how they dance around each other

sometimes i think about how even and isak are at parties, even might always be the first one to start dancing, and it takes him a little while to convince isak to dance, too. 

but even’s hands are warm and his voice is coaxing soft in isak’s ear and it’s a little bit like snuggling in a way how their arms are wrapped around each other, and isak keeps hanging his head in absolute laughter because even boogy-woogies like he’s something from the seventies and he throws in finger guns every now and then and sometimes he takes isak’s fingers and prompts him to twirl in and under his arm and then quiets his squeak with a gentle kiss right on the lips. 

and isak pretends to hate when even makes him dance, but really in the curve of his lips and the dimples in his blushing cheeks he knows he loves it giddy a little because look at this boy who’s holding my hand and he can say and think look at me while he’s kissing a boy because he’s allowed to do that now, it’s safe to do that now, and sometimes that curls up small and warm behind his ribs when they get to a slow song and even slides him in so close, one hand low on his back and other knitting their fingers together, and it’s this whole entire little world of warmth and closeness carved out cottony just for them in a sea of buzzing people around them 

and he can breathe and he can dance and he can be in love 

Honestly most people don’t end up with their first love so Monty and Harp are gonna have an amicable break up where they stay the greatest of friends.

Harper and Niylah are going to date and be soft beautiful angels together. Niylah will become head of trade and Harper will rise through the ranks of the Guard and they’ll always be late because they were making out or giggling into one another’s shoulders.

While Monty and Nathan will dance around each other for almost a year till The delinquents get sick of it and announce it over the megaphone to all of Arkadia how ridiculously in love these two are. They’ll move in together the next day.

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Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and do the obvious one: Brutal opinion on HeiChi?

*looks both ways cautiously* …Am… am I allowed to give my brutal opinion, though? Or is someone going to jump down my throat again? Because if not…

*clears throat* IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, this is the best route and the best Chizuru ship!! I don’t know of any Chizuru ship that’s better at portraying healthy and mutual support even in potentially unhealthy circumstances (such as Heisuke’s jealousy never becoming possessiveness), and they’re simply the best there is at getting through tough times together. Plus, they don’t dance around each other or take the whole damn route to figure out their feelings!!! Words cannot actually describe how eternally happy I am that they don’t do that, since I’ve had more than my fair share of tease-and-denial or flat-out rejection on all the other routes. Not to mention, Chizuru on this route is a lot more active than passive, and arguably the most active of them all. She’s in charge of her own fate, and she wants to share it with Heisuke. They’re just so evenly matched and consistently well-suited to one another, and that’s the epitome of pairing perfection as far as I’m concerned~

cute things your otp can do
  • buy each other flowers
  • have a cream tea
  • sing (badly) to old songs to try and cheer the other up
  • breakfast at tiffany’s in new york
  • baby animal hugging
  • have a discussion about something one of them is passionate about
  • eat macaroons in montemart
  • dance in the middle of the street 
  • put post-it notes around the house with compliments to remind each other how beautiful they are
  • buy each other food(!!)
  • dance in the rain
  • did anyone say impulsive road trip?
  • art museums and comparing each other to masterpieces
  • jewellery shopping (+ one asking the other if they could imagine it as their engagement ring)
  • playing with bubble machines 
  • old school hopscotch
  • painting each other (+ failing)
  • “if i get on that motor-bike i’m 500% sure i’ll die”
  • eating gob-stoppers (+ choking and completely necessary mouth-to-mouth)
  • giggling at each other
  • puppies (no action needed)
  • explore old historic sites
  • watch old movies
  • recite old movie romance lines to one another
  • compliment each other in their native language
  • teach each other instruments
  • throwing one another into swimming pools
  • karoke
  • couple co-ordinated halloween costumes(!!)
  • serenading each other
  • passive aggressive post-it note argument
  • dressing up as a bunny rabbit for easter
  • stealing each others bubble gum
  • selling things just to try and get enough money to see each other
  • failed magic tricks
  • las vegas and drunken giggles
  • “no, don’t eat more sugar.”
  • balloon animals
  • cosplaying
  • bonding over puppies
  • “i’m going to pretend to be smart to impress you”
  • bonding over music
  • old record player (+ bad dancing)
  • “why are you so tall, stop!”
  • tandem cycling 
  • golf carts
  • star-gazing
  • “if you die, i’ll kill you”

We should petition not only a guaranteed second season, but that the second half of History Maker be the opening. The subtle change of lyrics honestly holds so much meaning to how the season would change now that Yuuri and Victor (and Yuri!) are able to support each other and fill each other with newfound motivation and meaning.

