how they became such an important relationship on this show in just about 4 episodes

Yuuri, Victor, and the Importance of Good Communication

Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 4 – Free for All

So for today’s free for all I’d like to talk about something I haven’t heard too much about in the context I’m hoping to present it. My topic is specifically about how Victor and Yuuri are both very independent individuals and how that, combined with both of them having zero experience with serious emotional relationships, works to create miscommunications between the two of them.

To start off, I’d like to clarify what I mean when I say they’re independent. Obviously they’re both able to take care of themselves when it comes to stuff such as physical needs (like feeding themselves, etc). I’m talking more about how they’re emotionally independent. They’re both the kind of people who keep their problems to themselves and try to solve them all without relying on the help of others. They both actually tell us this directly.

We see this come up a bunch during the series even though both are aware that they do this. You can see it happen as early as episode 2 when Victor is hurt that Yuuri is rejecting him after the connection he felt they had at the banquet but never brings it up with him. Instead he sits on and stews in it. And likewise for Yuuri, he’s very confused as to why Victor is there at all and is being so forward with him but never asks him why. He just comes to his own conclusions and treats them as the truth until proven otherwise.

On top of them both being used to handling their problems on their own and internalizing their worries, they both also have no experience with deep emotional love relationships. I use the adjectives deep, emotional, and love to describe the relationship because you can have any other combination of those and have it not really touch the depth and type of relationship these two have with each other. They may have had other relationships but none that came close to this level.

(More under the cut, you’re not done yet!)

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Me: *makes this post*

Stans who are rummaging through the tag they claim to hate bc I didn’t tag this as #steven universe, only #su critical and spoiler tags: lmao dumbfuck didnt even watch the episode

Me, pushing up my sleeves and brandishing my national arts seal in creative writing and creative writing degree w/ art minor: *inhales*

While Steven lying about being Rose Quartz at the end of “I Am My Mom” isn’t inherently a bad idea and works well in theory, the fact that such a proclamation comes so close on the heels of “Lion 4: Alternate Ending”–which needlessly establishes yet again that Steven is supposed to be himself and follow the beat of his own drum–undermines the morals of both episodes, causing a far reduced impact in him sacrificing himself.

As Steven Universe is now, for some reason, almost exclusively being shown to its audience via random spurts of 5-day single episode releases, we are forced to examine these packages of new episodes as one whole arc–of emotional, physical, internal conflicts that are supposed to mesh into one, cohesive resolution.

And the emotional conflict that begins in “Lion 4: Alternate Ending” does not mesh with the resolution presented to us in “I Am My Mom.” Perhaps the biggest reason as to why it does not mesh is because “Lion 4″ is otherwise self-contained. If they had released the episode in season 2, or in season 3 before “Bismuth,” “Lion 4″ would have had the proper impact as a means of reassuring Steven that Rose did indeed mean for him to be himself, which was already established in “Lion 3: Straight to Video” and had also been a subplot that was becoming more and more prominent with the introduction of Jasper, a Homeworld gem who refused to acknowledge that Steven could be any other being besides Rose Quartz.

However, the majority of this subplot is resolved in “Bismuth,” an episode wherein a Crystal Gem from the War era who was betrayed by and unjustly placed into a solitary confinement-esque prison by Rose Quartz is unbubbled. In the first half of the episode, Bismuth learns that Rose is gone, and that Steven is not a new regeneration, but a whole new being. She praises him, continuously assures him that he is not his mother, and puts her trust in him. Even right before she is poofed and unjustly placed in an equivalent to jail again, she reaffirms that, despite her earlier confusion, Steven is not anything like Rose Quartz. More reparations were necessary in order to fully put his subplot to rest (i.e. Steven and the Gems should have sat down and talked to each other and to Steven about where he stands in the world of the Crystal Gems, and finally affirm that they had been treating him like Rose, but that they cannot do that because even if he acts similarly, Steven is not Rose), however, there is no reason this subplot should have extended past season 3. It is old, tired, and the resolution was predictable even when the conflict was new. However, it is now being trotted out as if it is still a major, untired conflict in the show, taking precious time away from focusing on Garnet’s or Amethyst’s subplots that have largely been abandoned.

This relocation of “Lion 4″ would not have solved the major problem of the episode itself–that, being, that nothing happens in it that the audience has not already seen–and the episode would have been better off not made. But if the crew decided that they absolutely needed “Lion 4″ as an episode, then it should have occurred during the period of time when several characters were insisting that he was Rose Quartz, and begrudged him for supposedly being Rose Quartz.

Which brings us to the episode “I Am My Mom.” As I stated before, Steven lying to save his friends works well in theory, but it falls flat in practice as the climax of Steven Bomb 6. Since the writers did not trust the audience to truly believe that Steven had resolved his “Am I my mother?” conflict already, and since “Lion 4″ sets up the conflict again, the tension of Steven’s relationship to his mother is an overarching dramatic tension of this series of episodes. But at the end, Steven does not come to a conclusion about whether he is his mother or not, but he comes to the conclusion that in order to save his friends, he has to lie about something he has already allegedly resolved. But, again, the largest portion of the emotional arc was resolved between seasons 2 and 3. Bringing it up so suddenly again brings it back into focus for the audience, and packaging it with these episodes enforces the fact that “Am I my mother?” is still relevant, even though it’s not.

And since the theme was brought back from the dead, placed in front of a bunch of episodes, and given gravitas, it is uncertain, again, if Steven truly believes that he is not Rose Quartz. After all, why would he still be looking for hidden messages of his purpose in that video if he truly believed he only had to be himself? In the end, his proclamation of being Rose Quartz–intended to be a lie coming from the mouth of someone who no longer worried about the validity of the statement–is completely undermined because we can no longer be sure that Steven’s personal conflict is resolved. Because “Lion 4″ resurrected the theme, it became an undercurrent for the next few episodes, culminating in Steven’s character regressing due to complete mishandling by the creators. The arc is no longer about Steven taking direct action in a war, but about Steven’s conflict of whether or not he is who he thinks he is.

It is a good idea in theory; it is a terrible idea in execution.

But why go on so long about a “simple kids’ show?” Why bother thinking so much into this? First of all, because so many people have been affected by this show, had their lives changed by this show, that it is unfair to call it “just a–” anything. If you accept that a show can positively impact you, if you crow about how it is “progressive” and has “great representation” then it is no longer simple and forgettable. You have admitted that it is worth close examination.

Second of all, if you believe that there are things unworthy of serious academic examination, extrapolation, and criticism, then you have no actual idea what academic criticism is and why it is important.

sacchariwrites  asked:

Are you going to tell us now how you changed the story after you saw episode 10? You said you had to go back and re-outline the whole thing. I am interested in knowing how it differs.

i’m sorry if someone has already asked you this but can you share with us the original plan you had for umfb before episode 10? or can you not tell us until after the companion fic?

How Episode 10 Changed Everything (and other fun stories):

So as I’ve said a couple of times before, episode 10 was an absolute game changer for Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches and now that the fic is finally done I’ll try and explain how although this may get a bit long and I wont go into too much detail about Viktor for companion fic reasons.

So the main three things that episode 10 changed in the fic was Viktor’s entire character, Yuuri as an unreliable narrator and the program music.

The most significant by far was Viktor’s character. Because pre episode 10 we really still didn’t know that much about Viktor and we had no idea about the banquet. So before episode 10 I assumed that Yuuri fell in love first and Viktor came to coach Yuuri out of curiosity because he likes surprises and doing something different and eventually and unexpectedly found himself falling in love. In a draft for another fic I was tossing ideas around for it actually centred on Viktor only realising he was in love with Yuuri just before the kiss in episode 7. Viktor was always very mysterious and I’m sure people who were in the fandom pre ep10 will remember all the theories that he was just using Yuuri and all that and while I didn’t believe that, I did assume that Viktor’s character trope was the ‘workaholic slowly learns how to love by being loved’ one.

But then episode 10 comes and completely knocks that out of the water because we find that Viktor is actually this adorable sappy romantic who calls Yuuri sleeping beauty and adores him and fell in love with him when he was wasted and dancing and brought life and love back into Viktor’s world. And that completely changed Viktor in the fic because after an episode from his pov I had a much better handle on his character and realised he absolutely wouldn’t act like he had been planned to act in the fic.

In the original plan he wasn’t ever a bad person or anything but he was actually a rival for Yuuri and he didn’t fall in love until much much later. But with episode 10 we also found out that Chris and Viktor are best buddies and Viktor likes skating with Chris and can’t imagine a season without him which means that in the fic there’s no way that Viktor would feel threatened by Yuuri as a rival because in canon he’s besties with his competitor and he’s way too much of a sweetheart for that. So in the fic it changed from Viktor reciprocating the rivalry to Viktor actually enjoying the challenge and excitement it brought into his life.

As for him falling in love, in chapter 10 the singing thing was always planned but that was originally the first sign that Viktor was starting to feel affection for Yuuri and was just the very beginning of him falling in love. It chapter 10! But after ep10 I realised that Viktor ‘love at first drunken dance’ Nikiforov would definitely not be having a solid two years of a ‘relationship’ and just be starting to fall because that would be seriously ooc and we finally saw just how much he adores Yuuri through his own eyes. And so in the fic I reworked the whole thing to fit with Viktor as a character as I now understood him and that included him falling first, falling hard and falling early.

Episode 10 also showed us just how much of an unreliable narrator Yuuri is, with the banquet and also how different everything seemed from Viktor’s eyes. And so that meant that I started to play with the idea of Yuuri being a seriously unreliable narrator and trying to tell a story where his version is very different to the version the audience see, which is obvious now pretty crucial to umfb&mha.

I also went back and reworked all the program music for the fic once episode 10 came out. Before it was all important and did have significance but after I knew that Viktor was going to fall early I decided to play around with the idea of showing the audience how he was feeling through his music. So I went back and completely changed the program music to tell a proper story (funny story, originally Yuuri was going to be the one skating to Sun and Moon. And then episode 10 happened and I looked at the new outline of the fic like ‘this is such a Viktor song oh my god).

Another thing that episode 10 changed was originally Chris wasn’t involved in the fic at all until we found out about his and Viktor’s friendship and that he’s actually such a bro not just a weird guy who gropes Yuuri and comes on the ice. As well as that, in episode 10 we also found out that Yuuri was actually the unknowing playboy in the Eros story not Viktor, coming into Viktor’s life, stealing his heart and then leaving without a word, which lead me adapting the fic to umfb!Yuuri becoming a perceived playboy by others through certain things that will be explored fully in the companion fic as a reference to that. There were also some smaller changes like the inclusion of the drunken Olympics and Yuuri knowing how to pole dance as a shout out to the episode.

Episode 12 also changed a lot. One of the things was Yurio and his role in the fic and how he feels about Yuuri which will be explored more in the companion fic. Also the original end of the fic was that Yuuri was going to try and fail to do the quad flip which ruins an otherwise perfect skate and potentially loses him the gold but he was willing to sacrifice it to tell Viktor. But in episode 12 we see that Yuuri can do a quad flip with his love for Viktor as motivation so it changed to Yuuri still potentially ruining his skate because he isn’t sure if he can land the jump but doing it anyway and actually succeeding because every time he tried and failed before it was because he was doing it out of bitterness trying to beat Viktor and this time he was doing it out of love.

The fic also changed a lot over the course of writing it just because characters take on a life of their own and my first draft was very rough and done before I’d written anything so I’ll try and do a chapter by chapter run down of the big changes from the rough plan I wrote before starting the fic to the end result.

Chapter 4:

·       Phichit originally wasn’t a big part of the fic but that very quickly changed because it’s Phichit and he’s so damn important to Yuuri and such an amazing character so I added him in early and made his part much bigger

·       There was originally going to be a discussion between Viktor and Yuuri that went badly and they both ended up annoyed and offended which sparked Viktor’s side of the rivalry but there was no way to do that without making them both dicks and ooc and after episode 10 it changed to Viktor trying to be helpful but unreliable narrator Yuuri taking it wrong and cutting the conversation short

Chapter 6:

·       Yuuri was originally going to be watching interviews and stuff of Viktor and thinking how arrogant and self-assured he was but this changed with Viktor’s character change because that’s just not him

·       Viktor was going to make a comment about Yuuri’s quads but this one was actually going to be an insult and again changed when Viktor’s character changed

·       The idea for the dream sequence only came later

Chapter 7:

·       Pole dancing only became a thing after episode 10

·       Viktor was going to only miss the GPS and come back for Worlds but lose because he wasn’t fully recovered but I decided I didn’t want the first time Yuuri won against Viktor to be so unsatisfying

·       The watching Yuuri skate at the rink didn’t originally happen at this point in the fic until after I saw ep 10

Chapter 8:

·       Yuuri never lost motivation originally but I decided at that point it was important in his character to almost give up but then come back with a vengeance

·       The drunken Olympics never originally happened

·       They were both originally going to be drunk when they first slept together but that got thrown out almost immediately because consent is very important and there was no way I was going to write a scene where both of them were drunk and therefore couldn’t give proper consent.  Also it was important it wasn’t a drunken mistake but a deliberate choice.

