friends ever. You were by their side for years. You’ve been there when they had lost their parents. A year before you volunteered together for Hydra’s experiments and that’s how you gained your powers. Soon you realized it was a mistake that you were working with Hydra and teamed up with the avengers.

As you were growing up your love for Pietro was growing. You told Wanda a year before the experiments. She always wanted you to be happy together but you were afraid that you’ll destroy your friendship. The thing that you didn’t know was that Pietro loved you too. The way you smiled and laughed, your e/c eyes and your beautiful h/c hair. He wanted you so much.

Wanda knew everything. After she gained her powers and she could read minds she learned that Pietro has a huge crush on you. She always tried to get you together but you refused. One day, you had returned from a mission with Pietro in the avengers tower and the both of you were sore but you decided to hang out with Wanda. You found her talking with Natasha and you invited her too but she had to meet Clint and his family for dinner.

The three of you sat at your couch and Pietro with his power ran to the Avengers tower main tower to grab the popcorn.

“What movie are we watching?” You asked and Wanda rised her shoulders.

“We can watch (Y/f/m) I know that you like it beautiful!” Pietro said and you smiled.

“That’s my favorite movie!” He laughed and Wanda shook her head. “What? ”

“I have a better idea” She said and without realizing she used her magic and you felt like you were in another place. It looked like Sokovia. You were walking in a street when you heard voices. You ran to the place and saw Pietro with another girl laughing and kissing. You moved closer to say hi to him but he didn’t reply. You tried to move closer to him so he could hear you better but as close as you got you could see only a blur. You turned around and saw him laying on the floor with multiple bullet wounds. You kneeled and started crying. “P-piet? I-it’s me. Don’t worry everything will be alright. He could barely talk. "Y/n.. Why didn’t you save me? I-i thought you loved me!” Before you could reply to him you were back to reality. Tears were flowing from yours and Pietro’s eyes. Wanda which saw what you both saw left the room so she could let the both of you talk.

“Oh my god.. That felt so real..” You said and Pietro hugged you.

“Y/n I wanted to tell you this a long time ago and from that dream.. I-i understand that it’s time. I love you y/n and I don’t wanna lose you..” You smiled and cupped his face and kissed him softly.

“I wanted to do this since forever. I love you too Piet.” You said as you heard Wanda yelling from the backround;

“Good God Finally!” You laughed and spent the night cuddling and kissing.


“When he learned of the curse, he was heartbroken for you, but there was also, almost, a sort of …” 

Relationship Games

So many of us take these games for granted that we don’t even recognize them for what they are.

1. The Pretender: This happens at the start of many relationships. Whether from nervousness or from insecurity, this is the person who tries to be someone else to gain the attention of the other person.

2. Trick or Treat: Examples of this include… Trying to make your partner jealous so that they see how much you’re loved by others … or … Telling three different people that each is your best friend”.

3. The Little White Lie: Examples include … “oh, it’s not that important; it doesn’t really matter.” … or … “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

4. The Guilt Trip: Some people are totally committed to making you feel terrible about a past mistake. There’s no way you can ever put things right.

5. Payback: “You hurt me, so I’ll hurt you.” This is a vicious game that can go on for years.

6. The Name Game: This is basically being dishonest. For example, “It’s not really cheating because I never said I was going steady.” Oh, really.

7. A relationship with a price-tag. This is where, for example, a girl thinks she has to have sex to be loved.

8. The Rumour Mill: For example, “Did you know that Jordan told me that Alana told her that Brad told Chris that…” Nothing is more damaging to relationships than this.


series to look forward to in 2016: timekeeper trilogy by tara sim

Every city in the world is run by a clock tower. If one breaks, time stops. It’s a truth that seventeen-year-old Danny knows well; his father has been trapped in a town east of London for three years. Despite being a clock mechanic prodigy who can repair not only clockwork, but time itself, Danny has been unable to free his father.

Danny’s assigned to a damaged clock tower in the small town of Enfield. The boy he mistakes for his apprentice is odd, but that’s to be expected when he’s the clock spirit who controls Enfield’s time. Although Danny and the spirit are drawn to each other’s loneliness, falling in love with a clock spirit is forbidden, no matter how cute his smiles are.

