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I know there are many posts like this...

… I rebloged some of them, but I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t say something as well.

First of all, I don’t hate Orihime and I respect ichihime fans. We all can ship whatever we want. So please don’t rage about what I’m going to write here.  It’s not really about Ichihime or Ichiruki. It’s more about people.

Look, Ichihime fans, are you really happy with this shitty ending? I don’t want to be rude, but are you blind or something?Are you blinded by fact that your ship is canon and just don’t see how crappy this ending is? Are you guys happy about fact that Ichigo ended up like this? Are you guys happy that Chad became a boxer and Ishida is all alone and he became a doctor? Guys… this is not good ending. They all ended up as someone who they never wanted to be. Don’t you see this or you just don’t care about it? Because you have your ship as a canon and it’s all you need. I understand that you’re happy about it, I’d also be happy if ichiruki would be a canon. But how can you not see how “fu*k you all” this ending is? It’s not only about how Kubo destroyed Ichiruki bond(which he developed for 15 fuc*ing years), but about how he destroyed all the characters. And what about Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin? You don’t care about them? And even Orihime… this is not a good ending for her! Are you happy to see that she ended up as a housewife? It’s not bad to be a housewife, but what about her dreams? And most important, do you guys not see how this last chapter is more Ichiruki than IH or RR? And it feels so wrong! Ichigo just gave Inoue one glance and then just totally ignored her. And Renji? He simply stood there and said nothing. If Ichigo loves Inoue, and Rukia loves Renji, we should see some chemistry between them, some little romance, but instead of it… we see how Ichigo is happy about Rukia return, and how they fight like old married couple. And title of the chapter…? Death and Strawdbery! Ichihime fans, are you really ok with this?! It feels so wrong, like Inoue and Renji don’t even matter. It’s so weird and give me the creeps.

And you guys are saying that IR fandom only cares about ships? When actually it is you don’t care about other characters. I know that not everyone in Ichihime fandom are like that! But for those who are: please, stop being so hypocritical.

I heard theories that Kubo created ending like this because he wanted to take revenge on the publisher (and many of people really dropped the last volume). At first I was like “nah, it can’t be”, but after some research I was starting to think it really can be truth. Because this ending don’t make sense. I don’t believe that Kubo planned to end his manga like this. He was rushed. And if he planned Ichihime, then why he built so strong bond between Ichigo and Rukia (in manga, in films, poems, novels etc. And don’t even try to compare ichihime moments with this, this is not equal at all)? Moreover, am I really supposed to believe that Kubo created those amazing characters like Ishida and Chad just to ruined their dreams and goals? I refuse to believe it.

This is hard for me. Bleach was the part of my life for very long time and I am feeling empty because it’s ending like this. Bleach deserve better.

Ok, that’s enough. I won’t tag it as anti Ichihime, because it’s more anti bleach end and anti blind people.

you know what really pisses me off? like super gets my goat? how like everyone always talks about how they want an alternative to disney animation and how they love dreamworks movies and want to make sure they don’t go under,

and then just totally ignore their movies and give them no chance. 

like. dreamwork’s advertising is absolute shit, i know, but like??? if people know that why do they constantly keep BELIEVING the ads? So many other companies make garbage advertisements (even disney. their inside out adverts looked like shit) and not going to see/judging the films they make on their own merit? Any company is able to produce a shitty advert and an amazing movie or a amazing ad and a shitty movie, but it just seems dreamworks gets a bad rap before anyone even sees the movie?

it just feels that like people are saying one thing and being a bleeding heart, but then totally ignore/forget about Dreamworks? Like so many of their honest-to-god great movies fail because people don’t go see them, and then they wonder why dreamworks is laying off so many animators and it doesnt do as well as disney does. its so frustrating??? like

im not saying they’re perfect, or that disney is some big evil, its just like??? people cant pretend to care about dreamworks and then when they make a product just completely ignore them. 

its the worst bc people are aware of the problem but think other people will do something about it for them. its like the bystander effect and I’m just angry that good movies get swept under the rug, and though Dreamworks has proved itself capable and good time and time again, people are still apparently SURPRISED when they make a good movie??? Even though they made amazing stuff like Trolls, Voltron, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Madacascar, Spirit, Megamind, Monsters VS Aliens and The King of Egypt just to name a few??? like… i just don’t get it 

ourqueenandknight-deactivated20  asked:

Ok idk if you take prompts but BOY DO I HAVE ONE ANYWAYS. I was watching Parks and Rec 5x19 and almost died laughing thinking about bellarke in that situation. Bullheaded Clarke trying to go up against Bellamy in a historical live-off? Grumpy friendless Bellamy who complains about the anachronistic fonts the historical society uses? YES PLZ

Yes you are right this is a beautiful prompt and it kind of got away from me in weird ways WHAT ELSE IS NEW. Also on AO3!

Clarke loves her town, she really does.It’s amazing. There is nowhere in the world she’d rather live. It is the best place there is, as far as she’s concerned.

But sometimes–just sometimes!–she wants to murder every single person who lives here and start over from scratch.

“I’m just saying,” says Bellamy, infuriatingly calm and reasonable, “these laws have worked for us for a long time. What gives you the right to just change them whenever you want?”

“Mr. Blake,” says Clarke, and bites back a satisfied grin at his brief scowl of annoyance. They’ve never been that close–he’s a good few years older than she is, so there wasn’t much school overlap, and they run in different circles now–but his sister is a year younger than she is, and they were friends before she left for college, so she certainly knows him well enough to be on a first-name basis. She just likes to piss him off with excessive formality. He likes to piss her off right back, so fair’s fair. “The people gave me the right to change laws. That’s why we have elections.”

“I didn’t vote for you so you could change our historical laws,” he shoots back, and Clarke tries to ignore the odd glow of pride she feels when he says he voted for her. She didn’t really think he liked her that much. He’s been coming to open forums to antagonize her since she got hired on in Parks a few years back; she assumed he was actively campaigning against her, honestly. “Those historical laws are awesome.”

“Awesome,” Clarke repeats, dubious. “This is–look, the law was clearly intended to–”

“I think you should leave historical intent to historians,” he says. “You can do politics.”

“The history is still affecting us today, you fu–”

Wells, who doesn’t even work at City Hall, is the one to cut in. “Okay, great,” he says. “Thanks for coming out, everyone. That’s all the time we have for this open forum, but we’ll post information about the next one as soon as we can.”

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