how the sun sees you

  • Adam: I kept a close eye on you Blake while you were at Beacon and I never wanted to see that blonde teammate of yours flirt with you constantly. That's why I did what I did.
  • Blake: Wait, what? Yang hasn't been flirting with me.
  • Adam: Don't lie! I saw a blonde haired person take you for tea and I saw you went to the dance with the same blonde!
  • Blake: You mean Sun?
  • Adam: ...Who's this 'Sun?' Are they not your teammate? I cut off their arm, right?
gay books that i read recently rec
  • i’ll give you the sun by jandy nelson - centered around a pair of artistically gifted twins, noah and jude. (noah is gay.) they’re driven apart by the secrets they’re keeping and an ill timed death and try to find away back to each other over the course of the book.
  • you know me well by nina lacour & david levithan - two (gay) classmates, mark and kate, have a chance run in at a (gay) bar and form the brotp of a lifetime.
  • robins in the night by dajo jago - the story of robin hood retold with robin hood as a trans woman. dangerous vigilante lesbians are everywhere in this book. just trust me and read it its so fun
  • wolfsong by tj klune - the werewolf romance of your dreams tbh. the protagonist is the sweetest, most wonderful person and you will fall in love with all of the characters in this book. also, like no one is straight. not a lot of girls in this book though. very much a dude book.

i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

Important 707 headcanons

- one of those ‘organised mess’ ppl. If anyone tries to tidy up his hacking space he’ll flip like ‘nO ! U ARE MESSING UP THE NATURAL ORDER !!!’

- the first time he ate honey buddha chips he cried because he’d never tasted anything so holy in his life

- had abt 27 different waifus in high school bc he’s a NERD

- never ever ever in his long legged life has he cleaned his glasses, ,sometimes Jaehee does it if she notices the dirt on them when they catch the sun

- 'Seven how can you even see through these ??!’

'Idk man the grime and my crippling depression sort of blurred together at some point now I dnt really notice it’

'Seven are you okay’

- hacks into Zens phone sometimes and sends people messages, but deletes them once he’s sent them so Zen doesn’t notice

- ^once he sent Jumin 'good night Daddy😩😩 fuCk a 👌👈bed bug 👅👅💦🍆 😩🙊I’ll C💦UM💦 see u 2moro ❤❤ lOve yoU xxx👅🍆’ and Jumin cried

- Yoosung sends him really old memes (like ragecomics ew) because he thinks they’re cool and Seven has like. A stroke every time.

i think my favorite part about lito feeling sun’s menstrual cramps was that the show set it up to showcase that men really can’t handle the pain and mood swings

sun is just going through her day like normal, but lito’s having a fucking mental breakdown it’s HILARIOUS

Straight White Boy Problem #833

oh yeah dude that lifeguard is so hot haha she’s so tan! Probably because she’s always out in the sun guarding lives! Hehehege how old do you think she is? *sees an attractive mom walking by the pool with her two toddlers* whoa dude lol you see that mom *pointa at the mom* she! is! hot! That’s a Mom I Like to Fff—*realizes I’m in a family friendly environment* —riend request! LOL alright guys let’s go back to the five foot area in the pool and have chicken fights haha just hop on my shoulders dude im totally not gay hahahaa

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😊 You are Awesome! Thank you for how you responded to my question about not understanding any of this. I would really like if you could explain it. I feel you would be easier to understand.😄

okay okay okay, i’ll try to do my best :D (i skipped some, like Lillith, Fortune and stuff, because to be honest with you, i don’t know that much about them and i also haven’t seen them that often so yeah…) (i can find it for you if you want to tho)