But when someone plants bombs in nearby towers, cities are in danger of becoming trapped in time—and Enfield is one of them.

Danny must discover who’s stopping time and prevent it from happening to Enfield, or else he’ll lose not only his father, but the boy he loves, forever.

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You know, Armin was there in chapter 50 lol it was just as much a moment between Armin and Eren as it was Eren and Mikasa. Please get over yourself

Except it wasn’t?

Look, I love Armin to death. I love Armin’s friendship with both Eren and Mikasa to death. I love what all three of them mean to each other. I love the bond they have. I just love the Shiganshina trio in general. All three of them are some of my favorite fictional characters of all time, because they’re all amazing in completely different ways. However, chapter 50 was not was trio moment. It wasn’t an ere*min moment. It was completely an Eremika moment.

Mikasa loves Armin. That is a fact I will never dispute. In fact, I even wrote a meta about how tight the bond between these two actually is. However, Armin isn’t Eren. Armin isn’t the person who risked his life that night to save her from a life in sex slavery after her parents died. Armin wasn’t the stranger that was there, defending her with a knife when she had been led to believe nobody but her parents ever would. Armin wasn’t the one that threw that scarf around her neck in her moment of ultimate weakness, tugging on the sleeve of her bloodstained dress and telling her to come home with him, to their home, when she had nowhere in the world to go.

Armin isn’t Eren. Armin never had the horrible, bloody misfortune of being there that night. That is a memory that will always be exclusive to Eren and Mikasa and will be a vital part of their bond, no matter happens between Eren and Armin and Armin and Mikasa. 

And that is also why chapter 50 was an Eremika moment and an Eremika moment exclusively.

Chapter 50 opened with a memory of Eren’s, of Carla telling him to man up and defend Mikasa. When we get back to the present day, we see Hannes getting eaten by the Smiling Titan. Eren immediately begins to despair, as this is the second time he has lost someone he cares very deeply for to this Titan, the second time he was helpless looking into the face of a creature he wants nothing more than to destroy.

And Mikasa? She hears him call himself useless. She sees the situation they’re in: Eren has no 3DMG and can’t transform. She’s injured. The Survey Corps is falling apart at the seams. The Titan is coming after them next. So what does she do? She musters up a smile and tells him that what he’s saying is not true, that she is living evidence that Eren is far from useless. 

For a moment, Eren makes eye contact with Armin despairingly, knowing this is the end for all three of them. He knows there’s no hope at this point, and Armin seems to share the sentiment as they tearfully give each other looks that say “goodbye”.

But Mikasa isn’t done. Not even close. In these final moments, she’s going to tell Eren exactly how she feels, exactly the impact he has had on her life. She doesn’t care that death is looking them both in the face. All she cares is that in those moments, Eren knows. He knows that he isn’t useless. He never was useless. She wants him to die feeling like he was useful, like he did make a difference in the world, even if it wasn’t the difference he wanted to.

And finally, she thanks him for giving her that scarf. She moves in to kiss him, as her emotions has completely consumed her by that point. And finally, Eren reacts to her speech. Though this entire sequence, Eren has been silent, just looking Mikasa in the eyes as she completely loses herself in a way he’s never seen before. And when that kiss comes, he moves. Eren decides in that instant that, no, he’s not ready for this to be the end. He’s not ready to give up. He’s not ready to say goodbye to her. promising her that he’ll always be by her side, he unlocks his ability to use his Coordinate, and he saves everyone.

It wasn’t because of Armin. Armin had literally nothing to do with Eren and his Coordinate, which was the climax of the entire Clash of Titans arc. If Armin had so much to do with it, why didn’t this power reveal itself when he locked eyes with Armin? It wasn’t until Mikasa confided in Eren that he gained the strength to stand up against the Smiling Titan.

I love Armin, but don’t take this moment away from Eren and Mikasa. Even if you don’t ship them, this is so important to their relationship and the story in general, it is a work of art. Don’t try to make this a fucking ere*min moment because you resent Eremika so much that you can’t even see how important chapter 50 was from a story point of view.

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I am dying to know more about Lucien, Alice, and Valdez! How did they get together/how does their relationship dynamic work? I love them so much!