·       Viktor getting drinks never happened, instead he was going to be treating Yuuri in a similar way to how Yuuri was treating him

Chapter 9:

·       Yuuri was originally still going to be very hostile before I realised it was ooc and a dick move after Viktor was being nice to him so it changed to him congratulating Viktor after Viktor won. That then changed the sex scene from the mutual hatefuck it was going to be pre ep10 to Yuuri and the comments thing that sent him spiralling. The not-talking thing was also added as a plot device because Viktor as he became acted very differently to him as he was originally planned to be and it would have been too easy if he had been allowed to talk.

·       Viktor was originally going to take Yuuri out to dinner at the WC purely out of guilt

·       There was originally going to be another sex scene after the WC and dinner where Yuuri was angry at Viktor for ruining his skate but it would be ooc for both of them and got changed early on

Chapter 10:

·       Number swap was supposed to be just for hooking up but changed after ep10

·       Yuuri’s theme was originally going to be something related to hatred but it changed as his character developed and I realised how he was being affected by the events of the fic was different to the plan and that would be doing him a disservice as a character

·       Viktor was still kind of being a bit of a dick and making snide comments during sex when Yuuri won which was changed when I rewrote Viktor as a character after ep10

·       Conversation with Phichit was very short and didn’t involve a lot of the stuff it did in the final chapter

·       Viktor was again going to be acting very different in the second sex scene with none of the need or desperation that happened which all came about during his character change

·       Conversation with Chris never happened until the third of four re-writes of ep10 when I realised Viktor’s actions needed some more context for people who were ignoring the music

Chapter 11:

·       Lots of sex was supposed to happen in this chapter before I changed it for plot reasons and also companion fic reasons

·       Sex scene was supposed to be all about Yuuri acting like Eros Yuuri but those two idiots in love were very sappy and sentimental instead and it became a crucial relationship shift point instead

·       All domesticness from that chapter was planned out later in the fic as the fic was being written not in the first plan, including the borscht scene

Chapter 12:

·       Meal with the other skaters never happened

·       The revel about Yuuri’s virginity never happened in the first plan. Then in the rough draft of the chapter it happened at the same time as the second reveal but I split them because it worked better that way

·       This was when Viktor was supposed to secretly watch Yuuri skating his routine

·       Yurio wasn’t originally involved at all and Yuuri left after getting jealous. The love revelation never happened

Chapter 13:

·       Yurio appeared in this chapter instead although the conversation was very different in the rough plan because everything he talks about in the final version came about after episode 10 changed everything

·       Yuuri was originally going to be much more angry at the scandal and used his anger to win while Viktor still fucked up his skate but this changed early when I realised it was ooc and Yuuri would actually react very differently and that emotional devastation and heartbreak would ruin his skate instead

Chapter 14:

·       None of the conversations with Yuuri’s family were planned in detail in the first rough plan, I just knew he needed to go back to Hasetsu and have some revelations

·       Yuuri was supposed to convince himself that Viktor never loved him and never could and only realised Viktor’s feelings after seeing stammi vicino. This changed because it was very important for Yuuri to go and get some distance and time and then decided to come back and decided to try again with Viktor before he saw stammi vicino. It also changed because with Viktor as he became after ep10 and how he reacted there was no way that Yuuri would convince himself that Viktor never cared for him. He’s a bit emotionally dense sometimes but not an idiot

·       Yuuri was going to fall on the quad flip

So yeah, all this is from the very rough draft before I wrote any of it and the story adapted and changed along the way as I got more into the characters and got a better handle on how they would act until it became what you see today. It definitely became a much better story and I’m very happy with all the changes that I made! Having a plan is great for a framework but letting the characters grow and change naturally during the writing process is much more fun and I think makes for a better story


This scene is so important to Bellamy Blake’s development. For 4 Seasons his mantra about Octavia has been “My sister. My responsibility.” It’s his way of saying that he will always find a way to keep her safe, to protect her, to keep her from harm. 

In this moment, Bellamy is realizing that, although he still feels Octavia is his responsibility (and probably always will in some way/shape/form as that is typical father/big brother behavior) he has failed in what he considers his utmost duty: protecting her and it’s a realization he’s been working towards since Season 3.

And it’s not protecting her from physical harm. I’m pretty sure Bellamy accepted that Octavia can hold her on in physical battle a while ago, way back in Season 1, if we’re being honest, but he still believed that he could protect her from other forms of pain if he just tried hard enough. Bear with me, this might get long.

In Season 3, after Lincoln has died, we can see his ideology (that he can still protect/take care of Octavia’s emotional state) begin to crumble, even as he forcibly tries to hold it together. In 3*10 (Fallen), when Octavia and the others return to the cave without Lincoln and she releases her pain onto him, he allows this not just because he believe he deserves it, but also because he think she needs it. He is trying to take care of Octavia’s emotional state here:

(it hurt to go back and skim this script segment-someone give me a cookie.) That’s the first time he attempted to care for her emotionally and it did not work. 

Continued under the cut for length:

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Underneath - Arrow Music Notes 5x20

Chase traps Oliver and Felicity in the bunker which forces many emotions to bubble to the surface.  Important conversations and relationships usually mean beautiful and powerful music and this episode was no exception.  The Flashbacks also explored Felicity and Oliver’s time between seasons with a return of a few beloved themes.  (Spoiler alert: this is going to be very Olicity focused.  There are one or two major Oliver moments and a few other brief moments for the other characters but most of this review is about Olicity.  So for the few of you who are not Olicity fans but love the music enough to deal with my bias…go ahead at your own risk.  You have been warned)

Originally posted by arrowsource

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The Long Distance Dissonace (10x24)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead!!!

This is not the typical review/summary I usually do. This is more a venting platform and some random thoughts on this episode. Please note I am unspoiled so I have not had the time to process things that most of the spoiled fandom may have had time to process so I apologize for my feels which are everywhere right now.

1. I will say right of the bat that in terms of comedic value, this episode was gold. It had a very funny script, the plot made way for lots of funny zingers and the cast was spot on in their acting for these scenes. It may very well be one of the funniest episodes they’ve had. That being said, for the Shamy shippers, it may have caused some angst that made it hard to enjoy the comedy here.

2. Shamy flirting through their video chat is adorable. They are totally both flirting and Sheldon is going for it too. Notice Sheldon called Amy naughty again. 

3. As soon as I saw Ramona entering the cafeteria with Sheldon, I started to freak out. Because I knew she was up to no good. But I was more surprised that Sheldon would even entertain a “friendship” with her especially on the terms they ended last time. It just doesn’t seem in character for me and they never mentioned any reason for there to be this kind of time spent between them voluntarily. Can the writers at least make and effort and come with an excuse like that they had to work together on something? A “toblerone” isn’t enough.

4. Amy skyping with Sheldon and finding out about Ramona broke my heart. She was strong and kept it together although she was obviously jealous. She doesn’t argue with him because she knows how clueless Sheldon can be in these matters. I will say I am glad she found out thru him and not thru other people. It shows Sheldon had no intention of being deceiving. 

5. Sassy Amy arguing with Penny and Bernie was freaking hilarious. “I GAVE YOU ONE JOB. KEEP AN EYE ON HIM. HOW HARD IS THAT?” Mayim is awesome per usual in this scene. (Can the academy just give her the Emmy she deserves, damn it?) Best line all episode came here… 

I’ve been smacking that ketchup bottle for a long time. All she’s gotta do its tip it over and point it at her fries.

So while I was nervous for Shamy, I also just about wet myself with that line. 

6. Why would Sheldon bring Ramona to dinner with the gang? And why would he bring her to their apartment? It’s just inconceivable and out of character to me! The man who wouldn’t allow a woman in his room would allow a woman he hasn’t seen in years into his apartment. Come on, Sheldon? You are naive in some ways but you are also smart. This is the man that was concerned Penny would cheat on Leonard while he was away at North Sea. (S7E2). He should know at least a little bit.

7. The shamy shipping gang was all of us. It was awesome to see the whole gang banding together to protect Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. They were all of us. Bernie wedging herself between Sheldon and Ramona was AWESOME because I was about to throw a fit when I saw that bitch sitting in Amy’s spot. (Sorry for the B word but WTH?) Thank you for your service, Bernie. 

Nice save with the whole gang walking Ramona to her car, OMG!!!! It was so over the top it had me laughing out loud. Then Bernie once again with her sweet voice “excuse me”, followed shortly by Penny. Good on the girls to mark Amy’s territory and good on the whole gang who was truly concerned. They really care about Amy and Shamy’s relationship and that feels good to have everyone so invested.

8. We go to commercial break and I’m thinking we are almost at the end of the episode and have made it safely thru the season finale. Then we get back with Ramona bringing sandwiches to Sheldon’s office. Okay… Penny’s talk must have stuck with Sheldon but I think he refused to believe the obvious.

Are you seeking a romantic relationship with me? 

He has obvious doubts about the whole thing and has given Penny’s word some more thought. He starts naming the reason why that would create some problems; one that they are colleagues and two, he is currently in a relationship… He did have time to say this and that to me is important because it shows that Sheldon was willing to defend his relationship. BUT she kissed him…

And something in me about died. I cannot believe this is happening and I reacted much like the audience. Because Shamy are not your typical relationship and they have really guarded themselves against all this typical relationship crap so I can’t be okay with this. I also felt horrible for Sheldon because his face became dazed, he never closed his eyes while it happened and he is not exposed or used to this interaction with females, just Amy. So now I’m feeling like I’m about to puke because on one hand, he didn’t deserve this but on the other hand, he kind of brought it upon himself and should have known better. Sorry guys but come on Sheldon…

He was silent and stunned. I just saw him walking further and further away from Ramona and I had the feeling he would go to Amy because as I’ve said before, Amy is his safe place. I didn’t expect anything else but to him show up at Amy’s, kissing her and telling her he missed her and loved her. And that would have made it better for me. 

The three famous Sheldon knocks, Amy, Amy, Amy… and our favorite girl, too precious for this world, reacts surprised to hear her true love’s voice. Like me, she wasn’t expecting what would happen. Lo and behold she opens the door to a beautiful sight; Sheldon on one knee with the ring we have been waiting to see for 2 seasons now. The sight was beautiful because Jim Parsons was able to convey honest love and admiration as Sheldon for Amy in every single face muscle and the perfection and sincerity of his soulful eyes. And my heart dropped because I know he loves her so much. And I did gasp so loud I could probably be heard 5 houses down because I waited so long for this.

But something was lost and sacrificed in the process. I also felt sad that Amy didn’t know. And felt sorry that Sheldon may be doing this for the wrong reasons and upset he waited for this to happen to take this step.  The loveliness of their sweet relationship was tampered with. You see, this couple has taken every step with caution and care. Amy has waited a long time for this. Sheldon has come a long way. This moment didn’t need to be any part of Ramona’s sick interference. It was gratuitous and unnecessary of the writers. Because this is not the kind of story Amy deserved to tell her children… “I was away for a few months and your father befriended a woman who ended up overstepping her boundaries. Your father realized how much he loved me after she kissed him and he proposed to me.”

It’s ridiculous because we all know what Amy means to Sheldon and he has known that he loves her a long time. He could have very well given her the ring last episode which was beautiful. But it felt to me the writers wanted to have a cliffhanger or a hook. And that they did, leaving us a whole summer with questions of how Amy will react once she knows what happens. Will she say yes not knowing and then find out and be sad and mad or even call it off? Will she say no because she realizes something is not right about the whole thing? We don’t know. But there are my mixed feelings about all of this and in order to survive hiatus, I will just have to reset my memory to episode 23 and not think about this one because it will drive me insane.

Sorry for the rant. I may change my mind but this is how I feel right now. Some honorable mentions:

  •  I’m glad we saw Stuart again. As always he is pathetically awesome. 
  • Great to see the Amy and Penny drawing again. I wonder how Amy ended up keeping it?
  • Nice to see the cafeteria. Howie’s lines were so funny.
  • Penny trying to explain to Sheldon. “Amy has already taken me ut of my package and played with me”. Yes she has. And you’re right Sheldon, Lenny needs a marriage cousnelor. Glad someone said it. 
  • Where the hell is baby Halley? Should I call the Department for Children’s Welfare?
  • Lenny: “You got fingers and a mouth, you call her.” / “You got feet and legs you do it.” LOL!
  • Poor Raj… smh.

I’m out of hiding so you will see me around more. :) Ryl.

Th1rteen R3asons Why: Prepare to Be Obsessed.


I thought for this recap/review  I would stick to the theme with 13 reasons of my own.

