how the race was won

You Make Rain

Synopsis: You and Kyungsoo are separated with a soon to be seven year old. The daily routine of insults come to an abrupt end when it’s time for the birthday party.  

Genre: Angst

There’s a choking moment of silence and you can’t help but wonder at what point did his once warm eyes only bear to look at with impalpable disdain? The fact that you two loved each other sounds like a story ripped from the pages of a book of myths. Now it was a battle of who could sneak in the most insults in one minute.

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This race is a great example of why you can’t really do HTRWW live. The gravel sector from 53km to 42km was absolute chaos—constant cuts from the chopper to the front to the back of the field, interspersed with near-miss replay footage, plus it looked like RAI was having trouble with the signal from their lead moto. 

It took a bit of jumping around the footage to sort out exactly what happened when. Still, worth the effort to get a real picture of what went on. 


A single Data, and forgive me Commander, is a curiosity, a wonder even, but thousands of Datas… isn’t that becoming a race? And won’t we be judged by how we treat that race?

Now tell me, Commander: what is Data? I don’t understand. What is he? A machine. Is he? Are you sure? Yes! You see, he’s met two of your three criteria for sentience, so what if he meets the third? Consciousness, in even the smallest degree. What is he then? I don’t know! Do you? Well that’s the question you have to answer.

I realised that today I haven’t thought about killing myself. My brain hasn’t suggested that death is a good alternative to every little problem I have. I’m proud of myself. I finally feel like things are going to be okay some day. 

Whilst everyone else was proud of all the ribbons they’d won and how many races they’d run, I was just proud I was still alive. And that’s okay. We’re all in different places in life and don’t find everything as challenging as what everyone else does. 

We know this time, 
We know this place,
We’re locked in this eternal race.

How will we know which way to go,
This road won’t lead us there.

There’s a piece of your heart I carry with me,
There’s a piece of mine with you.
No matter how long, 
No matter how far,
I will do everything,
To find where you are.



Olympic Stud of the Day (Day 8): Everyone’s favorite Mobot, Mo Farah! Last night, Mo Farah became the first EVER British athlete to win three golds in track and field. This would be an incredible feat no matter what, but let’s just talk about how he FELL DURING THE RACE AND STILL WON?!

Dear Queen: please give this man a knighthood. For athletic dominance of course, but also for his very existence as a Muslim Somali immigrant providing the perfect FUCK YOU to Brexit voters…

We all think the boys
we love are invincible,
but mine was more god
than man. Truth, not myth.

The way the sun rose in his hair;
how he raced the wind, and won,
as if he was too beautiful to be
bound by the pull of gravity.

They will sing of his name years
after his bones bloom, until he is
more legend than lover. Until his
hands are remembered for the
stain of blood, and not the way
they slid against your jaw, tender.

They will sing of his strength.
You will remember the night
he crawled into bed with you,
eyes burnt to the quick, and
pleaded with you to stay.

—  “Patroclus, About Achilles”, by ironedout
Cruz’s campaign is built on the populist, anti-establishment narrative. That is how he won his Senate race in the first place and why it was a good reason for him to conceal the loan at a critical time in that race. (“Mr. Cruz, a conservative former Texas solicitor general, was campaigning as a populist firebrand who criticized Wall Street bailouts and the influence of big banks in Washington. It is a theme he has carried into his bid for the Republican nomination for president.”) It would have highlighted his immense hypocrisy, in other words. He is still running on the theme of  battling influence-peddling and special favors for the rich (“[T]he problem that underlies all of this is the cronyism and corruption of Washington”). As a GOP Senate staffer put it, “It’s amazing that this guy can rail against crony capitalism when he is one of its biggest beneficiaries.”

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post, “10 reasons that Goldman Sachs loan is a nightmare for Ted Cruz”

Entire Cruz narrative is fake.