how they function

People compartmentalize the gods too much.

Like when you see lists of the gods and their domains its always in a “Here are the gods and their domains” not “here is a list of domains and their gods” and honestly the second one is better and more apt to how polytheism functions.

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Just wondering if there will be any sort of commenting system available and if so, how will it function? That's always been one of the downsides of tumblr, not being able to respond properly or easily to people who leave comments on your posts and carry on actual conversations.

The commenting system is closer to what you see on AO3!

          / now’s a good time to mention i fucking love prompto. like actually what the fuck mountain did noctis move in a previous life to land such a perfectly complimentary friendship?? in terms of how they function as people?? ? what he learns from prom!!! what he’s able to instil into prom in the process!!!! how open he’s willing to be around him and how healthy they urge each others coping processes to be!!! ! wtf! wtf!!!! help me! whose idea was this!!! grate me like cheese im a flaming homosexual!!!!

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If you're still taking requests for character analysis, I would like to suggest the "A-Listers"(Star, Dash, Kwan, and Paulina) This would include how they function as a group of popular people within Casper High. And also an individual character analysis for each member( though I already know you did a character analysis on Kwan. Or at least I think you did) You likely would already do this, but I also would like an analysis of their opinion and view on Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton, of course.

Done, done, and done. I also have this list of headcanons specifically about Star and Kwan. I’m saving Dash for Micro-Management, since it’s really the only episode that puts Dash in a “main character” role, but the others I talked about after Lucky in Love. I haven’t necessarily talked about all four of them as a group, though, and that might be a good topic for a post at some point. I’ll keep that in mind.

As for Danny, he’s right here! I also expanded a bit more on him in a post about Maternal Instinct. Oh, and here’s where I talked about his ghost powers. He’s gonna get a few more in season 2, but I think these three cover the basics of how I see him fairly well.

As a reference, here’s my character guide, where I put links to what I think are the most significant character-centered posts. The general analysis posts are the ones titled “general,” so you can just hit ctrl+f and search that to find them all. If you wanna find this in the future, there’s a link to it on the left side of my blog, or you can find it on mobile by searching “mobile links.”

I haven’t updated it with all the new post-Control Freaks stuff yet, but everything up to that point should be there.

Also! If there are any complaints about it being too difficult to navigate or anything, please just let me know!

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"Canon doesn't make a ship, fandom does" truer words have never been spoken!!!

Hahaha thank you 😊

It’s how I’ve always functioned. I think that’s why I’m so blindly optimistic and pretty nonchalant about the leaks because if it all goes to shit, I’ll be fine. I got my fanfics and lovely friends on here who I can just flail at about new story ideas or fanfics.

It’ll all be fine!

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| It's taken an orn of planning [not to mention extra time devoted to re-steeling his nerves after a certain father figure gave him a scary dose of reality] but the prince has managed to 'sneak' away from Darkmount and find his way on to the Nemesis. He’s grown weary of waiting for an update from his despondent notmom and has decided to check on her condition himself. In person. Hopefully she, or Crossfire for that matter, don't mind having an impromptu visitor. |

Physically speaking, Blackguard is fine. The injury to her face has long since been treated and she suffered only one side effect from the repair job, one that has been dealt with and literally written out of her systems. She was even starting to get use to her new facial structure, though every now and then it gave her trouble. Mundane activities, like drinking, sometimes resulted in clumsy spills, which lead to her feeling frustrated at how poorly she was functioning, which then turned into her feeling depressed at how poorly she was functioning. It was a vicious cycle, one which Crossfire does his best to help her with by making small attempts to disrupt the pattern, reassuring her that she is doing perfectly fine for a mech in her position, but she is stubborn with her self loathing. She is broken, she is a failure, and every little mistake is just further damning proof of the fact.

It’s this self loathing that grants Arkaitimus permission to be aboard, as his presence breaks the cycle in a way Crossfire never could. Blackguard had gotten to familiar with the supreme’s presence, regardless of whether or not it was physical. But Ark? He was different and unexpected. He was perfect, so perfect that when energon dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and onto her chassis, Blackguard did not immediately blame her own incompetence for the accident. This wasn’t on her, not this time. It was on him for showing up out of no where and surprising her.

She wasn’t mad though. She was far from it, in fact.

Blackguard quickly set her cube down on her desk, got up from her chair and brushed the droplets of energon off her chassis, and hurried over to the youngling, pulling him into an embrace once he was within her arms’ reach.

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gif request meme: blindspot-fanatic asked → favorite brotp + captain america
Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
“I hate you.”


aaaand that’s the mane 6! knee problems persist but I think I’ve got it figured out now, and should be able to fix Rainbow and AJ without too much trouble.