13 reasons why I LOVED  (or Not Loved) THIS SHOW (and BOOK)

The Loved List

1. The Cast - Katherine Langford (Hannah) is amazing (some Aussie pride over here!) and I feel she does total justice to the lead character, she made it completely believable and relatable.  I also loved seeing Ross Butler (Zach) in another role, as I already love him as Reggie in The CWs Riverdale! Only wish we could’ve seen more of him. It’s always an honour to have Kate Walsh (Hannah’s mom) grace the screen, I’ve been a fan since Private Practice. I felt that all the cast were perfectly chosen and brought their characters stories to life in a magical way. I couldn’t imagine any of the roles with another actor. They were amazing and a great fresh young cast who I am sure will soon be taking Hollywood by storm! 

2. The Narrative Format - I absolutely LOVE Jay Asher’s narrative concept for this story. The tapes, the voice, the whole idea and concept just adds to the whole kind of ‘thrilling’ feeling which perfectly suits the haunting story of Hannah Baker. I think it’s an extremely unique narrative and it works so well with this particular theme and topic by adding so much more depth and emotion to the story. I don’t reckon that such an important and serious theme could’ve been addressed half as well or as appropriately with any other narrative. It worked perfectly together.

3. The Storylines - The storylines are all fabulous. The book and main storyline about the suicide of Hannah Baker and what lead her to her decision is something I think is extremely important to tell in today’s society with teen depression and cases of teen suicide scarily on the rise and being one  of the leading causes for teen death. It’s haunting, it’s honest, it’s raw, and most importantly it’s so damn real.  Also the individual story for each ‘character’ / ‘tape’ / ‘episode’ are so incredible. Each character has their own unique storyline of how they fitted into Hannah’s life and became a part of her final decision. Most of the stories were exceptionally well suited to their respective character , but some of them left me sad as I really expected more from those characters (especially Zach & Justin but more on them later). Having said that though, it was all fitting to the main story, and wouldn’t have been the same otherwise.

4. The Characters - All of the characters were relatable and wonderfully portrayed. One of my favourite characters was Zach -  mainly because he is played by Ross Butler, but I honestly think he was one of the nicer guys and I really feel like Hannah could’ve come to a different outcome if she’d given him more of chance instead of just brushing him off - but I do also understand she had her reasons for reacting the way she did. I really enjoyed watching each character’s story unfold through out this series as they each had an extremely unique and definite personality, and story. Justin was a character I also enjoyed as I could really feel his pain, and I think he was not a bad guy, but his life lead him to make a couple of bad decisions himself. Everyone has their own demons that they’re battling against and I think that this show perfectly portrays this how all of us are dealing with our own personal issues which cause things to work out the way they do. (I love how the show focuses on each of the characters and also explores the aftermath of how listening to the tapes affected each of their lives (whereas the book only really concentrates on Clays thoughts as he is listening to the tapes and doesn’t really give us much background into the other characters, the show really gives us insight into each of their personal lives and their relationships with one another).

5. The Interweaving -  I also loved seeing in the show how each of the characters were connected to one another and how their relationships are affected by the demise of Hannah. Of course all of them have played some part in her final decision and it’s heartbreaking for them to realise the consequences of what they had done, even though for most of them it was unintentional. They now also become connected by all their secrets as the 13 of them are now fully aware of the secrets of each other and they have to work together to try and keep Hannah’s accusations and their guilt from going ‘public’ which they’re all afraid the ‘stand up, good guy’ , Clay might do - as even Hannah admits - ‘one of these things is not like the others’ and Clay in a sense doesn’t really belong on the list - but I guess Hannah feels she owes him a kind of explanation.

6. The Acting -  The acting is mostly brilliant in this show. I have to give special recognition to the actor Justin Prentice in this segment as I think he did a phenomenal job. Justin Prentice played the character of ‘Bryce Walker’ who is basically the ‘villain’ of the season, he is pig headed and absolutely disgusting , typical jock type guy with less than ZERO respect for women (and his friends) who thinks his money can buy him out of any problem and get him whatever he wantes. He honestly had me HATING him at the end of this show, and I had developed kind of a personal vendetta against him wishing he’d been the one who was dead in Hannah’s stead. Only a few days later I was watching an interview (13 reasons why: beyond the reasons - special available on Netflix under trailers and more) and I realised - ‘Crap. Like he’s (Prentice) a hot, genuinely cool guy. Bryce is just a character.’ He explained how hard it was to bring this character to life. It was a real challenge as it would’ve I’m sure hit a few nerves and touched on a LOT of raw emotions, and sensitive issues. So major props to him for creating such a believable character!

7. Tony & His Mustang -  Tony, played by Christian Navarro, is like half the reason to love this show. Man, Tony is just so effortlessly suave and sexy (but sorry ladies - he’s gay!) and he just happens to continuously appear at the right place and at the right time. I love his kind of mysterious, guardian angel aura that portrays on the show as he follows Clay around and supports him as he tries to get through listening to the tapes. Not that he needs another reason to be sexier but he drives and adores his vintage, red MUSTANG! Dayum! (I’m not sure if I loved Tony or the ‘Mustang’ more to be honest haha) …. He was a major part of the shows success and It wouldn’t have been half as incredible without him in it. 

8.The Messages-  I think that all in all the message that this show tells is one of EXTREME importance : It needs to be heard. It raises awareness of a very important issue which should not be hushed out and kept silent. It’s a shout out to a number of groups too. To Depressed Teens : SILENCE IS NOT STRENGTH!!! PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. OPEN UP TO SOMEONE. If you’re thinking sad, depressive and suicidal thoughts, don’t keep them bottled up inside your mind, speak about them, say them out loud, admit your feelings don’t hide them away from those around you. People can’t help you if they don’t know what’s going on inside your head. Some one will always be willing to listen. You just have to speak to the right person. To Teenagers (Humans) in general : DON’T BE AN A**HOLE. You never know how what you do may affect some one and slowly be chipping away at their identity. Be kind. Show Respect! and LISTEN. Read between the lines, be there for people, and provide a ‘safe space’ and an opportunity for them to reach out. Don’t ignore subtle hints! Take EVERYTHING seriously, let them know they are loved. Let them know you CARE! To Adults , Parents and Councellors. Be PRESENT. Be AVAILABLE. Don’t undermine their feelings. If something is troubling them - it’s troubling them for a valid reason - don’t make them feel silly, or like they are over reacting. If they are upset they HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO FEEL THE WAY THEY DO. Help them overcome it, help them deal with it and remember: the worst thing you can tell someone who is hurting is to ‘MOVE ON’. Their emotions are ALWAYS justified - don’t disrespect their feelings by minimising them. To EVERYONE - whatever we say or do can affect someone else in ways we could never know or imagine. Pay attention to how you treat others! 

The Not so Loved List

8.  The Sexist Themes - I really was affected by the sexism portrayed especially as it’s not just a show and / or story - this is happening IN REAL LIFE. Boys today (and I’m sorry for generalising here, I admit I know it’s not all of you, I know there are still stand-up, genuine gentlemen somewhere out there, they just happen to be the exception rather than the rule these days) have such a little, if any respect for the female body. In this show particularly, it’s as if the girls are viewed as a trophy or a plaything and nothing more - they are not treated as respected, independent, strong individuals - but rather they (girls) are expected to just be taken advantage of allow the boys to ‘take’ their own pleasure from them ( I say this because of two separate rape incidents within this story where the girls did NOT give consent and yet the boys went ahead anyway taking advantage of the vulnerability). Girls are viewed a prize or possession something which can be owned and just because they ‘have the hottest ass’ or the ‘best lips’ now every guy has the ‘right’ (sarcasm here) to just grab the ass, or make out with her whenever he feels like it. It’s absolute rubbish. Any guy who thinks like this is madly flawed in his reasoning - under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should a girl EVER BE TOUCHED UNLESS SHE HAS GRANTED HIS PERMISSION TO DO SO. (And the same goes for guys! Girls shouldn’t throw themselves over them unless the attraction and desire is MUTUALLY acknowledged). It’s a two way thing and BOTH PARTIES involved should have an EQUAL say! Mutual respect is important in any relationship. It doesn’t take much longer to take the time to say, ‘this is what we’re about to do? Is that okay with you?’ make them feel secure and supported.

9.  The Teenage Stupidity -  I was horrified once again by the realisation that this is how teenagers actually treat eachother. More than just in the book or series this is REAL LIFE. It’s so sad to think about how stupid, and naive and unintentional actions can have such harsh, and permanent consequences. I am so glad I am no longer in high school right now - if I had to see these things going on around me I’d be crushed. When did our generation become so cruel? so uncaring? This is not the kind of future we want to raise our kids into .. is it? Let’s get some respect and healthy relationships back into fashion. Let’s raise our girls to be strong, confident, loving and trusting and our boys to be protective, caring, kind and respectful. We are the future and it starts with us! Let’s not just ignore overlook the seriousness of these issues. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD, have a little chat with the (WO)MAN in the MIRROR!

10. The Selfishness - There are more than one areas where I felt selfishness could’ve been avoided and Hannah’s story could’ve had a different outcome. First instance is with the other characters - each of them performed selfish actions (Alex selfishly wrote the list to make himself feel better and get his revenge on Jess, Ryan selfishly published Hannah’s private poem, Bryce, Marcus and Tyler all used Hannah to selfishly satisfy themselves in their own ways). Second instance is Hannah herself - she was extremely selfish in her final decision. Suicide is a selfish choice, and a selfish action. I know it may sound cruel and harsh - but it’s true. When you decide to take your own life, it’s something you want to do to end your pain because you feel that you can’t go on with life anymore. But do you stop to think about those who are left behind? After you’re gone - they’re the ones who will be left struggling with the aftermath, with a hole in their hearts and an emptiness in their life because of what you CHOSE to do. It’s always a choice. Another interesting point brought out in the special is that suicide of a friend / classmate can affect people so much that it often drives another person to suicide. (As happened in this show when Alex also shoots himself in the end). It’s heartbreaking for those left behind, and do you really want to make your loved ones suffer a pain worse than what you yourself has been going through? Especially if you haven’t really given them the chance to help you overcome what ever it is you are facing.

11. The Lack of Support -  I was especially disappointed in Hannah’s parents, Mr. Porter and Hannah’s “Peer Communications” class and teacher. All of these groups had a chance to support / help Hannah. She tried to talk to her parents, but because they were so worried about the business all the time, she felt like she would only be burdening them unnecessarily, she thought she was strong enough to do it without them, and they were too distracted to notice that she was going through some really rough things. They didn’t make themselves available and Hannah didn’t feel like she could talk to them.  Hannah made a reach out to her ‘Peer Communications’ class in the anonymous discussion bag with a note about suicidal thoughts but the class laughed it off, and thought it was some one looking for attention, the teacher didn’t realise it was actually a cry for help (but in all fairness Hannah refused to come forward - so what was she expected to do?). Hannah however did come forward and try to reach out to Mr. Porter, the school councellor, after she was raped by Bryce and what did he tell her ‘If she didn’t want to report it, or confront him, Bryce would be leaving the school in a few months and her best option was to ‘move on’.’ What an absolute disgrace!! It’s no wonder he became the 13th Reason why! She said in so many words that she just ‘Wanted life to stop’ but he didn’t take her seriously enough and that same day she went home and did what she felt was the only thing she could. 

12. Clay - I found myself getting annoyed with Clay ALOT through out the series (he was a little less irritating in the book) … He felt like a weak, pointless character other than being the one to deliver the contents of the tapes to us. I felt like he didn’t have much depth, or wasn’t all to interesting to watch. He was trying to fight the tapes instead of just listening to them and getting the full story for Hannah. Luckily Tony (the hero of the story) was there to set him straight at every turn. I do like the fact that Clay stood up to Mr. Porter at the end as he so wisely said ‘It’s got to change. The way we treat each other.’ I did also respect that he was probably the only guy spotlighted in the series that didn’t try to take advantage of Hannah.

13. Hannah’s Choice(s) - This may seem a little unfair and I know Hannah had her reasons for her final choice, and I understand why she felt like she had to do what she did, I do, but I also think that there were a few instances where she could’ve made a different choice and all in all this could’ve lead to a very different outcome for her. In a sense I feel that she set herself up for failure. She made choices which allowed her to justify her decision.  One mistake I think Hannah made was not giving Zach a chance, I might be wrong here, and maybe he would’ve used her like all the other guys, but he seemed genuinely concerned for her after Marcus’ stunt! She made him look like a fool in front of everyone and then expected him to stand up for her when she ‘tried’ to call out for help? Maybe if she’d just given him a chance and opened up to him when they were in good standing he might have been able to hear her cry for help and respond accordingly. Another missed opportunity was that with Clay - when they were making out at the party she asked him to stop she felt the hurt from all the accusations against her reputation up until that point. He listened, he respected her , he stopped. He was confused, he asked her what was going on, she could’ve broken down and opened up to him then, but what did she do? She pushed him away. She chased him out. If she’d opened up to him, if they’d begun a relationship, she could’ve regained her self-respect and she wouldn’t probably have found herself in a shady situation with Bryce. Bring me to her third mistake NOT REPORTING BRYCE, yes she blamed Mr Porter for telling her ‘move on’ but she did not want to report it or confront Bryce- she didn’t want to see him again. She could’ve and should’ve reported him. She had witnessed Bryce previously rape a barely conscious Jessica (and Justin had seen too)  and if she’d paired up with them they could’ve taken him down and found peace. But Jessica didn’t even know, Justin covered for Bryce and Hannah never told Jessica the truth or confronted either of them until the tapes. If she’d spoken sooner, the outcome could’ve been a different one.