“Can you hear my heartbeat?
I’ve got a feeling it’s never too late
I close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

There’ll be no more darkness
when you believe in yourself you are unstoppable
Where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades,
you set my heart on fire

Don’t stop us now, the moment of truth
We were born to make history
We’ll make it happen, we’ll turn it around
Yes, we were born to make history”

The tone of the song changes as well, becoming much more upbeat and cheerful. 

I honestly am so glad that Yuri On Ice has been able to influence me and truly, make history.

hello i am here with some even + kollektivet 

  • eskild putting on low music, singing off key and dancing around just for the sake of it. even laughing when he slips and almost falls trying to do a very elaborate dance move
    • if he’s feeling well enough, even joining in
    • holding hands and twirling each other around and singing duets together 
  • noora and even cooking together. noora telling him about potatoes and how good they are for you and even listening to her even though he already knows because he likes to hear her voice 
  • linn and even watching movies together, sharing a blanket and huddled up to keep warm
    • even playing with linn’s hair 
    • linn recommending movies even surprisingly hasn’t heard of before 
  • eskild telling even about Tiny isak and how he used to be like, making him laugh with crazy stories of his own
  • if even doesn’t feel like talking, the flatmates just being present and doing their own thing, humming quietly and not forcing anything because sometimes silence is what even needs 
  • just being there for him, not overbearing or stifling but supportive and kind, making him laugh, having conversations, reading to one another, cooking together
  • even being loved by the people that love isak most 

Fangirling aside, I just love how comfortable Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship is becoming. They’re not at all concerned with what other people think of them and don’t seem to be worried about putting a label on what they have.

Everyone else seems to ship them as hard as we do, and there aren’t any of those awkward “no homo” qualifiers from ANYONE.

I also like that they aren’t dancing around each other in a minefield of misunderstandings.

Yuuri and Victor feel like a realistic couple who are growing closer together and that might be my favorite thing.

give!! me!! casual!! touches!! between keith and lance!! give me them finding enough comfortability to lean on each other and such!! also!! have them not realize it at first!! and blush when they see how easily close they can get!! give me casual flirting!! where it just becomes their thing and it’s known that they’ve been dancing around each other for a while!! pls


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Characters- Dean x Reader

Summary- Hunting a witch is never fun- but when a last-ditch spell curses Dean, the two of you can’t dance around each other anymore.

Word Count- 4,047

Warnings- Blood, language, a house fire

A/N- This one right here. Augh. This one was a struggle, but I love how it turned out. I hope you do too, lovelies. 

**Edit** - This is also part of @torn-and-frayed‘s Songs of Supernatural Season 3 Challenge with the song “I Put A Spell On You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

It all started with a murder. Most everything in your life did, as did any hunter’s.

Police found a woman dead in her apartment, choked to death. The interesting part was it was her tongue that the medical examiner found lodged in her throat, a feat literally humanly impossible. People kept turning up dead after that, each person dying by some form of hyperbole.

So here you were, shacked up in some small-town motel that you were sure had more rats than people currently occupying it. Sam sat on his double bed, laptop perched precariously on his lap as he researched. Dean sat at the old dilapidated chair in the corner of the room, sunk far into it since the springs had long ago broken. He used the tablet, sifting through whatever traffic cam feeds he could get his hands on and searching for anything suspicious. Then there was you. You were on hold with the sheriff’s department, the same god-awful elevator music you hated grating in your ears as you waited for someone with a brain to talk to you.

‘The officer you need to talk to will be with you shortly’, they said.

Yeah, right.

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why I love formula one

a selection of reasons and a look back on moments throughout the years that have reminded me just why I love this sport so much

  • when the drivers mess around



  • #placesalonsowouldratherbe
  • dancing drivers


  • dancing mechanics
  • dancing marshals


  • how the drivers get along so well with each other




  • when vettel got bored and overtook two drivers in the pitlane with literally zero effort


  • team twitter sass
  • when all else fails, get the duct tape
  • the Suzuka puppets
  • crazy fan costumes