I love them too haha I could talk about them forever tbh. They have a triad/delta sort of relationship, which means that all three of them are dating each other basically. It’s a very balanced relationship where each person is equally loved and important - although, of course, they’ll interact differently with different partners, since they’re, well, seperate individuals with their own personal dynamics. For example, I think Lucien is more likely to have a deeper conversation with Alice, while he laughs more around Valdez.

As for how they got together, Alice and Valdez met first at the super HQ. Valdez was immediately smitten, and Alice was charmed pretty quickly too, although she was very hesitant about entering a serious relationship, with her being immortal and all. So it was more of a casual flirt between the two of them - until Lucien joined the team a few months later.

Valdez already knew he was polyamorous, so to him falling for Lucien wasn’t a very big deal. Alice was more confused about her feelings, since she had just started to realize that her feelings for Valdez might be more serious than she thought, and now she was falling for another guy too?? She knew what polyamory was, but she’d never considered that she might be polyam herself + she still had her fear of commitment. It clicked for her once Valdez told her that he wanted to pursue Lucien, and when she admitted having feelings for him as well Valdez suggested that they both simply ask him out.

Lucien, on the other hand, had noticed that Alice and Valdez had a thing going on and was feeling slightly jealous (though he couldn’t decide whom of them he was jealous of). He had no previous relationship experience and had no idea what polyamory was, so it was a lot for him to take in when Valdez and Alice approached him. (As for the polyam thing I imagine he was all like “Wha- Is that a thing you can do??”)

After that both Lucien and Alice had a lot of thinking to do, bc Lucien didn’t want to enter a relationship if it wasn’t going to be serious (also he’s never dated before and now suddenly two people want to date him??), and Alice had to consider whether or not she was ready for this kind of commitment. Meanwhile Valdez was pretty much like “yea I’m ready when you are, no pressure tho, take your time”

In the end they decided to give it a shot and tadaa everyone ended up happy.

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Hiiiii!!!! so how would B.I react when he came back from practice and you are his gf and he found his little sister sleeping with u on the couch his gf was babysitting her for b.i and her parents ❤❤

Originally posted by vinegarboy

It would definitely warm his heart. The view of two of three woman that he loved the most sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms would be forever in his mind. He’d walk closer in silent so he wont wake both you and his sister, watching carefully with wide smile form on his face. Hanbin would take picture of this moment and show it to everybody he met. He’d be so relief that both of you get along really well.

My friends words the night the boy she loved broke her heart.

“Everyone says it gets better but I doubt it. I mean look around. Everyone you’ve ever seen that’s actually loved someone, they’re fucked up. And we all try to help each other through it but the truth is there’s no getting through it. Once you meet someone that sends electricity through your veins, bringing every part of you back to life it’s over. You’re fucked. Because you’re only brought back to life long enough for that person to kill you. How ever long it takes. A year. Three years. Eventually they kill you. Even if it’s just small shit here and there, eventually all the small pain will add up and it will kill you. Leaving you empty and exposed. And maybe that’s the point of love. To understand that loves not enough. Loves not enough to mask his lust for other girls and loves not enough to make you put the blade back down. Loves not enough to bring you back from panic attacks and basically loves not enough to fight your demons off. fuck, his demons arnt even strong enough to fight mine off. And I guess that’s where shit gets fucked. When the other persons demons start dancing with your own. His lust for other girls attacks your already low self esteem and your self harm issue becomes a issue to his ego. His drug habits die down at first, but eventually he comes home fucked up, triggering flash backs of your dad when you were a growing up. You don’t mean to hurt each other, but how are you supposed to protect each other from each of your demons when you can’t even protect yourself… you run right? You both run and run, trying to make love enough but eventually your demons catch up. Shit ends and you blame yourself. You hurt. You scream and cry and beg god just to fucking take you because you’re already dead on the inside. You rethink everything and everything you could of done differently… he haunts you. Everything about him haunts you. And you wonder why. Why it turned out like this when there was obviously something real there but the truth is this is how it was always meant to turn on. It’s fucked up right? But that’s what the world and “god” does I guess. Love is just another demon to fight. But it’s the strongest one because the person you love with all of you heart and fucking soul, becomes your demon.“ - cr; @whiskxyprxncess

So, my teacher loves doing daily questions so everyone can get to know each other. Today’s question was “how many hours of sleep did you get last night.” My answer.