Anyways an AMAZING story completely haunting, gripping and thought provoking! Definitely recommended!!! Even the points on my NOT SO LOVED LIST made the story what it is - and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing - as if Hannah’s story were any different it wouldn’t leave such an important lesson for every single one of us!

anonymous asked:

(1/2) Related to your recent post: I swear, sometimes I feel like Kubo must often be thinking of an earlier version of YOI that was much more focused on the Yuri/Yuuri rivalry, a version we never saw, because she always focuses *so much* on their relationship in interviews, and how they constantly fuel and drive and feed off of each other, and seems to especially talk about Yuuri practically being fixated on some kind of strange 'sometimes friends sometimes rivals' intense connection there...

(2/2) and I’m always just like ??? Literally where was that on screen?! We saw *none* of that, Yuuri hardly gives any thought to Yuri over the course of the show at all- even Yuuri and Victor’s VAs responded to a question about what their chars. think of Yuri with something like ‘I don’t think they really think about him much at all to be honest’. It’s just such a weird dissonance between how she talks about the connection between Yuri and Yuuri, and how they were portrayed in the show

I love this conspiracy theory 

Seriously though, you’re so right, anon. And so is @angryfishtrap with what they say here

This dissonance is part of a series of oddities in Kubo’s interviews and how she talks about canon. Sometimes it feels like she’s describing a completely different series, and it’s particularly apparent when she’s talking about Yurio. 

Contrast how Sayo conceptualized YOI from the very beginning (as far back as 2010) to be about the bond between a Japanese skater and a foreign coach, with how Kubo seems much more focused in the (in canon one-sided) rivalry between Yurio and Yuuri and how she keeps dismissing the importance of Victuuri moments.

And it’s not simply that Sayo had just this vague concept by the time she met Kubo. Kubo herself said that Yuuri and Victor’s concepts (roles in the story and personalities) had already been created before she came into the project. They were the whole starting point. On the other hand, Kubo created Yurio. It’s not that much of a stretch to say she would be particularly attached to him. 

“(…)But after our first overseas research trip, the very first character I came up with was Yurio. Now that I think about it, the influence of anime from the latter half of the 1980’s pulsates strongly within me. Since that time, I’ve kind of liked brazen/cheeky characters with blond hair and blue eyes. So, since I was getting my hands into an anime original, I felt that I might as well go back to my roots and revive the characters I loved back then… In some ways, Yurio was born from entities that had become like my own flesh and blood, so he was very easy to write.” (x)

Kubo also keeps drawing attention to the Yuuri-Yurio rivalry and talking about it like it was the core relationship of the series when that’s really not what was shown on-screen. I’m reminded of when Yuri on Ice was first announced, it was said to be “the story of the two Yuris”, so much so that people interpreted the title to be about the both of them. But watching the series, not only is the title theory proven wrong in episode 4, but you quickly understand that Yuuri is the protagonist (even with Yurio + Victor being main characters too), and while Yurio is important and they do influence each other, Yurio is much more focused on Yuuri than vice-versa. Consider how Yuuri reacts in episode 4 when Yuko is giving him updated on Yurio.

He’s barely interested. And it’s not like he doesn’t care about Yurio - he clearly does - it’s just that, well Yuuri has more things going on in his life to worry about than his self-proclaimed 15 year old rival. According to Kubo though, he shouldn’t have. 

To me, these two quotes from Kubo say everything about her view on this (x):

“I had a hard time drawing the relationship between Yuuri and Yurio. Especially Yurio, I think he’s easy to grasp as a character and I was sure he would become popular, but for the same reason it was difficult to make him unpredictable. I wanted to depict him and Yuuri as rivals, however figure skating is mostly a battle against yourself, a sport where you fight to pursue your personal best, and after their direct confrontation in episode 3 they also become physically separated, so I was careful about the balance when making them think of each other.”

“(…)It was for the purpose of reinforcing the fated connection between Yuuri and Yurio, and to consequently cause the viewers to want to cheer on Yuuri in the Grand Prix Final. However, at the same time the bond between Yuuri and Victor became deeper and deeper, and as I couldn’t really find enough place to put the spotlight on the rivarly with Yurio eventually Yurio stopped moving inside my storyboard, to my surprise. In that sense, I had to struggle to depict Yuuri and Yurio’s relationship until the end.” 

“Fated connection” is really not something that was there in canon. At all. But Kubo seems to think this was a thing, and she says she struggled to keep depicting it until the very end. She really wanted them to be rivals, but it really wasn’t happening in canon. Yurio thought it was, but he’s 15 and angry and hurt over Victor leaving and doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions. But Yuuri? Yuuri is fighting himself and people’s expectations of him. And even for Yurio, later we have characters like JJ and Otabek that do a much better job at being a rival to him than Yuuri ever did.

It’s very interesting to think about the Victor part though because yeah, even in canon, Victor is constantly overshadowing Yurio when it comes to what Yuuri is thinking about. Meanwhile, Yurio is very much focused on Yuuri (and Victor). Let’s look at episode 4 again. When the assignments are out for the Grand Prix events, Yurio doesn’t ask for his own, he asks for Yuuri’s.

Yuuri meanwhile? Doesn’t ask about Yurio at all. He does think about him briefly when learning they will face-off in Russia…then immediatly focuses his attention on Victor. 

And then you have Kubo saying things like this

“I wanted viewers to remember “Hasetsu” as a place where Yuuri and Yurio could spend some carefree time” (x)

“I believe that, beside Victor, Yurio’s existence was also important in strengthening Yuuri’s feelings that he couldn’t end like that” (x)

“From Yuuri’s point of view it looks like Yurio suddenly has this new friend Otabek, and I think that he’d probably get really frustrated realizing that even if he’s not on the rink anymore Yurio will still be able to make other friends and rivals. Halfway through the story I often thought “Katsuki-san, aren’t you disregarding Yurio a bit too much?” (LOL)” (x)

So yes, it really feels like Kubo was much more interested in the Yuuri-Yurio dynamic and in Yurio overall.

I’m still 100% convinced that episode 12 was changed from what it was originally supposed to be. We can’t really know how those changes came about and why. But considering Sayo is a very busy person, considering Kubo has said she struggled with episode 12 the most to get scenes “right”, and considering episode 12 has that ridiculous sudden focus on the Yuuri-Yurio relationship to the point where it becomes the driving forces for Yuuri to decide to keep skating (contradicting Yuuri’s entire monologue during his FS btw), and everything Kubo has ever said in interviews about Yurio and the Yuuri-Yurio relationship…she was probably heavily involved in that episode, yes.

Why Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams Deserve Everlasting Happiness Together: An Essay by a Hardcore Shipper

Ok, so before I begin this, you should know that I am a hardcore McDanno shipper. Aside from Kono and Adam, they are my number one O.T.P. on Hawaii Five-0. I am literally so obsessed with Steve and Danny and their relationship, and I’m not ashamed of it, either. Therefore, this comment I’ll most likely come off as biased, but I have very good logic behind what I’m about to say. (Also, I can already tell that this post is going to be verrrrrryyyy long, so buckle up and get comfy if you are planning to read everything I’ve written.)

To start, I see many comments reading, “They have great chemistry, they should still be together, they are endgame…” etc. while all of this is true, to be honest, they are better suited off as friends. They tried to make a relationship work, but usually, it did not.

“But they were together on and off for five seasons!” Is what some of you are probably already thinking. This is true, but unfortunately, it does not mean that they are forever meant to be together.

Remember Billy, Catherine’s ex from season 3? Just to clarify, he died in the middle of season 4. However, before he died, he was trying to get back together with Catherine. She had chemistry with him, too. The only problem was that she was legitimately already with Steve at that time. To be honest, I always liked her better with Billy then I did with Steve. They just went better together, in my opinion.

So Catherine and Steve were together. Then, in season 5, she and Steve went to Afghanistan (or some other, terrible, Taliban filled town) in order to save somebody that had helped Catherine when she’d been in the military. If you’ll recall, at the end of that episode, Catherine decided to stay behind to help the people get their son back. Steve went back to the United States, heartbroken and crying.

All of this made me still think that Steve and Catherine still had a slight chance to make it. But then.


Catherine returned in the season 5 finale to attend Kono’s wedding. Ok, cool. Steve has a date for the wedding of the century. That was all fine and good. Obviously, that was the same episode when they broke up. To be frank, I always thought it would be Steve that broke up with Catherine, obviously so he could go FINALLY be with Danny, his one true love. But instead, Catherine broke up with Steve, citing that she decided to go do some good, volunteer work in a foreign country. I remember her saying to Steve, “Five-0 is your thing. Please, let this be mine.”

Then her car to take her to the airport arrived, and she got in. She made a phone call.

Now, to the viewers who had history with this show, they knew that as SOON as she punched in a code before speaking that it was no good. Steve’s mom, also a spy, had done the same thing in previous episodes, so they knew what was up. The real slap in the face, though, was when she said to the voice on the phone who she was-badge number, name, the whole nine yards. Then, we hear a male voice on the other end of the line ask, “Is he fooled?” (Or something similar). Catherine’s reply came sharp. (Again, not an exact quote, but pretty close. I think you’ll get the memo). “He doesn’t know anything. He thinks I’m volunteering,” she said.

It was then that I officially stopped wanting them to be in a relationship. I get why she couldn’t tell Steve, but still! She fucking choose that same life/lifestyle that his mother had had; a lifestyle that she knew he hated. If she truly loved and cared for him as more than a friend, then she would’ve rejoined Five-0, or at LEAST have found a cool, different job in Oahu.

But no. She literally betrayed Steve, and for what, anyway? We never did get a good understanding or explanation of why she decided to join the C.I.A. It is a concept that stills boggles my mind to this very day. Most recently, Catherine came back for the 150th episode, which is where this clip is obviously from. But this point, I was beyond done with her. I was so irritated when she came back, especially because she interrupted Steve’s date with Lynn. Oh, right. And she never told Steve that she became a spy, so he was clearly shocked when she divulged this piece of information.

This brings me to my next point. Steve, his mom, and Catherine had to fight off some bad guys after his mom, and then hide from them. When the doorbell rang at the safe house, it was the rest of the Five-0 team, minus Danny who was in New Jersey to be there for his dad who’d just had knee surgery. (In real life, Scott Caan was busy with his new family and couldn’t schedule to film the 150th episode). Steve had called Danny earlier that day to tell him what was going on, and Danny decided to call the rest of the team to help him.

Yeah. Danny called the team. Not Catherine, who probably knew that they were gonna need backup. Danny, who wasn’t even there, called the team and made sure they were there for Steve.

That’s just one example of why Steve and Danny are so important to each other and belong together; much more so than Steve and Catherine. Let’s go back few years, to season three. Danny had accidentally stepped on a bomb. The bomb would explode if he stepped off, killing everyone in the vicinity, himself included. Steve know this, but he stayed anyway. Even at Danny’s persistence of him to, “Just go, Steve. Go me there for Grace. Get out of here, save yourself!”, Steve did not budge. He insisted on staying and they talked and tried to get Danny to forget why he was even there in the first place. His persistence in not wanting to go proves that they have more than friendship, especially when he knew exactly what to talk about or get Danny calm enough so that he would momentarily forget about the bomb.

Fast forward to season four. The episode where the building collapsed had to have been the most dramatic episode of season four. To refresh, Steve, Danny, and the rest of the team were in a paring grange, looking for a victim. I don’t speak exactly remember why, but the rest of the team left the garage, except for Danny and Steve. They investigated until they found a man bound and gagged, tied to a chair in a separate room. Just as they were figuring out what he was saying, which was, “BOMB!” the bomb went off, collapsing the building.

That episode was solely focused on Steve and Danny and how they were gong to get out of their predicament. Danny was also badly hurt, his leg trapped under a cement pillar. Steve didn’t give up. After freeing Danny, he temporarily managed to fix his wound, and then created a mini-bomb that would let the people looking for them where they were. It worked and they were free. Once out, they exchanged their first ever “I love yous” while hard-core hugging. This was no “hey bro!” hug. This was an “I am so serious about this, I really do love you,” hug. And I don’t think I’m wearing shipper goggles for that moment. I genuinely think that that meant what they said. They embraced for a really long time, surprisingly longer then what I would’ve thought producers would’ve liked.