  • Button’s cake obsession


  • how excited we get when random animals appear on the track



  • when the drivers pull faces/smile for the camera


  • how much kimi raikkonen doesn’t give a shit


  • “Felipe, baby”
  • lucky nipple tweak


  • swearing over team radio
  • the famous kimi quote
  • that one time when all the teams raced boats down the pit lane during the rain in Suzuka
  • Mexican waving at Silverstone

video here

  • Riccardo drinking out of his shoe and then forcing Webber to do the same
  • amazing driver abbreviation coincidences ‘BUT GRO PER’
  • smiley Dan


  • awesome helmet designs
  • vettel’s victory doughnuts
  • car worshipping
  • the night races
  • when two drivers who are on the podium don’t like each other and the other driver stands awkwardly and gives an The Office style look to the camera
  • sebastian choosing to go deep into a corner and lock up so he wouldn’t hit a seagull and then teasing Hamilton for not braking for it after the race


  • Maurizio being adorable
  • Kevin and the banana
  • Rosberg’s adorable clumsiness


  • mclaren’s new team member at singapore
  • how every time Kimi gets onto the podium they never have actual champagne
  • the love everyone has for the driver’s wives


  • the pirelli stetsons in Austin
  • the pirelli ushankas in Russia
  • the pirelli sombreros in mexico
  • when one of the driver’s pours champagne over the interviewer
  • the fact that Hulkenberg takes his little Hulk Pop! vinyl around the world with him and takes pictures for his Twitter with it
  • that time when Jenson and Fernando snuck onto the podium


  • when Vettel put the whole front wing of his car into the cockpit
  • when drivers hijack the marshal’s scooter and drive them both back to the pits


  • the red wigs
  • sauber vs force india pit lane crate rowing


  • that time when kimi got out the car during a red flag period and just ate an ice cream without a care in the world
  • the marshal teddy bear at Hungary
  • adorable little felipinho
  • and to finish off, just a selection of hilarious fernando alonso moments








some weird experiences i’ve had in theatre
  • my friend sean sneaking up behind me whispering “shhhhh! guess who it is” while putting a cat blindfold on me
  • being onstage during beauty and the beast and having my skirt fall down so the entire audience can see my batman underwear
  • during a show, someone was backstage and their mic was still on and they said “fuck me daddy” – which the entire audience heard
  • in a production of the lion the witch and the wardrobe, all of the creatures who had been turned into stone were frozen mid-dab
  • a giant circle of my friends and i started chanting “memes! memes! memes! memes! memes!” and jumping up and down
  • in the same production, my friend put me inside a giant trashcan on wheels in our school and wheeled me around backstage until my entrance
  • listening to the fitnessgram pacer test background music in the dressing rooms to get pumped up
  • once we did a musical number for a showcase where my friends had to tap dance, but none of them knew how so they just stomped really hard
  • wheeling my friend (who was supposed to be an old man) around the school in a prop wheelchair so he could go to the vending machine before the show started
  • ALWAYS twerking, grinding on each other, and dancing seductively behind the curtains during a ballad or sad song onstage
  • we had a little kid in a show once and he pooped his pants during dress rehearsals and his dad forgot to put a diaper on him that day
  • my friend’s shoe flew off during a kick-line once and hit someone in the audience
  • my friend sam, who played cogsworth in beauty in the beast, always had the giant clock on his costume set to 4:20
How you would spend Valentines Day with The Avengers:

Tony: He take you to your favorite Country, going to all of the best places.

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Steve: He would take you to an old school dancing club.

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Natasha: You would go out in the town for a few drinks.

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Bruce: You would take him to the best local coffee shop. Talking until the place closes.

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Clint: He’d light candles and get take out for the both of you, so you could have a night in.

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Sam: You would cook together! Playing around and messing with each other the whole time. Which ends in the kitchen being a huge clutter.

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Thor: He would take you to Asgard and show you around. While trying (and failing) to seduce you.

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Scott: He would want to spend the whole day in bed, cuddling and talking through most of the day. (When you finally get up, he’d make some heart shaped waffles.)

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Peter: You would spend the day in his apartment, dancing together with cheesy 80s music playing on his broken radio.

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T'challa: He would set up a romantic bath for the other of you. Complete with wine, romantic music, sweets, and kissing.

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Wanda: She would finally agree to teach you guitar. But you probably wouldn’t get to the end of the lesion, due to you constantly pestering her with questions.

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Pietro: ;) you’d be very, very busy.