Teacher: “Three?”

“Yes. Three.”

Teacher: “How…How are you functioning?”

“With the power of determination.”


After being in a long distance relationship for the last three years I can finally say things will be normal.

We started dating while I was stationed in Fort Hood, Texas and she was living in Virginia. We survived on weekend Skype dates, endless phone calls and text conversations with no filter. We would actually see each other in person for little over two weeks every year.

It wasn’t easy. We were constantly tested and our relationship remained redefined.

After two years of knowing each other we were married. We were happy and learning how to adult together. However, we were still long distance. We were married and still living in different time zones getting by on two weeks together out of the year.

Six months after we got married the distance grew farther as I was deployed. We couldn’t talk as often or as easily as we had been. Distance became more difficult. In the first year our marriage had met a challenge most couples couldn’t fathom. We still survived and came out stronger.

Now, in just a week, the distance will finally be closed. I’ll be home in Texas with her. We can finally drop the title “long distance” because we will share the same roof. I’ve never been so excited and nervous. God I’m nervous.

After three years of long distance we will finally be normal and married living together. It’s a surreal feeling, like we are starting all over again. We can relearn everything except now we won’t be alone. My bed won’t be empty.

I can’t wait babe. One more week and the distance will close.

Prompt: Mino #2

“We were both unwillingly coerced into going to a wedding and we bet on who could drink the most glasses of free wine. Three hours later there is no clear winner, we just cry a lot and talk about how no one will love us. But we wind saying all the wonderful things we secretly like about each other.”

*For @kpopwhynot ^^ I hope this turned out okay!

“Tone it down a notch will you?”

Minho motions his chin to the glass of wine that grazed your lower lip as he walks up to you, hands in his pockets. He occupies the space next to you and you catch him sigh as he rests his back to wall.

“That’s like what– your third glass?” He throws you a subtle smirk but you sense the tinge of worry in his voice. You’ve known him for years and Minho knows how messy you can get with alcohol seeing how it’s always him that has to deal with it.

“Creep. Have you been staring from a corner and counting?” You scoff as you eye him from the side, the two of you had the same circle of friends so it wasn’t strange to bump into him, three weddings in a row.

“Yes.” He breathes out a deep laugh, always so shameless sometimes you wonder if he was joking or not.

“It’s free– might as well.” You shrug lightly, “And it’s just wine, you’ll probably start crying before I do.”

“Oh, really now?”  He turns to lean on his side as he faces you, a mischievous grin on his face. Minho puts an arm out coolly, reaching for a glass and gulps the entire thing in one go. “You wanna play? Let’s play.”

You were kidding with yourself, the boy handles it pretty well compared to you. But you know, how loose he can get when it gets to him. With his guard down and all jokes aside, the rapper can really cry when he’s drunk.

The two of you spent the next hour huddled in a corner chugging down free wine mercilessly. Your friends were aware how much the two of you never wanted to attend the event in the first place, so they’d left you to it not wanting to get another earful from either of you.

The conversation started off fairly normal, with the two of you going on and on about things a typical butt hurt wedding guest would.

“I mean we’re only in out twenties, what’s the rush right?” You make a face at him and he looks at you, thick brows raised in amusement.

“Mhmm. I can barely take care of myself let alone someone else.” He chuckles in agreement, rolling his eyes as he settles down an empty glass.  

“Exactly,” You pause as you take a sip too many, starting to feel your feelings bubble and everything you see hilarious. The two of you were a giggling mess, “Why do people get married anyway? Being with the same person for the rest of your life, ugh.”

For a brief second, Minho looks at you in a way that makes you wonder if he was still sober or not. He snorts out a laugh not long after, the back of his hand over his mouth as he fights it back.

It didn’t last long though.

It wasn’t so giddy and bright and bubbly after heaven knows how many glasses, the two of you lost count and were snivelling about the same butt hurt things, only on a slightly more depressing note this time.