After that epic bromance scene, season five was filled with plenty more bromantic/ shipper-O.T.P. feels. That was the season when they went to therapy! Ok, fine, true, it’s because they are “work partners” and it was mandatory, but you can’t tell me that they weren’t acting like a married couple throughout all of those scenes. There is one episode from that therapy time period in particular that I am thinking of, and it has everything to do with undercover work. It’s the part of the episode where there is a huge bank heist and Danny and Steve decide to head to an apartment across the street from the robber so they can spy on her and see what she is planning on doing next.

The Five-0 team (but more importantly, the production staff and possibly Peter Lenvok) could have had anyone do this. They could have had cousins Kono and Chin watching out or even the odd combination of Grover and Chin. But no. They choose Steve and Danny. Shippers all across the globe rejoiced.

The best part of their stay in the place (besides, of course, seeing how Danny and Steve would live with each other if given the real chance to) was when it was nighttime and one kept a lookout while the other one slept. Steve decide to watch first, so Danny slept, and he randomly woke up in the middle of Steve’s shift. He noticed that the “Perfect Partners” workbook the therapist had given them had been moved, which he thought was funny, because Steve already made it a known that he didn’t want anything to do with the book. So he said something about it, and Steve didn’t confess to moving it, even though we all know that he did.

Steve then told Danny a story about his youth; a salty that made him seem more human in Danny’s eyes. He started it of by saying, “Music. I’m into music,” when Danny asked why his hobbies were. “So?” Danny had retorted. “That’s a cop-out. Everyone is into music.” “No, I meant I’m into playing it,” Steve responded. He then told Danny the story about when he was a junior in high school and was in the school talent show to play his guitar. But he had had major stage fright and hadn’t actually gone through with it, getting off the stage before he even began. He said to Danny, “That is the reason why I still don’t play the guitar to this day,” Steve had finished the story. He also add that he had previously never told anyone that story before, which is why it was an important plot point in the McDanno tale. Once he was done, Danny laughed at him. “A little bit of stage fright stopped you from forever playing the guitar?” He’d asked. They then had one of their cute little arguments over the whole issue, and right before Danny went back to sleep, he said, “You know, after all we’ve been though together…your father…my brother…I would be thought you would’ve opened up to me more by now.” Steve causally responds, “I just did.” The McDanno universe (myself included) lost all chill, reblogging that moment over and over.

Later, at the end of that same episode, Steve, Danny and everybody else were at Kamakoahs to eat. Steve and Danny had to leave early, in order to go to their thereby appointment. Ruth, who we met earlier in the episode, was really confused. Remember, she was the old lady who thought that Danny and Steve were gay and living together, to which Steve responded, “We’re not gay, we’re Five-0.” Later, after she left, Danny said, “You know, I would’ve just vine with the gay thing.” So that happened, which does is why Ruth was so confused. As they left, she said, “Wait. I thought they weren’t gay.” The rest of the team didn’t even deny it, they just joyfully laughed, as if to say, “Yeah, girl, we know. They’re just faking it. We know they are gay together.”

So they walked to Danny’s Camaro, and that’s when a fan fiction moment happened. You possibly know what I’m talking about. In case you don’t, fanfiction moments are those little things in which you think, “Yeah, this can definitely only and will only happen in this fan fiction universe. Sigh.” But then the thing from the fan fic actually does happen on the real show, and life suddenly becomes magical. Anyway, this fan fic moment was when Danny revealed that he’d gotten Steve a gift. After telling Danny that he didn’t do his part of their assignment, joking that the dog ate his homework, we find out what the gift is. In the trunk of the Camaro, Steve pulled out an elegant black guitar case. Steve had asked, “What is this, Danny?” Danny, his usual snarky self, responded, “It’s a tuba, you schmuck. Just open it and you’ll see.” Inside the case was a beautiful, new guitar which Danny had purchased specifically for Steve. As Danny looked on proudly, Steve muttered, “Danny, Danny, DANNY,” with a small smile on his face. He strummed a few strings, and they had a little back and forth conversation about Steve’s new instrument, including some things about why Danny had purchased it in the first place. I don’t remember what exactly was said, but I do recall that Danny had gotten it for Steve so that he could get back into playing again. Then, Steve put the guitar back in the case and looked thoughtful for a moment. He slammed the trunk of the Camaro and tossed the keys to Danny, saying, “You know what? You drive.” Danny caught the keys, a look of pure shock on his face. “I drive. Wow,” a stunned Danny said as he accepted the gesture. “Don’t get too excited,” Steve had replied as he climbed in the passenger seat for the first time in a long time. “I’m still controlling the radio.” Driving away, Steve did exactly that, messing around with the switch from the passenger seat.

Ok. That scene was very important for many reasons. Let’s start with guitar. Danny didn’t have to get him that. Steve never asked him for it, he simply told Danny a story. A story which he had never told anyone before, ever. This obviously includes Catherine, which doesn’t make sense. If they were so close, wouldn’t Steve have trusted her enough to tell her this about himself? But he never did. He chose to tell Danny instead. Danny went above and beyond what any purely platonic friend would, and it showed. I’m not saying that friends can’t buy friends nice gifts for no reason, but it just felt different, in that case. I know that whenever my friends tell me something about themselves, I don’t immediately rush out to buy them some thing hella expensive for no reason at all. And it wasn’t even the fact that he bought Steve a gift for no reason. It was the fact of what it was, combined with the fact of the story (as mentioned above). It also didn’t hurt that Danny could see that that life experience really affected Steve, and that he missed playing his guitar. Steve was extremely touched by the gesture, and Danny was so proud of himself for buying that expensive instrument for Steve. I don’t think Danny had ever done doe thing like that for anyone before, not even the people in his family. It was especially worth it to him when Steve admitted to loving at first touch. The smile on both of their faces when the guitar was revealed says enough about this topic, in my opinion. It proves that A) They care enough about each other to listen, talk, and reveal information about themselves without getting made fun of (at least not too much, anyway) and B) they are willing to go the extra mile just to make each other happy.

The other reason that end scene was crucial was the whole “Danny is driving ” thing. For those who are casual watchers, it is important to know that basically, ever since the day they met, Steve has been driving Danny’s Camaro. This fact has been brought up many times before in the script, and it is the main source of their many “carguments” (I’m not telling you what that is. You can look it up yourself if you don’t know). It was even brought up in one of their therapy appointments from earlier in season five. For Steve to actually let Danny drive for once was a huge milestone on his part. He was so affected, surprised, and touched by the gift of the amazing guitar that he felt like he had to let Danny drive after that. It was a compromise he was willing to make. It also shows the progress that they made in their relationship that day, and it was just more overall proof that they are the endgame couple.

I could clearly go on and on forever about these two. Another really good example of their relativity is when they have to go to couple’s counseling as part of their mandatory therapy. Do you all remember that? Just for a refresher, that was the one where Steve literally signed them up for couples counseling; as in husband-and-wife couples counseling. Anyway. That episode is “feels worthy” in its entirety (especially the ending where they were just chilling at a table, eating lunch together. Also, Steve round Danny’s arm to “feel the effects of the lotion”. Sure, Steve. If that excuse works for you…).

Beside those specific examples, there have multiple hugs and touches that have lingered for far too long. Danny calls Steve “Babe”; a nickname he rarely calls anybody else, and Steve calls Danny “Danno”. True, this is mostly to annoy him, but as Danny gets to know Steve better, he slowly realizes that he actually doesn’t mind it. “When I say ‘Danno’…it’s a term of endearment,” Steve said in season one when Danny was protesting it. Much to Steve’s surprise, Danny responded, “Do it every day, then. I like it.” Steve smiled all goofily, and it was worth it for all those times of Danny yelling at Steve to not use it. Another point to bring up-they are the few people to ever use each other’s full names; Steven and Daniel, respectively. The only other people who occasionally call them by their full names are the few times their parents (sometimes not even that, but a parent-like figure) have been on the show. Whenever they call the other by their full name, it’s usually to prove a point, to get the others attention, or even just to subtly let them know that they are different from what everyone else knows. Again, this is just my opinion.

Then there are various innuendos that refer to Danny and Steve in a non-bro/non- platonic way, including the amount of times they say, “I love you,” to each other. The one after the building collapse made sense, but every time they say it after that is just to mess with shippers. They really do love each other, though. In fact, at the end of one particularly memorable occasion, Danny combined nickname with an I love you. He was talking to Steve about something, and at the end of their conversation, he looked up at Steve and said, “That’s why I love you, babe.” All of the McDanno shippers died a little bit that day. (Well, I know I did, anyway.) Also, side-note: Remember the “air hearts” from season two?! Oh! And that time in season three where they went fishing together and then got stranded for almost the whole episode? Tell me that wasn’t one of the greatest things to ever see on Hawaii Five-0, and in the McDanno world…! My point is that they have all these endearment terms that they say to each other, sometimes for no reason at all. They are saying them because they want to, not because they feel like they have to. To me, it doesn’t feel forced onto the characters, either. It just seems natural and easy with them. Even people who don’t ship them (yes, there are some) raised eyebrows at the amount of times they are unusually sweet on each other.

I also want to mention episode 8 from season 7, specifically the ending. (SPOILER ALERT. Duh.) It was an emotional episode all around, but after the Five-0 team arrested all or the bad guys, and all of the hostages were free again, they all individually hugged it out with one another. Steve and Danny were a good space apart from each other. They were smiling and looking at each other, clearly enjoying the fact that they were both ok. Finally, Steve broke the silence by saying, “What, no hug?” Even the casual viewer would be able to tell that he was disappointed and slightly sad about this fact. And then Danny Williams said the most scream-worthy thing he’s said in a long time.

“If I hug you, I might kiss you, and then where would it stop?”

ASDFGHHJKLLKJFFDSAA. That was literally my reaction to that quote, aside from screaming and jumping up and down. True, people could say that they were just so relieved that both of them were safe, and that’s why he said it, but honestly? I don’t think so. First of all, they looked at each other, goofily smiling for way too long, as they usually do. Next, Danny said, “then where would it stop?” If he had left that part out, it would be less scream-worthy. In that one sentence, everything Danny Williams has ever actually, truly wanted was finally made clear. He wants Steve.

Catherine has never done anything like this for Steve. Honestly, she was always too busy playing the damsel in distress and worrying about herself rather than Steve and trying to fix the problem at hand. Even though she was in the Navy, same as Steve, Danny somehow understands this fact better than she does. The funny thing is that Danny was never in any sort military whatsoever. To clarify, I’m not even talking about all of the times where Danny has casually made fun of what branch Steve served in. In my opinion, Danny understands the things that happened to Steve while he was over there, and he can relate to the trauma he went through. Catherine, on the other hand, never wanted to talk about serious issues with Steve, even if he brought it up. Most of the time, unless it involved a problem she was in, she gave no care to what Steve’s past experiences had been. However, I know that this argument is, as my Algebra II teacher would put it, “weak sauce”, so you can come after me for that if you’d like. Anyway, back to the point. I just think that Catherine was a poorly developed character from the moment we met her. Aside from occasionally helping Five-0 with some cases, she didn’t really add any substance to the story, especially when it came to matters involving Steve. In fact, the only real, solo plot lines she ever really got was the things with Billy, her ex, and then of course the would “I’m going to stay in Afghanistan” Taliban thing. She also got the spy story line, which was bitter to many, and it didn’t do a great job on making me believe that she and Steve could ever be in a real relationship. It was lazy acting, especially on Michelle Borth’s (the woman that plays Catherine) part. She could have done a lot better, including trying to convince the writers and producers to come up with a better story for Catherine. Ok, to be fair, I think that if that dumbass spy storyline was better, it could’ve possibly saved their sinking relationship. But alas, it didn’t, and in all honesty, I thought it was a dumb plot twist. To me, it wasn’t even a plot twist, but I regress. To get back on topic…even when she was with Steve, actually in a relationship with him, there were still things with Danny that made her side–eye and question them. Obviously, I have examples, but that would take too much time to write all of them down. Trust me, though, there’s many examples of this.

Overall, given all of the great evidence I have provided, it is clear to see why Steve and Catherine do not belong together. They will never be my personal endgame, anyway. Danny and Steve have something special; something more than friendship, or even a silly, fun bromance. I will 100% stand by the McDanno ship until the day I die. Even if it has absolutely no chance of ever legitimately becoming canon, I will not give up. Fuck, when the show eventually, ends and if they are STILL not together, I will be shipping it. (And also writing letters/making phone calls/leaving messages on all of their social media’s to the production staff and writers questing why the hell they baited us after all of those years and then never followed through on it.) It is my belief that if two people are meant to be together, they will find a way to be together. Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams clearly are these two people. They have gone above and beyond on showing the world what love really is. Catherine and Steve have not. Sure, they’ve had a lot of fun together, but that does not begin to compare to the amazing relationship that Danny and Steve have built for themselves. I will never lose hope about McDanno.

