how they gonna say they dont date black women but its not racist

anonymous asked:

the only way white women and nonblack women could get the status that they have when it comes to black women is misogynoir its funny it reminds me of toni morrison words when she was talking about white people WHAT ARE YOU WITHOUT RACISM ?can black men date nonblack women without misogynoir ,colorism ,thats a question yall dont ask yourselves i mean i hope you would learn to unlearn toxic behaviors but alot of yall dont yall not better yall bitter

Black men can’t date white/nonblack women without being racist, colorist, or misogynistic. Just listen to what they say. Why can’t they date, procreate, and marry these women without degrading and dehumanizing black women?!?! How is that being bitter speaking out when someone disrespect your humanity and femininity. ONLY black women are supposed to accept abuse. Foh! And this whole comment shows you as a colorist, misogynistic, racist asshole stay the fuck out my inbox. Next time I’m gonna delete and block. Don’t fucking come for me and I didn’t call mothaphucka!