“Who am I kidding, Minho-ah. I’ll end up alone at this rate.” You weren’t even sure if you were laughing or crying at this point, flopping your head on his shoulder as the two of you slumped down on the floor. “Look at me, I’m a mess.”

“I looked and you look pretty hot with that dress.” He murmurs as he stares off to an empty space, and you feel his head soft, resting against yours. It would usually catch you off guard, Minho adores the blush of your cheeks when he compliments you but you weren’t thinking straight and let it pass casually this time.

“And how you always look so tough around me but blush at the slightest things.” He continues, “It’s so cute.”

 You figured it was probably the alcohol talking and your tongue itched to return the favour, to which you did.

“That suit and tie on you makes me feel fuzzy.” You tap a finger onto his palm, and he closes in his fingers together around yours, “The good kind of fuzzy.”

“And– and how you drop by at ungodly hours with food whenever I have a bad day, like how do you know?” He feels you chuckle next to him, convinced that the sudden race of his pulse was more than just the wine in his system.

“Or how you insist that you’re not sleepy whenever I call to vent and find out that I’ve been talking to a wall for the last thirty minutes when I hear you snore?” He says, taking your hand close to his mouth and you feel his smile on the back of your palm, “Thank you for that.”

You couldn’t quite wrap your head around how fast things were going, and you didn’t wish the ground to swallow you whole as it usually would whenever you try to come clean with your feelings.

And to hear these things from him, you pray that you’d still remember this tomorrow morning.

“You’re kidding, right? You won’t be alone– you have me.” He places soft kisses on your palm once more, “Always have, always will.”


My Heart is a Hollow Plain (Skysolo Smut)

Author’s Note:  Ta-da! Time to go to church and find Jesus.

Warnings: Dark!Skysolo, Trans/Sith Lord!Luke, force choking, consensual rough sex, unprotected sex, obviously NSFW 

Summary:  Han wants Luke to teach him a lesson about respect.

The display of love between the Sith Lord, Luke Skywalker, and his faithful guard, Han Solo, was not unusual, but no less strange in its irony. Two of the most feared men in all of The Empire smiled, laughed and embraced in the Executor’s hangar (only after Han gave a customary bow in reverence to his prince, of course.) By how the pair lovingly caressed each other’s faces before sharing a bone-melting kiss, an assumption could be made that they hadn’t seen one another in weeks; Han’s mission had only lasted three days.

The romantics among the imperials cooed at the act. The cynics balked. Regardless, their public affection ended with a near sprint to their quarters.

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This is my favorite lift of the season and it was unfortunately marked level 3, so they might change it.

What I love about it is how much it actually makes sense for the program. I love how she falls backwards into his arms like a trust fall, how he catches her before she can drop, and then cradles her close.

It’s like, yes three positions, but they tell a story about their growing relationship, about two kids who grew up skating together and then took the plunge to make more of this ice dancing thing than they originally thought they would do and move overseas. The idea of building a home together on the ice, facing adversity from their fed, from injurty, etc and learning to rely primarily on each other.

It’s a beautiful program and they way they skated today was so heartfelt. The program furthermore makes sense to me. 

Also Guillaume is obviously very strong.

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Can you do a scenario where you adopt a puppy with each of the seventeen boys? 🙂

So this might be a little different than what you had wanted. To write an entire scenario would have been really exhausting so I wrote little reactions on what it would be like to have a dog with each member. I hope that that’s okay!

S.Coups/Seungcheol: Seungcheol would absolutely love owning a dog with you. He already knows how to look after others so he will be great with a dog. To him it will be a huge step in your relationship. He will kind of see the dog like it’s your kid.

Jeonghan: The dog will become apart of your family on no time. Jeonghan will also see this pet as something like a child of yours. He is going to be cooking meals for all three of you in know time, and expect framed photos of your dog around the house.  

Joshua/Jisoo: Joshua won’t be quite as involved with the dog as you are. He’ll still love it all the same, he just prefers observing. Expect a lot of playtime with you and the dog playing on the ground and him watching wondering how he got so lucky.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: You and Soonyoung’s life now revolve totally around your dog. The two of you take it on runs daily and sometimes Soonyoung will take it to the studio and try to teach it to do something in beat with music. Expect lots of videos of your dog “dancing”

Jun/Junhui: He is likely the one that suggested getting the dog. His phone is full of selfies of him and the dog or you and the dog. One day when you come home you find Junhui trying to put a little sweater on the dog, much to its dismay.  