Catherine is just another thing standing in the way. Danny and Steve WILL be together one day. For real. Forever. It’s just a matter of time and bravery. The fans are more than ready, and the writers have been leading up to a real relationship between them for years. I don’t care who you ship, you absolutely cannot deny the fireworks happening between those two. Mark my words and take this long-ass…thing I’ve written as proof. But until everyone (writers, actors, fans, literally everyone involved with Five-0) gets their shit together…well, at least there’s a fanfic for that!

If anyone would like to discuss post this with me, feel free to message me directly. I’d be thrilled to talk to you about McDanno. And of not, that’s cool too. I’ll always be here, though, if you need to desperately drop a line(:

Yuri on Ice: On “Love” and what it means.

So, I’d like to take some time to address how Yuri on Ice handles the concept of “love” within the context of the characters’ interactions, mainly Yuuri and Victor, but also in regard to everyone else. It seems like ever since episode 4 when Victor proclaimed that being tough on Yuuri was “how he showed his love”, the word “love” has been thrown around left and right without a second thought. So when Yuuri refers to “Victor’s love” or Victor refers to “showing his love”, what exactly does it mean? Is it romantic love? Sexual love? Friend love? Familial love? Love of the sport shared by coach and pupil? I think it’s both a combination of all and none of those at the same time. It’s something wholly unique that is actually really difficult to pin down. Let’s start at the beginning. 

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The Sky post y'all been waiting for

Ladies and gentlemen, enemies of the sun this is the long promised Sky post y'all have been waiting for I’m sorry I can’t use images since my laptop won’t work and I have to do this on mobile and now without further redo let’s start


Season 1:
We are actually introduced to him as Brandon because of an unnecessary role switch. I don’t even know why they thought this was a good idea since anyone who would’ve wanted to harm Sky and did proper research would know immediately who the real Sky is. That’s not that much of a problem however starting to “date” someone while still being engaged is. He wouldn’t even have to out himself as prince who just would’ve had to tell Bloom: Sorry I have a fiancée or to break things up with Diaspro. TBH this whole love triangle that has been going on since then is his fault he shouldn’t have just started “dating” Boom. And then everyone starts acting like everything is Diaspro’s fault tbh it was neither Bloom’s or hers it was Sky’s. And then he tried to solve things with Bloom not his actual fiancée no the girl he cheated on her with I doubt he even talked to Diaspro what even should he say: Ehm sorry I cheated on but I didn’t bother to break up with you before I started seeing someone else? Other than that he is pretty tolerable this season.

Season 2:
OH BOI that’s where the major drama begins. He starts out just fine but the second Avalon gets introduced “sigh” I still can’t believe to this day that he thought it was a good idea to spy on his girlfriend in a party where he is not invited with the excuse of making sure she’s okay (or what was it were we even given an excuse?) anyways and then he sees her talking to HER FREAKIN TEACHER and he gets jealous immediately. Like dude you were spying on your girlfriend and saw her talking to her teacher WHILE THEY WERE AT SCHOOL it’s not like they were together in the city or something no they were RIGHT THERE at school and the party was FOR THAT EXACT TEACHER and your first thought is that she might like him then idk if it’s her problem or yours TBH . Then that teacher promises her to help her find out about her past and you should be excited for her but no you’re being a jealous asshole. And then at red fountain he “dies” and then gets resurrected with Bloom’s healing powers but still believes that she likes the teacher more and who would blame her it seems like the teacher treats her better than her actual boyfriend does. And then he still manages to help her get healed from Darkar spell like Bloom if I was you I would’ve blown him away because honestly speaking Bloom deserves better.

Season 3:
Oh beloved season 3 in this season he’s kinda okay I guess except the part they had an off-scream fight in and we never knew what happened there and the part where he is under Valtor’s curse and tries to get rid of everyone and idk if he apologized for that it’s actually not that much his fault except it’s pretty stupid to trust Diaspro at that point. I don’t recall anything else if you do you can add it.

Season 4:
Now this season is weird because other than a few things I didn’t seem to have much impact on anything. Anyways this season was incredibly frustrating to watch from the romance perspective (well relatively anyways) because we had various love triangles that were what the children call incredibly stupid and cringeworthy. Like It didn’t really have to be and it didn’t add to anything in the season except maybe that one filler episode with Mitzy. And what role does Sky play in all of this? As always the jealous asshole. (I know it was not only him but still) dude just because some dudes were helping your girlfriend with painting the god dam walls while you weren’t there doesn’t mean they’re cheating and you have to behave like jealous children when someone plays with their fave toy on the playground. Like dude Andy and Bloom are childhood best friends of course they’re close like what even do you expect and instead of talking you just walk away like what is? What are we? You have a mouth and y'all can talk instead of this stupid miscommunication. Also think about from who the “Anonymous” message was because if you consider it i don’t thing “girl that hates bloom since they were children and wants to date Brandon although she knows he has a gf” isn’t exactly what you would call a reliable source. Then he is normal I guess for the rest of the season. Ah I wish he would fall of somewhere I just hate him.

Season 5:
Be careful what you wish for because yes he fell but he DIDN’T FREAKIN DIE. No he lost his memory and didn’t want it back because…? Like dude I get it you lost the jewelry but that doesn’t mean that you and Bloom will never live happily ever after like come on how superstitious are you to think that the only reason you and your gf won’t have a happy life because of that piece of jewelry you won’t have a a good life with Bloom because you have hundreds of other problems in your god dam relationship. (Note: this is the part in season 5 where I gave up the first time I was watching it) And how could it not be Diaspro decides to show us again how much they wasted her potential. You’d think after season 3 she would be banned never to return to Eraklyon but noooooo how can king Erenidiot ever make a good and smart decision in his life he even appoints her as Sky’s royal advisor or something like that. Yes you read it right folks she got a position of power. What happened next will shock y'all. She became a controlling bitch who would even control his phone calls (and Bloom totally falls for it but that’s a story for another day) and then they have this meeting where they discuss if they should do something against Tritanus where he at first doesn’t even wanna join forces and suddenly when it still happens he decides he’s the perfect person to lead it
(Ah yes forgot to mention that he gets his memory back somewhere before Diaspro became his royal babysitter because Flora found the piece of Jewelry in Domino idk how it got there)
And the season ends there this was one of the more frustrating seasons too.

Season 6:
I wouldn’t say there was much Bloom x Sky drama here except where the part where Diaspro tried to kill Bloom but I think we’re used to that by now like we’re used to wake up every morning: incredibly annoying and hard to go through. Surprisingly enough that’s not the part where he angers me the most no he annoyed me because he has the mentality of some people on this website to hold something a person did while they were 10 against them for the rest of their lives. Like if I was 10 and playing in the forest and some random dudes attached me I would run away too and nobody would judge me since that’s and instinct and TBH the only logical thing to do unless you’re some anime protagonist. And I wouldn’t hold a grudge against someone who did it like come on Sky you could’ve ran for it too and it’s sadly not like any harm happens to you since you’re alive and well unfortunately.

Season 7:
If I’m being completely honest with y'all I’m still in denial this season ever happened and you know what else I can’t believe ? The fact that this season featured a Bloom x Sky “love triangle” where the third person was a talking unicorn ( I know it’s one episode but still) Come on dude if after all these years of being together you still have to fight for Bloom’s heart WITH A UNICORN then dude something is seriously wrong and it’s not Blooms fault. I’m not talking about this particular incident more or else I will go on a long long rant.

Conclusion (I guess):
In general you can say I don’t really like Sky and think he’s one of the worst character'a ever to exist in the Winx universe and who can blame me? Also if you go ahead and call Bloom a Mary Sue I except you to call out Sky too who apparently is the best in his class even while losing his memory. And I think it’s safe to say that Bloom and Sky are one of the worst couples in this show.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didn’t include the movies since it’s been a while since I watched them

Here you have it folks the long Sky post y'all been waiting for thank you for sticking around to the end I tried to keep it brief and I’m curious to here your thoughts on the matter

At 7:36 p.m. Tuesday, Rachel Maddow tweeted, “BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC. (Seriously),” sending the internet into a frenzy of theorizing. Did Maddow have Donald Trump’s tax returns or just one of the Trumps’ tax returns? Could this be it, the tax return that would bring down the Donald? If this was it, why wasn’t MSNBC cutting into its programming, instead of running a countdown clock to Maddow’s show? By 8:24, Maddow was tweeting that the tax return in question was Donald Trump’s 1040 from 2005. By 8:30, still half an hour before Maddow started airing, the White House had responded to the MSNBC report, saying that Trump had paid $38 million on income of $150 million that year. An hour later, about 20 minutes after The Rachel Maddow Show started, Maddow would confirm these numbers, turning her big scoop about Donald Trump’s long-missing tax returns into a cautionary tale about overhype. Rachel Maddow, you played yourself—and us too.

“It’s been a little bit of a hullabaloo around here this evening, I apologize for being flustered,” Maddow said at the top of the hour, before confirming that her show had copies of Donald Trump’s federal tax returns, obtained by the reporter David Cay Johnston, to share with her audience. “In just a second we’re going to show you exactly what it is we’ve got,” she said, before launching, instead, into a 20-minute monologue. Maddow seemed uncharacteristically nervous as she wended her way though what could kindly be described as context and which I am unkindly describing as word salad, a long meander that was difficult to follow even without the distracting promise of a revelatory tax return at its end.

The monologue started contextually enough, with a long-winded skewering of Trump’s refusal to share his tax returns that touched on Richard Nixon, the Clintons, and his unaudited tax forms, before veering off conspiratorially. “Whether or not you are a supporter of Donald Trump,” Maddow said, “It ought to give you pause that his explanations [for not releasing his tax returns] have never made any factual sense. … When you get an excuse from them that doesn’t make sense, you have to look for another reason. What’s the real explanation? Well, choose your own adventure.” She then launched into a long hypothetical about a particular Russian oligarch’s possible relationship to Trump that touched on Florida real estate, Deutsche Bank, and Preet Bharara that Trump’s tax returns—though not, as it would turn out, the ones she actually had—could conceivably clear up.

The longer Maddow went on, ever deeper into a conspiratorial thicket, the clearer it became that whatever tax returns Maddow had, they weren’t as juicy as the ones she was talking about. If she had anything that damning, she would have shared them from the start. TV is a ratings game, but an entire episode about highly damaging tax returns is just as likely to get you great ratings as milking the possibility that you have highly damaging tax returns and less likely to get you compared to Geraldo. Maddow even went so far as to hold the tax returns back until after the first commercial break, as if we were watching an episode of The Bachelor and not a matter of national importance—because we weren’t, in fact, watching a matter of national importance, just a cable news show trying to set a ratings record.

After the first break—at which point the tax returns were already available on the internet and glossed by the Daily Beast—Maddow was joined by Johnston, and she began by asking him how he knew Trump hadn’t sent the returns himself. Johnston said that he could have. A few hours after Maddow finished airing, this has become a popular conspiracy theory, simply because, if Donald Trump were to share any of his tax returns, the 2005 1040 seems like a good candidate. Trump paid taxes at a rate of around 4 percent, but because of the alternate minimum tax, he also paid an additional $31 million. The form revealed that, rather than not paying taxes and making no money, Trump paid $38 million on $150 million in income. Maddow promised to pull a sordid revelation out of a hat and instead plucked out … Trump’s credibility? Maddow was soon parsing, asking Johnston to explain that Trump is currently trying to do away with the AMT, which, unfair as it may be, still wouldn’t change the amount he paid in 2005.

As the show went on, it became clear that Maddow knew she didn’t quite have the scoop that had been promised. “What would we have to see, what would we hope to get in mail,” she asked Johnston, “if we were going to get to the real meat of Donald Trump’s foreign ties?”—i.e., what would be more meaningful than the tax form that we have? Speaking to Chris Hayes and Johnston, she said, “The story here to me is, a) we have obtained this [tax form], b) that this stuff is obtainable.” “BREAKING: Trump’s tax returns theoretically obtainable. Tonight, 9 p.m. ET. MSNBC. (Seriously)” does make for a less rousing tweet.

Trump’s tax returns, whatever information they happen to contain, constitute a major scoop. Maddow’s social media team ensured the highest possible ratings for that scoop. But if ever a story should have been delivered in a stentorian, fuddy-duddy, nonpartisan manner, this was it. In positioning it as a grand revelation, a vital step in comprehending Trump’s corruption, MSNBC created an exceedingly cynical spectacle. By playing into the network’s loyal liberal audience’s fantasy that there exists a Trump silver bullet, it instead delivered Trump a positive news cycle—the guy pays taxes! Who knew!—amidst the debacle of the American Health Care Act, along with more evidence that the media is aligned against him. The lesson? Don’t tell us you have news, just tell us the news.