I had NO idea how to break down Pinkie’s hair, not sure the way I did it is the best solution but…oh well. :x subsequently she has some of the worst extreme angles of all of them, but I gave her some extra stuff to try and make up for it. also it felt wrong to have Pinkie not be able to stick her tongue out.

next up…. I’m gonna have to figure out Sunset’s hair aw dangit


That Time We Flew Past Pluto…

Two years ago today (July 14), our New Horizons spacecraft made its closest flyby of Pluto…collecting images and science that revealed a geologically complex world. Data from this mission are helping us understand worlds at the edge of our solar system.

The spacecraft is now venturing deeper into the distant, mysterious Kuiper Belt…a relic of solar system formation…to reach its next target. On New Year’s Day 2019, New Horizons will zoom past a Kuiper Belt object known as 2014 MU69.

The Kuiper Belt is a disc-shaped region of icy bodies – including dwarf planets such as Pluto – and comets beyond the orbit of Neptune. It extends from about 30 to 55 Astronomical Units (an AU is the distance from the sun to Earth) and is probably populated with hundreds of thousands of icy bodies larger than 62 miles across, and an estimated trillion or more comets.

Nearly a billion miles beyond Pluto, you may be asking how the spacecraft will function for the 2014 MU69 flyby. Well, New Horizons was originally designed to fly far beyond the Pluto system and explore deeper into the Kuiper Belt. 

The spacecraft carries extra hydrazine fuel for the flyby; its communications system is designed to work from beyond Pluto; its power system is designed to operate for many more years; and its scientific instruments were designed to operate in light levels much lower than it will experience during the 2014 MU69 flyby.

What have we learned about Pluto since its historic flyby in 2015?

During its encounter, the New Horizons spacecraft collected more than 1,200 images of Pluto and tens of gigabits of data. The intensive downlinking of information took about a year to return to Earth! Here are a few things we’ve discovered:

Pluto Has a Heart

This image captured by New Horizons around 16 hours before its closest approach shows Pluto’s “heart.” This stunning image of one of its most dominant features shows us that the heart’s diameter is about the same distance as from Denver to Chicago. This image also showed us that Pluto is a complex world with incredible geological diversity.

Icy Plains

Pluto’s vast icy plain, informally called Sputnik Planitia, resembles frozen mud cracks on Earth. It has a broken surface of irregularly-shaped segments, bordered by what appear to be shallow troughs.

Majestic Mountains

Images from the spacecraft display chaotically jumbled mountains that only add to the complexity of Pluto’s geography. The rugged, icy mountains are as tall as 11,000 feet high.

Color Variations

This high-resolution enhanced color view of Pluto combines blue, red and infrared images taken by the New Horizons spacecraft. The surface of Pluto has a remarkable range of subtle color variations. Many landforms have their own distinct colors, telling a complex geological and climatological story.

Foggy Haze and Blue Atmosphere

Images returned from the New Horizons spacecraft have also revealed that Pluto’s global atmospheric haze has many more layers than scientists realized. The haze even creates a twilight effect that softly illuminates nightside terrain near sunset, which makes them visible to the cameras aboard the spacecraft.

Water Ice

New Horizons detected numerous small, exposed regions of water ice on Pluto. Scientists are eager to understand why water appears exactly where it does, and not in other places.

Stay updated on New Horizons findings by visiting the New Horizons page. You can also keep track of Pluto News on Twitter via @NASANewHorizons.

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As much fun as people have talking about Danny getting the crap beaten out of him and hiding bruises and injuries, I’m not certain ghosts CAN be traditionally injured? At least in the context I’ve built up for Ghost Physics… Like, Danny is essentially injuring himself whenever he rips his face in half to dodge something, or when he forms a spectral tail. If you can atomize and reform your body with no consequence, then physical damage is almost meaningless.

Ghosts are very defined by self perception, so most can be convinced into thinking they’re physically injured and experience pain from it, but the only surefire way to hurt one is by targeting their ectosignature nervous system. Energy attacks seem to be most effective, maybe because the energy can travel through a ghost’s 4D connection to the GZ and stun their nervous system? Disrupting the 4D connection would also work well as a non-physical attack, or on the same note “hijacking” a ghost’s body by overriding the signal from their ectosignature and telling the mass to do something else (probably how the Fenton Thermos works)

Danny definitely gets bruises and injuries in human form, mostly from bullying, I’d imagine… I’m not sure if they’d heal at an accelerated rate on their own, but turning into Phantom or atomizing and reforming his human body could heal them instantly as well, so… Danny is terrifyingly unkillable? The most damage he’s gonna sustain from ghost battles is sleep deprivation and uhhhhhh probably PTSD