Wonwoo: Wonwoo wouldn’t be a big fan of having a dog in the beginning since he’s afraid of them. He would start out by keeping his distance, patting it when it came near him but not approaching it on his own. One day you have to leave him with the dog and when you returned it was magically better and they loved each other.

Woozi/Jihoon: In the beginning he might not seem very into it but that act will end quickly. After the two of you actually get your dog he is going to love it to pieces. Sometimes when you come home you’ll find Jihoon taking a nap with the dog sleeping on top of him. You may or may not have several photos of it.

DK/Seokmin: He is another member that likely suggested getting the dog. After you get the dog everything seems more cheerful now that you have a dog that’s just as big of a ray of sunshine as Seokmin.  

Mingyu: Congratulations you just handed all of the attention that you got in the relationship to the dog. Everything is going to be about your dog. Everything. Constant photos of your dog doing things. Him asking about the dog before you. At some points you don’t know if your dating him or if the dog is.

The8/Minghao: When you bring the dog home he looks up all these different things online about what dogs like so that the dog loves him more. Everyday the three of you go out for jogs and once you week you go on a date to the dog park. Your dog becomes really involved in your life.

Seungkwan: His phone is filled with videos of you and the dog doing ridiculous things. They’re there both for his amusement and blackmail. When the two of you try to out sass one another the dog wants to be apart of the fun too and stands between the two of you and barks.

Vernon/Hansol: Was really unsure at first because “that’s a lot of responsibility” but came around when you used aegyo on him. He hasn’t questioned it since you got the dog, and although he never says it, he loves the dog a lot. Whenever you come home you can usually find the two of them cuddling watching a movie.

Dino/Chan: When you brought up the idea his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He got so excited when you brought it home and he never left its side. Because of that the dog favors him a bit more, but you don’t mind.

Please note that I do not know these people directly and this is solely an opinion



Chapter three! I hope you enjoy it, this chapter is shorter than the other 2 have been but Y/N finally sees how bad Joe’s life has become. but read this chapter and you will find out what happens to Y/N next week. Love you guys.


*947 words

During the drive toward the Zalfie household, we spent the time catching up with each other and singing our hearts out together to the songs playing on the radio. We pulled up at the Zalfie household, Tyler and myself grabbed out baggage from the boot of the car ready to take into the house. I followed everyone to the front door and walked inside, once inside I placed my bags on the ground next to Tyler’s and moved into the dining area, I was immediately greeted by a small black pug.

“Hey Nala, how have you been?” I asked in a high pitched voice as I bent down to give Nala a pat. She replied with a lick to my cheek, I would take that as ‘I’m doing well’ in dog language.

“Y/N, would you like something to eat or drink” Zoe called from the Kitchen.

“Umm… just some water thanks Zoe!” I called back.

“Sure thing” she replied. I sat down at the dining table and Tyler sat next to me.

“When are you going to go surprise Caspar?” Tyler asked just as Zoe came out from the kitchen with Alfie each holding two glasses of water, Zoe placed a glass each in front of Tyler and myself while Alfie placed a glass in front of the two opposite seats from myself and Tyler.

“Oh tell me please!” Zoe exclaimed excitedly. I laughed at Zoe’s reaction. And then told the three of them about how I would go to Caspar’s flat tomorrow and surprise him with appearing earlier than expected, I would then take him to his favourite pizza restaurant and buy him a pizza. “Well that sounds like the perfect thing to do for Caspar Y/N, nothing too big and you included Caspar’s favourite food meaning he will love it” Zoe told me.

“But I can only do that tomorrow if you let me stay here for the night?” I asked Zoe shyly.

“Well of course Y/N, your welcome here all you want, I was going to insist you stay here tonight anyway because you just got off a plane from L.A to London and your jetlag would be horrible” As Zoe was saying this I realized how tired I actually was, and let out a yawn. Zoe, Alfie, and Tyler all laughed at me.