>Even SLATE, /SLATE!!!/ is reporting on how Rachel Maddow Blew Herself the fgffffuck out

She essentially drew the biggest MSNBC watching, partisan liberals out to see how Trump doesn’t pay his taxes, only to find that he does, and what’s more, he paid $38 MILLION in taxes!

Imagine that, being a democrat partisan and coming out to have your bias confirmed only to have it blown up in your face

I am beside myself in laughter


“Elements” Parts VII & VIII (Adventure Time)

Hero Heart

So after letting the Fire Kingdom’s rage get to Finn, LSP tries to change him back to normal before they start to attack the Candy Kingdom.

LSP gets upset from all of the violence and war and she ends up eating a part of Marceline as a marshmallow, which makes her calm down. LSP decides to give a part of PB to Finn to also calm him down, to make him remember the good times and happiness he’d share with PB and successfully returns back to normal.

PB then decides to fire more candy powers to convert everyone into obedient candy slaves, while LSP protects Finn from the power, from her lumps.

Finn ends up getting both PB and Flame Princess’ jewel and gives them to Betty, but ends up leaving him to stay in the Candy Kingdom.

This episode had a lot of fun bits and returns of some of the characters Lemongrab and Fern.

Their ice cream pie attack was quite humourous.

Marceline play fighting with Flame Princess was pretty cute.

I liked how this episode had Finn come back to terms with his anger and we got to see hints that Finn still deeply cares for PB and that he still likes her in platonic love. It was a very bittersweet moment to show how far Finn has come to understand love and friendships!

I felt bad for how Finn got “Betty-trayed” and I was really disappointed she ended up doing so, but it’s understandable why, especially in the final episode, but it’s interesting that Finn was tricked to using the Enchiridion, similar to The Lich back in Season 4.

The ending scene with everyone in the Candy Kingdom singing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” to Finn was one of the most disturbing scenes of the entire series.

It’d be creepy to see Finn succumb to be turned into candy and things didn’t look quite well for him to be stuck without Ice King and Betty.

I’m glad that Finn returned to normal, this episode, but it leaves on an unsettling note about what’s going to happen next!

Skyhooks II

So now that Betty has the Enchiridion, her plan is to go back in time before Simon became the Ice King and even possibly stop the Mushroom War and Ooo’s existence!

LSP ends up saving Finn from the Candy Kingdom, while PB is still converting everyone into candy, which makes Patience freeze herself once again.

Ice King isn’t exactly still sure as to what Betty is doing, as he breaks her machine, which causes Betty to disappear!

Finn tries to find out why LSP is immune to the elements, only to discover that she is the complete “anti-elemental”.

Ice King ends up giving Finn the Enchiridion, with the jewels and LSP is able to absorb the gems, which causes her to transform all of Ooo, back to normal!

We end up seeing where Betty ends up, being at Mars with Normal Man and Finn ends up reuniting with Jake, only to see that he changed into his shapeshifter parent!

Finn is surprised by the new look, but plans to help Jake in the future, as they hug it out.

Hoo, boy! This episode just raised a LOT of questions that will probably lead into the big series finale!

First off, how will Jake return to normal, seeing as we have around 21 episodes left of the show? I don’t think the change will be around for very long.

I loved their hug at the end!

What will happen with Simon and Betty’s relationship, seeing as how she’s now on Mars with Normal Man, which I didn’t expect to see, considering she really “donked up.”

We also see part of Sweet P’s horns grow back! Is the Lich going to come back for the finale?! I’m really scared.

One of Ice King’s jewels pops out of his crown, which seems to imply that the magic is wearing off and Simon could possibly return to normal.

I loved seeing all the characters gather around LSP, seeing how important she’s become to saving Ooo.

I notice that the message of this miniseries is to just be true to you, like Patience trying to force everyone to unlock their powers, but that completely backfires, as well as Betty trying to convert Simon back to normal, but that doesn’t work.

LSP decides to just be her lumpy, assertive and bossy self which is what causes her to save Ooo, which is great that she finally got to be the hero of this story.

So while some may be disappointed that this miniseries didn’t tie everything together or reveal a ton of backstory, I really loved how it leads to more story arcs and possibilities to what the last few episodes could be about!

This final miniseries was a fun ride and I cannot wait to see where everything will wrap up.

Although I still found Islands to be a better miniseries, this one left me more excited for the possibilities to come in the future.

Sad that Adventure Time’s ending is near in sight, but all good things must come to an end.

Initial Thoughts--6x19: The Black Fairy

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Another interesting episode!  I really think 6b is shaping up to be one of my very favorites.  Though obviously not perfect, I love the way all the storytelling threads are starting to come together to form a tapestry.  I love all the twists and turns and “well, I didn’t see that coming!” moments.  

Now, in an attempt to not be up half the night, because Lord knows I need sleep, I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet.

1. I think Rumple is heading toward a redemption path and a heroic sacrifice to save the town and all of that, but he’s not there yet.  

2.  There seems to be a cycle of bad decisions in the Stiltskin family, a cycle that leads to the family being torn apart.  It is not, however, fate, as Rumple said to Belle early in the episode.  It’s a cycle of parents choosing to do what is wrong in order to help their child.  Doing what’s wrong will always have consequences in this show, and taking the easy way, the way that will cause others pain, and the way that is going it alone rather than banding together with heroes is always going to have disastrous consequences.  If Rumple comes to realize this and thus breaks the cycle, he’ll get his happy ending with his family (or at least the chance to die a hero, knowing he saved Belle and Gideon).  If he doesn’t, he’ll lose them forever.

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K-Drama Recommendations

People close to me or those who follow me on Twitter would know how it seems that I always recommend every single K-drama I have just finished watching. That’s not true though. At least, I don’t recommend /all/ that I watch, only most HAHA. 

Thus, I have decided to organize my recommendations into a list consisting of my top favorite K-dramas with the reasons why I watched them and why I recommend them for others to watch. These reasons may be highly subjective as they weren’t exactly reviewed technically.

NOTE: These are K-dramas I recently watched (from 2 years ago up to now) which means there are other great (classic) K-dramas that I did not include only because I remember these ones better. 

1. Pinocchio

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Why I watched it: It stars Lee Jongsuk, one of my all-time favorite actors. Besides, it has an interesting plot: a girl who hiccups every time she lies, a terrible past involving the guy she likes and her mom, and the leads characters’ struggles to reach their dreams in the media industry. 

Why you should watch it: This drama is arguably my number one favorite K-drama because unlike most other dramas whose plot revolves mainly around the couple’s romance and the troubles surrounding their happily ever after, this drama deals with wider, more substantial issues (e.g. the ethics of the media industry, family). Also, Pinocchio is unlike other dramas whose plot seem to lose direction halfway through, or whose premise lacks depth resulting to it getting boring and drags on, or having a promising start but  not being able to wrap things up cleanly later on. This drama has many layers gradually getting revealed. What you thought was the main problem actually has a deeper aspect to it. It’s not just about jongsuk and shinhye’s romantic-slash-niece-uncle relationship nor is it a typical love triangle. The supporting characters also prove important to the overall story, even those who seemed to be very minor characters at first. Character growth can be observed and the ending is appropriate, without leaving loose ends.

2. You who Came from the Stars

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Why I watched it: Jeon Jihyun, Kim Soohyun, and a love story between a sassy actress and an alien. Who wouldn’t be interested?

Why you should watch it: It’s a comedy (Jeon Jinhyun’s Cheon Songyi will make you literally LOL), drama (watch out for Kim Soohyun’s crying scenes!), and romance (there’s undeniable chemistry between them + Do Minjoon’s subtle but sweet, protective antics) all rolled into one. There’s a reason behind this drama’s immense popularity -be it the characters and how the actors accurately portrayed them, the unique storyline, the creepy antagonist, or all of them.

3. I Hear your Voice

Why I watched it: It was really popular at that time (no doubt why!) and it had an interesting story.

Why you should watch it: Older woman - Younger man (who, incidentally, can read minds!!) romance but it is in no way awkward. If anything, that made everything even cuter and sweeter (that backhug is still the best backhug in the history of kdrama!). Plus, the woman being strong and modern (although sometimes an adorable fail, especially when Jongsuk reads her mind) and the guy being a pure, innocent high schooler adds to the cuteness and uniqueness of the drama. This closely rivals Pinocchio as my all-time favorite kdrama (which isn’t surprising since they had the same writers, and Jongsuk as lead). It has a neatly written story, with depth and substance (tackling the concept of what makes people monsters and other ethical issues in the background of various legal cases).

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4. Reply 1997

Why I watched it: The lead character is a kpop fangirl (which means I can relate). And I love Eunji and Shin Soyul.

Why you should watch it: It’s a perfect coming-of-age drama. Aside from successfully showing character growth for each one of them, it had a unique and very interesting way of storytelling, by means of flashbacks. It keeps you hooked since every episode seems to end with a cliffhanger, leaving you curiouser and curiouser. The characters’ diversity is also an interesting factor -two kpop fangirls, two sets of potential couples, two secretly in-love bestfriends, and the funny guy. I also like how it dealt with homosexuality, with one of the them being secretly in-love with one of their guy friends.

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5. School 2015

Why I watched it: Yook Sungjae. And because I loved the earlier series School 2013 too.

Why you should watch it: It’s an inspiring drama. Although it is set in a high school, it has universally relatable themes of dreams, love, friendship, and family. Bullying is portrayed in a straightforward, honest manner which made the antagonist very unlikable and makes people realize how serious a crime bullying is. The love triangle was an interesting storyline, with both males being likable, unlike in Filipino dramas where one is bound to be a jerk. However, the second male lead’s character was written so much better than how the other guy’s was. They also built up his relationship with the female lead so much more that the ending actually became disappointing. Symptoms of second male lead syndrome can be expected. On the other hand, the female lead’s acting is extremely commendable as well as the way the characters were written. It would’ve been nicer though if they were able to follow through the subplots concerning the other students because they were able to deal with them closely at first, only to leave loose ends. It makes the viewer ask what happened to some of the minor characters. Still, on the overall, the drama is a good watch. 

6. Plus Nine Boys

Why I watched it: Two words: Yook Sungjae.

Why you should watch it: Although I watched this primarily because I have just finished School 2015 at that time and needed more Yook Sungjae, I wasn’t at all disappointed. It’s very light and easy to watch and has one of the most satisfying endings for me. It’s not your typical happily ever after. It’s not predictable such that everything suddenly fits into place. Still, you’ll be left smiling at how things turned out. The plot is simple and the portrayal is realistic. I especially love the scenes where the three brothers interact with one another or with their mom and uncle because it depicts a very normal everyday scenario not unlikely to happen in real life. It has its fair share of heart fluttering and comedic scenes but for me, what sets this drama apart is really how realistic and normal (often undramatic) it is.

Wrath of Whedon - Cordelia Chase’s story.

I don’t like talking about this because I still get very emotional about it. But someone asked just exactly how did Joss ruin a strong female character years ago…

Oh boy. There’s so much to tell you. This was quickly typed and I wanted to summarize as much so bear with me (BTVS & Angel spoilers ahead).


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Why do you think Maiko is so popular?

The question should be, why is Mαiko so unpopular?

Don’t get me wrong, Mαiko has its defenders, but considering that it involves the most popular and frequently-paired male character in the fandom, one would think it might be considerably more so. On, clicking the “pairing” checkbox with Zuko and Katara yields a result of 8,900 fics. With Zuko and Mαi? 1,200. So the real question is, why is a non-canon pairing outperforming Mαiko by a ratio of 7 to 1?

The answer to this question is different than the straightforward “Why is Mαiko a good/bad ship?”. Good pairings in fanfic frequently get the shaft, and problematic or downright terrible pairings gain popularity in fandom all the time. (Just ask me about the “You/Jack” self-insert fics that populated the POTC fandom back in the day.) In Mαiko’s case, it boils down to a few things:

1.      Late introduction. Say what you will about Kαtααng, but the fact that Mαi and Zuko never interacted as adolescents in the first two seasons hurt it badly. By the time we saw them together, fandom had had a crush on Zuko, for various reasons, over two years and counting. He had plenty of time to interact with other characters that he could be “shipped” with when Mαi was just a gleam in her creators’ eye. Once she did show up, her primary interactions were with Ty Lee and Azula, whose characters have so much subtext between them that the voice actors recorded a proposal and acceptance of marriage after the show. She was pretty isolated from everyone from a shipping perspective.