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Two Gunshots, Two Hospitals

I just had a thought: what if Extended Mind Palace Theory is real, but Sherlock is in so deep that TFP is John’s TAB, but still in Sherlock’s mind? Meaning Eurus shot John, he is brought to the hospital, it is understood that TFP is John’s. We see Sherlock make a huge display for John’s survival (Garridebs) hoping he’ll recover that gunshot to the eye. BUT none of that is real, because Sherlock is still in the hospital recovering from HIS OWN gunshot in HLV. They would both be mourning each other at the SAME TIME in alternate realities.



“How can someone be in two places at once, and dead in one of them?”

That’s how. That’s the dual timeline we’ve been dancing around. Sherlock is “dead” in the real world, John is “dead” in the mind palace. Of course, love conquers all and they’ll survive.

Sherlock says he keeps going deeper and deeper.

This is why both theories work – they’re both true.

I’ll chew on my tinfoil hat if this isn’t how it goes in episode 4. It fits everything we’ve ever seen. Everything. Even John’s alibi post it note – Mary killed Magnussen in HLV. Sherlock isn’t awake to offer a statement. He’s too busy grieving John in his mind palace. Or he will be once E4 shows how Garridebs from TLD actually played out.

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Can I tell yall how much I love me some Klance theatre au?

  • The drama director Allura casts Keith and Lance as the leads in a romantic musical bc these two boys have some serious chemistry.
  • Lance and Keith just started dating, so they’re still both nervous around each other during rehearsals.
    • While practicing dances, Lance will spin up close to Keith and kiss him on the cheek and spin away cackling
    • “No Lance, you gotta push your stomach out when you breath in to sing.” Keith puts his hand on Lance’s stomach to demonstrate and leaves it there while they both Blush Furiously
  • Even though they kiss normally, when they kiss during rehearsal it still gets them flustered?
    • “Goodness, you two!” Allura is about to tear our her hair after the fifth try in this one scene. “You’re both nearly adults! Be mature about this!”
    • Lance can’t stop gigging. “But it’s kissing. I’ll get cooties,” he gasps, like the immature child he is.
    • While rehearsing the Big Kiss in the final scene, Keith kinda forgets himself and just starts making out with Lance and they’re both dreamy and like “wow” and Pidge the stage manager is seething in the wings like “DUDES I GOT A SCHEDULE HERE CMON”
  • Putting on makeup the night of the show. It’s actually super intimate.
    • “Hold still,” Keith whispers, his face so close to Lance’s as he puts on foundation. His fingers are warm where they rub in the makeup on Lance’s cheeks. 
    • “Okay,” after putting on some lip color, Keith steps back. “Now we have to smudge this around a bit to make it look natural. Normally you just do that yourself.”
    • Lance raise an eyebrow. “Normally?”
    • “Yep. But this time I’ll help.” Keith kisses Lance to help with said smudging. And kisses him some more.
  • Right before the curtain opens on opening night, Keith and Lance stand in the dark together, alive with nerves. In the silence, they touch foreheads for luck. And then? It’s showtime. 
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Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: angst. or at least ‘want to be angst.’

A/N: This is my first writing piece in a while. Bare with it.

Requested: No

Jughead Jones had been my best friend since the third grade. Him, Archie and I always hung around each other. It was the sixth grade dance when I finally felt something for Jug.

My heart had been broken earlier that day by Reggie, who rejected my request to attend the dance with him. Oh, how I cried. I cried so much on Jug’s shoulder, until he finally asked me himself. So we went. And we danced. But then at the end of the night, this… tingly feeling formed in my stomach. And it wouldn’t go away.

The summer before sophomore year is when our friendship took a toll. Archie had cancelled on our road trip, and Jason Blossom was murdered. Jughead wouldn’t leave his laptop, too busy writing about the summer. We just sort of… grew apart.

My feelings for him didn’t go away, although. As much as I wanted to be mad at him, I couldn’t. I loved him.

So here we are, the first day of school. I walk through the halls for the first time without Archie or Jug. But as I walk, I notice him. He stands by my locker. He just looks like he’s waiting for me. – Which, I assumed he was.

“(Y/N),” He started, but I held my hand up in front of him. “Save it, Jughead.” I told him, putting in my combination and opening my locker.

I grab all my needed books, before he shuts my locker for me. “I’m writing a novel on Jason Blossom’s death.” He quickly told me. 

“Is that the reason you ignored me all summer?” I asked, looking into his brown eyes. Oh, how I loved those brown eyes.