Sun- Okay, the main one. It doesn’t affect EVERYTHING about you, but i feel like if you’d have to describe yourself, you would most likely use words that would perfectly apply to your Sun sign. it’s how you see yourself.
Moon- Sitting at a rooftop with your best friend or lover and talking. You’re sharing your deepest thoughts, secrets and fears. that’s when you can fully see someone Moon sign. It’s that side of us that we only show to a few special people.
Rising/Ascendant- first impression. when you meet someone for the first time, you create some sort of opinion on them and they give some sort of aura. If you’d have to describe a person after the first day of knowing them, you would most likely say personality traits of they’re Rising sign, even if they’re a bit different from their Sun sign
Venus- do you want to know how does your crush flirt ? what they most likely expect in a relationship ? then you should look at their Venus sing because that’s exactly what it shows. mostly it’s how we view love, even though, not that long ago, i read that this mostly applies only to women and men are affected by Mars when it comes to all this love stuff
Mars- as i said, another sign that affects our sexuality and passions. Other than that, it shows whether you’re a grumpy hooman or walking sunshine, and basically all about your anger. Are you brave ? Like changes ? Mars will most likely tell you. It’s all about our drive and power
Mercury- Mercury affects our speech. It’s about how you talk, whether you’d make a good writer for example, and also, it can affect whether we’re extroverts or introverts because it has generally a lot of things to do with how we express ourselves (with words)
Jupiter- this beautiful planet affects mostly your wisdom and your inner growth. it should also show whether you’re a lucky person or not
Pluto- ahh, Pluto, we all miss you well, Pluto is all about rebirth, transformation and maybe even the meaning of your life. It’s really deep, let me just tell you
Neptune- Neptune is ruled by Pisces and you know how Pisces are always described as daydreamers ? well this is quite similar. It’s about our dreams, faith, but it can also be close to alcohol and drugs. similary to Pluto, it can kind of affect your view at the meaning of life
Uranus- it’s apparently called “the rebel of the zodiac” because it shows if you’re the person to break the rules, if you need a lot of freedom or not, whether you’re reckless, and if you like suprises and unexpected things
Saturn- uuh, for the last one it’s kind of a deep one. Saturn is all about your patience. It shows whether you take challenges or not, if you have a discipline, are hardowrking and go after what you want 

I want to reiterate something I said yesterday concerning Olivia and racism.

I just went into the Olivia tag, and the first post there, was this, with this not far below it.

[first image of Olivia with an over exaggerated bust line next to the words “what’s good bb dis pussy’s yo’s fo ¥1,000,000″ with a comment that reads “[…] the b*tch is a prostitute like just look at how she’s fucking dressed […]”, second a gif of Olivia walking with the camera aimed at her ass with a gif under it of Spongebob enthusiastically licking a piece of chocolate]

I realize many of you will mock me for pointing this out as misogynior, or accuse me of “sl*t shaming” Olivia, so I’ll ask you to re/read this:

fun fact: back in the day, virginity was thought to be for white women only.

aka, people thought that only white women could be “pure” and virginal, and therefor to rape a white woman was to take her purity and make her dirty, and because of that time’s belief that white women’s virtue was her only worth, this was seen as a particularly damaging (but only to her worth as an object (as that was all women were seen as, objects their fathers and husbands owned), since no man wanted a ~dirty, used, non-virginal~ woman, so raping a white woman was used as a way to get back at/punish her father, in a way that was seen as akin to fucking up someone’s car, and any man who was willing to take her even after she was ‘stripped of her worth’ was seen as a saint and she would be told she was lucky that someone actually wanted her)

however, this was only applied to white women. woc were seen as being inherently dirty and hypersexual, and therefor they were (and still are) the primary target for rape and sexual slavery, because you “cannot taint what is already tainted”, and this belief has persisted throughout history, and is the reason woc (particularly dark-skinned) are shown in media as being promiscuous and flirty and always in revealing, skimpy clothing, while white women are rarely shown that way (and even when they are, are always shown in a much better light)

so when creators make light-skinned female characters look cute and innocent, but dark skinned female characters super sexy (or even light-skinned woc as being more innocent and modest than the dark-skinned girls of their same race), they are perpetuating old world racism.

and tell me again how there’s no racism in Olivia’s design and treatment.

(edit: and if you want to blow all of this evidence off because you don’t like that I compared Olivia with a child, you can see me further compare Olivia with both Wicke and Lusamine and Lillie and the Aether foundation employees. rest assured, all it did was further prove my point)