2.      Suddenness. Writers who are interested in romance get most invested by watching how a couple gets together in the first place. They want to see the pining, the getting to know one another, and the glorious moment when they finally unite. But the show goes from no Mαiko interaction to their already being in a relationship between seasons. And the only consolation to those who wanted to witness their journey was the “Going Home Again” comic, which was unsatisfying from that perspective. Mαi and Zuko don’t get to know each other again; they are set up together as an Azula manipulation tactic and their only connection comes from a rehash of the fountain scene, which we already saw back in Book 2. Essentially, this ship took two years to sail and we never got to see its maiden voyage.

3.      Irrelevance. Mαiko is, sad to say, completely incidental to who these people are. Zuko doesn’t change his character because of Mαi; considering that he left her in the dark to join the Avatar, we could even say he changed in spite of Mαi. Mαi’s betrayal of Azula for Zuko’s sake should have been much more important to her character arc than it was. Her aiding of Zuko isn’t indicative of a shift in her goals, morals, outlook, or behavior. The relationship thus lacks the compelling anchor of mutual character development.

4.      Lack of thematic resonance. Most of the other relationships in A:TLA don’t just stand on their own; they are emblematic of larger themes, stories, and plot threads in the show as a whole. Consider the father/son, brother/sister, child/mother parallels that are repeated and expanded upon with the Fire Nation and Southern Water Tribe leading families. Zuko and Aang have an entire episode devoted to their symbolic relationship. And consider how much mythology lends itself to other pairings in the show. 

I’m going to borrow Ehasz’s flow chart again: 

Is there anything epic, anything mythic about Mαiko? Let’s talk about the biggest moment it has: Mαi’s sacrifice in “The Boiling Rock.” Mαi doesn’t hate Zuko, she cares about Zuko, she loves Zuko, she sacrifices for Zuko, but …

Mαi never says anything to the audience about why she cares about Zuko, and to be honest, Zuko was a pretty terrible person to be around the whole time they were dating. In fact, Zuko and Mαi are canonically repelled by the parts of each other’s personalities that conflict with their own. We don’t have a concrete reason for why they stick together other than attraction, proximity, and a negative view of the world that Zuko rejects as soon as he joins the Avatar. Which leads us to our final point …

5.      Competition. As I said before, there are plenty of questionable ships that gain traction enough to be popular—but most of them don’t face stiff competition in the story itself. All those You/Jack fics in POTC? Created because the lead male had no love interest in Movie 1; as soon as Elizabeth kissed Jack in Movie 2, the pendulum swung hard in her direction. Batman/Joker became a hit after “The Dark Knight”, not because it is emotionally healthy, but because Batman has more compelling scenes with the Joker than he does with his bland love interest. Kαtααng, though not as popular as Zutara, is still holding its own precisely because Aang and Katara have so many meaningful moments that Mαiko lacks.

In a world with flatter characters, duller themes, and static relationships, Mαiko could’ve been a contender. But its depth, relevance, and meaning are overshadowed by the amazing and dynamic relationships elsewhere in the show—whether romantic or not. In the face of three-season, multidimensional, and progressive development being par for the course, how could Mαiko hope to compete? Mαiko’s canon status is, and will continue to be, the biggest reason the pairing draws fans. Time and attention were simply not allocated to the pairing in sufficient measure for it to be any other way.

why I’m anti cs

After seeing some posts about this, I wanted to explain why I’m anti-CS because maybe then I can stop thinking about it :) 

I think CS a very unhealthy relationship and has really damaged Emma, a character who used to be strong and full of life now just seems broken and only cares about her boyfriend. I’ll try to demonstrate why I think that. 

Obviously this is my point of view, if you like CS you see this differently. Other scenes are more important to you and/or you interpret it differently. I respect your opinion. I just wanted to express mine. I hope I don’t get hate for this :P

To understand what this is: This is not a deep analysis of the characters and their motivations. These are my feelings about scenes that stood out for me while watching. I was GA until mid season 4 since I wasn’t in the fandom and didn’t really ship anyone until then.

This is huge and has a lot of gifs with examples of scenes, so everything is under the cut

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Why Chair is Better Than Dair

A lot of Dair shippers claim that Dair is a “healthy” relationship while Chair is a “toxic” one.  But even though I’ve never been the type of person who is crazy about shipping TV couples, I’ve been a Chair fan since day one.

While I was watching Season 4, I liked watching Dan and Blair’s relationship develop—as friends.  I thought it was a good idea for the GG writers to have these two very different characters, who have always held this dislike for one another, to find a connection and become friends. However, that’s all they are—friends.  Through the entirety of Dair, the basis of Dan and Blair’s relationship was their shared love of classic films and their similar intellectual tastes.  In the Season 5 finale, Blair’s diary is revealed and in it, Blair wrote, “This romance with Dan is fun, but is cultural stimulation enough?”  This shows Blair’s view on her relationship with Dan.  She appreciated his company at a time when she felt alone (after the chaos of her failed wedding with Louis) and his mutual interest in educational movies, but that was the total extent of their relationship. The single common link between them was the fact that they were on the same intellectual level, and it’s not even as if Chuck and Blair didn’t have an equally vibrant cultural connection.  

Dair has always lacked the chemistry that Chair has always possessed.  When Blair and Dan first slept together, it was extremely awkward for both of them.  When they first kissed in Season 4, the kiss actually propelled Blair into deciding that she was ready to be with Chuck.  From the beginning, Blair has never thought of Dan in a romantic way.  In the end, they only ended up together because Dan was infatuated with the character he had written in his book who was based on Blair.  But the fact is that character was not Blair and only a figment of his imagination vaguely based on Blair.  Serena told him as much.  Blair only convinced herself into having a relationship with Dan because she felt like he had been there for her at the time.  But friends are there for each other too, and friendship is the main thing that existed between Dan and Blair.  When Blair and Chuck agreed they had to become a couple only when they could acknowledge each other openly as equals, I completely agreed with their logic.  The truth is that Blair has never viewed Dan as a full equal.  They became good friends, but Blair has consistently shown that she doesn’t think of Dan as being on the same level as her.  In order to have a truly “healthy” relationship, the couple should view one another as equals.  In Season 6 Episode 3, Blair feels as if she can’t “task” Chuck because she treats him as an equal.  She tells him, “Tasks are for minions or Dan Humphrey.”

Dair supporters claim that Dair is a “pure and simple” love, unlike Chair.  But when Dan tells Blair he loves her for the first time in Season 5 Episode 22, it’s after he spent the entire day stalking her.  He had been horrifyingly worried about her spending time with Chuck.  He had every right to be concerned due to the intense relationship Blair had with Chuck, but did he really love Blair when he told her those words?  We’ve seen this exact situation before.  In Season 2 Episode 22, Nate asks Blair to move in with him on a whim after he feels jealous about Blair’s interaction with Chuck.  We all know Nair/Blaite never worked out.  Nate and Blair loved each other and cared for one another, but in a completely platonic way.  In Season 5 Episode 22, we see Dan doing the exact same thing as Nate when he tells Blair he loves her.  Dan and Blair may be great friends, but that’s all they are.  Dair shippers say that Blair is “light and happy” when she’s with Dan.  She’s light and happy because that’s how people are when they’re with their friends.  There are no deep, strong emotions existing between Dan and Blair, and that’s the only reason their relationship is light.

I’m not going to lie; Chuck has done some horrible, horrible things.  But one thing he’s never done is cheat on Blair.  When he’s with her, she’s the only girl he wants to be with.  He slept with Jenny Humphrey, but he and Blair weren’t together at the time and the only reason he was able to do what he did was because he believed that Blair had completely given up on their relationship and that she no longer loved him.  Though that definitely doesn’t excuse what he did, it doesn’t change the truth, which is that Blair has always been first for Chuck.  Dan claims that he loves Blair in Season 5 Episode 22, but in the Season 5 finale, he cheats on her with her best friend.  Though it’s true that he was beginning to doubt whether Blair cared about him, she never told him anything.  Dan never even waited to hear what Blair had to say, despite the fact that he himself had asked her to come and share her feelings.  This shows his lack of faith in both Blair and their relationship as a whole.  And when Blair finds out about Dan’s cheating in Season 6 Episode 5, Dan never once apologizes for his actions.  In his mind, his cheating was somewhat justified because Blair ended up choosing Chuck in the end anyway.  But regardless of Blair’s decision, it was completely wrong for Dan to do what he did, especially since he had no knowledge of Blair choosing Chuck at the time.  In Season 5 Episode 6, Chuck wholeheartedly apologizes for all the terrible things he’s done to Blair.

Some Dair supporters think that Chuck seemed fairly happy with Eva and Raina, which shows that he didn’t really love Blair as much as he claimed.  But if you look back at his relationship with Eva, you can see that the whole thing was his desperate attempt at being the complete opposite of his old self.  He wanted to burn all bridges with his old self because of all the pain and regret he felt at the mistakes he had made in the Season 3 finale.  Dating Eva and developing a sudden interest in philanthropy was all part of this phase.  Eva never really changed him, because as soon as she was gone, Chuck was back to his old self.  And he didn’t attempt to chase after Eva.  When he lost Blair, he put all his effort into convincing her to give him a second chance.  After he lost Eva, the most important thing on his mind was going to ask Blair why she did what she did.  He says to her, “I need to know why.  Is it possible…you still love me?”  Through everything, he was still holding onto the hope of Blair.  He even got shot because he wouldn’t let go of the ring he wanted to propose to Blair with.  That is a loyalty and deep-rooted love that Dair never possessed.  As for Raina, their relationship was never particularly significant.  It was mostly just them sleeping together, and even after Nate and Raina got together, Chuck wasn’t drastically upset because he knew he didn’t love Raina like he loved Blair.  Even Russel Thorpe knew that nothing is more important to Chuck than Blair, which is why he kidnapped her in an attempt to hurt Chuck.  Chuck has clearly always loved Blair more than anyone else, which is something you can’t say about Dan.  

Dair shippers claim that Dair is better than Chair because Chuck and Blair bring out the worst in each other.  That’s completely untrue.  All his life, Chuck has suffered from low self-esteem and extreme trust issues.  His father constantly belittled him, never trusted him, and always reminded him of how weak he was.  Chuck also spent his whole childhood believing he had killed his own mother.  When he finally had a spark of hope after meeting his mother, Elizabeth, she completely crushed his trust.  He had worked so hard to open up his heart to her yet she basically told him to his face that pursuing a relationship with Jack Bass was more important to her than caring about her own son.  Besides Lily, Blair has been the only person to ever really believe in Chuck.  When Bart Bass “died,” Blair hugged Chuck to sleep and never left his side the days following Bart’s death.  Nate even told Blair, “You’re really sweet with him.”  In Season 3 Episode 3, Blair chooses to give the picture to Chuck.  Her exact reasons for doing so were that she loved him and believed in him.  It was Blair’s belief in him that caused his confidence to soar and his determination to increase.  He only bought The Empire because of her continuous love and support of him.  It is Chuck’s absolute love for Blair that drives him to work towards becoming a better person throughout Season 5.  He lets Blair go in the Season 4 finale for the sake of her happiness and he becomes a better person.  Just like Blair has made Chuck a better person, Chuck has made Blair a better person as well.  He tells Blair in Season 4 Episode 22, “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not powerful.  You’re the most powerful woman I know.”  Blair has always lacked confidence in herself too.  Despite the fact that she puts up a façade of being the overconfident queen, she spent her life living in the shadow of her best friend and living with a mother who hardly paid attention to her throughout her childhood.  Blair has always said that what she wants is to be a powerful woman.  Chuck provides Blair with the confidence and support she needs to be just that.  When Blair is ready to give up on NYU in Season 3 Episode 4, it is Chuck’s turn to tell her that he believes in her.  The two of them have always pushed each other to be better.  Their relationship has resulted in them becoming more independent, confident, and powerful people.

Dair supporters claim that when Blair is with Dan, she is more “mature” and that being with Chuck causes her to be “manipulative and scheming.”  While it’s true that Blair and Chuck originally bonded over a mutual love of scheming in the beginning of their relationship, it grew into something more as GG went on.  Ultimately, it was their ability to fully understand each other like no one else could that brought them together.  Chuck was the one who saw that Blair had too much pride to admit that she didn’t belong at NYU, so he applied to get her into Columbia.  He was the one who fixed her relationship with Serena because he knew how much she valued and needed her best friend despite the fight they were having at the time.  He was the one who was willing to wait for her because he understood when she told him that she didn’t want to just be “Chuck Bass’ girlfriend.”  Likewise, Blair has always understood Chuck more than anyone else.  When Chuck is ready to jump off the roof after his father dies, it is Blair who convinces him not to.  When Chuck is struggling thinking that his father lied to him about killing Raina’s mother, he tells Serena, “I need to talk to Blair.  She’s the only one who will understand.”

Chair has so much more depth and passion than Dair, and it’s built on the basis of an equal relationship.  Blair puts it perfectly in Season 6 Episode 5 when she tells Chuck, “No one’s better for me than you.”

“He understands her like nobody else does,”–Leighton Meester