No. I mean – Yes – I mean, –” I scoffed as he stammered out his words. He paused for a minute, before answering my question. “No, that was not the reason I ignored you this summer.” He said.

“Then why? It broke my heart whenever I texted and you didn’t respond, or when I came over and your mom had to lie and say you weren’t home when your bedroom light was on!” I exclaimed. “You don’t just get to waltz in and out of my when you feel like it, Jughead! I have feelings too!”

He looked at me with remorse  and regret. 

I felt tears brim my eyes, as the five minute bell rang. 

“You know, Jughead, for the past five years, I’ve dealt with your sardonic humor, and your sarcasm, and your anti-social life, but I won’t deal with you ignoring me for no reason.” I stated, “I even dealt with you not loving me back! You didn’t even notice after various hints and clues that I loved you!” Tears now streaming down my face, I had to leave.


“No. Not today Jughead. Not anymore.” I said turning my back on him. “This friendship. It’s over.”

But as I turned to walk to my first class, I didn’t hear the slight mumble under his breath.

I love you too.”

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Getting drunk with the boys would include

- Continuous giggling and laughing

- Sexual Tension and lots of it

- Dancing dumbly to old hip-hop music

- Snapchats of Ian and Chad fighting

- Max calling you all cunts 10x more than usual

- Watching the off-brand, wannabe Disney movies on Netflix

- Drinking less than all of them so you could have more control over how the night ends (I.e making sure everyone was safe,and not doing anything TO outrageous)

- Ordering OK Chinese food to eat, but you end up throwing it at each other and making a mess.

- Wandering around outside at night

- Chasing each other in the nearby park.

A/N this is shit, but I needed to put something up. Not that literally anyone cares, I’ve been REALLY depressed and my family is making it worse. Sorry for the gap.Requests are open.

Black Honey: Pt. 1

Summary: Starfire and Robin are officially an item, but what does that mean when the resident empath is stuck living between their respective bedrooms? Finding a new bunk buddy in Beast Boy was certainly not her first choice, and when she engages in a strange, night time activity, how long before the changeling notices what she’s up to? 

The Titans were happy for Robin and Starfire.

Genuinely happy.

It had been a long, long time coming, after all. The couple had been dancing around one another for as long as anyone could remember, neither ever bold enough to act on their genuine feelings for each other. Robin had been too thick headed, and Starfire apparently too subtle and unsure. So, when they had finally established their new, romantic relationship, every other Titan had been thrilled with the news.

That is, until their incessant romping sessions.

No one could blame them; something vague about teenagers, hormones, and pent up sexual frustration while living in close quarters. Not to mention, the bubbling sexual tension that had finally culminated into one hot, passionate affair after all those years. It was well earned, well deserved, and perfectly understandable that both the Titans leader and the alien beauty couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Once they’d tasted that forbidden fruit, it was near impossible to go back to anything else.

When the ‘sleepovers’ grew in frequency, and often throughout the wee hours of the early morning, the other Titans put up with it. They dealt with the lust filled cries, the sound of the creaking bedframe, of the steady banging against the thin walls while the mattress springs squeaked beneath their weight. It was all sweet in the beginning, and it was always nice to see the usually tense boy wonder unwind and relax after spending a relaxing evening with his girlfriend.

However, eventually, it became grating.

Most especially for Raven.

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Boyfriend! J-Hope

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Dating J-Hope would include:

  • you would never feel sad around him
  • not ever!!!
  • his antics and random dance moments make you laugh so hard you almost pee
  • you love how he always wants to pull you into his lil dance moments
  • “y/n!!!! dance with me!!!!”
  • “no hobi im not a good dancer”
  • “c’mon, namjoon dances worse”
  • and after that conversation you hear namjoon protest in the background
  • and hobi will pull you to him and put his hand on your waist
  • then begin corny ballroom dancing with you while Cypher pt.4 plays and as soon as hobi’s part begins he pulls away and starts doing his own dance moves, leaving you totally in the dust
  • boi dances circles around you honestly
  • but you just collapse in a heap on the floor and admire how amazingly he moves
  • ya’ll have CUTE
  • ASS
  • NICKNAMES for each other
  • it’s not the simple “baby” or “honey”
  • but the two of you will go out of your way to make up the corniest, cringey nicknames you can think of and call each other them in public
  • “my lovely sweet bunches of honey oats”
  • “my cuppy-cake cinnamon bun”
  • the boys DIE everytime they hear a new nickname
  • and they make fun of you two for it
  • ((but secretly want to hear the next ones you guys come up with))
  • the only one who doesn’t enjoy it is poor suga who just gags because “you guys are like that really sour candy that you have to spit out after a few seconds because it’s too much”
  • hobi just sticks his tongue out at him
  • while you guys are sleeping, this boy is literally a koala
  • he would just hang on you no matter what, even if it was 1845645646 degrees in your room and you had every window open and every fan on
  • he would STILL hang on you because he’s that cuddly even if it means sweating all night
  • when you’d turn over in your sleep j-hope would unconsciously pat the space around him and scoot over to spoon you
  • but when you two were awake it was all pillow fights and late night confessions and little gestures like sweet forehead kisses
  • and sex was pretty occasional and j-hope made sure it was perfect everytime
  • he was pretty gentle and never wanted to hurt you and made sure you knew that
  • “you’re ok right? i’m not hurting you, right?”
  • and when you guys fought, it was really rough on the both of you
  • because as a couple you two were so needy for each other and didn’t want to spend time apart when you could be together
  • fights usually revolved around one accidentally hurting the other or one taking the others stuff without asking 
  • ((for example, him using your bath and body works sugar scrub that he gave you for christmas))
  • but its always resolved super quickly and its back to random food fights in the kitchen and cuddles on the couch
  • j-hope always asks you how to cook a thing
  • at work he’ll text you and ask you how to make macaroni and cheese
  • so you call him and hope that he hasn’t burnt the house down yet
  • “hobi just put water in a sauce pot and heat it up-”
  • “but how y/n?? which knob is it?”
  • “hobi, just-alright, im on my way home”
  • sleepovers with the boys happen constantly
  • because despite his energetic personality he is a responsible hyung and misses his best friends
  • so when you two were buying a house hobi made sure to get at least one extra room 
  • its taehyung who always ends up crashing at your house and sometimes suga
  • shopping with this boy is a nightmare
  • you thought you liked shopping? nah
  • HOURS 
  • upon
  • HOURS 
  • are spent in every store imaginable and hobi loves everything and buys it
  • thats why when you steal his sweaters and shirts he never notices because his wardrobe is almost as big as his heart

Ugh, I love J-Hope guys. He’s the last of the Boyfriend! BTS series! Hope you guys enjoyed it and thank you so much for the notes, it honestly shocks me how many Jungkook’s version got!!

Requests are open!

Stars In the Sky, Anthony Ramos x Reader

Prompt: “I’m in love with you, this could ruin everything.” + Anthony Ramos

Words: 869

Author’s Note: I also found inspiration from this poem! Nothing gets me more in the fic writing mood than a nice poem. I haven’t written in a few days…whoops.

Warnings: Cursing. Like, wow, very casual cursing.

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list

Your favorite spot in the city was on the roof of the Richard Rogers Theater. There was something amazing about watching everyone bustling around the busy streets, weaving around each other in an elaborate and spontaneous dance.

After the show, you would spend a few minutes on the roof, staring at the stars, taking in the gentle hum that the city offered you. About a month into your start at Hamilton, Anthony began accompanying you.

You had worked with Anthony before, so you knew full well how talented and deserving he was of everything that Hamilton is. He was the first one to welcome you with open arms. You spent most of your time with him, and considered him a very close friend.

Of course, you wanted more. You’d never tell him though. He seemed perfectly content with how things sat with the two of you. Flirty comments every now and then, but he shared those with Lin, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for him.

Just like any other night, you were the first to undress after the show, knowing you had a set amount of time to make your way out before the crew locked up the theater for the night.

You knew nothing about stars; couldn’t identify constellations, but you were able to appreciate their beauty.

You heard the door behind you open and close. You turned for a moment only to identify the footsteps that were approaching. Anthony. Your eyes returned to the stars.

“You aren’t cold?” He asked, taking a spot next to you, leaning on the edge.

“I’ll only stay up here for a few more minutes,” You promised, “I’m just looking at the stars.”

He hummed in acknowledgement but still wrapped his jacket around you, despite any protest from you. You accepted the warmth, and focused your attention back to the stars.

“You know you’re my best friend, right?” This tore your attention away.

“Of course. Why? Did you find a replacement?” You joked, tugging his jacket closer as it fell away from your shoulder.

“No! Don’t be stupid, no one could replace you.” He closed the gap between you. Now, you stood shoulder to shoulder, both staring up at the night sky.