2 Hours Later

I was showered, fed and ready for bed. Zoe, Alfie, Tyler, and I were all huddled under blankets on the couch watching a movie. I was cuddled up to Tyler and I had my head rested on his shoulder, I could feel my eyes growing heavy, I ended up making it to the end of the movie without falling asleep on Tyler’s shoulder.

“Y/N? Can you make it to bed on your own or do you need me to pick you up and tuck you in?” Tyler asked with a giggle, this caused both Zoe and Alfie to look in my direction and see me trying to get up off of the couch without falling over.

“I… think that… I can make… it by myself” I answered Tyler groggily. “Tyler?” I then asked.

“Yea Y/N?”

“How are… you not… tired like… I am?”

“Well unlike some people” he smiled at me sweetly. “I don’t show my tiredness as much as they do” I laughed lightly at his response. I then turned towards Zoe and Alfie.

“Goodnight guys, I’ll see you tomorrow morning” I waved goodbye and blew them a kiss. Alfie laughed at my actions and copied them, while Zoe stood up and walked to give me a hug.

“I’ve missed you” she whispers in my ear.

“I’ve missed you too” I answer. She pulls back and we both smile at each other she then turns around and picks up her glass on the table and goes to the Kitchen to refill it. I turn towards Tyler and go to say goodnight to him but he stands up and links his arm with mine. He then says goodnight to Alfie and turns us around to walk into the Kitchen where Zoe is looking at her phone her face in a frown. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“oh nothing Joe just texted me and said that he’s having trouble with his ex-girlfriend from years ago who has found him again somehow, she apparently now wants to patch things up between the two of them, he just wants some advice on what to do that’s all” she answered. I nodded curiosity engulfing me, I feel sorry for Joe he obviously has a lot going on.

“Well goodnight Zoe and tell Joe that I say hi, maybe that might cheer him up a bit.” Tyler says. Zoe nods in agreement, she walks up to Tyler and gives him a hug saying goodnight. She then walks around us both to walk into the room we left Alfie in.

“So shall we go to bed Madam?” Tyler asks in a posh accent.

“We shall” I answer in my own posh accent. We make our way up the stairs together, we get to the guest bedroom I have acquired for the night first. Tyler brings me into bear hug and I laugh, he lets go and kisses my forehead.

“Goodnight Y/N, sweet dreams” Tyler says before turning around to walk to his room.

“Goodnight to you too Tyler!” I call out to him, he turns slightly and blows me kiss I return his action and walk into the room. Moving the pillows off the bed and pulling back the covers I climb in, as soon as my head hits the pillow and I pull the covers over myself I black out from complete exhaustion.

5 ships I´ll go down with

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Hell yea, as everybody knows, my fav ship ever is newtmas. I mean, how can you not love them? THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS BIGGER AND BRIGHTER THAN MY FUTURE.

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2- Destiel

I love this ship as much as Cas loves Dean and Dean loves Cas.

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They care for each other, they make things they don´t want to only for each other, they LOVE EACH OTHER.

3- Malec

I have nothing to say, I´ll just let three pics here and you´ll realise why I ship them SO HARD.




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5- Thomesa

Teresa deserved more, really. She did everything she did only for him, because she wanted to protect him at all cost, and yea…



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This week’s episode of Supernatural honestly reminded me of all the reasons why I love this show.

I loved the writing. The witty, clever, gut wrenching dialogue plus the storyline never ceases to amaze me.

I love how it messes with you on a psychological level. For example in this episode, there were times when it made me wonder, like Sam, whether it would be so bad to let Lucifer take on the darkness. It twists and confuses your mind with the main characters as they have to make the decisions.

I love the dry humour. Crowley’s password being Camptown Ladies, Lucifer playing Heaven’s Missing an Angel in the Cage. I just love that about this show.

The relationships the characters have with each other. Dean and Sam as brothers, Dean and Cas as (more than) friends, the three and Crowley as frenemies. All the relationships established here are so real and good.

The gut wrenching pain. That weight in your chest as the characters you love have to do impossibly dangerous and destructive things, experiencing things that can’t be comprehended. But you still feel their pain. You know the complications. You understand how difficult the choice they have to make is, and that, no matter what their choice is, it will change the world. And it just hurts so much.