“Sometimes I like to think that the stars watch us back.” You said offhandedly, not expecting him to really care, “They observe us. I don’t know about them controlling us or anything, but there’s something so moving about a sky full of stars.”

“They watch us?” You nod, “So you can’t really keep a secret from them, huh?”

“I guess not,” You muse, “Do you have some juicy stuff the stars are pushing you to spill tonight?” 

His silence said enough. Touchy subject.

“Or maybe I’m wrong and they’re just balls of light that mean nothing. Guess we’ll never know.” You shrug off his coat, ready to head back in. You held it out for him to take, but his eyes were still fixed on the sky, “Anthony?”

“Do you think they judge us? Like, I don’t know. There’s that idea that the people who you love become stars that watch over you when they die. Do you think they know what’s going on in your head?”

“Maybe. I guess it depends on the person.” You return to his side, searching the sky for the brightest of the bunch, you pointed at it, “Is that someone you know?”

“No, I’m pretty sure that’s Venus.” He shoots back, making you frown, “The planet of love.” He continues.

“Shining pretty brightly tonight.” You tell him, leaning into his warmth.

“Maybe for a reason.” He leans into you as well, “I’m going to say something. When I say it, I don’t want you to respond right away. I want you to think about it, okay? I don’t think I can do it if you’re looking at me, either. I might chicken out. So…just look at Venus, alright?” 

You chance a glance at him, his eyes trained on the faraway planet, shining brighter than anything else in the sky. You nod.

“Alright. You’re my best friend, and I love you.” Your breath caught in your throat, “Like, legitimate, honest, love. I am fucking in love with you and I feel so stupid because…I can’t be in love with my best friend? Right? That’s not something that’s supposed to happen in real life.” He paused, knowing he was rambling, “I just wanted you to know. The stupid fucking stars were telling me to tell you. Thanks a lot, assholes.” He glared at the sky, causing you to giggle.

His eyes shot to you, hopeful. You paused for a moment, allowing what he said to sink in, as he told you to do.

“I know I told you to think about it, but this is actually killing me.”

In a rush, you pushed yourself to him, wrapping your arms around his neck as your lips grazed his. He reciprocated immediately, lifting you to sit on the edge of the roof, pushing back with as much force as he could manage.

When you left the building, you were holding hands, with a secret only the two of you and the stars knew.

Sounds Like Home

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • So after a while, the paladins would totally get homesick for simple things, like music. And Coran and Allura would notice.
  • Coran goes back to the shop where they found Kaltenecker and buys this old-timey record player and a few records. They set it up in the ship and turn it on.
  • And it only plays 1920s jazz and swing music
  • Lance, absolutely starved for Earth music, “I can probably get down to this” and does a few dorky dance moves.
  • Coran and Allura look at each other like “what was that?”
  • “Dancing?”
  • They look on in confusion. And the paladins are shocked.
  • They try to explain the best they can about what dancing is and why they do it, but the Alteans just don’t get why it’s fun. They would use it for formal events, but never just for goofing around with friends.
  • Luckily, Hunk knows how to swing.
  • He turns up the record player, takes Allura by the hands and goes at it. She struggles to keep up for a while, but eventually, she’s just laughing and doing her best.
  • Coran is so excited about this strange human custom, so he takes Pidge as a partner. She was never one for dancing, but Coran takes the lead. They are by no means actually swinging, but they’re having the time of their lives and almost rolling on the floor with laughter trying to do each other’s foreign steps.
  • Shiro’s content just sitting next to the record player and watching all his friends have so much fun (he’s also keeping an eye on the ship so they don’t crash)
  • Which leaves Lance and Keith
  • Lance looks at Keith like (¬‿¬)
  • Keith rolls his eyes “Fine.”  Lance takes lead.
  • Except Lance can’t lead for shit. He keeps looking at Hunk’s feet, which are doing stuff too complicated for him to keep up
  • And eventually, Keith gets fed up “If we’re going to dance, let me lead.”
  • Keith also knows how to swing. It goes hand-in-hand with being so agile and precise in fighting.
  • Everyone is amazed. Lance and Pidge knew Hunk could swing because he would listen to it in the Garrison. But KEITH?!
  • “I had a lot of time out in that desert shack, okay?”
  • Lance goes heels over head, literally. Keith dips him.
  • They pull out the record player anytime they’re feeling particularly down or homesick. It never fails to cheer them up.